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Hoes Be Winning ( Hoes Need Love Too )

Table of Contents

Hoe’s Be | Winning | 1.Message Delivered

2.Two Hours Earlier

3. Lying With a Straight Face

4. Nice to Meet You

5. Hoe Central


6. Bitch Made

7. Better Than the 1st Time

8.Lights Out

Hoe’s Be


[ * * ]

1.Message Delivered

What in the hell is this bullshit? Damn, again DonTravious! I can’t keep letting DonTravious do me like this. This is the second time this negro has tried to take me there. He’s got me fucked up if he thinks I’m the type of female willing to put up with cheating on a regular damn basis! His ass cheated on me one time for a fact that I know of and it wasn’t just a rumor. It was a pure goddamn fact. Now he’s out here screwing some bold,brazen ass whore who has the nerve enough to text me?Now this shit right here?Yet another damn  fact because I know my mans dick when I see it! I pulled my cellphone out of my purse to look at the evidence once again. I was in a state of shock! The shit was like a damn car wreck….I didn’t want to look at it, but I couldn’t turn away. I hated I had it on my damn phone, but hell I’m in love but I’m not that damn crazy. It’s the only concrete evidence I have. I need to confront his black ass on this shit first before I delete the damn thing. Who the fuck is sending me this? I looked at the latest text message which included a picture of who I just knew was the love of my life. Since I was eighteen years old I’d been deeply in love with this man. He was my first and I wanted to die with him being my only. Last Friday I turned twenty-one and with this recent piece of evidence thrown in my face again…I know beyond the shadow of a doubt this can’t be the type of shit I’m dealing with for the rest of my life. I know goddamn well I deserve better than this foolishness right here. My man,my first love…the man I want to be married to. The man I could envision as the  father my children, seriously… when I look at him I see my future sons in him. DonTravious Jackson with his long,thick,black nine inch dick stuck down some bitches throat!

I knew it was him because I could clearly see the birthmark he has on the top of his left thigh. Of course the picture included a nice little message from this bottom of the barrel bitch telling me to “ Just let him go boo-boo. You can’t suck his dick like this…he already told me.”

I cleared my goddamn screen . I can’t keep looking at this shit. Let me just get in the house,take me a nice hot shower and relax. Before I know it DonTravious will be walking his narrow ass through the door and it’s gonna be a war up in this muthafucka!

DonTravious and I had been together three years. I wont ever tell anyone I thought my man was an angel. I knew he wasn’t from the day I met him. Hell I would be a liar if I didn’t admit a huge part of his appeal was that every other woman seemed to want him. DonTravious has the whole bad boy thing down to a science. The shit is sexy a fuck though I can’t deny it. I swear before God the day I met his ass I thought I was in a damn trance. The brotha was nineteen, 6’2 and I’ll hold my hand on a stack of ten bibles and tell you he had to have literally been dipped in Hershey’s milk chocolate…he had to have been! I mean not a flaw existed on this man’s skin…EXCEPT the lighter toned birthmark on his thigh. Aint that some shit? We met my senior year of high-school. I was always a straight A student,with college on my mind and focused. DonTravious on the other hand seemed to have attended every high-school in the area and ended up in Phoebus High when we decided to live with his grandmother in Hampton. Long story short we were from two different worlds but he worked his ass off to impress me. I had so many blinders on where DonTravious was concerned,he was the first guy I’d ever really dated;I didn’t know any better. He’d already graduated the year before me…barely. The last thing he was thinking about was going to college. His Aunt was able to pull a few strings at the local post office where she worked and got him a job sorting at the post office at the airport location. After dating all senior year I was his hook,line and sinker. Gone.

My parents were upset I didn’t explore my college options more after graduation especially since I had several out of state offers. It was the first time I’d ever really ignored my parents advice. That’s a lie. My mama tried to warn me about DonTravious from day one. “ Baby everything that looks good to you ain’t good for you” she’d say. I ignored the warnings because I was in love. Damn if mama wasn’t right though! Instead I decided to stay in town. It wasn’t like DonTravious had been accepted to any colleges….or even applied and I couldn’t leave him. The plan was for me to do two years here in Richmond,Virginia. Then we had big plans to relocate together to Atlanta where I’d finish up,graduate and we’d get married. DonTravious had an uncle living there who had convinced him that it was the place to be for anyone black wanting to get ahead. DonTravious wanted to start a business. Doing what till this day I don’t know what. He claimed he had a plan and to just trust him. Those plans never panned out and I ended up doing my full four years here in Richmond and graduating with her degree in Human Services. Shortly after I landed a job with the state working with the child support investigation division.

My cell phone rang.

“ Hey Meka”

“ Aww shit! Girl why you answering the phone with the stank voice? What’s wrong?”

“ You already know.”

“ What DonTravious’s donkey brain ass do now? I already know this is some DonTravious bullshit off the jump!”

“ Well since ain’t no telling who’s already seen it anyway, fuck it. Imma go ahead and show you. Hold on a second.” I said pulling the phone from my ear to forward Meka DonTravious’s latest indiscretion. I was so fed up with the bullshit and disrespect, I didn’t give a damn if my best friend saw his dick or not. Whoever the fuck this was in the picture sucking his dick so hard she looked like she was about to have a goddamn aneurysm, could keep that muthafucka!

I put the phone back up to my ear.

“ Go look at the text I just sent you.”

Nicole held the phone away from her ear just in time to hear Meka let out a scream.

“ Girl whose black anaconda is this? Ohhh! This hoe deep throatin’ the shit out his ass ain’t she? I think I see the vein in her forehead throbbing! Now I can’t lie though….the nigga is packin’! This bitch made me grab* my own* damn throat. No wonder you sitting your ass over there, the one dick wonder. Aint never been curious about another man’s dick. Hell you gettin’ that shit every night!”

“ Well that’s what I’ve been going through. I got it just when I was getting out of my last class today.”

“ Look Nicole, you my girl and I love you but you know me. I ain’t the one to tip-toe around the situation. Imma tell you straight the fuck up. Why you mad? This ain’t the first time you’ve had “in your face” evidence DonTravious is cheating on you. Don’t even trip if you gone stay with the nigga. Text that bitch back and tell her good you needed a break and thank her ass. Because at this point…. the way you have stayed with his ass and let him get away with shit….it appears to anyone with half a brain cell you don’t give a damn if he fucks around on you or not. So why you mad boo?”

Nicole sat quietly not ready to respond. What could she say? It was all true. Every time she’d been confronted with DonTravious’s cheating she’d stayed. Though in her defense, she’d only had concrete evidence once. Last year and had chosen to stay and work on their relationship. In that instance he  put the blame on her trying to make her feel like he strayed because of something she wasn’t providing for him in the bedroom. DonTravious chose to hone in on the fact that the only sexual experience she had was with him. How was she to blame when he was her only sexual  teacher? She’d never fallen for that excuse though because he’d told her way too many time that he’d loved being the only man he’d ever given herself to.

Hell how are you going to put the blame on me for some wack sex when he brought the experience. She hadn’t believed him but it had mad her secretly curious. Maybe she needed to get some new lessons from another teacher? He’d never acted on it though. DonTravious was the only man she wanted.

“ You’re right Meka. Absolutely right. This time I am not with the bullshit. No more. I’ve been down this road too many times. I’ve had my fill. I may have forgiven him last year but if DonTravious wants to be with other women he can do him.  Matter of fact let me text this bitch back now and let her know she can keep his ass. I’ll call you later tonight. We’ll go have a drink somewhere.”

“ Ummhmm. Girl give your ass two hours of whining and complaining to that nigga DonTravious and you’ll be booed up and fucking again. You ain’t wasting my time tonight bitch. I was already going out.”

“ I’m serious this time Meka! I wanna go to.”

“Hmph! Well if you really wanna hit the streets, we’ll be a Tombs before eleven . It’s ladies night. Come before eleven ladies get in free and you get a free drink. So you know me….all they have to say is free and I’m there. So come on through we’ll be there.” Meka said. She’d been through these little “break-ups” with Nicole and DonTravious more times than she could count and had her plans screwed up all behind cussing his ass out on behalf of her sensitive ass friend when Nicole wasn’t standing up for herself. Fuck all that. I love Nicole but she aint messing up my night! I don’t know when she’s going to listen to what the hell I’ve been telling her ass. These hoe’s STAY winning! So she may as well ditch that good girl act and roll with some real ass bitches like me and Tondellaya.

[ * * * *]

2.Two Hours Earlier

Serena laid back in her bed basking….yes this nigga got a bitch BASKING in the afterglow of that good dick down! She thought trying to catch her breath. I don’t care what I have to do,DonTravious Jackson is going to be mine. Turning to her side she tried to reach for DonTravious’s dick.

“ Let me get that baby. I’ll throw it away for you.”

“ Nah. I got this.” he said rising from the bed and walking into her bathroom.

“ See-See! Come here girl.”

Ohhh! I love it when he calls me that! Serena ran her fingers through her shoulder length, dark brown and honey-blonde streaked weave and wrapped the sheet around her body seductively. When she got to the bathroom there DonTravious stood with the condom they’d just used filled with water.

