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Homeless #1





By Christopher Lee Cousino





Homeless Short Story Series



Christopher Lee Cousino


Shakespir EDITION



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Homeless #1

Homeless Short Story Series

Copyright © 2016 by Christopher Lee Cousino



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HOMELESS is a work of fiction.

Names, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.























Billie Sue Cousino

















“Show me a hero and I shall write you a tragedy”


Chapter 1


“I am seventeen years old and you cannot tell me what to do! I’m not some damn baby anymore, Daddy, and I’m going out with Mark whether you like it or not!”

“Don’t you speak to me that way, Rose! You will obey me and your mother’s rules as long as you live under our roof!” Randy Hudson said as he followed his daughter through their home as she grabbed her purse, coat, and cell phone.

“Well maybe I won’t live under your roof anymore! Mark has his own place and would love to have me move in with him. You and Mom can go to hell!” Rose screamed.

Then she spun around, opened the door and sprinted down the walkway to the waiting car of her boyfriend Mark. Randy stood in the doorway and yelled his oldest daughter’s name, then locked eyes with her boyfriend. He gave the weasel the worst look he could muster.

Randy hoped that it conveyed he would rip the punk’s heart out if he hurt his little girl. But the smug son of a bitch just smiled as Rose buried her face in Mark’s shoulder. Then they sped off. Randy hung his head a minute, then shut the door and headed back inside.

Randy knew there was something off about that little bastard. Didn’t matter much though, his daughter still wanted to spend all her time with Mark. Hopefully, Rose would come back before too late, or he’d have to go looking for her. Sighing, Randy rubbed his temples, hoping it would dull the pain of too much worrying about his quickly growing daughter. He knew she thought she knew everything there was to know about life and love, but she didn’t. She was still just a baby, his baby…one of them at least.

Randy smiled as he walked into the kitchen and saw his younger daughter Daffodil working on homework at the table. At thirteen she was so much more level headed and mature than Rose, maybe even more than him. She was always the calm in the storm called Rose.

“Hey Daffy, what are ya workin’ on?” He asked.

Daffy had always been Randy’s nickname for Daffodil, since the day she was born.

“A little math, just exploring the exciting world of geometry,” Daffodil answered. Without looking up from her homework, Daffodil continued. “Dad, why does Rose have to be such a bitchface?”

Randy scoffed.

“Honey, don’t talk like that.” Realizing he didn’t mean to sound so stern, Randy softened as he continued. “Sorry you had to hear all that. Where are your mom and little Lou at?”

Lou was Randy’s youngest child, and only son. He was seven, and after his wife Mallory named the two girls after her favorite pastime, gardening, Randy finally got to name their son after his. Lou Whitaker, Randy’s favorite Detroit Tigers player of all time.

“Lou ran to his room when you and bitchface started arguing, and mom is in your guys’ room,” Daffodil said. She stopped writing, and then looked up at Randy. For a moment, he could see a crack in the tough armor of his little tomboy as she continued. “I think she is crying again.”

Randy sighed.

“Hon, don’t use that language, alright? No matter how mad you get, it doesn’t make it okay. Well, get back to work darlin’. I’m gonna go check on the rest of the Hudson clan,” he said.

Randy passed Daffodil and kissed her on the head. As he did, he noticed her book bag out of the corner of his eye. It was an old Power Puff Girls book bag she had gotten 5 years earlier. The ratty thing had seen better days. Randy chuckled and shook his head.

“When are you going to get rid of that old book bag and get a new one, honey?” He asked.

Daffodil smirked and patted her bag.

“Don’t talk about PPG that way, Dad. She and I have been through so much together. I will never get rid of this beauty,” she said.

Randy just smiled.

Daffy was cut from a different mold. He was willing to bet that she was more into the kick she got out of people’s reactions at the bag than she was at the bag itself. She loved to joke around and no doubt enjoyed the humor the old bag allowed her to work with to make her classmates laugh. She also didn’t like to go with the crowd, and what better way to stand up to the majority than to have an outdated, ratty old back pack on when you walked through the halls.

“Good for you, honey. Alright, I’m gonna go check on Lou and Mom now,” he said.

Randy gave her shoulder a squeeze and patted her back before heading through the kitchen. As he passed the stairway, Randy could hear Lou’s video games in full swing upstairs. He knew his little guy would be okay for a bit, lost in his own world. Randy would check on him later.

Heading towards the master bedroom, he stopped at the door and took a deep breath. Cracking the door open, Randy peeked in. Mallory was curled up on the bed hugging a pillow, sobbing softly. Randy slipped into the room, closed the door gently and eased into bed beside her, wrapping his arms around the love of his life.

Rose and Mallory had been inseparable from Rose’s birth. They were like two peas in a pod, with Daffodil and Lou being more like Randy. The two of them loved to work in the garden together, go shopping together, and share a bowl of popcorn and watch TLC and Lifetime together. They were best friends, until Rose turned 15 and it was no longer cool to be best friends with your mom. And of course she started really liking boys.

Mallory had had a hard time with it, but Randy and her both agreed it was a phase Rose would grow out of, but it had just gotten worse and worse. Her language and disrespectful behavior increased, and it had spun out of control when she met Mark.

He was two years older than her and he had his own apartment. How he could afford it, Randy was unsure, since the boy had probably never worked an honest day’s work in his life, which led to Randy’s conclusion that he was in a gang, selling drugs or who knows what. The little punk had always been really vague about what he did for a living when Randy had asked him, and always with a smirk on his damn face. All Randy did know was that he hoped this infatuation would end before his little girl got hurt.

“Rose is gone, babe. She left with Mark. If she isn’t back by 10, I will go find her,” Randy said.

“What did we do wrong, Randy? All we have ever done is love her. She is going to be graduating high school in a couple weeks. We should be dealing with that, not this Mark crap. Why did that little jerk ever have to come along? Why couldn’t she just date Georgie?” Mallory asked.

Randy smiled.

“Mal, you know why she didn’t want to date Georgie. One, he is like a brother to her since they have been pals since they wore diapers. And two, I love the kid to death, but he is kind of a…how can I put this nicely? Well, he is kind of dweeby,” he said.

“What!? Randy you are terrible. Georgie Nall is a nice boy. Although, he could use a visit from the What Not to Wear team. I guess it might help if his voice wasn’t so high pitched, and if he had better skin, and…okay, well, at least he is a sweet, smart dweeb,” Mallory said as she rolled toward her husband and smiled, wiping the remaining tears from her face before continuing. “Do you think this is really just a phase she is going through, or do you think this is the new Rose, for good?”

