How to Bluff at Being a Writer

How to Bluff at Being a Writer

By Earnest Long

Copyright 2017 Earnest Long

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Chapter 1, Bluff at Being a Writer

Some people produce their own media and they post it online. Yet, when pop stars can sometimes get 200,000,000 views for a music video and regularly 30 or 40,000,000 for even minor videos in their back catalog, this might change what some people feel about how successful they could be or not be and if it would matter. In the past, people might feel it was an achievement to be a writer and to get even 10,000 readers. And being an artist, you had done well if several thousand people visited your art exhibitions. Possibly, the game has changed. And what in the past would have been telephone numbers is now a reality for many writers, artists, video makers, photographers, actors and singers. A joke is that today you have mobile phones and they are talking about mobile phone numbers and not even the traditional types of phone numbers. People are talking about new figures today. These are figures in their millions or tens of millions routinely. And some of these people are just college students. You can join them but you don’t have to. This is when you can still claim you are a writer or artist if you get over say one thousand readers or viewers that would be quite respectable.

And you could get a respectable number of readers or viewers just by writing a decent work that did not have basic mistakes in it. These are mistakes you might make that would mean your old English or art teacher would be ashamed to say that you were one of her old pupils. Still, if you could just get 1,000 or 10,000 people to have seen your work without any extra effort other than producing something that was decent, then that might be something that many people might want to do. And it is nobody, just one or two friends or it is just a notebook, ring binder or sketch pad on your bookshelf in your living room that everyone can see when they come to visit you.

This book is not really going to be all about how you can get superstardom and be in the telephone number league for the number of readers or viewers that you get. Yet, it could possibly be that as well and it could stand you in good stead possibly as well again if you were to achieve it. You would at least have had a better introduction, a more relaxed introduction and one where you were encouraged to think and talk about your art and not just put pen to paper.

Instead or at least in much of the direction of the book, the reader will hear how they can say they are a writer or artist and people will believe them and want to know them. Also, they could be a good writer and artist. And they are not like one that can only talk about his or her works they have done themselves. Nor will they be a writer or artist that is just a computer addict. Also, although you might be bluffing in spirit, you will have the completely legitimate and absolute right to call yourself a real writer or artist as well. People might even regard you as a better writer or artist just because you are good at talking about it and like talking about it. Or they would want to know you when they would not want to know some ‘genuine’ writers. Yet, then you will actually be a genuine writer. And this is even when you’re still bluffing about it and often just talking about it….

Possibly, it is getting too complicated just to chat about it. So, let’s get on with it. The rest of the book will describe practical ways you can bluff your way at being a writer or artist and even be quite a genuine writer or artist, video maker or anything else you’d ever want to be or to brag about you really are or would like to say you were at parties. And because you just want to brag, the book says that you are halfway there to being a genuine artist already.

As well, the book says that wanting to talk about art is really how you can become a writer or artist. And it is not the reverse that some people think. This is that writers are enigmatic often-solitary characters that keep their cards close to their chest. Also, then they have the pay-off of one big release date once every few years. If you ever heard this and thought it was true, it is now old news. And anyway, this is even if there was some truth in it once at all there might be none now.

Today, things have really changed. The new writer for the new age needs to be outgoing and want to claim his bragging rights just like anyone else does for anything else. Then, if he does that, he is also likely to be a good writer or a good artist. This book tells you how you can bluff being a writer, artist, video maker or anything else. And people will believe you or they will have to believe you.

This paragraph below describes the basic premise of the book that is you can bluff your way at being a writer or artist.

After reading this book or during it, you will write some works or do some art, music making, video making or photography, post it online on free self-publishing websites and then claim bragging rights for the half-decent works you’ve posted. And you will do this in the quickest and easiest way possible to produce these works. This is from start to finish and to get your work out there and for each individual work. Then, you can brag about it all you like.

If you have ever wanted to be a writer or artist that people introduced at parties, which was possibly a story you heard when you were young and that had a big effect on you, then the writer of this present small volume graciously offers you the tips in this book. As well, if you’re already a writer or artist but people don’t want to talk to you as they think you’re boring, then read the rest of this book and you too might find something in it to interest you.

You can genuinely be a writer or artist because of online opportunities to post your work free. As well, you have cheap and easy technology to use that is also productive if you know how to use it. And you have the resource of this book that will get you started writing and producing your own creative works that are a publishable quality and won’t take all your time. And writing a novel as you hear that it takes people all of their time for a year or two years doesn’t have to be what happens to you. This is if you just follow the few simple tips and secrets given in this book. In a way, the title of the book saying you can bluff your way at being an artist is perhaps just a joke. You really would be an artist and a good artist and better than many people who don’t feel that they should cheat, take shortcuts and never bluff at all.

The author hopes you enjoy this work. This is if you were only reading it for amusement or you are already a writer and artist and want to know how to be a better one. Also, it is if you want to be a writer or artist but with good friends. Or it is if you’re new to going online. As well, it is even if you haven’t done any creative arts for many years since you were at school. And now, you would like to have another go when you have a new computer. You can, with the secrets in this book, be a writer or artist, have a normal life and claim bragging rights as well.

Many writers and artists are stressed and in poor health from overusing their computers. They use them too long every day, every week and sometimes for years. Also, they don’t even take adequate breaks after every hour frustrated to get their ideas down and frustrated about having to follow health advice that is inconvenient. As well, they worry about changing the world, if they are doing so or not or if they even want to do so.

The most basic secret in this book is that you mustn’t care about changing the world. Nor should you care how many readers or viewers you get. But what you do want is only to do art for art’s sake. If the title of this book attracted you, then you’ve already possibly made a very good start. You can do almost any creative art with a computer. And it doesn’t just have to be writing or drawing and particularly not if you found it hard at school or your teachers in these subjects bullied you. As an adult, you don’t have to prove to anyone now that as the child you were you had done nothing wrong or that you were really a good person. Instead, you can do a creative art that is not laden with meaning for you, recriminations and worries and other baggage. That is the next secret.

And the next secret after that is how to produce professional work of a publishable standard. This is a kind of secret revealed in the book. Today, you can get software on your home PC, Mac or android computer that is the same as used by professionals in any creative field. Or at least it is very similar and can produce good quality professional standard work so that you can hardly tell the difference often with it. As well, this software is sometimes free and still good quality. Or you don’t have to pay more than 100 bucks for it anyway most times. Before very recently, creative works generally that were more than doodling, painting with school paints or school essays, only professionals could have done. These highly paid professionals worked for media companies. Or they were post-graduate art students. They had to be before they produced anything even approaching decent. This would be any works that were to a standard people might expect of something they would buy or see in an art gallery. Yet, people can produce works like these today at home that are hobbyists.

Another secret in producing publishable work is that you don’t need a degree but you only have to do a bit more studying from what you probably did up until compulsory school-leaving age. And you just need often to only remember the lessons your teachers taught you in your creative art lessons that you had at school that was actually good lessons and good advice for anyone using a computer to produce art and writing today.

This book is about people who find computers to be brilliant toys, want to produce creative work on them and to post their creative works online. But they don’t want a downside. This is in health, not having enough time or anything else.

Not to have such a big downside using computers, there is another secret. You just don’t have to feel so stressed about using them ever. It seems that not always playing it straight and thinking as a bluffer and not some real writer will make some people feel better. This is if they are emotionally continent that they have this one secret to themselves. And they don’t just do what anyone else tells them to do that they should take roles like being a writer seriously and that it has a status above that of just being popular. Nor do they live up to impossible expectations such as if they think their parents, other family, their old teachers, their girlfriend or anyone else expects them to succeed in some way. This is when today you can post stuff online. Nor do they have people telling them how to do things when they have a good plan already. As well, this plan is not one all about doing things for other people or rising to challenges you think other people expect of you.

Nobody but your best friend would tell you if you had poor social skills or there was something you could do to improve your chances with girls or to make yourself more socially acceptable generally. That is except it seems authors. They do this all the time. And this author is no exception. Also, that’s another secret. You have to want to read and consume media and not just produce it. This is so you can have good social skills and a normal life. And you really do have to want this badly or computers can be attractive too much in the other direction. You just have to want a decent life and to enjoy yourself and to take the chances you are given.

Also, if you do consume other media and are not on your computer all the time, then you don’t generally have to worry about such a big health downside. This is when using computers, sitting a desk, using your hands for anything or writing with pens and papers and using art materials. With computers, in particular, you get radiation, bad hands, poor eyesight or possibly other problems.

The only ways out of the downside using computers to tell the reader immediately are to use your computer less overall, to take breaks after every hour, to use the productivity tools of your software, to plan your work and it is everything else involved in using a computer successfully. And the biggest thing is not to care about anything except how decent your life is and to cheat a bit if you can.