“ What in the hell is your ass doing?”

“ Girl please, I wanted you to know wasn’t shit wrong with this condom…you see this shit right here?” DonTravious said bouncing the cum and water filled condom up and down. “ Aint no leaks in this muthafucka. So don’t call me with no bullshit talkin’ bout you pregnant. You come up with a baby or a disease your ass didn’t get it from me!”

Serena was shocked! I mean it wasn’t like she was above lying and telling a dude she was pregnant when she wasn’t…but hell tricks like that were for down the line when she had to take drastic measures for whatever the reasons may be. Besides,she saved her most useful skilled hoe tactics for when she was seriously fuckin’ someone and was on the verge of getting rid of his ass. May as well end the relationship with a five hundred dollar shopping spree. Hell it had taken her two solid weeks of flirting to get DonTravious Jackson’s fine ass in her bed and she’d finally done it. Now this nigga is standing in my bathroom bouncing a jizz filled condom in my face? I ought to cuss his black ass out!

“ Aww baby don’t be mad . I just want both of us to be sure our protection worked.” DonTravious said softly licking his full lips. He could tell he’d pissed her off and insulted her. Both which he didn’t give a fuck about doing. Fuck her feelings. He just wasn’t trying to have a damn dramatic scene with her ass. The only woman who could come up pregnant and have him be fine with it would be his number one Nicole.

“ You definitely know how to throw that pussy Bae. I like that shit right there. You the type of female that a nigga like me could come home to every night.”

Serena was mad but still couldn’t keep the smile off her face. Make no mistake about it, she was a bad bitch herself short and thick. She stood 5’6,145 pounds in all the right places. With a deep honey complexion and light brown eyes ( well contacts,but so what ). She wouldn’t mind having a scoop more of titties but she more than made up for it in ass.  The minute she’d laid eyes on him at Chesterfield Towne Center, she just knew she had to have him. Like most of these niggas he tried to call himself letting her know he had a girlfriend “upfront” but what the fuck do she gotta do with me? My philosophy is this…if your ass aint married. You’re single. Now I ain’t even gonna lie and say I ain’t never messed with a married man before but I do try to keep that down to a minimum.

“Well DonTravious,I ain’t gonna press you to fit me in your schedule but if you make the time, I got the time, you feel me? I think your dick is worth a second helping.” I said smiling and walking back to my bed. Knowing damn well I wanted to scream I was so happy. I do have some pride though. I couldn’t let him know he had me that wide open. Hell he’d laid the dick on me one time and knew I had to have that muthafucka again! But a hoe like me had to how some restraint!

“ Whatchu mean you think it’s worth a second helping?” DonTravious said walking towards her grabbing his dick. Rubbing it until he was rock hard and standing directly in front of her face.

“ This the shit right here that can give a bitch life…in more ways than one.” he said sliding the silky,wet head of his dick over my lips until I opened wide and took his long, fat dick so far down my throat I felt like his rod was touching my tonsils. I went to work sucking that niggas dick so good his head was thrown back like he was my bitch. Pumping my mouth, I know his ass was trying his hardest not to cum too fast! His dumb ass never even saw me slide my cell phone from under my pillow and take a picture of his dick down my throat.

Oh yes. A bitch like me stay ready. A girlfriend ain’t nothing but a temporary problem. One that I fully intended on solving….today. Girlfriends? Aint nobody got time for that!

[ * * ]

3. Lying With a Straight Face

DonTravious pulled into his usual parking spot at Nicole’s apartment complex. Before he opened the door he looked at himself in the rear view mirror. Shit let me make sure I’m straight before I go in. Women can pick up on anything out of place! He’d showered at Serena’s place,that was a few hours ago so that just showered smell had faded down. No scratches, lipstick on my shirt….I’m good to go. He thought opening the door to his car and stepping out. One of these days imma  stop fuckin’ around on Nicole. She’s a good woman. The type you marry but we have a few years before that happens. So in the meantime a nigga like me can’t help it. As long as I keep it to a minimum I wont get caught up in no shit. Last year I could have lost my woman behind messing with these tramps! These hoe’s don’t make it easy either. Aint like I don’t tell them I have a girl….they don’t give a fuck. Besides,Nicole ain’t going nowhere.

“ Bae where you at?” DonTravious said throwing his keys on the end table and kicking off his shoes. Damn, I don’t smell shit up in here cooking. We must be ordering in tonight. Though he didn’t live with Nicole he may as well have. Nicole insisted that even though they did everything else before marriage, living together would not be on the list. Nicole made a nice bit of change working for the state at the child support office as an investigator. The state worked around her school schedule and also had a tuition reimbursement program. My baby I smart as hell and going for her masters degree in Human Services. I technically still lived with his grandmother.

“ Hey DonTravious. ” Nicole said walking into the living-room and going straight to the couch.

“ Damn your man can’t get a hug or no shit?”

“ Whatever DonTravious. You ain’t hardly worried about a damn hug. Besides I’m sure you’re all hugged out.”

“ What ?”

“ Nothing.”

“ So what we eatin’ tonight?”

“ I don’t know what you’re eating. I’m about to leave. I’m going out tonight so I’m going shopping.”

“ Going out where?” DonTravious asked frowning. Nicole rarely went to clubs and when she did it was only to a few select spots he’d determined were okay for her to be…with him. His woman didn’t need to be all over damn town acting like she was a single woman.

“ I don’t know exactly. I’m going to ladies night with Meka and Tondellaya if you must know.”

“ Those hoe’s ? You know I don’t even like you hanging with them too tough Nicole.

“ Well I don’t know what to tell you DonTravious. You ain’t gotta like em’…I love em’. I’ve been friends with them since high-school and nothing is changing about that. Besides, you don’t hear me telling you to stop hanging around your trifling ass friends do you?” Nicole said rolling her eyes and walking past him to into the kitchen to fix herself something to drink.

“ Where the fuck is all this attitude coming from today? You must be losing your damn mind. You sounding real slick today for some reason.”


“ Oh and you using my government today? Any other time it’s D. You just like my damn grand-mama with that shit, you ain’t called me that since last year. What happened to D? Look if you got some shit on ya mind spit it the fuck out. Don’t stand there with an attitude.”

I paused for a second .He was absolutely right. If I wasn’t going to confront him with the shit there was no since in walking around with a stank attitude….and I wasn’t going to confront him just yet. Well at least not today I wasn’t. He was going to learn a lesson. Just like he’d taught me how it felt to have your heart stomped on by the person you thought loved and cared about you. DonTravious also taught me what it felt like  to be lied and cheated on. His ass was gonna learn too.

“ You’re right DonTravious. I’m sorry I just had a bad day. Professor Reynolds really pissed me off today but it’ll be okay. That’s why I’m going out with the girls tonight actually. Just to get my mind off of finals. I’m glad they’re over and I can finally relax for a minute.” she said relaxing her voice and plastering on a fake smile on her face for him.

“ Now see that’s more like it baby. I’m your man, all you gotta do is talk to me. I’m here for you.” DonTravious said grinning.

“ Well D. I’m actually on my way out the door. I want to find a little outfit to wear tonight. You know, a little pick me up and reward for making it through the semester . This semester was tough. I’m so happy to not have to lay eyes on Professor Reynolds again I don’t know what to do.”

“ Well baby…,”he said reaching for his wallet “ …you already know how proud of you I am. I want you to have a good time tonight. Here’s three hundred. See if you can find yourself something nice to wear tonight on me. I love you baby.”

“ Aww, thank you baby!” Nicole said snatching it up and giving him a quick peck on the lips. Ugghhh I hate to even give his ass a peck. His fucking lips probably been all over another woman’s pussy today. I know he’s a clean freak though so at least I know he bathed. But I’ll never sleep with him again. Ever.

“ Okay baby let me get ready to go. We’re all meeting up over Meka’s place for drinks before we leave so I’m getting dressed over there.”

“ Cool. I’ll just order in something to eat and watch T.V. until I fall asleep. I’m covering someone at work tomorrow so I need to get up early anyway.”

“ Okay baby, I’ll be quiet when I come in so I don’t wake you.” Nicole said gathering her overnight bag she already had packed  and heading out the door.

Time for me to let loose! I’m finally going to enjoy myself without giving you a second thought. The same thing you evidently do the minute you’re out of my sight.

Nicole found a parking spot at Meka’s apartment complex,grabbed her overnight bag and was ringing the doorbell within seconds.

The door swung open and Meka poked her head outside.

“ Bitch you ringing this damn doorbell like someone is chasing your ass! What’s really going on?”

“ Fuck you Meka!” Nicole said laughing and walking inside. She always loved coming by Meka’s place. Her place stayed laid. Meka always had the latest in home designs . It may have been an apartment but it was laid the fuck out! Flat screens everywhere ,including the kitchen and bathrooms. Meka’s color scheme was red, gold and black with accents of cream. Nicole had no idea where Meka found her plush red sectional but it was beautiful.

“ Girl I love this sectional!”

“ You say that every time you bring your ass over here!” Meka said laughing. “ I’ve had it six months already. You know in six more months I’ll be ready to get rid of it.”

“ Well I wanna buy it from you when you do.” Nicole said kicking off her shoes to relax.

