How God designed and Created the Geographical Economy-The Grand Design Revealed!



How God Designed and Created the Geographical Economy of the World-God Reveals His Grand Design



After a long time of being silent,  the Lord God has begun answering the world and has revealed how the world and its Geographical pattern was designed by Him.

We are actually beginning to see that God is revealing more to prove that nothing had come by Chance, by Evolution or by Natural Selection since most people in the world are being deceived by Charles Darwin’s theories and assumptions.

Amazingly, apart from the Universewhich I had explained in one of my posts, God also used the same Mosaic tabernacle model to design and create the Earth. He also looked on the plan of His tabernacle to also distribute her economic resources too.


The Geographical Economy


Thus, unknown to the world, the Geographical Earth too, according to the Holy Spirit, also has the same model or plan of the Tabernacle of Moses.

The tabernacle interestingly reveals how major resources of the earth were distributed and arranged by Him at certain vantage points.

This may sound unreal but we may understand and discover this secret soon, when you keep on reading this post.


The Model for Designing the Earth!


How the Geographical Economy was Designed and Created


Now, because God’s Tabernacle has an Outer Court an Inner Court and a Most Holy Place, It means that the Geographical Earth, also has a large Outer Courtyard, an Inner Court or Holy Place being the second largest section, and a Most Holy Place section too, because God had designed it follow the pattern of His Tabernacle.



Outer Court, Inner Court and Most Holy Places of the Earth


This means that if we have to know how God designed, created and distributed the economic resources of the earth according to the Mosaic Tabernacle, then we have to understand how God actually instructed Moses to build and furnish the tabernacle. So we would start explaining how the tabernacle of Moses was designed and constructed according to the plan of God.



The 3-Court Tabernacle Model


How God’s Model was designed and Constructed by Moses

(Note: In order not to confuse people, the Description of the Tabernacle is the same thing you find in other books of ours)

When explaining the details of the tabernacle, The Lord’s Spirit helped me to realize that the tabernacle had 3 courts, thus was 3- dimensional.

This tabernacle had an Outer Courtyard, an Inner Court and a Most Holy Place section.



The Outer Courtyard


This was the largest court of the Lord’s tabernacle.

Inside Outer Court: Indicated by Arrow


Before a person will enter the Outer Courtyard, there was a Gate in front which one must pass through before getting into the large outer courtyard.


Outer Court Gate


Moreover, the whole courtyard was covered with white linen cloth, fastened to several poles and pegs. In the compound of the Outer Courtyard were two vessels.  The first one after the Tabernacle Gate was the Brazen Altar of Burnt Sacrifice.


 Altar of Burnt Sacrifice


It was a brass metallic rectangular box with wire mesh inside it. Under the mesh were coals of fire. At the four corners of this Altar were four extensions called [*Horns. *]It was on this Brazen Altar of Burnt Sacrifice that sacrifices like lambs, bullocks and grains of cereals were burnt.

Also, the blood of sacrifices was also poured upon it and also in a brazen pan by its side. The second vessel, right after the Brazen Altar of Sacrifice was the Brazen Laver. The Brazen Laver was a large brazen bowl filled with water to its brim.



Brazen Laver of Water


The priests of the court often washed their hands in this brass pan before entering into the Temple to render services to the Lord God.

The Inner Court-The Middle Belt Regions of the Geographical Economy


But the first room of the Temple was called the [*Inner Court or Holy Place. *]This Inner Court too has a Door in front, which enclosed it. So then, before one enters this room, he had to pass through the Door to get into it.


Inner Court Door


Inside Inner Court


Now, inside the Inner Court we can see a Gold Plated Table on the right side. This table was called The [*Table of Showbread *]and on it were 12 flat loaves of bread.


[*Table of Showbread on the right: Six flat loaves on each side of this Table. *]


These 6 loaves on each side totaled up to 12. On the left side of the Table of Showbread was what was called[* The*] Golden Menorah.According to description, the Golden Menorah was also a vessel of Six (6) golden lamp stands, with seven (7) candle sticksupon it. And the 7 candlesticks were lit frequently with coals of fire to provide light for the entire room of the Inner Court, often called the Holy Place as well.




Candlesticks being lit by a Priest


As fuel for the candlesticks, the priests used Olive Oil.  Then again, the Golden Menorah also had engravings of flowers and fruit buds on the stems of each of these 7 candlesticks.