Again, the author hopes you will enjoy this book and not try too hard no matter what else you do. Also, without making too much effort or having a big downside, you really could call yourself a writer or artist and have people want to talk to you about your own art. Or it is even just that you might want to talk about art generally and nor even your own art. However, you can get an insight into talking about art by doing some art yourself and even posting it online. Other people will enjoy these conversations about art as well and this is when they might enjoy few other conversations.

Chapter 2, Help

Computer advice often is around how to record things and make notes. Examples are such as studying, a creative hobby or to help with personal problems. At home, people might use their computer only for fun and entertainment. For the reader of this book, you can add the fun of calling yourself a writer or artist. But some people use it for health advice and other help it gives them with personal problems, goal setting and other worries.

How many people really know how art has changed the world? Also, how many actually have a good knowledge of any of the creative arts? Very few might know the answer to these questions. Read about artists, writers and other people in the media to hear what they have to say and then ask how they have changed the world. Often, they are just being writers and artists and talking about art that has nothing to do with politics. Or all many famous writers and artists were doing was only reflecting the times they lived in and not really attempting to change them. Reflecting the times you are living in like a neutral observer is one of the greatest forms of art.

Go out for a walk, think and enjoy the sunshine if you reason you’re really changing the world. When you see all the other beautiful people going about their business, with things to do and places to go, you might not think that you’re so great really yourself. Yet, you could be inspired to be an artist.

Ask questions about the world in different ways. You can ask as your inner child, your inner teenager, the adult you wanted to be or the adult you became. Also, you could imagine other people are talking to you about issues that you read about or see on television. Or you could imagine you were allowed to ask people that you see who are politicians and leaders in many fields any question you wanted to and they would listen to your opinions about them as well. You might not have good questions to ask them or very long conversations you could have with them if this really did happen in real life with what you know now. This is when they know more than you no matter if you’ve read the newspapers. Possibly, you can’t actually remember much of it. Or it is that the newspapers have really answered all your questions and everybody else’s.

There is nothing your own art or writing can contribute to the argument you might think after doing this exercise. And this is even if you actually wanted to argue some point and it was not something else such as you wanted to know some facts about it. Nor would there be any good reason to write a novel about something you didn’t know about either. So get your priorities straight for what you want to hear on the news and what you want to do with your own writing. Again, the book tells readers that they should do art for art’s sake. Writing fiction or other art has a long history that has nothing to do almost with putting across political points of view or scoring points on social issues. You really should read your books on how to write again if you think it’s all about politics. It is not.

You use many techniques in writing. And using a smattering of literary techniques as an artist uses a paint palette to paint a picture makes your book art and good writing. As well, really this is all it takes your book to be a good book and a work of art. Putting across some political or moral point is not a necessary part of it. Really, there are many literary techniques. As well, these are what make a novel art. And it makes a story worth reading for any reader.

Literary techniques are such as using similes and metaphors, varying the length of sentences, being economical with words you use and not using too many words than are necessary. ‘Showing and not telling’ is another literary technique. Also, you need to paint a picture and tell the reader what the characters look like and where they are and what it looks like as well. And you need to say how they speak and what mannerisms they have. Or it is anything else you only normally see or hear. You do this so people can see them as somebody more real. They can identify with them. And they can love them or hate them. Or they can at least like or dislike them.

Almost no reader will read a novel to have his opinion changed on political matters. Also, any reader who did read a novel that was about politics and trying to change the world would only read it if it confirmed his opinions that he had already. Or some people might read a novel if anxious that the present government was not working and he was looking for information on other alternatives. But he would not read that from somebody who was like him and would only read it from somebody he saw represented a completely new order he did not know enough about that might come in. That means that for most readers that were brought up on a diet of television, school history lessons and other lessons that were the same as everybody else and they’ve never been out the country or met different people, then they don’t have much new to write or to change the world about.

As well, people want to hear things from the people changing things themselves and are unlikely to waste their time on reading anything from somebody who says that they knew somebody like that or that these people have spoken to them. Everybody knows today that everybody has computers who want to change the world and when their defenses are low, they might read what they say. But they don’t want to read what you say if you were like them or you would like the old order to stay as you used to know the same. And this is only that they see other writers are a good source of information and a quality source of information. You need new writers for any new opinions. Or you want to hear people talk themselves about their own new movements. And they can’t just have not written anything else yet for them to be ‘new writers’. Really, it is just what anyone knows that other writers would be a good source of new information but if you had only read the old writers yourself and liked them still, you could not write yourself anything genuinely modern.

That simplifies what you can write knowing that. You are just trying to write as a hobby and art for art’s sake with the talents and skills that you have, the knowledge that you have and nothing else.

Really, television is attractive. But there are some limiting factors. They are seeing a commercial product. It is not all of life and everything. Other factors are screen radiation, flashes when the scene changes, the size of the screen and other factors. Also, you have editorial decisions and limits imposed by cost. When you realize television or other creative arts have limitations, then you don’t watch all the time. So you are not busy all the time watching television or on your computer. And writing is older technology that has even more limitations than television.

So don’t bust a gut trying to be a writer today. You could always make videos using cheap software you can get for your computer at home. But then, that might also have problems with it. It could do at some time in the near future as you could imagine as well. This is such as if the market or the regulations change. One lesson to take from this book if you take nothing else from it is that it is not worth doing something if it is too much effort. This is anything on your computer at home. It might all change in the future. Or nobody might read your work anymore anyway for other reasons. And this is as well when you realize that it is art and it doesn’t necessarily change politics.

Everyone when they first read a newspaper can tell that newspapers only really have politicians in them of one kind or another. And celebrities and artists do not ‘change the world’. Only later do people think that a singer or dancer has some political power. And this is often just a fantasy. This is unless there is something celebrities are doing not in the political news. But then, you’d have to read about it in the gossip and entertainment pages if they were doing anything to change the world. This is when they are often not mentioned anywhere else. And that includes most writers of fiction. So why aren’t you reading these pages already if you aren’t? Possibly, you should do and then you would know what celebrities, artists, singers and writers were really saying. Then, you might not waste so much time producing something that can never be any good yourself. Perhaps write down the lyrics to some pop song like you are a teenager and they are your favorite pop group and you want to learn the lyrics off by heart. Then, you might discover what singers and songwriters are actually saying.

Or you could analyze films to see if they had any political or social message as if you were doing some media course at university. It takes particular skills to do it. Still, you could learn them. And then you might be able to talk about these films and your analysis to your friends. So you could see if they were interested in what you had to say about it. After all, if your friends aren’t interested in it, then how is anyone else going to be? Nobody else could be either. As well, the films you’re studying once changed the world. But you’ve probably watched hundreds of them and don’t think anything of it like this at all that they are actually controversial. This is despite the apparent purposes of your course. And you probably just like a good film if it is anything new or makes you think. Really, you are unlikely to be offended. And then most of the rest of your class wouldn’t be either. Possibly, your friends in real life would only want one or two conversations about analyzing films for political or social content. Then they would be bored with it. As well, if you could read quite well a few books, then the books you read might have said a lot about what this approach had to offer anyway. So why would you write your own one? This is if you would not read any more of anyone else’s but for writing your own. Possibly, you might see it was not sensible to write such a lot about it when as an average reader you would not want to read so much about it anymore. Or you only might want to read the most important titles that were classics in the subject. Don’t waste other people’s time either. And this leads us to the point that you should concentrate on writing fiction and not anything else unless you have something particular to contribute.

If the censor allows it, other people are doing it already. And there is no good reason for you to do it. But you can just try to create art and make the smallest name for yourself to say that you are an artist.

When at school, people mainly just listened to everything their teachers said and didn’t try to criticize it. Nor did they add to it or think they could add to it really. This is except if they went to university and possibly did a master’s degree as well. Yet, when some people leave school, they get a type of sickness. This sickness is to want to make an original mark on the world. They do this by using their computers. And they do it doing creative arts. But they have only this sickness as the reason to want to do it. What they produce might never be any good. And they are likely to feel stressed doing it. Also, they’re likely to harm their health spending too long at an office desk using their computers. And they don’t get anything back from it much and they lose their friends as well. Any friends they do have, they annoy talking about computers that their friends find boring. Yet, really, they are only often trying to write a short story. But then, they are still really struggling.

It is not worth it for them to do this. And they need to change to doing something else that would be better instead. As well, they really could be struggling for years if they don’t do something to change. The idea that they could be an artist or writer that people want to meet just because they can talk about it might help them when it’s not so different from what they are doing already. They need to learn again all they learned at school and anything beyond it. Then, as well, they might go back to how they were before they had these problems.

As well, once you’ve written about people and situations you used to know, you may then have nothing left you can write about. Perhaps, stop. You are not qualified to write about anything else.

