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Her Billionaire Secret Part 1 An Alpha Billionaire Romance


Her Billionaire Secret Part 1

An Alpha Billionaire Romance

Jenna Chase

Elise Kelby



Copyright: Elise Kelby

Published: June 14th 2016


This is a work of fiction. Any and all similarities to any characters, settings, or situations are purely coincidental.


All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval systems, copied in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise transmitted without written permission from the publisher. You must not circulate this book in any format.


This book is set in London and as such uses British English throughout.


First Edition June 2016


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2. Two

3. Three

4. Four

5. Five

6. Six

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h1=. One


“Claire Bretton, why is it you get all the good jobs?” Fran leant back in her chair and gave her a huge grin.

Claire knew she was teasing. For a start, she was working as a temp at the law firm and worse, she was supposed to have been on her way out of the building thirty minutes ago. If she hadn’t nipped into the powder room to change into her tee-shirt and jeans, Isabella Price wouldn’t have caught her in the corridor.

Claire frowned back at her colleague. “Delivering a package to a client is not what I’d planned to do with my evening.”

“It’s not so bad. I wouldn’t mind giving up a couple of hours to get the chance of five minutes in the company of Tevis Drummond.” Fran licked her lips salaciously, making Claire laugh.

She pushed the package towards Fran. “Why don’t you take it then?”

Fran held up her hands and laughed. “No way! I’m not going to cross Isabella Price. She’s expecting you to do it, not me.” Fran’s face softened. “Besides, I’ve got a date tonight with Matt.”

There was no chance of getting Fran to do the delivery if she had plans with the new man in her life.

“This was to be the start of my long weekend off.” Claire pushed the package into her messenger bag, tucking it behind her camera. She’d planned to go down to the West End and do some candid shots. That was now out. By the time she delivered the package most of the evening would be gone.

“I wonder why Isabella didn’t place an order with a courier?” Fran mused.

“I don’t know. She seemed keen to have me deliver it by hand on her behalf. She’s even given me two hundred pounds to cover my time and the taxi fares.”

“That’s odd.” Fran looked at Claire thoughtfully as she tied her long hair back into a ponytail. “We have contracts with taxi firms. The fare could have been booked straight to our account.” She frowned as she studied Claire, “She must trust you, to give you this job.”

“I think it’s because I’m the last admin person left here on a Friday night. If I’d been quicker at changing out of my work clothes, I’d have been out of here before she spotted me.”

“No, I don’t think so.” Fran lowered her voice to a whisper. Not that she really needed to, most of the staff had gone. Across the room, only Derek Jones, one of the accountants, was still at his desk. Everyone knew he’d sleep at the office if he could. 

Fran gave him a quick glance before continuing. “I think this is hush-hush. Off the record. Isabella Price does everything by the book and not using our courier firm is pretty unusual.”

“Perhaps she wanted this client to get the personal touch? I mean, he must be important.”

“Do you have any idea at all who Tevis Drummond is?”

“No. Though he must be wealthy to afford the services of Isabella.”

“Damn it, Claire, you need to get up to speed on the rich and famous in London if you want to get on. Tevis Drummond could buy this firm several times over and barely see a dent in his bank account.”

Claire grinned back at Fran. “Firstly, I’m a temp. Secondly, I don’t need to know people. When I’ve got the money together to take a year out, I’ll be off.”

“You’ll need to know who they are—if you want to sell your photographs. They’ll be the ones scrambling to buy an original ‘Claire Bretton’.”

Fran pulled open the bottom drawer of her desk and pulled out a gossip magazine. Claire hated them, but for Fran they were required reading. She flicked through the pages until she found the one she wanted and passed it over to Claire.

Claire eyed it with distrust, she hadn’t touched one in over ten years, but she couldn’t tell Fran why. With a slight hesitation, she took the offending magazine from Fran’s proffered hand.

Fran pointed to the photograph at the top of the page. “That’s Tevis Drummond.”

Dark-haired, with a serious look on his face, Tevis Drummond’s eyes stared straight at her from the printed page. There was something about the way the photograph was taken that made it look as if he only had eyes for her. Dragging her attention from his mesmerising gaze, Claire scanned the article quickly.

“What are you looking for?”

She looked up at Fran. “I want to know who took this. It’s a great image.”

“Claire! Only you would ignore one of the most eligible bachelors in London to find out who the photographer is.”

“I’m not interested in men. I am interested in furthering my career. If I could get someone to look into my camera like that, I’d make a fortune.”

“Don’t sell yourself short, I’ve seen your work. It’s great. Besides, if Tevis Drummond looks as though he’s making love to the camera, there has to be a woman on the other side of it.” Fran stood and picked up her bag. “Take the magazine with you and read it in the taxi, you ought to know who you are meeting.”

“I’m not meeting him. I’m delivering a package.”

“Shame, because he’s a hell of a sexy man.”

Yes, he was. Claire could see the attraction in the photograph. He was precisely the type of man she kept well away from. Confident, assured, and well aware of his appeal to women. She’d seen what a man like Tevis Drummond could do.

“I suppose he is,” she responded, not wanting the conversation to take this turn. She felt uncomfortable about it.

“He’s been connected with Eloise Grace.”

“The singer?”

“Yes, you innocent. The singer. I think there’s also something on Eloise in that magazine.”

“Oh.” Now Claire wanted to be out of there. She hated celebrity gossip with a passion, but Fran kept on, not noticing her reticence. She grabbed the magazine out of Claire’s loose grip and flicked over more pages before handing it back.

“There’s a whole article about Eloise. She’s been missing for three weeks. Her management team have no idea where she is. They’re going crazy looking for her, she’s supposed to be picking up some award this weekend.” Fran’s face was animated. Claire had only known her for six months but she knew Fran lived for gossip about celebrities. 

The fragile face of Eloise Grace stared back at her. Claire didn’t want to be a voyeur to the young singer’s life but she knew Fran was expecting her to say something.

“Perhaps she wants some quiet time. Celebrity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” She tried to pass the magazine back to Fran, but her friend didn’t get the hint.

“No, take it. Read it in the taxi.”

“Okay, thanks.” Claire had no intention of reading the magazine but she didn’t want to offend Fran. She stuffed it into her bag with the package. She’d leave it on Fran’s desk when she got into work on Wednesday morning. 

Giving her desk a final check to make sure she’d left nothing behind, she slung her bag over her shoulder and with a quick last smile to Fran, walked out of the office.

An hour, two hours at the worst, and she’d have four days all to herself.

The last of the summer day’s heat hit her as she walked out of the air-conditioned glass building. Most people had left the office almost an hour ago, many going straight to local pubs to have a quick drink with colleagues before heading home for the weekend. Claire had never got into the habit, saving every penny earned for her tour of Europe.

