Honorable President Trump Save Lawrence Yudowitz Stop The American Assassination

The Honorable President Trump,


An old lady- the sight of her face remains with me one that was immediatley recognized as good, she came between one of the hired gunmen and I,"they killed her” I was told; my baby girl whom I held in a pure cotton white sheet and carried her 5 miles to a proper burial recognizing her life force still emanating from her fully formed body, but I survived by the hair on my chin, and it was your men Mr. President whom serve under you.


I was living with my girlfriend at the time and they had began following me like in a game hunt threatening me while I called the FBI but they told me not to call back, and my family rideculed me and told people I was crazy. The investigators said I was a criminal and that I would die, came to my house, called me over in secret ,or blatantly sat down with me for a scary face to face experience.


But I am well. They may have got mis information from their fellow agents, or misjudged me, who cares, but me. This started 2008 and continues, even yesterday when a covert team orchestrated a local gang to use a weapon similar to a heart attack gun on me while I sat in an internet bar.


I held my mouth shut as time and time again men and women came to me claiming to work for ‘the company’, like there was some competetive angle against me. Someone made a big mistake,and it is either the man in charge of Benny ,a black State Department worker at the 2008 Olympics asking me about my lost passport or my family. This black man received a phone call in front of me telling him that I was “severely psychotic and a criminal”;afterwards he called my parents house and invited me to Taiwan; next I know by calling him he says ‘I don’t know you” and then some military types tried to kill me in Seattle just after leaving the Jackson Federal building Why would he call my family home ,leave messages on the machine and invite me to visit after he was told that I am a severely psychotic criminal anyways?


A team including one of the Americans which came tomy house during a repatriation (while I stayed at 26C Imus Highway in Cebu) switched places with the hospital’s doctor and tried to kill me in the hospital room. They induced a heart attack, while the doctor grabbed a nun to say a prayer over me. and got onhis cell phone.


I have many personal references and also medical testing over the past year including MRA/MRI and echocardiogram to prove it was an induced heart attack that the nun, nurses and receptionist witnessed as I stumbled out of the doctors office.


The onwer of Gecko bar inCebu called me inside after hours to tell me that someone wanted to shootme and that “It isnt a white man”. His partner in the shadows yelled to “Just shoot him!”. He asked me something about testifying, and I have not beeninvolved in any court or testifying,and I am not a rat either. Ihaveno idea what this is about because theyhavenot told me. What is confusing is that when I called my father justafter some of the attempts on my life he said “That’s what youget for writing the letter”,and “I guess you did a public service”

My brother Martin said “never tell a murderer that he’s wrong”. My brother Mike calls my skype and tells me he wants me to authorize him to protectmy trust account which I never knew about; I refused becasue I don’t trsut him, and he said threatingly then that that some lawyer named Shulman would be theonly way of family contact.


I have the right tolive peacfully and these State department people, and my family both need to be told to stay away from me becasueIhave not done anything to them.


A duty officer at the manila Embassy told me there was a warrant on my life by ‘Whitey’. I had called him several times stating I was a good man; a few times while in a line such as the NBI I was covertly injected via the air with some very strong hallacunogen, and one time it almost killed me with meningitus like affects.That time I went inside the embassy twice while I was progressivley dying, and had asked to speak to a federal law enforcement officer twice , I had even been invited by one but they said no and told me to leave.The American investigators also used their Philipine counterparts to help.


A Gary or Jerry helping me with my coffee shop to open was arrested in Davao and told me to be careful that ‘they” had people in the FBI. He, like the gecko Bar owner do infact know whois trying to kill me and why, would youplease find out and make some sense out of this.



Larry Margulies



Honorable President Trump Save Lawrence Yudowitz Stop The American Assassination

The attempts on my life have finally compelled me to ask for help from the president in public because law enforcement does not help.

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  • Author: Larry Margulies
  • Published: 2017-02-03 23:50:08
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Honorable President Trump Save Lawrence Yudowitz Stop The American Assassination Honorable President Trump Save Lawrence Yudowitz Stop The American Assassination