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Help! These People Folllowed Me to Kill Me This Week!

The Assassination attempts on my life began just after leaving the Seattle Passport Agency and having lunch across the street at the Brooklyn Seafood’s restaurant. The hostess called for a taxi and a bottle fell from their secure rooftop just as I stepped out to the taxi. Several men followed me in Seattle at different times from

that day and over a year later there also.

By that Jackson Memorial Federal Building one man following right behind me, I stopped him and I asked him what does he do, he told me “I kill people”, showed me his veterans hospital ID and he invited me to the Piano 88 bar he frequented to visit and gave me his mothers phone number. I am not blaming him but rather that he should help investigate since he knows many ex military in downtown Seattle.

A third time I was in line at a music club a huge black man and his cousin talked to me in line and we shared a table when I caught his outstretched arm under the table recording me with his phone while he asked me questions such as did I know of mining metals in Asia. His cousin bragged how the big man was a real commando, and the commando said he still had his security clearance, then while leaving the club his cousin asked him when he was going to “Do him”.

Two bald men also followed me in Seattle, the bigger one was upset that I told him to stop recording me with his phone while he passed me by, and he later appeared with a

shorter bald man who had also followed my in Hong Kong where he there was on his mobile phone asking someone “if” he should “shoot me”; the two of them showed up at a Seattle restaurant while I shared a drink with a lady who worked security at a public housing building nearby, she asked me if I wanted her help to deal with them but I said no, while the two men just sat next to us not ordering anything.

I did hire an armed bodyguard with secret service training after the bottle dropped and he confirmed the facts were true about the bottle falling that day with his inside contact. I went to the police station to report it at a much later date but the desk officer said he would not report it because it would be classified as an accident. The Seattle Art Museum’s head of security told me their camera feed was a ‘dead end’ Around this time I was also in Hong Kong when two men came to my seating area and a short red haired Russian said to my face “We are going to kill you”. He also asked if I was “a Jew”. His partner walked around pretending to see if I was with anyone while he spoke to me. I called my father to talk about this incident and he said the same thing I told the two men, “Did you tell them there is no reason to kill you”.

I have no enemies. The only thing I can think of connecting this incident to anything is either a call to a man who gave me his number from the 2008 Olympics said he was government security and he said to me over the phone “I don’t know you”, but then he also left me a message at my mom’s house because we exchanged numbers and I went to visit Taiwan about starting an English School so I called him again while I was visiting. His girlfriend who founded Descendants of African People I also had a coffee with. None of the people I mentioned so far ever told me anything, we just had normal chat about the city. By the way, when I went to the Boston Passport Agency to get my passport at the window, the worker there told me there would be an investigation into lost passports. The only other thing that I can think of connecting these incidents is my father who whenever I called afterwards could tell of exact details sometimes in every way.

This happened until the last time I spoke to him or my mom of all the assassination attempts until the time I left Philippines.Though there were a green truck following me in Canada and a dark blue sports car waiting at the airport in L.A. where I attended my nephew’s bar Mitzvah (Both drivers waved their hands in front there faces frantically and sped away), The assassinations attempts continued in Philippines. There were many intermittent events such as

when a variety of men came to sit down with me and say to me strange things like “You are a criminal and will die”, or use my Hebrew name when sitting sown near me (I consider this and the question if I am a Jew in Hong Kong makes the attempts on my life a hate crime and I paid a lawyer Sandi Pellikaan several thousand dollars in 2016 to have my records expunged; there was a particular felony that was based on hearsay in Oregon and I took a plea though there was no evidence and I had nothing to do with that).I am tired of talking about the attempts on my life in the Philippines, I already copyrighted books about that about the American man (from the repatriation loan that I applied for) coming to my house with two corrupt policemen and later following me into a regular check up appointment, switching places with the doctor and nurse and trying to kill me there in Baguio Sacred Heart Hospital. (My father had told me to go to the hospital for no reason also)

I ran for safety and there have been three attempts on my life within the past four months, and I prefer not to say the country’s name I made a police report in one city that a man at Wal-Mart came up to me a few times, then told me I speak good English, and the fourth time came to my back and nearly pressed against me at which time I felt very faint and darted away from him, feeling better about twenty minutes later.