The crisp notes from Isabella were an added bonus, and the reason she hadn’t refused to deliver the package. That, along with valuing the temping job which paid more than most. She might not want to do it, but the money would be useful. If she only took a taxi to Belgravia and then used the underground to go home, she could add a little more to her savings.

She waved at the black cab heading down the street towards her. As it pulled to the kerb, Claire heaved a sigh of relief. Friday nights were often the most difficult to get a passing cab.

Even though she’d been lucky in getting the taxi, Claire had to suffer the frustration of sitting in traffic snarl-ups. As they pulled up in Belgravia, she realised with regret that the taxi fare would take a bigger chunk of the money than she anticipated. Even so, she gave the driver a healthy tip.

“Do you want me to wait?” he asked.

Claire shook her head. “No, it’s fine.” She was definitely using the underground train to go home.

She watched the taxi drive off before turning to look at the mews mansion house belonging to Tevis Drummond. Belgravia was the domain of old money. The houses were worth tens of millions. She grinned to herself. Her little bedsitter room in a shared house would fit into a cupboard in the building facing her.

Looking upwards she counted five floors of windows in the elegant facade. No, there were six, below street level there was another floor, likely the old servants’ quarters or a kitchen. Stone steps with ironwork railings led down to a door. The window next to it was open and Claire could hear music filtering upwards.

Ignoring the main door with its huge entrance way and ornate stone porch, she headed down the steps and on reaching the door pressed the intercom.

“Who is it?” The voice was male, deep and commanding.

“It’s Claire from…” She didn’t get a chance to finish the sentence.

“Come straight in.” 

The catch released and Claire tentatively opened the door and walked into the room. It was a kitchen. Not just any old kitchen. It was chrome, glass and dark wood and looked exceedingly expensive.

The man who’d given her entry had his back to her as he delved through a huge refrigerator.

Claire waited for him to finish.

As he turned, she realised it was Tevis Drummond. Something inside hit her with a jolt, her chest tightened and her stomach somersaulted. He seemed familiar and yet he wasn’t. She’d never met him before.

His blue hazel-flecked eyes narrowed.

Claire was instantly aware of how she looked. Dark hair pulled back in a ponytail and the last of the day’s makeup barely clinging to her face, she felt wanting under his scrutiny. His clothes shouted of ‘expensive casual’, hers of ‘chain store bargain’.

Whatever he thought of her appearance, his face said there was something very wrong and she fidgeted under his dark stare.

“Who the fuck are you?”

His annoyance hit her like a lightning bolt and Claire had to stop herself from stepping backwards as he crossed the room. She hadn’t done anything wrong. The damned man had invited her in.

Now directly in front, he towered over her and she had to let her head drop back to look at him. He was so close she could smell his maleness mixed with a spicy aftershave.

You buzzed me in,” she retorted. No way was she backing down. “I’ve got a package for you.” 

She started to fumble with the catches on her bag, all the time keeping her eyes defiantly fixed on his. Now wasn’t the time to lose her temper. Tevis Drummond was a client and she needed to keep this job.

“I was expecting the florist.”

She frowned. “Do I look as if I deliver flowers?”

“Her name is Claire.”

“It happens to be my name too. Look, I think we’ve got off on the wrong foot.” She gave him a tentative smile.

A look flashed across his face. Claire could swear she saw a twitch to his lips. For a moment she almost liked the man.

Across the room, the sound of a door opening broke the moment. Tevis Drummond’s thunderous face returned in an instant as he saw who was joining them.

Claire couldn’t help but follow his gaze to look at the woman entering the room. 

Face bare of makeup and stunningly beautiful, she studied Claire with worry, chewing on her bottom lip. “Have we met?” she asked.

“No,” Claire responded, but she knew who she was talking to. She dragged her gaze back to Tevis Drummond trying to hide the recognition from her eyes.

I need to get out of here.

Her legs wouldn’t move and she remained pinned under his scrutiny.

“I have to…” she began.

He silenced her by placing a single finger to her lips. 

She blinked. Heat seared through her at his contact with her skin.

“It’s okay, Ellie.” His face softened as he looked again at the young woman. “Claire is with me.”

He trailed his finger across Claire’s cheek. She couldn’t have said another word even if she wanted to. He held her gaze, a question in his eyes.

“I’ve been waiting for her,” he muttered to Ellie, staring at Claire all the while.

Putting his hand behind Claire’s neck he held her firmly as he dropped his head so his lips were close to her ear.

“Play along,” he growled.

Claire shivered at his touch and gave a slight nod of her head. He had to be giving her a way out of this mess. 

He pulled back and gave her a wide smile. One of victory and something else she couldn’t identify.

Claire narrowed her eyes at him but gave him a fixed smile of her own. Deep inside she somehow knew things were about to get worse.

And they did. Ten times. A hundred times.

“I’ve missed you!” he said with a passion that would have got him onto the stage in the West End.

Claire wanted to run. This wasn’t what she wanted. But it was too late.

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her firmly, silencing any objection.

h1=. Two


“What the hell was that about?” Claire hissed.

Tevis had excused them both from the kitchen and was now dragging her up the stairs, his hand firmly grasping her arm. He wasn’t about to let her go anywhere but with him.

“Don’t say a word,” he commanded, his face emotionless.

They entered the ground floor reception area where an older woman was closing the front door. She had a huge bouquet of flowers grasped in her hands.

“Josie, could you hide those from…” He stopped and glanced at Claire.

Not planning on helping him out after that kiss, Claire didn’t say a word but eyed him mutinously. Let him guess at how much she knew.

“Boyd wants those hidden for now,” he corrected.

Josie appeared to know what he was talking about and gave him a nod before hurrying to another door leading off the reception.

“Come on,” he snapped, dragging her across to a set of doors. He pressed a button and the doors parted and he stepped through.

Her eyes widened. Who on earth had an elevator installed in their home?

Tevis saw the look on her face. “There are six floors, plus a rooftop level. Not everyone is fit enough to manage the stairs.”

Claire looked away. She wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of appearing interested in what he had to say. The sooner she got out of here the better.

When the doors opened he let go of her arm and pushed her out of the elevator. Gently, but all the same, it was a push, letting her know he was still calling all the shots.

“Don’t try running back. I guarantee I can move faster than you.”

His voice held a threat she didn’t understand. Standing alone in the middle of the luxury reception area of the new floor she watched as he crossed the room to another door.

He looked back, realising she wasn’t with him anymore. “This way,” he ordered.

“I think I’ve gone far enough,” she snapped. “Just sign for the package and I’ll be gone.”

He stalked back to her and took hold of her arm again. Claire tried to pull away but he refused to let go.

“If you think I’m going to simply let you walk out of here now, think again!” he snarled. “I don’t know who the hell you are but we need to talk.”