You are already a writer for having written poetry and short stories. And political polemics might not get readers or they would have different readers. It may be hard to learn how to do it. And too much learning can be a strain. This is when it can be a strain to learn more than one style of writing. As well, you might be bored with it a bit before you start when some of it is similar to writing fiction. For example, both use a computer word processor, a printer and you have to proofread and edit for grammar and spelling.

Also, it is a waste of skill to learn how to write fiction and then not use it as much as you might otherwise when it was still fun. This is as well in such things as keeping your skills up but still not having too much screen time or keying. You might keep your skills up in writing fiction by producing an occasional short story on your computer word processor. It really might not involve too much screen time if you just write a short story occasionally. But learning a completely new thing on your computer as complicated as learning how to write journalistic or political writing would be too much screen time quite probably. So don’t write about politics or nonfiction unless you are bored and have made every effort to think of something else to do other than using a computer.

It is easier to learn how to write if you have recently enjoyed reading. As well, you can still enjoy reading and just think that you’re wasting some time doing writing as well. This is when otherwise you would be too bored to read more. Or you have already read enough for the time being. Writing to use up some spare time is a good way to learn how to write. This is if you don’t have anything much to do that is any better. And if only a couple of hours a week on your computer to pass some time, then it is hard to see how it can do that much harm. At least, this is compared to being a dedicated writer and using your computer 5 hours a day or more.

Nor are you just out of boredom trying to change the world. But you are just creating a little amusement for yourself. And that can’t be stressful. You are unlikely to be able to write your own novel that would be any good anyway if you haven’t done lots of recent reading. This is just the same as any reading anybody would normally do. But, as well, it might give you an additional interest to read more if you were writing. It is so important to anyone who writes to enjoy reading just for the sake of it. As well, it is because they like to hear words in their heads and see words written down on the page. Cultivate such interests if you don’t have them already. It is only common sense that you would have them to be a better writer.

For the sake of your health as well, it is so important not to feel stressed over writing or to do it too much. This is in screen time, keystrokes, touching paper or feeling frustrated. Also, people should not constantly feel high or low and never completely normal, be out their seat or have one intense inexplicable desire in their life to succeed in some way or to be published. As well, they want to publish more and more. They do if they don’t cut the vicious circle as soon as possible. This is such as by saying they would do it differently for the sake of their health. And it is just to have some fun in life for a change. As well, this is without completely changing everything they do.

People may want to be students or to study in their spare time, to be artists and writers and to feel high that they control their lives and produce creative work. But in a moment of clarity, people might really know there are reasons they can’t do it all as if they were teenagers and had just left school or college.

It may be that they were drunkards in the past or have at least had their fair share of alcohol. Also, they could have smoked cannabis or people around them were smoking it. And other illegal drugs can affect people’s brains. As well, people could have had bangs on the head from accidents or cumulative brain damage from punches and blows and other bangs on the head. People might also have eaten poorly at certain times in their lives when they were short of money or had a time where they were dehydrated or had some other physical hardship. Also, there is food poisoning that is really quite common and can affect the brain as well as the body. Sleeping poorly can affect the brain as can lack of exercise and obesity. Poor personal hygiene can also affect the brain from germs getting into the brain or for other reasons.

And most people probably do not have when they are older adults the good brains they were born with or they had when they were at school or college. And this is at least because they have not done any serious learning or studying for a long while that they do not have good minds. Yet, people would still like to be as they were at college that they remember fondly or after that when they had no problems with their social skills or hobbies and interests.

Really, they can still do it at least a bit as they used to and there really might not be any problem with it. This is if somebody is still capable of reading and writing because they have not become illiterate. Somebody who can read and write is still capable of learning because these are the tools that you need to learn anything. He can make notes to help remind him about things he saw on the television and it doesn’t have to be necessarily just more serious subjects. Also, you can read reviews of films including the blockbusters that people are talking about. And this will help you with social skills over somebody who did not take the trouble to make any notes. As well, you don’t have to miss TV shows you might want to see if able to read a listings magazine and use it properly.

Some people are always planning how to do more. This is stressful, so don’t do it. And it is not necessary for social skills. For social skills, you can learn some things off by heart such as the titles of films you’ve seen or a passage from a book and a criticism you wrote once of it. Then, you can talk about it. And it only takes a bit of time to make notes on socially acceptable topics, TV shows and films and books that is really good social skills. As well, once you’ve made a start keeping these notes, the time you spent doing it increases what you can remember in the future and have to talk about more than the elapsing just of calendar time that you could have watched television in. Also, you don’t have to do more if you do the same things as your friends. Then they will not only want to talk about shared interests more, you will have more to say about them and so will they. Another tip is to be better at a hobby or creative art, so you can produce work quickly. It will be better quality work quite likely anyway. This tip also means that you don’t worry about posting too bad stuff online so you take it down later.

As well, you spend time just thinking about any worry. And you get nowhere fast if worried. Worry is time-consuming. When worried work is still in need of editing, you might spend all your time on it. As well, you don’t have time to read or to have a normal life until you feel it is ready. If you are not always good, then you can post only your best stuff. And this can avoid lots of time wasting and criticism. Who wants to read lots of mediocre stuff or see so much stuff by one writer or artist? People generally only appreciate the best stuff.

You can aim to spend one hour per day on your computer doing a creative hobby. That takes away problems of not taking breaks or being bored in your breaks. You don’t have so much going around in your head that you will want to work on it some more. This is helped by being good at using your software, writing without making a lot of grammar and spelling errors or typing errors and doing less ambitious projects or not having to tidy up projects that are not so good to start with to post online. Examples of making less effort are that you can write 2,000 word short stories. People will read it just as well as longer ones. You can also write 30-line poems and not epic poems.

If you get a good night’s sleep, then everything else will follow. This is all plans will work. Some people feel that if they are using a computer to do hobbies on, then they can’t even watch the evening film. This is because they’re trying to reduce their amount of screen time. But also, they might have poor concentration and not feel like reading or they have already been reading from the screen on their word processors. So they can’t read books in the evening anyway or they would not normally read books in the evening. They might just not find it hard but think as well that it was a bit odd. It would particularly feel a bit odd if they were to read all evening. So, that would stop them doing it if they tried. Or they wouldn’t even attempt to try.

Possibly, then, they miss the start of the evening film or don’t even look up what films are on. Then, they go back on their computers thinking they could just use it for an hour before they started to get ready for bed. And if they want to watch TV after that not having watched anything so far, it makes them feel bad to have even more screen time than they should. Perhaps, using a computer to produce a creative work might be something that they tell themselves makes it all right and that they are not just getting entertainment.

Yet, using a computer a lot could mean that their social skills get worse even if they do get a lot done. If somebody’s social skills were not so bad such as if they could remember something they had watched a few weeks ago or a month ago that they might have made a note about or kept a review of, then they could do this in fact and use their computers to get something done. This might help them with their hobbies to feel that they’re doing it better, that they have been able to put their ideas down better, they have a few creative works down and finished and that they can now do something else with their spare time.

And without feeling that they have achieved something on their computer, they might decide that they don’t want to use a computer anymore. It is just too hard and they’re not getting anything done that they should. Particularly, this might be if they weigh up the different opportunities they have for watching television or for reading books or listening to the radio. And they decide their computer is stopping them in a way that is really too direct to be inexcusable or for them still to accept. This is when they really do want to read more, there are things they want to read and there are things they want to watch on TV or listen to on the radio. Using a computer, it is still going to be a problem for them that they can see going on for some time.

So they can either decide to stop or try to learn it. This is hopefully sooner and not later. And then the whole thing repeats itself again. It does if they don’t yet have it right by now. Then, they have to make the same decision again to give up or to continue and try to do it better. Also, you really might want to use your computer for some things. Eventually, you could decide to go back to watching TV and no harm would have been done. It is probably necessary to have watched some TV for the sake of social skills. And you might watch at least 5 hours per week. The television is good to get facts, entertainment and everything else and often better than other sources.

Spend time reminiscing. And get a newspaper or buy a magazine. As well, history is a normal interest. So perhaps, you could take it up yourself. As well, so are science and other subjects. You might have a head start in them. Spend some time each day just relaxing, doing nothing and looking out the window. As well, you can have a comfortable chair. This can reduce many bad feelings. As well, improve your social skills by saving up conversation. This might mean seeing people less often and for a shorter time. Make a snack when they come. And do things together. This is such as watching television or listening to music. You don’t have to be talking the whole time. People don’t remember all somebody says. But they might like things you do together. Perhaps, as well, just put the television on. This is if using your computer at night. And you don’t have to feel bad about it either. You are at least not harming your health as much. You can watch for an hour without feeling bad. As well, if you really were tired, you would switch the television off. You would do as well if you weren’t enjoying it. Also, if you can’t sleep anyway, then there is nothing much wrong with television. Alternatively, you could switch the radio on. That would be even better. It is less screen time. And you might enjoy listening to it. Perhaps, you hadn’t for a time. You might enjoy late night music. Also, radiation is physical. It is rays. And it is inevitable. It is like drinking alcohol kills brain cells. So do computers. But it is still socially acceptable to drink. Don’t though as well also overuse computers.