“ All right tell me what happened.”

“ With what?”

“Don’t “with what” me bitch! With your man’s big ass dick down another woman’s throat is what!Shiiit I know you went off.” Meka said pulling what she politely called her “smokers tray” from underneath her couch. The tray held everything Meka needed to roll herself a fat joint at a moments notice.

“ Girl I know you ain’t gonna believe it but I didn’t say a word. I decided not to even text whoever that hoe was that sent me the picture.” Nicole said leaning back and smiling.

WHAT! Uh-uhh. You’s a lie!” Meka said starting to laugh.

“ I promise you I didn’t say a fuckin’ word. Shit I’m tired of talking. I didn’t break up with him….yet. But as of right now I consider myself a free agent. When his ass is out he don’t think about me. So fuck it. Aint no sense in me being in a relationship by myself.”

“ I know that’s right. You always been too good for DonTravious! He been doing him for a long ass time Nicole. More than what you’ve even found out about from what I’ve heard but I didn’t have no solid proof. I ain’t about to bring you no skeletons and I ain’t got the bones to prove it if you know what I’m saying?” Meka said taking a pull of her joint. “ But that nigga stay in another bitches face from the shit I hear.”

“ Damn Meka he’s out here doing me that bad? Why you ain’t say shit to me?”

“ Oh no bitch. We will not be going there tonight. You’re my bestie and I’d do anything for your ass but  last time the nigga was fucking around on you it just so happened I knew the girl. Brought her to you,she showed you pictures of them, text messages and called him in front of you….and DonTravious still managed to convince you to stay with his ass! What the fuck am I supposed to do for you now? Trust and believe me bitch…I done been there and done that with friends before. The only one you would have gotten rid of would have been ME your damn friend! Females are good at that shit right there.” Meka said rolling her eyes.

“ I would have believed you!”

“Oh I know you would have but if after all the proof you had last time didn’t get you to leave him….nothing would. Look,it’s not necessarily a sign of weakness. Most females go through this with their first loves. Besides he’s the only one you let taste the kitty? It’s hard to let that shit go. But I suggest you do something before that nigga bring you home some shit you can’t get rid of.” Meka said looking at her friend sternly.

“ You got that right. I gave him a peck on the lips when I was leaving the house tonight.  Even doing that disgusted the shit out of me. As for bringing me home something,girl that was just last year everything went down with him cheating on me. I ran and got tested and made him do it too. He claimed he never had unsafe sex with the girl but we got tested for everything. I ain’t had unprotected sex with him my damn self since then truth be told.”

“ Well good. Since we speaking on the shit, let me go ahead and say it….you need to go ahead and leave his sorry ass.” she said passing the joint to Nicole.

Nicole didn’t usually smoke but on occasion she did indulge. Tonight was definitely an occasion. Hell I’m stressed the fuck out. She thought taking it and placing it between her lips and inhaling slowly.

“ Look at little miss good girl gone bad. That sorry nigga got your square ass needing a damn smoke! I told you, your ass need to hang with me and Tondellaya a little more! Hoe’s like us stay winning.” Meka said cracking herself up.

“ I am not about to call myself a damn hoe. I’ve been with one man…..now granted he ain’t turning out to be about shit but still.” Nicole said handing the joint back over.

“ Girl please. It’s a state of mind! You can use it for good of evil! It will damn sure keep a nigga like DonTravious on his toes with you! See right now DonTravious feels like he has you so in love you would never retaliate on his ass. You have to learn how to make a man feel secure…yet insecure. There’s an art to that shit though….you ain’t ready. But I can see it in your eyes…you’re getting feed up. As for the hoe shit, you should already know me better than that any damn way. Me and Tondellaya ain’t no damn hoe’s for real. I like to just say if the need arises….I may have some hoe-like tendencies.” Meka said looking serious as hell.

“ What in the hell are hoe-like tendencies?” Nicole said laughing.

“ Well first of all women need to get over this word “ hoe” what the fuck is that anyways? Whore,hoe, however you want to say it is just a term men have given women to degrade them for doing the same shit they do. As far as men are concerned, the minute you’ve had sex with another man besides them you’re crossing the line and stepping into hoe-ville. Any dick other than their dick is one dick too many.”

Nicole thought about what Meka said.

“ You do have a point. If they go out and sleep with more than one woman…hell even at the same time,no one is calling them a hoe. Their applauded for having ex with lots of women and getting experience.” Nicole said.

“ That’s exactly my point!” Meka said standing up and pacing the floor with her joint to her lips.

“ For instance,every time you come over here you compliment that sectional. That muthafucka cost four thousand alone. Hell you know damn well I work for the state just like you. Yeah I have a degree too but come on ….you know damn well I’m not about to spend all my money on that! Shit here I am a case worker at the public assistance office watching all these hood rats coming in eating good off some stamps,I want me some too! Hell to help my check last! That’s why I like to keep a sponsor on deck! My friend Terrence wanted me to have that red ass couch…with his fine ass. Having a sponsor is one of my “hoe-like” tendencies.” Meka said laughing as she put her joint back up to her lips to take another pull.

“ So what are you saying? I should only mess with dudes for money?”

“ Oh Lawd….listen up grasshopper! What I’m saying is pretty soon you’re going to need to move past this first love bullshit! Because while you’re busy being a good girl. Staying dedicated to a man who ain’t dedicated to you, that hoe who had your man’s dick down her throat today is winning. Point blank. Shiiit for all you know DonTravious could be breaking her off some change too!”

“ How so?”

“ How so? Cuz heffa your ass is the one mad,upset,busted and disgusted. Done left your own damn house to run away for the night. All your little plans for a nice future with your first-love are fucked up now. Not hers….yours! That hoe is winning! There will come a time when you meet a guy worth doing all the good things that you do for that sorry ass  DonTravious . Don’t think I don’t see all the shit you do for him,cooking meals,keeping your place spotless,the nigga got the keys to your house but how many bills is he picking up ?Knowing damn well he’s laid up there every night. DonTravious just ain’t the one is all I’m saying.”

“ Well I don’t know about all this hoe business, but you are right about  some that. Though he’s not as bad as you’re painting him to be. Now enough about DonTravious. Hell I don’t even smoke often and just talking about him is fucking up my high! Now his ass did give me three hundred to buy an outfit tonight. So do we have time to run out so I can get something?”

“ Hell yeah we do! I always have time to spend a nigga’s money. Grab your purse let’s go. I’ll drive.”

[ * * * ]

4. Nice to Meet You

“Damn nigga! How many pairs of kicks you need to get today?” Antonio complained.

“ As many as I wanna get today nigga. This shit right here is exactly why I don’t ask your ass to come nowhere with me.” Kendrick said frowning. “ How the fuck you gon’ beg to roll with me ,now you wanna rush a nigga?”

“ Aint nobody beg to come….,”

“ Nigga the minute your girl  Shantina and your three kids walked through the door you was making up a lie to leave with me! I told you going legit was gonna leave your as broke especially if you weren’t prepared.” Kendrick said laughing.

“ You right,you right!”Antonio reluctantly confessed.

“ Well what’s going on over there y’all arguing?”

“ Shiiit. When ain’t we arguing about one thing or another? That would be be quicker to answer. The shit is crazy. I’ve done so much dirt in my life and still managed to stay on top of shit. I swear man, the one time in my life I tried to do the right thing and I feel like I fucked my own self in the ass.” Antonio sighed and sat down on the mall bench.

Kendrick was unsure of what to say to his friend. He and Antonio had been friends since they were kids. Coming up together in the streets of Richmond they’d been so close most people thought they were brothers. Where one was the other wasn’t far behind. They may as well have been related because the only ones they had to depend on were each other. Their mothers happened to be best-friends sharing everything. Including their drug habits. They’d made it though. Kendrick had known from the jump it was a bad idea for Antonio to move in with Shantina just because he’d gotten her pregnant.  Hell it was even really his? He’d never even brought that up to Antonio because shit…if the nigga felt like he’d ran up in her raw enough times to claim a baby,who was he to question it for him? They’d only been fucking a few months when she came up pregnant and she already had two kids with no daddies around. Not that her having kids made her bad but she really was just a hood rat. Antonio had been trying to do right by her and his baby by trying to step into a role that wasn’t meant for him. At least not with Shantina.

“ Man what do I do? I swear before God I can’t take this shit no more. I can’t just leave my little girl though.” Antonio said rubbing his hands over his head in frustration.

“ Look man. I hate to be that I told you so type of nigga but…I did tell you. You can be a father to your child without being in a relationship with Shantina. If I never told you before,let me say it now. I thought it was the wrong fucking move for you to move in playing house with her. I commend you for doing it though. You did try for your daughter. That’s what counts. Just because y’all have a kid don’t mean you’re sentenced to being miserable for the rest of your fuckin’ life either. Personally I think you jumped too fast taking on responsibilities that weren’t yours either.” Kendrick said. Antonio was his boy but real is real. The few times he had been over there the damn house had been a mess,the kids were looking raggedy as hell. Shantina was always laid up looking like new money.

