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Hope: The Aliens







The Aliens



Copyright © 2009 by Emmanuel Opara All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the publisher. For more information contact the writer at [email protected]

Warning: this is purely Sci-Fi, the locations and characters are non-existent and are just imaginations of the writer.


Title Page

Also by Emmanuel Opara


Hero: The Aliens

Chapter one


Dr. Brian, head of the Astrobiology department at the University of Sinaderia in Australia, currently working on an experiment in his personal laboratory at home.

“I have a PhD in Animal Biology and I still can’t understand the genetic code, I must be missing something but what is it?”

Frustrated and annoyed at his state of confusion, he removed his lab coat and retreats to his sitting room; a very spacious room, disorganized with books scattered all over the place with a holographic screen placed at the centre, a new message pops up, his fellow lecturer Miss Renee.

“Dr. Brian your students are waiting for you at the office”,

Surprised at the content of the message since there was no lecture for him today and besides he was on a sick leave, well what could be the problem he thought.

Driving to the majestic University located in the heart of Sinaderia, Dr. Brian made sure to park his car carefully to avoid any scratch, as he alighted from his vehicle some of his students and fellow lecturers welcomed him.

Heading straight to his office some students were patiently waiting for him at the door, he opened it and let them all in. some were here to submit their project work, assignments and the rest.

Turning on the TV in his office.

“I’m Jimmy Kieran live at the NASA base station in Kantervey, well NASA is planning to send a space ship all the way to Saturn, yeah the one with the rings, since the discovery of Eonium and its special medicinal properties there has a been a worldwide search for this rare element, according to reports made by NASA, Saturn has an abundance of Eonium needed to…”

“Eonium, a golden colored element with special properties including that of DNA repair and its synthesis, perhaps its last ingredient to achieving my long life dream” thought Dr. Brian.

Miss Renee, a young beautiful woman with raven coloured hair, piercing green eyes, narrow nose, plump lips and a tanned skin and admired by everyone, suddenly dashed into Dr. Brian’s office.

“You won’t believe what I just heard, NASA will be selecting some of us to go to Saturn, Saturn I mean Saturn, that’s like mind blowing right”

Amused by her enthusiasm Dr. Brian chuckled.

“You know, I wish they could pick the both of us, it’ll be Renee and Brian to Saturn, like a romance novel.” she smiled while saying this.

Dr. Brian was well aware of her crush on him, I mean what’s there not to like; He is tall, handsome, perfectly shaped brown eyes, jet black hair and a smile that could melt the whole of Antarctica, that a was a little bit over the top but the truth is Dr. Brian was never lacking in the body department due to constant visit to gym and also due to his Italian heritage. The feelings he had for her was still platonic, he knew if he were to put in effort he might just “put the ring on it”.

Thinking about the trip to Saturn he imagined what the planet would look like, already in the year 2020, humans had already been to Mars back and forth but Saturn that’s a bit of a stretch.

“Would you like to go out on a date with me.” he blurted out, her eyes bulged out like they were about to explode.

“YES, OH MY GOD YES.” She screamed

Well that happened.

The next day, opening his eyes and staring at the curtains from which the sun poured out its rays, Dr. Brian tried getting up out of bed, not been a morning person, getting out of bed had always been a huge deal to him since growing up, he smiled at the memory of his mom always coming to his room to wake him up for school.

His sick leave was over, heading to his office, Miss Renee stood at the entrance smiling like a bride ready to walk the aisle,

“Erm hi.”

“Hey.” He replied.

The air was a bit tense between them; the date went really well, they ate, laughed and did some smooching.

After settling in, the Dean heading the faculty of Astrology entered into the office.

“Dr. Brian, nice to see you looking all ‘chirpy’ after your leave”

“Well Professor I’ll hardly call that a leave, the students kept disturbing me” he joked

“ You know as teachers we can never abandon the students, we ought to be ready to offer them the best, that’s by the way of course, I’m here to inform you that NASA have requested for our very best in the faculty to partake in their FRODO mission”

“FRODO, is that what their calling it, what is this? Lord of the Rings.”

The Professor couldn’t understand the humour in it; well NASA decided on FRODO since the planet has rings and let’s just say NASA’s head was a Lord of the Rings fan.

“Anyway I’ve personally decided that if anyone should be on that spacecraft it should be you, you’re the most qualified person we have on board here knowing that you’ve worked with NASA before”.

