How To Build an audience Super Fast- 5 Brilliant Strategies


There is no magic, there is no miracle, there is only hard work and working smart to grow bigger and brighter, to connect not collect, to engage and interact, to educate, give and support not sell stuff. Everybody wants to build a targeted list of people. What if I told you there are simple but effective ways to build a loyal audience without asking yourself about traffic again and again?

Don’t complicate things.

  • If you want to lose weight, eat less and exercise more
  • If you want more readers write an amazing book
  • If you want to build an audience Just write a piece of an amazing content

I think you got it.

Attracting an audience is based on things that are not easier to do.

There is an obstacle.

  • It takes over 100 hours to write an amazing book.
  • It takes 3 hours to write a piece of an amazing content
  • It takes time to write a massive lead magnet
  • It takes time to build authority Online

Those components become easier when we do the hard work. When we work consistently we gain our first subscriber. You have to give yourself time to produce value.

All these Components are So Important

  • We can’t Build a massive list of subscribers without a massive lead magnet
  • We can’t Record One Video and See Traffic
  • We Can’t write one piece of amazing article and get traffic

We Definitely need to combine all these Components to build a healthy Blog to get consistent subscribers.

  • To get visitors Read our content again and again.
  • To get people sign up to our free offers
  • To build a tribe of trusted people

We also need to partner with affiliates

  • Who have bigger email lists
  • Who have loyal audience
  • Who have traffic

Writing a book and waiting for people to read it, is a waste of time. Marketing has to be in your strategy. Many people are interested in your content but they can’t find you. Nowadays we live in a Social Media world where you get thousands of fans and followers overnight. It’s easier than before.

We Have to Focus on Better strategies, we Need Bigger platforms where we communicate and attract customers to sell them stuff.

My Story:

When I first started Blogging I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t know how to buy a domain name, find a web hosting company, select a platform, install Google analytics or even install a word press but it didn’t stop there. Everything I do was to start from zero as everyone by learning the basics before any advanced strategies

I wanted to start small and figure out how to improve my writing to produce Good articles.

After reading several blog posts, hundreds of effective comments and videos. I realized those who are successful online have worked many hours to beat their competitors

I wanted to change my brain by learning new skills and change my life through taking massive action. Blogging is not easy and takes much time. The moment you start learning, that’s the moment you get frustrated and unproductive. What matters is to work consistently to solve problems and gain results. As Mel Robbins said “our brains are designed to protect us from doing the hard things. The hard things become easier when we move towards taking massive action to find solutions.

I was looking to benefit from more promotions to hold off and get the word out about my website through guest posting.

I was aiming to rank high in search engines to build an audience and was thinking about

Gaming the system by Using Black hat techniques to rank top on Google. But I learned that when you Use Spam doesn’t mean you have a business. I tried Several Tricks and Techniques, it helped me capture some Readers and build my first Subscribers. But that was not enough. I wanted a Bigger List to send them hot products. I knew only a small Tribe of people would buy my Products if iam Delivering Value and Good Blog Posts.

I learned That Traffic is not the hardest Thing in Blogging. The Hardest Thing that gets You Traffic Is to write a piece of amazing content that most people LOVE.

When I enter a keyword phrase on Google such “How to build 1000 blog subscribers” I find Bunch of responses from Successful marketers But No one Wanted To Show me Step By Step Guide. Probably Every Blogger Has a Secret or a strategy that never wanted to Share.

Let me ask you something.

How much would you spend to learn something new to get 5000 visitor to your blog? The task is not easier.

  • You need to learn how to write 500 words before 1000 long and detailed article.
  • You need to learn how to write Effective headlines
  • You need to learn how to write engaging content that connects not collect
  • Write Guest Posts to steal audience legally from other Blogs
  • You need to learn how to establish Your Brand by Exposing Your Content on Several Platforms.
  • You need to Learn about Copywriting

I understood it takes time to build Your Online Business. It takes Time to write a piece of engaging blog posts; it takes time to Get Organic Traffic. I realized Those Who Built Their Email Subscribers Have worked Hard for It. They have invested Time and Money to Buy Tools and products. They worked Hard to spread their message and build an audience.

I was thinking about selling a Very Cheap Product as it was the easiest way to build a target email list. I wanted to learn How to launch a successful product. Nobody wants to buy crap product. But it is good to show people Strategies and Ways that lead to Results.

It is Easier for Some blogs To Grow Their audiences and convert them to customers. They know what Most Websites need, they spend much time creating a Software That Grows Businesses. We are not going to compare Our Businesses with Thrivethemes. They Developed a Plug-in That Capture More Leads. They Have Thousands of Loyal customers. Not only produce a piece of amazing Content but They Work Consistently to Serve Their Customers.

