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‘‘What you can’t fire me’‘ Mike Aderson said to his boss Simon.

‘‘Well,’‘ Simon said ‘‘I just did’‘

‘’On what grounds?’‘ Mike inquired.

‘‘On the ground that you stole my Diamond necklace on sale’‘

‘‘What,’‘ Mike barked ‘‘You don’t even have any proof’‘

‘‘Seriously Mr. Anderson, do I need proof?’‘

‘‘Well yeah,’‘ he started ‘‘Because am taking you to court’‘

‘‘What the fuck! Mike you can’t do that, am the boss’‘

‘‘Watch me’‘ Mike said walking away.

‘‘Okay, Okay……you can have your job back’‘

‘‘You just can’t chuck me up, can you?’‘

‘‘You know…..’‘ Simon started

‘‘No I don’t’‘ Mike disrupted.

Simon continued ‘‘I will get you one day and if I don’t…someone else will ‘’

you wish, you are too dumb to do that, I wonder why you are the boss here Mike thought. ‘‘Not when you can’t produce any proof’‘

Simon walked away to the office.

Mike bumped into Tina. Tina was a black seductive woman, who Mike sometimes bonked If bored with his wife Cathrine Anderson. ‘‘What was that about?’‘ Tina asked.

Mike played dumb ‘‘What was what about?’‘

‘‘Oh Mike, don’t play dumb, fat tummy was just about to rip your throat, I heard everything’‘

Mike frowned ‘‘Then why are you asking?’‘

‘‘To get you,’‘ Tina said ‘‘talking’‘

‘‘About what?’‘

‘‘About what I just heard’‘

‘‘Well, I didn’t do it’‘

‘‘How come,’‘ she raised her brows ‘‘I don’t believe you’‘

‘‘Tina, you and I are just the same, I wonder why you are giving me a hard time on this one’‘

‘‘What?, I don’t steal’‘ she lied. Tina was a good and at the same time an awful lier and dangerous if that’s the word. Someone who could even lie to herself.

‘‘Now that’s what I love about you,’‘ he said ‘‘been a lier, you know I learn a lot from you’‘

She clenched her fingers into a fist. ‘‘Oh how I wish I could punch you in the face right now, just knock you down, and use your ride to dump you’‘

‘‘Speaking of rides,’‘ Mike touched her arm ‘‘I need some after work’‘

She pulled her arm from him. ‘‘Am not your sex toy’‘ She lied.

‘‘Touchy, its not like am going to get you pregnant you know’‘

She rolled her eyes at him. ‘‘Who would want to carry your baby?, you sico’‘

‘‘My wife would’‘

‘‘Well,’‘ she said walking away ‘‘go fuck your wife’‘

‘‘Well,’‘ he said ‘‘I will!’‘

Mike looked at the clock and noticed it was 6pm, its about time this guy went home he thought referring to himself. From the exit door he saw Tina waiting for a tax, he walked to her. ''Hey tina,'' he started ''am sorry, I did mean to say what I said you know, I mean...I was pissed and- wasn't just in mood to,'' see your annoying, lying, yet sexy body .’‘Talk to any one’‘

‘‘I, forgive you’‘

He raised his brows ‘‘You have?’‘

‘‘Yeah, I have known that you’re an arse for a look time’‘

‘‘So about the ride….’‘

‘‘Is that why you are here’‘ it wasn’t a question.

‘‘Well partly’‘ He winked.

‘‘Well, fuck off!,’‘ Mike ducked his head and started walking away ‘‘Hey Mike, I was joking’‘

she thought I was serious, what an ass

‘‘I didn’t know you’d take it serious,’‘ she paused before continuing ‘‘Well not tonight,….am having dinner with my boyfriend and I just thought of giving him part of my time you know, even if am cheating, not that am blaming myself for being unfaithful, I mean if you a married man can, they why shouldn’t I?’‘

Because you’re a whore Mike thought. ‘‘Oh, guess I will have to be with my wife too’‘


‘‘Hey,’‘ he offered ‘‘how about I take you home’‘

‘‘No thank you, not today, he might be home, you know what I mean’‘

''Alright then,'' he said ''See you in twenty- four hours''

‘‘Yeah, I bet I’ll be yours tomorrow’‘

What a wench, Mike thought and what should I be called? He smiled heading to his parked red golf, bought to him by his wife as his birthday gift last year. He pulled his car into the traffic heading east. Mike lived in Ellesdale not far from Diamond store his work place, it only took him about thirty minutes reaching home. He opened the front door to find Cathrine reading a book on the couch.