“Nah, she has our genes, she can’t be a pain in the ass for too long. Wait. Whoops, maybe it isn’t a good thing she has our genes then,” Randy said as he smiled and chuckled, but Mallory only gave a weak half grin in response. He sighed and put his forehead to hers so their noses touched as he continued. “Shoot, sweets, I don’t know what is going to happen, but we will get through it together. Come on now, we got two kids who don’t hate us waiting on dinner. What do you want tonight, I figure ordering in always cheers us all up.”

“Yeah, that sounds good. But it isn’t the ordering in that always cheers us up. It’s you, mister wonderful. Come here and let me show you my appreciation,” Mallory said as she pulled Randy close and spun so that he was on top of her and started to kiss him. Randy pulled away and smiled.

“Honey, what about Daffy and Lou?” He asked.

“I think they will be okay for…hmm. What would you say, we probably only need about five minutes, right, big guy?” Mallory asked with a wink.

Randy smiled.

“Hey now! That is probably being a little too kind. It’s something to shoot for though.”



Damn she is a fine little piece, Mark Baker thought to himself. You really are one slick bastard, and not too bad looking yourself. He tore his eyes away from his girlfriend, Rose Hudson, ordering some food to look in his rearview mirror.

Mark was young and clean shaven, with a strong jaw line, and was athletic and muscular. His hair was painstakingly messed up to perfection. Mark could get any girl he wanted, and he did. Rose didn’t know that. He made sure she thought she was his one and only, his soul mate. What a load of bull that was, and he couldn’t believe how easily Rose ate it all up. She had definitely watched too many rom-coms. But whatever kept her giving him that sweet body was worth the act.

Mark wasn’t sure what he would tell her if she really wanted to move in with him. He couldn’t have that, not with all the other girls. No, that would really cramp his style. He couldn’t break it off with her, though. She was his and no one else’s. Not like he had much to worry about. The only other guy she talked to was that pathetic loser Georgie. What a dweeb. Mark’s butthole was better looking than that dude. Heh, he thought. His butthole was better looking than that dude…that is good stuff, he’d have to remember that one. He should write a book on being cool.

No, he didn’t have to worry about Georgie Peorgie, or any other guy for that matter. If she tried to get with another guy he would just beat the crap out of them, or kill them. Won’t matter though, she’d never leave him. Not as long as he can keep this arrangement going. He can be the perfect boyfriend part time, keep hitting that, and then continue to get all the play he wanted on the side. As long as her “daddy dearest” didn’t come between them.

Mark couldn’t believe what a putz that guy was. He thought he was so tough because he’s a big dude and has a “real job” as he puts it. He owns a construction company, or something, Rose had told him once. Thought he could scare him by trying to give him the evil eyes….the pussy. If “father of the year” gets to be too annoying he will have his boys take care of him, or he will just do it himself. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. That’s what his dad always told him.

Mark’s dad was doing 25 to life for shooting some clerk during a liquor store robbery. Mark had been writing and visiting his dad at the prison for a long time. He had only been 6 when his dad got locked up, but that would change eventually. Someday he would get out and Mark would bring him into what he had going. That was what else he couldn’t let Rose or her daddy find out about, his “business” and his “friends”.

He was part of the New Age Brotherhood. It was a gang that had started in the last couple of years and was quickly taking over Detroit, Michigan and the surrounding areas. He had gotten started near the group’s beginning, recruited by his cousin and the group’s leader Blane. Mark had been made a lieutenant, and had guys twice his age working under him selling drugs and girls in this section of the gang’s turf. The money was great and all, as was being part of the gang. But if there was one thing that he’d check in the “Things I don’t like about my job” box, it would be working with his cousin. Mostly because his cousin Blane was a crazy nutjob.

He was always twitching, not sure if it was all the drugs or if he had turret’s or what, but it had always made Mark uncomfortable as hell. What made it so dang creepy was that through the jerks and twitches, he maintained a calm demeanor, never taking his eyes off the person he was talking to…or killing. He had his head shaved and tattooed, and had a long beard shaped into four spikes. Messed up looking bastard, and he had the messed up personality to match. Mark had seen Blane torture, rape, and kill lots of people, and it was definitely not a pretty sight. His cousin was one psychotic, homicidal dude. Didn’t matter though, he got results.

They had started off small, selling some drugs in uncontrolled areas, running some prostitutes out here and there, and then they started gaining members. Eventually they were able to take down area gangs one by one due to Blane’s sadistic personality and his knack for getting some heavy weapons. They would always get a couple members from a rival gang to join up with them. Blane called them Judas converts. Then Blane would use their betrayal and knowledge to take down each gang.

He would take no prisoners, killing every single rival gang member. After a while, that helped them get future Judas converts. Hell, they had gotten so powerful that nowadays if they came after a gang, the members of the other gang just joined up out of fear without even fighting. Not that there were many other gangs out there that came anywhere near the New Age Brotherhood’s turf.

Once they got rolling, things really took off. They got into high society drug dealings and prostitution rings, and due to the fact that some of their customers were members of the police force and city hall, they always had a get out of jail free card. Yeah, things were pretty good. They basically ran the city. But things got even better when Blane had an idea to start abducting young girls and selling them to the highest bidder all over the city, country, and world. It was really an oil mine. Mark wasn’t sure the risk was worth the reward at first, but man was he wrong. It’s amazing what old pervs all over the place would pay to get a piece of illegal tail.

He’d actually had Rose in mind for that when he first met her, but she gave such good head and was so hot, he had to keep her for himself. Yeah, there is no way she could find out what he really did. The sound of Rose’s voice tore him from his thoughts.

“Hey, baby boy, I got you one of those foot longs you love and a root beer. Maybe if I’m a good girl, you will let me have your foot long later,” she said as she leaned into Mark, her breasts touching his arm. He winked as he responded.

“Well, maybe. If you’re really good.”



Oh my gosh, he is so hot, Rose Hudson thought as she stared at her boyfriend. She just loved being his girlfriend. All her friends were so jealous of her and Mark. She always had so much fun with him, even after her big fight with Daddy tonight. Although she would love to move in with him, she wasn’t ready for that yet. She would have some alone time at his place with him after dinner, but make sure she was home by curfew. She knew Daddy loved her and was just trying to protect her, but why did he have to hate Mark so much? Her parents were so wrong about him. He was so sweet and understanding. Her perfect boyfriend had a job too and not an illegal one, no matter what Daddy says. That reminded her.

“I forgot to ask earlier how your day was. How was work?” She asked.

Mark grinned.

“Oh you know, honey. The sales profession is a real bear.”



“So she went out with that douche bag again, huh, Randy?” Asked Bill Cutler, the Vice President of Hudson Construction and also Randy Hudson’s best friend.

