Help! There is a Warrant on My Life and I am Innocent. I Want My Life Back! (201

Help! There is a Warrant on My Life and I am Innocent! I Want My Life Back! (2017)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: My Letter to the General Public

Chapter 2: Larry Margulies Echocardiogram and a healthy heart’s diagnosis taken outside of Philippines just after escaping there

Chapter 3: Larry Margulies’ witness affidavit taken after escaping the covert team’s attack at the check-up:

My Letter written to The General Public

Larry Margulies



Dear People,

A state department officer in Manila told me there is a warrant on my life, before that the Boston Passport agency told me there would be an investigation for my lost passports, and meanwhile there have been a dozen attempts on my life including a bizarre chain of being injected via a distance with either a strange hallucinogen or a concoctor which made my heart beat go very fast for several hours. Once at a hospital, my father had suggested I go to a hospital, I was there for a regular checkup and while waiting for the doctor to arrive an hour late, the men who came to my house during a repatriation loan had switched the doctor and nurse with another, the same imposter doctor had tried to kill me twice.

The possibilities are that the state department was charging me with selling passports or the pages there from, which I swear to G-d that I am not guilty, or the government tested a strange chemical on me, since I had a felony on my record and the government ha\s a history of testing on criminals (so I paid a Sandi Pelican several thousand dollars to expunge my record in 2016), the felony was in Oregon and based on heresy by the friends of a housemate, I had nothing to do with that and I had taken a plea bargain to avoid the chance of a mandatory ten year sentence.

My father is a famous doctor, he was quoted by F lee bailey that after he examined O.J. Simpson, his expert opinion was that O.J. did not show signs of having recently murdered anyone, though public opinion says otherwise, and at a home dinner afterwards that exam Dad said all the lawyers knew O.J was guilty.

It is either my government, or my family, or a combination of both that has been trying to kill me, and this is no joke; no one has investigated, my emails have been compromised, and out of a thousand emails sent, several books written so far, a hundred faxes, all of these to lawyers, doctors, civil rights advocates, humanitarian organizations, the list goes on, not one has replied with any assistance; so now I write what happened all over again. The traumas of the attempts on my life had made my writing sometimes rushed, it is difficult to relive the experiences, and they began after the 2008 Olympics.

My family has probably been to\gather several times only in over 30 years, and even when we lived together we had separate rooms, my father ran the family like a business, growing up he was director of psychiatry for the Massachusetts department of corrections. One newspaper article claimed that he gained his success from his contacts, he was a great administrator at hospitals, was renown for putting things in a greater order. He is an a type personality driven intensely since his own difficult childhood. Thins were so bad at home, my mother said as the reasons our family never got treated for abuse, which the school I had attended asked for in order to remain these, so I was switched to another school, I was intimate with girls and all the experts unanimously agreed that I had been sexually abused since I was about two years old. This fact threatened my family because children had already been given names, and my father had a list of great achievements. My father can not control himself and his rage; he also wants to know everything about everyone all the time, always suspicious and often imagining what others might be doing against him.

When the attempts on my life began, he thought I had mortgaged a house he gave to me and purpose ably to run away with the money after I had accepted the gift in Canada. I longed for a home that I could make my own, and I chose a condo by the water, but he gave me an income property in the city, I should have refused, but to me it was better than not having a home.

I had never expected to apply for a mortgage, but upon receiving the house, ot owed taxes and had no furniture, there were other factors such as I did not have a work visa, and I wanted to continue from where I left off In China to pursue a salesman’s dream of getting a popular product sold I n that great big country. My idea was to have a business in China while living in Canada, and my family knew this, but my father held on to his suspicions, and he convinced my other family member that I was manipulating them when I was not. I always loved my family and was a very good to them.

My mother explained to me all while growing up that I was very good looking and very intelligent which made the others jealous, not to sound big headed, but this was evident, and I was abused terribly because of it, like a Male Cinderella. If I spoke up about it then I was be abused as a child, and if I mentioned in the few family therapy sessions we went together to, I would be told to\hold my tongue. I lived ion a house with holes and cracked doors from the violence. We had all nearly been killed by my father at least once (maybe except my sister). When I was beaten one day in my head while sleeping by my father because he thought I was pretending to sleep, he sent me to a doctor to take Lithium because that was the only way in his mind for himself to take Lithium which could help calm his psychotic rages. The city of Boston feared my dad.