‘‘Hi,’‘ he said ‘‘Babe’‘

‘‘Oh, hi’‘ she repied not taking her eyes off the book.

‘‘What’re you reading?’‘ He walked to the couch.

Cathrine gave him a kiss on the lips. ‘‘Betrayed, by andre’ mwansa’‘

Mike sat down next to her lurching through stations on television. ‘‘How come I have never heard of him’‘

‘‘Oh he’s new in publishing, you know one of those people who just wake up one morning and say am a writter….that’s him’‘

He smiled. ‘‘Whats for dinner’‘

She dropped the book on the couch. ‘‘I haven’t cooked anything yet, hungry?’‘

‘‘No, just curious,….’‘ he said ‘‘I have a present for you’‘

‘‘Oh yeah?’‘

He handed her a small box from his pocket trouser. ‘‘Happy valentine babe’‘

Cathrine’s jaw dropped. ‘‘What is it?’‘

‘‘Open it’‘

‘‘Oh my Gosh its beautiful, It must have costed a lot of dime…’‘ she handed it to him ‘‘Here, help me put it around my neck’‘

‘‘There’s nothing I can’t do for you babe’‘

She gave him a kiss standing up. ‘‘c’mon I have something for you too’‘

‘‘Oh yeah, where is it?’‘

She started heading to the bedroom. ‘‘follow me’‘

‘‘am doing so’‘

‘‘Sit down and close your eyes’‘ he closed his eyes.

She went through her purse and came to him with a piece of paper. ‘‘You can open them now’‘

Mike opened his hazy eyes ‘‘Oh my God! is that the new condom am hearing about’‘

Cathrine gave him an annoying look. ‘‘No silly, I have been promoted,’‘ she pointed towards the paper ‘‘See?’‘

‘‘Oh, but how is that my present’‘

‘‘Because we are one silly’‘ she kissed him.

‘‘Yeah, I forgot about that one’‘

‘‘Love,’‘ she said ‘‘me honey’‘



‘‘When did you start asking me to love you’‘

‘‘It wasn’t a question honey, now strip down, I have got a new move to show you’‘

Thats the surprise I wanted.
















Mike woke up tied the next morning and felt like not reporting for work. ‘‘Babe,’‘ he said ‘‘Am happy for you’‘

‘‘Aww thank you,…about what?’‘

‘‘Your promotion’‘

She turned and kissed him on the lips. ‘‘Why can’t you be, you silly’‘. Cathrine was a bank economist. She and Mike met in the Diamond store when she was looking for a diamond wedding ring for her sisters wedding, Mike helped her find one and asked for her line in case her sister did not like the ring and wanted to retrieve it. But just after two weeks when the two met, Mike asked her out, seven months later the two got married.

He kissed her back. ‘‘Just can’t believe you’ll be gone for that long’‘

‘‘C’mon its only a few weeks’‘

‘‘Yeah, a few weeks without sex’‘ don’t worry you have Tina he thought.

‘‘Mmm-hhh, is that all you can think about’‘ she jumped out of bed to the bathroom.

‘‘So, when will you be leaving?’‘ he asked.


‘‘Today?’‘ yes! I can invite Tina home.

‘‘Yeah, any problem with that?’‘

‘‘No, just too soon’‘

‘‘Its,’‘ she said still in the bathroom ‘‘work honey’‘

Mike heard water pelting from the bathroom. ‘‘Hey, are you taking a shower?’‘

‘‘Yes!’‘ she replied.

‘‘Am coming in’‘

Mike found her standing at the hot water that ran through her soft skin, he couldn’t help but notice her pointed milk breast and for once felt guilt cheating on her but shrugged it off and called it mans nature is cheating.

She turned and saw him staring at her. ‘‘What’re you looking at?’‘

‘‘Your tits?’‘ He confessed.

‘‘Come here’‘ she gestured her hand for him to join her.