The Altar of Incense

At the far end of the Inner Court, close to the veil shielding the Most Holy Place wasThe Golden Altar of Incense.



Incense Table: by the veil of Most Holy Place


On this piece of gold plated furniture, incense was burnt. When the incense was burnt, the incense smoke or gas filled the whole Inner Court.



Incense being burnt by Priest


But there were certain ingredients that were used for the incenses. These included Gum, Resin, Onycha, and Galbanum. Now, this floor space in between the Golden Menorah vessel and these other two sets of furniture of the Holy Place was called the[*Threshing Floor. *]

Then as one looks into the Holy Place, one can see that the veil shielding the entrance of the Most Holy Place had artistic designs of Cherubs.



Cherubs on Veil: Designs of Eyes Close by


Around these cherubs, you see other designs as well. These designs around the cherubs reflect the eyes on the bodies of cherubs. Cherubs, on the other hand, are celestial beings who have eyes all over them. They live with God in the world we can’t see.


There were also colourful Curtains *]on the left and of the right hand side walls of the Holy Place: and even in the second and last room called the Most Holy Place are also curtains. But, according to the measurements, the [*length of this Holy Place was 20 cubits, with breadth too being 20 cubits.


The Most Holy Place


Finally, the last room of this Temple was the Most Holy Place. Though this room was the smallest and last room, it was the most important place of the tabernacle.

This was because when Moses had finished constructing the entire tabernacle, it was reported that the people saw God heading down from the skies as fire, and without any particular form, into the Most Holy Place.




Ark of Covenant visited by God’s Glory of Fire


Anytime He went into the Most Holy Place in the appearance of fire He sat upon The Golden Ark of Covenant. There was no light in the Most Holy Place, but His nature being light and fire produced light for the Most Holy Place.

On the gold plated Ark of Covenant Box, were also gold images of cherubs, each one on the side, with their glorious wings spread out to cover God’s face.

Cherubs were living creatures with four major faces; the face of a lamb, a lion, an Eagle and with the face of human being (Man).



God as Light over the Ark of Covenant:face covered by designed wings of the Cherubs


[*The Items inside God’s Ark of the Covenant: *]Yet inside the Ark or the Chest Box on which this fire celestial being sat were other items, which Moses was commanded to set in there.

These included the 2 Tablets of Stone on which the popular 10 commandments were written, the Golden Pot of manna (The bread God gave to the children of Israel), the book of the Law, and Aaron’s rod (a rod with shoots of fresh green leaves.




[*Ark of the Covenant with Vessels inside   *]


Once a year, the High Priest went into this sacred room, called the Most Holy Place to offer sacrifices. He also burnt incense to fill the Most Holy Place: he never went in there when God arrived there.

By measurement, this Most Holy Place had its length to be 10 cubits, and a breadth too to be 10 cubits. Lastly, while the large Outer Courtyard had no covering, the Temple of two rooms, of an Inner Court and a Most Holy Place had roofing made with Badger Skins.



Outer Courtyard uncovered: Dark Badger Skin over the 2 rooms


The other thing we have to know is that this tabernacle, its vessels, furniture and all other items are symbolic and also have literal or direct interpretations as well.

So, according to the Lord, for us to understand how the Geographical pattern of the Earth was designed and Created, and how its resources were distributed according to the pattern of the Mosaic tabernacle, we have to know what the tabernacle, its vessels, furniture sets and other items, were all  to symbolize as far as the geographical economy is concerned.

Hence, this explains  why God told Moses that this Tabernacle was actually a Model or Pattern. So He had said to Moses:

Be sure that you make everything according to the PATTERN (DESIGN/MODEL) I have shown you here on the mountain.

Exodus 25:40 NLT


The Symbolic and Literal Meaning of the Tabernacle with regards to the Geographical Economy


The Entire Tabernacle of the Lord: First and foremost, the entire geographical earth is represented by the tabernacle of the Lord.

The 3 divisions of the Lord’s Tabernacle: Just as we said earlier on, in God’s Tabernacle, there were 3 divisions; the Outer Court, the Inner Court and the Most Holy Place.