Dr. Brian was astonished

“I’m very grateful for that Professor; it’ll be an honour to represent this great Institution”.

“Well, you’re welcome but remember to bring a lot of rock sample the geography department could use it” they exchanged handshakes and the professor left the office.

This is great, he could remember when he first got here, and Professor Mediel was still a doctor and head of department then.

Coming to a small town was never his intention, he wanted to get away from everything and everyone, after the incident he felt there was nothing left for him to do and besides his therapist was the one who suggested for him to start afresh.

Sinaderia was not perfect but it was comforting, nursing his pains and the sorrows he had experienced, the people were nice and he had made name for himself here.

Chapter Two

The Trip

He picked Renee to work with him on the NASA mission; a helicopter came to the school to pick the both of them, the pilot landed at the NASA’s launch site in Brinadia; a dessert not far from Sinaderia.

The rocket was already assembled, beauty was an understatement when describing RB-2267, the rocket looked like a majestic falcon ready for takeoff, fused with the latest INTRAVIVE; an electromagnetic propulsion drive that would make the journey to Saturn take less than an hour.

The main purpose of the FRODAN mission was to retrieve the rare element Eonium, collection of rock and soil samples was also necessary.

Led by NASA’s security operatives they headed towards the entrance of the base.

Dr. Mrs. Alludia who will be heading the mission welcomed them and other volunteers from different parts of the globe for what she termed “science expedition.”

Been in her late forties Dr. Alludia still looked like a goddess with her long blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and an almond shaped face, you’ll be forced to believe she was in her early twenties, she was blunt and direct.

“Welcome everyone, as you all know we are going to Saturn, (applause) this is a different planet compared to Mars the temperature and pressure is quite different from anything you will ever experience, due to the terrible weather over there, you’ll be wearing thermo suits to prevent you from freezing to death, all equipments have been properly insulated, let’s get the party on the road people, brochures will be given to you study them like your life deepened on it” she concluded.

The scientists were trained on different simulation tests and taught what to expect when they arrive at the planet, Dr. Brian who was already an Astro-biologist wondered if any life form could exist on the desolate planet.

Dr. Gadewia, Dr. Giani, Dr. Brian and his partner Ms. Renee were assigned to carryout soil testing and most importantly obtain the element.

After intense training and simulations for five days, everybody was gearing for the trip to Saturn.

Changing their clothes in the locker room Ms. Renee couldn’t help but stare at Dr. Brian, his body was a work of art, she could remember when she first met him, having arrived at the university after been employed with a Masters degree in marine biology to lecture students on aquatic animals, busying checking her schedule while heading for the lecture theater, she accidentally bumped into someone, she fell on the floor, attempting to get back on her feet, a hand was outstretched trying to assist her up, raising her head she was immediately hypnotized by those beautiful brown eyes and a smile that seem to enchant her very own soul, she was rendered speechless, grabbing his hands she slowly got up and picked up her schedule that was now on the floor, he apologized and introduced himself as Dr. Brian, he left after that, since then she had been trying to make the “hit and apologize” moment to occur again.

Walking in slow motion just like in the movies, they approached the beast, the rocket stood tall like a skyscraper, wings extended, the engines made a roaring sound, once inside the cockpit of the rocket, the computer automatically started the countdown, engines ready 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. And RB-2267 ascended escaping the earth’s gravitational pull and, once the rocket entered space the INTRAVIVE switched on and with warp speed it headed towards Saturn.

Chapter Three


Inside the spacecraft, the scientists were strapped to their seats, Dr. Brian turned and smiled at Renee, he could remember the day of his wedding, his fiancé Bailey; a very beautiful woman with brown hair, slender with a very narrow waist and blue eyes like that of the ocean, it was supposed to be the happiest day of his life, he was about to get married to the most beautiful woman he had ever met.

Bailey committed suicide on the day of their wedding, she died of a drug overdose which the police said was done intentionally, talk about getting cold feet, he was never himself, it felt like a part of him had died that day, wishing there was a way he could have saved her, having always known that she was a troubled young woman but.

His visit down memory lane was interrupted by turbulence as the spaceship kept vibrating; they had finally arrived at Saturn and were entering into its orbit.

Looking out the window, he saw that the massive rings were nothing but a collection of rocks that were orbiting the planet in a diagonal fashion.

