How to Draft and File Patent Application in Nigeria and UK


How to Draft and File Patent Application in Nigeria and UK

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1 Introduction: Take the Bull by the Horn

2 See Problems as an Opportunities Not a Threaths

3 You Can Patent Your Idea, Concept or Product

4 What Is Patent Right

5 Benefit of Patent Right

6 Protect Your Idea, New Product or Concept

7 Ways Of Licensing Patent Right (Invention)

8 Patent Search

9 How to Draft Patent Application

10 Cited Example of Patent Application (Invention)

11 Patent Application Must Contain These Followings

12 Address of National Office for Technology Acquistion and Promotion

13 How to Design 2D, 3D, PCB, Engineering Drawing, Virtual Prototype and Manufacture Idea Product from Free Hand Sketching

14 Get International Patent Pending for Free and Save More than $700

15 Companies and Agencies Assisting Entreprenur with Fund

16 Business Information Resources

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[] Chapter One[
**]INTRODUCTION: Take the bull by the horn

The beauty of invention starts when you are able to think positively about your immediate environment and world at large. There are certain things, which inspire you to think about research and development, which is the power of the inventor. The drives of an inventor is to create a system whereby his or her works (products) will be useful to mankind after he or she left this world. The benefits of their works will be share among the people of the world to make life worthwhile to live. What you should consider most if you want to be one of the greatest inventors or innovators in this life. You should be strong in your believe. Consider the benefit it will add to you as individual and then society at large.

To have a good thinking mind you should avoid being in the environment that does not appreciate people that want to contribute to the development of this world or if you are, make sure you discipline yourself and do not let the situation influence you negatively. If you are in such environment, what you need to do is to look for positive mindset people that motivate you to exhibit your creativity. Staying in bad environment, have strong negative effect on you and gradually your dream fade away with time and everything you intend will prove abortive. Just because the environment does not support your dream and you become mediocre at the end.

The power you have as a human being is that you have total control of your mind and your life. There are people who discourage their fellow human being and they are present all over the world. Sometime they ignorantly increase your power because of the problem they create for you turn into an event that gets you going and fuelling your creative thinking about introducing something new. You might not accomplish your aim at first. However, it just so happens that way. With your power, you can overcome this stage and continue pushing forwards your ideas on paper. It will develop into a stage whereby things will be easier for you to carry out easily.

Everyday people have used their bad moments to realize their fortune because of frustrations and challenges of daily life experience. You only need to think and pay more attention to the impact you can have to this world. Take the first step now, though it may require that you separate yourself from your friends, colleagues or associates at first. The methods you will use depend on you. In that period you may need financial resource, if you do not have capital, you can create a means of getting financial support, which can be channel towards your research and development. Most importantly, the only resource you need is time. You need to invest your time considerably. It does not cost you a dime but can never be bought with millions of dollars once it lost.

Moreover, once you are able to exercise patient, you will overcome the period of lack of capital. I do not know the area you consider yourself very good at, but all the same, every idea/dream starts the same way but through different means. In the area of invention, what you need to think particularly about is problem solving to previous challenges encounter with product or service. Think about introducing new product/device that has not been design for use by another person before.

It can be a new modification of existing product in the market. There are different new ways objects can be designed and produced. What had been designed for use in the past was introduced to solve a problem. Your idea may be better than the previous product or device in term of advantage, benefit and usefulness. For instant, the idea of designing new objects which man can used to travel from one place to another by air was developed by two brothers, they told their father that they can develop an object that will resemble bird and use it to fly.

Their father discouraged them and asked them where in the world they saw such thing. Meanwhile, new research and development was sponsor by American Government with huge amount of money yet it did not materialize as a result of lack proof of principle. But the two brothers had a very strong believed, commitment, perseverance they developed and introduced the first ever plane used by man to travel from one place to another. They did it without any knowledge of physic and engineering. They were not aeronautic engineer; they were just men with a dream. They only used their inborn power to transform their dream into a real object. It had made commerce possible which you and I are enjoying to simplify commerce, movement of people and commodity from one place to another.

The most important aspect of a dream is to transform it from nothing to a stage that can be appreciated by the world through it value addition and can be touched or felt by people. It has been said, success will only come to the person who belief in himself or herself and work towards achieving it.


The power of human being is unlimited by is dreams, which is used to design, change and execute any of his or her idea. Thinking is the only tool which transforms the life and style in which we operate. The method of carrying out certain operations or tasks last year will change in the present year as a result of new technology, product, services or apps. Which has been introduced by someone like you. The act of transforming dream into reality belongs to every human being and it can pass through different channels. A musician can only capture his or her idea if it been documented. The idea comes as flash. It will be capture through writing and composing lyric. Later, it will edit and arranged it into song. As soon as the opportunity comes they get into the studio to record the song and it becomes album.

Ideas come to human being through flash of thought that cross your mind. It pass to brain, and the brain, if attentive makes notice of it. The mind will interpret it, determine if it is worthy or not. The mind will save the flash for short period of time for effective processing to see it useful. In order not to lose it, it need to be documented it on a paper or other device for future reference.

In order to know, if your idea will really work you need to test it, not in real form. There are ways you can tell people around you about your idea and know what their reaction will be towards the idea. What kind of problem can it solve? For sure there will be many critics, if you choose the right thing at the right time and let the talking be the fuel that burns your desire. Moreover, use that criticism to improve your idea and let your dream be open indirectly to the people around you because they will serve as a market for your idea. Given them the opportunity to do the reviewing through condemnation and you should defend the area you feel will be important to introduce but consider the means which you can used to modify the shape or method of using the said product or service better that the prior idea you came up it. In the end, if you introduce the new object/device/process they will be force to commend your efforts because they have separated the wheat from the shaft. Make note of every aspect of ideas transferred from your brain and keep it. It will serve as a reference for your foundation. Idea development can take several stages before arriving to the final stage, which become that perfect awesome product or service used by the people on a daily basis.

Many old, young, female and male all over the world comes up with new ideas, which are better than the old technology. Through the ages, inventors have been in forefront as a maker of history. Their achievements have had enormous impacts in the world’s economic development. New ideas can find solutions created by old technology and provide reasonable solution to the problem by individuals, groups of people and companies. Two individual in the different location can be working on similar idea. With different design or implementation process but end up with the same results. Sometime, both can employed the same process without see each other or communicate the process to each other. Nowadays, inventor and innovator face a lots of challenges inventor on daily basis in term of intellectual property infringement. It always good to conduct patent search and be the first to register invention.

There are certain things needed before you can be satisfied that your invention is good and meets international standard. By getting appropriate legal documentation that will back your invention and in turn can make you money either directly or indirectly. These are legal documents that back ideas such as patent right, copyright, register design and trade mark

[] Chapter Two[

Many of us are afraid of problem and failure. However, most time, there is an opportunities in every challenges we face on daily basis. Many of the great people of this world have transformed their challenges into abundant wealth by providing solutions to their problem which in turn solve others. They saw immense opportunities in a problem and focus on the best way to address the problem, study it in depth, and come up with an astonishing solution to the problem. These principles and methods have proven itself in the past on how to transform problems into opportunities and this is what I will talk about in this chapter. Therefore, if you have problems or challenges I hope this chapter will be able to address your problem and help you to come up with best solution, which I believe will open more doors of opportunities for you.

The most appropriate way is to have interest in the problem that giving you a setback studying it with your heart. Look at the way you handle things. When it comes to setting of goals, planning and execution. Study every bit of the process and notify the challenges and threat. In term of business, your relationship with your family, colleague and other people. Try to evaluate everything, with these approaches, a new solution will present itself naturally and you will be able to visualize the outcome to the problem.

For every solution that every one of us now enjoys such as vehicle, plane, ship, computer, telephone, face book, Google etc. All started with thoughts and building the thought from idea into reality. As soon as a new thought to a problem has been established in your mind, the next stage is to capture it in your mind and transfer it from abstract into a new concept.

You do not have to be expert before you can capture your thoughts and put it on paper. Drawing is the cheapest means of solving a problem. From there, a new course of action will follow suit by arranging and evaluating the different thoughts you generated as a result of the problem you are facing and picking the best solution for the problem. You need to do a little personal research on the advantage and method of carrying out the concepts, which will be of a benefit to you and your environment at large.

Offering your new solution to your friends, colleagues, associates will only strengthen your new concept because many of them will criticize your new concept by saying no, nobody have ever come up with something like this or it will not work that way or they might say it will be too costly to produce and use by the consumer. At first, it will challenge you. This is when the power of focus, determination, dedication, persistence and faith will come to play. The opportunities and achievements you will accomplish will out weight the criticism when you look at the untapped potential you have in your creativities and the benefits you will derive from it.

While, they will strengthen your solution because they will ironically serve as the end user of your solution and they want value for their hard earn money and you the producer must convince them enough that paying for your solution will definitely address and solve their problem at a reasonable price.

The research and development will be require to conduct on your new product or idea because of negative impressions you receive from your friends and family member will definitely empower you and serve as a way to strength your unique selling point, which will make your solution better than the average product or concept in the market. This method and new approach in solving problem can be transferred into the development of a new product, software or strategy and it can also be used as a focal point in your relationship with consumer, stakeholder and people around you.