Shit, here they were at the mall and Antonio’s pockets were thin as fuck! This negro was holding on to ever last dollar. Broke hadn’t been Antonio’s style since they were 11 years old starting out as corner boys. Especially as hard as they’d struggled coming up? It damn sure was his style now though and he damn sure wasn’t wearing it well. Kendrick kept his mouth closed on that too because he could understand the fact Antonio wanted to be there for his child. Create the family environment for her they’d never had a children. So when Antonio said he wanted to hang up the street sales and go legit,Kendrick felt it was only right to support his decision. As for him? Kendrick wasn’t stopping shit. It had taken too long to build up their solid street reputation,years worth of trusted connections.

When Antonio was ready to come back it would be open arms on his part. They were brothers.

“ I mean, I ain’t got no kids. So I can’t totally relate to what you going through right now. But damn nigga I deal in facts. Your ass ain’t married to her. You have ONE child. Shantina has three. As long as you’re there for yours that’s all that matters.”

Meka and Nicole had just left Macy’s and were taking the escalator down to the food court.

“ Damn I think I know him.” Meka said leaning forward to try to get a better look. “ Is that Antonio Charles from back in the day? Uh-uh. I need to know! I used to have the biggest crush on him back in the day and I ain’t ran into him in a minute. Come on Nicole….and damn I don’t know the nigga he’s with but I do know his ass is fine! Let’s go talk to them.”

“Meka are you sure? We can’t just go up to them!” Nicole said hesitantly and as she looked around. Damn, did Meka always talk this loud?

“What’s going on Antonio?” Meka said coyly.

Antonio  turned to see who was calling his name. He immediately recognized Meka Johnson. How could he forget her? She was a little younger than him but he never forgot a face. Meka was fine as hell,golden brown skin, about five foot six inches tall,nice round ass topped off with what he knew was some double D titties. They have to be cause they damn sure more than a hand full.

“ Don’t stand your ass there and act like you don’t remember be either because if you even go there Antonio imma be too upset!” Meka said smiling at him.

“ Yeah I know who your fine ass is. Meka Saunders.”

“ You goddamn right. So Antonio, I haven’t seen you in a long time and the last time I did run into you I promised myself I was gonna say something to your ass if I ever saw you again. I’ve known you for a minute now…how come you ain’t never asked me for my number?”

Nicole wanted to burst out laughing! Damn! Meka was bold as hell. It never ceased to amaze her just how opposite they were. Opposites really did attract because when it came to men,her and Meka were nothing alike. She was reserved, so much so DonTravious was the only real boyfriend she’d ever had. Men came on to her all the time though but she was in a relationship so it never mattered to her. Meka on the other hand took no prisoners when it came to talking to men. Meka must really like this guy if she hadn’t let him know she was interested before.

Nicole turned her head away from Meka and her latest conquest to attempt to give them a little privacy. Her eyes immediately met his friends.

“ How you doing? You know what I think they’re going to be here a minute. So you wanna give them a few minutes alone and grab a drink with me? I’m Kendrick.” he said smiling.

“ Hi, I’m Nicole…,” I said glancing over at Meka and Antonio who were real cozy now. “…you know what I do think I could for for a smoothie.” I said holding in a laugh.

“ Y’all finish up all this skinning and grinning at each other come to the food court. We’re going to get something to drink.” Kendrick said grabbing his bags and following Nicole. Damn! Ms. Nicole is fine as fuck Kendrick thought checking Nicole out from behind. Her skin was the color of cinnamon, even though her hair was up in a ponytail,he figured it probably fell to her shoulder given the length of it. Almond shaped, light brown eyes and some of the cutest dimples he’d ever seen accented her sexy ass smile.

I know this man is looking at my ass! I hope he’s getting an eyeful! Nicole thought as she approached the Fruit Land Express stand.

“ Can I have a strawberry banana smoothie with double fruit and whipped cream please. Kendrick are you having anything we can just order together to save time.”she asked turning around to look at him. Damn! I usually like my men darker but ain’t no doubt about it this man is fine!

“ I ain’t really no smoothie type a nigga but you look like a woman who has good taste so I’ll trust you. I’ll try one. Let me have the same thing she’s having.” Kendrick told the young lady behind the counter. He  pulled out a wad of cash and paid her for their drinks.

“ Keep the change.”

“ Thank you,imma make sure yours taste extra good.” she said openly flirting with him.

“ Excuse me? How about you get to the smoothie making instead grinnin’ all up in his face!” Nicole snapped. Her fuse was already short behind what was going on with her own man. This right here just pissed her off even further. This little bitch right here don’t know if this is my man or not and she’s all in face?

Kendrick wanted to bust out laughing but thought better of it because Nicole looked like she was ready to slice ol’ girl behind the counter.

“Yeah I’m watching every move you make behind that counter making my smoothie too!” Nicole said stepping even closer to the counter where she indeed watched every move the girl made.

Once they got their drinks and sat down Kendrick finally laughed.

“Dang girl! You that hard on everyone?”

“ Shut up! You men love all that attention but let’s be for real.  That chick doesn’t know if you’re my man or not and she’s all up in your damn face. Ultimately the guy is to blame but these females don’t make it any easier. It would be one thing if you went to the stand alone but you weren’t. So that heffa had no business grinning all up in your damn face right in front of me. For all she knows you’re standing with your woman…me.” Nicole said taking a sip of her smoothie. Nicole knew she probably sounded like a crazy woman to him but for the first time in a while it felt good to just get it off her chest.

Meka was right. Being nice all the time didn’t get you anywhere. May as well speak your mind and move on.

“ Take a drink. I wanna know if you like it.” she said smiling.

Kendrick put the straw to his lips and took a few sips.

“ It’s all right…I mean, if you’re all into fruit I guess.”

“ Boy you know that’s good!” Nicole said laughing.

“ So tell me something  about yourself Nicole. The only thing I know so far is you don’t mind diggin’ in someone’s ass behind your man.” Kendrick asked leaning back into his seat openly appraising her. He definitely wanted to know more.

“ Not much to tell really. I’m in my last year of college . I work part-time as an administrative assistant and that’s pretty much all I have time for.”

“You ain’t got a man ?”

Nicole sat for a second debating on what to tell him. Yes she technically had a man but for how long? This man sitting in front of her looked damn good. Kendrick had to be about 6’4,a  smooth butter complexion and he looked like he had a tight muscular build from what she could see of him. About 220 lbs. All he had on was a white t-shirt,some crisp dark rinse jeans,red Jordans and a red custom fitted hat cocked to the side. All of which was further set off by the most striking pair of green eyes staring back to her she’d ever seen on a brotha.

He wanted know if she had a man?Hell no! In all likelihood I’m going to be single tomorrow. Something told her she didn’t want to lie to him though.

“ At this point all I have I a technicality.”

Kendrick laughed.

“ Baby either you got a man or you don’t. Yes or no. Black or white. Do you have a man who loves you?Which is it? Because I wanna take you for more than a damn smoothie but I don’t make a habit of dealing with another man’s woman. Anything I touch I wanna know I can make mine if I want it bad enough.”

Nicole’s heart damn near stopped. Oh hell no. Let me go ahead and lay it all on the table. She pulled out her cell phone and scrolled to the picture she’d received earlier in the day.

“ Now Kendrick don’t be offended when I show you this. I want you to know exactly why I said I have a technicality.” Nicole slid the phone across the table.

“ I received this today. That’s my boyfriend of three years. That’s not me in the picture sucking his dick.” she said folding her arms across her chest.

DAMN! Wait a minute, how you know it’s him? His face ain’t showing.”

“ Typical. You niggas will stand up for each other even when you don’t know each other!”

Kendrick held up his hands laughing.

“ Hold on now baby. I’m just saying,dudes face ain’t in the picture how you know who that really is?”

“ That’s his ass. I recognize the birthmark on his thigh. It’s him.”

“ Okay then so why you didn’t just end it? No sense dragging the shit out if you ain’t staying with him. You might as well make a clean break. So you can move on to bigger and better ….like me. This is meant to be Ms. Nicole.”

Nicole was just about to respond when Meka and Antonio showed up.

“ You ready girl? Tondellaya been blowing my damn phone up. You know her ass wanna make sure we get to the club in time to get in free. That looks good,let me grab a smoothie before we leave too.” Meka said pulling Antonio along with her so he could pay for it.

“ So Nicole are you gonna give me your number? Since you might be done with your “technicality” tomorrow? Who knows you may have a new man the day after tomorrow.” Kendrick asked smiling as he pulled his phone out of his back pocket.

“ Yea I can do that.” I said reaching into my purse to get my cell phone. I think I may need to head back to the house and square away things with DonTravious so I can move on to better tonight!

  • * * *

5. Hoe Central

“Well did it work?” Adrienne asked opening Serena’s fridge for something to munch on. “ Bitch why you ain’t never got no food up in this muthafucka?”

“ Because I can eat out that’s why! And I ain’t heard a peep back from Nicole since I sent her that pic. Oh and I meant to thank you for hooking me up with her number too. You hooked a bitch up lovely with that one!”

