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Hitler's Time Bomb - Set to explode in 2017. Using Psychology, Religion & Techno

Hitler’s Time Bomb

Set to explode in 2017. Using Psychology, Religion & Technology against us in the ultimate takedown.


K.C. Adler

Copyright © 2016 by K.C. Adler

Cover Illustration by Christina Keats

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Table of Contents

Hunting Hitler

As the Story Goes

The Power

The Children

The Solution

Hunting Hitler

I get it. We have lives to live and are trying to fit in a little bit of fun before we die, which is exactly what I was trying to do one random Tuesday night not too long ago.

It was a great day to sit around and avoid anything of true importance, and enjoy my slack time. The last thing I wanted to do was watch anymore breaking stories on the news so I searched around for something interesting. After passing over many options in the sea of reality shows I decided on Hunting Hitler. I settled in and ended up binge watching all eight episodes. I can tell you that those detectives and their hunt for the big man really sucked me in!

These guys were in the jungle, using drones and finding hideouts, focusing on whether Hitler actually made it out of Germany and then somehow planted himself in Argentina.

All of that was fascinating for sure, but what really got me that day was the fact that while I watching the series, I was reminded of another Hitler story I heard a while back. I avoided the whole thought of it at first but as I sat there I started to think about it more, and more. What would Hitler have done if he escaped? What would he focus on next?

Since that day of all things Hitler, that story has lingered in my mind and now I’m looking to see whether anyone else has heard it. Believe me, you would know. Just like the show, it is about Hitler post-Germany and very much alive.

It was hard to take the story seriously, but I also can’t seem to avoid the fact that it all makes sense. Why would a man who has fully proven himself allow one single takedown to stop him altogether? Albeit a big takedown, this surely would not stop a man of brilliance who also has the backing of intelligence and power. Knowing what I know now, I have to question whether I can just accept what has been told to me as historical fact and I also wonder, how do others accept it?

The story is pretty straightforward but packed with a ton of information at the same time, and the more I thought about it; the more I remembered.

As the Story Goes

Let’s start at the beginning…Hitler died in 1945. Hitler committed suicide. This all sounded good when I learned it in the history books, but it is that story I heard a few years back that I now can’t seem to shake. Would Hitler really step down and commit suicide? The story says no.

It was the “true story” of Hitler, the man said. He said it was the truth behind the “big bad wolf”.

As the story goes, in 1985 a man walked into a police station in Argentina; this man was old, but was sharp as a tack and still had his full wits about him. He came to the police to admit his part in heinous crimes of the past, present and for those set to take place in the future. The atrocities were now in motion and as he was nearing death, he wanted to come clean, and be pardoned for these crimes before he died.

As I listened, I was reminded of Brushy Bill Roberts and Billy the Kid. And now this is supposedly another full-blown criminal looking to be forgiven for his crimes? That alone is hard to believe, but there was more, a lot more. According to the story, this man who walked into the police station that day said he was Adolf Hitler. He admitted he was the one, the leader of Nazi Germany. He claimed to be the ringleader of World War II and the force behind the mass destruction and slaughter of the Jews.

I was younger then and ignorant, and tried to laugh this all off, but the story continued.

Apparently, Hitler started discussing Charles Manson. What did he have to do with anything? I wanted to know. Many of us are familiar with historical events, and the acts of Charles Manson are certainly a part of that. To this day, many believe that there was simply something psychologically wrong with Charles Manson but according to this story, Charles Manson was perfect; a perfect specimen that is.

According to this older gentleman, a younger Charles Manson was the perfect target for brainwashing and mind control. Manson’s life was not satisfying, and his future was an open door fueled by anger and rejection. With the proper training, all unbeknownst to Charles, he shifted to a new set of beliefs and when primed and ready, he was able to take others with him as well. In the end, Manson was molded into the perfect selectee for testing and in the end, the project and its methods proved to be successful. The manipulation was so good in fact, that throughout Manson’s life he would never understand or realize how corrupted his thinking had become. He believed in it wholeheartedly.

Not even a decade later, the project expanded beyond previous levels. Noting the power of persuasion successfully instilled in Manson, the Jim Jones project was able to take it one step further. This cult leader also started out as a trainee target and soon became a soldier for Hitler’s cause. Jones became a leader and was able to reset the thoughts of many, and even lead them out of their own country and ultimately to their self-inflicted doom.