There are great numbers of opportunities in the problems the world is facing. The problem of the energy we use, which have damaged the ozone layer and causing global warming and the cost of crude oil in the world market. Some of these problems have been solve with the invention of new sources of energy for saving our world like producing solar energy, wind energy and bio gas energy, which provide clean energy at minimum cost over crude oil. The benefit it will have over the previous energy in term of cost and safety will be enormous.

You can search other areas for problems. It can be in a product either tangible or intangible. Find a solution to it by developing an interest in the problem, which will enable you to unlock the solution to the problem. It is very easy to discover solutions from the challenges that people are facing on a daily basis, for every problem there is a solution, and for every solution, there is another problem will be created. All over the world new products are being developed either tangible or intangible and commercialize on large scale to address and solve problems which people are facing and for which is endangering people’s life.

For instant, the issue of lack of capital faced by the author in the past for publishing their book has been solved by production of electronic books (e-book), which is a cheaper means of producing book and can be deliver online to any part of the world instantly through downloading or in CD. Many barriers have been cut and it possible to sell millions of copy in a single month. Using credit cards and other means of electronic payment to pay for the book allows for instant receiving of the product. With all this opportunity that has been created another problem has been created such as credit card scam and false information, which have been affecting businesses online. The problem was address by studying the root, the history, which resulted in solutions such as PayPal, Alert Pay, and other online electronic payments emerge.

All these challenges are new opportunities for making statement, for actualizing your purpose in life by being a creative thinking individual, corporation or government agency.

The problem is the starting point for every solution. And for every problem, there is a solution. What I am trying to pass across is that sometimes you need to stop being disturbed about a particular problem, which has remained unsolved for quite some time. I implore you to stop brainstorming on solution. Look inward to the problem itself and study the cause, its implication on society; this will give you insight into the problem which will open door to the best ways solution can be offer. If you look critically at the problem, you will be surprised that the solution will present itself naturally without you stressing yourself.

The world we live is moving at a faster rate than ever before in the context of our way of life which center around things we used on a daily basis. Many ideas/products are been dumped and people are looking for new ideas and concepts. This is because the old products are in the declining stage and they have completed their product life cycle. As a result of saturation in the market and loss of appetite. So consumer wants new product or service that will give value for their money. Also companies need new product ideas which will be better than the previous product in term of design, performance and cost which will make it easier to produce and market to the world. You can use these areas as an advantage and benefit. Invest your time and money in finding solutions to problem created by previous inventions or products. Think about operations that require larger capital, labor and maintenance cost in order to use such machine or device and likewise some of the product or service that is useful in your life. In every solution, there is problem and it will be advantageous for you if you can think and notice the area, which can be amended or change totally. Better still you can come up with a new idea which will be of interest to people, something that will be cost effective to produce and use by the final consumers

Additionally, there is something that you are better off doing than anyone else. Something others struggle to do. But it require little effort on your part to do. Dedicate your time on it, work gradually on that area, and before you know it something will come out of your research and there will be something on the table. Something which can be used to solve one or two problems and then you need to do further research. The benefit of your idea should be determined and you need to have vivid idea about the outcome you will realize if it eventually manifests into reality.

Support and investment can only come to you if you have something to offer to investors, partner and promoters or companies that are looking for new technologies to produce or market. It will be the only proof to show them that you can perform better than this if given an opportunity and it will shows what you are capable of doing it. Then only 60% of them will want to risk their financial resources on you.

[] Chapter Three[

After you have arranged your ideas and put them down on paper or through other means, you need to conduct search through organizations such as:

  • World intellectual property organization (WIPO)

  • National library, patent and trade mark office and,

  • Other organization or patent and trade mark offices in your respected country or globally by using the Internet.

Do get firsthand information on how to use search engines; log on to the Internet and search the website of each organization in different countries you want to be granted a patent right on your invention.

The WIPO is only world body, which is operated under the United Nation that administers most intellectual property and register patent all over the world. Try to find information in your search on similar product, See if a patent has already been filed for your product or been granted in the past pertaining to your new discovery. If not, you can start to write your patent specification and the development of your idea. You must know that a patent cannot be granted to any invention, which had been previously patented. If there is similar details, or the same title name of your invention in the past it is advisable to withdraw from further process.

This will save you a lot of money and stress. Better still you can change the title of your invention and introduce new features to it.

Carrying out research on similar name or product might lead to legal issues which the owner of the invention may sue you for infringe his or her rights. You can patent a single object, which can be used to increase the efficiency of a part. It does not matter whether you are the one that invented the previous application or not.

Idea development can be accomplished in a conducive environment where there are no distractions and you will be able to pay more attention to what you are doing in detail. The suitable place can be corner of your room, a part in your garden or anywhere that you find peaceful.

Presentation of your idea must be well documented and it should be in order. The first step should be put ahead of the last part. If your idea needs to be represented with graphics, do so. You do not need much knowledge in drawing but little will be advantage because you can interpret your idea in graphical form, which will create a better impression about your invention. With knowledge of drawing, you will be able to change or add more features into your invention. Sketching is easier, because every object that you see on daily basis has one time been in sketching form, before it was transform into full drawings, which the designer and engineer work on.

[] Chapter Four[

Patent is an intellectual property granted by the government of a country in which you apply for as a territorial right for a period of time, usually 20 years and provides protection throughout the country and it need to be renewal in order to make it in force.

Patent right make it illegal to anyone, group of people or manufacturer to use a patent product or process without the legal permission from the owner’s to make, use, import or offer for sell of the said invention protect with a patent right in a country where is been granted.


It covers a product, process that contains new or improves functional or technical aspect of a product of whatever form. It is basically concern with how thing work, how they are made or what they are made of.

Patent right can be granted on different product such as electronic, consumer product, medicines, agricultural, transport, software or new process.

[] Chapter Five[

The inventor can produce a working prototype of his or her invention and start manufacturing and selling it in the market. The owner of the patent right (invention) can realize significant profits if he or she produce the product by himself or herself. If the owner does not have business knowledge about manufacturing, marketing and administrative aspect. There are different licensing companies that will help in licensing the patent right to manufacturing company. Whereby the owner will be collecting royalties for longer period of time and it does have to be one company that will be manufacture the product or acquire to strengthen intellectual property asset of the said licensor, the patent right can be license to several companies, which will increase the revenue that will be generate from the invention. Also the inventor needs to create awareness on patent product. You can also lease the patent, license; sell it outright to company.

The owner of patent right will get royalties from the companies he licenses it to. Additionally, the owner can also sell it out rightly. This means the owner will not have any right to use or sell the invention, if he did, he has infringed on patent right sold can he or she can be sue for infringement. In order to license, sell, hire out your patent product, you need to contact patent licensing practitioners or search the Internet. There are a lot of companies that help to place new inventions or patents for sale or license. Search the Internet for related keyword

It is one of a means of making huge financial gain /return on your investment on both time and capital resource spent on the invention. Residual income worth several millions of dollar can be generate from using the patent right personally or license it out to third party who will pay royalty for using the patent right and manufacture the invention under patent right protection.

These are some of the companies that had made huge billions of dollars from patenting an invention or acquired patent right.

• Apple
• Samsung
• Facebook
• Blackberry

Majorities of companies that have benefited from patent right can only be found in developed world and it had contributed to their economy development and creates huge employments opportunities. Likewise, developing nation are joining the league of nation make economy impact through intellectual property development.

Intellectual property has been contributed to the economy development of many nations.

In U.S.A alone, millions of patent right had been issued to some of her citizen and corporate bodies, therefore Nigeria government have now see the benefit of intellectual property which is mainly administer by WIPO all over the world as a avenue of economy development. The federal government established ministry that is charge with the responsibility of assisting private individual, researcher, manufacturer, university or corporate bodies to patent right their invention of new discovery, product, process or idea.

The ministry is charge with the responsibility of promoting and finance patent right of new invention in any field. They have been helping people, independent researcher, companies, universities to acquire patent right for their new discovery, which can be transform into revenue generation to the owner, creating employment opportunities and economy development. The name of the agencies is called NATIONAL OFFICE FOR TECHNOLOGY ACQUISTION AND PROMOTION UNDER FEDERAL MINSTRY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IN NIGERIA.

[] Chapter Six[

The Most Important thing

Do not reveal your ideas too early to friends, colleagues, media, Internet or companies. Beware whom you talk to. Take appropriate steps by having your partners sign a Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA) prepared by a solicitor or patent agent or by yourself. If you have neither, take appropriate steps to reveal the benefit your idea contains without giving the details and technical parts of your invention.

The free information you are providing or giving as advice can also be arranged and prepare for legal backup in order for you to benefit from it.

Sharing your new knowledge and original work that you intend to produce commercially requires high degree of mutual trust. It is very important to have CDA. It does not require a specific formula. It can come in different shapes and sizes. It can also be in short or long form. It should contain the important aspect that can be used as a guide between the parties involved.

These are the things you need to consider when using CDA:

  • Consider contacting a patent agent about how to protect your ideas and the risk involve in communicating it to other party.