Somebody might relax watching television. As well, you can talk about it. People want to talk about it. A good way to know if you’re succeeding is if you have stories and can talk about anything.

Chapter 3, Writing

This chapter gives a number of tips about writing to help the bluffer write quickly and easily and keep his concentration.

Don’t watch the text going along the screen as you type it in. You can handwrite out your short story or make notes using a portable sound recorder. Then, touch type it, use speech recognition or use transcription software. Also, you could not write it out in full when handwriting it.

You can make using a word processor similar to paper. Try the default settings. Or make the smallest number of adjustments. You want to create the impression that it is like paper. You may even use the underlining feature of your computer word processor software instead of increasing the size of the text or making it bold for your headings. Spending a few minutes before you start writing your document is distracting. As well, you can use Ctrl + End to go to the end of the text. This is without having to scroll. Scrolling is bad for your concentration.

Use a printer to proofread and edit your text. This is after you’ve made any major corrections on the screen. Using a printer saves on screen time. Also, make a note of what the grammar checker tells you. Then, learn these corrections. This will save time using a grammar checker again. As well, you might read books on how to write or on the novel. You can do this if you have not had lessons for some time. This will improve your writing. As well, it increases writing speed.

The best alternative is to touch type and be a competent typist. Do this from a handwritten manuscript. Also, speech recognition is fast. And some people find it just as fast as typing. It will insert a line at a time and so doesn’t have this problem of watching text go along the screen. It uses your voice that some people want to avoid but it is better for your hands than typing is.

If you followed just these few tips, you will then concentrate better, write quickly and easily and produce better writing. And you will still be able to do other things.

A creative writing class might really be all the help you need with a writing hobby. As well, it could answer many of the worries you have now. Also, you can read about writing to see how to spend time on it. This is when sitting at a computer using a word processor is not always attractive to everyone. Read how famous authors thought about their work. The right advice will save much screen time, time generally, your voice and keystrokes. Also, you’ll feel happier to use a computer and happier more generally as well. You may know how to write already. And if you wrote just as your creative writing or English teacher taught you before and didn’t try harder, you would probably produce passable or even good work. You can revise anything you’ve forgotten.

Just not writing anything embarrassing to you or your readers might improve many of your works enormously. Change anything into a work of art anyone can read. Things you worry about yourself will likely embarrass readers as well. They will do even when you feel you’re writing about something that others should know about and you feel that you have suspended your own embarrassment to write. This is mistaken. Write from the start as you mean to go on. A writing hobby should not be problematic. Try not to write anything that will need a lot of editing later.

Do you proofread so that you have a completely grammatical and stylistically correct text first before deciding if you delete some of it? Having a completely corrected text might make it more readable and understandable even to you when you are the writer of it. Then it will be easier to edit. Or do you save time by making big changes and removing text the book doesn’t need so that you don’t spend too much time if proofreading these passages later? Perhaps, you can do a combination of the two. For example, some duplicate parts of the text you would want to delete might not show up unless you had removed bad mistakes. Bad mistakes like these are such as incorrect paragraphing, poor grammar and style or overlong and badly written sentences. Alternatively, you might see already that some parts of the text do not need to be included in the book you’re writing. So you can delete them.

Also, do you think that there are health problems from overusing computers, but not from a sensible use? Then how much is too much? Computers offer more benefits when you spend more time on them. This is if you are just talking about normal benefits without arguments over radiation or health. And you may feel that the more time you spend on them, the more the benefits keep flowing. But this is mistaken and you mustn’t use them all the time. Less computer time is a hard-to-define goal. Writing just to have a bit of fun or to bluff your way means that you probably don’t write too much.

As well, you can keep your computer area clean, neat and presentable. This is for friends when they visit that they might see it. And it is pleasant for you to use it yourself. Also, you will be able to find things better on your desk when that really can be frustrating. Take up any other health tips or advice about how to use a computer or any other health tips as they often really do work well and mean you concentrate better on your computer. You will have a better self-image of yourself. And better self-esteem might mean you use your computer better and take breaks better or your writing is better as well.

If you don’t feel tired, then you will be able to do more of anything. You can also try drinking less caffeine. Having a healthy diet and doing some exercise means you can do more and better enjoy it. Also, you will generally feel better about yourself if healthier and you have a better lifestyle. As well, you can try to improve your social skills. You can do this by catching some TV. And you can do some reading as well that you would normally do. It will make you friends to have done some normal things. You cannot learn about it all from books even if you did read them. And so don’t then try to write your own books as well if it would be something that took all your time. When you have already been out walking or done some exercise, then you may just want to slump in front of the TV. You have at least done something to help yourself that day even if you did nothing else that day.

If you had a very attractive girl who wanted to date you or to sleep with you, then would you really want anything you did on your computer? Also, would you think it good conversation? Nobody like that would probably care about it anymore!

There is no good reason to do anything ugly in the wonderful world in which we live. As well, this is when you have so many things to enjoy and so much TV, reading and radio you can get. Also, you have mobile phones to call your friends on and you can connect to the World Wide Web anywhere you go. Doing another hobby might improve your social skills and you can bluff your way in that as well. Also, it is a different creative outlet for your energies. And you can use an art hobby for covers or a video hobby for promotional material.

One problem in reaching your goals is negative others and situations. Often, it is a woman who is to blame. Artists have muses. These women inspire them but might worry other men. And this is one of the stereotypical good things you hear about artists. Possibly, as a writer, you could learn from this. Alternatively, it may not be appropriate as a writer to think of somebody as being your muse. There’s not such a long history about it. Instead, you cannot allow yourself to get worried some other way. Or you could just dump her if she was a problem. And you still might be able to write otherwise. Your social skills might improve and the stress you feel under when writing might also improve as well. It is easy. You just have to reject her or she just has to reject you. And then, your life could be much better. This is all for the better it would do. And any personal problems will then get better as well.

Writing To Become a Student

Imagine that a local college will give you a place on a course as a mature student, but only if you produce a research essay that you can do on any topic. And the college has given you this as one of the options for you to show that you still have a good mind since you left school. The other options such as doing easier qualifications are not as attractive to you as you can start your course sooner if you write an essay.

Do research online or from the library. You can write an essay or article from different sources you’ve read but as one essay, such as a particular subject you have read a lot about in newspapers or books and magazines. Alternatively, you can use textbooks, make notes, have a study timetable and write the essays the book suggests. Also, you could do research of some kind using your own data, such as your previous year’s budget or data you may have on your computer about your computer use.

Write About a Worrying Subject in the News

Another idea is to write an essay about political or social issues. This helps you understand the issues better.

Don’t Write a Diary

There really is no good reason to write something like a diary on your computer because it does not use all a WP’s powerful features that help writers. You can instead be more creative by writing poetry, short stories, articles or reviews.

Use a WP to improve writing. A decent word processor will produce well-formatted, well-organized and well-written text. When you write on a WP, you produce work that is more readable. You can have main headings, subheadings, bullet points, words in bold or italic, page numbers, headers and more.

Start by Writing down a Title

Write a title down at the top of the first page of your word processor document. You will try to keep to this title. Choose a title you know a lot about already or choose a subject that you might want to understand better and research. Organizing your thoughts on a WP can really work to help you with understanding any subject.

As well, writing skills are widely known and you can learn them. You really do need writing skills to do any writing even if you only write for fun or therapy.

Imagine It’s a Typewriter

Really, you wouldn’t spend all day on a typewriter. So why spend all day on a computer? A WP’s features are exactly what you’d see in anything you read, such as bullet points, margins, page numbers, etc.

You Want Readers

There is no good reason to have a typed copy if nobody wants to read it. And to have a typed-up copy, you need a WP. A WP has more features than a typewriter.

Speech Recognition

One good tip is that you can increase the amount you write on your computer by using speech recognition more often. And speech recognition and sound files may reduce strain on the hands. You can use speech recognition to make notes quickly and easily. When you make adequate notes, it improves the finished work you are producing.

Change the Settings

You can only use some software properly if you change the settings on your computer. This can give you a faster computer even if your computer does not have a high specification. Speech recognition will work better if your computer is faster or you increase the speed of the computer you already have. And speech recognition is much more useful if it works a little better than it might be useful otherwise. For example, if it is faster, then it recognizes more of what you say to it and it inserts it more quickly. You may be able to use this software and it will work well for you if you improve your computer’s performance.