“ It’s cool. My cousin Tawna is friends with Nicole’s best-friend Meka  so it was easy to get. I had to do some sneaking around for it but a hoe like me made a way out of no way and got that shit! Don’t tell no one I gave you the number either. I still think that was some foul shit. I ain’t gonna never want another woman’s man so bad I send her a picture of[_ me_] sucking the nigga’s dick. It ain’t that fuckin’ serious.” Adrienne said laughing in her face.

“ Look, from my understanding Nicole and DonTravious been together a minute now. So I knew I needed to come with some solid proof!”Serena said standing up and pacing the floor.

“ Girl I ain’t wanted a nigga this bad in a long time. I know what we have is special…I can feel it. I pulled every sexual trick a bitch like me had in my bag to make his ass wanna come back for more.”

“Umph!Well have you heard from him since he left?” Adrienne asked skeptically.

“ No but I’m going to give it a little time. I’ll bet Nicole is over  there right now, screaming and crying. By the end of the night that relationship is going to be history and DonTravious will be knocking on my door. Bet on that.” Serena said more confidentially than she felt. This bitch should have already confronted his ass by now and I should have heard something by now.

“ Girl I really don’t think you thought this shit through. What the hell makes you think DonTravious is going to want you after you set his ass up like that?”

“ I’ll handle that when the time comes!”

“ Whatever hoe. Look let’s get ready to go because I got twenty dollars to my name so I’m trying to get into Tombs free tonight and get my free drink. So I need to be in the spot before eleven!”

“ I know that’s right!” Serena agreed as they both broke into a fit of laughter and slapped hands.

  • * * *


“ Girl I told Antonio to meet us at Tombs tonight!” Meka said as they pulled out of the parking lot of the mall.

“ Do you think Kendrick will come with him?”

“ Oh look at you! Any other time you wouldn’t dare turn your neck to look at another man!  Y’all didn’t exchange numbers?”

“ We did but damn Meka, you know I haven’t broken it off with DonTravious officially yet. Should I even be talking to him really?”

“ Please don’t make me slap you with all this good girls shit. Did DonTravious break-up with you before his put his dick down another chicks throat and whatever else he did?  You do know he fucked the shit out of whoever ol’ girl is right? Ate her pussy and everything! Please don’t think for a minute that she just sucked his dick.”

“ I know Meka! Ugh, I don’t need a visual of my man with another woman! I do love him you know.”

Meka looked over at her and fell out laughing!

“ Evidently you need some reminding and I’m just the one to help you. Matter of fact the last time you caught his as cheating….did he alert you beforehand? Let me tell you something. At this point you’re in love with the thought of love. You know why I can say that to you? Because of the simple fact you ain’t confronted his ass yet! If you were still deep in love with DonTravious, your ass would have left class the minute you got that text and* been *confronted his ass. But oh no, you’re over chillin’ with me. Walking your ass around the mall and up in another nigga’s face! Please don’t forget the fact I’m your best friend and I know your ass too! Remember back in the day when your mama used to say I know you better than you know yourself? That’s me too bitch!”

Nicole wanted to slap Meka and hug her all at the same time.“ Leave it to you Meka to break it on down! It still hurts though no matter how mad I am. I should call and end it now.”

“ Well why in the hell do you feel like you owe him a courtesy call? A fuckin’ “heads up”. His ass doesn’t deserve a single ounce of respect from you tonight or any other night as far as I’m concerned.” Meka said angrily. It mad her so mad to see women being so respectful to these sorry as men .Especially when they didn’t deserve it.

“ Nicole do you for a change. I know you may not believe me but I’m not so jaded that I don’t believe in love and romance, I do. I just see things for the way they are too and trust me when I say. DonTravious has proven over and over again he’s not the man for you. It’s time to let that first love end. Who knows?Kendrick may be just what you need.”

  • * * *

6. Bitch Made

Tombs was packed wall to wall as usual. Any given night Tombs would be packed full of men and women waiting to get their weekend started right. Hell if they needed a drink and it just so happened to be Monday night,weekend be damned! The ladies came to Tombs in droves every Thursday night .

“ Girl theses female packed up in this bitch like sardines!” Meka said laughing as her and Nicole made their way through the crowd.

“ I know and look at us…we have our asses right up in here too!” Nicole said laughing. “ Should we look around for a table?”

“ Yeah girl let’s see if we can find one , a waitress can come take our order. I hope Antonio can make it. I told him I really wanted to see him tonight.”

They searched a few minutes more before Nicole spotted an empty table not too far from the dance floor.

“ This is perfect! So what’s up with Antonio? Is he single?” Nicole asked.

“ Girl no. He stays with his baby mama.”

“ Aww hell no. So why you even wanna deal with him Meka? I mean don’t you usually like your men more drama free than that?”

“ You know what I do. But I can’t lie. I’ve had a thing for Antonio for awhile now. Before he even had a kid. He claims he’s all about his daughter and he’s ready to end that relationship. I don’t know, every time I run into him I get butterflies in my stomach and tongue-tied! I promised myself the last time I saw him and let him get away it would never happen again and today was the day! We’ll see. You better already know I ain’t shuttin’ down shop until I know it’s a sure thing.

  • * * *

“ Man if I didn’t know Nicole was gonna be here tonight I would not let you use me as an excuse just to leave your damn house. We boys but you need to man up. Do what’s going to make you happy. For real.”

“ Good lookin’ out man. It was just less drama for be to make up a lie. Shantina was out all night the past two nights and I was in the house with not only my child….but her other two kids! I mean I like her kids I do, but ain’t no love there between us. Hell truth be told there never was any but when she got pregnant I wanted to do right by her. Especially since those other two niggas didn’t. I didn’t want to be another man that got her pregnant, then dipped on her ass.”

“ Like I said to you a long time ago man. You can’t turn shit into sugar. Y’all made a beautiful daughter. Do right by your baby and keep it moving. It’s better to let her see you at your best instead of coming up around all that fussing and fighting. If you really want to do right end things with her mama before you go sneaking around with Meka. You know how are mama’s did us. Make so she can’t never say you cheated on her or none of that other mess.”

“ Imma do it man but I’ve passed up too many chances with Meka. If I don’t move now, Meka ain’t never looking my way again. Especially since this time I come with a child and what I know it’s gonna be some baby mama drama.  It’s in the works. I ain’t trying to be a straight dog.” Antonio said paying the bartender for their first round of drinks.

“ Man you over here lecturing me, you know Nicole got a man right?”

“ Yeah she came clean with her situation off top.”

“ Oh and that’s okay with you she already has a man?”

“ Hell no. Check it out, how about she showed me a text message someone sent her today of a picture of her man with his dick so far down a hoe’s throat it wasn’t even funny!” Kendrick said laughing. “ She say she know for a fact it’s him. So if she don’t get rid of his ass and holla at a nigga like me she’s a goddamn fool. I wouldn’t even want her ass.” Kendrick said taking a sip of his Hennessy.

“ Damn, dudes a sloppy ass cheater huh? Oh shit there they are.” Antonio said “ They have a table,let’s go over.”

  • * * *

“ Hold on ain’t that DonTravious’s woman over there? I recognize Meka, I think that’s her.” Adrienne said pointing towards the table from across the room. Serena turned to get a better look.

“ Ohhh that is her! No wonder her ass ain’t had time to respond to my text! She’s out here creeping her damn self.”

“ It does look like she’s on a double date don’t it?”

“ Yeah she is. I need to get my ass a little closer so I can take a picture and let DonTravious know. If she’s not going to get rid of him fast. I’ll make it so he gets rid of her!” Serena said walking away from the bar and positioning herself perfectly as she took several pictures of Nicole and whoever that fine ass yellow nigga was. Who this bitch think she is? Do she think she laying claim to all the men in Richmond?

  • * * *

Damn! Olivia Pope could get it. Shit I’d damn sure take her mind of that cracker President! DonTravious thought as Scandal went to commercial break. This show is kinda, good no wonder Nicole is all up in the T.V. every Thursday. His phone alerted him to an incoming text message.

DonTravious soon found himself looking at a picture of his woman hugged up with another man. The picture was a little dark but he’d know his Nicole anywhere. Included was the message:

“ Aint this your Little Miss Sunshine hugged up with this nigga? I wonder if she sucks his dicks as good as I sucked yours today? At least you and I were in the privacy of my home! She’s making a fool out of your ass in front of all of Tombs and Richmond!~Serena

  • * * *

Serena spotted DonTravious the minute he walked into Tombs and was immediately at his side.

“ Hey DonTravious or should I call you Mr. Jetson? Damn what did you do fly here?”

“ Where’s Nicole?”

“ She’s over there. You should have seen her on the dance floor. They may as well have laid a mattress on the floor the way she was all up on his ass.” Serena said. Even though she’d been watching Nicole all night and hadn’t seen her on the dance floor at all. Merely sitting at the table holding conversation. DonTravious didn’t know that though and she knew he needed to be outraged to the point he’d never want Nicole again.

DonTravious brushed past her headed for Nicole.

“ So this is what the fuck you do when you go out with the girls?” DonTravious spat.

“ What are you doing here DonTravious?”

“ Don’t ask me what the fuck I’m doing? Get your fucking ass up…NOW!”

Kendrick started to laugh. “ Man get the fuck from over here causing a damn scene.”

