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How To Build Your Brand: Advice From A Copywriter

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
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  • Part I: Focus
    • Start Right Now
    • Lead Magnets
    • Consistency
  • Part II: How To Make Your Brand Valued
    • Your Vision vs Your Product
    • Execution, Not Perfection
  • Conclusion
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As the creator behind Simply Living’s Writing That Sells, which online business owners use to build online content that builds their brands so they can connect directly with their ideal customers and make more money at the same time.


It’s been during that time that I helped businesses put their best foot forward by targeting specific niches in advertisements, articles and e-books. Now, why would you want a very specific target for your business? Well, it’s simple really, you’ll be able to increase your sales no matter how old your business is. Whether you just started today, or you’ve been doing business for years, it doesn’t matter.


Today, I’m going to show you how building a brand will lead to not only selling more products but being able to raise your prices. Now, I don’t mean haphazardly raising your prices or throwing money at advertising because without the right framework, you’ll have a very difficult time doing that. I mean, putting your best foot forward to show your clients your experience, passion, and necessity for their lives.

You’ll have small actionable steps to follow by the time you get to the end this ebook. If you stick to it and take the time to continue growing, you’ll see a change in your business. For me, it was the opportunity to speak at live events with business owners getting hundreds and sometimes thousands of leads a day.

(Check out the speakers at the next event.)

Part I: Focus


Most entrepreneurs feel worried about where to find their next client and how they’ll make their next sale, but what if I told you, your customers are already out there and they are looking for you and you just didn’t know it. How much of an impact would it make on your business, your life and your ability to help people if you could reach them faster and with less effort. Imagine what it would feel like to fully serve those clients instead of struggling to find them.


In this ebook, I’ll teach you how to establish your brand to tap into more clients than you ever had, and show you how the building a buzz structure will get you more sales and allow you to charge more without feeling like your ripping off your clients or not being genuine. Follow my guidance here and your customers won’t think twice about purchasing and staying connected to your business. You’ll be ready to build your audience with confidence.


Before we go any further, I want to take a moment to tap into your "why". You know what I'm talking about, it's that little piece in all of us, whose heart was wired to want to make a difference and we don't often acknowledge that. It tells us, "You were meant for more". The piece that’s wanting to be recognized, to be discovered if you will- sound familiar?


My bigger why happened when I was working 55+ hours talking on the phone in a customer service position for a financial institution. Everyone thought I had found the perfect job for myself. I worked at home. I only worked 4 in a half days. I had a 401k. And nearly 4 weeks of vacation time. And yet I found myself empty and wanting more. It was right before my birthday and I quit. Jumping right into my sister's business where I developed my writing skills for my Writing That Sell packages and since then, I have never looked back. It was with that experience of looking behind the scenes of a 1-million-dollar business that I gained firsthand experience about the impact that your brand has on your price, customers and sales.

When you follow me closely over this 3-part training series, you’ll be able to understand how to build a buzz around your business with kickass branding that will attract people to your work.

Start Right Now


Everything I'm sharing with you now is perfect for transitioning your business for the online market place and also works if you're having difficulty selling face-to-face. Networking events, Facebook ads, Google ads, emails, and websites- no matter the platform, you'll be ready. I've studied and written for plenty of businesses and now have the confidence to say that your brand is the first thing that will create a buzz for your business to build the loyal fan base that all profitable businesses have, and starting now is the best way to start reaching your perfect clients and customers.

Now, did you just say starting right now? Yes. In fact, a lot of people don’t realize that fast execution can make up for fancy marketing campaigns, large ad budgets and experience. That’s how I got started. I threw myself into my business and never looked back. Now, I’ve found a way to travel while doing what I love, but it wasn’t always like that. Remember, I was completely empty working a job I had no business being in. I had to figure something out and I had to do it fast. I wanted to travel and have time for friends and family without feeling like I needed to rush back to my home office to work another 12-hour shift. I was having issues sleeping because I couldn’t get my job out of my mind. Then, I was thinking about going to networking events to look for another job, hoping that serendipity would lead me to the place where I belonged, but then I stopped and said, “why keep doing the same thing and expect different results.” So, I decided to deflect left while everyone was going right, and focus my efforts online and noticing how my talents could fix a great problem in many online businesses.

It was starting immediately and with purpose that saved me from the rat race that everyone else has found themselves in. I didn’t need to do everything little thing perfectly and I didn’t need to have the next 5 years of my business planned to start making money or have people believe in my business today. All I needed was a solid understanding of what my customers expected from my business and the will to deliver on that expectation. I could finally breathe easy. I knew that I was ready to deliver and my customers were eager to get what I had promised because my brand built the right kind of buzz. And that’s what I want to share with you.

The fact that I could build a brand without consulting a brand specialist shows that you too can build a business based on your expertise. It was my path to consistent income online that I believe in today.

