How to be Protected from Hackers

How to be Protected from Hackers


William Gore


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Table of contents.


1. Introduction

2. What hackers to us meet?

3. Types of the attacks to your computer

4. How to protect itself from hackers

5. Who such hacker?

6. Other councils

7. We are protected from hackers for 12 steps




Presently the Internet began to develop so rough rates, got into all spheres of our activity: private life, study, purchases, business, etc. Many already also don’t represent the life without the Internet. For someone the Internet became the present business by a field. And there where money is found – there will always be those who wish to profit easily them. There is a great number of swindlers who by various methods try to take away your fairly earned money: or by means of you, or your computer take away this money from others. Feature of the Internet is also that there is neither militia, nor any other organized and constantly engaged in fight against cybercriminals structures. Therefore it is necessary to protect itself.


What hackers to us meet?


On the Internet various malefactors meet. Someone tries “to part” you, promising a freebie, offering doubtful goods and services, forcing you to click links of questionable content. We can meet similar methods quite often and in real life. Therefore methods of fight against them same, as well as in real life – not to be got involved in the doubtful entities and to avoid them.


Much more difficult the situation is with so-called hackers. Generally those about whom I will write not absolutely fit this definition, but for simplicity of perception I will call this word of all those who, using various computer technologies, do harm to your computer or steal from it important information.


The hacker Usually when the person learns to program something, especially at young age, and has a longing him for deeds. Such hackers are called “hackers jokers”.

They write some malicious application with the purpose to ego-trip and take a fun. Depending on forwardness of the virus writer this program can be just a joke, for example, at you the mouse pointer from the screen or something more serious will disappear.


Once such virus got to me. After reset of the computer at me the window jumped out: “Let’s play poker”. I played with it and lost then other window jumped out: “You lost. Let your Windows” will be payment for your loss. I apprehended it as a joke, but the virus didn’t joke and I paid wholly for loss.


Happens that at hackers transfer to you an invisible applet which just destroys or your Windows, or makes work with system impossible. I carried the hackers writing such programs to jokers too. Black humour, it is humour too.


There is the second category of “hackers”. They differ in the fact that use the skills in the mercenary purposes. If you consider that from the computer there is nothing to steal from you, and you won’t fall a victim of hackers of the mafioso, then you are mistaken. Your computer can be used for spam sending or implementation of the hacker attacks as gun meat.


Types of the attacks to your computer


Let’s consider methods of penetration of hackers to you on the computer. The first, and, probably, the most favourite electronic malefactors the method is infection of your iron friend with different applets which will do those actions which were planned by the hacker.


If your computer doesn’t contain confidential or especially valuable information, then, most likely, the malicious application won’t be sent on your computer purposefully, and will spontaneously extend. Also it will get on your computer or not, depends on your vigilance as all the same there will be people who will get under action of these attacks. Personally, fortunately, nobody will be engaged in you.

“Worm” I Will select three types of these programs:




I will give an example: you quietly climb the websites, download nothing, and at this time, without your permission to you the worm climbs. In the majority worms don’t walk one, and bear in themselves other types of viruses. It turns out that the worm is a peculiar program distributor. Worms can get over as from the website on your computer so from your computer on other carriers: disks, diskettes, USB sticks, etc. Worms to be divided only on a penetration method into your computer as action at them same.




These programs can’t damage your computer, but they allow to use it for the purpose of the useful to the hacker. They can steal passwords, make entries of your clicking in the keypad. Options for action of trojans a set. Imagine the spy who got into foreign state and received a high post. Here it is possible to compare action of a trojan on your computer to it.




Viruses are programs which purpose is conscious damage of your computer. Viruses carry out various tasks from removal of some one program before physical inactivation of your iron.


Special anti-virus software will help to be protected from these programs, but ebook will tell about it in the following article.


How to protect itself from hackers


For now several simple recommendations how not to catch all this “an electronic menagerie”.


Don’t trust spam. Don’t trust spam the Majority of worms extend through e-mail, to be exact through spam. Therefore I recommend to delete all spam messages, without penetrating especially into details of written. Well, and to download the files attached by spammers is a top of nonsense.


Download from the checked websites. Thirst for a freebie and free software sends us to various “varezny” websites. Having saved the ten second green American presidents, you can receive in addition of a trojan which will devastate your e-wallet.