“ I suggest you stay the fuck out of my business nigga my woman ain’t got shit to do with you.”

“ Well she’s here with me right now so I think she has a lot to do with me.” Kendrick said standing up.

Nicole stared up at DonTravious shocked that he would have the nerve to publicly confront her for jut sitting and talking to another man after cheating on her.

“ You know what DonTravious you have a whole lot of fucking nerve bringing your ass over here trying to confront me on some bullshit. Who the fuck told you I was even here? Was this the bitch who told you I was here?” she said pulling out her cell phone and showing him the picture.

“The only one who has some explaining to do is your ass but you know what? I don’t even want an explanation at this point because I don’t want you. Whoever this bitch is can have your ass.”

Serena and Adrienne had crept up closer! Serena wanted to make sure she heard all the drama unfold for herself.

DonTravious was caught off guard by the picture of Serena sucking his dick momentarily but quickly recovered.

“ That ain’t even me. Don’t come showing me pictures of some dirty bitch in a picture sucking some niggas dick!”

Serena was livid.

“ Girl that nigga straight called you a dirty bitch! DAMN!” Adrienne said laughing.

“ Umm excuse me..,”she said stepping into his face “….exactly who the fuck are you calling a dirty bitch? I guess your ass must have been straight gutter when you were eating the hell out of my pussy today huh? Nigga your face was so deep in my pussy I thought maybe ya ass had just been released from prison! Dirty bitch? Never that!”

“ Hoe I don’t even know you! Get the hell out of my face before I slap the taste of that man’s dick outcha’ mouth!” DonTravious yelled looking over at Nicole.

“ Baby that ain’t me. It might be her in that picture but it ain’t me. I don’t know who the fuck this is!”

Nicole shook her head. The entire situation was too pathetic for words.

“ DonTravious that is you! Just how big of a fool do you really think I am? As long as I’ve been with you;you don’t think I know what every inch of your body looks like? I can see your birthmark on your thigh! Please get your whore and get the hell out of my face. I’m beyond done with you.”

“ Who you calling a whore?” Serena said waving her arms in Nicole’s face.

“ If this is you with your goddamn lips wrapped around my now EX boyfriends dick in the picture….bitch I’m calling you a whore. A desperate whore at that, you must have known you couldn’t pull his ass the good old fashioned way huh? Baby let me tell you if DonTravious really wanted you, there would have been no need for you to stoop to hoe measures to do it. I guess y’all have to guarantee y’all stay winning some type of way don’t you? Girl please if you think he’s a prize, have his ass. It ain’t all that.”

“Oh you talking shit now? I ain’t all that? Baby you love everything I do to you. The next nigga that get with you is gonna be well satisfied.”

Nicole couldn’t contain her laughter.

“ DonTravious please don’t believe your own hype, or this bitch you got standing in my face. Trust me when I say this….I’m sure the only reason I’ve enjoyed anything with you at all is because you’re the only one I’ve ever been with. The next man I decide to lay with I’m sure is going to show me exactly what I’ve been missing out on all these years. You’re only good to me because I have nothing to compare you with.”

DonTravious couldn’t believe how she was stalking to him in front of people, questioning how he put it down in the bedroom? DonTravious raised his hand to slap the shit out of her ass. I love Nicole but she’s gettin’ outta pocket! DonTravious raised his hand to slap the taste out of her mouth goddamn mouth.

“ Nigga I wish you would try to put your hands on her…and in front of me too?” Kendrick said instead before DonTravious knew what was happening he felt the steel-like impact of Kendrick’s fist upside his head, DonTravious flew back,his arms raising to cover his head. Kendrick followed up with two uppercuts to his side.

DonTravious was on the ground doubled over in pain. Pain that was compounded by a sharp kick to his gut. The club crowd was getting excited. Laughing at DonTravious.

“ That’s what his ass get raising his hands to a woman!  Look at your ass now laid out on the ground. Your ass can’t hit a man can you?” a women in the crowd yelled.

Security rushed in but there was nothing left to see because Antonio and Kendrick had already taken Meka and Nicole and had dipped out. No one in the club was snitching. Club goers just danced around DonTravious who was trying to pick himself up off the ground.

Kendrick turned to Antonio, “ Man I’m outta here. The last thing I need is to get picked up on some bullshit.”

“ I feel you. I’m leaving too. Let me see if Meka wanna take me home for awhile cuz I damn sure ain’t trying to go home to Shantina’s ass right now.”

“ Bet. holla at me later.”

“So Nicole you wanna leave with me?”

Nicole looked at Meka unsure of what to do. She knew there was definitely and attraction to Kendrick,that was very clear before they’d been rudely interrupted by DonTravious.

“ Girl go ahead because I’m trying to get into something tonight my damn self.” she said looking over at Antonio who was grinning.

“ Yeah. Let’s get out of here Kendrick.”

  • * * *

7. Better Than the 1st Time

Kendrick and Nicole talked non-top the entire ride to his house. Nicole was well aware of the fact she’s just met him a few hours ago but Kendrick made her feel like she’s known him for years.

“Kendrick I know I’ve said it before but I really need to say it again…thank you so much for coming to my defense back there. It may not seem like much to you, but I didn’t expect it from you. You don’t even know me. So for you to come to my defense as a man,really says a lot about your character. I appreciate you.”

“ That wasn’t a big deal. Any man in there would have done the same for you.”

“ Kendrick, you and I both know that’s a lie. I’ve seen so much shit go down where the dudes standing around letting a female damn near get stomped to death before they finally decided to step in and do something. Honestly I was shocked when DonTravious raised his hand to hit me.” Nicole shivered just thinking about it.

“ Ol’ boy ain’t never laid hands on you before?”

“ Never. I mean of course we’ve had arguments before,we’ve been together a few years so that happens but never has he acted like he wanted to hit me. If the cheating wasn’t enough to make me not want him again, raising his hand to me was the nail in our relationships coffin.”

They pulled into and exclusive gated community Castle Heights, Nicole had never known anyone who lived here before. This was the neighborhood she’s driven through with her family during the holiday season as a kid looking at Christmas lights. Kendrick turned into the driveway of a beautiful brick home with a large perfectly manicured lawn.

“ Whose house is this Kendrick?”

“ Mine.” he said pressing a button and raising the garage door where inside a white Cadillac Escalade sat parked. They’d driven over in a custom black Charger with red interior.

“ Are we at your parents home?” Nicole asked confused,Kendrick had to have been no more than a few years older than her at best, he must have gone to college and done really well for himself. Unless of course he graduated with a degree in these streets.

“ Nah baby we ain’t at my parents house. This is all me right here.” he had an apartment that he usually took women and ran business out of that spot but tonight he had some workers over there. Besides it wasn’t the type of environment he wanted her in. Nicole had an innocence about her that attracted her to him even more than any female he’d met lately. There were things about his lifestyle they hadn’t touched on. They’d just met so he didn’t feel the need to disclose every aspect of his life to her just yet. Maybe she already had an idea? After all she was friends with this Meka who Antonio seemed to know so maybe she already knew who he was? He hadn’t had time to catch up with Antonio to find out just how he knew Meka. That wasn’t nothing new though. They traveled so much making runs ain’t no telling where he met her ass.

They entered his home and Nicole was blown away. It was beautifully decorated. Sexy yet masculine. Various shades of black,gray and cream were used throughout his home. Some areas had splashes of red thrown in.

“ Your home is beautiful Kendrick.”

“ “Thank you. What would you like to drink since we really didn’t get a chance to enjoy ours at the club?” he asked with a laugh. “ I have a stocked bar,pretty much anything you can think of.” Kendrick offered walking towards what was indeed a fully stocked bar. Complete with bars stools and a huge pool table sitting next to it.

“ I’ll take a rum and coke. I’m easy;I’m not a huge drinker.” she said walking over to the couch and sitting down.

Kendrick joined her with their drink on the couch.

“ So I wanna ask you something Nicole.”

“ Oh Lord Kendrick what?”

He couldn’t help but laugh she looked nervous as hell.

“ Don’t be nervous baby. I ain’t trying to get your whole life story in just one night….I am gone get it though eventually.” he said giving her a smile that literally made her feel like she was melting.

“ What would you like to know Kendrick?” she asked crossing her legs in a failed attempt to distract her mind from the flood of sexy,erotic and downright nasty thought that were flooding her brain.

“ I want to know…no right now I feel like I need to know, if after tonight do you see yourself getting back together with your boyfriend?”

Nicole  thought about is question,taking a few sip of her drink before answering.

She took so long thinking about it Kendrick started to get irritated. What the fuck is there to think about ? The nigga is fuckin’ other women and ready to lay hands on you?

“No. absolutely not. Never. You know what took me so long to answer the question? Meka told me earlier today she didn’t think I was in love with DonTravious anymore. That I was in love with love. You know what Kendrick I’d never really given it much thought but she’s right. I can honestly admit to myself that I haven’t been in love with him for at least the last year. That’ when he cheated on me the lat time I knew of. I met the girl and everything. When I found out about her I went crazy. I ain’t even gonna sit her and lie to you. I know it may sound melodramatic but I was crushed.  It felt like my world was coming apart because I’d invested so much time into him you know?”