  • The other party can also send you CDA to sign. However, read it carefully and consider taking legal advice.

  • Make a record of what you reveal at a meeting with your partner, you and your partner need to acknowledge a paper copy of the technical detail of your ideas and the date you first show it to them and location.

*The CDA should contain a clause limiting the other party’s use of the information supplied at the meeting not an evident to license or used.

  • It should protect the title or interest in respect of intellectual property right. No information whether oral, written or drawn should be disclosed by the receiving party.

  • After certain date both party’s shall be relieved of all obligation.

  • Both party must sign the CDA document and make a copy of it. It should be file and use for future reference

When notice any infringement of your patent right by illegal copy, use, offer for sale, importing of your invention into country or where it been register. You need to confirm the illegal act. After enough evident have be establish about the claim of your invention which had been violate .You need to contact legal personnel for the advice on how to deal with the intruder, you can contact the ministry responsible for the management of intellectual property in your country. There are corporation that can help to fight for your patent right claim in federal court of law in any country in which you are granted patent right base on invention claimed. Likewise you can contact patent attorney for help in claiming your right over infringement. If you are able to prove infringement over your invention claim, the court may order infringer to pay monetary damages and stop infringing on your patent claims. Among the corporation enforcing patent enforcement law are: General Patent Corporation

[] Chapter Seven[

Licensing is a contractual agreement between the owner of intellectual property and the third party willing to use the said invention for business purpose which will result into financial gain whereby the owner is entitle to collect royalty for the period the invention is in used. As owner you can license your invention under these following categories, which have it term and condition:


It gives single right to use the patent right to one particular company or manufacturer.


It gives the patent owner and the licensee (company) the same right to use, sell, and make the product under the patent right.


These give several licensees the right to use the patent right without any problem either of the parties involves in the agreement.


This gives the licensee the right to grant the patent to another person or company to make, use or sell the invention cover with the patent right.

[] Chapter Eight[

The purpose of search is to get a cite reference which will be used in preparing invention background. Also it used to know the prior art patent in the field of your invention. The application used, method and ways of carryout invention in the prior art patent will be disclosed.

There are certain methods you need to follow when drawing up your patent specification. There is prior art, it is a previous patent granted to an inventor. With this material, you will be able to get the details on how to draw up your invention specification. It is very important because it will show the technical details that you need to include as prior art. It enables you to show what your invention includes which is not presented in the prior art patent. You can obtain this material from your patent agent or directly from patent organization in the country you intend to patent your invention. Likewise used Google patent as a tool to search US and some other patent prior art.

When you are filing a new application and before you can proceed they will conduct a search in the related field you are applying for. If they find a previous patent application that is relevant to your invention, it will be given to you as a guide. It will enable you to show the important features in your invention.

There is need to carryout search on the relate field of your invention. You can do it yourself or pay for the service, which will be carryout by professional patent attorney.

The search can be found on the Internet, especially on database of the office of the patent organization, through Google search engine or website that have database of patent right issued to an inventors.

National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion will give out latest patent right in the field of your invention to enable you to know about patent right and it claims.

What you see in the previous patent right in term of cost of material use, component and part that make the invention easy or complicated to operate will also be known. All these can be redesign in your new invention, which will enable to strength it claim and make it commercial viable product. The material that will be used to carry out the invention should be available in the market and compactible. The invention you are presenting could be change a little bit in the prior art patent or completely difference from it but fall in the same category of invention.

Additionally, your invention should be easy to design, produce by manufacturer and use by the general public and meet up the safely standard and it should not pose any problem to the applicant or user. It should not by hazard to health of the user and it should not be difficult to produce by anybody. Licensee should easily understand the scientific method use in your invention.

The advantage of search is also to know if someone had invented the said invention you are carry out research on which you are able to file patent application or has the same claims as yours. This will cause a problem or result in legal case if you go ahead to patents the invention .In most cases a search will reveal prior patent and listed out it claims. Also the search will enable you to strengthen your claims you are about to file and distinct from the previous patent right.

Internet can be used as a search tool for startup and well established company for the patent rights in difference countries. There are database of patent rights issued to inventor in difference categories in different countries.

You should possess the knowledge on how to search database of patent office.

There are professional that can carry out this search on you before. But you will need to pay for the service. If you cannot afford the fee, log on to Google patent search to conduct your patent search.

[] Chapter Nine[

Patent application form can be obtained from the country you intend to patent your invention. Some countries provide the application form free, while others will require payments. There are also invention promoters, which can provide the financial resources needed for patenting an invention. Kindly get advice prior given your invention out to promoter.

Most successful patent application granted has detailed description in the specification that is several pages long or a few short pages but all contain the vital information. It describes different embodiments of the invention and refers to a set drawing, which describes the technical detail of the invention. Some complicated machinery or electronic equipment need many more pages of description than an invention of single product that is only has a few parts or items.

Description of your specification

  • Make sure your description contains relevant information so the licensee or an expert in the field can carry out the designing and manufacturing of your invention.

  • Make sure you explain your specification fully

  • Make sure your drawing sheet start with page 1 of the number of page you will included in your patent application e.g. if you have 3 sheets of drawing page. The numbering of drawing will look like: 1of 3, 2 of 3, and 3 of 3.

  • Number the pages in order, at the middle top center of each page. Use white A4 paper size, and use one side only

  • Make a brief description of your drawing before going into the detailed description.

  • Leave space on both sides of the sheet and type it with black ink

  • Do not include your name or any irrelevant detail in your description


The drawing shows the detail of your invention. Each of your drawing sheets can contain several figures and it should be label clearly example ‘Figure 1’, figure 2’ or by abbreviate the figure (Fig. 1). Each drawing should include the figures that differentiate it from other figures (drawing). Using reference numbers or letters can show specific features of your drawing. These references can then be used in the description to refer to the important features. Your reference number must be the same throughout your drawing. If you label one part in figure 1, as 1, it must be the same in figure 2 if the part in figure 1 appears in figure 4, 10 or other figure. It must be the same throughout the drawing sheets.

A single object or device can have several parts and different functions assemble together to form a single device. In order to show the detail or essential parts of the device, you need to explain it separately in your drawing sheet by using different perspectives on showing the part or component. Such as end elevation, front elevation, plan view, isometric view and other perspective that give detailed descriptions. It is advisable to draw the size large for the sake of clarity.

All these are very important aspects of drawings:

  • Draw with black ink and used only one side of A4 paper (21×29.7) with a margin at least 3cm on both side of the paper

  • Number your drawing sheets in order and in the middle top of the paper. Give at least 2.5cm for the margin at the top. Assuming you have four drawing sheets which explain your invention, the sheets should be name something like this, sheet 1 of 4, sheet 2 of 4, sheet 3 of 4 and sheet 4 of 4 or in another word it can be like this 1 of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4 and 4 of 4.

  • Your reference number must be approximately 0.3cm high and must relate to the parts on your drawing.

  • One number in your drawing can refer to three parts in your drawing by joining the parts together. Do not used colored lined type on or pencil on paper.

  • Do not draw frames as in an engineering drawing. Avoid putting description on your drawing

  • Do not use construction line or dimension line and avoid too much shading on your drawing.

*Do not erase the drawing sheet of pencil. It affect the clarity of the drawing which can affect your patent application and rejected.

If your ideas need to be explained through graphic presentation, you need to acquire Drawing/design software e.g. AutoCAD, sketch up, solid work and the likes. Free hand drawing can also be use but need to be careful by not used eraser to clean the drawing sheet. Scanning the drawing sheet will show up the erasing part which make the drawing blur for clarity.

There are different types of drawing software, which you can use to draw your invention. It makes drawing easy and speeds up the time require when drawing your components and parts. Mistakes can be easily noticed and correction can be making without condemning the full drawing sheet. You only print it out once you are satisfy with the drawing.

It is applicable to use free hand sketching. You need to make it precise and clean.

To back up your drawing you need to provide a detail description. This is the description that explains your Invention. The number in each drawing must be the same if it appears on different sheet and it is the numbers that will be refer to when writing your description. The entire component or part used must be explained clearly and it should be available in the market. The component should be substitutable in case, the part you describe in your specification is not available in the market. The manufacture name of the component must be explained systematically with the number referring to the drawing.

The advantage of the component use must also be explained in the description and the method on how to operate, handle and assemble must be described in the description. Each part or component in the drawing must be numbered and where it occurs again in another drawing it must be the same number. All the materials and methods use to assemble the component must be given to assist the people or company that will embark on the production of your invention. Avoiding mistakes, because if a certain number is misplaced, it will affect the whole description and there will be problems when applying for a patent. Once the patent applications have been file, there is no chance to change any part.

If you are to be the one to write up your description for your invention and you do not have in-depth knowledge on how to do so .It is advisable to contact a patent agent who will provide a method you can use or assist you in drafting your description. These can be obtained as a paid service.

[] Chapter Ten[

Methods for preparing Patent Application for your Invention, new product, ideas, concept, creativity, software or new process.


You need to create a general term that describes your invention in single word or sentence.

Example is WASTE COLLECTOR. This is a very important aspect, which gives the purpose of your invention and it should be related to your invention.