Keep To the Programs Suggestions

Go with the suggestions that speech recognition makes. When the program finds it easy to recognize some things you dictate but not easy to recognize other things, then use these things if only to increase your dictation speed. If the words it gives you will do for what you are writing, then you can keep them. Also, it is a lot quicker and easier not to rewrite the sentence exactly as you would if you had composed it yourself using a keyboard.

Use Features That Work For You

Review the features you use and the ones you find useful. Also, you can employ again any you previously used but that for some reason, you had stopped using. Others who did this said a review like this was a useful learning process that corrected many mistakes they were making. Some Users had bad habits, did not use resources that were available to them or had new ideas that were not as useful as old ideas. Also, they used their computer every day but still used it poorly. You might see that from time to time you need to think about how you work and to cut out any bad habits. Also, well-performing software often helps enormously.

It Works Well For Notes

You might find it helpful to use speech recognition for notes. Also, you can edit these notes as you dictate, but without trying to write a completely corrected work from the start. However, you might make as many corrections as you can when your ideas and your intended words are still fresh in your mind. Make the shortest notes possible. And don’t feel you have to express yourself fully in the right words. Nor write too formally if it doesn’t need it. Editing existing text using speech recognition works better when the program recognizes your voice well. And when you might not use notes in a finished work, it saves time if you don’t worry that your notes must have zero typing errors.

Handwritten Notes

Making handwritten notes varies your writing or creative tasks and you find these tasks more interesting. And on paper, you can always make notes when an idea is still fresh in your mind. So a paper notebook may mean you are more productive as you can make notes taking a break from your computer or you can make notes at other times as well. It is also easier sometimes to handwrite than to type as you might find handwriting easier than keying. And you might find using abbreviations and arrows easier on paper than on a WP. Also, you can allow your writing to get messier if writing quickly. You can concentrate better without radiation from the screen. And you have a lack of fresh air above a desk, particularly one with a computer on. Also, it is more interesting and easier to use different methods of making notes.

Really, you can have paper anywhere. One idea for using a paper notepad is to have one in your kitchen and look at it whilst you’re waiting for food to cook. Also, you can have one by your armchair in the living area. And you can take your notebook with you when you visit anyone. Also, you can take your notebook on holiday with you.

You save time if you handwrite something, but then you don’t type it up. For example, if you don’t necessarily want to use your handwritten notes, you will have saved time typing. You may decide not to use it all because it was too personal. Also, you do not want to use it if there are some mistakes in it, but you can see this only later. Or you may not want to use it as you can see that it does not add to the text you are preparing. And later on, you might see it is better if you wrote it more briefly. Also, it might be that you see how you would want to write it again differently having already practiced it. Or you might see that what you wrote was not yet finished. It was workings-out or there was some other reason not to include it. If only notes, then you needn’t have a typed-up copy.

Planning Your Work Saves Time

Many good writers find that planning their work saves time. A book that needs a lot of editing is often not a good book. For example, you cannot edit some things that are integral to a lot of the book. And mistakes in the text and not very good writing generally are sometimes from planning the work poorly. So a well-written text is usually a well-planned text. When you are writing something, sit back and think to yourself, ‘Have I written well-constructed understandable sentences?’ And you can think, ‘Have I said this already?’ Then change anything that is wrong immediately. Doing this you will save time and concentration. And you’ll avoid many faults in writing if you think before you type anything. Also, you will save much typing if you don’t write something that you later change or you don’t use at all. And it saves time if your first draft is mainly a well-written correct text and near to your intentions for a finished work.

Use Your E-Reader to Help Proofread

To read files on your E-Reader that are on your computer, you can convert your existing WP file to a PDF if it isn’t already in that format. Then you can download it to your E-Reader and read it. This will save some money not having to print it. E-Readers are also less radiation than desktops or laptops. Also, E-Readers are more portable than loose paper. You’ll need to make notes of your corrections on a paper notepad if proofreading from an E-Reader. But two or three words are often enough to suggest most corrections. Then you can type the corrections back into your WP file when at your computer desk.

Portable Sound Recorder

Also, you can use a portable sound recorder to record corrections from an E-Reader or printed MS that may save money on paper and pens. And you can use your portable sound recorder for any sound files where you record yourself speaking. With a modern portable sound recorder, it is easy to organize your files. And you can reuse disk space by deleting recordings. You can also transfer files from your portable sound recorder to your PC. But then, you have the cost of the hardware and, as well, you need batteries. Alternatively, you could use the sound recorder on your PC and save money on a portable sound recorder. And you could do this to see if you liked sound recordings before buying one.

Text-To-Speech Conversion

You can use text-to-speech conversion software. Some text-to-speech conversion software will read out text and others will convert entire text files to sound recordings. It helps you concentrate when you are proofreading to hear it as well. Also, you can find many errors because they sound odd. Examples are typos or poor sentences.

Chapter 4, Answers

Years ago, they said that somebody already had the secret to everything. Economists say the meaning of life is nothing more than to enjoy it. And the purpose of life is to have fun. They say there is nothing to take in life seriously. This is except surviving. Consumer goods only satisfy people’s needs to have fun. And nobody is trying to sell anything serious to a private individual. An example is computers. Trying to change the world is not a consumer good. And people who aren’t using their computers to change the world or using them to watch porn on are probably using them correctly. So where does that leave us? It would leave many things many people probably wouldn’t want to do on computers.

It is just that perhaps not everybody can change the world. And selling computers to have a bit of fun, as a toy or to waste some time on them is the only moneymaking model that makes sense. People can go online to consume media. As well, you can use your computer a bit like paper. You can also do hobbies. But the line is blurred posting online. Hobbies are things like creative writing and art.

Many writers have proposed how the world works. For example, many have talked about stress. Stress is the reason that often people don’t get things done. They say that you work through other people but if these people are not up to it, then you will never succeed. This could be projects intended to help poor people, the sick or for other people. It is not that they don’t have the office space, the computers or anything else. But, as well, it is just that people can’t do anything if stressed. Psychologists, social scientists and medical doctors have proposed solutions to these problems.

As well, political philosophers have also looked at people. This includes such as Plato and Aristotle who over 2,000 years ago wrote about the principles of ruling people, the social hierarchy, education of future leaders, training of artists and administering justice.

Yet, commonly, you hear most people are only interested in sensationalism. Everybody as well was it seems really managing completely well before. This is without computer spreadsheets and word processors. Now with hobby software, you can do art, writing, video making or photography. It is a lot safer than the old methods and the software is easy for anyone to learn. Many people learn how to use it in a weekend or even just in an afternoon. The professional stuff is not really that much better.

Are you a media entrepreneur or are you just a hobbyist? Or even, you might have had too much time on your hands and so you got out your old textbooks and wrote a short story or painted a picture. And possibly, as well, you ignored health advice about computers. This might have been because people say there is no problem with them and you believed them. Or you could have used a computer because you found it creative.

Ultimately, we all have to die. This could be older or younger or in our beds or not. Yet, nobody wants to die ever. Earlier generations have lived and died and ours will be dead and gone eventually soon the same. They used to say that there was only one secret worth having and that was the elixir of everlasting life. So until they’ve found it, there might be nothing else that is really worthwhile. This is for at least anyone over 50. Yet, the world as well might really end now for everybody because of global warming. So how is anything worth bothering about if there’s nothing to hand down to our children? Or it is not only just our children. But it is everyone’s children for whom they’ll be nothing.

As a writer, anyone else or as most people, you can never change some things. And there are some things you could have possibly changed in the past though it is now too late. Or they were already changed. But for the most part, people are reading books to feel good when a bit low. Or they want some me-time or not to worry about the real world.

At some time in their lives, many people do get personal problems, worries about their weight and other things like that. And for a long time, there have been books about it. As well, this was long before people writing today. Really, some of these books probably do need updating a bit. For example, they give some tip about how to make you look good. But this is when it doesn’t work if everybody has already heard about it. Also, some of the examples they give might seem a bit outdated now. Or it might be that they chose them just to be topical at the time. So they can’t be topical now. Therefore, you need new books with up to date examples and books that are topical today. This is when topicality sells. But not long afterward, it will stop selling. People know this and it just means that they have to write a new book once they’ve sold their old ones. As well, celebrities of some kind or other have it seems written many self-help books. But now they’re not famous anymore and so people probably wouldn’t read their books. This is if they don’t remember them or they are no longer in the gossip pages. As well, language has changed. And so you need new books for this reason alone. There are genuine solutions that authors and other types of people can offer to troubled youths or older people or anyone who has personal problems.