“ I understand. So what make this time any different? I mean what you’re saying but you took him back then what’s different now?”

“ The difference now I know that’s not how I want to live my life. I know what I bring to the table. I deserve a man that can give me everything I’m willing to give the man I love. Most importantly I’ve learned that my first-love, doesn’t necessarily mean he’s my only love,or my true love. DonTravious was only filling the first category for me in a lot of ways. I accept that and can move on. I started moving on mentally a year ago. I just never wanted to admit it. I chose to stick it out with him and that’s what I was going to do.

Evidently God didn’t want me with him any longer. Which I guess is why he had that girl send me that text message with another woman sucking his dick!”

They both fell out laughing.

“ You had to throw that in there didn’t you?”

“Well…,” Nicole said “…I had to find something funny to laugh about . It’s been a crazy day. Something is telling me today I’m going to change my life in more ways than I could have imagined.”

Damn! I’m really feeling this woman right now. I ain’t trying to jump straight into another mans drama though. I can already see I’m not the type of nigga she’s used to dealing with after seeing her ex tonight.

“ Kendrick?”

“ Yeah?”

“ How long are you going to make me wait before you kiss me?”

“ You ain’t gotta wait at all baby.”

Kendrick was on her lips within seconds,licking,sucking and tasting every inch of her mouth passionately. His lips slowly trailed her ear seductively tugging her lobes,Nicole felt like she was coming completely undone.

Kendrick’s hands traveled down her chest until he was cupping her full breasts,his thumbs slowly circling her pebbled nipples through the thin fabric of her dress.

Kendrick felt like his control was slipping. He wasn’t the type of nigga to feel pressed about being with a woman, there were always plenty ready and willing to be with him under any circumstances but he was choosy.

Couldn’t just any female get none of his good dick.

He wanted Nicole though…now.

Kendrick bent down and through the fabric nipped at her erect nipple. Nicole moaned,her panties were completely soaked. Damn she wanted this man. What would Meka do? Meka would go after whatever the fuck she wanted and I’m about to do the same goddamn thing.

I ain’t never wanted DonTravious the way I want Kendrick right now.

“ Let’s go to your bedroom Kendrick. I wanna be with you tonight.” she whispered.

  • * * *

Nicole laid back on Kendrick’s plush king-sized bed soaking up his heated gaze. His eyes were eating up every inch of her. “ I think you’re gorgeous,” he murmured, crawling onto the bed over her. Balancing on one muscular arm, he cupped her breast with his free hand and rubbed the nipple to a stiff chocolate peak with his thumb. Then he sucked her nipple into his mouth, his masterful tongue exploring every ridge and bump of her erect chocolate peaks, one at a time. Nicole moaned, closing her eyes. His hand dipped between her legs, pushing her thighs apart roughly and slid his hand between them, taking her clit between two fingers he rubbed it until she moaned uncontrollably. She felt her cheeks flush and heard her breath thicken. He stroked his hand over her folds, teasing her clit. She squirmed her hips beneath him with a growing need to feel him inside of her…now, but he held her in place, sinking a finger deep inside her pussy. Then he added a second, thrusting in and out of her wet and willing pussy slowly. Kendrick moved his fingers inside of her at an excruciatingly slow and deepening pace. Her body answered him with a rush of her wetness and a long moan. “Goddamn your pussy wet bae. You ready for that?” he whispered. “I’m ready to slid this dick inside and when I do make my dick yours. Do you want it to be yours Nicole?” In and out he pumped, rocking her against the mattress with his movements. He added a third thick digit. She gasped managing to moan out “ Fuck! Yes I want it!” and squirmed, her body struggling to accommodate the girth of his thick fingers. But goddamn! It felt so good the way he was stretching her most intimate muscles. Kendrick grumbled his approval at the way her love passage relaxed,he had to make sure she was wet enough to take all of him. Regardless of what went on with them in the future,he was going to make damn sure she always remembered tonight. “I’m not a small man, Nicole. Do you think you can handle me?” She moaned, her body rocking on the bed in pace with his thrusts. “I want to find out.”

“You’re gonna come for me already?” Kendrick teased, slowly stroking her clit with his other hand. He had her thick thighs wide open,watching his fingers dripping with her flowing love juices. Her body jerked and she let out a slow moan. Yes, she was. The edge of a climax toyed with her body, taunting her, creating a slow and steady ebb at the center of her core. “Let that shit go bae. Gone head an cum for ya new man.” He pressed down on her clit, thrusting his fingers in and out of her the way she wanted to feel his dick. An orgasm burst over her body, washing through her so hard and fast, her spine raised and arched as she let out a scream of pleasure. She cried out and he rode her through it, stroking her clit with his thumb, while the muscles of her pussy pulsed and contracted. When it was over and she lay limp on the bed, he backed away from her.

“Where do you think you’re going? Come here, I need to feel you inside me Kendrick”asked Nicole sitting up, as she grabbed the waistband of his jeans and pulled him forward. “I’m not done with you yet.” He came forward a step, wearing a satisfied grin on his face. Kendrick smiled,wasn’t anywhere near done and had no intention of going anywhere until they were both satisfied.

Holding his gaze, she maneuvered his jeans down . She watched his bright green pupils dilate as she worked his jeans down low enough to get his dick out. Like the rest of him, it was long, thick and strong. DAMN! DonTravious’s dick was the only one she’d ever seen up close and personal and he had nothing on Kendrick! He had to be 11 inches! He could barely wrap her hand around it and the head of his dick damn near looked like a door knob. Nicole could clearly see he was very aroused, his dick was hard as Chinese arithmetic .The mushroomed head of his dick glistened with traces of his arousal for her. Nicole smiled,pleased to see she wasn’t the only one enjoying themselves. I want him to want me just as badly as I want him right now. She traced one of the heavy veins down its length, mesmerized by the size of it. Kendrick shivered and Nicole noticed him visibly shake. She leaned forward and took him into her mouth. She could barely take all of him into her ready,waiting mouth. By no means had they known each other long enough for him to boast or brag on his dick like a majority of grown-ass mean  did, namely DonTravious but had he wanted to brag on his dick…Kendrick definitely wouldn’t have been lying! I don’t need to see 100 dicks to know I have gold in my mouth! Kendrick softly gasped her name and gripped her shoulders, as if trying to hang on while she worked her tongue over him. She loved the way he reacted to her mouth on him, loved the fact that she could make this man who she could tell was used to running the show bend to her merely by the touch of her lips and tongue.

Before she could blink, he had her back onto the bed. “I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you. The minute I saw you with your friend today I wanted you. “ he breathed against her lips. In response she kissed him and dragged his lower lip slowly between her teeth. He moaned low in the back of his throat. That sound alone kept her nipples hard and pebbled and she could feel her pussy starting to gush and twitch. Nicole saw him quickly reach into his nightstand and grab a condom,seconds later later his thick dick was covered and ready. Kendrick pressed his knee between her thigh gently forcing them open, and set the head of his dick to her wet entrance. He held her gaze steadily as he pushed inside her. Her mouth opened as the width and length of him impaled her, stretching her muscles until she could take all of him. His finger play had helped her prepare to take him but they didn’t compare to his actual dick…at all. Kendrick’s eyes never left hers as he slowly eased himself inside her warmth. Neither of them looked away until he was seated all the way inside of her. He lowered his head and gently kissed her neck,whispering her name as he slowly snaked himself in and out of her slowly and deeply. Kendrick knew he wasn’t a small man and he didn’t want this to be a painful experience for her,only one of pleasure. His breath eased over her skin as he dragged his lips over her collarbone to the place where her neck met her shoulder. There, he bit,sucked and kissed. A sudden feeling of dominance came over him, this I my pussy now and this is her dick the feeling was primal, erotic. A feeling he had never allowed himself to feel with other women, The women he occasionally chose to be with he’d eventually put them in the same box. There for him when[_ he_] needed them. Never in his home, in his bed. Only the apartment he kept.Nicole closed her eyes and slowly exhaled as her body began to adjust to the size of him,the discomfort being replaced by another feeling. Her pussy was plumped and hot with arousal. He took her bottom lip in his mouth and gently bit down, chills ran all over her body in anticipation.

Little by little, Kendrick’s strokes grew harder and faster. Her whole world became the feel of his dick inside her, possessing her, owning her. The soft slap of their bodies connecting over and over met her ears and was a welcome sound. Every stroke went balls-deep. “Damn bae, ” he growled. “You feel so fucking good. That other nigga was just practice baby this pussy was made for me.” Her head fell back and her eyes closed. Her fingers clutched his shoulders and she held on under the mounting swell of pleasure rising within her. Then it burst and washed over her in rippling, overwhelming doses of ecstasy that stole the very air from her lungs for a moment. Kendrick made her body feel like she’d never made love before.

While the ripples of her orgasm still  held her body captive, Kendrick pulled out of her, flipped her to her hands and knees on the mattress. Hauling her hips up, he expertly pushed her thighs apart and thrust his dick inside her from behind. She was soaking wet so he wasn’t worried about hurting her at that point and besides her body was molded to his now and they way Kendrick felt he was going to make sure he was the last man she ever felt inside her.