Example. How to draft description of an invention for possible granting of patent right from Government.

This example illustrated below is for explanation on how to prepare invention specification and for possible granting of patent certificate only. The author did not give right to anybody, group of people or manufacturer to use the said invention described herein as an offer for sale, import or manufacture. It only provided for explanation purpose only, which shows the essential detail of invention specification, must contain only.

[[[Title of Invention
++]]]Waste Collector


Waste collector is new way of collecting waste use in the office, bus, supermarket, restaurant, car park or in the house. It equip with two tires, controllable lever which to use open and close the cover at the top by apply little pressure on the pedal at the lower part of the waste collector respectively.

It have adjustable handle, which is use to pull the waste collector. At the internal part, there is a small plastic frame at the bottom of the waste collector that separates the pedal and the nylon for easy operation and there is also, another plastic frame separate the controlling lever and the nylon at the backside of the waste collector.

In another alternative embodiment, the waste collector is design in medium size shape, which will be use, in more busy area that needs to manage waste disposal.

The two embodiment designs have the same feature but different size and shapes both the two designs are to be operated by pressing the pedal at the lower part of each waste collector for easy opening and closing of the cover respectively.

6 Claims, 1 drawing sheet


1. Field of invention
2. Brief Description of the prior Art

Waste is something that is been generated on daily basic as a result of buying and selling of good and consumable product. It has been a problem in each house, office, society that wants to maintain clean environment. Therefore, there are various designs of waste bin, which had been in used in the past to solve the problem of littering of dirty on the ground. But most of it does not provide lasting solution. Some people prefer to use cartoon, nylon bag or sack, for collecting waste generated especially in the kitchen. All these were not able to solve the problem.

For example, the pat no 27847 use a metal container for collecting waste and it create a problem of weight which was very hard to lift from the ground and it easily dent by continuous used and the design wound out.

Additionally, there is a hanging waste bin install in every location on the major/minor road for collection of waste from pedestrian. This design usually destroy by vehicle as a result of traffic congestion and container that was been used was not specifically design for collector of waste therefore there are lot of challenges using them.

The problem of difficulty in carrying the container and the odor generate from not properly close waste bin and frequent touching of waste product that can affect the health of the user.

The present applicant did a thorough research on new ways of design a compactable waste bin that will be economical to produce and use by everybody irrespective of location and the status of the user. The applicant came up with a cylindrical design shape, which is equipped with two tires and adjustable handle. This application has been able to solve the problem of weight and dragging of container associate with previous waste bin. This new design is installed with controllable cover, which is operating, by the application of little pressure on the pedal that controls the lever and at the same time lift up the cover.

This has provided solution of having direct/torching of decay waste in the container. In another alternative embodiment, the applicant design medium size waste collector, which can contain larger waste use in more busy area such as restaurant, hotel or park. It has the same function and feature of the cylindrical design waste collector.


FIG .1 is a side elevation view of the waste collector including two tires, adjustable handle and controllable cover. Portions of the side back indicate the lever.

FIG.2 is side elevation view of the waste collector in open position. Showing the lever attached to the covers operate from the pedal.

FIG.3 is an isometric view of the waste collector showing the rear position of the waste collector.

FIG.4 is a rear and top view of elevation of rear plastic frame and bottoms plastic frame.

FIG.5 Is an isometric view of another design embodiment of waste collector showing the rear position of the two tires and adjustable handle.


FIG 1 is a side elevation view of the waste collector, the numeral 1 generally identifies waste collector cylindrical plastic which is equip with two tires 14 and 15 which connect together with a small rod 12. The two tires are secure to the back 9 with two plastic 25 and 26.

This application enable the waste collector 1 to be pull appropriately as a result of the two tires 14 and 15 at the back 9. All these are clearly show in FIG 3. The cover 2 is attach to the lever 6 show in FIG 2.the lever is secure to the pedal 4 and the controllable cover 2 is operate by applying little pressure on the pedal 4 at the lower front side of waste collector 1.The internal part 3 is demarcated from the lever through a plastic frame 19 secure to the back 9 and the small plastic frame 16 also secure to the bottom of the container which enable the lever 6 and 18 to join together to work appropriately. The cover 2 is secure to the backside plastic 9 with bolt and nut 7.

Additionally, the numeral 3 show the internal part where the nylon will be inserting for easy collection of waste.

The small plastic 22 enable the waste collector to balance of the ground with the two tires 14 and 15.

At the lower front side of the waste collector 1 there is a smaller space 8, which is, provide for the pedal 4 for easy pressing and releasing of the pedal 4 appropriately.

FIG.2 is a side elevation of the waste collector 1 in open position showing the controllable cover 2 which is attach is the back lever 6 and indicate the bolt and nut 7 secure the cover 2 to the back plastic 9.The small plastic 22, two tires 14, 15 and adjustable handle 17 properly secure to the cylindrical plastic for effective use.

FIG .3 is an isometric view of the waste collector 1 showing the rear position of the waste collector 1. All the parts are properly explained in FIG 1.

FIG.4 is a rear and top view of elevation of rear plastic frame 19 and bottoms plastic frame 16.

FIG.5 is an isometric view of another embodiment of the waste collector generally identifies with number 10 .The design is medium size shape which have controllable cover 11 secure is the plastic through the back side with bolt and nut 13. The adjustable handle 17 secure to the container at the lower part while the two displace tires 15 and 14 are secure to the lower part with small plastic 23 and 20 and the tires are connected together with a rod 24 for effective rolling of the wheel. The small plastic 21 at the lower front is provided to balance the waste collector 11 on the ground. The waste collector is operating by pulling the handle, which will move the two tires 15 and 14 respectively. The pedal 4 shows at the lower front of the waste collector is for opening and closing of the controllable cover 11 that is attached through the levers 6 and 18 respectively.

Lifting of the whole container by user also need to be solve and this design use reusable nylon which is insert into the container 3 and when there is need to pour away the waste, the user just have to lift up the nylon away from the container.

The two design invention is more economical to purchase, operate and maintain then designs shown in prior art patent. It is simpler in design, safer to operate with additional training.

Note: All the cite example must be a prior art patent (Previous invention in the same field of your invention) and mention the patent number of each one you cite.

Also stated the problem you discover from using them and introduce your new solutions, which make your invention unique, safe and economical to use and produce.


A waste collector has two design embodiment cylindrical and medium size shapes. It is use to collect waste generated in the kitchen, house, restaurant, office, street or bus. It equipped with two tires, which make it movable around.

It also have adjustable handle and controllable cover which is operate by applying little pressure of the pedal which is which open the cover and when release the pedal the cover close respectively.

A nylon is place insider the container for easy collection of the waste when need to dispose the waste.

Invention Claim

1. A waste collector is for collecting and disposing waste. It designs with two tires, adjustable handle, controllable cover which is operating from pedal.

2. A waste collector according to claims 1, in which the two tires are secure to the lower backside with connecting rod. The two tires are secure to the small plastic at the lower back of the waste collect.

3. A waste collector according is claims 2 will be pulls through the adjustable handle attach to the back and the cover is operate through the pedal attach to the internal lever before connecting to the cover.

4. A waste collector is design in another embodiment, which has medium size shape. The cover is attach is the lever pressure on the pedal at the lower front side of the waste collector.

5. A waste collector according to claim 4, use nylon insert into the internal space of the waste collector which make placing and removing nylon bag easy.

6. According is claims 5 a plastic frame is secure to the internal part of the container which separates the space for the lever and another small plastic frame is place at the bottom of the internal part which separate the lever space altogether.

Another example of an invention, for illustration purpose only

[Title of Invention
**]Picker spoon


This is what will be published in the front page, when you have filed your patent application and you have been granted patent right for your invention. Make sure you package it well and it must contain the essential information, benefit, and advantage over other inventions. It should be in short and precise sentences. The Abstract is usually placed in front of the patent specification.


Describe the advantage of your invention over other inventions and the benefit of using your invention in the abstract.


Picker spoon makes it easy and fast when picking up or turning fried chicken, meat, fish and other foods in pots, barbecue grills, or microwaves.


Picker spoon is a kitchen utensil made of a stainless steel plate used for turning, and picking up fried chicken, meat, fish and other foods in a pot, grill, frying pan, barbecue, microwave or oven. It has a movable mouth, which is controlled with a cork at the lower part of the handle. Another preferable movable mouth, which has a large center space for holding large, fried chicken, meat and fish in cooking utensil. It very easy to use, prevent falling of food when turning and picking up.

2 claims, 4 drawings


If there is need to include drawing, make sure you introduce them before you begin brief and detail description of your invention.


The background information provides the history of previous inventions and the problem created by other invention or what people are facing as a result of the problem and things you have done to correct the problem and the challenges you have faced during the processed.


This invention relates to a kitchen utensil. When using an ordinary spoon or fish slice to turn or take fried fish, meat, chicken or food in the frying pan, pot, barbecue, grill, oven, and microwave. Using spoons for this task usually poses problems because it will not be able to lift and turn the food out of the frying pan, pot, grill, barbecue or microwave appropriately and using an ordinary spoon is a wasted of valuable time.