Lead Magnets


Let me tell you how I use this in all my writing. When I started I was surrounded by 2 types of people. Those who were looking to sell the cheapest items online to get easy sales and traffic or those who built a qualified and loyal audience and could charge 2-3 times more than anyone else. Which group would you rather be a part of? If you’re selling your own products or re-selling products the 2nd option is better. You have higher margins, so you make more money with every sale and your audience sticks around to see what you release in the future. When you’re racing to the bottom of the market to see who can sell the cheapest water bottle or hottest trend item, then everyone becomes your competition. On the other hand, when your company’s message and branding speaks directly to the minds of your customer then they are ready to pay more because of the perceived value, but I had to go further and give something away for free. If you’ve been in the online game for long, you know what this is. It’s a lead magnet and it’s just one part of the complete package that successful businesses offer their clients before they even buy anything.



Having a consistent message and branding is the easiest fix you can implement right now in your business and it makes the most difference. This is what gets clients or customers to start loving your business and sticking around for the long term and in many cases, pay more for your products and services.

So, after watching this video series, you don’t have to think that you can only sale cheap products and race to the bottom like everyone one else is doing. No more paying over half of your profits in advertisements. So, here’s the secret: You need to build the message, brand and ultimately the buzz right now. Too many entrepreneurs are hard selling products and services one by one and door to door and keep that same mentality when they move online. The online world is a little different. Now, we can easily reach people we have never met, but nothing happens if you never start and don’t understand the pieces that lead to a sale. It doesn’t matter if you’re leading your audience to buy you product, join a business opportunity, schedule a one-on-one call or fill out a survey, you still need to follow a working framework. It sounds simple enough, but most online entrepreneurs are missing pieces and are stuck in the development phase.

When you have a structure that you can check in with each day, you’ll get more done and see more engagement from it as well. Well, go over the exact structure in the next video. If you’ve just been fiddling around with research and never implementing anything in your business then you are throwing your time away and doesn’t time=money. You know there is a way to reach more people by leveraging the power of the internet.

I’ll show you some real-life examples that shows how you can defeat that race to the bottom and carve out a niche for yourself. Before you go, I would like for you to take some actions to get ready for the next video in this free series.

First, I’d like you to write a comment on my Facebook page under the teaser video about your experience with part 1. Then, also share about what has been holding you back and how you are taking steps to overcome them today.

Now, if you know you’re ready to keep digging deeper, let’s keep reading.

Part II: How To Make Your Brand Valued

First, what is a brand and how does it help your business. In general, it is a type of product made by a particular company under a particular name. For example, many of you are probably checking your email from a cell phone. Apple or Nokia would represent specific brands and immediately, when you are in the market for a new cell phone, each of these brands represent two different ideas. With Apple, you may think sleek design, cutting edge technology, trendy, and valuable. On the other hand, with the Nokia brand, you may think, out dated, clunky, subpar, and cheap. Even if you had no idea about the two businesses, which one would you be more likely to spend more money on? The Apple phone, right?

When your branding and messaging are in line, then you can truly attract amazing clients and deliver exceptional products to them.

When you don’t have a strong message, you deny your clients the stability or structure that they rely on to make a buying decision, which is the way that your product or service will really be able to change lives and reach more people. Being able to effectively communicate your message will make all the difference. The key is being so clear expressing your vision that it leads your customer to realize that they need your product or service and make them eager to buy. You’re basically making them say yes without a hard close.

You can do this live or virtually. I know in today’s world everyone is trying to up their e-commerce games, so matching your awesome branding together with eye-catching Facebook ads will put you a step above the rest.

This will allow you to scale quickly, make more sales, and reach more people that are excited about what you are doing. It also allows veterans in old school marketing to have more freedom by letting the brand do the sale rather than hassling your friends, family and clients for referrals.

No matter what level you’re on, if you’re not doing this then you are throwing away your time and money, both of which are needed if you’re going to achieve higher levels of freedom in your life.

Now, when I took my training from just training, to actual practice, that’s when I started seeing a big shift in my business. In the next video, I’ll share with you how my brand helped me jumpstart my business to allow me to work from home with confidence that I didn’t need to find a 2nd or 3rd job to cover my health insurance, 401k or medical leave.

Before that, I want to share with you how to get your brand and message to speak the language that your clients want to hear and how simple it can be. So, here’s what typically happens, we become entrepreneurs, quit our 9-5s, break free from all the cubicles and structure that was holding us back. We say bye to our boss. Now, without that structure many entrepreneurs fall into 2 categories: 1. They wing it and think something will just stick or 2. They mindlessly plug into a system that promises to do everything without any effort and that just doesn’t exist.

Your Vision vs Your Product

This is why everything I’m teaching you works so well. It’s not about random chance and it’s not about having every little thing mapped out, it’s about a system, a structure. So, if something happens you can roll with the punches. You’ll revamp your awesome business with our awesome system and see the magic that will happen with your business. Then, you’ll be able to experience true freedom with your business, which is why you became an entrepreneur in the first place.