The computer informed them that the landing gear was in place, the pilots carefully landed the spacecraft on the planet’s cold surface.

“Gear up people; put on your thermo helmets” Dr. Mrs. Alludia commanded,

“You’ll experience severe hypothermia if you are not properly suited”

She wondered why NASA hired “ordinary teachers” to go on such mission.

Stepping out of the spacecraft they assembled their equipments.

Ms. Renee couldn’t believe her eyes, the planet looked aesthetically pleasing, the neon like colour, stunning to say the least.

“Let’s get to work people, the planet is huge and we have a lot to cover” Dr, Alludia spoke through the radio headset that they were all wearing.

“But first things first, we need a plan of action, where is the element located at? And how do we obtain it? Are there any biological and ecological implications of extracting the Eonium?

“Well, from what we’ve observed at the NASA’s observatory centre the entire planet is rich in Eonium but we’ve mapped out several locations where the element can be easily extracted.”

A map appeared via the heads on display that was attached to their space helmets as Dr. Gadewia spoke

“If you can see clearly, those places that have been circled red, shows the high amounts of Eonium, in order to carry out the extraction, NASA has developed a drill and extraction machine attached to the rovers which we’ll all be driving just as we practiced with the simulators”

“Okay, you’ve heard what Gadewia just said, pick a rover and drive to any one of those red dots”

Dr. Gadewia selected a rover and drove off, he pondered on the fact that NASA was hiding something, why exactly would they recruit a geophysicist like himself when they have a lot of their own trained staff, something wasn’t adding up and besides what exactly was the special medicinal properties did the element possess and why would Dr. Alludia talk about biological implications, it’s a desolate planet, nothing lives here.

Following the directions indicated on the map, Ms. Renee and Dr. Brian arrived at the extraction site, but he had other plans in mind, he had been trying to combine different cells from different organisms in order to create a powerful hybrid capable of superpowers; strength, agility, flight and a host of others, this had been his life work ever since his fiancé died.

After her untimely demise, he wanted to create a hero who would have saved not just his wife but all of humanity. Her death was like a catalyst to his work, she had inspired him to research the possibility of creating a being so powerful enough that he could not change but also transform the way humans view the world.

Although he was unable to properly synthesize the DNA sequence of each organism’s cell he had collected, the different genes stored in those cells were going offer him power beyond human comprehension but ever since he arrived at Saturn he felt the place had been calling unto him, something felt right here.

His experiment would finally be complete he could feel it in his bones, looking at Ms. Renee he believed there was hope for mankind, his work would change the world.

The drill was embedded with a bio-sensor to detect any life form, powering up the drill, Ms.Renee scanned for any available life forms, none were detected and thus commencing of the drilling process in order to obtain the element.

Dr. Brian climbed onto the rover, assembling the necessary equipments and devices needed to complete his experiment, the final piece needed to finish his work was the Eonium, after his research and the computer simulation he carried out, He discovered that the organic structure of the element was able to bind to different cell nuclei and complete the sequence. The cells would bind to his own DNA replicating continuously as his own cells were dividing.

The Eonium was been extracted and collected into a glass cylinder located behind the drill.

He collected the liquid-looking substance with a giant needle that looked like a mini shotgun, he injected the element into an orb where the cells were stored, the DNA sequencing was finally complete and the orb colour changed from red to green.

“Dr. Brian what is that?” inquired Ms. Renee.

The orb looking object seemed strange to her.

“It’s something I’ve been working on; it’s capable of changing the world”.

Still not sure about what he was saying she just nodded.

The ground below them trembled violently, something had gone wrong, probably the drill hitting a hard rock, Dr. Brian immediately went to check the computer attached to the drill, it seemed to be working fine, so what could have caused the disturbance, there was another vibration this time more severe than the previous one.

Chapter Four


Dr. Giani steered the rover towards the extraction site as indicated on the map, having studied extra terrestrial planes at the University of Greaina, the mere sight of the planet surface was breathtaking nothing could compare with the pictures and videos found online, this was the real deal.

At the point of extraction, the planet surface seemed to be vibrating like experiencing an avalanche or an earth tremor or like that of an earthquake, something didn’t seem right, a blackish liquid was seeping out of the drill site, it looked like engine oil, its movement was similar to that of an amoeba; creeping-like creatures formed out of the liquid-like substance, they crawled their way out of the liquid and unto the drill.