The solutions work. And there have always been some solutions that people could offer. This is for millennia. And this is assuming that human beings don’t change and have always had personal problems. So there have always been solutions of one kind or another.

Any writer today is only writing in a tradition that has a long history before him. And he or she is not really suggesting how people can solve their problems today any better. This is unless he had done some research that was actually new. But generally, everything has been done before. This is even if you think scientific research discovers new things all the time or new books say new things even if not from scientific research. It can’t be true! Otherwise, the human race would have died out years ago. It would have surely. This is if you couldn’t solve these types of problems people had even years ago before now. And it is just so they didn’t have personal problems anymore. As well, people saw it as completely necessary even years ago for society’s survival, the survival of communities and the physical survival of everyone to solve personal problems.

Really, it is just because some people are young still. So somebody has to tell them or they wouldn’t know. And that would be true of so many books. It is just that now they have not read one like it before. There are probably thousands of titles that have been published that would answer their questions. And there would be tens of thousands if you went back in time a bit. It is just that people have word processors. And everyone has been taught how to write themselves. So people can produce new works. As well, there is some genuine demand for new works such as to have things that are topical to add interest to modern readers. Or books have references to modern political, social, economic or technological change. And some young readers need these to understand a book. Although you see classic novels still being sold in bookshops, fundamentally if somebody young could only read books with horses in them as that was all that was available, then they would not be able to understand them or would not be interested in them.

It really could just be everything you’ve heard yourself that you feel the need to get down on paper. But as a bluffer, this is just one way of writing that you can bear in mind. This is to get words down on the page when girls and other people might like to meet a real life present-day writer. Yet, don’t forget for 1 minute that you are a bluffer and fret over what you write, think you can solve people’s problems other people can’t or you really could change the world. Nor can you stop it ending from global warming, floods, pestilence or war. You have power as a writer to produce art. But you don’t often have much other power. And once you’ve realized this, the happier a writer you will be.

Books give people something to read and enjoy in their gardens that they can still go into on a summer’s day without getting cancer. In some parts the world, people already get cancer if they go outside in the sun. So that is a sobering thought. It is when really it’s already happening. And scientists have predicted it will happen in the future even more. So don’t get too enthusiastic about writing. And you can just think of yourself in the here and now. This is when anyone is still interested in art and writing at all.

New technology can cause problems and computers and word processors are no exceptions. Often, it is just a culture shock and people have to learn gradually how to use them properly.

For example, it is necessary when using a computer not to use it too long each day and to take breaks after every hour. But people forget this or don’t do it when it is not always convenient. You really can’t just use a computer like you’re handwriting on paper or you’re reading your notes back and you didn’t take a break for 2 or 3 hours. Still, even with paper, they recommend you get up and stretch your legs or you might get blood clots. And if you use a computer a lot, then you can get poor circulation and blood clots in your legs as well as other problems with your body. This is when you would not sit at a desk so long normally with the older paper technology. Perhaps, you might think that that it is not convenient either! So make a good choice. And with the present technology at the present time, you can only use a computer for 2 hours per day quite probably. As well, you have to take a break after the first hour for at least half an hour. That was at least the advice given when PCs and Macs came out for the first time used by office workers. And if flat screens are really much less radiation, then they might not be. So perhaps, follow the advice given years ago for reasons of people’s health that they said you really did have to keep to.

This is before they downplayed some of this advice a bit later on. It seemed so many new people to computers did not want to hear about the downside. They had heard so much about the wonderful things computers could do. And they would shout abuse at their teachers that it did not make sense what they were telling them now. They were really saying you couldn’t use them properly for anything. So that was just plain silly and all these people were messing them around. Then teachers stopped telling students about the health downside so much. And people began using their computers all the time at work or anywhere else. Possibly, today, nobody wants to be treated like that. This is both teachers or as they perceived it as well, the students in the class.

Possibly, though, computers do really have a downside. And this is despite now having been sold by their millions to home consumers. Possibly, just be sensible. And don’t use them very much. Whatever you heard, they are probably just a toy or for amusement only. And anyone using them for very long that doesn’t just throw them proverbially into a corner like a toy they were bored with after a while is going to end up ill. And for some people, this really can be the hardest thing to bear that you can’t keep playing with your toys. And instead, even today, you still have to do something like read a book. Children throw tantrums and tears and adults do as well in their own way.

You really do have to put your computer away after you’ve been on it an hour or two. That is as near to a fact as anyone knows about computers. And for now, it is how you can use them today. Really, it’s a shame. But that seems to be about the truth. Do something else for the rest your time and be grateful that you’ve been on your computer even for an hour. As well, be grateful that if you don’t spend longer on it, then it might not hurt your health. Take up knitting? Probably don’t bother with that either if you’ve been using a keyboard. But do anything, just relax or do nothing.

New technology like computers causes new problems that didn’t exist before. These are such as computer addiction, people feeling stressed in their homes over their hobbies, people being computer bores, poor concentration, poor social skills, time-consuming hobbies and other problems. To help yourself, you can print stuff. As well, you can possibly have a computer with a smaller screen or find other safer ways to use computer technology. Look at how you use technology. The time spent doing so is never time wasted. Try to have a purpose for the technology. Then, you will be less likely to find using it a problem. When you are not happy with computers, then that is telling you that you need to think about the problems.

Also, technology matures and gets better. Perhaps, wait for it to improve. And don’t use it when it is not yet what you would want it to be. You can use computers or use alternative technology. Alternative technologies are things such as paper, pens, pencils, full size electrical musical keyboards, MP3 players or equivalent, printers, print publications, old-fashioned looking radios, televisions used as televisions or Smart TVs that are more like televisions than computers, text-to-speech conversion and other technologies. Or going for a walk in the park is an example of another technology! Also, you have a kettle to make a hot drink. And you have a cooker in your home that is also alternative technology. As well, you can make yourself a decent meal on it that is hot food you can eat!

You Have Solutions Already

There are solutions for many problems. These solutions often work. Practical advice helps to cut worry. And cutting any worry will help you enjoy yourself more and may even improve your health. Really, personal problems have been the subject of much scientific and social science research. Personal problems are not something you have to cope with on your own. Nor are they strange or unique. You can get help. And others like you have been helped. For anything that you find hard to cope with like computers, then technology writers, who are in no way therapists, will help you with your problems and suggest practical solutions. An example is that a solution for wanting to take digital photos when you don’t want a computer is to get a printer that prints photographs. Also, photography shops will print photos and make basic alterations. It is not really a therapy in any strict sense, is it? However, it may mean you don’t have as many worries. Another example of help for problems you may have is consumer advice on anything you want to buy. And purchases you make can mean something you do is easier or more enjoyable.

Take a Break!

You can just take a break. Your only problem might be that you feel tired and stressed. And your problems may look different and not so big when you’ve had a rest. For example, you’ll feel better once you’ve had a vacation and taken a break from everything. When you have rested, then you may think your problems are easy to solve or not problems at all.

Don’t Be Greedy

Only people who want something to start with will worry when they don’t get it. Perhaps settle for less than you thought you wanted. Or don’t want things you will never get. And don’t want things you may not want should you get them.

It Really Is Their Fault

You cannot feel shame or guilt on others’ behalf. They already have all the advice they need without you trying to help them. Really, anyone just has to want to do it. It is that simple.

For example, people often don’t care about their health enough to change their lifestyle. They may enjoy drinking and stay up late despite knowing it is bad for them. Another example would be somebody lazing in front of the TV and not going to the gym.

Others Also Read

Almost anyone is capable of getting solutions themselves. They can read and they have the same thinking skills as you. And they often realize themselves when they have problems. You do not need to point it out to them as they can find out about what worries them and get all the help they need for themselves. Eventually, they will read what the solution is in their own time or they will ask somebody else. It is normal for anyone to have problems at some time. You do not need to worry about people with temporary problems like this. There is help for them from many sources. Nor do you need to try to help them yourself for them to get the help they need.

And reading is often the best way for somebody to find solutions. For example, they don’t have to say anything too personal or make themselves look bad. Others have also read the same as you. So they know about it. They have read the same things themselves. As well, they know it is easy to find something again. And they don’t need to talk about it or ask questions when they can read all they want. As well, people find it hard to see how somebody else doesn’t see this for himself or herself. Nor do people see how you couldn’t just find a book on the thing you were interested in or worried about.

Anybody Knows Themselves Better Than Anyone Else

People may have different talents and experiences and do things differently or know different things. Somebody may have a deep psychological need for something and it makes him happy to fulfill this need. Or somebody else doesn’t manage well for years. To them, it is like an addiction. They have a poor lifestyle and they are always talking about their worries. You can’t help anyone often. They might need some kind of professional help or just a long time to get used to some idea that they weren’t doing to start with. This is such as having to do some exercise and not watch the television. It might be no more than that and there’s nothing you can necessarily say about it to anyone who’s not doing it as an average person who sees it. They have problems but you don’t really know what they are. This is despite the impression people may have that a few lines of advice from a friend are all that is needed to help some people. Everybody knows they should do exercise! So how can you really help them? You can’t really help them.