“Yeah, Billy. But thank God she came home by curfew. I was sitting on the porch waiting for her, keys in my hand ready to raise hell at his apartment if she wasn’t home. But sure enough, his little ‘stang rolled up at 10 o’clock on the dot,” Randy said.

Randy and Bill were sitting in Randy’s office at Hudson Construction. They had been friends since the third grade and when Randy’s dad died a few years back and left Randy the family business, he’d been in way over his head. He’d worked for his dad his whole life and loved the work, but when it came to running the business he was definitely chasing his tail. So he brought in Bill to do the business side of things so Randy could just oversee and continue to do a lot of the physical work. Bill was always more into numbers than he was anyways.

“Man, if I was you I would knock the teeth right out of that cheesy smile of his,” Bill said.

Bill always loved to fight, even though he was only a shade under 6 foot compared to Randy’s 6 foot 5, Randy had seen firsthand what he was capable of.

“Sure, Billy. That would look great in the paper. 34 year old local construction company owner charged with assault charges for beating a 19 year old boy. I can see the jobs just rolling in after that,” Randy said.

Luckily, jobs rolling in were not a problem. They had not been hurt much by the economy like some other companies. His grandfather started Hudson Construction 50 years ago and he and Randy’s dad had built up trust and a great reputation in the city. Anyone needed a job done in the Detroit area, Hudson was the first name they thought of. The money the business brought in allowed Mallory to be a stay at home mom and for his family to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, living in a beautiful house in a very nice area in Royal Oak.

“Maybe you’re right, Randy. I do somewhat enjoy what we got going here. So, what did Rose give ya when she walked up to the house? A hug or the cold shoulder?” Bill asked.

“Believe it or not she hugged me and apologized for earlier in the night, and then she gave me a smooch, said she loved me, and told me she knows I am just looking out for her but that I am wrong about Mark,” Randy replied.

“Well you and me both know you aren’t. So what’d ya tell her, man?” Bill asked.

“I told her we could agree to disagree for now,” Randy said. Then he chuckled.

Billy arched an eyebrow.

“What’s so funny?” Bill asked.

“Oh nothing, Billy. I was just thinking of something Mallory said last night. She was right too. It would be so much easier if she could just be in love with good ol’ Georgie,” Randy said.

Now it was Billy’s turn to chuckle.

“Ya, ain’t that the truth. Sweet kid that Georgie. But, brother, that boy sure is a dweeb.”

Chapter 4


“Georgie, Georgie how many times we gotta tell you? Freaks like you need to pay guys like us to keep you from getting pounded,” Chett Thomas said.

“But you guys are the ones who pound on me!” George Nall said.

He was standing with his back to his locker, face to face with three bullies: Mitch, Pete, and their leader and spokesperson Chett. These guys avoided needing an after school job by doing what bullies do best, bullying those they saw as weak or scared out of money. George was their most popular target, and not because he always paid, but because he always refused.

“You make a good point, loser. So, pay up and we’ll leave you bruise free and standing for once,” Chett said.

George kept his eyes locked with Chett. He didn’t like getting beat up, but he ran his own computer repair and sales business from his parent’s house and worked too hard to give these jerks his money. Planting his feet, George glared as he answered the bullies.


Chett’s eyes widened and his nostrils flared.

“Screw you, you prissy little bitch! You think because you know about computers and are all sama Cuma latte or some bull that you’re better than us? That you are better than me?! Look at you! You look like a fat, white Steve Urkle!” Chett yelled angrily.

He was nearly nose to nose with George, breathing a tad bit too heavily for anyone with sane, non-homicidal thoughts. A fat, white Steve Urkle…ouch, George thought.

“I said no, Chett. And no, I don’t think I’m better than you. I know I am. And by the way, it’s Suma Cum Late. It’s a grade status, not a drink, you idiot. And by the way, can I be brutally honest with you for a minute? You should also use some of your bullying money to buy some mints because your breath smells like the men’s locker room,” George said.

Probably not the smartest thing to say to an angry hormonal bully, George thought, but this guy really got his cortaroids in a bunch. George didn’t enjoy his comeback for long, as Chett gave him a knee to the gut and shoved him down hard to the floor. George covered his head and braced for the wave of kicks coming his way, but before one kick could rattle his ribs he heard the voice of an angel. His angel.

“Hey, get away from him!” Rose Hudson called as she came running down the hall and that, along with her outburst, began to draw attention.

Chett knelt down close to George and whispered in his ear.

“This isn’t over, Georgie Peorgie.”

Then he stood up and he and his cronies strutted away, but not before paying their respects to Rose with some howls, crotch grabbing and air humping.

“Georgie, are you okay?” Rose asked.

George felt her hand on his shoulder and looked up into the face of his future wife. Of course, she didn’t know that yet. He caught his breath and put on his best smile.

“Shoot, Rosie, I was just looking for my contact. Chett and his shadows can’t hurt the G-meister,” he said.

She helped him to his feet and shook her head, trying to hide a smile.

“G-meister? You know I hate when you call yourself that. And by the way, tough guy, you wear glasses and have never had contacts!” She said, throwing her hands up in the air.

“Darn, your right. I guess I just got my arse kicked again ma’lady,” George said in a horrible British accent with a wink.

Rose smiled a second longer before turning serious.

“Seriously though, George Walter Nall, you are going to get hurt. Why won’t you just pay them so they’ll leave you alone?” She asked.

George shook his head.

“Rosie, those guys wouldn’t bug me any less if I paid them. Besides, it’s about principals. You wouldn’t understand. It’s a guy thing,” he said.

Rose smiled and got a faraway look in her eyes.

“You sound like Mark. He is always saying that to me about his job. Oh babe, it’s a guy thing,” she said, giggling after doing her Mark impression.

As cute as George found her giggle to be it didn’t help the sinking feeling he felt at the mention of Mark.

“Yeah, Rosie, I’m not sure Mark’s job can be referred to as a guy thing. I am pretty sure women can sell drugs and act like a jerk,” George said.

He blamed the lack of oxygen to his brain following the knee to his gut, but whatever the reason, he instantly regretted his response. Rose’s face twisted angrily into a scowl.

“Screw you, Georgie. You sound just like my dad. You don’t know Mark and have no right to judge him. You are supposed to be my friend,” she said, obviously hurt.

George felt his stomach knot up and opened his mouth to apologize but Rose cut him off with a hand in his face.

“Whatever, Georgie. See ya around.”

Before George could get out an apology, she was stomping away with her arms folded.

He shouldn’t have said what he’d said. He hated to see her upset and he was supposed to be her friend. But he wanted to be more. Much more. George had always loved her and wanted to try and tell her but Marky Mark was a big teenie-bopper-heart-throb of an obstacle. If he was a good guy, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Sure, George would still be bummed, but at least he’d know Rose was loved and safe. Not the case with Mark.