I wish there was a way to write now without telling family inside information, but there was no other way, in fact they are a murderous and conspiring type. I can back up every detail.

A report from 1979 testing my family and I for abuse was initiated by the park School in Brookline, and the report did not surface until my father and I both took Lithium together.. I didn’t believe my parents that they did not know about the report, and I noticed they lied a lot, more than anyone else I knew ever.

From that time around 1988 to 2009 I wanted to see the report and learn why it was hidden. When I finally discovered the report in 2009 I called my mothers own psychiatrist a Dr. Silvio Onesti and he looked at his notes while I waited on the phone; he said that my mother said ‘everything was fine at home’. In fact my mother was horribly abused, often crying and unable to have most any conversation without breaking down in tears.

When I was first being abused before I left Park school , she came into my room to sk me whether I wanted to live with her or live with my father, because she trusted me, in fact the incestuous relationship that we had in the 1979 report was just that my mother and Loved each other so very much. My father succeeded in making her distrust me. One day after school I told my father to forgive my mother that she had told me he won’t forgive her, and so he then yelled at her and said never trust him! That I should not have shared what she had said. Often he could be heard in our kitchen yelling at my mom that all she witnessed was her imaginings. He used his psychiatric background to convince others of fallacy that they were imagining things, and they were not!.

It was his supervisor and my neighbor Richmond Holder that tried to intervene; he told me that I shouldn’t listen to my father. When I told him that my family was lying and cheating, he took me in as a grandson, and I visited him each week at his house, for six years. He molded me into a fine gentleman and invited me to the Ritz Carlton for brunches on Sundays there in Boston.

He and my biological grandfather both passed on around 1992 so I left Boston.

After leaving Boston, I rented a two bedroom and a housemate was caught in some crime, her friends who I did not know pointed a finger at me, and I was convicted of a felony of which I never knew anything about, and since it was my first time, the judge allowed me to go into a drunk driving program, which I failed and recently had been tagged a criminal so I paid a lawyers Sandi Pellikaan to expunge my record which included a few things related to that time period.

I have always tried to be a good boy and to volunteer services when I can. I discovered that I had been molested during an appointment my father set up for me, and he was angry that it was uncovered. The psychologist asked me to sit down and relax and then touched my elbow. He asked me what it reminded me of so I told him. He then recommended that I ask the molester to come to a face to face meeting, in order to heal, but I was too afraid, and I loved my molester. I went back home and asked my mother to come look with me at our family photos on the kitchen wall, and I pointed out that in all the photos I was year round dressed from head to toe buttoned up long sleeve shirts, and hat included, and not to mention I cried in many of those. I now knew why also could not go to the beach comfortably. I was not a girl, I was definitely heterosexual. My mother did like to say that I was throwing like a girl when I took my park school entrance test but that was with my left hand, and I excelled in sports greatly. Then I had memories that were always there, such as when I was being molested and I would be froze in time when it happened turning my head to a different direction like a dog being examined at a pet hospital. My father come up to me and my mother while we observed the photos, and he told me that when I was being molest it was only meant to be a ‘Locker room” teasing, but I knew it was impossible because they last a at least a full minute long. My brother Mike intervened a few times stopping the molesting while they happened, calling the molester a fag and a pervert very loud, but he never spoke to me nor anyone else about what he saw. These abuses had a terrible impact on my confidence and my being in touch with myself. When I learned that the report was unknown of, and when I heard my parents say that they didn’t know about it, they lied and I can only guess they lied because it would hurt Dads career or bring disgrace to the family. But they sacrificed me, a very good looking, Very intelligent boy, with many friends. They always treated me as a punk or victim I borrowed change for a candy bar from y sisters purse when I was about ten, and to this day she accuses me of that crime while she steals from my parents house. Martin got robbed by his workers in Scotland I got blamed for that even though I was in Boston. Mike also continued to make jokes about me getting some blowjobs when he is the sex tourist, not I, I have girlfriends in monogamous relationships. By switching schools I lost my friends, I had so many. In the next school, Dexter school for boys, my best friend egged me on to take one of my dads baseball cards to trade with him and I did, my father ran to his house and scolded his family, telling them I couldn’t be his friend, so then I became friendless and alone at that new school. They then switched me to a public school nearby two years below my lever, and my mother said so she wouldn’t have to drive me far to friend’s houses. The first boy I invited to my house for a day was black and my father told me not to be his friend because everyone ion his neighborhood would want to rob our house.