“Then don’t drag me around like this. And will you please hold a civil conversation with me!” She directed a slap at his hand gripping her arm. Her fingers stung satisfyingly.

He let go but it didn’t look as if he was about to make an apology. He was now staring at her. Hard. Like he’d never seen anyone like her before.

“This way,” he ordered, taking a step forward.

He turned and glared at her.

She folded her arms and stared back.

“Please,” he said finally, almost grudgingly.

Ignoring his attitude, she took the ‘please’ as a victory and walked past him and through the doorway he’d been heading towards. He was right behind her and almost bowled her over as she stopped dead.

“What’s wrong now?!” He shut the door firmly.

“This is your bedroom. I’m not staying in here with you.”

“How do you know it’s my bedroom?” The corners of his mouth twitched.

Looking around at the tastefully decorated and luxurious room, it was clear it was a man’s domain. A huge bed dominated the centre of the floor.

“I just know,” she snapped.

“Well, you don’t have much choice. It’s my house and I’m speaking to you in here and nowhere else.” He stepped back and leant against the door, blocking her escape.

She glared at him for what must have been about a minute. It seemed like forever and he held her gaze for every second.

That damned kiss replayed through her head. She hadn’t even fought back. His teasing lips had reduced her to jelly and she’d not had the strength to push him away. No way was she staying anywhere near this man. He was trouble. Big trouble. A tiny voice reminded her how much she’d enjoyed it. She ignored it. Pushed it out of her mind.

“What do I have to do to get out of here?” She kept her voice cool.

“Tell me who you are.”

Well, that wasn’t a problem. She had plenty of identification.

“And empty your bag onto the bed.”

Why would he want to rummage through her belongings?

“You don’t trust me.”

His face contained no warmth. “I don’t trust many people, Claire. You’ll have to work on that.”

He gave her a look that made her want to fidget. As if he found her deficient. All she was doing was being a delivery girl and look where that had landed her. The extra money didn’t seem so appealing now.

She looked at him pointedly before walking back over to him. “I won’t be around long enough to work on you, Mr Drummond.”

Unfastening the buckles on her messenger bag, she slid the contents out onto the bed. She reached forward to pick up the package that had caused her so much trouble. Five more minutes and this would be over. All she had to do was get him to sign for it and she’d be on her way.

He stopped her with a single look.

She stepped back, indicating with her hand that he was welcome to look for himself, and watched as he rifled through her belongings.

He picked up the package and studied Isabella Price’s monogrammed business card attached to it. Surprisingly, he put it back on the bed with disinterest, instead picking up her security pass.

“You work for Stanford and Henderson Law?”

She gave him a tight, but satisfied smile. “I did try to tell you.”

He turned back to her other possessions, picking up her camera and studying it carefully. He put it back down.

Mortified, she watched him look at the plastic bag carrying her spare underwear and toothbrush.

“Prepared for a night out?” he said sardonically.

She didn’t respond. It was no business of his that she liked to cover every eventuality. Her spare underwear was in there in case she couldn’t go home and nothing to do with staying overnight with someone. She gave him a look of disgust.

Finally, after going through everything she possessed one by one, he flicked through the gossip magazine Fran had loaned her. He looked at her coldly. She felt the need to explain it.

“It’s not mine. A friend gave it to me and I didn’t want to offend her. I never read them.”

“Never?” He looked as though he didn’t believe a word she was saying.

“Never,” she said firmly. “Mr Drummond, I don’t lie.”

“Do you know who you met in the kitchen?” His voice was steady but cutting. He was calling her out on her last statement.

Claire thought of that pale fragile face. She knew exactly who she was.

“Yes.” Her voice came out in a whisper.

“Who is she, Claire?”

Closing her eyes, she knew she was damned, but she still answered.

“Eloise Grace.”

“We need to talk.” He looked at her with distaste. “That’s an expensive camera, Claire Bretton, for someone who delivers parcels.”

“It’s not what you think. I’m not a snoop.” She felt like spitting the words out. He could have no idea how she felt about the paparazzi. But to explain her reasons would be even worse. “I’m a photographer. I specialise in candid, artistic shots.”

“Yet you work at a law firm. Doesn’t it pay enough—your photography career?”

His words felt like an insult. Jutting her chin out, she went on the defensive. He could think what the hell he liked.

“I finished my post graduate work last year, Mr Drummond. I’m working as a temp to get the money together to travel around Europe. When I come back I plan to put on a show.” No matter she had no contacts, she’d somehow find a gallery willing to take her work. “Some of us have to work our way to the top, Mr Drummond.” She tried to hide the edge of sarcasm from her voice but failed.

“Believe me, Claire, I know all about hard work.” For the first time, his smile was genuine. It hit her squarely in the chest causing her throat to constrict and she looked away. Giving her a look like that chipped away at her resolve and she couldn’t let it happen.

“I won’t breathe a word about…”

He cut her off. “Put your things away and sit down while I think about this.” 

Tevis stalked over to the window leaving her to push everything but that damned package back into her bag. She had no idea what it contained but it had caused her a world of trouble. At this moment she felt like slinging it on the floor and jumping up and down on it.

Now, that’s really mature, Claire.

Dropping to sit down on the bed, she waited to see what Tevis would come up with. He’d probably get Isabella Price out to draw up some sort of confidentiality agreement for her to sign. God, that would really put her in Isabella’s bad books. She might even send her back to the temping agency.

Damn. Damn. Damn!

She stared at the floor. It seemed as good as anything. She didn’t have to look at the set shoulders of the man standing at the window. She heard him move but didn’t look up until his polished leather shoes came into her view. Even then she only lifted her gaze as far as his waist. She studied the buttons on his shirt

He stood in silence and she realised he wasn’t going to speak until she looked at him properly. She lifted her head higher, determined to hide the fear from her eyes at losing her job. It wasn’t her fault she’d seen Eloise Grace. It wasn’t her fault Tevis Drummond didn’t appear to trust her.

“When are you expected back at work?”

Puzzled at this odd question, she answered reluctantly. “Wednesday.”

“Is anyone waiting for you at home? A boyfriend? A husband perhaps?”

“That is none of your business.”

“Claire, I’m trying to come to a solution that will suit us both. Just answer my questions and I won’t report you.” His tone contained exasperation.

“I’ve done nothing wrong,” she sighed. “You invited me in.”

“If I decide to take this further, who do you think your employer will back?”

He was right of course. Isabella Price wouldn’t risk losing a client like Tevis Drummond. She was screwed.

“No one is expecting me to come home,” she admitted. There was barely enough living space for herself never mind a live-in lover.

“No boyfriend? No husband?”

God, he’s persistent.