On the vareznykh the websites harmful software meets not so often and in addition won’t always put a virus to a free photoshop. But, downloading programs of doubtful action, like the collector or the generator of money or the last innovation of the Internet – the program for reading others SMS, the probability of receipt of free “gift” sharply approaches hundred percent.


Update the software. Quite often hackers use holes in any browsers or offices. Not without holes our darling of Windows. The company writing all this hastily releases updates in which vulnerability is closed. But there are users who not really care for downloading of updates therefore hackers successfully use them for the attacks.

But we don’t treat their number – therefore we establish all fresh software and updates.


Always to have on the computer an antivirus and a firewall with updated bases. ebook strongly recommends to use a firewall since the antivirus won’t be able to mark the fresh, just written trojan, and the firewall will mark attempt of sending data from your computer.


Also your computer can be attacked without use of the above described programs directly on the Internet. The hacker manually will get on your computer and will make with it actions necessary for it. Therefore without firewall not to get to anywhere.


Always to have on the computer an antivirus and a firewall with updated bases don’t visit the doubtful sites. Very often the websites with questionable content such as free pornwebsites and websites with a freebie (it is necessary to pay somehow with it the existence) conceal in a code of the pages of a worm which with pleasure will flow to you on the computer. Recently various search engines, for example google, warn in case of a conclusion of search results about danger of this or that website to your computer.


Who such hacker?


Computer hackers are persons which want to get access to your computer for its use without any permission or permission of you, for the illegal purposes.


The motive of most of hackers is a curiosity, a challenge in lives or false feeling of force while motive of others is only money. However, whatever was the motive of the hacker, hacking of your computer is illegal activities, and hackers are real people who can rush into your computer just as thieves can get into your house. Therefore, you shall know how to stop hackers (thieves) and how to protect the computer from burglars who can steal your money or damage your reputation.


There are various subgroups of hackers differing on their “moral” installations. For example, “white” hackers don’t hack system for the harmful purposes while “black” hackers undermine safety in criminal objectives, such as theft of information on credit cards or vandalism.


The hacker collects information on the planned purpose in the beginning, finds out the best plan of the attack, and then attacks possible vulnerabilities (weak points) in system. Such malicious applications as trojans and worms, are specially developed and used by hackers for breaking.


Though there is no completely faultless method for protection against hackers, you, however, can prevent yourself becoming an easy target for them. We learn how to protect the computer by available, effective and free methods.


Protection against hacker utilities: antivirus, firewall and anti-spy


First of all, download and establish the anti-virus application. The anti-virus software helps to protect your system from external threats. Malicious, Trojan, hacker applications and viruses are developed “without stopping” for the most different reasons. Such programs are intended to make various failures of the computer including shutdown of a firewall.


They can go in the first wave of the attack before the hacker is able actually to search your computer in search of information necessary for it. Fixed updating of the anti-virus program will help you to protect the computer from the latests version of viruses.


Start scanning of viruses regularly. Choose convenient time when you don’t use the computer or, for example, left on affairs – because virus scanning considerably slows down operation of your computer. Scan your hard drive, at least, once a week.


Always use a firewall (firewall). The firewall is intended for blocking of an unauthorized and undesirable traffic, and it is your main line of protection against breaking and invasion of the hacker. Almost all computer operating systems include a firewall, but sometimes it can be switched off by default. To leave a firewall switched off – it is all the same that to leave an entrance door of yours at home at open night.


Include your system firewall (press “Start-up” – “Control panel” – “Safety”, then “Windows Firewall”) if you don’t use firewall the third-party producer. Know that start of several fayervol at the same time is excessive – it doesn’t ensure additional safety, and actually can be even counterproductive. Therefore, choose something one.


The firewall will protect your computer from external hackers, having made it invisible to them and their attack. It is very improbable that the hacker will spend a lot of time to try to hack your personal firewall.


Find the reliable anti-espionage program and establish it on your computer. Espionage software (spyware) placed in your system can collect small pieces of information without your permission.


Spyware are often used by marketing firms for monitoring of purchasing habits of consumers. Information obtained from spyware even if it becomes for the marketing purposes, is still got without your permission and a consent.


