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How Jeff Lost the Job A Lesson For All Of Us

How Jeff Lost the Job

A Lesson For All Of Us


Mario V. Farina

Copyright 2016 Mario V. Farina

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This a copy of a letter that Jeff Bradley wrote Al Frieden, Manager of Human Resources at Williams Publishing Company.


Dear Mr. Freiden:


Thank you fore considering me for the position of General Topics Editor in you’re company. I am hitherto presenting the writen document you requested concerning my qualifications for it’s position.


For a number of years I had went to many conferences concerning writing techniques and had gave advise on this topic to whomever asked. In addition, I done critiques on papers that other’s have subjected to me. Its always been my desire to help buding authors. I have had long experience in understanding writen material and I had wrote many a paper on this topic. I had ran workshops dedicated to good writing and everything. I had spoke at conferences and, at times. I had even took documents home to read, examine, correct, and whatnot. Basicaly, when I worked on them documents, there was alot of improvement.


The thing is, basicaly, I have several manners of expresing myself, you know. I mean, from the time I was a child, OK, I was interested in the writen word. Pretty much, I seen the way that others had wrote and was appailed, OK. I mean, it was always at the tip of my mind, you know. To be perfectly honest, others around me did not appreciate my efforts, right, but I prosisted. I remember, you know, two persons especialy. These were James and Janet Caldwell. Its good, you know, that I tell you about this because him and her were always trying to get polished. Do you know what I mean? I mean, it was tough helping them.


I had a freind named George. Me and George used to were trying to loose weight at the time. Me and him would go to a restarant and talked about good writing. We watched our calories. Frankly, I can say that over a period of time, I have ate all kinds of diet food. But geting back to my qualifications, me and him did not always agree. His girlfreind would join us at times. The thing is, her and him did not care for my sugestions.


In the begining, I didn’t know nothing about editing or grammar. Now, I have no trouble with these topics. One of my objectives are never to do nothing to cause no confusion. George, on the other hand, don’t have no aptitude for good communication. Being very frank, I can honestly tell you without interrogation that him don’t know nothing about grammar. I asked him the other day why don’t him try to learn how to talk better. “George,” I said, “Why doesn’t you talk better?” He seen I was serious but don’t say nothing. Long story, short, you can see that I am eager to be of help. But me and him just don’t seem to have no agreement on this.


One day, he come and, like, was exorbitantly angry. He goes, “Why don’t you do nothing to help me?” I, like, was surprised, and I go, “I try to asist you all the time.” Him goes, “me and you doesn’t agree on nothing.” Him, like, looks upset, distorted, or whatever. Me? I guess I look abjectly, to.” Truthfuly, I have did alot fore for him and tried to help both he and his girlfreind, but him and her have never expropriated any thanks. All this have caused me a lot of duress but I’m geting over it.


I hope I have able to obfuscate clearly why I deserve the job of Editor. You can see that I learned alot about grammar in my life, and I’m, like a good candidate, you know, for the job, OK? Do you understand what I’m saying? I can start at you’re earliest inconvenience and would like to hear from you.


Your’s Truly,


Jeff Bradley

How Jeff Lost the Job A Lesson For All Of Us

  • ISBN: 9781311095923
  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2016-03-08 01:05:10
  • Words: 728
How Jeff Lost the Job A Lesson For All Of Us How Jeff Lost the Job A Lesson For All Of Us