You don’t need to convince anyone, when you Build and Create Something New and Unique, People Start Giving You Their Personal Informations easily when They Feel You have Engaging Content and an offer you designed with a strong call to action.

So what are some key action steps to build an audience to sell your courses, sell your products and Your coaching Programs?

In This Free EBook I am going to Share with You 5 Proven Strategies To Build an audience from scratch.

1#: Books Work, Just ask authors

If you want to grow your business, sell your Products, Sell your courses. You need to write a piece of amazing content and an amazing Book that make readers care about you the same way you care about them. Bloggers, Speakers and Web marketers Use Several Ways and Strategies to connect not collect to make an impact not to sell. To Engage and Build a Long Term Relationship.

All these strategies they use are effective to grow their businesses online. But there is no Better way Than Writing a book that makes you stand out. Most bloggers don’t know How a Book attracts a number of People to a Blog and build an audience.

There is a Strategy behind The scenes. We can’t just write blindly and build our readership in a period of time. If you want to write a book, you should learn how to become a Better Writer. Write words that make sense and Write engaging content. It is a long journey; you can’t write 30 000 words in 24 hours and even A WEEK and call it a book. It takes time to be creative and Prepare Your Research to write a book that Gets Thousands and Thousands of Downloads.

The Moment You write 1000 and even 5000 words a day and you stop is based on your knowledge, you need more focus. The moment you struggle is the right route to finish your book. Always there is a challenge. You can’t write 10 000 words without stop. Writing a book is more different than writing a blog post. Reading a lot gives you more strength to write more simple words for your readers. You build a strong mindset that allows you To Get new and unique ideas. All you need is courage and knowledge to delight and inspire people.

Writing a book is not easy for some people but easier for those who read every day to Gain valuable informations to feed the readership. Everything is hard when we don’t plan and act. If we don’t do the hard work to overcome that obstacle in our brains, we won’t achieve anything.

Now we understand writing an amazing book is to your success to build authority, Gain visibility and Grow Your Business. But we still have not figured Out How to Get Customers. We need step by step strategies to Build our audience and never rely on any other platform. We Need to create a strong and Goldmine traffic source for Our Blog. So People Know we have a station where they come to read our new and old Content. We provide so much Value for Them to like and trust us. It is easier to get around but we should act to Win Big. Your Plan is to know how authors and writers build their audiences.

Below I show you how to capture those readers and build your own private platform. To grow your facebook fans, twitter followers, Get Reviews For your Books and Sell Your Own Stuff.

Why some authors fail?

Think about that you have written an amazing book and then you end up with no sales. You have no audience to get reviews, no reviews for other people to buy your book and write more reviews for you.

Let me repeat it again.

Why authors and writers fail?

Think about that you have written a great book

You think it will make you passive income

When you publish it

No one buys from you

You fail

Because you don’t have an audience

  • You won’t fail When You Build Your Tribe
  • You Won’t Fail If You Partner with an Influential Blogger
  • You won’t fail when you email a partner with bigger list

Selling a book is not easy. You need a strategy that moves you forward to get sales. You may get 2 sales, 5 sales and more a day but to make passive income you need to do what successful authors do. You choose a platform with bigger audience or Partner with successful author who has bigger audience. It doesn’t matter how many pages you have written, what matters is how much value you offer and how you serve those people. Readers value your work through word of mouth, if they read positive reviews and recommendations from friends they buy from you.

Read a lot and Write a Lot.

Reading a Book on a topic you are passionate about helps you get new ideas to write words that make sense for your community. Speaking and writing will be like an art for you. The moment you start Typing words is the moment you feel you are doing a great job. You have spent a lot of time Building the right mindset.

There is no writing without reading and there is no success without a sacrifice. I know writers who never thought they will become authors and publish interesting books. They bought some online programs that thought them “how to write a book even if you are not an author”. They started learning the basics before any advanced strategies, now they are selling thousands of copies.

When I was studying at the high school I used to read over 4 hours a day to have a strong personality, have the right mindset, know something others don’t know. Solve problems easily; Give unbelievable solutions, Help More people in their stuff. Reading in several niches has given me more strength. I felt that I can write a book but didn’t know how to market it , Until I realized that If you don’t know marketing you truly don’t have a business. Knowing who is your audience is to your success to sell more.