How to protect the computer in case of a web surfing? Never allow your browsers to remember your passwords on a web the websites, login forms, profiles, etc. Of course, can be inconvenient to enter every time your password when you log in, on the mailbox, into a social network or a payment service provider. But, allowing your browsers to remember passwords for you, you invite hackers to organize “party” on your accounts and in system.


Make your passwords long and difficult, with a good combination of letters and figures. For complete reliability, don’t use anything connected with your birthday, names of your children or something similar. If the hacker wants to hack something at you, at least, force it “to sweat” fairly. Never use the same password for different accounting records, and change your password each 90 days.


Hackers, as we know, use e-mail as a form of transfer of malicious codes. Never open e-mail investments from someone whom you don’t know even if it is very curious to you to make it. Don’t open e-mails and messages from strange sources. Opening of “strange” messages and investments which come together with them is one of the best methods to fall prey of the hacker.


Load files or something another only from those sources to which you trust. Often hackers can attach elements for loading or even to hide viruses and other things as “safe loading” which after installation begin to steal your information.


Can be very tempting to click different “importunate” declarations which can jump out in the form of online advertizing it seems “You just benefited free iPhone!” But the majority of these declarations can be forged to set programs spies or advertizing a software in your system, after clicking them. You ask for troubles if you click these declarations.


Other councils


Disconnect your computer from the Internet if it isn’t used. Most of people prefer to leave the computer connected because find it convenient quickly to go on-line.


However, leaving the computer switched on, even when you are absent, you create some risks of safety. The hacker in this case, the person or the robot, can have more time for testing and determination of weak spots in safety of your computer.


And switching off of the computer not only will spare energy, will reduce wear of details of the computer, but also will prevent from the hackers transmitting signals to your computer. The only certain way to make your computer completely invisible and protected from hackers – to turn off access absolutely.


Save your operating system updated the last security patches. Use function of auto update of your operating system of the computer. Developers of operating systems regularly release security updates for all registered users. Hackers skillfully recognize holes of safety of OS, and switching off of auto update leaves these holes open.


At last, trace events in system. Check your system a log periodically to learn what your computer does. If you receive notification messages about any programs which you don’t know, be on the alert. You track any warnings and TCP/IP messages.


Why so often crack others mail, and even, apparently, specialized services, such how Gmail or an iCloud? The einstein was right that there are only two infinite values: the extending Universe and human nonsense. In last it is also necessary to look for a root of all troubles.


In attempts of protection of the information users usually make several extremely important mistakes. Exactly thanks to them vory swindlers can steal personal information with impunity.


First error: creation of the simple password to the e-mail. The password which contains less than 5 characters, only letters or only digits is called simple. Examples of simple passwords: “12345”, “54321”, “gamer”. For cracking of such simple passwords hackers have such applets as botnets. They click such simple passwords as nutlets, cracking them with method of simple selection of characters.


Therefore first recommendation for protection against hacking of your computer: invent the difficult password containing Latin letters with the different register (that is capital and capital), digits and special characters. For example, here such difficult password: yuTynMMKJD579


The second error following from human nonsense: it is the fact that the same password is used several times in case of protection of different services: mails, forum and e-wallet and other. Having picked up once such password, the malefactor stupidly tries the found password on different services, without managing to rejoice human nonsense.


Therefore second recommendation for protection against cracking: use different passwords on different services.


The third error generating breakings: storage of all passwords on not password-protected computer in the normal text document. Leave your laptop in a visible place on operation, and anyone will be able to take control of your personal data. Therefore don’t do so. Write the file with passwords on a flash, supporting data encryption and you wear it with yourself. If there is no money for such USB stick: get to yourself a normal paper notepad for passwords and you wear it always in case of yourself.


Fourth error of users: circulation on all websites without discrimination in case of the disconnected antiviral program. For example, you played a game and before it disconnected an antivirus that a game was better launched. Then safely forgot about this fact, and send yourself to the Internet. As a result, it is so possible to catch just a set of spy programs, viruses and other programs which can take control of your personal data.


Many users are bought on the phishing websites. For example, to you the letter from social network comes to mail that, say, it is necessary to come and update the password. You follow the link, and see design it seems as that social network. You enter the old password and new, and it turns out that you – on the phishing website also have just told malefactors your personal data! Be not bought on such here simple methods.


One more very good recommendation for protection against hacking of the computer: use at input of the password on the third-party websites the screen keyboard. It is simple to eat such espionage programs which define symbols, which you a nabirayetena to the keyboard. As a result your typed passwords can fall not into those hands.