A caring female friend who gives a hug is a stereotype of this. But then, at least some people were getting laid when they couldn’t do anything else for themselves. So where’s the harm? Do you enjoy giving hugs if you’re female? Then please give them. And if you think you are helping your friends or changing the world, then you are welcome to think that and you might not be wrong either. Everyone would probably like a hug or most people would. So go for it! It really might work. And you might get a hug back you like yourself. This is if this wasn’t your reason for doing it to start with but you liked people to think you were more altruistic. Still, go for it!

Don’t worry about other people’s problems but do things that are for you. And you really could do anything for yourself when you may be able to do very little for other people. You can choose what book you want to read but you can’t usually choose a book anyone else would like to read. And other things like this although they may sound silly are really quite true for how you can’t decide on things to do with other people. So instead of worrying about other people, just do something for yourself. And when you do something for yourself, you know it will make improvements. As well, there’s no controversy around suggesting things yourself. So do it for you but don’t do it for other people. And really, this is the right way round to do it and the best way round to do it and if everyone did it this way round, there would be a lot fewer problems in the world. People would be happier just doing their own thing and not worrying about other people.

Instead of worrying about your problems, you can do things for yourself. And you can do really anything you would like to do. This is when you’re doing it just for yourself. But other people wouldn’t like to do the same things as you. Or they would find some things harder than you would to do them. Also, it could be vice versa. Still, you might find some things easy and enjoyable. So do what you’d enjoy. And you can do things that aren’t a problem to you. Others may genuinely enjoy things you don’t. Or other people get advantages that you wouldn’t. And this could be vice versa as well again. Also, some people could just be doing things a bit differently to how you would do them or what you would do yourself. And some other people could just be doing something completely different to you. Some people may also have benefits from it that you wouldn’t even for the same thing. They are different people. So they get different benefits from different things and want to do different things. Decide what you want to do yourself. And you can decide what you want to do for yourself as well when you are really the only person who can know it and nobody else can. They couldn’t really help you with a personal choice unless they knew you really well or you had told them about it.

Problems are normal. It is inevitable that anyone might have them. Also, is inevitable on a wider scale as well. Yet, these problems are solvable. And as everybody knows, you get more problems after them. But you just have to keep solving the ones you do have, so it doesn’t get all out of hand. Only a few problems directly concern you. Yet, these are often small problems. As well, there are problems you know a lot about. This is quite probably that they are. Or they really do only really concern you and you need to make the best choices that you can with the resources, information, your friends and the money that you have. Other people’s problems are literally not your problem. And this is particularly when you get problems yourself that you might realize this. But some people will realize it only then.

Somebody may think that their problems are unique or intractable. Perhaps, this is just how anyone sees it before they are offered genuine solutions. There are always solutions offered by lots of different people. This is for any problems. Only when people have had problems and got over them and seen how it worked as to where they got the solutions from, who helped them and what it felt like will they not fall into the same trap again.

You can’t enjoy yourself in the future with girls if you are ill. As well, anyone would treat you talking about old times and your achievements as a sick joke. This is when many people have the belief that getting ill, dying young or not having any money is a sign that you were not doing it properly. And you will meet these people if you do become ill. This is even if you didn’t meet them beforehand or nobody said this to you. At least, nobody said it to you that you can remember them saying it right. Many problems don’t need solving at all. And instead, you could just go out to the park, watch a game and stick on a movie. Also, you can think of a girl that you might be able to call later on. And you can still have friends when your friends can’t visit you in a nursing home quite probably. Worrying about worries doesn’t help. And nor does worrying about the worries of the world, imagining that your friends have problems that they might not have or worry about anything generally help. Instead, you can do something now for yourself.

As an experiment, you can say to yourself that you’ll just try to have one really good day. On this day, you’ll forget about your worries and try to do something different. This is in the tasks you set yourself. Or say that you’ll give up doing what you are doing now for a week and then come back to it if you really missed it. But otherwise, you won’t. So on this day that can be today or the next day if you’ve already had most of today, you’ll forget about your worries and decide to start out again differently. Then, things really might change. You could at least decide that if you use your computer, then you’ll take breaks from it and not use it all day. And you’ll forget about some of your other worries like keeping long diaries as well. You don’t just have to do this once but can try it a few times. It is like physical exercise. And it might only work once you’ve tried it a few times. This is to get rid of any aches, pains, and gripes. As well, you won’t do things for misguided altruistic reasons. Nor is it some other big change you’re thinking that doesn’t help you or just give you a better life. This is in addition to the physical things and small tasks that you set yourself. Your worries might really be over! Try this exercise or do it a few times if it doesn’t succeed the first time. And you can do it many times later on in your life for different things. It was just that it was not working out before. So, you may as well change it. Then you might not worry. And if you did forget about your worries even for just one day, then would you ever want to take them back? You might not want to. This is when you don’t really have to have such a bad life and you don’t have real worries or not some that you think you do have now.

‘When you do these things to help yourself with the ambition just to be healthier, to have better social skills and to get a girlfriend, then you might succeed more than you ever thought possible. As well, you succeed in every way for yourself and other people that know you’.

Chapter 5, Quotes

Get out some paper and pen or use a word processor and write down some quotes. They could be ones to help you be a better writer or about anything else as well. Then, you can refer to them later.

Some Examples

‘Plan your work and love your work’.

‘The greatest artists or writers did not spend any longer on even their best-known masterpieces than was strictly necessary’.

‘Treat your computer with respect and it will respect you back’.

‘If you do anything in life, then at least don’t make mistakes. Don’t make mistakes even if you don’t do anything normally regarded as a major achievement. Just not making mistakes is a positive contribution. Flawless works of art fetch millions at auction’.

‘Treat yourself with respect and others will then have some reason to respect you as well’.

‘Take time planning now. And you’ll spend less time later correcting mistakes’.

‘It is as if computers were purpose-built for planning. Really, they are brilliant for it. So why wouldn’t you be able to use one successfully to plan? If you were serious about planning anything, then you would use a computer and nothing else’.

‘Good planning means less stress. And poor planning means you feel more stressed’.

‘Nobody wants to read a book with mistakes in the plot. This is regardless of whatever else it’s got going for it’.

‘All you have to do is take breaks. Then, you will be able to concentrate when otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to. Also, you can work well only if you concentrate. You could, if concentrating reasonably, produce a decent piece of work. This is when before you might never have produced anything more than something that was only practice’.

‘You do not need to worry what anyone says about your work if you don’t show them it’.

‘See what you need to change. Or see what you need to change to do your hobbies better. And then see how you need to change your files. You may not need to have as much data or do as much analysis once you have some insights’.

‘Don’t work too hard or not take breaks. It will make your concentration better. And you’ll be more productive over any period, short, long-term or in-between’.

‘As well, follow advice to use your computer healthily, such as ergonomics, posture and overall length of use’.

‘Use a printer so you don’t spend too long reading from the screen’.

‘Have less work you are doing at any one time’.

‘Use the productivity features of your software’.

‘Look after your physical health and keep mentally active’.

‘You want to have some spare time if only to watch a bit of TV’.

‘There is no good reason to have a typed copy if you don’t want to read it again yourself or if nobody else wants to’.

‘When you handwrite something, you may decide not to use all of it in a finished text’.

‘Having handwritten notes varies the task of making notes’.

‘To have a typed-up copy, you need a WP’.

‘A WP helps you to be more creative when writing a story because you have editing tools’.

‘It is probably a waste of time to have files on both computer and paper’.

‘Files on a computer are often more useful than paper files’.

‘Organizing your folders is important. So take some time to label them correctly’.

‘For paper files, there are different types. Choosing what type is often most important’.

‘Nor do you have to write down all the ideas that come into your head’.

‘You might write a lot more if you just didn’t have writer’s block’.

‘Generating and choosing between ideas and using only the best ones will help’.

‘Turning only your best ideas into finished pieces saves time’.

‘Particularly, it is a waste to try too hard to get a lot of work done when that is bad for your health’.

‘Some Users find some computer programs easier than others do. For example, you may find word processors easy to use and quick to learn because you have an interest in chatting and communicating generally’.

‘Using sound has advantages and disadvantages over word processing or any other software’.

‘For common sense reasons, speech recognition should reduce the number of keystrokes that you use’.

‘You can use a portable sound recorder to help you plan or to make notes’.

‘Think as you stroll’.

‘A big saver in keystrokes, in time and using your voice is if you just think things through first in your head’.