The teacher said I didn’t pay attention in class so my father sent me for an eeg in case of seizures, which was boloney. Actually I spent most days in class worrying about coming home, my siblings were all in college by the time I was I junior high and so the abusive attention from my parents was all on me.

After taking a mortgage, my father hired people to follow me and my mother relayed messages to me from her answering machine from investigators in Canada. They sent messages about the details of my moneys. I became scared about these people, and it coincided with the passport investigation, so I did not know who was on whose side. My father denied ever hiring anyone. (After high school I saw a therapist and my parents lied to him that I was being followed by Paul’s surveillance team, they had rather I looked paranoid)

The border security has denied my crossing the border about my previous felony and I had been promised by my father and brother Mike to transport my house full of items to California. When I called my father about that he said to me that he guess that he would owe money to the people upon pickup, which was the furthest from truth and from my good character. He was already imagining that I was stealing from him or trying to , which I was not.

Then 2010 I was targeted for murder while applying for a new passport, just across the border from my house in Canada, and afterwards made a special appointment with my father and his best friend, a 6 foot 5, 400 pound Irish Ex Boston police detective. The retired detective’s name is Paul Mcsweeney and he is very connected, knows most of the big names personally.

In my father’s office it was just us three, and so I asked if my father had hired people recently, and that I was particularly concerned since the bottle fell right where I d stood while leaving the Brooklyn seafood’s restaurants, it was a secure rooftop. I had hired an armed bodyguard with secret service training who confirmed it did happen and my father had already asked me who I hired, but I would not tell him. Paul looked at me in my father’s office and said that he owed my father his life. My father denied ever hiring anyone ever. In fact Paul had already met me years earlier in a parking lot and told me he had been surveillance me for my dad and also checking my bank accounts. We actually met while I was leaving a therapy session I had about my sexual abuse, I had been having trouble sitting near people without feeling of them about to touch me (I am now cured). Before leaving that meeting, Paul turned to me and asked me to look and guess what it meant while he touched his elbow, and to remember that.

While in Boston to continue applying my passports I also made the appointment with Paul and my father, but I also had a meeting with both my parents. That day while driving with my mother she had at my fathers request left the phone on the dashboard with it turned on so that my father could listen. He was upset later that night about that when we came home, for in the car I asked my mom if he lied all the time or just some times). In our meeting I asked my father he hired the people who tried to kill me in Seattle since he also had messages on his machine from Canada about my house. Also on their machine were message and numbers on their caller ID from Hong Kong and Shenzhen. My mother intervened in the conversation and said that my father would not kill his own son. I asked another question if the rumors by my brother’s were true that he was in the Jewish mafia, I asked because there was an attempt on my life, though I kept well out of other people’s business. I did do something wrong though just after our meeting out of concern for my life, I took a financial paper out of my father kitchen folder, and never looked at it closely but it was his account in the Cayman Islands, I had no idea how to know if the attempt on my life was related to the house’s purchase.

In Cebu Philippines after Seattle where I was invited to meet a girl for marriage, I wanted to finish college and enroll in the criminology classes there, so my mother sent me my high school transcripts. As soon as the mail arrived, so did several Caucasian men across the street at the Kukus nest hotel, and they hinted at knowing me, one calling me by my Hebrew name and asking me to look at his elbow, and another asked if I had ever been to the Cayman Islands. That day a fax paper nearly identical to the financial record disappeared from my neat folders in my room, and one of those men was seen approaching my room just as I left it. These men used information that had to have been take from my email inbox which I have since deleted (This reminds me that my brother Mike had told me he saw that hotmail account of mine listed on a Russian hackers website, but then later he denied saying that)

Beginning the time of the attempts on my life, my mother \suddenly began distancing herself from me literally, and saying to me that she was not my mother for example. I told her that I wished to talk with my family about the sexual abuses since I had recently discovered the report and she called me a liar. Also my parents told me that I had manipulated them into buying me a house in Canada, because I broke my promise to stay there, but not once in these past ten years while the attempts on my life had continued did they ever speak about that nor have ever investigated. My father has used his credentials and money to persuade others not to listen to me.