And last recommendation: try not to leave comments on the websites unknown to you. The matter is that when you comment on someone’s articles, the owner of the website can quietly trace your IP address. It is just highlighted Vega to a control system of the website. And to this address it is possible to trace your location. Also it isn’t recommended to specify your main electronic mailbox in that case. At his breaking you risk to lose your personal information. Therefore get to yourself such mailbox which won’t be a pity for losing. Also specify him when it is necessary.


We are protected from hackers for 12 steps


In last years there was enough to protect the computer from viruses and all. It was enough for safety. Now it is just necessary to protect the computer not only from viruses, but also from “Trojan Horses” and “net worms”. If not to do it, then having got on the computer, this infection will help hackers to get access to your accounts on various services and, the most important, to your money. The purpose of hackers is your money on electronic accounts and cards. As soon as they have an opportunity to use your money, they without fail will make it, and you will remain with empty accounts. Therefore each computer shall be protected from possible threat from hackers. How to make it? Read about it in the article “Protection against Hackers in 12 Steps” which will give the answer to the above-named question.


1, 2). The antivirus Availability of the anti-virus program is the main method of protection against hackers and hacker programs. You shall use at the same time only license anti-virus programs, it is desirable that it were the known brands. Among them the most known paid: “Kaspersky’s antivirus”, “Dr. Web”, “Panda Antivirus”, “Eset NOD 32”“; free: “Avast!” “Microsoft Security Essentials” and others. In case of the choice of an antivirus it is necessary to be attentive as recently in a large number malicious applications which mask under free antiviruses, therefore if you want to use free antiviruses began to appear, then it is necessary to download them only from the known and official sites. For example, Avast! – free anti-virus from the Google company, and Microsoft Security Essentials – from the Microsoft company. Estesvenno needs to download them from the websites of Google and Microsoft. Protection against hackers in 12 steps – Nod322). A firewall by means of a firewall (from the English fire wall – a fiery wall), it is possible to protect the computer from the attacks of hackers, and also to prevent sending of confidential data to the hacker. There is an opportunity by means of a firewall to block network of the hacker. The firewall will be the most useful if to use it together with an antivirus.


3). Separate mail If you are forced to be registered on the websites of a doubtful orientation, then it will be safer if you get for this purpose separate post e-mail a box. It will save you from headaches as in case of use of the main mailbox, on it without fail will begin to arrive spam (undesirable letters).


4). Logins For registration on various services use different logins. It considerably will reduce chance of breaking of your account by hackers.


5). Passwords As well as logins, it is necessary to use various passwords. It is desirable to make them the most difficult, for this purpose it is possible to use capital and capital letters, figures and symbols. For generation of passwords it is possible to use specialized programs, at the same time some of them will help them also to remember and to automatically insert them into forms on the websites. To these properties there corresponds the AiRoboform program.


6). The received files and references If you somehow received the link to file or the file from the unknown or badly familiar person, then directly you shouldn’t open. It is also the most widespread method of infection of the computer. In certain cases, even if you will just visit the website the containing malicious code, you can download a virus, a trojan or a worm, regular representatives have the small size and downloading of the similar file won’t take a lot of time and will pass for you imperceptibly.


7). Social networks If you participate social networks in the Internet, then if you enter communities, it isn’t necessary to leave contacts, photos and similar confidential information there. Swindlers can use these data in the purposes.


8). The SMS don’t send the Sms on unfamiliar numbers At all. It can lead to a considerable deduction from your phone bill.


9). A credit card It is desirable not to leave data on a credit card, its number and other payment data anywhere. If you intend to use payment by a credit card in online stores, then it is necessary to start to itself the separate electronic card for the Internet of payments. This service is provided by some known banks.


10). Passwords in the FTP manager Esli you have the website, for certain you use FTP managers who help to simplify considerably downloading and updating of files on a hosting. It is recommended not to keep passwords and logins for access to the account on means of FTP-of the manager. They can be easily stolen by malefactors.


11). Passwords in the Internet browsers Many modern the Internet browsers, for example, of Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox and others, allow to keep passwords and logins for access to various services and the websites. You do it at own risk. Often find the so-called holes capable to give to hackers the chance to get access to all data in browsers, and the kept passwords considerably will simplify to hackers work. Therefore, to similarly previous point, you don’t store passwords in browsers.