In no time, Mike went hard while brushing his wife’s back.

‘‘Whats that,?’‘ she asked ‘‘Oh my God, are you hard?’‘

Without a response Mike attacked her behind, he looked at her face and saw her making faces that said right there. ‘‘Are you faking it?’‘ He asked while still inside her.

‘‘Faking what babe?’‘

‘‘This’‘ He continued thrusting for a second to show her what he was talking about.

‘‘C’mon just do the thrusting’‘

He resumed and heard her moan. He thought of doing her the human style but figured the room was small and he might break his penis. He gave her hardcore and felt himself come, both of them made there last screams of climax.

‘‘That was great’‘ She said to him.

‘‘You not going to fall pregnant, are you?’‘ He asked.

‘‘What’s that supposed to mean?,’‘ exasperation on her face ‘‘Don’t you want children with me?’‘

Yes he thought ‘‘I didn’t mean it like that babe, I just thought that since you’re under a lot of stress right now, it wouldn’t be good for you to add up, you know what I mean?, diapers and all, its a lot.’‘

‘‘oh, yeah maybe not now’‘

‘‘Oh great’‘

She gave him a disapproving look.

‘‘I mean oh great as in not now’‘

‘‘Honey,’‘ she said while both where still in the shower ‘‘I have got a confession to make’‘

‘‘Go ahead’‘

‘‘I have been freezing and saving your sperm’‘ She confessed.

‘‘You’ve been what!’‘ It wasn’t a question.

‘‘I figured since am always busy, and time is ticking. Freezing your sperm could do you know, I mean I might lose you before we even have kids’‘

‘‘And how come I get to die first?, we both do drugs under strain’‘

‘‘Not as much as you do’‘ She left the bathroom.

He trailed after her. ‘‘Babe I promise, Am not as bad as you think,’‘ only that am cheating on you ‘’I minimized’‘

‘‘Oh go to hell’‘ She cursed.

You too ‘‘You so moody, we just from making love…and now…and…now….’‘

‘‘And now what?’‘


‘‘Look honey,’‘ She turned his face by the chin to face her ‘‘I love you alright and am just scared of losing you’‘ The poor woman said the words oblivious that in just a few days coming she will be the one to lose herself.

‘‘I love you too babe’‘ He kissed her.

Cathrine combed her hair in a ponytail style and put on a blue dress with her diamond necklace on.

She glanced at her watch, 10AM. ‘‘Ain’t you going for work?’‘ she asked.

‘‘Night shift’‘ he lied.

‘‘Oh, you now do security?’‘

He ignored her insult.

‘‘I’ll be going’‘ she announced.

yes ‘‘Want me to escort you at the airport?’‘

They both heard a car whir and horn outside.

That explains it Mike thought.

‘‘Here, help me with the luggage’‘

Outside was a black limo, Cathrines eyes widened with amusement.

‘‘I’ll help you with that’‘ The chauffeur offered.

‘‘Oh thank you’‘ she replied.

She gave Mike a kiss on the lips and said bye.

















Mike stayed home watching two and a half men, when he heard a knock on the door.

‘‘Hold on’‘ He announced. He opened the door and saw Tina ‘‘Well, look who’s here’‘

‘‘And look who’s opening the door’‘ she gave him a smile.

He gestured for her to enter ‘‘Couldn’t just stay out, could you?’‘

She sat on the couch after grabbing a soft drink from the fridge. ‘‘You called’‘

‘‘I did?’‘

‘‘Yeah’‘ she rolled her eyes at him.

‘‘can’t recall’‘ He joked.

‘‘Big tummy asked after you’‘

‘‘He did?’‘


‘‘Doesn’t he know me already?’‘

‘‘You asking me,’‘ she flashed her finger in the air pointing at herself ‘‘He asked me if I know anything of you stealing the diamond necklace’‘

‘‘What was you reply?’‘

‘‘You asking me’‘ she flashed her finger once more.

‘‘You did that?’‘ he asked.

‘‘No…..,’‘ she laughed ‘‘He also asked me why you did not report for work’‘

‘‘What was your reply?, am sure you did not do those you’re asking me, flashing finger of yours’‘ He jested.

‘‘I told him you fired youself’‘

‘‘You what!’‘ He barked.