Lets start by defining two major parts of your brand. There’s the vision and then there’s the product or service. To go in more detail, the vision aspect of your business is like your mission statement or the driving force behind your client’s decision. When you’re online, your customers can’t see how you plan to deliver your products or services. They only see the vision at first. The better you communicate your vision, the more likely they will be enticed to purchase your product. You need to make sure your product lives up to the vision and the vision correctly reflects your product. It shapes the way that people believe, share and buy from your brand.

The little-known secret is that most of your marketing efforts should be focused on your vision, not the product. It’s said that the force that drives us to buy is based on emotion and rationalized with logic. So, you need to cater to the driving force that is causing those sales. That means if your writing copy, posting a picture on social media or anytime your marketing your product you need to focus on your crystal-clear vision. Every time you find yourself getting bogged down explaining the features of your product rather than the benefits, change your focus. It’s so much easier and engaging to talk about your vision and what is possible with your product or service than to get jumbled up with the technical details. And, believe me, your clients will love it too.

Now, let’s talk about the product. How do you get it to your customer? Virtually as a skype session or an e-book. Or is it a physical product they will receive in the mail? No matter what it is, when you are focusing most of your effort on expressing your vision, you’ll be able to seamlessly lead your clients to your product. Finding the words that entice your clients and customers is difficult for most entrepreneurs, but I assure you, if you stick around for the rest of this training series, I’ll share with you a way to make your customers excited about your product while you are talking about your vision. Everyone’s vision is different so this isn’t a plug-and-play type of system. This is teaching you the skills you need to attract the right audience that is ready to buy your products or services.

Let’s do an exercise together. Take out a piece of paper or open a notepad on your phone or computer and write down the vision for your business. Keep it short and sweet. Then, write down how this vision will change the lives of your clients and customers. I am not looking for perfection here. I’m only asking you to do 2 simple tasks that should only take a few minutes. If you have enough time to watch this video, then you have enough time to write down your vision.

Execution, Not Perfection

Perfection is not the key here. Action is. Remember when I said that acting quickly will make up for perfection.
p<>. Now, let’s look at what you need to truly build a buzz with your brand. I’ve broken this down for you into easily digestible chunks so you can really sink your teeth into it.

First, I’m going to share with you how I built up my brand. I’m most thankful that I had access to a truly successful mentor, D Verrengia. At first, all I knew is that I could write and that I wanted to write. After speaking with her, she told me that I needed to get clear. I left, but when I came back I had a whole new concept, yes, I still knew writing was my focus, but that doesn’t speak to the full vision of what I uniquely could deliver to my ideal clients. I had created a website, uploaded beautiful photos, written my copy for the website that spoke to the transformation my clients would see in their business with exceptional writing and viola…Simple Living’s Writing That Sells was born. That was a year ago.

When I put together my website, photos and copy I started tapping into the power of my brand. It was new, but it told a cohesive story that my ideal customer could understand and connect with and that’s what I needed. Before I those key components of my brand were in line, I had a major issue talking about what I did. That makes it difficult for people to share your business or approach you as a new client. It was the difference between being shackled to finding one client at a time versus having opportunities to work on 10-20 projects at the same time.

This can work for your business as well. All you have to do is make sure that every time you take a photo for your business that it is in line with your vision. Every time you write a post that it is in line with your business. And once again, when you set up your website, which does not need to be fancy AT ALL, that it is in line with your vision.

Finding traffic online does not need to be hard or complicated, but it is more than just posting random pictures with trending hashtags on them.

Now, how does all of this allow you to raise your prices? Let’s look back at that Apple versus Nokia example. We agreed that we’d all pay more for the Apple phone over the Nokia phone. It’s no surprise that Apple understands the customer experience and how to command a strong brand, so when they release a new phone every new year, the price increases and people are lined up down the street at every store. They have differentiated themselves from all the competitors and decided to be very loyal to the vision they set out for their business. On top of that, they are speaking directly to their ideal customer.

You too can model your business like this. It’s not about being Apple or tapping into their audience, it’s about speaking your vision and listening to your audience as they interact with your content and buy your products.


I’m glad you stopped by and read all the way through this e-book. Let me know what you’ve taken away from my experience. Stay tuned for my weekly or bi-weekly emails with marketing tips that your audience will love. As you’ve seen, I often mentioned targeting your audience, so I’ll also working in methods to target and build your audience.

Key Takeaways

  • Consistently target a specific niche. 

  • Fast execution and follow through beats perfection, especially if perfection is code for procrastination.

  • When you build your brand directed at the right audience, you’ll be able to charge more for your products or services.

  • Focus on your vision more than the technical details of your product or service.


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How To Build Your Brand: Advice From A Copywriter

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How To Build Your Brand: Advice From A Copywriter How To Build Your Brand: Advice From A Copywriter