I want to write a book but I need a Schedule Time to finish it

The Most important thing is to make reading your daily habit and read at least 30 Minutes a day. I know authors who read 2 books a week, some read 2 hours a day, while others read consistently. There is no magic. Writing an amazing book is based on how much knowledge you have. How much information you have. How you communicate with readers. The more value you put in a book helps you sell more copies, Get more reviews and rank better in several book platforms. But without doubt, you become smarter and a great writer when you read a lot of books.

“The best strategy to sell thousand copies of a book is still to write an amazing book that has tons, tons and tons of value “

Keep Writing There is a Potential

It’s all about writing a piece of amazing content that make readers engage and connect with you. It’s all about writing words that make readers care about you more than you care about them. You show them more value through pitching really good stuff that help them build a healthy business. For instance if iam teaching my prospects how to do marketing then The Most effective skill I need to say should be Copywriting. Teach them how to write words that sell. How to write a sales copy and How to write power words.

The truth about building a loyal audience is to focus on writing an irresistible offer. When you create a massive lead magnet, when you forget about your blog for a while and guest post on popular blogs and when you write a piece of amazing content. This is how you build trust and inspire people to join your tribe. People come to you and become convinced is because you provide something they can’t find somewhere else.

Content works, books work, everything works when you find a zone that attracts an audience. People who blog and read each day find new and unique ideas to write about to stand out from the crowd. I was in your situation. I didn’t know how to start an online business. But I wanted to learn how to do the hard things. I wanted to solve my problems through learning from experts. There is a response to your question somewhere on Google; you just need to enter a keyword to find that.

Google is a good search engine to find informations. I Prefer to Use authority sites search bars such Entrepreneur, huffington post, fast company, they have thousands of well written articles that have been written by Professional bloggers, Entrepreneurs, authors, writers and speakers. I go to the search bar on these branded blogs and enter my keywords. I get bunch of effective articles. That’s where the magic happens. You learn from experts.

Strategy # 2: Medium Platform It is a powerful story telling platform where you write a guest post to get fans, followers and loyal customers.
p. When I started Blogging I wanted to learn the basics before any advanced strategies. I wanted to figure out how entrepreneurs, smart bloggers and authors generate leads to their businesses. i realized that they hold off writing on their blogs and guest post on platforms with bigger audience. They create Good videos and upload them on several video platforms to attract as many people as possible. Everybody has a method and a way that works for him. But there is a strategy that works for everybody that I name it a private network in which you collect leads and send traffic to your offers and never rely on any other networks.

I started writing some stories on medium to engage and interact with readers. Authors, bloggers, writers and entrepreneurs want to learn from you, if you write something good people say WOW this person has something amazing to say. But having a killer call to action inserted at the end of each article you write and publish has an ability to show readers you have an irresistible offer. When those readers reach your blog they have to find a piece of good content. And at least over 1000 followers in each social media platform to show them social proof and you are a trusted person.

You can Get 20 000 followers But there will be no engagement, I know some Bloggers with only 1000 fans and with real engagement, comments and shares. If you want to build a healthy business you have to figure out a way to connect not collect. Getting your first 1000 fans to build a social proof is easy. You can join some facebook groups and write a clear message


I am a full time blogger, writer and web marketer, If You are interested to Build a healthy business Online, I will Share amazing, tactics, strategies, methods and products that I use myself to build a healthy business.
I always Have 10 minutes each night to write something new and unique for the community. If you are interested Please Like My Page.
See You Soon] ---
p. Medium is goldmine platform, it’s a station where you find your readers and customers. The aim is to tell stories. I have seen several smart bloggers and authors write long and detailed guest posts to attract people. In each guest post they write and publish, they add a call to action at the end to show people they have a lead magnet. That seems interesting and it helps them build their list super fast. If you spend much time to bring a high converting article and connect with a publication on the platform, you will get amazing results. When you connect with an influencer, you have a huge opportunity. Readers are hungry just make sure you provide lots of value to the community.

How to use Medium Platform to collect leads:

Step1: Learn how to become a better writer

Step 2: Write a piece of converting Guest Posts

Step 3: Headline is to your success to get readers

Sep 4: Use Power Words In the call to action

Step 5: Repeat Over and Over

Step 1: become a better writer

If you read 1hour each day, you become a better writer within 2 years and may become a good author in 5 years. If you read a book a week, you have made a huge decision to write perfect books for the community. The moment you start reading books is the moment you start learning new things, you scan words that make sense and write with your own style.

The most important thing to gain respect is to care about readers before they care about you, to connect and serve them continusely to develop a long term relationship. I have read several books and found out some authors write something amazing while others share strategies that are proven to work for you. Writing engaging content for readers is an art. It is not easy but you can do it and become a better writer.