‘‘Am joking’‘ She laughed at her own joke.

‘‘You better be’‘

‘‘So when is your wife coming back?’‘ She inquired.

‘‘How should I know’‘

She glowered. ‘‘Mike, can you even hear yourself?’‘

‘‘She wouldn’t say……’‘

She rolled her eyes at him.

‘’…….only that she’s been saving my sperm’‘

She chuckled. ‘‘How?’‘

‘‘Through freezing, can you imagine’‘

‘‘Wouldn’t put it past her’‘ She laughed.

‘‘What do you mean?’‘

She pursed her lips. ‘‘I wouldn’t trust you either’‘

‘‘Fuck up!,…’‘ She gave him a baleful look ‘‘I mean’t shut up,… shut up’‘

She stood up. ‘‘Guess I’ll be going’‘

‘‘What you not mad, are you?, I was only joking’‘ He pleaded.

‘‘Use another term, thats sounds like you’re insulting me’‘ She joked.

‘‘You watch too much comedy, but at least I know you’re not’‘

‘‘Just feels like,’‘ She said ‘‘am not needed here’‘

Yeah, did have sex with Cathrine lastnight and this morning guess you not needed. He thought. ‘‘Alright, at least let me give you a ride home’‘

‘‘Sure, I’‘ll be outside’‘

When Tina was out of sight Mike removed his phone from his pocket trouser and entered David A.K.A Strong-armer in the universal search and touched on the call button.

David A.K.A Strong-armer answered by the third ring.

‘‘Hey david, can we meet?, I have a business for you’‘

A dissonate voice replied through the headphone. ‘‘Yeah sure, what do you want?’‘

‘‘Can’t say on the phone’‘

‘‘Okay meet me home’‘

‘‘Aright, will be there in no time’‘ He hang up.

He paused and smiled to himself, right hand on chin.

Tina peered through the door. ‘‘You taking long’‘

He brock from his thoughts. ‘‘Oh yeah’‘

He grabbed his car keys from the table and drove off with Tina on the passengers seat.



















Mike was at work attending to a customer when he heard his phone ring.

‘‘Excuse me’‘ He said to the customer.

‘‘Hello’‘ He said to the caller. A few seconds ‘‘Yes’‘ A minute ‘‘Oh my God’‘ A few minutes ‘‘Okay I’ll be there’‘. He dropped his hand from the ear.

Tina saw the look on his face and came running to him. ‘‘Is everything Alright?’‘

He shook his head in reply.

She gave him a stare. ‘‘What is it?’‘

He swept his hand through his black hair bowing his head down. ‘‘It’s my wife’‘

‘‘What happened to her?’‘

‘‘She’s dead and…and they want me to go and identify the body’‘

‘‘Oh my God….’‘ she looked up at him ‘‘am so sorry’‘

He buried his face in one hand. ‘‘Guess I should be going’‘

‘‘Do you want me to fill in for you, I mean Simon is not around and when he finds you not here, He’ll just think its one of those excuses you make’‘

‘‘Yeah, sure’‘ He left.





‘‘I spoke to the husband,’‘ detective Gustavo Black said to his colleagues ‘‘He’s on his way’‘

He walked to where the maid who had found the body was seated. ‘‘Maam, I understand you’re the one attending this room?’‘

‘‘Was’‘ She corrected.

‘‘Exactly,’‘ he said ‘‘Did you by chance see anyone walk in… or out, anyone apart from you and Mrs Anderson?’‘

‘‘Well,’‘ she said ‘‘Maybe lastnight’‘

‘‘Who did you see?’‘ Detective Gustavo asked.

‘‘Not that I know him, but he was a blonde, had dark hair which looked as if dyed rather than original…’‘ She paused to recall.

‘‘Go on’‘

‘‘He was probably six feet tall or less…ah.. that’s all I can remember’‘ She gave up.

Detective Gustavo gave her a hard stare. ‘‘And did you hear anything of what they where saying, or screams, anything?’‘

She shook her head. ‘‘I only saw Mrs Anderson gesturing the man to enter the room’‘

‘‘Does this room or the entrance have a camera?’‘ He asked.