• Figure 1, is an isometric view of picker spoon.

• Figure 2; show the cork and the handle.
• Figure 3, show the two mouth of the picker spoon with center space, spring and bolt
• Figure 4; show another preferable upper mouth of the picker spoon.


Figure 1, is an isometric view of the picker spoon 1 which is made of stainless steel plate with a movable mouths 2 and 3 respectively. At the upper part, ropes 13 secure to the smaller plate 5 of the upper mouth 2 and pass through the hole 12 on the handle 10 and connect to the cork4. When the cork 4 pull backward, it will lift up the upper mouth 2 as a result of the spring 14 connected the two mouths 2 and 3 at the back .The upper mouth 2 is secure to the lower part with a bolt and nut 15.

Figure 2, show the cork 4 and the handle 10 with two hole 11 holding the handle 10 to the plate .The hole 12 enable the rope 13 to pass through the space 12 and connected to the cork 4.

Figure 3, show an isometric view of the two mouths 2 and 3 with each two holes 6, 7 on the upper mouth 2 and 9, 8 on the lower mouth 3. A spring 14 secures the upper mouth 2 to the lower mouth 3 by inserting a bolt and nut 15 through the holes and secure with nut.

Figure 4, shows another preferable upper mouth 16 which have a curve center space in order to hold large meat, fish, chicken or food.


It is summary of your invention and it should include only the essential feature and details of your invention. It can also serve as the basis for your first claim.

Invention summary of picker spoon

To solve the problem created by using ordinary spoons when picking and turning food, this invention proposes a new method for picking and turning food. Using picker spoon is very easy to use for turning and taking food by pressing a cork at the lower part of the handle which moves the upper part of the mouth. It also comes with another preferable upper moveable mouth, which is use for picking up and turning larger foods instantly, without wasting valuable time.


Drafting good commercial successful claims is what makes your invention unique. If need be you can consult a patent agent for assistant or drafting it yourself. Make sure you number each claim and use statement of your invention as a starting point for written claim.


1 A picker spoon is used to pick up or turn fried chicken, meat or fish in pots, frying pans, barbecues grills, or microwaves with the aid of movable mouth which is controlled by a cork secured to the handle.

2 Another preferable mouth, a large mouth with a curve center space is secured to the lower part of the picker spoon which enables it to hold large fried chicken, meat, fish and other large foods.

[] Chapter Eleven[

(A) Title of the invention
(B) Name of inventor
© Abstract of the invention
(D) Prior art patent /state of the art in the field of technology
(E) Description of invention
(F) Claims (major/ independent claims, which make the invention new.

National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) under the Federal Ministry of Science And Technology is only Agencies that responsible for assisting INVENTOR that need PATENT RIGHT for his or her new product, software and improve product.

You need to apply for the patent application form and support your application letter with few description of your invention and make your intention known that you want to apply for the patent right .You can request for prior patent application which will help you to draft comprehensive specification. The next pages contain information directly from NOTAP to inventor, researchers, universities, etc that want to get patent right in Nigeria


The National Office has been mandated to assist in the patenting of all inventions and innovations carried out by government funded Research Institutes and others in the Private sector. In doing this, NOTAP through its information network provides the following services:
(I.) Link the inventors with Patent Office’s all over the world
(ii.) Assist inventors in drafting patent applications covering the invention in question.
(iii.) Process patent application through Industrial Property Offices.
The modern Nigerian law on patent is governed by the Patents and Design Acts Cap. 344 of the law of the Federation of Nigeria 1990(Act of 1970). It is administered by the Registrar of patent, trademark and industrial design, which is under the umbrella of the Federal Ministry of Commerce, Abuja.
The law provides that a patent may be granted for an invention that:

• Is new
• Involves an inventive step (not obvious)
• Is capable of industrial application (useful)
• Is not specifically excluded in the Act (e.g. inventions the publication of which may encourage immoral and offensive behavior)
• An address for service in Nigeria if the applicant’s address is outside Nigeria.
• An application must date only to one invention but may cover claims for any number of products or processes.

If you have a convention application, that is an application claiming priority on the basis of an earlier application to register the patent made in a foreign country. By virtue of the patent and designs convention order 1971, Which provided that if the Nigerian application is made within 12 months of the making of the earlier application in the foreign convention country, such application will be treated as having been made on the same date on which the corresponding foreign application was made. An applicant seeking foreign priority to his application will complete (form IB), a written declaration showing:

1. The date and the number of the earlier application:
2. The country in which such application was made; and
3. The name of the person who made it.

Furthermore, not more than 3 months after filing the application, the applicant must furnish the Registrar with a copy of the earlier application, certified correct by the appropriate industrial property office of the foreign convention country. Procedure for Patent Registration whether an invention is a product or process, the same registration procedure is adopted. Application for the grant of patent is made to the registrar of Patent and Industrial designs, which is under the Federal Ministry of Commerce, Abuja. The application consists of:

• A petition or request for a patent with the applicant’s full name and address (form 1A)
• A signed power of attorney authorization of agent if the application is made by an agent (form 2)
• A specification including a claim or claims in duplicate (form 3)
• Plans and drawings if any in duplicate.
• A declaration by the true inventor where applicable

After Examination, the patent application is examined by the Registrar merely to ascertain formal compliance. Once the application satisfies the statutory requirements as to the completion of form, payment of appropriate fees, it dates to only one invention, the Registrar is likely to grant the patent without enquiries to its novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability or whether the specification sufficiently discloses the invention. Patents are granted at the risk of the patentee and without guarantee as to their validity. In other words, Nigerian law does not recognize substantive examination. This is one weakness levied against the system

Get the patent application form from Notap website, by click on the e-office icon on HOME PAGE and download the form.

This is the example of patent form


1 The name of inventor will be fill in the space provided if more than one person invent the product. All the names of people involve in the invention will be listed in the space. If the invention is invent by inventor or group of inventor employed to carry out the invention. The name of the company will be inserted in the space.

1, 3 the title of invention will be inserted in the space.

2, 4 if the patent application form is fill by investor. This section need to be filled

1, 3 the name of inventor, group of inventors or company name will be fill space.

3, 2 the name of agent or group of people acting on behalf of the inventor will be fill in the space.

3, 6 the name of inventor will be fill in this space .if the inventor/applicant use an inventor to apply for the patent right

4, 2 if the inventor want to have list of invention in the same category of invention or an improve product of an invention .this space will be fill with previous patent number

5 the recipient address of the inventor, group of inventor or company will be fill in the space.

7, if the inventor uses an agent to act on his or her behalf, the address of the agent will be fill in the space provide.

The declaration to be signed by inventor, if is not an applicant .the inventor needed to fill his or her detail in the space provide below.

Patent form 3

The patent application need to be furnished with three copies of your invention specification.

In section A, the title of invention need to be fills in the space.

Section B, the name of the applicant (inventor) address and nationality will be filled in the space.

Section C Begin in full description of your invention .if the space provided in the form is not enough you may use A4 paper on the side with a line well space.

What you claims in yours invention should be listed.

Example of abstract of patent right of Quickmobilefood filed by Abiodun Quadri

Inventor: Abiodun Quadri Olanrewaju

Abstract of Quickmobilefood

Quickmobilefood is built exclusively on wheel base chassis with front and rear wheel. It approximately to 17ft long, 6.5ft wide and 10ft tall. The body structure is in rectangular in shape with hip roof, at the middle center space of the roof there is water tank, which provide water into the sink in the kitchen. The external door provides access into the kitchen while internal door link to serving compartment. There are windows on both side and rear window with exhaust fan, which makes well ventilation. The kitchen compartment contains cabinet, oven, cooker, mini freezer, microwave, sink and kitchen implement. The serving compartment contain table fitted on the front sidewall, below it there is a space.

There is also a fridge and food warmer and also the wiring structure is suitable to carry the electrical current and other electrical accessories the appliances are power through the ac generator, solar power or public electricity. The structure of quickmobilefood is made of metal rod to form the frame and cover with aluminum sheet by riveting and the windows are fitted on window frame likewise doors are fitted on door frame. Quickmobilefood can be move from one place to another by attaching it to another vehicle through the tow bracket at the front side of the chassis. D range model regular cab 2-wheel drive, Dodge grand caravan for mobile kitchen.

Quickmobilefood solve the problem of using expensive vehicle in providing mobile kitchen .The problem of space in the previous invention had been solve by providing ample space in the kitchen and serving compartment. There is a platform with step and canopy which enable customer to stand and been protected by the canopy. All the appliances used in the kitchen do not need to be modified or configure before it can be used in quickmobilefood. The issue of heat generated in the kitchen compartment had been addressed by equipped this invention with three separated windows and fitting of exhaust fan on the internal wall of the quickmobilefood which provide well ventilation in the kitchen. The lack of sufficient water in other invention had been solved by equipped water tank at the middle center of the roof of quickmobilefood, which provide water into the sink in the kitchen through the outlet pipe connected to the sink tap. The inlet pipes at the back of the quickmobilefood enable water to be supply into the tank.

[] Chapter Twelve[

Send your application letter, and address it to the director general.