And these 3 divisions were created by the Gate of the Outer Court, the Door of the Inner Court and the Veil of the Most Holy Place; meaning our Geographical Earth has 3 divisions, just as  God’s Tabernacle.


So, in the graphical image below, the two red lines represent the Inner Court Door and Veil of the Most Holy Place. However, we will consider the Outer Court Gate as an imaginary line around the Northern Hemisphere of the Geographical Earth.



The 3-sections of God’s Holy Tabernacle revealing The Most Holy Place, the Inner Court and the Outer Court of the Geographical Earth


From the drawing, we can know where the Outer Court of the Geographical Earth is located, as well as the locations of the Most Holy Place and its Inner Court Sections or regions of the Earth as well.

Having knowledge of this we can proceed to know what each vessel, furniture set or item was to represent upon the Earth in each court division of the earth.


 The Symbolic and literal Interpretations of the Vessels, Furniture Sets and Other Items as far as far as each of the Court of the Earth is concerned


#1 The Outer Court of the Geographical Earth


The graphical illustration below shows where the Outer Court of the Earth is located.



[* Outer Court of the Earth- The Largest Section of Geographical Earth *]


Okay, so you should be able to realize that as the Outer Court of the tabernacle was the largest portion of the Tabernacle, the size of this part of the earth is also the largest part among the three divisions of the earth.

No wonder, the largest and most populous countries, such as Russia and the United States of America are located in this part or region. This reason is because they live in the large Outer Court where there is plenty of land resources.

To begin, Let’sfind out what the two vessels of the Outer Court symbolize with regard to this part of the world, which in design is the Outer Court of the Earth. Now, the two major vessels found in the Outer Court of God’s Tabernacle included:

A. The Brazen laver-The vessel filled with water

B. And the Brazen Altar of Incense-the vessel on which sacrifices were made.


Altar of Brass and the Brazen Laver

We should now find out what they represented as far as the Outer Court section of the Geographical Earth is concerned, beginning with the Brazen Laver.


The Brazen Laver filled with Water: The water of the Brazen laver show that in the Outer part of the Earth water is seen in abundance or is a dominant resource there.


Of course, we have seen that where geologists term as the North Pole and the Polar Regions are actually the Outer Court of the earth and over here too, water is seen in abundance, especially in the form of ice or as snow in the very same way in which, in our Universe water is found in its outermost or Outer Courtyard.

Countries in the outermost part of the Geographical Earth Tabernacle include North American and some European countries. These are countries where snow falls. For example in Canada, hailstones fall as huge irregular ice stones or blocks from above.


Brazen Laver with Water-Outer Court Section


For me, I think that the Crater Lake of the United States of America has been designed by the Designer to carry the shape of the Cylindrical Brazen Laver which is filled with water to the brim.


The Crater Lake and the Brass Basin filled with Water look a-like


The Brass Element for making the Two Vessels: Secondly, you will realize that both the brazen laver and the brazen altar of sacrifice were two vessels made  from Brass.

However, the[* Brass Elemen*]t is an element which is made from the [* Iron*] Element. Hence, this is was also to indicate that there is large availability of Iron in this largest part of the Earth also.

Now, we are very much aware that the largest producing countries of Iron are located in these parts of the Earth too. Well, that’s why most inventions made from iron and steel are from Iron producing countries like USA and Japan. (Brass is made from Iron).


Both Outer Court Vessels made of Brass


The Brazen Altar of Sacrifice in the Outer Court of the Tabernacle


The Firewood on the Brazen Altar of Sacrifice: In Symbology, firewood represents fuel. That means that there is also availability of fuel in these areas too. For example, we know that Coal, which is a firewood and kind of fuel, is produced in large quantities in the United States of America.

[*The Fire on the Brazen Altar of Sacrifice: *] The fire there represents volcanoes (which are fires) in these parts of the world too (represented by the fire of the Altar Court).

[The Horns of the Altar of Sacrifice: *]A Horn, in Symbology stands for[ energy, power or force.*] More so, there are evidences of diverse energies here too. Energies here include the North Magnetic Pole (A magnetic force or Energy).

(However, in the Tabernacle, here is not the North, neither places around Africa and Brazil, the South. God’s Cardinal points differ). These energies also include the strong energies inside the sea like the Bermuda Triangle and the Cold energies of the Polar Regions.

The Number four(the four horns) also represent the four corners of the Earth.