‘‘No, the hotel is under upgrades, they had them removed for replacement’‘

‘‘Alright thank you vey much, will call you if anything is needed’‘

She left room 504 and walked in room 505 as it appeared that’s the room she was now attending.




Mike saw his wife walk through the bedroom door pointing a gun at him while he laid in bed. ‘‘Now you join me you traitor!’‘

‘‘Noooooooo!’‘ He woke up breathing heavily, sweat dripping from his face.

He heard his phone ring. ‘‘Hello’‘ he sat up.

Detective Gustavo’s voice replied from the other end. ‘‘Mr Anderson, meet me at Comforts hospital, in twenty minutes’‘

‘‘Alright I’ll be there’‘

He found Cathrines parents and detective Gustavo in the doctors necropsy room.

He hugged Cathrines parents and shook detective Gustavos hand.

‘‘Seems like the cause of death was,’‘ the doctor started ‘‘strangulation with a belt….’‘

Cathrines mother started sobbing.

‘’…..It also appears’‘ the Doctor continued ‘‘that she was raped’‘

The sobbing increased.

‘‘There was also a bit of straggle as it appears from her nails’‘

‘‘And drugs?,’‘ detective Gustavo asked ‘‘any cocain in her system?’‘

‘‘Am afraid not’‘ The doctor replied.

Detective Gustavo turned to Mike. ‘‘Come with me Mr Anderson’‘ He gestured him to leave the room.

‘‘Did your wife do drugs?’‘ Detective Gustavo asked.

Mike hesitated before answering. ‘‘Ah…yeah,’‘ He confessed ‘‘I mean with her stressful job, its apprehensible right?’‘

Detective Gustavo gave him a disapproving look. ‘‘And do you know any of the dealers?’‘


‘‘No?….’‘ Gustavo asked ‘’……Mike, me and my colleagues looked you up….’‘

Mikes hands trebbled.

Gustavo continued. ‘’….And we know that you were cheating on her, how do you explain that?’‘

Mikes lips twitched. ‘‘There’s something else’‘

Gustavo gave him attention. ‘‘What is it?’‘

‘‘Me and my wife had an open marriage’‘ He lied.

‘‘Unbelievable,’‘ Detective Gustavo said ‘‘and do you know any of the guys she dated?’‘

‘‘We agreed on not telling each other’‘

The detective nodded.

‘‘Now if you don’t mind I need some time alone with the family’‘

‘‘Okay,’‘ The detective said ‘‘I’ll let you know if anything comes up’‘

Mike walked back in the necropsy room while Detective Gustavo left the building.


An hour later the doctor released the body to Cathrines family. Cathrines parents where hindus so they told Mike that they had to burn the body and he would take some of the ashes home with him if he chose to. They took the body to kafues river shore, placed four dolls made from kusha grass, accopanied by mantras on her shoulders and knees and ignited. While the body was on frames the wise man gave a speech to comfort Cathrines parents and friends.

The wise man started. ‘‘The wise have said that the atman is immortal and that the phenomenon of death is merely the separation of the astral body from the physical body, may the east gate be open for you’‘

Detective Gustavo also attended the funneral, he saw a woman in a black dress standing by the river shore alone and approched her thinking she might have an idea of what happened to Cathrine. ‘‘Hi’‘ he said to her.

‘‘Hi’‘ she replied.

‘‘Cathrines friend?’‘

‘‘Yes’‘ she wept.

Detective Gustavo handed her a white handkerchief. ‘‘Here’‘

‘‘Thank you’‘ She said wiping her tears with it.

‘‘Detective Gustavo’‘ He introduced himself.

She offered him her hand to shake ‘‘Luciana’‘

‘‘Am the one investigating her death’‘

‘‘I figured’‘

‘‘Did Cathrine have an outside affair?’‘

She frowned. ‘‘No’‘

‘‘But she did drugs?’‘ he asked.

‘‘Yeah when stressed’‘

‘‘You did it together?’‘

She raised her brows and looked up at him. ‘‘I don’t do drugs’‘

He nodded. ‘‘Do you happen to know any of the dealers she worked with?’‘

‘‘Like I said,’‘ she said ‘‘I don’t do drugs’‘

‘‘Alright…’‘ he stretched out his hand to her ‘’…here is my business card, you can call me if you remember anyone or anything’‘

She hesisted. ‘‘Alright’‘

He left the scene.

