“That still isn’t your business.” This game of cat and mouse could go on and on. One of them had to give in. It seemed it would have to be her. Tevis Drummond wasn’t the type to back down. “I don’t have a husband or a boyfriend.”

He smiled again. She couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

“Good, so I can contract you for four days of your time to stay in this house.”

“What if I have something else I’d prefer to do?”

He raised an eyebrow at her as if to say he couldn’t imagine she had something more preferable in mind.

“You plan to turn down twenty thousand pounds and a round-the-world flight ticket?”

“What?!” She must have misheard him. It had to be a joke.

“Four days of your time at five thousand pounds a day, plus the plane ticket at the end of the period. If you carry this off, really play the part I plan for you, I’ll throw in free accommodation at every hotel where you have a stopover.”

She was stunned. Her face must have shown every emotion going through her, including the strong desire to jump up and hug him for his offer. 

And the even stronger one to say no. The answer she knew she had to give.

Did he think he could pay for her silence? Wasn’t he prepared to take her word?

Oddly, it hurt. It sent a pain through her heart and made her sick to her stomach that he thought so badly of her. As much as she was tempted to take his offer, it almost seemed like a bribe for her silence.

She shook her head. “I’m sorry, I have something else planned for my four days off. You have my promise, no one will ever know Eloise Grace was in this house.”

“Not even if it’s to help her?”

Claire opened her mouth to speak but closed it again. Tevis dropped down to his knees in front of her, his face now level with hers. She knew he was seeking a chink in her armour. Whether it was via her sympathy for the young singer, or because he knew the power of his attraction, she didn’t know. He was certainly exuding sex appeal and her traitorous body was responding.

Raised blood pressure and difficulty breathing? Check.

Heartbeat racing? Check.

Impaired decision-making ability?

Too damned right!

She knew she was falling right into his trap, even as she opened her mouth.

“Why is this for Eloise?”

“Because she’s getting married on Monday and she’s terrified the press will find out. At the moment I believe she thinks you’re a journalist.”

Claire closed her eyes, nausea rising in her stomach. The memories came crashing back in one sudden flash. The noise and the confusion and the feeling of utter terror. Four days of her time was a small price to pay to prevent someone else going through what she’d experienced.

Could she do it? Yes. Should she do it? No. Not if she didn’t want to risk her hard-won peace.

Opening her eyes again, she stared at him. The silence dragged on as she fought with herself over the decision. The look on Ellie’s face when she spoke to her in the kitchen dug deep into her conscience. If she wanted, she could set Ellie at ease.

Tevis raised an eyebrow. She sighed. Claire knew that, despite her better judgement, she was allowing him to get to her. She should really refuse to help.

“If I agree…” she grasped his hand and gripped it tightly, “you’ll keep me out of all this? Keep this private? I also value my privacy, Mr Drummond.

“The wedding is a secret. There’s to be no publicity at all.”

“I’ll do it on one condition.”


“I don’t want your bribe.”

He tilted his head as if surprised. “Okay, we’ve got a deal,” he responded. “Claire, you really should take it because you’re going to have to work hard.”

“I thought you only wanted me to stay in the house?”

“Not exactly.” Tevis had a smug smile on his face and it set her alarm bells ringing. “For the next four days, we are going to act as if we are passionately in love with each other. Eloise has to believe you’re the most important woman in my life.”

Claire couldn’t help laughing.

He looked at her quizzically. “What’s so funny?”

“No one’s going to believe it. You’ll deserve an Oscar if you pull it off!”

Carefully, gently, he put his hand on the back of her neck and pulled her to him. Before she could say another word he silenced her with a devastating kiss.

h1=. Three


Claire Bretton fascinated him. For the first time in as long as he could remember, probably the first time ever, here was a feisty sassy woman who didn’t care one iota who he was. Even better, she couldn’t be bought. His money didn’t mean a damn thing.

As he’d stood arguing with her in the kitchen, he knew he had to keep her there. In a matter of seconds, she’d done what many other women failed to do. Interested him. Attracted him. Made him want to chase her down, tame her, and have her submit to his will.

Claire was no toy, no easy fuck. She was disinterested in him but his dick hardened just at the smell of her.

Ellie, bless her, had unwittingly provided him with the ammunition to keep Claire in the house. In the end, Ellie had been the gun that he’d held to Claire’s head.

He didn’t regret it one bit.

In that first kiss in the kitchen, her lips were soft and she tasted of peppermint and chocolate as if she’d been eating candy. Sliding his hand down her back, he’d pulled her closer so that her glorious full breasts pressed firmly to his chest. He’d felt her surprise, her shock.

Most women of his acquaintance would have moved smoothly into the role of willing lover, as if they’d trained to take the opportunity when it arose. He smiled. Not Claire. She’d sworn at him and fought him every step of the way to the bedroom. He’d taken her there because it was the one room he could guarantee no one would walk in on them. The whole house was in disruption due to his brother’s wedding.

His instinct told him that getting Claire to stay would take all his negotiating skills. His instinct was right. Even his offer to fulfil her career dream hadn’t swayed her. Not even the offer of a world ticket rather than simply for Europe. He’d seen the initial delight in her eyes shut down in seconds. It wasn’t an avenue he could take. 

It had been sheer genius on his part to use Ellie as the hook. For some obscure reason it worked. He saw the pain in Claire’s eyes and, like the bastard everyone called him, he’d tied up the deal.

He had until Tuesday.

Four days in which to seduce her and get her into his bed.  Ninety-six hours in which to work out what it was about Claire that made him want her more than any other woman he’d come across.

As they’d fought, all he wanted to do was spread her wide on the bed and fuck her—to make her scream and beg for more. But also he wanted to see her face and feel the depth of her emotions. He wanted to see if she felt as he did, that this strange meeting was the start of something big.

She’d told him he’d deserve an Oscar if he could make people believe they were in love. It wasn’t going to be difficult. Not at all. From the moment she’d walked into his house she’d become more important to him than anyone else in his life.

Let her believe this second kiss was an act. That he was showing her his consummate skill. He had to taste her again.

He pulled her into his arms and he knew that once more she was unprepared. 

As his lips touched hers, her eyes widened. She was so innocent, so easy to shock. If he wasn’t so intent on proving he could make her want him, he would have teased her, made her laugh. Claire was the laughing kind. The kind of woman he needed in his life.

But now wasn’t the time.

Now he was intent on proving he could melt the panties off her.

She resisted as he kissed her but only for a few seconds. He pulled her tight against him, putting his hand gently on the back of her head and pulling her hair loose. It was soft and smelt of floral shampoo and slid through his fingers like silk.

Her hands pressed against his chest, her fingers gripping his shirt. Her lips moved beneath his. Responding to him. Teasing him back.

His cock hardened, and he intensified his kiss. He couldn’t keep control. He wanted her so damned much.