The Smoke from Altar’s Fire: The smoke fuming from the firewood represents Natural Gases. According to scientists natural gases are in abundance here too, with the largest producers of natural gas being Russia and Canada, which are two main countries in the outermost court of our geographical economy.


#2 The Inner Court or regions of the Geographical Earth



The Inner Court of the Geographical Earth


The graphical image above shows locations of the earth’s Holy Place or Inner Court region. We should also realize that just as the Inner Court was the next biggest, it symbolizes the Inner Court regions of the Earth which was also the next biggest of world map above.

Similarly, the vessels and furniture sets of the Inner Court were to represent or symbolize the sort of resources God placed in these middle belt regions of the world.

(First) Measurements of the Holy Place or Inner Court: As we saw earlier, the Inner court has a length of 20 cubits, with breadth too of 20 cubits. Now the sum of 20 plus 20 equals 40. 40 in numerology represent the following: deserts, rocky grounds, bare or barren grounds, trial, probation and wilderness.

If we can recall God made the children of Israel walk through the wilderness or through the desert for 40 years before He made them reach the land of gold, called Canaan land.

As one can detect from any good geographical map, most of the lands here too are desert lands. The largest deserts in the world are located in these parts of the world. The largest is the Sahara Desert. We also have the Arabian, Thar, Sonoran, Mojave and Chihuahuan deserts. All these deserts are located in the middle belt regions or innermost regions of our geographical earth.


The Golden Table of Incense (Gas, Air, Wind): Incense was a gas and so this represents any kind of Gases, type of Air or wind. Now, we also know that in these parts of Geographical Earth Economy, Natural gases are also obtained in large quantities here.

This gas also refers to the windy and dusty weather in North Africa called harmattan, which blows towards West Africa.The harmattanusually obscures visibility just as sometimes incense burnt in the Holy Place obscures visibility too, and according to Bible records, sometimes it made the priests unable to work in the Inner Court.

Ingredients used as Spices: In the Inner Court of God’s Tabernacle, God had also told the priests to use spices as ingredients for the burning of incense.

So therefore, this should also explain why in the regions of Asia (The Middle Court Area), the lands are good for the production of spices. We know that India is one of the largest producers of diverse kinds of spices in the world, and she too falls in the Inner Court region or belt of our geographical Earth. Apart from spices we have most incenses in production in India.

The Olive Oil: We are also aware that Olives are also found in the middle section of the world. Countries in this Inner Court region which are into olive and olive oil production include Spain, Syria, Tunisia, Morocco, and Turkey.

This Olive Oil used for the Golden Menorah also represents fuel, because it was used as fuel for lighting the 7 Lampstands and 7 candlesticks.




The Inner Chamber again


This was also to show that the largest oil fields (producing countries) have located in this Inner Court section of our geographical earth tabernacle as well. Of course, these middle belt countries comprise of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya, Dubai etc.


The Flowery Designs and buds engraved on the Golden Menorah: Then also it very interesting that the largest flower producing countries are located in this Inner Court Section too.

Some of these countries here include like the Netherlands, the country of Sweden, India, Malaysia, and other Asian countries have lands which aid in flower production plantations.



Netherlands in Shot!



Sweden (a flower producing Country) in Shot too


Secondly, when you look on any world map, you would also notice that the largest fruit production countries are located in these middle belts countries and that was what the fruit buds was to represent.

These countries include China, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, and Iran. Regions in the United State where fruits are produced in large quantities are also towards South America, hence, falling into the middle section or region of our geographical Earth.


[*The Golden Table of Showbread: *]Bread as known is made with yeast and flour. Moreover, we are know most countries in the Middle East (middle court region) like Israel produce yeast because their soil favours such crops, hence the 12 loaves of bread.

[*The Number 12: The number 12 in Numerology is a very popular number which means kingdoms, systems, governments, organisms, organs, control, administration etc. *]


This number 12 is to indicate that on the entire geographical earth there are kingdoms: these kingdoms are the human kingdoms, the plant kingdoms, animal kingdoms and the water kingdoms, spread across the length and breadth of the geographical earth.

However, we know that according to Biblical history, the human kingdom actually started from this middle section (Inner Court) of our geographical earth before spreading towards the Arctic and Antarctic oceans, and towards the East (Europe) and to Americas (Refer to Adam’s Story).

