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His Last War: a Bitesize Horror Story

His Last War

A Bitesize Horror Story by

James Dixon


Copyright © James Dixon 2015

James Dixon has asserted his right, under the Copyright,

Designs and Patents Act, 1988 to be identified as the author

of this work


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First published digitally in 2015

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His Last War


When he was a kid his eyelids would flutter as they opened. The sandman had come, he had always come. His eyes would itch, they would be lead weights. He would open them reluctantly, he would yawn as he climbed out of bed. His mouth was a black hole sucking in the world. Words came slowly to such a black hole, they came reluctantly, sluggish.

He was famous for it. His mother would have to call on him half a dozen times to get him up for school. Other kids on the block knew that if they knocked for him before ten am on a Saturday they would be turned away. ‘He’s still in his coma,’ his mother would tell them, and they would wait patiently for him to return to this world.


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His Last War: a Bitesize Horror Story

When he opened his eyes he wondered if he was dreaming… The darkness was complete as he loosened the opening of his sleeping bag. His breath steamed in the cold. Cold so intense he thought his bones would never feel the warmth of springtime again. So cold that he didn’t realize at first what his fingers were feeling as the reached out. It was nearly Christmas back at home. This was his goal- see in Christmas day, survive long enough to do that. Survive the cold of the desert’s anger. Survive the snapping of enemy rifles. His fingers found the ground as he thought about surviving Christmas in front of him. About surviving Thanksgiving behind him. About the cold in between survival. The ground was ice cold and metallic and he remembered where he was. He bunked down last night in the back of a jeep, a jeep with cold metal floors and crates of ammunition through which he staggered as he grabbed his rifle and climbed to his feet, seconds before the world exploded.

  • ISBN: 9781310410741
  • Author: James Dixon
  • Published: 2015-12-14 17:20:07
  • Words: 3685
His Last War: a Bitesize Horror Story His Last War: a Bitesize Horror Story