Step 2: write a piece of converting guest posts

Growing bigger and brighter requires a lot of work through producing a piece of good content on other blogs. Nobody seems to know what to do but holding off writing on your blog and guest posting on other blogs is to your success to gain some customers to your offers and brand yourself. One guest post is not enough but well written articles get your more visibility online.

Step 3: headline is the most important thing in your blog

When iam searching on google or landing in a new blog, I always read most headlines before I click. When I find Great headlines I click because I feel it has something for me. We respond on headlines that are effective and have power words. We actually respond when they use emotional words. We definitely need to be creative and value our time to gain more traffic. Traffic is not always based on content but on proper factors. Good content with poor headline gets you no traffic. But massive lead magnet with killer call to action Gain you more subscribers. Everything you do online doesn’t need perfection, at some point you need to understand things you want to do to stand out from the crowd.

Step 4: Use Power Words in the call to action

One of the most effective ways to get more conversions is through writing a good offer that has something new and unique afterwards use power words in the call to action. I have studied some landing pages and found out those who generate more subscribers use more than ten words to describe their free offers.

You have to convince those visitors, you actually don’t have to convince them they have to feel something about you and your offers.

Strategy # 3: Bookbub is a Powerful Platform

This is for those who are authors and writers. As soon as you finished writing your book. Think about reaching bigger audience to get great results. Bookbub is a goldmine platform with millions of readers. They subscribe to a specific category to receive newsletters in their inbox each day.

I know authors who have gotten over 30 000 downloads when their book featured to be sent to thousands of subscribers. What I love about bookbub, they want to make their readers happy.

How do you build that email list using bookbub?

Bookbub won’t give you email addresses of their readers who download free and paid eBooks. What you should do is to have a massive lead magnet inside your book.

It is very simple.

You write a Good lead magnet and give it away for free in exchange of their email address. Make sure your free ebook is relevant to your first book to capture readers in your list.

The Free incentive needs to be 10 pages, no more than 30 pages. Free course, free webinar. Anything that you feel it has something stunning to your readers.

This is the one single solid strategy to capture more readers for your future books.

Let me say it again

Before you send your book, make sure it’s free to get more sign ups, the more downloads you get the more ranking you gain. Bookbub has over 7 million subscribers in all categories. Each category has thousands of loyal subscribers.

Strategy # 4: 8 Brilliant Strategies You Can Do To Build an Audience from Scratch

One of the most effective ways to start generating leads and customers is through video. I am going to show you how one powerful video Can Build You a healthy Business. We are Human creatures and we love to see faces of other people more than anything else. We engage with photos of human faces more than images without human faces. There is an emotional response to engage and interact. There is an influence that makes us want to connect not collect.

Most successful authors, smart bloggers and entrepreneur use video to reach their potential readers, they know YouTube is a goldmine platform. People love to respond on video more than text.

There are some certain Things that are so powerful when you create and Upload Your Videos. They get you More viewers, More visitors and More Leads. Small things are bigger in people’s eyes.

An attractive Title

You only have between 2 and 5 seconds to capture people’s attention, If You have been subscribed and watched videos of Marie Forleo You will undersrand she Uses Persuasive actions to capture your attention before the voice. This One action has increased the number of viewers and convert them to Subscribers on her Channel.

Speaking in front of a community is an art:

There is no magic and there is no miracle to build an audience, you have to say something that solves people’s problems. If you are Offering a powerful ebook that has much Value Then It becomes easier to generate quality Leads. If You Spend 1 hour to Research and Record a powerful Video That reaches Thousands of People Then You will make viewers care about you more than you care about them. Your first impression online has shown you are Giving more to help audience build a healthy business.

Go Study the Professional Guys On The net. Go Study Those Pro Marketers who Use YouTube as their Best traffic source to reach their daily subscribers. Chalene Johnson

She has 76 287 Subscribers on YouTube alone. She owns a Good amount of Views and she is a Successful Woman Entrepreneur, She started like everyone with zero Subscribers but Working Harder and smarter Made Her Stand Out from the crowd. She helped thousands of people go from zero to hero.

Being motivated is not enough but Planning and Acting is what gets you results. She wanted to Help and succeed. All Her Videos are Great, She speaks with so much Value, as you subscribe to her channel you notice she consistently record and publish new videos around Entrepreneurship, fitness and Growing Businesses.

On One Hand she is doing amazing Videos and she knows how to Persuade Visitors and Viewers, On The Other Hand She delights and inspires her audience. Most Of Her Videos Get More Than 1million Views because whenever she Records a Video She promotes it On Several Platforms to reach as many people as Possible. If there is a Person Who Views and Benefits from That Video Then There are Thousands Who are interested.