The guy was a real piece of work and didn’t deserve Rose. Maybe Rose was right. Maybe Mark didn’t sell drugs, but it did seem to explain the nice car, expensive clothes, and nice apartment that belonged to a nineteen-year-old kid from a poor family with a dad in prison. None of that mattered right now though. Only Rose’s feelings mattered.

George would give her some time to cool off, and then he’d try and patch things up. Being her BFF might not be what he wanted, but it was better than nothing.

Chapter 5


“Nice throw, Lou. That arm of yours is really getting to be something,” Randy said as he fired the baseball back to his son in their backyard.

They played catch quite a bit, more so at this time of year when the school year was ending and summer brought Lou’s baseball league.

“Thanks, Dad,” Lou said as he tossed it back. Then he rubbed the grass with his foot, looking down and seeming distracted.

Randy knew his son, and he could tell there was something on his mind.

“What’s up, little man? I can tell something’s eating at you. So, spit it out,” Randy said.

Lou kept looking down and bit his lip before responding.

“I just wanted to tell you that I think you are a great dad. Rose says mean things about you and I try to stick up for you, but then she yells at me too. It makes me mad because the things she says, they just aren’t true, Dad. I hope she really does move out so she won’t yell at all of us anymore,” Lou said.

Poor little guy, Randy thought. He knew Lou loved his sister, but all the yelling and fighting was obviously getting to him. Randy took off his glove and motioned Lou over to the patio and some deck chairs.

“Have a seat, buddy. Let’s have a chat,” he said.

Lou trudged over and plopped down, not looking up and folding his arms.

“Now I know that Rose can be a handful and she uses words she shouldn’t, but we love her and definitely don’t want her to move out. She is too young to make it on her own and she needs us. This is all just a rough patch and she will get through it,” Randy said.

Lou took in what Randy had said, rubbing his chin.

“So, you mean it is kind of like when Verlander gets in a rough patch with the Tigers and eventually figures it out and gets back to pitching like an all-star?” Lou asked, hopeful.

Randy slapped Lou on the thigh.

“Exactly! Nice sports analogy, buddy. Now, you love your sister, right?” Randy asked.

Lou started fidgeting with his hands, still looking down.

“Yeah,” he said.

“And you know she loves you, right?” Randy asked.

“Yeah, I guess,” Lou replied.

Randy clapped his hands and stood up, putting his glove back on.

“Well, then, there you go! That is all that matters. Things get tough sometimes, and I know it’s not fair, but we just gotta ride this out and Rose will be back to acting like an all-star in no time, little man. Now, let’s see if I can throw you some super high fly balls to catch,” Randy said with a wink.

Lou jumped up with the smile Randy had come to love and started running back to his original catch spot. Before the fun could begin, however, Mallory stuck her head out the slider.

“Hey, how are my two favorite fellas doing out here?” Mallory asked.

“Great, babe. What’s up?” Randy asked his wife.

Mallory looked back in behind her and then rolled her eyes before continuing.

“Mark is here to pick up Rose for their supposed date we knew nothing about. Thought you might want to say hi since he came inside to pick her up for once.”

Interesting, Randy thought. Mark generally liked to stay as far away from him as possible.

“Thanks, hon. I will be right in,” Randy said.

Mallory closed the door and Randy looked at Lou and smiled. Lou just shrugged his shoulders and the two headed back inside the house.

Mark was sitting with Rose on the couch, leaning back with his arm around her, looking far too comfortable in Randy’s house. Daffodil was doing homework as always at the bar, and when Randy glanced at her she gave him a smirk.

“Mark, how nice of you to grace us with your presence. To what do we owe this great honor?” Randy asked, not hiding his sarcasm one bit.

Mark just stayed cool and calm, but Rose shot Randy some daggers. Mark flashed a slimy smirk before answering.

“Look, Mr. H.-” Randy hated when he called him that, “-there is no reason to be hostile. Rose thought I could come in and say hi to the family, maybe try to smooth things over since you all seem to have some reservations with me dating Rose,” he said.

You bet your ass I have reservations, Randy thought. But he decided to play it cool since Mark seemed to be doing the same.

“Now, Mark, as long as you treat Rose with the respect, kindness, and dignity she deserves, then you have our blessing to date her,” Randy said.

Mark did none of those things, at least not honestly. Suddenly, Mark stood up.

“Well, thanks for the blessing, big guy. Although, I definitely don’t need it,” he said.

You little son of a bitch, Randy thought.

Mark reached down and took Rose’s hand, pulling her up next to him as he continued.

“We are going to get going. Thanks as always for the hospitality, Mr. H. Mrs. H, still looking fine as always. I definitely know where Rose gets her rockin’ body from. If I was older, or you were a lot younger…yum,” Mark said with a wink.

Randy’s rage boiled over at the pass at his wife. The little weasel had gone too far.

Randy walked up behind the exiting couple and grabbed Rose by the arm, pulling her back behind him. Mark spun around and looked straight ahead at Randy’s chest, then up to his face, and what he saw there put a crack in his cool, calm persona.

“You will not disrespect my wife or anyone else in my family ever again. Get the hell out of my house and stay away from my daughter. You are no longer welcome here and if you try to see Rose, I will make you regret it,” Randy said through gritted teeth.

Mark seemed lost for words and Randy thought he saw a glimmer of fear, but then the little weasel shook it off and his cocky attitude resurfaced as he took a step back and smiled.

“You are all talk. You can threaten me all day, but you and me both know you ain’t nothing but a pussy. I will gladly stay away from this dump, but I will definitely be seeing Rose again, including tonight-” He looked around Randy and at Rose before continuing, “-Rose, I will be outside waiting, come out there and we can get on with our night.”

He winked at Randy then on his way out the door took one more shot as he glanced at Mallory.

“Hey, Mrs. H, if you ever want a real man, give me a call and I will take you for a ride to see my dad over at Mound Correctional. He is allowed one congenital visit per month,” he said as he shut the door behind him.

Mark was down the sidewalk before Randy could even finish soaking in what the little prick had just said. Randy’s fists were clenched and he had to take a few deep breaths to calm himself before turning to Rose.

“You are not, and I repeat, are not, going anywhere with that piece of trash tonight or any night ever again. Is that clear young lady?” Randy said.

Rose had her hands on her hips and just shook her head angrily.

“The only thing I understand is that you are so overprotective you make up crap in your mind about Mark and then push him until he gets mad and fights back. You are such a jerk, Dad, and consider this my last night in this hell hole. I am moving in with Mark, officially right now!” Rose said as she started past Randy.

