How to Clean Carpets Diy



How to Clean Carpets Diy

By Shane Daley

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How to Buff clean your carpets for excellent results every time.

Test the cleaning solutions you’ll be using.

You have to make a solution mix of 10-1 or 20-1.

Test cleaning solutions as suggested.

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The best three ways to remove any stain or spot from your carpet.

Water based stains removed easily with a simple spray, blot and wipe.

Hot iron stain removal method.

Don’t start the machine without a pad on the base.

Use a funnel and pour 1 litre of hot water into the sprayer.

1 litre of cleaning solution will clean 1 average size room.

Shake the pressure sprayer slightly to mix the solution.

Remember, clean before carpets re-soil.

Stair cleaning with the carpet maintenance system.

Ventilate the area so that your carpet will dry faster.

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1 hour buff cleaning every month will

Keep your carpets perfect.

How to Buff clean your carpets for excellent results every time.

I want you to get the maximum benefit from cleaning your carpets. If you carpet clean occasionally (every few years) your efforts are wasted. Cleaning your carpets is ongoing; it’s not something best done now and then. An occasional clean will help your carpets look better, sure. Without regularly cleaning your carpets, you’d be paying without gaining.

Imagine buying a new piece of clothing. You wear the item again and again. Only once every now and then you clean your item of clothing. The item of clothing will look tatty, old and worn quite quickly. You wouldn’t wear it looking in a poor condition and dowdy would you? If you keep your item of clothing clean, you’ll wear it. It’s the same with cleaning your carpets. If you carpet clean once every blue moon you won’t benefit.

With regular carpet cleaning, automatically carpets last TEN TIMES LONGER. Your carpets look will be enhanced all the time. Colours and carpet texture will remain bright soft with a rich feel.

Do you see the difference?

Carpet cleaning regularly can be an expensive luxury. You have to pay the cleaning person for his time, efforts and help keep his business running. All these expenses are passed onto you as a customer.

Many people cleaning carpets for a living find time is often short. Being on one job, getting it done, then onto the next job is slow. Very little time to spend on each job is the norm. People who clean carpets have to keep their businesses going.

People providing a carpet cleaning service, they have to compete. The expenses involved with someone else cleaning your carpets can be costly. If I had three jobs booked for carpet cleaning in one day, I’d rush. I’d charge for the cleaning that I do. If I have to be on my next job, I’ll try to get there on time. Cleaning may have to be rushed, it’s only competition.

Many service providers do carpet cleaning work to make money.

Here’s another point; if you hire a carpet cleaning machine, cleaning your carpets costs about £15. You’ll rub and scrub your carpets until they look clean. You’ll probably over wet your carpets using too much effort cleaning. I’ve seen the results of over wetting many times before.

Next morning after you’ve cleaned you look at your carpets. Your carpets look better than yesterday. But your carpet is still wet. On the third day your carpets are just about dry. It’s likely that your carpet doesn’t look much cleaner now. Dull looking and lifeless in fact, even after all your efforts to clean. And soil is starting to show again already.

With repeated passes of the extraction cleaning machine, water seeps into your carpet base. The soils you worked so hard to remove are quickly back on the surface. Your carpets don’t look any better just two or three days from cleaning. I know from my own experience when I got started cleaning carpets. I made mistakes. Lucky for you you’ve probably only cleaned your own carpets. I was cleaning other people’s carpets using the same unprofessional techniques.

Lots of people clean their own carpets. The people that do get the right carpet cleaning results are service providers. You pay for the cleaning person’s time, skills and you help keep their business afloat.

Over wetting a carpet using improper techniques for cleaning is damaging. What happens with over wetting is that the soils in your carpet get drenched. The soils will seep down into your carpet fibres. The sludgy soils will rest in the pile base. Your carpet starts to dry and soils begin to rise up the pile (wicking) after about two or three days your carpet dries. But what happens is that the sludgy soils in your carpet base will have risen. The soils will have reappeared on the carpet surface. It is hard work cleaning your carpet, but re-soiling is inevitable just days after cleaning.