She gasped, her fingers curling into the blankets at the delicious roughness of it. Holding on for dear life. His hard body cupped hers, rocking against her ass as he took her harder and faster this time her tight,pliant pussy having adjusted to his size to make movement easier. Pleasure built once more, swiftly, driving all rational and coherent thoughts from her brain. As her body began preparing itself to explode once more, Kendrick leaned over her taking her hands away from the sheets she was clinging to and gently yet firmly grabbed her by the wrists until the top half of her body was raised from the bed. Her breasts were swaying with each thrust from behind until her body felt it was beyond taking any more of this exquisite pleasure.

Nicole came again, hard enough to steal the breath from her throat. Kendrick rode her through it, and when her climax had nearly passed, he joined her. His dick jumped inside her as he released himself with a low groan. After a moment they collapsed onto the bed, both breathing heavily. Before she could catch her breath, he pulled her against him, rolled her beneath him  they quickly became a tangled unit of one. Legs,arms and lips intertwined. Right before his mouth descended on hers, he breathed out “ You’re mine now Nicole.”

She wound her arms around him and kissed him back, overwhelmed by the intensity of him. Nicole had not expected this…yes she’d just ended a relationship hours before but her heart told this was exactly where he was meant to be.

  • * * *

Kendrick and Nicole laughed and talked the entire ride to her place the following afternoon. Nicole hate their time together was coming to an end but Kendrick insisted he had some work related things to take care of.

They pulled into her parking lot and Kendrick turned off the engine and turned to her pulling her close and kissing her deeply.

“ Nicole what happened between us last night is something special. I don’t want you getting out of this car with a doubt in your mind about that. I’m gonna speak for myself Nicole but I don’t feel like that with everyone I’m with.”

Nicole was momentarily speechless, instead she just kissed him again.

“ I feel the same way Kendrick. I’m so happy you said it because it’s exactly what I felt.” she said smiling. “ Okay let me let you go. I know you have a lot to do today.”

“ Yeah baby I just need to do a few things this afternoon and I’m trying to get back to you a soon as I can.”

“ Sounds good to me. I’ll be home, all I plan on doing is relaxing the rest of the day.”

“ So which one of these do you stay in? I ain’t trying to be away from you too long. I could be back over here to lay down with you in two or three hours.”

Nicole smiled “ Well damn Kendrick if you’re going to be gone that short of a time why do you have to go at all? Come up with me now because I damn sure don’t want you to leave.” Nicole couldn’t believe how forward she was was being with him but he didn’t care. She wanted him to know she was ready to be with him. Granted they’d be hustling backwards since they’d already had sex but that just made her feel she needed to lay her cards on the table with him even more.

“ I’m coming back to you as soon and I can. If this wasn’t business I wouldn’t leave you at all Nicole.”

“ Okay. Hurry and come back Kendrick. I stay in number 512 on the third floor.” I said giving him a final kiss before jumping out of the car.

“ Hurry back!” I called over my shoulder and walked into my building.

Kendrick laughed and pulled off . Let me hurry up so I can get my ass back over here.

  • * * *

8.Lights Out

Nicole stepped off the elevator  to her floor and walked towards her apartment door opening her black clutch to get out her keys. Shit where’s my cellphone? Damn. I think I left it in Kendrick’s car when I took that call from Meka on the way over here. Oh well he said he’s coming by pretty soon. She thought putting her key in the lock and walking in the door. I’m going to take a nice hot shower and get in the bed and have a nap because I damn sure didn’t get any sleep last. Nicole turned so she could lock the door but was shocked to hear DonTravious’s voice. She didn’t notice his car outside at all but then again she’d been preoccupied with Kendrick.

“ Where fuck have you been?”

“ DonTravious leave. We don’t have shit else to talk about…”

The words were barely out of my mouth before DonTravious slapped me across my face and I was on the ground with him on top of me.

“ I know you was with that nigga!”he yelled banging my head against the hardwood floor.

“ Bitch you my woman and gone embarrass me in the club like that and leave with that nigga?” he yelled slapping me across the face repeatedly.

I couldn’t breath, I was try to pry his hands from around my neck and my legs were kicking.

“ You gone walk your black hoe ass through the door noon the next day?”he raged, “ Walking your ass in here after what? Fuckin’? You been letting some nigga you don’t even know fuck you! I’ll kill your ass before I let another nigga have you Nicole!”

DonTravious loosened hi grip around her neck and Nicole gasped for breath. Nicole rolled onto her side trying to gather enough strength to get away from him,much needed air filling her lungs.

“ I’ve done everything for you. EVERYTHING! And you gon’ turn on a nigga like me that fast? I don’t give a damn I fucked other females! I been doing that the entire time I been with you but I always came home to you. I can’t believe you’d let another nigga between your legs.” DonTravious was screaming and pacing the floor in front of her. Nicole spotted her clutch on the floor. If she could just get to it she could get her knife out. Anytime he did go clubbing he put it in her pure for protection. DonTravious had suggested she carry it incase she needed it. Well he damn sure needed it now.

Nicole inched closer to her pure and attempted to scream but nothing came out but a rasp. She held her hands to her throat in pain.

“ Yeah bitch I see you holding your throat! Why is that from having some strange niggas dick all down your throat all fuckin’ night?”


Just looking at her sickened him. He could fuckin’ kill Nicole right now.

“ Tell me you didn’t do it baby,tell me you didn’t do a nigga like that. As good as I been to you?” DonTravious started sobbing angrily and stopped crying as suddenly as he’d started. Rage in his eyes again.

“ Imma check you that’s what imma do. I know you pussy. Don’t know nigga know your pussy like I do Nicole and imma know if you had another niggas dick inside my pussy!” DonTravious bent over her and slapped her again.

“ Stop that goddamn crying!You made me do this!” he said grabbing her by the ankles and swinging her around until she was facing him. Nicole starting kicking him as hard as she could and DonTravious calmed her down with a kick to the ribs. Tears rolled down her face a she doubled over in pain attempting to raise her knee to her stomach to protect herself.

DonTravious pulled her legs back down yanking up the dress she had on until her lace panties were exposed and ripped them off her body.

She was attempting to free herself from him but DonTravious threw her on her stomach ,she could hear his belt coming undone and his zipper coming down.

Oh my God please help me! He’ going to rape me!

Nicole’s neck and throat were killing her but he screamed for her life!

  • * * *

Kendrick stepped off the elevator to Nicole’s apartment complex, he’d driven off and reached the entrance of her complex when he heard a phone ring  and seen it laying between the seats of his car. He’d started to just leave. Hell he was coming right back but decided to go ahead and run it back to her real fast. Shit I carry two cells and I’d be lost if I was without either one. Kendrick smiled as he approached apartment 512.

Kendrick heard a loud scream and a crash.

This is her apartment ? 512 is what she said right? Fuck I ain’t trying to bust in the wrong damn apartment.


“Someone please help me!”

Kendrick busted through the door and found DonTravious posed over Nicole who was half naked and exposed and crying on the floor.

DonTravious froze. He’d just become aroused and hard,the sound of Nicole crying and begging for help had turned him on.

Kendrick took in the scene,his baby crying,beaten and abused and saw red. It took him two seconds to get across the room and one second to knock DonTravious the FUCK out!

“Nigga you’ll never get the chance to raise your hand to her again.”

Nicole was crying hysterically. She’d managed to move out of the way just as Kendrick knocked DonTravious out and he was hitting the floor.

“ Baby I’m here. Oh God baby he didn’t…,”Kendrick choked up. He couldn’t get the words rape out of his mouth.

Nicole shook her head “ No. you got here just in time.” she said raising from the floor and rushing into his arms.

DonTravious moaned from the floor.

“ Baby go to your room. Now. I need to take care of this.”

Nicole went to her bedroom in shock at what had just taken place and what would have happened if Kendrick hadn’t shown up.

Kendrick stomped DonTravious in the head several time until he was unconscious. Reaching into his pocket for his cell and dialed Antonio.

Antonio answered on the second ring.

“ What’s up man?”

“ I need you man. Do you know where that apartment complex over on Easton is?”

“ Yeah. What the fuck is going on man?”

“ Man come over here. Third floor,apartment 512. Come now.”

Antonio clicked end.

“ Meka baby I need to make a stop real quick.”

“ Well we almost to your street. Do you want me to drop you off so you can get your car?”

“ No, I need to go now,turn this whip around. Kendrick needs me right now and he’s over at that complex on Easton. Third floor ,apartment 512. I just need to run in real fast and see what the fuck is up.”

Meka paused “ Hold on….that’s were my girl Nicole stays. Apartment 512 is Nicole’s apartment. What the fuck is going on?” Meka yelled a sick feeling coming over her. She pulled to the side of the rode and got out.

“ Nigga you drive and hurry the fuck up!” she screamed pressing Nicole’s name on speed dial.

Nicole answered on the third ring “ Meka come over I really need you.” she said breaking down crying.

“ I’m on my way baby! I’m coming!”

“ Damn Antonio! Is this as fast as you can drive? Hurry the fuck up!” Meka screamed.

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