No 4, Blantyre Street Wuse II,
Off Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent
P.M.B 5074
Wuse 2 Abuja
Telephone: 09-4611189
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.notap.gov.ng

**]No 19, Kingsway Road
Lagos State.

The inventor may so wish to apply for the patent right directly from the Ministry of Trade and Investment by completing an application form and submit the application via online. The applicant can may enquiry directly by calling the telephone number listed below.

Applicant will need to pay appropriate fee and monitor the status of the application during the process of patenting an invention.

Commercial Law Department
Ministry of Trade and Investment
Trade Mark, Patent and Design
Block D,
Old Secretariat Area 1 Garki Abuja

Email: [email protected]
Tel 08092194416

[] Chapter Thirteen[

It is very easy nowadays to design new product even you cannot use latest drawing software. Kindly visit the website below and register.


You can post your dimension hand drawing product as new job. And choose the criteria you need and lots of designers will bid on your project with different milestone, cost and expertise after it been accepted by the website. You can hire designer with protection on your project which will not be post or show on search engine.

With photorealist prototype of your product, it will be worthwhile to convince investors or get financial support from individual or corporate bodies.

Company Registration in Nigeria:

Register your company as:
Business name or Limited Liability Company can be done through Corporate Affair Commission

Corporate Headquarter
Plot 420, Tigris Crescent
Off Aguyi Ironsi Street
Maitama, Abuja
P.M.B 198 Garki Abuja
Email: [email protected]

Lagos (ALAUSA)

Lagos State
email: [email protected]


52, Unity Road, off Ibrahim Taiwo Road,
Kano State
email: [email protected]


Plot 332, Danjuma Drive, Trans Amadi Industrial Layout,
Rivers State
email: [email protected]

Lagos (YABA)

No. 17, Aje Street,
Lagos State
email: [email protected]


Plot 31B, Okpara Avenue
Enugu State
email: [email protected]


Edo State
email: [email protected]


Imo State
email: [email protected]
084-234979, 084-232049


No. 1 Yakubu Avenue, Behind Lugard Hall
Kaduna Sate
email: [email protected]


[email protected]


Premium House, 1st Floor, Jericho,
opposite Evans publishing company,
Eleyele, Ibadan
Oyo State
email: [email protected]


122, Hospital Road,
Ondo State
email: [email protected]
034-216157, 034-216160


10, Adama Bola Sa’adu House 10, Ahmadu Bello way, G.R.A,
Kwara State
email: [email protected]

Flow chart on how to get patent right

[For your
Ideas, concepts, creativities, products or process in Nigeria]

Inventor is a person or group of people that invent, design a new product or bring new innovation to existing products

[] Chapter Fourteen[

Visit https://www.gov.uk/organisations/intellectual-property-office

1 Click Patents on the left side bar, then click on online patent services.

2. Click on UK form 1 below apply online

3 Click on Fill in Form at the bottom of the page.


There are 14 stages needed to be completed by inventor to get Patent Pending. These steps are very easy to complete by anybody.

STEP 1 OF 14

Heading: Apply for UK Patent –Form1

• Your Reference: Type in your reference. For example: Name of your invention.

• Priority Document Access Services (PDAS)

You need Do copy of the patent application to be made available for PDAS?

Explanation PURPOSE ONLY.Kindly Register your Virtual Address on www.mailboxde.com

Quadri invention ltd id 34067

Aussere weberstr.57

02763 zittau


PDAS is maintain by WIPO (world intellectual property organization) this database gives you an opportunity to transfer your patent application to any country in the world where you want to prosecute your utility patent application.PDAS will make it possible and free to send your UK form1 as priority date document to any intellectual property office in any country you want to prosecute utility patent right for your invention.

Therefore, you need to Tick yes box.

STEP 2 OF 14

Add new applicant (person)

Fill in your title, first name, middle name and last name.

Fill in your Address, town/city, county/region, post code and country


To get benefit of patent pending for one year period and give you an opportunities to have international patent pending which can be prosecute anywhere in the world and claim priority. You need to live in UK or EU countries or have a family, friend living in UK or EU in order to use their Address as corresponding address to GET international PATENT PENDING FOR FREE.

Better still if you do not live or have family or friend living in UK OR EU there is no problem. This is a company providing assistant to have contact address as corresponding address. To get benefit of patent pending for one year period and give you an opportunities to have international patent pending which can be prosecute anywhere in the world and claim priority. You need to live in UK or EU countries or have a family, friend living in UK or EU in order to use their Address as corresponding address to GET international PATENT PENDING FOR FREE.

Better still if you do not live or have family or friend living in UK OR EU there is no problem. This is a company providing assistant to have contact address as corresponding address.

• Visit www.mailboxde.com
• Sign up
• The company will be give you opportunity to have contact address
• Now fill in the contact address given to you by the mailboxde.com as your corresponding address in Europe
ADP number: You do not need to fill this space.
• Tick if applicant is inventor: Tick it if you are the inventor; if you are not the inventor do not tick it.
• Tick to use these detail for all correspondence: Tick this box.
• Tick to use these detail for PDAS contact: Tick this box.

Do not click NEXT button yet below the page. Make sure you click Add applicant detail button. This adds your detail to the system instantly.

The next page contain all your detail information

Below it, there is another add new applicant (person)

• This section need to be fill if there is another inventor. But if not, it should be left black.

• Click next button below the page, another page will open with heading

Add new applicant (company)

Kindly fill this page if applicant (inventor) has a company. But if the inventor do not has a company it should be left blank. Click next button below.

STEP 3 0F 14

All your data will be highlighted on the boxes and fill in your email address in order to receive your patent pending application number mail to you instantly as soon as you completed the form. Click next button.

STEP 4 OF 14

PDAS contact details.

Your detail information will be highlighted.

Fill in your email address in the box provided. Click next button.

STEP 5 OF 14

Inventorship & Derivation of Right

• Click yes box if you are the inventor

• Click No if you are not the inventor

• Click next button below the page

STEP 6 OF 14

Priority Claim

Tick No

Click NEXT button.

STEP 7 OF 14

If you want to purchase copies of your application

Tick Yes. If not click No.

Click NEXT button

STEP 8 OF 14

Divisional application:

Tick No.

STEP 9 OF 14

Title of Invention:

Type in your title of your invention in the box provided and click Next button.

STEP 10 OF 14

Single Document Specification:

Do you want to attach your specification (description, claim and or abstract) as a single PDF file?

Tick No and click Next button

The next page allows you to upload your description and drawing.


Since you are filing for patent pending (form1 in UK and provisional patent in US) you only background of invention, brief description of your drawing and drawing. All this must be in PDF format

It is possible to sketch your drawing and scan it to your computer

Make sure you convert you document into PDF format.

Click NEXT button.

Multiple Document Specification:

• Description Document: Click browse button and double click your pdf format document.


• Click browse button on the drawing and double click the pdf file containing your drawing.

• Click Next Button

STEP 11 OF 14

Add other document:

• Click Next button
• Add sequence listing:

Click Next button

STEP 12 OF 14


Tick NO

Request for search:

Tick NO


If you need search for your invention click yes button which cost 150 pound. It is the highest quality patent search and cheaper compare to what patent attorney charge either $1000 dollar or above.

If you do not need patent search click Next button.


STEP 13 OF 14

This page contain all your completed forms


Tick the box below and click next button

STEP 14 of 14

Completed patent forms:

Tick the box below the page

Click Next button

New page will open contain:


Now your application has been submitted. It will indicate your patent application number of your invention. You can submit your patent pending invention to licensing company and further carryout research on it.

You need to prosecute utility patent application within one year period. It could be in UK, Japan, US, China or Germany depending on where you want to get utility patent right for you invention

This information will save you almost $500 if you are to use patent attorney or invention promotion companies.

Copy of our international patent pending of i2laundryBag filed in United Kingdom

Patent Application of our i2laundryBag filed in United Kingdom which gave us an opportunity to prosecute our patent application in USA and other part of the world through DAS.

The WIPO Digital Access Service (DAS) is an electronic system allowing priority document and similar document to be securely exchanged between participating Intellectual Property (IP) Office.

[] Chapter Fifteen[

Savannah Fund

Savannah Fund is a seed capital fund specializing in US$25,000-US$500,000 investments in early stage high growth technology (web and mobile) startups in sub-Saharan Africa. Initially focused on East Africa, the fund aims to bridge the early stage/angel and venture capital investment gap that currently exists in Africa. The Fund expects to achieve this objective by combining capital with mentor networks both in the region and from Silicon Valley via an accelerator program and a follow-on independent seed fund.

Africa’s Leading Technology Seed Fund & Accelerator

Savannah Fund is a seed capital fund specializing in US$25,000—US$500,000 investments in early stage high growth technology startups in sub-Saharan Africa.

Contact Us

3rd Floor, Bishop Magua Centre,
George Padmore Lane, m: Lab East Africa,
P.O Box 58275-00200 Nairobi, Kenya

King Solomon Capital Empire

For more than 30 years, our industry knowledge and expertise has helped thousands of clients develop winning strategies and realize competitive advantages.