There was more. This man explained that it was the Nazi army of the past that was ultimately taken down but this time it would be different. His old army was massive but its weakness was in the fact that it was so obvious. He said that this time would be quite the opposite and his army would not out be there for all to see. Instead, it would be a hidden army that lived among the people and there would be no way to take them down all at once.

The detectives already thought the man was odd and by now were fairly convinced he was experiencing some form of delirium. This guy must be crazy to think he could take down “society”. What did he even mean? Hitler responded with confidence that his expert team would use psychology, technology and religion to get the job done and he claimed to have every opportunity at his fingertips and would need very few avenues to do it: Distracted adults and children, progressive science and technology, religious influence and the human need for immediate gratification.

This man sat bold and stern and went on to explain further. The program’s sole purpose was to clear the minds of the innocent and make way for a new set of believes that could rule the world, the right way. Looking back, I remember almost cringing at the thought of knowing anything more about this. At the same time however, I had to admit that I felt intrigued that there might be a mind behind the madness, and I couldn’t help but continue to listen; and like me, the detectives in Argentina could not pull themselves away from the storyteller either.

He explained that by bringing his team of Nazi’s over after the war and settling in unsuspecting Argentina, Hitler and his troops were quick to get to work. This team carried out training camps and testing, including those for children. The team grew with more recruits and perfected the techniques of mind control and brainwashing. He reiterated the fact that the opportunities were endless.

The Power

As the man[_ _]spoke, the detectives noted a change in his tone. He started talking about the future, claiming that there were situations and events that were inevitable.

The natural progression of Hitler’s program would refine the power of one. If even just one person could walk void of morals and guilt, their confidence alone could claim the lives of many. Hitler simply needed one main contact to get the job done versus a group of individuals. We have seen this type of thing throughout history but Hitler wanted specific targets under his control. Mass murders were set to become a weapon under the program and we can see those examples stretching from Timothy McVeigh carrying out acts following Waco, to the Unabomber’s murder campaign. The program would penetrate religious groups and families where one person’s religious influence drove them to kill. In some cases not only does the subject kill as many people as they can, they are willing to kill themselves.

As with any program of trials however, there would be expected hiccups and glitches. Some projects would not go so well and would be left unfinished and unperfected. For some of Hitler’s potentials, their mental illness or malfunction would take hold, and these trainees would turn inward, resulting in a hunger for unexplained deaths that were neither satisfying nor purposeful. Ted Bundy is a good example of this. When Andrea Yates drowned her children we saw the inward glitch yet again. Sent to a mental hospital in the end, she never really made sense out of it. We have also seen it in children, like Austin Sachs, who murdered his own parents out of a rage even he didn’t seem to remember. Hitler predicted these necessary casualties and said they were simply a side affect of program testing, and in line with his path to perfection. He remained certain that his scientists were equipped to resolve these types of issues and would work to eliminate any unfortunate setbacks.

The detectives were getting a bit uncomfortable and shifted in there seats. Hitler told them that by the time any of this would become suspicious, it would be too late. There would be more acts of violence that no one could explain, yet alone understand the criminals themselves who would be the innocent, and the unsuspecting. The effects would be massive, go undetected, and be fully efficient using methods already proven.

Once the techniques were tested to the point of readiness, the program would go into action. The hidden army would eventually run, undetected, 24×7, with direct access to all targets. Assuredly, he stated that in our future we would see children separating from adults and that the adults would start to fear the children they once loved, and all would become distracted by the strategically set diversions in their lives.

Strangers and acquaintances alike would become sure enemies and no one would be immune. The handing down of morals and values would start to disintegrate while laziness and the need for immediate gratification would take over, leading to our own demise.

My reaction to this mirrored that of the detectives who heard this firsthand. This was all simply overwelming and unbelievable, and surely this man must be mentally disturbed! He is delusional and believes himself a fortuneteller. The information did actually bother me though and even when I think about it today, I am pulled to try to rationalize what this man said.

The detectives were left speechless and I thought about it all too. We know that Hitler has never left the stories or history books and the desire to know what really happened _]is still out there. For me personally now today, after learning more about the many theories out there and watching [_Hunting Hitler, I find myself challenged to believe the simplicity of Hitler’s suicide in 1945. As I play back the facts in the story that was told to me, they play back in parallel to the things that have happened over time, and are even happening today. Much like Nostradamus, this man claiming to be the Fuhrer himself had many predictions. Unlike predictions in the usual sense however, he said these would be the results of carefully set up plans. The man was very clear that these plans were already in motion and failure was not an option. Not this time.