He was astonished and unable to move, they were living creatures on Saturn, he moved closer to examine these organisms, they looked like tiny armadillos, and they kept growing in number as the drill dug further, they seem to be on a rampage, inching towards the Dr. they attacked him, crawling over him like cockroaches, he screamed into the headset.

“Dr. Giani, what’s wrong, Dr. Giani I repeat what is the problem” Dr. Alludia spoke into her headset after hearing his scream on the speaker connected to her suit.

There was no response, no screaming, just silence, she knew something had definitely gone wrong, immediately she maneuvered her rover to his location.

Arriving at where he was supposed to be obtaining the element, she observed that his helmet was lying on the ground, filled with a blackish liquid, she scanned the entire area with her bio-sensor, there seemed to be several life forms with very tiny heat signatures on the scanner but they appeared to be numerous on the hand-held device, they were pouring out from the drill, sensing the danger around her she hopped in into the rover and drove off.

“Guys, are you out there” Dr. Alludia queried

“Yes, this is Ms Renee; we’re still obtaining the Eonium”

“I want you guys to get whatever you have and rush towards the spacecraft now, that’s an order” Ms. Renee was confused, what did she mean by rush, she looked to Dr. Brian and he just nodded, they disassembled the drill from the rover and took the element into the rover and stormed off as fast as they could.

Arriving at the site where the spacecraft was parked, Dr. Gadewia was confused why Dr. Alludia told them to seize the extraction.

“What happened?” he asked.

“I’ll explain later but right now we have got to get out of this planet” she replied him.

Waiting for Dr. Brian and Ms. Renee to arrive so as to prepare the space shuttle for takeoff.

Unknowing to her some of the creatures had hitched a ride on her rover thus giving them access into the ship, once inside they crawled in like snakes.

“Get in now!” Dr. Alludia commanded,

Dr. Brian and Ms Renee hurriedly drove in the rover into the ship’s lower compartment, once inside the cockpit room they removed their helmets.

“Where is Dr. Giani” Ms Renee asked,

“He is currently MIA, I heard his screams and decided to check him out but on getting there they were several life forms and they didn’t look like they were welcoming me.”

“I don’t understand, there have never been signs of any living thing inhabiting Saturn or any other planet in our solar system, except Mars of course and that tremor we experienced” Dr. Brian interjected.

“I really don’t care but those things seemed to have attacked Dr. Gadewia and I think we would have been next”. She replied

The pilots switched on the engines and prepared for takeoff, they headed straight for earth but their little passengers were wrecking havoc by boring into the propulsion drive which was powered by a mini-nuclear reactor, leading to system failure, in the cockpit there was a blinking red light indicating the INTRAVIVE was malfunctioning, one of the pilot turned to look at Dr. Alludia.

“I’m on it” she said, heading towards the engine room, she noticed the lights kept flickering on and off, moving quietly she navigated towards the nuclear reactor where the INTRAVIVE was kept, there was big hole in the nuclear reactor plant, immediately she ran towards the cockpit.

“Something has eaten a big chunk off the nuclear reactor”

Looking outside the spacecraft she noticed they were about to enter into earth’s orbit.

“At least we are almost home” said the co-pilot.

Immediately an explosion rocked the spacecraft, it shattered into pieces spiraling downwards to the earth.

Chapter Five


Jogging through the park, Leo stopped to adjust the laces on his canvass and also to change the music blaring through the headphones he was wearing.

Looking up something seemed to be falling out of the sky like a meteorite, it was a bright little light, it fell directly into the woods, curiosity drove Leo to go check it out, arriving at the site where the “meteorite” had landed, he discovered it was actually an orb like material.

“It’s probably some sort of diamond”, he thought.

The orb seemed to be glowing, reaching out to touch it, the orb opened up and a liquid like substance moved straight into his hands like electricity flowing through the body, entering into his blood vessels and diffusing throughout his entire body, binding to his own DNA in all the cells of his body, feeling light headed he fainted.

Opening his eyes, he discovered he was in a hospital bed with an IV drip attached to his left arm, trying to recall why he was here in the first place.

“I’m nurse Clarisse, an ambulance brought you to the hospital, you were unconscious when they found you, are you feeling okay?” A blonde woman dressed in a nurse uniform asked

“Yeah, I feel fine but I don’t know what happened, one moment I was jogging in the park and the next I’m in a hospital” he answered still in shock.