‘‘Do you think Mike is lying?’‘ Detective Gustavo asked the police officer in his office.

‘‘About what?’‘

‘‘About having an open marriage’‘

‘‘Yeah, I think he is’‘ The officer said.

‘‘What makes you think so?’‘ Gustavo asked.

Are you seriously a detective the officer thought. ‘‘The guy has no allibi’‘

‘‘You are right, What did you say was the name of the girl Mike was cheating on Cathrine?’‘

‘‘Ah….Tina,’‘ the officer said ‘‘I believe she’s one of his workmates’‘

‘‘Interesting, I believe the bastard did the killing’‘ Gustavo added.

‘‘You mean Mike?’‘ The officer asked.

The detective nodded.

‘‘Do you think the two of them planned the killing?’‘ The officer asked.

‘‘Yeah,’‘ Gustavo said ‘‘I need to check Cathrines life insurance’‘

The officer looked him in the eye.

‘‘Find me the contact number to Cathrines company’‘

‘‘Yes sir’‘ The officer left the room.

A few minutes later he came back with a piece of paper. ‘‘Here sir’‘

Detective Gustavo dialed the numbers on his phone, answer by the second ring.

‘‘Good afternoon, your name please’‘ A womans voice spoke through the phones speaker.

‘‘Detective Gustavo Black speaking’‘

‘‘Yes detective, how can we help you’‘

‘‘Called to inquire about Mrs Anderson life insurance, what does it say?’‘

‘‘Am sorry, you the one working on the murder?’‘ She asked.


‘‘Just give me a minute……’‘ A minute later ‘’….Ah it says, if she died on working hours then her husband gets $300 large’‘

‘‘Alright thank you very much’‘

‘‘Anything else?’‘ she asked.

‘‘No thank you not this time’‘ He hang up.

He looked at the officer. ‘‘Well, looks like the bastard really did it’‘

‘‘What’s the news?’‘ the officer asked.

‘‘The life insurance says that if she died on duty then her husband gets $300 large’‘ What ever that means the detective thought.

‘‘So what now?’‘ The officer asked.

‘‘Well, right now we can’t get him, we need concrete proof to do so’‘

‘‘What’s your plan?’‘ The officer asked.

‘‘To meet with the so called Tina and get her talking’‘ He stood up and grabbed his car keys.


In thirty minutes detective Gustavo reached and entered Diamond store.

‘‘Hello sir, how can we help you?’‘ Tina said to him.

‘‘Ah…’‘ Gustavo scratched his head ‘‘am looking for a girl called Tina, sounds familiar?’‘

‘‘That would be me’‘

He grabbed her by the arm. “You coming with me’‘

She withdrawn his grasp. “Excuse me’‘

He showed her his badge. ‘‘Detective Gustavo Black, like I said you coming with me’‘

‘‘But….but I didn’t do anything’‘ she pleaded.

‘‘Yeah but Your friend did, so lets go’‘ He grabbed her arm dragging her outside.

Simon the boss came running towards them. ‘‘Hey detective, make sure you get that bastard of her friend too, Mike, they are both thieves’‘

‘‘Am sorry sir but no one is arresting anyone’‘ He helped Tina get into the passegers seat of his x5 BMW, he walked around to the drivers seat and sped off leaving Simon at the entrance jaw dropped.

He parked his BMW at the police stations entrance. ‘‘Come with me’‘

She crossed her arms staying put.

‘‘I promise it won’t hurt, its just some questioning’‘

really she thought. ‘‘Alright’‘

He took her in the interrogation room. ‘‘Take a seat’‘

He looked at her. ‘‘I reckon you’re Mr. Andersons kept woman’‘

She looked away from him. ‘‘Um…Yes’‘ how did he know that?.

‘’How long has this being going, I mean the affair?’‘

Before there marriage. ‘‘Since me and Mike met’‘

‘‘And when was that?’‘

‘‘Ah….um..last two…two months ago’‘ She lied.

‘‘Now tell me,’‘ the detective said ‘‘did you two kill Cathrine?’‘

‘‘NO!…detective no’‘

He gave her a hard stare for intimidation. ‘‘Did you ever hear Mike talking about wanting to kill his wife?’‘

‘‘Not that I can remember’‘ She said.