‘Also, you could just go and lie back down in bed’.

‘Try to do all you need to do to cook and clean. And go out for a walk and do some exercises’.

‘You can try always to do some goals and not do just zero of them’.

‘Being active and following health advice will help you with your health and in all other ways’.

‘You have to want to help yourself as nobody else can do it for you’.

‘It is motivating to hear health advice again’.

‘Any media is about people, joy, hope and love’.

‘They say that writers, unlike other people, have the ability to plan their work just by pulling out a fresh sheet of paper from a drawer’.

‘Don’t make a mess of it for no good reason!’

‘Writing a plan for your story is all you need to do’.

‘Write something that is different’.

‘Beg, borrow and steal’.

‘Also, your writing will improve if you have a better general knowledge’.

‘When you know how to write and as well, you write about what you know, you have done most of the planning for any work you intend to write’.

‘A very basic principle of writing, proofreading and editing is that to save time and effort, you write in a good standard of English to start with’.

‘You can completely rewrite poor texts. Really, you can if it’s quicker’.

‘Knowing how to write and how to proofread and edit, your manuscript will need less long spent on it, it will be less boring to do and it will need fewer keystrokes’.

‘Often, your grammar checker does not find errors only because the settings are wrong’.

‘You make errors clicking the wrong button only such as to ignore and not to correct a mistake’.

‘When people have been proofreading and editing for some time and perhaps for over an hour, then through tiredness and poor concentration they may correct “mistakes” when there is nothing wrong with the sentence’.

‘Take breaks’.

‘Open a window’.

‘Proofreading is often a chore. That means you don’t leave it to right at the end’.

‘Possibly, as well, you make mistakes only if you are hurrying’.

‘It really does help to have good-looking text that is easy to read when editing’.

‘Keep a budget when you are trying a new hobby’.

‘Learn how to do your hobby on paper first’.

‘Consider your first dozen efforts or two dozen efforts are just for practice’.

‘And don’t post anything online that you’re not satisfied will be publishable’.

‘It can be fun to do research and it is a welcome mental challenge’.

‘Also, this research can be recycled so you have better social skills’.

‘By doing research, you might take an interest in something you would not have done otherwise’.

‘Also, think that the people who might read your book are completely normal people with normal lives’.

‘And think as well that the people who read your book have other things to do if they weren’t reading it’.

‘Readers could read other writers’ books just as much as they could yours’.

‘As well, imagine that you as a writer are just the same as your readers and no better. You just have a completely normal life the same as they do’.

‘Back your work up so that if you happen to lose a manuscript or your notes, then you can find your backup copy’.

‘Don’t try to use industrial or time-management ideas when using your own computer’.

‘The best strategy is probably to use your computer a little less, to take breaks and to look after your health in other ways’.

‘Type with your fingers on the home keys using a light touch. Also, use speech recognition a bit’.

‘Don’t use speech recognition a lot if you talk lots to friends’.

‘Also, using your computer a little less is the best advice despite so many other tips you get’.

‘Relaxing is the key to creativity’.

‘Have you ever had a problem that has caused you worry, but you stopped worrying because you had to go to work?’

‘All your social skills problems are caused by not reading enough’.

‘Computers cause social skills problems because you have nothing to talk about except computers and, as well, computers can affect your concentration’.

‘The easiest way to learn all about computers is to read a computer manual. Then, learn what all the buttons and menus do and you will have gone a long way to understanding computer software’.

‘Health advice is not to use a computer for too long each day and to take adequate breaks. Also, it is to have a better posture and an ergonomic work area. As well, you can use speech recognition if you’re not a trained typist. The productivity features mean you work faster, more easily and with less frustration’.

‘Many self-help books really do just say, “Don’t worry.”’

‘Worry will kill you eventually’.

‘First things first, take care of your health’.

‘Read books about things. Knowing facts is good’.

‘As long as you are ill and stressed, then you will not live well’.

‘Always stop everything to go out for a run, a walk or do some other exercise’.

‘Health is a personal choice’.

‘Don’t worry either who else is unhealthy. Your health matters first’.

‘Think back to microwave ovens’.

‘Take a break, relax and think through your problems’.

‘Change today’.

‘Every day you try to succeed but every day you fail’.

‘Reducing stress as much as you can, and in any way that you can, your life may then improve’.

‘Not worrying, you can improve your health’.

‘Doing exercise is beneficial for the body and helps with mental stress’.

‘Worrying about your future health can cause stress’.

‘Doing something about your health now will reduce this worry’.

‘Take some time to think’.

‘Goal setting is so you can decide on what is important to you’.

‘Think through what you want to do with your life that will make you happy. And do things that would genuinely make you happy’.

‘Making a plan can often really work. You can succeed in lots of things if you first just had a plan’.

‘Avoiding stress is good for health’.

‘People want to write for the wrong reasons’.

‘Some people want to write and post stuff online to make their parents and other people feel proud of them. This is not the right reason to write a novel’.

‘People need excitement’.

‘It is not something anyone wants to feel bored’.

‘Excitement could be a violent movie’.

‘“Don’t make it too hard for yourself if you can help it” is good advice’.

‘You have the computer’s tools to help’.

‘Worry and anxiety get in the way’.

‘Also, you need to take breaks’.

‘You need to organize your writing so you have work ready to publish that you have written recently’.

‘Not having time for anything else will make you into a computer bore. And you will lose friends and be unhappy generally’.

‘Watching the text going across the screen affects concentration and ways around this are to type from handwritten notes, use copy and paste, and use speech recognition as it inserts a line at a time’.

‘Having an ergonomic desk and office chair improves concentration’.

‘Following all health advice about computers will improve your concentration and make using computers easier’.

‘You can still make a note on paper’.

‘Computer keyboards, computer screens and sitting at a desk are unhygienic. However, if you wash your hands and don’t do it for too long, then there should really be no problems’.

‘Doing more than one of your own works at one time can cause a cross-fertilization of ideas, but so can reading a published book by someone else’.

‘TV is different from books when books use only words for their effect’.

‘People who have read an awful lot in recent years and watched lots on television become bored and so need a toy to play with’.

‘Or people might write because they have a lot of spare time on their hands and don’t just want to read or watch television all day’.

‘Also, some people need a gimmick for them to read more or watch more television’.

‘Sometimes people forget their original purpose and they become stressed through a lack of direction. They can suffer from a lack of direction if they take too long learning the software’.

‘Yet more people might write because they feel they have something to say, such as personal experiences that they have had and they set them down so they do not forget them’.

‘And because they feel these experiences were worthwhile to them, they think others would also like to read about them’.

‘You can still read print publications sometimes’.

‘Complexity is not something that you want’.

‘When you feel less stressed and you have a better work-life balance, then you feel less stressed about your writing as well and do it better and faster. Always remembering that you’re writing to bluff your way as a writer will help you feel less stressed’.

‘You can learn how to write better. You can learn these things on or off your computer. So, your work needs less proofreading and editing. And that is a good saving on computer time’.

‘Write what you know’.

‘Fiction is called fiction because it never happened, not to anyone and definitely not to the writer’.

‘“Write what you know” is common advice given to writers’.

‘If you write fiction where people you know aren’t recognizable, it is less stressful. And writing about a fictional world that is not the same as the real world people live in, have their lives in and care about how it is described is less stressful as well’.

‘Don’t do anything excessively all the time. Yet, it is good to have a hobby you do sometimes. But still, do enough of ordinary things to talk about. And you will need to spend enough time on your hobby to talk about that as well’.

‘Computers can cause money worries or help them. It depends on you, what you like to start with and whether you can change’.

‘A computer has its own advantages and disadvantages over doing other things or doing nothing’.

‘Bluffing is what you’re trying to do. And bluffing by chance does not involve so much computer time. So you can regard yourself as fortunate that you are a bluffer’.

‘Help yourself first and only then can you help others’.

‘Mind your own business!’

‘Take care of your own business!’

‘Look after yourself first and foremost!’

‘Focus your attention on yourself for the best results every time!’

‘Also, worrying about others distracts you from the real issues, which are what you can do for yourself and do about things you have some control over that will bring benefit to you’.

‘You have a good reason to care about your own business and to care about only yours’.

‘Other people have made their choices’.

‘Your business brings you benefit and only to you. Any other concern cannot benefit you’.

‘Just stop worrying so much about others and what they are doing or not doing’.

‘Stop thinking anyone expects of you to do things to help others’.

‘As well, stop thinking you can improve society or help the world’.

‘Put yourself before others if only for the sake of a change’.

‘Think of what will make you happy’.

‘You deserve happiness’.

The End

How to Bluff at Being a Writer

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  • Author: Earnest Long
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How to Bluff at Being a Writer How to Bluff at Being a Writer