The nurse smiled.

“You must have been dehydrated from the intense jogging, anyway we ran some tests and it seems nothing is wrong with you so you’re free to go” she said,

“Thank you, so can I leave now?” he asked, as he tried to stand up.

“Yes, just after you sign some few papers at the reception hall” she replied.

He finished signing the papers and left the hospital, racing towards a taxi; he turned and discovered he was about five meters past the hospital.

“What the hell in God’s name was that” he asked rhetorically.

He tried running again and he was back at the hospital.

“Whoa, even if I were to be Usain Bolt I couldn’t have been able to that,” he exclaimed.

Something didn’t feel right he had to go home, his mother must be worried sick. After his dad died from that horrible plane crash he felt like his mother was becoming over protective of him, not knowing what to do he started running towards his house, feeling the cool breeze on his face he had arrived at his front porch, opening the door his mother smiled at him although she wasn’t happy he stayed out late but she was glad he was home.

“Where have you been all day, I was worried sick,” she inquired,

He narrated what transpired and how he ended up in a hospital leaving out what happened in the park and tried to explain to her what the nurse said that led to him losing unconsciousness. The truth was too weird and crazy to explain even to his mum, she might even suspect he was going crazy if he talked about how he got here by mere running within 2 seconds.

“I’m glad you’re back, dinner is ready by the way” she said

“Thanks mom,” he replied her.

The spacecraft or what was left of it crashed into the Coral Sea.

At the NASA observatory centres in Nasrida. “Can anybody tell me exactly what happened to the space craft, I need answers stat,” Director Shawn thundered.

“Sir, we’re still investigating the matter, we’ve assigned a team to head over to the Coral Sea to retrieve the remains of the spacecraft.”

The director was furious, he hated when things like this happen.

At the Coral Sea, the team had been able to retrieve the remains of the spacecraft, loading it into a huge bus-looking vehicle, they headed towards the observatory.

Going out to jog the next day, Leo thought of how fast he ran yesterday, the speed felt so good, he still couldn’t understand what had happened to him with the orb and the liquid like substance he was injected with.

He felt powerful.

Feeling the need to run, he raced down the park and next thing he knew he was flying, literally flying like a bird and all that.

“This is unbelievable, I- oh my God I’m gonna throw up”

Going higher, he continued to ascend like an eagle, he attempted touching the clouds; which felt like steam but cooler and denser. “I must be dreaming, whoa that’s my house.” He screamed in delight

He landed at his backyard, still trying to get a hold of himself he brushed the roof in his attempt to properly land without falling flat on his face.

“Leonard is that you” his mother yelled

“Yes mum, it’s just some bird” he snickered while saying it

“So, let’s hear it” Director Shawn requested for the report from the recovered debris of the spacecraft

“Well from the analysis we carried out, it seems like the nuclear reactor in the engine room that mainly powered the INTRAVIVE developed a fault that caused the spacecraft to go boom, although we were able to discover traces of Eonium but there were no bodies, they all got incinerated”

“Great! This is just perfect, how do I explain this, nobody survived, we were unable to obtain the Eonium, this whole mission was a big failure and now the Press are making a big deal out of it, trying to make it seem like a big controversy just to make some greens.

“Yeah, I saw some of that online they think the whole mission was fake and said we’re trying to raise the devil or something” said one of the staff operating a computer

Chapter Six

Evil Rising

The creatures crept out of the ocean, they seemed to be multiplying and increasing their pace, they moved towards the dry land with a beach full of people just at the other side, coming together they kept multiplying until they formed a being that looked human but void of emotions, his eyes were complete black, pale skin, it’s hair was as black as coal, he or it seemed to have cloned himself after a man that was at the beach. Adjusting his neck, it loved the warmth the earth provided, the sheer beauty, the water, the sand.

It planned on how he was going to colonize the planet and exterminate the locals.

It felt the presence of another on the planet, his kind were here already. His skin seemed to desiccate releasing more of the crawling creatures out.

Monday, he hated Mondays, being a senior he expected high school to feel different but it wasn’t, nothing had changed except for the fact that he was no longer bullied and the whole issue of being the new kid.

“Hey, Leo”

“Hi Martin, how was your weekend?” Martin had been his best friend ever since moving here, he was the only thing that made schooling here worthwhile, that and Miley too.