Eyes and the Artistic design of Cherubs: Over here, eyes represent stars as stars look like bright eyes in their individual sockets. But the idea of of eyes by an artistic design of cherubs is to communicate the idea that eyes (stars) are capable of creating artistic designs. And these signs created by eyes are what Astrologers call the Horoscopes.

We know that the signs of horoscopes (artistic designs of Stars) are usually evident in this part of the world, though seen in other parts of the world too.



Therefore we find many people in the olden days, and even in modern era around Asia, Europe and the Middle East in the practice of Astrology. They are people who study Stars most often. The practice and occupation of Astrology has been in existence since the world began in this Inner Court section of our Earth.


The flying Wings of Cherubs: Over here, it was also to symbolize all winged creatures (flying winged creatures) which fly across the length and breadth of the Sky every day, (from North to South and back home, from West to East and back home).



3#The Most Holy Place of the Geographical Earth


The Section of the Most Holy Place


As you will see in the graphical image above, areas in the South such as South America, Australia, the Western, Eastern and Southern parts of Africa, make up the Most Holy Place region of the Earth.

This means that the vessels, furniture sets and other items placed in the Most Holy Place were to symbolize major resources God placed in these parts of the Earth.

God’s fire and light Presence over the Ark of Covenant: The Most Holy Place was where God’s presence of fire and light came to sit. God’s presence of fire and light represents the Sun’s light which is a dominant feature in the southern parts of the Earth. Thus, the Sun is represented by God’s light of fire presence over the Golden Ark of Covenant.




 God’s radiating glory of fire over the Ark-Where the weather is hot


God represents the Sun because both God and the Sun have the same kind of nature or qualities. The Bible calls God a being whose nature is Light and Fire. Similarly, He created the Sun to take up His image, which is both an energy being of light and fire.

As a result, this part of the world, close to the (The Antarctica) is very sunny and directly opposite to the regions of the Arctic Ocean, which is very cold indeed.

Two Tablets of Stone with the 10 Commandments written upon it: Law is a symbol that is used everywhere to stand for Power, Energy and Force. Thus, this represents the energy and power from our Sun, (e.g. light and thermal energies).

The Book of the Law: This also represents the high energies or power of our Sun as law is used to connote energy and power.  As realized, the Sun shines so hot in these parts of the world so much that there are usually great and serious bush fires. Thus, many African countries and Australia suffer from bush fires.


The Golden Ark of Covenant: This Treasure Box made with Gold symbolizes great resourceful treasures located in these sections or parts of the world. Of course, this explains why these parts of the geographical earth have great economic resources. These areas are very rich with natural resources like Gold, Diamonds, Aluminium, Copper, Zinc, Coal, Bauxite, Oil, Uranium etc. The most fertile lands of the earth are here, and there are great[* vegetation and plantations*] in these regions as well.


Gold: Gold indicates riches and there are great economic minerals located especially in these regions of our geographical earth. Hence, because of Gold here, there are Gold mining countries located in this section of the world. The largest gold-mining countries of this earth include South Africa, Brazil, Australia and Ghana.

Moreover, there are also precious minerals like diamonds, manganese, bauxite, Uranium and others in this part of the earth, which according to design is the Most Holy Place of the Geographical Earth.

Many years ago, the country Ghana was known as the Gold Coast because gold could easy be washed to the shores of her coastal waters. Cocoa, being called the Gold fruit is also grown in Africa, e.g. Ghana and Ivory Coast.

Gold here too stands for the golden colour of the Sun. It is already no news. The world is aware about the distribution of these natural resources which we all came to meet but don’t understand how they came be here.

The Pot of Manna: Manna was a symbol of food, for God used manna to feed the children of Israel. Of course, we are aware that, because of fertile lands of the countries of Southern America (e.g. Brazil), West, East and Southern Africa, food crops plantations are more in numbers.

There is large production of cash crops. Hence, the countries in these parts of the world, like the many Africa countries, Brazil and Australia are supposed to have food in abundance because their soils are good, to support large food crop production.

Aaron’s rod that budded (rod with fresh green leaves upon it): Aaron’s rod was a tree plant, having green leaves upon it. The green leaf indicates the large green vegetation. The rod on the other hand signifies tree or trees, for a rod is also from a tree.