King Solomon Capital Empire is registered in Singapore with RC: 53232246X. We are, the premier Global

Project Funder, Offshore Banking Services Provider and Financial Instrument Provider.

Our collateral-based funding programs provide innovative financing solutions to our clients and attractive returns to our investors.

FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS-(Credit Enhancement Solutions)

King Solomon Capital Empire is involved in the acquisition, management, and trading of several types of Financial Instruments. We also provide these financial Instruments to clients in need of recourse collateral, non-recourse collateral.

Financial Instruments provided include, but are not limited to:

• Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)
• Bank Guarantee (BG)
• Other Financial Instruments

KSCE provides customized Proof of Funds (POF) solutions for clients wishing to demonstrate availability of funds or financial capability.


Collateral Based Funding enables clients to obtain funding against financial or hard assets. This type of funding imposes less strenuous requirements for client’s financial strength and project quality than traditional project finance.

KSCE can provide funding against the following types of collateral:

• Standby LC
• Bank Guaranty

Contact Us:

Singapore: +65-9389-6586 Dubai UAE: +971-5534-11278
[email protected]
[email protected]
Skype: worldmarketinvestorsgroup

Tony Elumelu Foundation

Africa’s development has become somewhat of a personal mission. It is my belief that Africans should take primary responsibility for our own development – because, to be blunt, no one is going to develop Africa but us. I also believe “charity” as conventionally defined is not the best solution for our continent. Instead, we need a “new philanthropy” that focuses on building the capacity of the private sector to create jobs and wealth – and that this leads to sustainable development.

I firmly believe that we should be strategic and catalytic in our philanthropy. It is not, and should not be, about simply providing funding, as this is only one of many possible tools for impact. I would encourage entrepreneurs to give their time and experience, and use their influence, to create impact. The projects we support, for instance the Nigeria Fast Growth 50, demonstrate our desire to embrace global opportunities and practices, while ensuring that as much as possible of the value adding aspects of Africa’s resource wealth stay on our continent.

I often tell the story of how a $5 million investment in a small, dying bank 17 years ago spawned UBA, a multinational, pan-African financial institution that has created 25,000 jobs, generated wealth in communities all across Africa, expanded finance for trade, created stronger financial infrastructure for investment and economic growth, paid taxes to national and local governments to support public services and given millions of customers control over their financial lives. Imagine if we created 1,000 home-grown, pan-African companies like UBA in Africa – now that is impact. That is what drives me, and that is why we started the Foundation.

I set up the Foundation to tackle some of the problems African entrepreneurs face, as entrepreneurship is my passion. I would also like to encourage more of Africa’s high-net-worth individuals to give and support their passions in an institutional manner. It is my belief that home-grown African philanthropy should be setting the agenda for the continent’s development. It is my hope that the Foundation will inspire businesses and entrepreneurs to actively play more of a role in Africa’s development. This is my vision of “Africapitalism”.

Tony O. Elumelu, CON
The Tony Elumelu Foundation
Heirs Place, 1, MacGregor Road – Ikoyi,
Lagos – Nigeria P: +234-1-2774641-5, +234-9038000041-3
E: [email protected]
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The Growth and Employment project is implemented by the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment (FMITI) and supported by the World Bank.

The project became effective in July 2013, and will close in September 2018.They provide matching fund, performance fund and equity fund for startup and business

The project focuses on manufacturing and service sectors, specifically supporting Information Communication Technology, entertainment, tourism and hospitality, light manufacturing (and agro-processing industries) and construction.


The GEM Sectors

The project targets firms in the following sectors: Information Communication Technology, Entertainment, Tourism and Hospitality, Light Manufacturing (and Agro-Processing Industries) and Construction

• Construction
• Entertainment
• Hospitality and Tourism
• Information Communication Technology
• Light-manufacturing

- See more at: http://bigportal.org.ng/gem-sectors/#sthash.Lat7TByW.dpuf

Contact Us

GEM PIU Office
Room 225, First floor, Block G
Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment
Old Federal Secretariat, Area 1, Garki, Abuja.
Phone Number: 09082354317 OR 09084145219
See more at: http://bigportal.org.ng


VC4Africa is the platform for African venture finance. Entrepreneurs have access to free online tools, mentorship opportunities and the ability to raise capital. Connect with an international pool of sector experts who offer mentorship free of charge. Track your fundraising progress and connect with over 600 investors focused on sub-$1 million companies – Angels, VCs, Social Impact Funds, Family Offices, and Foundations. No charges or hidden fees.


Dynamic Profile

Create a visually appealing profile that captures attention. Add your pitch, summarize your business and list team members. Upload a video pitch and post documents. Grow a dedicated following, engage members on your activity stream, and see how many people visit your profile.

Free recruitment

Best way to source quality team members for your team is to recruit on Africa’s largest startup community VC4Africa. List open positions on your venture profile and your company will be listed in the jobs board. Interested applicants contact you directly, there is no middle man or placement fees involved. We offer you a direct connection between you and the talent needed to grow your business.

Mentorship Marketplace

Building a network of advisors and getting access to the right knowledge is critical to your business. Connect with an international network of business experts who offer their expertise, network and time free of charge. Get help in the areas of business development, sales, marketing, finance, human resources or legal matters.

Investor network

Gain access to the largest network of Africa focused investors. Get visibility with over 600 early stage investors focused on sub-$1 million companies – Angels, VCs, Social Impact Funds, Family Offices, and Foundations. Most importantly, 84% of these investors are active and have already invested in African companies.

Exposure & Opportunities

VC4A is always looking for the next big success story. Get featured for our homepage or next newsletter? Engage with us on social media and leverage the global community to create awareness for your business. Gain access to our partner network and apply to one of the many upcoming programs, mentorship and funding opportunities.

Proven track record

Thousands of vetted profiles have been published and new fundraising rounds are opened weekly. Entrepreneurs have raised more than USD $26 million in funding. Investments have been secured by members in countries as diverse as Cameroon, South Africa, Egypt, the United States, Kenya, Nigeria, the Netherlands and Zambia.

Zakat & Sadaqat Foundation

The idea to float an entity that would revive the most neglected pillar of Islam informed the birth of Zakat & Sadaqat Foundation, otherwise known as Z & S in the year 2000.

Z & S is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with RC 21237 with the primary objective of delivering quality Zakat assessment, collection and distribution services to both private and public individuals as well as corporate organisations as provided in the Qur’an; Chapters 9:103, 60.


• To help the rich to enrich the poor
• To care and touch people’s life
• To benefit Muslims and humanity in general


• To bridge the gap between the rich and the poor
• To re-awaken the spirit of social responsibility among Muslims
• To return Zakat to its rightful position in Islam
• To create a credible channel of distribution of Zakat
• To ensure even distribution of wealth for the empowerment of the less privileged ones
• To establish cordial relationship with other similar organizations both locally and internationally 2nd edition of the Annual Zakat and Sadaqat Business Plan Competition for 2016.

We are pleased to inform you that the 2nd edition of the Annual Zakat and Sadaqat Business Plan Competition for 2016 (a.k.a Entrepreneurship Development Project) has been officially launched. To partake, click on the link below and do the needful.

Please forward to relations, friends and members of your organizations. Winners last year should allow others benefit. Thanks


• Corporate Head Office
Suite 10, Tafawa Balewa Square, East Pavilion, Opposite High Court Lagos Tel: +234 1 295 0882-3, +234 803 538 2911, 805 580 4899

• Zakat House
12, Olajide Street,Off Itire Road
Ishaga Close Bus Stop
Mushin,Lagos State

• Regional Office
Km 129 Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Boluwaji, Ibadan, Oyo State
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.zakatandsadaqat.org.ng

Nasfat Agency for Zakat and Sadaqat

Nasfat Agency for Zakat and Sadaqat is a newly set up agency wholly owned by NASFAT. It is saddled with the responsibility of Collection and Distribution of Zakat and Sadaqat. It is also responsible for collecting and managing Waqf (Endowment), Kaffarah (Breaking fast in Ramadan, Breaking of Oath/Vows, Intercourse during Menstruation}, Execution of Wills and providing guidance and counselling on Zakat calculations.

The agency is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (as a non-governmental organization) with Registration no: 1167914.

It is managed by Muslims, who are also guided by superiorly qualified professionals across various fields including Sharia as the Board of Directors. Parts of its programmes include Educational Support, Humanitarian / Welfare Support.

The agency has the responsibility for upping the awareness of all Muslims of their obligation of paying Zakat which is the third pillar of Islam. All the principles and acceptable practices are disseminated through our website, Radio, Television, Facebook, Twitter, Handbills, Seminars, Training, Public Lectures and Sermons at all occasions including our assalatu points.


To provide credible platform for the Collection, Distribution, Administration and Management of Zakat and Sadaqat

To create awareness on Zakat and Sadaqat by organizing, sponsoring and promoting enlightenment, informative and sensitization programs on the virtues, calculation and payment of Zakat and Sadaqat

Inculcating the virtues of Zakat and Sadaqat in the Muslim community in particular and the general populace in general

Monitoring and evaluation of the impact of Zakat

Setting up structures and tools to collect Zakat from Muslims either directly or in partnership with others

Setting up structures and tools to disburse Zakat to deserving Muslims either directly or in partnership with others

Instituting or supporting further research to improve administration of Zakat in Nigeria

Strategic partnership with individuals, companies or agencies as appropriate to further its objectives

To do all such other things as may be considered to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.