Pain shot through his foot.


Claire pulled back. “Next time, I’ll stamp harder!” she spluttered at him.

He’d swear she’d been enjoying the kiss. Bet his life on it. Even now, with anger on her face, she was breathless and her eyes were dilated. She’d been as heated as him.

She must have felt his erection and realised he wasn’t acting. He guessed her anger was at her own reaction, even though she directed it at him.

He hid his smile of satisfaction behind a countenance of sardonic coolness. Claire needed careful handling.

“My shoes are handmade. I don’t appreciate you damaging them.”

She narrowed her eyes. Those sexy deep brown eyes framed with long dark lashes. They were stunningly beautiful, but there was also something familiar about them. It was a memory of someone he knew or someone he’d seen. It would come to him.

“Then don’t take liberties with me, you bastard!” 

She was rigid with anger and he couldn’t help but tease. It was too easy. “Ah, so you know my family history,” he grinned back.

“I don’t bloody care about where you came from, it’s the way you’re acting I’m not impressed with!”

He reached out and stroked a finger down her hot cheek. “It’s the way we agreed to act, Claire. I’m the doting boyfriend, remember?”

Pushing his hand away she frowned back. “May I remind you we don’t have an audience.”

“Ah, my dear Claire, this was a rehearsal. Remember, practice makes perfect.”

“I don’t think you need any more practice, Mr Drummond.”

Her voice was cutting and he winced inwardly as she stamped across the room to stand by the window. If Claire was practising anything now, it was the art of ignoring him and making a point about it.

Scooping up her bag, he crossed to the bedroom door. “Stay here,” he growled.

She glanced at him and realised what he was doing. “You can’t take that, I need it.”

He ignored her and slammed the door behind him. He wasn’t going far, only to his personal safe. Once his task was completed he returned to the bedroom. She was still looking out of the window but when she turned to him she now chewed worryingly on her bottom lip. It was endearing and he almost relented.

“You still don’t trust me. Even though I’ve agreed to what you asked?” 

He ignored her hurt. “You don’t need anything in the bag.”

“I need my house keys. I have to go home to pack some clothes.”

“That’s simple enough to fix.” He pulled his phone out of his pocket and scrolled through his contact list until he found the number he wanted. “What size do you take?” he asked, as the number connected.

Claire raised her eyebrows and shook her head.

He feigned surprise. “You don’t know?” he teased, knowing very well she wasn’t prepared to tell him her measurements.

The voice on the other end of the line took his attention. “Good evening, Christine. I have an urgent job for you. I require a full wardrobe of clothes for a young lady who is staying at my house. Casual wear, evening wear and formal dress. The works please.”

He could tell Claire was trying to listen in to the conversation as he continued to talk to Christine. “This is urgent, we’ll need some clothes immediately. Tonight if it’s possible. The rest tomorrow morning. I’ll pass you over to Claire.”

“Christine is my personal shopper. Give her your sizes and she’ll arrange everything. She’s excellent.”

Hesitantly, Claire took the phone from him. “I won’t listen in. When you’re finished, call me.”

He strode through to the dressing room to clear space for Claire’s clothes in his walk in wardrobe.

If everything went to plan, Claire wouldn’t be moving out.

h1=. Four


Sitting at the large table in the kitchen, Claire was on edge. Not that she showed it. She’d invented a new Claire persona and stuck rigidly to character. Occasionally Tevis looked at her oddly but she ignored him. She might be rusty but she knew all about acting, it was in her blood. The stage was ingrained in her DNA. Ten years was a long time but it was like slipping on an old pair of gloves.

Hiding behind this ‘pretend Claire’ made it easier to cope.

Still clad in her jeans and tee-shirt, she was glad the meal was informal. A Friday night get-together between friends. Except the foursome included two billionaires, a world famous singer-songwriter and herself—Claire Bretton, a temporary admin assistant with an ability to walk straight into the middle of a whole world of trouble.

Ellie was not all what Claire had expected, she had them all in stitches with laughter. The global mega-star Eloise Grace, who everyone seemed to want a piece of, was a bouncy fun-loving young woman. She was obviously devoted to Boyd Drummond. He sat with an arm protectively slung over her shoulder as they chatted.

“How did you meet Tevis?” Ellie asked.

Tevis never flinched, he kept on stirring the bolognese sauce he was preparing, leaving her to respond without any support. They’d already agreed that, if questioned, she would keep as close to the truth as possible.

“We bumped into each other through my work,” she responded. “I work for Stanford and Henderson Law.”

She looked at Tevis with what she hoped was a loving smile. Surprising her, he blew a kiss across the kitchen. The look in his eyes however, was teasing, as if he knew how much she had to work at this. He held her gaze for a few seconds before giving his complete attention to preparing their meal. That he cooked, was a surprise in itself. She hadn’t thought him the type.

“Have you known each other long?” Boyd looked at her quizzically. If he’d caught the silent exchange between her and Tevis, he didn’t give any indication.

“Long enough.” She smiled, letting her voice drop and take on an edge of softness. “Long enough, to know that he’s the one.”

Let him wriggle out of that with his family when the time came. They’d agreed to keep it at the ‘we’re getting to know each other’ level if they were asked questions, but the wicked side of her wanted to pay him back. To give him a taste of not being in control.

But Tevis spoilt the game. Or was he taking it up a notch?

“I knew as soon as I saw her,” he countered, as he served the sauce over steaming plates of pasta. Walking over he placed one down in front of her and smiled. His eyes said ‘war is on.’ “Lucky for me, Clare was in the wrong place at the right time. I might never have come across her otherwise. I like to think it was fate.”

Boyd laughed. “Brother, you have your whole life mapped out. You’re the last one to believe in love at first sight.”

Tevis took the seat next to Claire and draped his arm across her shoulder, mimicking the couple opposite them. The heat of his body seared into her, but she kept still. He was too close for comfort, his thigh pressed against hers. As much as she hated to admit it, he had the ability to make a girl feel good.

“Oh, I’m willing to make an exception for Claire,” he responded to his brother.

He leant into her and nuzzled her neck, his lips teasing at her flesh and making her skin tingle.

What the hell was he doing? This wasn’t in the script! 

Also, he was putting on too good an act, her body was responding in a melting ‘take me’ sort of way and she had a strong desire to initiate a kiss. Even as she thought it, she lifted her lips to meet his.

His brief kiss was sweet. Gentle even. Unexpected. It took her breath away.

He smiled at her and it looked genuine. If he kept this up she’d be a mess by the end of the four days. The man had the ability to charm the pants off a woman. At this moment she’d gladly have dropped hers for him. Hell, he was good.

His eyes held hers in a spell but Boyd broke it.

“No fucking way, man!” he laughed. “Claire, I like you. Don’t fall for him. Let me find you someone better,” he teased.