He grabbed her arm to stop her. As Randy did so, Rose spun around and slapped him across the face. Randy released her arm and stood stunned, tears filling his eyes as he watched his little girl walk out the door. Silence filled the room, until Daffodil cleared her throat.

“Does this mean I get her room?”

Chapter 6


“I can’t believe she slapped me! I can’t believe my Rose slapped me and left with that piece of garbage. And him! I…I can’t believe the things that rat bastard said to you. I just want to go over to his apartment and rip his head off. He is such a little asshole!” Randy said angrily.

He was pacing back and forth in their master bedroom, while Mallory sat on the bed. Lou and Daffodil were in bed and it was after ten…Rose’s curfew.

“I know, baby, I know. He is a smug little cockroach and I didn’t like what he said either. But going over there and beating him up, although entertaining, will cause us more problems than solutions. I am just as shocked and disappointed in Rose’s behavior as you are, but I need you to calm down so that we can figure out what we are gonna do about all this,” Mallory said.

Randy stopped pacing and put his hands on his head. He blew out a big breath and tried to push down the anger. Dropping his arms to his side, he sat down by Mallory on the bed, burying his face in her neck.

“I don’t know, honey. I honestly don’t know what to do. She hasn’t been gone long enough to file a missing person’s report, and I don’t think a kidnapping charge would hold up since he is 19 and she is 17 and is at his apartment by choice. If I take her by force not only would she just go back, but he could call the cops on me for breaking and entering, which I am sure he would.

“I don’t think there is anything we can do tonight. We will just have to try to get some sleep and hope she either comes home by herself, or we get a brilliant idea,” Randy said.

Mallory nodded slowly.

Randy raised his head and gave Mallory a half smile.

“They sure never talked about any of this in all those child birth classes we took. Did they, babe?” He asked.

With anger in still in her eyes, Mallory responded.

“Those were just for dealing with cute, loveable little babies. Not rude, self-centered teenagers who would rather side with their jackass, sleazeball boyfriend than the parents that have sacrificed everything for them.”

“Speak it, sister!” Randy said, still smiling.

Mallory’s eyes softened. Then she smiled back at Randy and took his face in both her hands.

“Like you always say, we will get through this. Right, baby?” She asked.

“Yes, I promise,” he said.

Randy leaned in and kissed Mallory, forgetting for a second all the rage and anxiety the night had created.

He took his wife in his arms and guided her to the bed, hoping to spend some time in a world that only involved the love of his life and no clothes, where no thinking was necessary. Mallory wrapped her legs around him and kissed him back, harder and more passionate than he had anticipated. She must have had the same idea. The two pushed all the drama and frustration of the night aside and focused on each other as their bodies entangled more, becoming one.


Randy woke to the sound of the phone ringing. He looked over at Mallory still sleeping, and gently rolled her off his chest and arm and onto her side. She always was a heavy sleeper. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the clock. It was 12:30 in the morning.

Randy grabbed the phone and mumbled a hello. He heard sniffling and someone started talking between sobs, it was Rose.

“Daddy, please come get me. You were right about Mark. I am so sorry and I just want to come home. He…He…please just hurry Daddy, please!”

Randy hopped up quickly and started getting dressed.

“I will be there in a few minutes okay, honey. I love you, everything will be okay. Are you safe?” He asked.

If Mark had done anything to hurt her, Randy didn’t know if he would be able to stop himself from killing the little bastard.

“Yes, Daddy. I locked myself in the bathroom but please hurry! Mark is pounding on the door and telling me he is going to kick the door in if I don’t come out. Oh, Daddy, he is scaring me. There are people here that are so weird and gross and there are girls…girls doing things that…oh, Daddy, please just come get me please! Ahh!” Randy got chills as the call was cut off following a loud bang and Rose screaming.

He had never heard his little girl so terrified and upset. Randy hoped Mark hadn’t finally kicked the door in. When he tried to call Rose back it went straight to voicemail. He better get over there.

“What is going on, honey?” Mallory said. She had woken up and was staring wide eyed with worry at Randy.

“That was Rose. She said she wants me to come get her and that we were right about Mark. She is scared…and crying,” Randy said.

Mallory flipped off the covers and started getting dressed herself. Randy could hear her mumbling under her breath. Something about “a slimy toad”, “hurt my baby”, “murder that bastard”, “butcher knife”, and he swore he heard a “testicles” thrown in there. Randy smiled. Damn, he loved this woman. Then he walked over and put a hand on each of his wife’s trembling arms.

“Mal, you need to stay here with Daffy and Lou. Rose said there were a bunch of weird people there, so I don’t want to put you in harm’s way. It will be fine. I will get our little girl and bring her home where she belongs. You stay here,” he said.

Mallory closed her eyes and sighed, then her arms relaxed and she looked at Randy and nodded. Randy kissed her and hurried out of the room, hoping he would get to Mark’s before anything bad happened to his little girl.

Chapter 7


Daddy was so right, Rose Hudson thought as she huddled in the corner of the bathroom.

She had her knees up to her chin and was holding onto her legs tightly, keeping her eyes closed and hoping Mark would just go away. While she had been talking to Daddy, Mark had kicked the door in and grabbed her phone and threw it in the toilet. She could hear him breathing and was terrified to look into his face and see that terrible look in his eyes that she had never seen before. What had happened to make her relationship, her night, and her life go to hell so fast?

It had all started when they’d left her parents’ house after she had slapped Daddy. God, that was so mean, how was he ever going to forgive her? She had been acting like such a bitch lately. Please get here soon, Daddy, she thought anxiously.

She had gotten into Mark’s car frustrated with her parents but excited about her future with him. They were gonna move into together and it was going to be perfect. When she told Mark she was moving out of her parents’ house and in with him, he seemed irritated. He had started making excuses and saying it wasn’t a good idea. She thought maybe he was just scared of that big of a commitment or worried for her moving out at such a young age. Then when she asked if they could just go to his place instead of out on their planned date, he started making more excuses. She had really started to get a weird feeling then. Frustrated, she insisted they spend some time alone at their future place since she was too upset to go out. He had always said his place was hers and that she could come over anytime. Rose had wondered why he was being such a freak about it all.

After she started to get a little angrier, he finally agreed and told her to “calm the fuck down”. She couldn’t believe her ears. Mark had never cursed at her. Rose was upset but she was glad he was finally coming around, so she let it go. He said a couple of his friends were crashing at his place and he would have to call them. The call went straight to their voicemail and he seemed really annoyed and anxious as he left a message saying to get everyone out of the apartment because he was coming with his special girl. Mark then started trying to get her to talk about Daddy and how she felt about things and kept driving in circles. It seemed to Rose like he was stalling.