12). Reliable mail services of Esli to get mailboxes, it is necessary to do it at reliable mail services.


Having access to your network, the hacker will easily occupy control of any device connected to her. There are several examples.


1. Router


Most of us also don’t suspect that on a Wi-Fi-router is possible (and it is necessary) to deliver the separate password. If it isn’t made, the hacker, having entered your lokalka, can use the factory password of the router (it easy to find in the Internet), to acquire the administrator rights of control of all your network. Possible consequences: theft or deleting all your data (with the subsequent blackmail), use of your technique in the zombie attacks, banal hooliganism.


Council of MN Change passwords on all the technique and don’t do them simple. For example, here a quite good algorithm for the invention of the password: the year of your birth collected upside-down, + a name of your first girl from capital letter + your mobile phone. Yes, be not lazy.


2. Network drive (NAS)


It is amusing that some of us equip the computers with the freshest versions of anti-virus programs, but at the same time houses save backup copies of files on absolutely unprotected drives. The hacker who made the way in your Wi-Fi not only will easily copy all files from this disk, but also will infect it with “Trojan” or “backdoor” that will turn a gadget or into the zombie-ustroystvo, entering a botnet, or the base for the further attacks to your technique.


Council of MN there are network drives with the built-in antiviruses. You value the information — select from such.


3. IP camera


Most often cameras with a possibility of remote observation over the events buy those who have small children. In April, 2015 American Meagen Klaassen with horror noted that the camera mounted in the room of her six-month-old son tracks it — where it moved, the lens was turned by it following. Other similar attack was recorded in August the 2013th in Texas: one night the married couple heard as in the room of their daughter others voice via speakers of the webcam addresses the child with sentences of sexual character. The malefactor read a name of the girl on a room wall.


How hackers capture cameras? Every time when the parent starts the application on the smartphone to see, how are you houses, the camera sends for a cloud service a request for connection creation. It also contains all information for control over a gadget. From the malefactor just it is required to be on the same Wi-fi network and to wait for the chance.


Council of MN Always use the freshest software for similar devices and better buy cameras, access to which is provided not through the application on the smartphone, and through the special page on the website of the vendor (there protection will be safer).


4. Smart of TV


Having received master keys from network and the router, the hacker will easily tame your “smart” TV — yes so that you also won’t notice. For example, via the camera and the microphone of a TV set (if your model has them) it can watch the events in the apartment: to record the compromising video or just to determine when there are no owners the house. And the built-in app store on TV — a fine data source of your bank card.


MN recommendation “It is possible to face hackers in the TV even if your home network on the safe lock. For example, if via the TV built-in Smart Internet browser you like to visit the doubtful sites — warns. — This year such cases were fixed: the “smart” TV gets a virus on the “left” website, the screen becomes black and the message approximately of such content “A critical mistake appears. For elimination call, please, to the hot line by such phone”. And the specified phone — paid, each call on it brought to malefactors considerable money. Never call in such cases anywhere, try to reboot the TV or just pull out it from the socket. As a rule, it helps.


5. Video game consoles


To learn your personal and very personal data, today to hackers the computer isn’t obligatory to suffer with breakings your protected by an antivirus (and we trust in it). For example, if via the video game console you are connected to social networks, the hacker, is illusive blowing in your Wi-Fi-network, will easily receive all your logins and passwords — though from Facebook though from VKontakte. After that the account from you will be stolen, will demand for it the redemption — well or will just engage in hooliganism thoroughly. Besides, as consoles are often connected with smartphones of the owners, through a prefix it is possible to get also to your phone in which, most likely, there is information on a bank card.

How to be Protected from Hackers

Presently the Internet began to develop so rough rates, got into all spheres of our activity: private life, study, purchases, business, etc. Many already also don't represent the life without the Internet. For someone the Internet became the present business by a field. And there where money is found – there will always be those who wish to profit easily them. There is a great number of swindlers who by various methods try to take away your fairly earned money: or by means of you, or your computer take away this money from others. Feature of the Internet is also that there is neither militia, nor any other organized and constantly engaged in fight against cybercriminals structures. Therefore it is necessary to protect itself.

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How to be Protected from Hackers How to be Protected from Hackers