“Any suggestions?” she responded, pasting a smile on her face and glad that the mood had changed.

“Boyd, leave them both alone. Anyone can see they’re madly in love.” Ellie interrupted.

God, I must be a better actress than my Dad always believed!

“Don’t you dare, Boyd. I’ve planned to spend the next four days convincing Claire to move in with me.” Tevis dropped his arm from her shoulder and slipped it round her waist.

Claire kicked him in the shin under the table. His hand was brushing against her breast. He ignored her, giving her a knowing look.

“You’re staying for the wedding?” Ellie smiled broadly as she posed the question.

“Yes, she is,” Tevis responded quickly as if he thought she might say otherwise.

She opened her mouth to speak but closed it. She spent the rest of the meal apparently content and happy, but inside she was fuming and thinking of all the ways she could bring about Tevis Drummond’s quick demise. Some of them weren’t pretty.

Every so often he would grin at her as if he could read every thought going through her head.

&They entered& the elevator arm in arm. As soon as the doors shut Claire pushed Tevis away. Much to her annoyance he still had a wide smile on his face as he watched the anger take over hers.

“I never agreed to go to the wedding!” she exploded.

“What did you expect? Of course you’re going. You’re my partner, my significant other.”

“No, I’m not!”

“You are for the next four days. Everyone will expect you to be at my side,” Tevis responded smoothly.

“Well, you can think again! I’m not doing it.” She moved as far away as possible in the small space, which wasn’t anywhere near far enough.

“Yes you are. We have a verbal contract.” His voice turned sarcastic. “I’m sure your boss Isabella will agree with me when I insist it is binding.”

“You wouldn’t…?”

“Are you sure?”

His face was cold and she couldn’t tell if he would go through with his threat. The last thing she wanted was for the law firm to find out she’d spent the weekend with their client. It wouldn’t look good whatever she said.

The doors of the elevator slid open and she had no option but to follow him through to the reception. He headed to the bedroom where they’d had their discussion earlier.

“Where’s my room?” She needed to get out of his sight before she did something she regretted. Like, throttle him.

He cocked his head at her and that annoying smile returned.

“You don’t have a room.”

Claire had a sneaky suspicion she wasn’t going to like what came next. He didn’t fail her. It was getting to be a habit of his.

“You’re staying with me.”

“Oh no, I’m not.”

She made a dash for the elevator but she found out he’d been correct when he’d told her earlier he was fast. He caught her around her waist and swung her round to face him. Now he was much too close and he smelled delicious. Of male power and expensive cologne. And damn it, she liked that he’d caught her.

“You agreed to this. Everyone expects you to sleep in my bedroom,” he growled. “I’ve never had to provide a separate room for a woman in my life.”

“I’m not one of your women.”

“You are for the next four days. For appearances, you have to maintain the charade.”

“I’m not sleeping with you!”

“I don’t recall inviting you to,” he snapped back, pushing her towards the door of his bedroom. “But you’ll damned well sleep next to me, even if I have to tie you to the bed!”


&Claire& full of anger was beautiful. She paced the bedroom floor like a caged cat, making him want to take her in his arms and tame her. To turn her from spitting hellfire to purring kitten.

He kept the smug smile off his face. If he could evoke that level of anger from her, what the fuck would she be like stirred to the heights of passion? It was a fine line between the two, and one he wanted to take her over.

“You’ll have to sleep in the bath!”


“Then I’ll sleep in it!”

“No again.”

She stopped pacing right in front of him. Staring into those sexy eyes, he wondered just what she was thinking. Her face told him she wasn’t ready to give in yet.

“Why not?”

“Because we have to keep up appearances.”

“Who the hell will know?!” she spluttered.

“Josie, the housekeeper. The cleaning staff. Christine.”


“Yes, Christine. She’s already been through here to take your first set of clothes to the dressing room. She’ll be back tomorrow with the rest.”

Claire stared back at him. “Can’t we compromise on this?”

Definitely out of the question. He wasn’t giving her an opt-out. Not when what he wanted was so close.

“No. The bed has to be slept in. By both of us. One set of bedding and not two, and absolutely no evidence that we are sleeping apart.”

“Don’t you think you are taking this too far?”

“No,” he said firmly. “Ellie was a bag of nerves when she came here and it’s taken until now to get her relaxed. You’ve seen how happy she is. I won’t let anything—or anyone—spoil her wedding day.”

Claire’s features slowly changed from anger to concern. He had no idea why but Ellie was his ace card when dealing with Claire. For some reason, she empathised.

“Has she been hiding in this house the whole time?” she asked.

“Yes. She hasn’t left since she stepped through the door almost three weeks ago. She doesn’t even go near the windows.”

“She’s like a prisoner.” Claire’s voice dropped to a whisper.

Tevis wasn’t even sure if her last comment was directed at him.

“A willing prisoner,” he responded. “Ellie doesn’t want a media circus on Monday. She’s entitled to the privacy of a family occasion just like you and me.”

Claire started pacing again. Something bothered her but he’d swear the anger inside her had gone down several notches. She had the look of someone weighing up the options. Every so often, she’d glance over at him.

Folding his arms to wait this out, he was surprised when she stopped in front of him.

“Okay. I’ll sleep in the bed but under no circumstances are you to touch me,” she said firmly.

A little too firmly. He knew the signs of someone fighting to control themselves, he’d seen it happen too many times in the boardroom. His little firecracker was fighting his attraction. She was so close to submitting it wouldn’t take much to tip her over the edge.

“I’ll be the perfect gentleman,” he responded with a smile. “Unless you make the first move,” he added.

“That’s never going to happen,” she snapped back with fire in her eyes.

I can guarantee it will. I’m going to make certain.

h1=. Five


The sleepwear brought by Christine wasn’t what she was expecting. It was soft, silky and too damned short. It looked as if it would barely cover her ass and the robe that went with it was exactly the same length. And worse, it was red. Red!

It was like something worn by a film star.

She pushed the unwelcome thought out of her head. There was no way she was going there. Not now. Not ever.

She laid the offending clothing on the bed.

“Didn’t Christine bring anything else for me?”

Tevis was studying his mobile phone. She assumed he was checking for messages. He looked up as she spoke, glancing first at her and then at the slip of red satin spread out in front of him.

“Sexy,” he grinned.

“I don’t want sexy, I want practical. And something that covers me up.”

His grin got wider. “Christine doesn’t shop for practical. Besides, I like it.”

Claire could feel the blush rising up her cheeks. No damned way was Tevis Drummond seeing her in it.

He sighed.

What the hell has he got to sigh about? I’m not being unreasonable. Not like him!

He pointed to a set of doors behind her. “Go and see what else she has left for you. That’s the dressing room. I’ve cleared the first section on the left for you.” He went back to looking at his phone.