Martin was the same height as Leo, they were both tall, but Martin had the body of an athlete although he was never a sport kind of guy, just one of those people that seemed to get muscular just by mere walking, his teeth were as white as snow, Leo had always teased him of looking like those guys in a toothpaste commercial.

“It was boring as hell; my Grandma was around so I either watched TV which all they talked about was the spaceship that crashed-”

“I heard about that, something about a nuclear reactor going off in the engine room or something like that” Leo interrupted him

“What was your weekend like? Still fantasizing ‘bout Miley”

“That reminds me, I’ve wanted to tell you something and by the way I don’t fantasize doofus” he countered

They walked towards their classroom, Mr. Finch was already there

Seriously, who names their child “Finch” Leo wondered

“Settle in guys, I know you’ve all heard about the recent failed space mission by NASA, those people are hell bent on wasting our financial resources to satisfy their stupid curiosities, I mean lives were lost for nothing and they have the guts to say their still investigating the matter” Mr. Finch said angrily

“Seems like someone does not like NASA” Miley said sitting beside Leo

Leo turned to look at her, she was an angel, her blonde hair and the purple extensions made her look fierce combined with the crystal blue eyes and a smile that could light up the whole of Africa, she was thin but not frail looking, her tight fitting shirt and the miniskirt with pink leggings made her look like a Victoria Secret’s model.

“For a science teacher the man sure hates science” Martin muttered under his breath”

“Hi Leo” she waved at him

“Hey” he croaked out

“Are you okay, your voice sounds weird?”

His cheeks immediately turned red

“And you’re burning up, are you sick”

“He’s probably love sick” Martin snickered

Leo stepped on his toes causing him to yell loudly

“Mr. Edmond and Mr. Mcdell, are we having a separate class over there”

“Sorry Sir” Martin replied

“I hate it when he calls me Edmond” Leo whispered

The name Edmond reminds him of his Father, it’s been 10 years since he passed away but it still stirs up memories anytime it’s mentioned.

The bell goes off, “Let’s head over to the woods, I wanna show you something” Leo said

“Okay, this better be good, my Dad is probably waiting for me to return home” replied Martin

Arriving at the woods, Leo ran back and forth with his super speed, holding in his hands two burgers.

“How did you do that?” Martin asked with his eyes and mouth wide open

Leo narrated what happened including how he ended up in a hospital

“Wait, you mean to tell me you can fly, and you’re sure the Omnitrix is not on your wrist or something”

“No, it didn’t happen like that and nothing strapped unto my wrist, it was more like been injected with hot coffee into your veins”

“Have you told your mum about it?”

“I couldn’t bring myself to tell her, I mean I’m still trying to get a hold of what I am”

“I know what you are; you’re a super hero”

“Please tell me you’re not going to go all Jonathan Kent on me and tell me how my duty is to save mankind while hiding my secret identity.”

“Well you know what they say, with great power comes great responsibility” Martin chuckled

“Nobody ever says that”

“So, what are you going to do with these powers?”

“Well for now I’m just gonna lie low and I trust you not to tell anyone”

“My lips are sealed but I just want to see you do the flight thing”

Leo elevated himself slowly, rising slowly from the ground like a helicopter taking off and then he blasted off with the trees been blown away, rising higher and higher, with the cool breeze and sunlight falling on his face, he moved downwards and landed on the same spot where he previously took off with Martin’s mouth opened wide like a Venus flytrap waiting to capture an insect, he smiled.

“Oh my God, it’s even better in real life than the movies” Martin exclaimed

“Mr. Shawn, according to the report that I received, I’m led to believe that the spaceship had a power malfunction, which led to an explosion which destroyed the ship, is that correct?”

“Yes Sir, the Press have been calling me none stop, badgering me with questions concerning to what led to the failure of the mission”

“Well, tell them what is contained in the report, release a statement, stating that the ship experienced a power mishap due to a malfunction in the nuclear reactor which led to an explosion thus destroying the ship” the man said

“Thank you sir” Shawn replied standing up to take his leave

Chapter Seven


The creatures that were released by the humanoid, crawled into the chimney of a building as they grew closer towards the flames from the burning wood, they increased in number quickly multiplying, with some of them burning they crawled unto a nearby carpet setting it on fire, the building quickly caught on fire with the wooden floors burning, the curtains burnt leading the fire towards the roof.