They finally got to his apartment an hour later after she kept begging, and then eventually got annoyed and impatient, yelling at Mark to just go there. When they arrived, Rose noticed there were a bunch of cars and tons of people out front, on the balcony, and it looked like all over inside. She’d wondered if there was a party or something. It didn’t look like a party she wanted to be at.

The party “guests” there were scary and old, and there were a lot of slutty looking girls Rose thought were dressed like prostitutes all over the place. She had asked Mark what the hell was going on, but he had just dismissed her question with his hand and said to wait in the car. Then he’d run inside slapping fives with guys who were hanging out and smoking in front of his apartment. A few minutes later he had come back out.

Mark told her to come inside and meet some of his friends. She didn’t want to but at least he seemed calmer and more like himself. When she got close to him he smelled really weird, like incense or something like that. Rose felt really uncomfortable but went along with him anyways.

He’d introduced her to some guys, who just smiled and looked at her like a piece of meat. She was really freaked out but thought Mark would protect her. They sat down with some other people and Mark started drinking. Rose was shocked again. She didn’t know he drank. He kept drinking, and smoking…cigarettes and other things. She was in shock, not able to believe that her sweet Mark could be wrapped up with this kind of stuff and with these kinds of people.

He started acting disrespectful to her the more he drank, and some of his friends were starting to sit closer to her and were smiling at her and trying to rub her back. When she asked him to tell them to stop, he just laughed and said for her to show his friends how good she was at giving head. All the creepers had laughed and started touching themselves and huddling around her.

Then one of the girls dressed like a prostitute came over and sat on Mark’s lap and started kissing him, and he just kissed her back, feeling her up and letting her put her hand down his pants. Rose had been furious and hurt, but was more terrified at the increasing number of Mark’s friends now turning their attention to her. She took her chance and slapped a hand away then ran between the crowd, into the bathroom, locked the door, and called Daddy.

Now Mark was in the room with her, and she finally looked up and saw a complete stranger…with nothing but anger in his glossy eyes.


Mark could not believe this bitch. He had played the part of the perfect boyfriend for way too long and was sick of the drama and constant work that came with maintaining this fake ass relationship. She was hot and good in the sack, but she was just like any other girl, replaceable. But she was still his girl, one of his many girls, and just like the others she was his property. She was going to do what he told her to do, or else.

It had started after they left her parents’ house. He had been feeling so good about sticking it to her old man, and was looking forward to sticking it to Rose to celebrate. He’d figured they could just screw in his car somewhere since his apartment was out of the question. All his boys were there for a party. They had those quite often, since the gang owned the apartment complex and didn’t have to worry about anyone calling to complain about noise.

You couldn’t live there unless you were part of the gang. It was his turn to host, but he had forgotten he had a planned date with Rose and told the guys to have it without him. Things got annoying the moment she got in the car.

She started talking about how she was done with her parents and how they could move in together at his place. That couldn’t happen. He had too much to lose if she saw or heard anything and went running her mouth. Mark had always told her she could move in with him just to sound nice so Rose would let him screw her. He never thought she’d call him on it. Damn, he realized that was backfiring big time now.

He tried to talk her out of it and tried to make some excuses but she just got more and more pissed. Then she wanted to go to his place and kept insisting and whining and bitching. He figured he could get the guys to go somewhere else. Then he could play the sappy boyfriend and convince her to keep living at her parents’. After that he’d get some head, screw her, take her home and get on with his normal life.

So, with that plan in mind, he’d called his buddy Frankie to tell him to get everybody lost, but only got the jerk’s voicemail. He’d reluctantly left him a message. Hoping he would get it and clear Mark’s place out, he drove around stalling as long as he could before Rose’s incessant bitching caused him to say screw it.

When he got there the party was in full force. Mark ran in before Rose could bitch more and found Frankie with some girls on the sofa. He’d been freaking out to Frankie, so his good bud rolled him a joint and prepared a line of cocaine for him to snort. Afterwards, Mark felt much calmer, and his friends convinced him to just bring the bitch in.

So he did and instead of being chill, she was all scared, quiet, and annoying. Mark had started drinking some brewskies and got a little hammered. Next thing he knew, he noticed Frankie standing behind Rose. Pointing at Rose, Frankie made a blowjob motion and then grabbed his own crotch. Mark figured why the hell not and told her to do it for his bros.

She started freaking out, but he forgot all about it when Lorraine sat her fine ass on his lap and shoved her hand down his pants and started working his stick. Next thing he knew, Rose was running into the bathroom and had locked the door.

He was so pissed, especially when he listened through the door and heard her talking to her dad. That had been the last straw, so he had kicked the door in and threw her phone in the toilet to kill the call. Now he had to show Rose who was boss.


Rose was terrified, looking up into the face of the man she’d loved with all her heart until tonight. She closed her eyes and turned away from him, fighting back the sobs building inside of her. Mark grabbed her by the hair and yanked her up to face him.

“Come on, you little princess bitch. Open your eyes and stop whining! You are going to take care of my friends because I said so. You want to live here, then you need to do what I say. In fact, take care of me first,” Mark said.

Rose’s eyes opened and then widened in horror as Mark unbuttoned his pants and began fumbling with his zipper.

He was so drunk he was having problems unzipping himself with his free hand, so when he let go of her hair to use both hands, she shoved him out of her way and took off running. She made it past the crowd and out the front door before Mark caught up to her and grabbed her. Before he spun her around, she saw a familiar pickup truck come flying through the parking lot and screech to a stop a few feet away.


Chapter 8


Randy slammed the car into park and quickly got out of his truck. He saw Mark holding on tightly to Rose’s arm. All he could think was that the son of a bitch better take his slimy hands off Randy’s little girl. He was trying his best to resist the urge to get back into his truck and run Mark over with it. Looking around the parking lot, he knew that wouldn’t be a good idea.

There were a bunch of shady looking guys standing around out front of Mark’s apartment and more were wandering out the front door to see what was going on. Some of them had their hands under their coats. Randy would have to be careful. He took a deep breath to calm himself and slowly walked toward Rose and Mark. The latter looked around Randy’s tearful daughter and finally noticed him.

“Oh, just fucking great! Look who it is, daddy fucking dearest. Get the hell out of here, you bitch!” Mark yelled.

It was obvious to Randy that Mark was drunk. His speech was slurred and he was swaying, but he had a good grip on Rose’s arm and she couldn’t shake free. She looked at Randy with big eyes that said how sorry, and how scared, she was. Randy put both hands up in a calming motion as he addressed Mark.

“Look, Mark, just let go of Rose and me and her will leave and you will never have to see me again. And you will never see Rose again.”

Mark just shook his head and pulled Rose back behind him.

“No way, Mr. H! She is mine and she isn’t going anywhere! Now get the hell out of here or my boys will take care of you,” Mark said.