Promotion Strategy :

Step 1: Record an amazing Video

Step 2: Upload it To YouTube, to facebook and Twitter

Step 3: Upload it To Your Blog

Step 4: Write Some Content and Upload it to medium and LinkedIn

Step 5: Upload it To Quora Platform

Step 6: Convert it to audio and Upload it to ITunes, Lipson, Stretcher and Good Play

Step 7: Convert That Video to Content

Step 8: Upload it to Slide share, Get Quality Back links

Step 9: Repeat Over and Over

If you have 20 000 subscribers on Social media Platforms, you can easily Pull up many subscribers from One single Quality Video. Once You Use the first 20 Seconds to Capture people’s attention to watch Your Video and Listen to Your words. You actually don’t have to persuade them they have to feel something about you. And Make them say This Person Has something good to Say.

If You Follow the Same Strategies Chalene Johnson uses to build an audience Before Launching a Product, You gain same Results. When She Records a New Video She Makes Sure, She Provides So Much Value To Build That Relationship with Her Community.

If You View your business as a Game and Enjoy Everything You do, You Will Gain More attention. To build an audience, you have to think about creating awesome Video that provides useful informations, do it differently than others. To make people Pause for seconds and say “This person has a lot to say.”

Strategy #5: The World’s Fastest Growing Store

Authors, Bloggers and speakers, it seems like everyone is writing eBooks and publishing them to Amazon biggest store. The advantage of kindle publishing, you actually don’t have to pay to publish your book in the marketplace. All you do is to learn how to become a better writer to provide quality eBooks for people to solve their problems.

Amazon is a search engine where people enter a keyword to buy something, while Google is a search engine where they enter a keyword to read something. There is a big difference. If iam going to write long and detailed article why not write more pages that provide so much value and package that as an eBook, Get a cover design, add a description and sell it to a community. On one hand I will generate some sales, build my brand and gain visibility.

On the other hand, I have the ability to insert a link of a massive lead magnet to capture readers and new customers to build my list. This strategy helps you build an audience, sell online courses, sell coaching programs and even sell books.

Most people don’t recognize those who built authority sites have established themselves in several platforms; they engaged with community of readers and spent much time to promote their stuff to get noticed.

Amazon has millions of customers and the number increases every day. Amazon used to spend millions of dollars to grow their businesses. Their own strategy was to create an affiliate program which allows marketers to promote products to earn a commission. If someone sends 1000 person to buy on Amazon then there are thousands and thousands of other potential marketers who want to do the same and thousands who buy through their affiliate links.

Let’s go beyond that and talk about publishing a kindle eBook. Think about that you spent 100 hour to write an amazing eBook and that eBook gets 10 000 downloads because you optimized it for the right keyword, good description, and a title that captures reader’s attention to buy the eBook. Then you have spent much time to write another eBook that gets you the same numbers.

Amazon holds their credit cards to buy from their biggest ecommerce marketplace again and again. We should act and Build our private network to capture readers and customers. Those big platforms have spent millions of dollars on advertising to build their brands, now Users promote items for a commission.

I have Covered 4 Ways to build an audience; I still have one, What if I told you this is proven to get You Results. It’s a Hot New Amazon Strategy That Generates High Quality Leads and Sales.

One More Step…

If you enjoyed reading this book and found just one strategy that helps you grow your email list. I’d be happy if you’d post a good review on amazon. Your review is a social Proof for other people to read this book.

You can leave a review for this book on amazon.

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How To Build an audience Super Fast- 5 Brilliant Strategies

Are You Tired of Trying Several Ways, Methods, Tactics and Being Told They are Effective To Build an audience? You Tried Many Times Then You Failed? What If I told You There are 5 Brilliant Stratgies That Gain You an audience again and again without doing a lot of work. Have You Ever Heard Build an audience Before You launch That's True Saying. Every Smart Blogger, Entrepreneur, author, writer and speaker want More traffic to build a healthy business. They need Leads to Build Their tribe. I was in Your Situation. In This Free Ebook You Will Get : Proven Strategies That will Gain You Loyal Readers in few days. Some Goldmine Platforms Where You Get Targeted Customers. The Golden Component That Builds Your Private Network. If You Take Nothing From This Free Ebook and Just One Simple Strategy You Will Build Your audience and to get some customers you have to write a piece of amazing content to Engage and interact with readers to Let them say "wow this person has something awesome" and they start Giving you their personal informations easily. that's not all Would You Like To Know More ? Download Now and Start Learning

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How To Build an audience Super Fast-  5 Brilliant Strategies How To Build an audience Super Fast-  5 Brilliant Strategies