Hence, God tries to indicate that over here He planted the largest and great natural vegetation. Just as we know, Australia, East, West and Southern African countries have the largest forests reserves of great economic trees, fruit trees, herbs etc.

The Amazon in South America is also located in this region. The Soils around here are so fertile that when a tree is cut down (rod), it spouts again (the sprouting of green leaves on Aaron’s rod) at the scent of water. So trees and food crops grow faster; it won’t be long; you will begin to see buds and green leaves upon it. Trees grow faster here, in the vegetation of the Amazon, African countries and in some parts of Australia.


[The Incense which filled the Most Holy Place: *]In Symbology, Incense is used to connote Gases[. *]Moreover, this part of the earth is also known to be very cloudy, producing frequent rainfalls, is to provide enough water for the vegetation or its wild jungles.


The Images of the cherubs of Glory on the Ark of the Covenant: These cherubs were known to have the looks of men. In the Most Holy Place of the Geographical Earth, they were to represent Animals like monkeys and chimpanzees in Africa which we know that they also have the looks of men. The cherubs also had the faces of a


1. Lion: (to represent the lions of Africa’s jungle. That should explain why there are lions here too. The lion is known as the king of the jungle which lives in the African forests


2. A lamb: (sacrifices like bulls, lambs, cattle, bullocks are abundant here too). We all know that Australia is the largest producer of sheep. Moreover, in North, East and West Africa there is high livestock farming because the Lord of the Earth also placed a lot of green grass over here (Aaron’s green leaf) to be their food.


3. The Eagle: Nowhere in the world will you find the habitat of Eagles than the Southern part (hemisphere) of the Earth (where Africa is located). Eagles are mostly found in the Eastern regions of Africa.


The Flying Wings of the Cherubs: These wings of the cherubs were also to represent lots of winged creatures (flying birds) flying across the length and breadth of the Sky in these highly vegetative areas of the world (leaf of Aaron’s rod)-just to look for food and shelter.

There are lots of birds here because of much vegetation. Comets are also seen flying across the Sky and then they disappear.

(Note: According to the Lord, regarding objects that fly across the length and breadth of sky in the Northern hemisphere includes what we know as UFOs[* (i.e. Unidentified Flying Objects apart from birds).*]

Hence, the entire geographical earth has the tabernacle of God as its map, showing how main world economic resources were distributed by God before human settlements jumped unto it.

Lastly, the circular shape of the Brazen Laver also indicates the round shape of the earth surrounded with water. The whole geographical earth is known to be surrounded in a circular pattern with water. In fact, the earth was drawn out of water, according to God’s word.


But they deliberately forget that long ago by God’s word the heavens came into being and the earth was formed out of water and by water.

2 Peter 3:5, NIV


It is similar to how in Space water in the form of ice moves round the fire-god Sun. In fact, we are surprised by how the Bible has knowledge of all these things as well, before they were being discovered by modern scientists. All these should tell us that God designed and formed all things according to His tabernacle model and it was never by Chance.

He actually placed the world’s economic resources of the earth, according to the same pattern. No wonder that, God, in many of the Biblical scriptures declared that He created them, the whole of Heaven and the whole the Earth according to His Glory..

I tell you that God is by no means a joke! He won’t play around. In deed God is alive and not dead though He chooses to be quite sometimes and not speak to any one for particular reasons!

He’s God who keeps His greatness under ‘control’ until the right time of speech and judgment. After long years of keeping silent and human rejection He will say,

“I have long been silent; yes, I have restrained myself. But now, like a woman in labor, I will cry and groan and pant.’’

Isaiah 42: 14 NLT.


To Him be the glory for the great things He has done! He is God, and to Him be the honor the Praise and all Sacrifices. He who created the Universe is the same God who laid his soul as an offering for us all. To read more and find more check on my latest book below. Thank you.


Prince Akogo is a Researcher, a Pastor, a Teacher, an Evangelist, a Prophet and an Author. Within 10 years of Divine encounters, several things were revealed to him concerning life and the Universe at large. God’s intention for revealing these feats is to answer the world’s problems and questions, and to give hope to humanity.

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How God designed and Created the Geographical Economy-The Grand Design Revealed! How God designed and Created the Geographical Economy-The Grand Design Revealed!