Coughing loudly was a woman in her bedroom, coming out of the room to check out what was going on, the hallways were filled with smoke that threatened to choke her, she screamed, shouting for help.

Firemen arrived at the scene trying to calm down the burning inferno, but the house kept on burning, the newsmen were already reporting the news.

Watching the news, Leo saw how the flame licked up the building, he had to do something, someone might be in there he thought.

Taking to flight, he arrived at the scene, bursting into the building, he discovered the flames had no effect on his skin, he immediately tried searching for any survivors, reaching towards the hallway, he saw a figure lying on the floor, discovering that she was a woman he picked her up and flew out of the burning building, laying her at the foot of the fire truck, he flew away.

“I’m Sandra Khest reporting live from the scene where a house just got burnt down to ashes, a middle aged woman who was said to have been living there was mysteriously rescued from the building by a flying person, we were able to obtain a footage of this strange phenomenon”

A blurred video showed a flying figure dropping a woman and quickly taking off to the skies.

“From what you have just watched, it seems someone or something just saved a woman’s life that almost died-”

“Please tell me that was not you on TV” Martin squealed

“It just happened okay, I felt like I had to do something”

“I know but you have to be careful, if that video had been any clearer, people would have been able to recognize you easily, I think you need a super hero costume, you’ve got to protect your identity”

“Yeah right, this is not going to repeat itself”

“Leo that’s what all super heroes say at first until real danger comes knocking and they have no other choice but to go hero, but first you need a cool name and second; a unique costume with a cape and all”

“You’re probably right” Leo replied

“So, what are you going with, I’m thinking you should go with Captain L”

“You do know L stands for loser”

“Who cares, let me think errm Hero, yeah just Hero”

“I like that” Leo admitted

Martin was able to obtain a super hero costume from a costume store; all they had to do was to sew an ‘H’ at the chest region of the suit.

“Leo are you okay” Leo’s mother inquired

There was worry written all over her face, she was petite, making her look so very vulnerable and innocent, her light brown hair, dimples, big blue eyes and slim figure made her look like his sister rather than his mother.

“I’m perfectly fine mom” he walked into his room

“You’ve been distracted as of late; you no longer eat, are you-?”

“I’m fine, I’ve just had a ton of homework to do and besides I hangout with Martin all the time”

“If you say so, but you do know you can talk to me if anything is bothering you right?”

“Thanks mom but I’m fine” he assured her

The creatures were completely destroyed in the fire that brought down the building, the humanoid that released them walked into a convenience store stark naked.

“Sir, Excuse me Sir, are you alright?” the sales man inquired

Focusing his eyes on the man he moved silently like a cat ready to capture its prey, outstretching his hands he grabbed the salesman’s throat, who immediately started choking and tried to gasp for air, the humanoid eyes turned cloudy like he was absorbing memories from the salesman.

“Yes, I’m alright” he answered

Dropping the now dead salesman on the floor, he grabbed a bunch of keys from a nearby table.

Walking towards a blue coloured car, he started the engine and drove off towards the NASA observatory, arriving at the entrance to observatory which was heavily guarded and the fence lined with barbwire, he dissipated into a cloud of gas, his body seemed to dissolve into a black cloud and diffused right through the checkpoint at the front gate.

Transforming back to his human form, he walked towards to where the ship wreckage was kept; touching it, the remnants of the Eonium on the ship was absorbed directly into his body like fluid passing through a suction tube.

“Are you seeing this Rob?” A guy in the surveillance room alerted his partner

“Sir, there appears to be a man at room 294” his partner spoke into his walkie-talkie

Security agents quickly arrived at the scene

“Hands in the air” their leader ordered

The strange humanoid turned around and quickly transformed into nothing but a cloud of gas diffusing through the building and to the outside.

He kept on walking like an assassin with a target in mind, looking around he tried pinpointing the location of the rest of the Eonium. He could sense it in the air, it was very close.

“Did you bring it” Martin asked gleefully

“Yeah, it’s in my backpack, I still don’t understand why you told me to bring my costume to school”

“Danger is imminent”

“What the hell does ‘imminent’ means” Leo countered

The bell goes off, indicating its already first period for class.

“Catcha later, I’ve got Chem” Martin hollered while attempting to run towards his class

“Yeah, see ya around”

During lunch, Leo sat at a table towards the edge of the cafeteria, picking the sandwich that looks like it was filled with rotten eggs, he noticed Miley laughing with a group of friends at a corner, her smile, the animated talking, and even the way she held her backpack seemed to enchant him. She was so beautiful.