A few of Mark’s “boys” took a step forward towards Randy. Damn, Randy thought. This was not going well. He needed to keep things from escalating.

“Mark, listen to me. I am going to take Rose with me, whether you like it or not. Just do the right thing for once and let her go. There is no need to get your friends involved. This is between you and me,” Randy said.

Mark let that sink in, and then he smirked and motioned for his friends to chill out as he started to take his coat off.

“You’re right, old man. This is between you and me. So why don’t we just settle it right now. I have been wanting to kick your dumb old ass for a long time,” Mark said.

Mark let go of Rose so that he could roll up his sleeves and then focused on getting into a fighting stance. She took the opportunity and ran over to Randy’s side. Rose hugged him and Randy hugged her back, tightly.

“I’m so glad you’re okay, honey. Now, go get in the truck. We have to get out of here,” Randy said.

She nodded, but as she started towards the truck, Mark yelled and started running towards them. Randy raised his fist and prepared to knock the little jerk’s head off. When Mark saw Randy’s raised fist, he stopped running, squealed, and fell back onto his butt. Randy smiled and noticed some of Mark’s buddies were chuckling or trying to hide smiles and laughter.

Looks like Mark just lost a little respect, Randy thought. Good. Randy crouched down and looked Mark in the eye.

“If you ever come near my daughter again, I will kill you with my bare hands. Do you understand me, you lousy, worthless, waste of a human being? Say you understand me!” Randy demanded.

Mark nodded and then looked away. He looked like he had tears in his eyes.

This keeps getting better, Randy thought. Payback’s a bitch, you little jerk off.

Randy got up and looked at the crowd that had gathered. None of them made any movement, and some of them actually nodded at him as if to say they got it. Maybe they had a daughter. He turned around and walked to his truck, got in, and drove away. Rose hugged his arm and laid her head on his shoulder. He had his daughter and she was safe. The nightmare was finally over.

Chapter 9


“Thanks for the help, you assholes!” Mark yelled.

He was pacing back and forth in his apartment living room. After what happened with Rose and her dad, he’d stood up and told everyone to leave and that the party was over. The guys that had been outside when Rose’s dad confronted Mark laughed and smirked at him as they left. He was furious, and now he was taking it out on his main three man crew, Frankie, Vance, and Nate.

Mark had asked them to stay so they could come up with a plan on how to get back at Rose’s dad. All 3 men sitting on the couch in front of him had been inside when everything went down, so Mark had decided to change the story to make himself look better. He kept pacing as he started to spew his tale.

“The fucker had a gun and threatened me at gun point to let Rose go with him, and then he made me get down on my knees so he could embarrass me before he left. None of those losers outside tried to help me, they were all too chickenshit. And all you fucking bitches were inside here screwing around and getting wasted. What do you have to say for yourselves!?” Mark asked.

They looked back and forth. Frankie stood up.

“Sorry, bro. We didn’t know you needed us, but some of the guys we talked to before they left didn’t say anything about a gun. They said you punked out, man,” Frankie said.

Mark got nose to nose with Frankie.

“Are you calling me a liar, you dumb prick?” Mark asked.

Frankie’s eyes narrowed and then Vance and Nate stood up. Frankie smiled.

“Actually, Mark, I am calling you a liar. You punked out like a little bitch. Now, me and the guys think it’s time this crew had a new leader,” Frankie said.

Mark scoffed.

“Oh really, num-nuts? A new leader? Who, jackass?” He asked.

Frankie smiled and crossed his arms as he replied.


What the hell, Mark thought. These are supposed to be his guys. They work under him, and are supposed to respect him. In all honesty, they looked like they wanted to fight him. Shit. Mark was trying to decide what to do when the door opened and the color drained from Frankie and the others’ faces. Mark turned around and was face to face with his cousin Blane. He looked as crazy as ever, and was twitching as usual.

“What the fuck is going on here, Mark? I just got a call from Hank and Bobby, and they said a girl was here and saw all the drugs and the whores, and then her dad came and took her and you pussied out and let him leave with her. What the hell kind of show are you running here, cousin? Do you know what could happen if they run their mouths to people or if he calls the cops?”

Mark took a step back and bumped into Frankie. Looking back at him, Mark realized he still looked pissed too. Mark looked back at Blane.

“Hey, cuz, you look good? Want a beer or something?” Mark asked.

Blane stared coldly back at Mark. Mark continued.

“Okay, not thirsty then? That’s cool. Anyways, don’t worry, cuz. Everything is good. It’s alright. The cops are as crooked as Frankie here’s dick and we got coverage from city hall. Ain’t nothing gonna happen if daddy dearest calls the cops.”

Blane just shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose and squeezing his eyes tightly shut.

“Listen to me, you dumb, stupid fuck. I asked around and figured out that little bitch you were screwing with and brought here is the daughter of Randy Hudson, as in Hudson Construction…one of the biggest and most respected companies in the city. They’ve been in business since before you and me were even a twinkle in our daddies’ eyes, man. He starts talking and people will listen.

“And even though we have a few cops and city officials in our pocket doesn’t mean the whole force is going to ignore the shit we do, you dumb fuck. I always tell you to keep things low key and not to be so fucking goddamn arrogant. Why don’t you listen, Mark!?” Blane said.

Then he grabbed Mark by the shirt and glared at him, all bug-eyed and breathing heavy as his anger boiled over. Mark decided he better start begging.

“I’m so sorry, cousin. This girl was just so hot and such a good screw I couldn’t help it. Things were going fine but then she wanted to move in here and I couldn’t get the party gone in time and I brought her here and I thought she would be fine but she wasn’t and I’m real sorry, man. I’ll make it up to you! Whatever I gotta do, name it,” Mark pleaded.

Blane relaxed a little and let go of Mark.

He started to turn away, but then swung back around with his right hand and punched Mark hard in the jaw. Mark dropped like a sack of potatoes. Blane gave him a few kicks to the ribs, telling him how stupid he was. When he thought Mark had had enough, he crouched down and lifted Mark’s head by his hair.

“You’re damn, fucking right you’re gonna make it up to me, cousin. You are gonna take me and your crew here to that bitch’s house tonight. Then we are gonna kill her, her dad, and their whole fucking family.”

Chapter 10


Randy stood in the doorway to Rose’s room with his arm around Mallory, her head resting against him. When they’d gotten home, Rose and Mallory had held each other and cried, both apologizing and professing their love for one another. It was a special moment that made Randy so happy to see. He couldn’t help but think that maybe they really did have their Rose back. After they had finished talking about the night, they got Rose into bed. They had been standing in her doorway watching her sleep for a while now. Randy kissed Mallory on the top of the head.

“Our little girl is home, baby, safe and sound,” he said.