You’ll probably make a decision to never again clean your carpets. A short space of time after you’ve carpet cleaned you might replace your carpeting. After buying new carpet you’ll get the same soiling prompting you to clean. You won’t entertain cleaning though; it’s hard work for poor results. Your new carpets get soiled like before. It is true what I am saying.

The alternative is to use a service provider to clean your carpets. Remember, you only get maximum benefit from carpet cleaning regularly. You have to pay for regular cleaning, that can be expensive.

Why not teach yourself how to clean and maintain your carpets. No-one else will do better carpet cleaning than you. You’ll have the time to clean your carpets more thoroughly. You can learn the techniques for cleaning; it’s easy. You can clean your carpets, as you like. You can carpet clean regularly for a fraction of normal costs. You’ll enjoy cleaning your carpets thoroughly, there’ll be no need to rush. You simply take your time, carpet clean easily and you’ll enjoy it.

Test the cleaning solutions you’ll be using. There’s just one cleaning solution we test for buff cleaning.

Other solutions used while buff cleaning such as stain removers test these too.

Here is the important [+ FREE BOOKLET+] which shows you the tools and solutions for carpet maintenance cleaning. Click the link now and download your [+ FREE No Obligations Copy.+] It is important that you have this BOOKLET. All of the Tools and Solutions are listed for you within.

To test the buff cleaning solution, spray a small test area with mixed solution. Spray a small test area behind a door or settee (somewhere out of the way) spray your solution to cover every colour in your carpet. Trigger in 4-5 quick sprays of solution into your carpet for testing.

Take a white tissue from your supplies; fold the tissue to a cigarette box size. Put the tissue to one side for a moment. You need to examine your carpet which you are about to clean. Is your carpet lightly soiled? Or is the soiling level in your carpet light to middle? Remember we only buff clean carpet that’s lightly soiled. You can clean soiling that is light to middle soiling. The idea with buff cleaning is to remove surface soils before they build up. You clean light soiling regularly. That way your carpet will not re- soil, you remove soils before they appear.

You have to make a solution mix of 10-1 or 20-1.

10 parts hot water to one part Bonnet buff cleaning solution. (Light to middle soiling)

20 parts of hot water to 1 part Bonnet buff cleaning solution. (Light soiling)

Have the mixed solution at the ready in your sprayer. Simply mix your solution for cleaning in the measuring jug. Then pour the solution into your pressure sprayer ready for using.

Pump up the pressure in your pressure sprayer. Find a suitable test spray place. You can test behind a door or settee. Spray on enough solution mix to do your test. Be slightly generous with your test spray. Cover every colour of your carpet with your test spray.

Place the folded tissue onto your test spray. Hold the tissue down onto your mixed solution. Press the tissue with your knuckles for 30 seconds. Examine your tissue; see if colours have migrated from your carpet. If the test results show no colour migration, colours are stable, then continue. If carpet colours have migrated into your tissue, pause for thought.


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How to Clean Carpets Diy

The easiest and most effective DIY carpet cleaning you can do, is buff cleaning. You may be wondering, 'Buff Cleaning' surely carpets won't respond, -- but they do. In fact, carpets respond very well to buff cleaning. The good thing is that you use very little water and carpets dry withing the hour too. The system is very simple but it must be used regularly. How it works is through a micro fiber buffing pad which sits on the base of a buffer machine. The pad spins slowly over the surface of your carpets. Soils are absorbed into the rotating buffing pad as it spins. The system is very quick too. You can do up to 5 or 6 rooms in just an hour or two. But here's the secret to using buff cleaning on your carpets. The best way to use this system is is to clean your carpets before they get dirty. That's right, you clean about every 4-6 weeks, that way, carpets don't get a chance to re-soil. You clean up the soils before they start to show. In 'How to Clean Carpets Diy' I take you through the whole procedure from getting started to finishing your room cleaning. It's all laid out for you in simple to understand language. Don't rely solely on extraction cleaning for your carpets, try this buff cleaning and see for yourself how effective it really is.

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How to Clean Carpets Diy How to Clean Carpets Diy