Grabbing the offending nightwear, she stormed over to the doors. Damn, no handles. How on earth did they open?

“Touch them,” muttered Tevis.

Did he have to watch everything she was doing? The doors slid smoothly apart under her tentative exploration.

God, she’d been right. His cupboard spaces were bigger than the floor space of the whole of her bedsitter apartment. This wasn’t a dressing room, it couldn’t be! It was as big as Tevis’s master bedroom and then some. How many clothes did he own?!

The lighting went on automatically as she stepped in and crossed the deep pile carpet. The wall opposite was covered in a mirror, a single large span of glass and it was unnerving to see herself as she walked towards it. In the centre of the room was an upholstered bench and all round the walls sliding doors concealed their contents.

One door was open. Hers. The first on the left, just as Tevis said. There were already more clothes hanging up and lining the shelves than she possessed back home. And there was more to come tomorrow.

She laid the red sleepwear she’d rejected on one of the shelves. A thorough inspection revealed four more sets, all as equally unsuitable. She dragged out a white tee-shirt and a pair of lacy panties, groaned at how tight they looked, but decided they were better.

Only just. There was still going to be a lot of her flesh on show.

She quickly changed and used the red robe to cover up. No matter how much she pulled, she couldn’t get it down lower than her ass cheeks. She stalked back to the bedroom aware of the lights going off and the doors closing behind her.

Tevis studied her but didn’t comment on her nightwear.

“I’ve left you some reading material on the nightstand.”

She looked at the books waiting for her. She softened. He’d taken her seriously about her love of photography.

“Thank you.” She flashed a smile at him. It had been a long time since she’d allowed herself to buy books.

He gave her a nod of understanding. “I’m going to take a shower.”

Without any warning, he proceeded to undress. Pulling off his tee-shirt, he threw it onto the floor. As he started to pull his jeans down, Claire dashed to the bed and climbed in.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

He made that sighing noise again. “Getting undressed.”

“Do it in the bathroom!”

“No. Get used to it, Claire. I’m going to be naked all night. If you don’t want to look, close your eyes.”

She wanted to but, damn it, she couldn’t. Her brain refused to perform the necessary function. She told her hands to lift the covers over her head but they stayed right where they were, gripping the bedclothes as he removed his briefs.

Oh, sweet…


“Any time you want, darling.”

Tevis was grinning at her, not at all embarrassed that he had a huge erection. Damn huge and it was pointing at her.

Unable to control herself, she licked her lips.

Tevis watched with clear fascination. “Like what you see?”

Common sense kicked back in. Tevis Drummond was not the sort of man she should be playing with.

Stop this now! Keep him at arm’s length and you’ll walk away from this with dignity.

“I’ve seen it all before,” she retorted. “You’re no different to any other man.”

“Now, I know you are lying, Claire.” He smiled lazily at her. “When you’re ready to fuck, let me know.”

&Tevis left& the bathroom door open while he showered and she could not only hear the hot water lashing his body, her mind filled in the gaps and provided a running video to what was happening in the next room.

After seeing him naked she had a template for her imagination. Broad chest with firmly defined muscles. A sprinkling of dark hair running down in a v to …

Hell, every image in her head led straight down to his huge dick. Closely followed by the slow sexy smile he’d given her when he talked about a fuck. Heat throbbed between her legs and she ached for what he offered.

He was right when he’d told her she was lying. She’d lied about having seen it all before. And she’d go to hell for saying he was no different to any other man. She’d only had two relationships, the last over a year previously.

Neither of her lovers was a match for Tevis Drummond.

Lovers? They’d been little more than good friends who’d ended up in her bed. They both wanted more of her time than she was prepared to give, and each had faded back to being friends again.

Tevis wasn’t the sort of man looking for a friendship. He was a man who took what he wanted. It would be exciting while it lasted. But it wouldn’t last long.

At the moment she was a new challenge. Once conquered, he’d move on.

The water stopped. He was moving around the bathroom. Any moment he would be back. She pulled off the robe and stuffed it under her pillow. The spare pillow she lay in the centre of the bed.

Let him think what he liked. If he crossed the barrier she’d scream the house down.

Turning over so she wouldn’t have to see him, she pulled up the covers to cover half her face. Closing her eyes to feign sleep, she listened to his every movement as he came back into the bedroom.

Footsteps. He was at his side of the bed.

A chuckle. He’d seen her pillow barrier.

It’s not funny. I mean it. Don’t you dare cross it.

His side of the bed sinking as he slipped beneath the covers.

A softly whispered, ‘Good night, Claire,’ as he pulled the covers over his body.

Why did he have to do that?

His steady breathing as he stared at her back.

I’m not moving.

The change in his breathing as he fell to sleep.

A feeling deep inside. Disappointment?

No, it can’t be. This was my choice.

h1=. Six


He didn’t know how she’d got there. Claire lay on her back, one side of her body pressed against him. As soon as she woke she’d have something to say, because during his sleep his hand had found her breast and her legs were pinned down with one of his.

He lifted his head carefully off the pillow, trying not to disturb her. As his eyes adjusted to the dimness of the room, he could see the wide bed space at the other side of Claire. He’d definitely not moved. They were both on his side of the bed. The pillow she’d put between them was also gone.

He grinned as he lay back down. Whether it was deliberate or not, Claire had moved across the bed to snuggle up to him.

She’d broken her own rules and he wasn’t about to be a gentleman. Claire had given him such a ball-ache last night he’d had to relieve himself in the shower. Even now his cock was hardening, pressing against the bare flesh of her thighs.

He stared at her face, illuminated by light coming through a crack in the curtains. Her eyes were closed, her lashes feathering her cheeks, her breathing even. Her hair fanned across the pillows and she smelled of flowers. He liked the scent of it, somehow innocent but sexy.

Slowly he stroked her breast, his thumb finding her nipple through the soft material of her tee-shirt. Even as she slept, the sensitive nub hardened under his touch. His dick was now rock hard but he dare not move.

To keep the peace, he should close his eyes and feign sleep as she had done last night, but he couldn’t. Desire had a stronger pull. He continued to stare at her profile, slowly abrading her hard nipple through the fabric of her tee-shirt.

Claire’s breathing changed. She took a short husky breath but her eyes remained closed. Shifting his position slightly he lifted his head allowing his warm breath to fan her face. She gave a tiny shudder in response.

Her lips parted and she pressed herself harder against his hand. If she wasn’t awake, he was giving her a hell of a sexy dream.

Her lids lifted and those gorgeous brown eyes looked at him. Their familiarity hit him again. Especially now as she smiled at him and put her finger to his lips to silence him before he spoke.