Mallory wrapped her arms around his stomach and nuzzled her face into his chest.

“Just like you said, Mr. Wonderful. Once again, you saved the day for our family. I don’t know what I would do without you. What any of us would do without you. Thank God my dad asked Hudson Construction to do some remodeling work on our home all those summers ago,” she said.

Randy smiled at the memory.

He had been 17, Mallory had been 16. He had been part of the crew putting an addition onto her parent’s house, and she would bring him and the crew lemonade every day, twice a day. It was love at first sight for him. He always made sure he was the last one to get lemonade from her so that he could stall her and strike up conversation without interruptions from the other thirsty crewmembers. Randy also began working with his shirt off to impress her. He was in a bit better shape back then, so it actually caught her attention in a good way. After a few days of this, he’d finally gotten the nerve to ask her out and she said yes. They’d gotten serious quick and not too long after, Rose was conceived. The rest was history.

“Yeah, that was when it all began. I know I don’t look quite as hunky with my shirt off now as I did back then, but what do you say I take this shirt off…then everything else, and we have a repeat performance of earlier tonight?” Randy asked.

Mallory took her head off his shoulder, smiled, and slid her hand down his stomach and into his pants. She bit her lip when she got what she was searching for.

“You are a naughty boy tonight, Randy Hudson…and I like it. Let’s go, big boy!” Mallory said.

She kissed him passionately, then after taking her hand back out of his pants, pushed him into the hallway and slapped him on the butt. Randy and Mallory smiled at each other then looked forward to head back to their room and saw Daffodil with a can of mountain dew…and a look of disgust on her face.

“Seriously, are you guys trying to put me into therapy? I’m going to go wash my eyes out now…and I’m sure in a little while I will have to wash my ears out for the second time tonight. Remember, there are other people in this house…and your room isn’t sound proof,” she said and then shook her head, stuck her tongue out, and hurried into her room, shutting the door behind her.

Randy and Mallory looked at each other and burst out laughing. They giggled all the way to their room and shut the door behind them, feeling ecstatic that their Rose was home and all the drama and heartache that had been an everyday part of their life was finally over.


Randy was awoken out of his sleep for the second time, this time by a loud pounding on the front door downstairs. Mallory was sound asleep on his chest, so once again, he rolled her gently off and onto her side. He still couldn’t believe how heavy of a sleeper she was. Randy glanced at the alarm clock, 3 o’clock in the morning.

Who the hell would be pounding on the door this late? Could be the wrong door, or an emergency. Randy got dressed for the second time tonight. He backed out of the bedroom, quietly pulling the door closed. When he turned around he ran into Lou.

“Whoa, hey! Sorry, buddy. Didn’t know you were there. Did the knocking on the door wake you?” Randy asked.

Lou just nodded and hugged Randy. Randy hugged him back tightly.

“Don’t be scared, little man. Why don’t you wait in your room and I will see who it is and be right back up to tuck you in,” Randy said.

Lou looked up and quickly shook his head.

“No. I’m scared, Dad. I wanna go with you,” Lou said.

Randy sighed. He was trying to think of what to say as the door pounding continued. Randy was about to suggest Lou lay in bed with Mallory when he heard her behind him.

“Me too. Come on, Lou. We will both go with Daddy to see who is here,” she said.

Randy looked at her to say no, but her look warned him not to. So, he picked up Lou and the three of them headed downstairs. Randy peeked through the peephole and saw Mark standing outside the door.

The left side of his face looked bruised. He seemed nervous, as he continued to pound on the door. The bastard should be nervous, Randy fumed. Because Randy was about to follow through on his promise from earlier, when Randy had warned Mark he’d kill him if he tried to ever see Rose again. He handed Lou off to Mallory.

“It’s Mark, babe. You and Lou get out of sight of the door,” Randy said.

Mallory looked concerned.

“Should we call the cops? What if he is drunk or high? Randy, what if he has a gun?” She asked.

Randy didn’t think that he did, Mark was too scared of him to come here alone with ideas of doing anything like that. If his buddies were standing outside with him maybe the cops would be needed, but Randy could handle this weasel since he was all by himself.

“You can call if you want, babe. But I will get rid of Mark really quick. He probably is just hoping Rose will answer or is going to try and give some bologna apology,” Randy said.

He winked at Lou when he said bologna and Lou gave a half smile back in response. Mallory walked over and grabbed the phone and started dialing. Randy rolled his eyes. She put the phone to her ear and frowned, then looked at it, put it to her ear and frowned again. She looked at Randy, worried.

“The phone is dead, Randy,” she said.

Randy took the phone from her and checked it himself. Then he checked the connection to the charger for the cordless. Seemed like everything was plugged in and fine. That’s weird, he thought. It must be a problem with the line or something. Or maybe the phone had just died. Charger could be bad or the phone might not have been all the way in the charger holder. Sometimes, Daffy didn’t get it back in right and it would die. Anyways, it didn’t matter right this minute, they could figure it out later.

“It’s okay, babe. We don’t need the cops anyways. I am going to open the door and take care of this before Mark wakes up the whole neighborhood,” Randy said.

Mallory was nervously bouncing Lou on her hip and shaking her head.

“Randy, listen, I have a bad feeling here. Why don’t you go grab your cell phone from upstairs and call the cops and wait for them to get here? Please,” she said.

Randy smiled at his wife. He could tell she wanted to call and wait for the cops, but Randy couldn’t take it anymore.

“It will be fine, baby. I promise,” he said.

He turned his attention to Mark’s pounding, took a deep breath, unlocked the door, and threw it open. Mark looked at him with a surprised and fearful expression. Guess the bastard hadn’t expected Randy to answer the door, he thought with satisfaction.

Randy started to tell Mark off, but was silenced by shock when four other men in ski-masks jumped out from behind each side of the doorway and forced their way into the house. One of them smashed Randy in the kneecaps with a baseball bat, and he heard Mallory and Lou scream as he hit the ground.





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First story in the Homeless series! Randy Hudson has it all. A wonderful family, beautiful home, and a successful, thriving business. But Randy's oldest daughter, Rose, is turning his perfect world upside down. Even worse than Rose's disrespectful new attitude is her disrespectful new boyfriend, Mark. There is something off about the arrogant teenage boy...and Randy won't rest until he finds out what. Get started on the first story in the Homeless Short Story Series. This is the first story of what was originally published as the novel HOMELESS. It has been broken up into several stories and Christopher is working on releasing them. From here on out, the series will continue as ongoing connected individual stories. Story Arcs containing a few stories will be grouped together and released as a "novel". It will be much like comic books, where individual issues that make up a story arc are grouped together for a graphic novel. See Christopher Lee Cousino's website for more info.

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