A second time in a different city where I was expected a DHL delivery (I also received very strange emails from a fake United States Postal Service address that I had a package to be delivered, but my package was DHL express from Philippines, so I reported this as a fraudulent email to the USPS and after some correspondence it stopped). In this city a group of people went into the internet bar where I sat. While I sat there was one or two boys that came behind me after I told them not to, an older man not a customer walked in behind me and stared at my eyes then left and my heart went to 120 and stayed at 120 for 6 hours.

Just last week of February 2017, I went to the airport and upon arrival a women walked by my ear calling me clearly in syllables Psy Cho (I had just published my letter to the president of the United States, after this lady passed, several people crowded over me and bumped into me on purpose, I notice that either the phones or the briefcase being carried has an extra wide nozzle where a pen should be or a microphone slot, and I evaded them quickly, because of my experience being poisoned while standing or sitting in public places. I was on my way to Mongolia to stamp my visa. Coming across the Mongolia border for my first time I waited a van to ride through the transfer point and a student boy resident of Mongolia had caught up with us and introduced himself as one of the passengers of my van, he said the strangest things, such as “The driver is so high” when he was not appearing to be so and to the driver he said, “he trusts me”. They dropped me off at a hotel in the Mongolian capital. At 7 am a knock on my door. I hear the clicking of a gun, and a heavy pipe being put on the floor .Outside my room door. There were two men and a maid. I knew right way there was a serious threat so I went to the window and yelled for help. A neighbor across the alley, a boy and his family asked me what was wrong and I told them to call the police that two men were coming into my room. The men then used a hotel room key to come into my room and told me to come with them. They told me to go outside with them, that I was going to go Bye Bye. When the larger man went outside the room for a moment, the maid there said to me ‘ They are going to kill you”, and she tried to close the window curtains. The police came and because they spoke very little English used hand motions to describe how a pipe was to be used to hit me with, and the maid said something about “‘Dead body in the room” not wanted me killed inside the room.

The policeman was on the phone with the American consulate suppose ably, and after all was done the policeman tested my reaction when I turned around and called me

“Lawrence” which nobody knew I had changed my name, unless whoever on the phone told him. I spoke to a lady she said was inside the consulate, and afterwards on a different call I spoke to a man on the phone he gave to me said he was working at the consulate and when I asked if he spoke the local language he said “no” he did not, which I thought strange.

After my escape from there, I used my Skype on my secondary tablet, my Samsung tablet was stolen by the same people who came into my room.

When I used wifi Skype at the new hotel, the signal crossed over and got fuzzy, and when my Skype dialed for a lawyer in America, the same man’s voice who was on the phone with the police and I, he said “hello?” while the signal crosses. Mostly no one speaks English in Mongolia and it was his voice, I am 90 % sure about that voice.

A miracle that my passport was not stolen and I took an express train immediately to another country and I noticed a group of people, a Russian lady with dark sunglasses with the man at the bank later with special metal sealed boxes of technological equipment being loaded on to my train. (Lesyl , the girlfriend who killed my child about to be born, at the time I made my will and testament to Presidential nominee Donald Trump and reserve officer Steven Seagal at Manila’s White Knight Hotel with their staff, and I suspect these people played a role because someone sent me a message that Lesyl was eating lunch with a strange American the week before she killed her.The route between Mongolia and the next country was very small especially during this national holiday, so I am guessing it will be easy for investigators to identify people cross referenced for traveling the same cities as I during February 25 to February 29. I notified the bank manager at the border city that this same man was behind me several times.

There is clearly a order for my assassination and I swear to G-d that I have no information nor have I seen anything that may have caused this, nor did I sell any passports nor pages from them, and I have no enemies. Please help solve this crime before they come again. You may send a message to me or find Ken Schulman to relay a message. Even better write to your senator, rep or the president, or whomever should help.


Help! These People Folllowed Me to Kill Me This Week!

This is not a joke, and I beg all the readers to write to your senators and the president of the United States to send a team of investigators. I swear to G-d that I tell the truth. I am a good person and somehow have become some target.

  • ISBN: 9781370762149
  • Author: Larry Margulies
  • Published: 2017-03-02 11:20:08
  • Words: 2043
Help! These People Folllowed Me to Kill Me This Week! Help! These People Folllowed Me to Kill Me This Week!