Slowly she slid her hand down his chest. Every muscle twitched under her touch. Her fingers trailed down his stomach and he pulled away from her slightly, still staring into her eyes as, finally, she touched his cock. Unable to stop himself, he jerked in response. Desire for her swept through him.

He had so little control when it came to her.

He was the dominant one but Claire had the power to bring him to his knees.

Deliberately, she stroked his length.

“Fuck,” he groaned.

“Please,” she whispered.

[_Winner. _]She’d capitulated.

Forcing her legs apart, he dipped his hand between her legs and stroked her panties along the length of her slit. She bucked violently beneath him, her eyes wide with want. She was so fucking ready the soft fabric was slick with her juices.

“Do you want me now?” he growled.

“No foreplay,” she moaned huskily. “Just fuck me!”

Claire had no idea. The whole damned evening had been foreplay. This was inevitable.

When he failed to move, she let go of his cock and started to tug her panties down.

He grinned. “Lady,” he growled, “hang on, you’re getting what you asked for.”

He didn’t know if her low groan in response was anticipation of the pleasure to come or admittance of defeat. He wasn’t going to give her time to analyse it. Roughly he ripped apart the skimpy panties, climbing between her legs as he forced her tee-shirt over her tits.

With his cock at her slick entrance, he dipped his head to tease a nipple, pulling hard on it with his teeth. She arched off the bed, spreading her legs wider as she tried to take him inside.

Primitive need exploded deep down. Without warning, he thrust his cock into her, balls deep.

Her sweet moan of pleasure was echoed by his own long satisfied groan.

Wrapping her legs around him, Claire pinned him hard against her, gripping his arms so tightly her fingernails dug into his flesh. She writhed on his cock, grinding herself on him. Sweet beautiful Claire was a fucking tigress!

The little restraint he had left, disappeared.

He fucked her hard.

So damned hard.

His little hellion gave him as much back. Meeting him thrust for thrust, she fucked him as if he were the last man in the world.

Claire moaned little breathy ‘fuck me’ words as he pumped into her over and over again as he drove her on. As his body demanded to be satisfied by her.

Their bodies were slick with sweat, their breathing rasping. Claire moaned beneath him, her body arching to him in an age-old sexual dance.

Gritting his teeth, he tried to hold back. He was damned determined to have her screaming his name before he let go.

Damn. I can’t hold on much longer!


“Tevis!!!” Her scream was long and unrestrained. Her eyes wild and unfocused.

Claire’s fingers ripped at him as he shot everything he had into her hot, passionate, delicious body.

With a final hard buck, he collapsed against her, listening to her soft raspy breathing. The air felt cool on his heated body and they both smelled of sex. He could live on that smell forever. The smell of Claire sated.

“Next time, we take it slower,” he murmured.

“There won’t be a ‘next time’,” she whispered back.

He rolled over, pulling her with him so she lay across his chest, her head on his shoulder, her dark hair spread across them both.

Gently he kissed the top of her head. “Go to sleep, Claire. It’s still early.”

He listened to her breathing. She never moved from his arms as she drifted off. Slowly he stroked the length of her back.

‘There won’t be a ‘next time’.” She’d sounded so sure.

No, Claire, you’re wrong. There’s going to be a good deal of fucking.

I’ll never get enough of you.

You’re mine.

No other man will touch you again.

h1=. Also by Jenna Chase



All four parts now out

Her Billionaire Secret: Part 1

Her Billionaire Secret: Part 2

Her Billionaire Secret: Part 3

Her Billionaire Secret: Book 4


Her Billionaire Secret: The Complete Series

He doesn’t trust her to keep a secret. She doesn’t trust him at all.


All curvy, independent, Claire Bretton had to do was deliver a parcel to a client. It shouldn’t be difficult. Then why, when she walked into Tevis Drummond’s home did she have to stumble in on his secret? Now she has a whole world of trouble to deal with, including trying to stay out of his bed!

Tevis …

Call it blackmail. Call it manipulation. London’s most eligible bachelor, billionaire Tevis Drummond, doesn’t care. He’s found a way to keep sexy Claire Bretton by his side and he isn’t about to play fair.

She has four days to convince those around them they are passionately in love.

He has ninety-six hours to prove to her it could be real.



Two billionaire bosses, one hot employee, but they’ve set rules – she’s off limits


Kat James is invested in her future, when she realises there isn’t one for her at Tenton Logistics she decides to cut her losses.

She may have had eyes for her two hot billionaire bosses, but loving them is hopeless.

In a brave move she decides it is time to move on and start dating again, after years of self-imposed celibacy blonde svelte Kat is ready to get back between the sheets. Joe & Edward…

Devilishly handsome and with money to spare, these two are used to getting their way.

They had set rules about staying away from Kat, but now that she’s resigned those limits are off the table.

Manipulative seducers, these two have their sights set on the beautiful Kat, but can she tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t? Does she want to? They make her an offer that sets her body on fire and she might just take them up on it.

This is a 45 minute complete short and sexy menage billionaire romance that can be read in your lunch break.


Also by Elise Kelby


If I sleep with him, I may never be able to leave.

Spoke and Flint are my brother’s best friends…and they are also my first crush, my first loves.

I could never choose between them, not that I ever got the chance. I was off limits, untouchable— Matt’s ‘little sister’.

Now I’m back, a revamped, hot and curvy Kristen and looking to get them out of my system—but it’s not that simple.

What was supposed to be a fling turned into something more…Spoke meant more to me than I ever realised.

This is a short standalone story of around 11,500 words, originally published as Stone, (Spokes Bar MC Racers Book 1).

If you have a problem with strong language and raunchy content then you might want to skip this book.



Billionaire Wynter: The Ice Billionaires


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Her Billionaire Secret Part 1 An Alpha Billionaire Romance

Part 1 of a 4 part serial He doesn’t trust her to keep a secret. She doesn’t trust him at all. Claire... All curvy, independent, Claire Bretton had to do was deliver a parcel to a client. It shouldn’t be difficult. Then why, when she walked into Tevis Drummond’s home did she have to stumble in on his secret? Now she has a whole world of trouble to deal with, including trying to stay out of his bed! Tevis ... Call it blackmail. Call it manipulation. London’s most eligible bachelor, billionaire Tevis Drummond, doesn’t care. He’s found a way to keep sexy Claire Bretton by his side and he isn’t about to play fair. She has four days to convince those around them they are passionately in love. He has ninety-six hours to prove to her it could be real. This is the first part of a steamy four-part alpha billionaire romance, each of which can be read on your lunch break.

  • ISBN: 9781370063109
  • Author: Stolen Storm Press
  • Published: 2017-05-26 10:50:15
  • Words: 11329
Her Billionaire Secret Part 1 An Alpha Billionaire Romance Her Billionaire Secret Part 1 An Alpha Billionaire Romance