The Children

It was his talk of our children that got me really thinking more about this as of late and it gave me the chills. This man said that infiltration was key for this hidden army and what better a place than right under our noses. Should we question the motives of people we don’t know? Are they an enemy? And even more disturbing, should I question my son’s friends at school, or my son? Many of us have heard the rumors of subliminal messaging through things like Disney movies and characters like Barney. Is it realistic that we should need to question all of the information and entertainment available and fed to us?

Let’s take the ‘Slender Man’ stabbings for example. When I heard about this in 2014, I summed it up as a confusing tragedy. Now however, after remembering the story of Hitler’s manipulation from years before, these stabblings have been bothering me.

Hitler was very clear about the diversions and the progress. Many of us see technology as progress and a great add to society, but it has also become a universal distraction and a constant companion to both adults and the younger generation. This causes me to question the new mentors our children now follow. Is this all under someone elses control as the story suggests?

It would mean that ‘Slender Man’ was strategic, and part of the hidden feed and influence. He was not a mistake and was no urban legend either. ‘Slender Man’ is an intentionally placed fictional character whose power lies the fact that the children don’t know the difference, and many parents don’t know of him at all. Those young girls who carried out the stabbings were nothing more than victims who passed an unfortunate test. The direct feed to our children from things like ‘Slender Man’ or video games and social media, run all day, every day, parents or no parents.

If I look at things like the Columbine massacre and kids killing kids, or the Aurora shooting of random citizens, I can see that mass killings have taken on a new form and this change happened over time, just like Hitler predicted. Some of our top criminals today are also our youth. Do we love them or are we afraid of them?

These feeds and manipulations affect adults as well. Take medictions; over half of Americans alone are now taking regular prescription drugs. Influence the doctor, get to the target; the power of one. One doctor has the power to change many lives. It would also help Hitler’s plan of gaining control of the masses. I mean, with the many individual mental discrepancies out there, people can be very unpredictable and therefore, a risk. With the number of prescriptions out there, people have become dependent on their medications. These addictions set people up to function under physiological alterations and limitations, making them more reliable and predictable. Hitler was a genius in this approach and did a stellar job on this one!

The Solution

In the end, Hitler made it clear that the individual moving parts along the way were not the final goal. When ready, the project would be set in motion across the globe. The adults would fall behind and become insignificant, and it would be the children that would finally do away with anyone holding onto old values and morals that have no place in the perfect world of the future. His world.

As he called it, this was the Ultimate Solution. The world would be reset and the new and all powerful generation would come out of the shadows to start fresh, with a clean slate.

I wish that old man was here now and I could talk to him. Truth is, after the detectives took a listen they did try to commit him but he escaped during transport and was never seen again. And so here I sit with my challenged beliefs and some possible truths that are more than disturbing and I wonder, has anyone else has heard this story?

I even thought about trying to dig in and prove the story wrong but I am not certain that can effectively be done. The whole thing gives me an eerie feeling and is a bit too similar to the realities of today.

I’ve chosen this eBook as my outlet to reach as many people as I can. There is a lot more information and if there is interest to know more, I’ll put the rest of the story together; a story of what is painfully obvious yet no one seems to see, and the brilliance behind the master plan that has eluded us for so long.

Hitler's Time Bomb - Set to explode in 2017. Using Psychology, Religion & Techno

I am not one to get wrapped up in conspiracy theories and usually like to focus more on the future than the past. However, after that random day of binge watching the Hunting Hitler series, I was reminded of a story I heard a while back that ironically got me thinking about our past as well as our possible future. I mean, I have to say, when I think about that story and our world today, things are looking all-too-familiar. It's a story about Hitler, in a police station, in Argentina, after 1945 and very much alive. I've chosen to write this short e-book to get​ ​the​ ​story out there​ ​for anyone interested in Hitler, history, and our future​. With all of the possible Hitler theories that run rampant, this one just might hit home.

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Hitler's Time Bomb - Set to explode in 2017. Using Psychology, Religion & Techno Hitler's Time Bomb - Set to explode in 2017. Using Psychology, Religion & Techno