9/10 CMD Jubilee Road, Shangisha Magodo,
Beside Lagos State Safety Commission, Lagos. 07034627442, 08023505613, 08023426457
[email protected], [email protected]

Yunnan lian qiang trading group limited Huisen copper mining international group limited

Guangzhou jiu dai import and export trade co., ltd

Our company is specialized in China overseas investment, the followings are our advantages:

1. Simple procedure: We don’t investigate projects, evaluate feasibility and manage projects.

2. Fast funds: The funds will be credited into account within sixty days (only projects with bank guarantees or government financial guarantees).

3. Unlimited funds: The project funds can be USD 5 million to USD 20 billion.

4. Unlimited quantities: We can invest more than 100 projects at the same time.

5. Any projects: We mainly invest infrastructure projects or other kind projects as well.

China overseas project party who meets one of the following four conditions can get investments:

1. Project party provides the bank guarantees to ensure our company’s earnings.

2. Project party provides the government financial guarantees to ensure our company’s earnings.

3. Our company lends funds to project party as a shareholder of the project.

4. The project and the purchase of the project equipment are contracted by our company.

Other services:

1. To provide financing services to import and export trade: Our company can credit goods to buyers, the buyer just need to pay payments for the goods within a year;

2. Provide discounted services to commercial acceptance bills.

3. Provide investment and financing services to Chinese projects.

4. Our company doesn’t charge any upfront fees for any business

Contact Us

Yunnan lian qiang trading group limited Huisen copper mining international group limited
Guangzhou jiu dai import and export trade co., ltd
Room 501, Integrity Building, Kun Steel Logistics Park,
Anning city, Kunming city, Yunnan province,China
Tel: 0086-871-66018328
Fax: 0086-4008892163-304418
Mobile: 0086-15288586053
Website: www.gjrzii.com
Email: [email protected]
Skype: gjrzii
Yahoo: gjrzii
WeChat: itismeyvette

[] Chapter Sixteen[

Providing fastest and smartest way to transform your talent, skill and creativity into world-class business



These sites are useful for the purpose of licensing or selling a business and teach how to go about it.

Teach yourself small business accounting.

Mike Truman
London hodder Arnold, 2003
ISBN: 0340859415

This book teaches about the practical guide for the small business owner with no aptitude for figures or interest in bookkeeping or accounting. It teaches how to record transaction and the pricing of goods and services.

The complete book on business plans: simple method to writing powerful business plan.

Joseph A. Covello,
Brian J Hazelgren
Naperville, Illinois sourcebook

This unique book present what to bear in mind when writing business plans for new business and teaches how to answer investor questions, develop market strategies and financial presentation.


These website assist small businesses in the area of writing good business plans, starting your business, financing your business, business opportunities, financial advice and assistance.

The entrepreneurial spirit: learning to unlock value.

David Rae
Dublin Republic of Ireland.
Silver lake Publishing, 2001

This is a help book for potential entrepreneurs and provides advice on recognizing and exploiting opportunities.


One stop shop websites to help entrepreneurs save time and money. Look here before hiring a professional for a fee.

From ideas to asset investing wisely in intellectual property
Bruce M. Berman,
Ed Hoboken
New Jersey: Wiley
2002 ISBN: 0471400688.

This book explains the importance of intellectual property assets and how to protect them and maximizing profit and the value of the assets.


These government agency websites deal with intellectual property rights such as copyright, patent, designs and trademark. Here you will find information that helps guide inventors and authors on best ways to use their intellectual property.

U.S Venture partner (USVP)

National Association of investment companies

British Business, Angels Association

Hong Kong ventures capital Association.


This list of venture capitalists invests in companies and share in the return. They help emerging companies that have strong potential in becoming world class businesses.

Licensing practitioners

They provide advice on all aspects of licensing your patent.

Central Enquiry Unit

Inventor clinic

Institute of patentee and inventors

These government agency websites deal with intellectual property rights such as copyright, patent, designs and trademark. Here you will find information on best way to use intellectual property.

The National endowment for science, Technology and the Art (NESTA)

SMART and Grant for Research and Development.

These agencies help inventors and creative individuals realize their full potential while helping them turn their creativity and ideas into products and services.

Talent is never enough
John C. Maxwell
Thomas Nelson 2007
ISBN: 10:0-7852-1403-8

The power of focus
Jack Canfied,
Mark Victor Hansen,
Les Hewitt
Health communication
ISBN 1-55847-752-4

These motivational books encourage you to move on in your life.

What rich people know & desperately want to keep secret.

Brian Sher
Prima Publishing
ISBN 0-7615-2947-0

This book teaches about family, relationship, money and business.

No matter the situation you find yourself in this book will provide enlightenment.

Successful product development speeding from opportunity to profit.

Milton D. Rosenau Jr.
Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley
ISBN: 047131532

This book sets out the process of product development from beginning to the end; starting from visualizing and generation of ideas and moving through design and engineering to the finished product.


These are inventor promoters that help inventors license their products to manufacturing company. They help in developing prototypes and businesses write ups. They share in the royalties with the investor.


These are the list of few website you can use to conduct subsequent patent search through the Internet

1. www.patents.google.com

2. https://www.gov.uk/search-for-patent

4. www.uspto.gov

6. www.ipmenue.com

7. www.getthepatent.com

8. www.ipaustralia.gov.au

Maximize your achievement[[
]]Through your idea now!

How to get patent right faster and cheaper is do it yourself manual that explains step by step guide on how to turn ideas, concepts, creativity, new products or processes into world class patent right like never before.

It provide avenue to get Patent Right through assistant of Federal government of Nigeria.

A good source of material that guide how to draft and apply for patent right in United State of America, United Kingdom and other part of the world.

It is well package for startup and companies that wants to contribute to the economy development of the world through innovative idea. This book is a research work of more than five years that empower entrepreneurs, companies, researcher institutes, manufacturers and inventors to have portfolio of patent rights that can be turn into world class business enterprise like Facebook, Toyota, Blackberry, Microsoft, Tesla and the likes.

Intellectual property is only sure way to secure and generate huge amount of capital for longer period of time over an idea. This book is a step by step guide that save time and cost for prosecuting intellectual property and fast track product development at lower cost for startup and well established companies.

It is a book that will assist entrepreneur that wants to start a business and how to turn it into multinational company.

It is a book that is useful in tertiary institution, polytechnic, college of education and secondary school. It enables students to be self-reliance by tapping into his or her potential and turn it into business.

This book will assist on how to draft, conduct patent search, drawing, write invention specification, summary and claims.

It contains direct links to organization and agencies willing to supports entrepreneur and companies through grant, equity investment and seed fund.


Abiodun Quadri is an inventor and farmer with a high sense of creativity. An author of “Creativity and Commonsense” a self-help book published in Canada by eBook wise publishing company. He is an Inventor of Quickmobilefood, i2laundryBag, BagnBin, Qinkbin, Multi-swiftwasher with granted patent right and pending in Nigeria, United Kingdom and United State of America. Likewise other consumer products, devices and machines which have been found to be useful tools to individuals in all walks of life. Some of his Inventions have been evaluate by Lambert & Lambert and Royal Ideas & Invention.

Abiodun Quadri is a graduate of Accounting Education, owner of Quadri Invention Limited and awardee of 2015 Tony Elumelu Foundation,

Some of his invention had been evaluated in America, United Kingdom and Australia for proof of principle, commercial benefit and safety. He had more than Seven years’ experience on patenting and invention of new consumer and industrial product.

His faith and abilities has enabled him to discover the best methods of providing outstanding solutions to consumer challenges through problem centric approach.

How to Draft and File Patent Application in Nigeria and UK

How to get Patent right faster and cheaper is do it yourself manual that explains step by step guide on how to turn ideas, concepts, creativity or new products into world class patent right like never before. A very good material that guide on how to apply for patent right in United State of America, United Kingdom and other part of the world. It’s package for everyday people and companies that wants to contribute to the economy development of the world through innovative ideas. It very good source of information for entrepreneurs, companies, research institutes, manufacturers and inventors that want to have portfolio of patent right which can be turn into world class business like Facebook,Toyota,Blackberry,Microsoft and the likes. Intellectual Property is only means to secure, protect your business and generate huge amount of money for longer period of time. This is only eBook that empower startup to save and secure idea and turn it into multinational company by knowing the important and how to explore intellectual property advantages. It is a book that is useful in tertiary institution, polytechnic, college of education, secondary and primary school which will enable student to be self-reliance and tap into his or her potential and how to turn into business. This book will assist on how to file patent right application in Nigeria and other part of the world, conduct patent search, designing, writing invention specification and claims. It also contains motivational message and additional information on how to license patent right to third party.

  • Author: Quadri Abiodun
  • Published: 2016-04-26 14:20:18
  • Words: 16556
How to Draft and File Patent Application in Nigeria and UK How to Draft and File Patent Application in Nigeria and UK