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Hire a Dating Coach


1. How can a dating coach help?

A dating coach can offer an informed outside perspective on your dating issues. You want to find someone knowledgeable about your current dating culture. Honestly, there is a lot of free information, but it can be overwhelming without word-of-mouth or vetted by a third party. A great dating coach should be able to save you time.


2. Who are you guys?

My name is Greg Figueroa and I’m a dating coach from the NYC area. I self-published a few dating books under my name in the different ebook retailers like a book titled, “Make The Move: love, sex, & dating”.


3. Can I go at my own pace?

Yes, you can, but it is my job to push when needed because the actual doing is where the growth actually happens. The talking and discussion means less without action behind it.


4. Is matchmaking and coaching the same?

No, coaching is for educating and guidance. Matchmaking is just to introduce you to potential matches that fit your core wants and needs. You will not get every single thing on your list when matched. There is nothing with getting matchmaking if you’re a busy professional.


5. What services do you offer?

Email, unlimited text coaching, and online dating help.


6. Is dating and life coaching the same?

Somewhat, but the focus in dating is more narrow. Life coaching is a bigger focus on improving your whole life. Sometimes, dating can help improve your life tremendously, but the focus is on dating and social dynamics.


7. Do you coach women?

Yes, we do coach women, but not every coach is in the head space to help both genders, like some Pick-up artists and some dating coaches (most of them would be poor coaches for women). If a coach is open minded, he can easily see the patterns and needs of women and help them achieve their dating goals. This is the same view on some women dating coaches who try to help men, but don’t tailor their advice to the needs of their client. You will hear a lot of the same issues and a lot of times there is some gender overlap.


8. What if the dating coach is single or not currently in a relationship? How could I take them serious?

You don’t have to be in a relationship or bed 1000 women to give good advice. I would say no experience in dating and relationships would give me pause, but I don’t see anyone admitting it.


9. I’m a guy who wants to know the perfect thing to say to a woman at a social event, in the public area, or from work?

There is no guarantee phrase or a group of words that will give you maximum success with the maximum amount of women. Let’s say there was the perfect opening, you still have to have a conversation beyond that opener. Every conversation will be different, there will be similarities that you will pick up on, but that won’t happen in till you put in the effort in talking to women.


10. Will you be forever alone?

No. There are too many people to end up alone forever. Our minds are echo chambers and when we stuck in a negative mindset, we attach ourselves more to negative feelings, thoughts, and perceptions.


11. Is a dating coaching 24/7 available?

Depends on the service they offer, but consider that late night they will be sleeping and during the day they are more active. Personally, I’m available for email coaching and texting till about 10PM EST.


12. How often should I use a dating coach?

Depends on your needs, a beginner may need a few times a month, Immediate may need a coach once or twice a month, Advanced may need an occasional check-in with a dating coach.


13. Does location matter when choosing a coach?

Yes and no. You should consider someone familiar with your dating culture. I would be best for those who live in a culture that is like the United States, I would be bad for someone in a Middle Eastern culture. Location is a big deal if you’re looking for face-to-face coaching, but virtually I can coach someone in Seattle, Australia, Texas, or where I live now, NYC. Still be mindful of your culture.


14. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to get advice from my friends?

Sure, you need someone: perceptive, observant, honest, and has a high level of social intelligence. Someone with real world experience. A good dating coach is using real world experience, high social intelligence, a healthy successful mindset, and who can make all this understandable.


15. How long should I wait for a coach to respond back?

If you paid for a service within 24 – 48 hours (past 72 hours for a paid service doesn’t look right). A general inquiry about 24 hours – 72 hours. Consider their paying customers have priority. I’m not available on Saturday or Sunday.


16. Can you ask for free dating advice?

I would say no because most dating coaches don’t work for free. It’s unfair to have someone give you advice to save you time and give you reasoned feedback and not expect them to be compensated. To pick their brain for free isn’t cool, unless the coach is inviting it. If they use your email for content (Blog, Youtube video) that’s a good reason to receive free dating advice.


17. What is the biggest dating coach tip you could offer?

Your correspondence should get to the point. If a coach asks for more information, then elaborate, but the emotional vomit is too long to read. People who write too much background end up repeating the same points, rationalizing their excuses, and going off-topic often. Right off the back, this person is way too into their own head.


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1. Online Dating: Profile review.

2. Email Coaching: Ask your dating questions via email

3. Unlimited Texting: you can text a dating coach an unlimited amount of time weekly or monthly.


Ask him about:

- Issues from actively dating

- Pre-date, date, Post-date advice

- Getting back into dating

- Socially awkward

- Overwhelmed by your thoughts

- Planning to break-up

- Are they cheating?

- Single parents dating

- Ex is back in the picture

- Having trouble dating and having satisfying relationships

- Dealing and managing the fall out of a dating/relationship crisis

- Recapping dates for feedback

- Are they interested?

- Deciphering digital communication (e.g. Social media and texting)

- Understanding the male mindset

- Understanding the female mindset

- Online dating guidance

- Friendship issues (e.g. cutting off toxic friends, feeling used, and growing apart)

- Relationship issues (e.g. Communication breakdown)

- Groom/Bride having cold feet

- Time management

- Date ideas

- Red flags to avoid and to keep an eye on

- Baby mother drama

- Baby daddy drama

- Getting your ex back

- Moving on from an ex

- Why did they fade?

- Dating Emergency/crisis (e.g. caught cheating/being dumped/bad sex/bad date/silent treatment/found something suspicious)

- Separating Myth from reality

- Breaking through misconceptions

- Risk management and assessment of potential actions, decisions, and behaviors that can an most likely will affect your relationships and dating life


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Hire A Dating Coach

I compile and answer a list of questions for those looking for a dating coach. A lot of people need dating advice or have a pressing dating dilemma and are unsure who to turn to for advice. I hope this gives you a better idea about who to hire. I hope you would consider me. My services: Email Coaching (per email) Unlimited Texting (weekly/monthly) Online Profile Review (1 profile) This ebook has a link to hire me or feel free to message me at datingrealist[AT]gmail[dot]com (there is a nominal fee involved).

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Hire A Dating Coach Hire A Dating Coach