‘‘Answer the question Ms Tina’‘

‘‘No’‘ She replied.

‘‘Okay,’‘ he asked ‘‘do you think Mike had any motive of killing his wife?’‘

You asking me. ‘‘Well….I don’t know,’‘ she paused before continuing ‘‘Look, Mike was strapped if there’s a motive then it got to be the one’‘

‘‘You think so?’‘ He asked.

Are you seriously a detective she thought. ‘‘I have an idea’‘

‘‘What is it?’‘

‘‘Look, me and Mike are so close, ‘’ that we even have sex together ‘’so I was thinking I walk up to him and confront him about the murder and see if he can budge’‘

‘‘That’s a great idea,’‘ The detective said ‘‘Where do you think he can be?’‘

‘‘Probably home, fake mourning, he has a day off’‘

‘‘Let’s get to it,’‘ he said ‘‘and you’ll have to wear a recorder’‘

How clumsy is that. ‘‘Yeah sure’‘





Mike was watching his favorite tv show two and half men when he heard a knock on the door.

He looked through the peep hole and swung the door open. ‘‘Tina, what do you want?’‘

She walked in passed him. ‘‘I need to speak to you’‘

He shut the door close and walked to the couch where she was. ‘‘What is it?’‘

‘‘Its the cops’‘ she said.

‘‘What about the cops?’‘

‘‘They are following me and making suggestions of me murdering your wife’‘

Mike legs fell weak. ‘‘I don’t know what you’re talking’‘

She looked up at him. ‘‘Did you do it?’‘

His lips twitched. ‘‘I….I…Like I said I don’t know what you’re talking about, now leave’‘

‘‘Huh,’‘ she said ‘‘you can’t be serious’‘


She stood up, walking away, but turned to him again. ‘‘If am going to leave, then I need to get out of this town’‘

‘‘What do you want?’‘ He asked.

‘‘For you to give me the money to get out of this time’‘

‘‘How much?’‘ He whiffed his nose.

‘‘Oh my God, you did do it, didn’t you?’‘

‘‘Leave my house, did they send you huh?’‘ He walked towards her.


‘‘The police, did they send you? get out’‘

‘‘Mike am trying to help you,’‘ she said ‘‘you not okay’‘

‘‘Get out!’‘

She ran to the door and he shut it behind her.

Outside she met with the detective. ‘‘Well,’‘ the detective started ‘‘how did it go’‘

‘‘Oh don’t act like you weren’t listening, you almost got me killed in there!’‘

‘‘What, he wasn’t going to do that’‘ the detective said.

‘‘You know what?’‘ she handed him the recorder ‘‘I quit!’‘

‘‘You can’t be serious’‘

‘‘Actually I’m,…. the Mike I saw in there,’‘ she wept ‘‘It wasn’t him, he looked confused, he looked nothing like him, he needs help, when I looked in his eyes all I saw was fire burning,’‘ She shook her head ‘‘I quit’‘

The detective nodded. ‘‘I understand, I mean you having an affair with him and this…..’‘

‘‘Thank you’‘ She left him.

Detective Gustavo returned in his vehicle to meet his colleagues. ‘‘You know what?,… am not giving up on this one, that bastard is going to face justice!’‘ He sped off.

















‘‘Sir, someone wants to see you’‘ The officer said to detective gustavo in his office.

‘‘Anyone I know?’‘

‘‘Ah,’‘ the officer said ‘‘No but she said she has some news on Cathrines murder’‘

‘‘Let her in’‘

‘‘Yes sir’‘ He left the office and came back with a petite brunnete in blue jeans and a white top.

‘‘You can leave us’‘

The officer left the room.

‘‘Take a seat’‘ detective said to the woman.

‘‘You said you have something very important for me’‘ Gustavo asked.

