How Retail Fixtures Help to Maximize Sales



How Retail Fixtures Help to Maximize Sales


Retail fixtures are sometimes taken for granted by business owners. Instead of being seen as valuable contributors to a store’s success, they are simply treated as a place to put merchandise. When the right retail fixtures are used in the right way, however, they can actually help to boost sales. Here are a few of the ways in which retail fixtures can help to maximize sales.


Retail fixtures improve traffic flow.


The flow of traffic through your store will either encourage customers to continue looking at (and purchasing) your merchandise, or it will encourage them to make a quick exit. For example, wide aisles tend to encourage shoppers to walk quickly to the items that they want to buy. Often, this means that they ignore the other merchandise on your shelves. On the other hand, narrow aisles tend to discourage shoppers from moving through your store at all because the aisles are too crowded for easy movement.


Retail fixtures can help you to strike the right balance. For example, if you own a small store, certain [+ types of retail fixtures+] (such as slatwall and gridboard) can get your merchandise up on the walls instead of in the aisles where they take up space. If you own a large store, the right retail fixtures can help you to achieve a configuration that encourages shoppers to peruse a larger percentage of your merchandise. The result should be more sales as shoppers see, and respond to, more of your merchandise.


Retail fixtures display your brand.


You probably want your business to reach a certain target audience. Your brand’s personality, values, merchandise, and philosophy are all designed to appeal to a certain segment of the population. However, unless your store reflects your brand, this message will get lost on your target consumers. While effective branding involves a number of strategies, the right retail fixtures can display your brand loud and clear along with your merchandise.


For example, say your brand emphasizes eco-friendly clothing. If you can utilize eco-friendly retail fixtures, you display not only your clothing but also your all-around commitment to environmentally-friendly living. This kind of obvious commitment is likely to get you more sales from your environmentally-conscious target audience. If you are unsure about how to integrate your brand with your retail fixtures, enlist the help of a retail fixture manufacturer who can help you to use your fixtures to both communicate your brand and satisfy your store’s display needs.




Retail fixtures make merchandise visible.


A large part of making sales involves making sure customers know what you are selling. When, for example, clothing is piled high on a shelf, or racks are stuffed with blouses, or your highest-priced jewelry is stuck in a back corner of your store, you make it difficult for customers to see and purchase that merchandise. Then, when someone comes in looking for the type of clothing that is on the bottom of the pile, or the type of necklace that is hidden behind other displays, they leave without making a purchase because they did not see that you had what they wanted.


Custom retail fixtures solve this problem by helping you to make all of your merchandise visible. For example, with the help of a retail fixture manufacturer, you can set up space-saving clothing racks that allow you to show off more of your clothing. Or, you can build new display cases that are designed to perfectly fit into the space you have for your store. Once your merchandise is properly displayed, people can see what you have to offer and buy it, increasing your store’s overall sales.


Retail fixtures allow you to change your displays.


If your displays are stationary, you are going to miss out on sales. Regular customers, for example, may become bored with the set up of your store. Special events and holidays, along with their unique opportunities to boost sales, will go by without a change that alerts shoppers to the chance to purchase specific merchandise from you. As a result, you will have a difficult time making the most money from your sales space.


The right retail fixtures, however, can help you to maximize your sales by allowing you to change the set up of your store from time to time. For example, during holidays and special events, you can use themed retail fixtures to direct shoppers to the merchandise that is on sale during that season. During sales, you can place discounted merchandise front and center. You can even change the set up of your store from time to time. As a result, you can use your retail fixtures to capture and maintain visitors’ attention and business.


Retail fixtures help customers to envision using your merchandise.


Finally, [+ using retail fixtures effectively+] can help you to maximize sales by allowing you to show customers your merchandise in use. For example, if you sell fine china, you can set up a table with a beautiful tablecloth and your best china so people can envision themselves providing a similarly elegant table for their guests. Mannequins can demonstrate how a piece of clothing fits so customers can imagine themselves wearing that clothing themselves.


These demonstrations help shoppers to see themselves using your products and, therefore, encourages them to invest in those products. Your retail fixture manufacturer can help you to set up retail fixtures that display your merchandise in these appealing ways.


If you want to boost sales in your store, you may want to consider using custom retail fixtures. When used effectively, these fixtures can play a key role in convincing shoppers to buy. From improving traffic flow to communicating your brand to making merchandise visible to allowing you to change your displays to allowing you to show customers how to use your merchandise, they can help you to maximize sales and enjoy greater profitability from your business.

How Retail Fixtures Help to Maximize Sales

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  • Published: 2016-12-06 08:20:10
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How Retail Fixtures Help to Maximize Sales How Retail Fixtures Help to Maximize Sales