One of her friends alerted her trying to point out the secret admirer sitting at the table behind them; she waved at him, smiling, he waved back, her friends giggled gesturing for him to come over and sit with them.

“He’s so cute”


“Yeah, he looks like a modern day prince charming”

“Erm Ginger life is not a fairytale or a movie” Miley tried arguing the importance of brains over brawns or beauty as the case maybe. “Although he is smart but it seems to have gone through a lot; I mean I heard his dad died before they came here”

“Yeah, what a pity but I think he likes you” Ginger giggled

“Leo? He’s just a friend”

Ginger and the rest of the girls snorted and burst out laughing

“Yeah whatever you say” Ginger chipped in

Once school was over for day, Martin and Leo walked towards the exit

“You said the liquid goo was stored in an orb”


“So where is the orb?”

“I think it’s still there at the park, I was unable to pick it up because I fainted after the whole injection thingy”

“Well lets go get it and examine it, we might find the answers to the source of your power, perhaps you’re an alien and your parents sent it as a gift to you”

Leo laughed so hard he felt like his stomach was going to burst

“Alien? I wish”

Walking towards where he remembered seeing the orb, a strange man was just standing there with the orb in his hands.

The humanoid had discovered the remains of the Eonium and it seemed to be trapped inside a human boy.

Chapter Eight


“I don’t think that thing his human, his eyes”

“Run! Run! Martin”

They both were running, Leo turned but seemed to have lost Martin due to all the trees.

“Hand over the Eonium”

“What now?” Leo asked clearly confused

“The Eonium you hide within you, give it to me or I’ll take it forcefully” his voice was void of emotion like a robot repeating a programmed speech.

Feeling the adrenaline pumping through his veins, he stood his ground; having acquired a new sense of bravery. He felt alive like a warrior ready to fight.

The humanoid moved quickly like a cheater, throwing punches but Leo moved fast and dodged them all, he flew up and kicked the humanoid straight in the guts, throwing him off his feet like a ragdoll but the creature quickly stood up turning into a cloud of gas and disappeared into thin air.

Leo looked confused but still stood his stance with his hands outstretched like a boxer, a powerful force shoved him, he fell down on the floor with a grunt he tried standing up but the humanoid pressed his foot on his back in an attempt to restrain him from rising up from the ground.

“I’ll take what belongs to me, you filth”

Grabbing a hold of his legs, Leo flew up with great speed, spinning the creature in the air he threw him like a catapult firing a stone; the humanoid was caught by a tree branch.

Leo flew down to investigate what had happened, a tree branch had pierced the humanoid right through his heart, disgusted at seeing what looked like black blood flowing out of the body, he left the scene.

He was able to find his backpack; he must have dropped it during the battle, dipping his hands into his pocket for his cell phone which was now damaged beyond repair due to his fall when the humanoid ambushed him.

“Leo, thank God I found you, what in Hades name was that”

“I don’t know”

“What happened to you” Martin observed that Leo clothes were filled with dirt

“I fought with it; I literally battled with whatever that was. Although it seemed it was searching for something called Eonium”

“Eonium, I’ve heard of that, it’s an element found abundantly in Saturn, Mr. Gabb kept droning on how NASA’s FRODO mission was to obtain the rare element during our chem. class today”

“Wait, are you implying that the thing I just fought, that looked human was from Saturn and here on a mission to retrieve the element NASA went up there to collect”

“Yeah, probably, it must have been an alien right? It did look strange despite looking human” Martin tried to make sense of the entire situation

“Let’s go check the body” Leo suggested

Arriving at the place where the alien was supposed to have been impaled to a tree, the body was no longer there, it seemed to have vanished into thin air.

“I could have sworn it was just right there” Leo pointed at the tree.

“The last of the element here on earth resides within a human” the humanoid spoke to an unknown personality

“And you could not simply exterminate this human to retrieve it?”

“He is blessed with powers beyond mine, he easily defeated me”

“Well I believe we need a new plan, summon Javier”

The end is just the beginning

Hope: The Aliens

  • Author: Emmanuel Opara, Sr
  • Published: 2017-09-03 04:20:10
  • Words: 7342
Hope: The Aliens Hope: The Aliens