‘‘Ah…,yes, my name is Lasey Blue, and I think I know who murdered Cathrine’‘

‘‘Am listening’‘

She budged a little on the sit to comfortable herself. ‘‘I was watching the news on the death of Cathrine and when I saw the room’s number(504), it gave me a hunch on who might have killed her’‘

‘‘And who do you think did it?’‘

‘‘My husband David, A.KA. Strong-armer,…’‘

‘‘I think that guy is on our criminal records’‘

‘’…..Yeah he has done a couple of crimes in the past, I thought he had changed but he hasn’t, I found this in his pocket trouser when I was doing laundry’‘ Lasey handed the detective a piece of paper where it was written MURDER 504.

‘‘Just before her death the two of them met….and he left him that note’‘ she said.

‘‘Who?….who left him the note?’‘

‘‘Mike….Mike Anderson, Cathrines husband….’‘

‘‘I knew it’‘ The detective interrupted.

‘‘Now the thing is I never heard of anything of their conversation but I think I can make him talk’‘

‘‘You mean your husband?’‘ Gustavo asked.


‘‘There’s no time lets get to it’‘

They both stood up leaving the room.

‘‘Hey Albert!, come with me, job calls’‘ Gustavo said to one of the officers.

Outside she got into her Rav4 and drove off while detective Gustavo trailed behind her in his X5BMW.

About thirty minutes drive and she pulled along the road, she climbed out and walked to where detective Gustavo car was parked.

‘‘This is a recorder, its not just going to record but allow us to hear the conversation as well’‘

She snatched it from his hands. ‘‘Wish me luck’‘ she crossed to the other side of the road and walked in her house.

‘‘Hi, baby’‘ she found David relaxing with his back on the couch.

‘‘Where did you go?’‘ David asked.

‘‘I need to talk to you’‘

‘‘About what?’‘

‘‘About Cathrines death’‘

He sat up. ‘‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’‘

‘‘Of course you do,…how do you explain this?’‘ She showed him the piece of paper.

He snatched it from her hand. ‘‘Where did you get this!’‘

‘‘Oh my God you did it, didn’t you?,… David!’‘ Tears fell down from her eyes.

‘‘Shh, seat down I tell you what happened”

She sat down.

‘‘Mike called me, right before her death saying he has a business for me, I told him to meet me home because I had no idea it had anything to do with…..with murder, but believe me I tried, the bastard couldn’t just give up, he kept on increasing the bucks I would get and it just so hit me, how much I can do to such amount of money’‘

‘‘How much did he offer you?’‘ she asked.

‘‘One million dollars,… he said his wife life insurance said something about him having to get $300 million if she died on duty’‘

‘‘And so you agreed on killing her’‘

‘‘I went to her hotel room, knocked on her door and said am one of the workers upgrading the hotel….she let me in, immediately she turned her back on me I….I strangled her with my belt and raped her’‘ He buried his head in his hand regretting.

‘‘You what!…..My God David, what have you gotten yourself into?’‘

‘‘You not going to report me, are you?’‘ he asked.

‘‘No….’‘ he looked relieved ‘’….Because the police are outside’‘

‘‘Out…’‘ before he had finished talking detective Gustavo burst the door open and the officer cuffed him.

‘‘You’re under arrest’‘ The officer dragged David outside in the vehicle.

‘‘Thank you very much Ms Lasey’‘ Gustavo said.

‘‘Mrs Blue’‘ she corrected.

‘‘Yes, Mrs Blue,..’‘ he handed her his card ‘‘If there is anything you need please call me’‘ He left her and drove off with David in the rear seat.

A few days later both David and Mike faced the Jury. Mike was sentenced to thirty years in prison while David was sentenced to life.











‘‘Simon, what do you want?’‘ Simon paid Mike a visit in prison.

‘‘So tell me, how does it feel behind bars where you belong’‘

‘‘What do you want?’‘ he asked him again.

‘‘Tina was saying hi’‘

‘‘She came this morning’‘

‘‘Oh did she tell you I fired her?’‘ Simon asked.

‘‘You what?’‘

‘‘I got her arse laid’‘

Mike nodded. ‘‘Is that why you came here?’‘

‘‘Oh just wanted to do what I have been meaning to do’‘

‘‘And whats that?’‘ Mike asked.

‘‘You’re fired!’‘ He said walking away.




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Homicide Hotel

  • Author: Andre' Mwansa
  • Published: 2016-10-06 18:50:22
  • Words: 5348
Homicide Hotel Homicide Hotel