When I applied for a repatriation loan to return to America, a Caucasian man showed up with two corrupt policemen at my door and so I approached them, they asked how I made my money, and if I was from France ( I had joked that I was from France at a nightclub the week before) I called my father and he told that that’s what I get for writing the letter (I had written a letter to the American Citizen services when applying for the repatriation loan, I wrote that my father MAYBE was hiding my money with his, and that I should have taxes but I can’t find any. In the application there was a claim section from taxes to pay for the return ticket. I also said that my life was threatened, likely by him) I was in Hong Kong before Cebu and before Seattle when the bottle fell, and two men, one a red haired short Russian came to my table and told me directly that they were going to kill me, so I called my father (this was also just after my mortgage) and my father asked me if I told them there was no reason to kill me, and that was exactly what I had told those men.

The house was worth a million dollars, and the money was precious to me, but so was my life, and ever since that mortgage I spent it all at hotels and taxis and room service to stay safe. The people threatening me and following me had been at my houses waiting for me to leave, and even at the airport when I visited my nephew for his Bar Mitsvah. That particular visit to my nephew my father became upset when I told him that I would extend my visit with him, so I did not. The driver at the airport and also the driver in Canada waiting to follow me both waived both r hands frantically in front of their faces before speeding away.

Upon running out of the mortgage money I called my brother Mike. I ran out of money faster than expected while in Davao. (In Davao a man named Jerry showed up at the coffee shop I prepared to open, and he helped me there. He was very popular downtown selling fake Marlboros for which he was arrested there. He seemed to know me, he also spoke like the men who came to Cebu, and at my room he pointed at my father’s photo and told me that he would not want to cross that man. When I only joked that I would send his photo to a friend with facial recognition software he called me up the next day to meet, because he was afraid if I would do that). My brother told me that if I was locked up for spending all that money, he would not save me. It was the that I knew of my father’s plan to have me locked up in jail or hospital out of spite. If it was really him all this time that followed me, threatened me, and attempted to kill me, then it was his fault, and this was the terribly weird and dangerous situation that I found myself in.

I was poisoned several times, some nearly killed me and some may have given me a very harmful trip, somehow I was injected while standing in line, and my father during those times had told me to go to the hospital.

It was at the hospital twice that an imposter doctor wearing a lab coat tried to kill me, I swear to G-d.

The first time I actually called my father while I thought I was being poisoned. There had been four special agents with identical race cars outside the Escario Hotel in Cebu and my food was delivered. After eating the food my heart became steadily father so I called an ambulance. The ambulance came but just stayed in the parking lot waiting for their introductions so I went to the hospital in a taxi, I had called my father before I went, and he seemed excited, very strange. At the hospital that imposter gave me a pill from his pocket that I immediately threw up because it made my body feel dead and he refused to take my vitals, and I ran.

The next time I saw him I didn’t even realize it was him until I looked behind the heart monitor that separated us.

I had made a regular check up appointment in another city named Baguio 1000 miles away. My girlfriend waited outside drawing. The switched places, the new nurse and he walked in an hour later and told me NOT to hit the red panic button if I felt faint, which was very strange. I stood on the running machine and the monitor said my heart was 120 so I told the imposter who said he was busy with procedure, and then a minute later my heart jumped around 160 and 190 and I was about to die, a strong chemical hit my system so I told him that I was late for an appointment and paid more than enough cash from my pocket\ and left it there on his desk while I wiped the cream from my chest and dressed while I stumble out and way all at once.

I left the hospital and was stopped by four guards outside who under orders from the imposter were to bring me back, they were going to kill me, but my girlfriend showed up and said that she thought I was going to give her a heart attack. Another nurse came with a receipt after ten minutes of trying to bribe the guards to let me go. A plain clothes lady wearing a mask also came from the street where I ran to, and told me to stop. I am so lucky to be alive.

Back in manila, I was poisoned while in line at the NBI, I am sure some of the agents were involved, and also some of the Americans. I ran to the American embassy to so peak to a lw enforcement officer twice that day while the poison was taking strong affect and they refused to let me see one, they kept saying he was unavailable and they told me to leave, even though I said people outside were trying to kill me. Previously when applying for the repatriation loan I asked the lady there from Arlington Massachusetts if my father told her he thought I crazy and she said yes. I was very surprised Dad would say that unnecessarily to the government knowing that I was applying for a criminology degree.

My family knew about these attempts on my life.

Once I escaped the Philippines wearing a disguise, my atm card was eaten by a machine and my brother Martin made a promise he would pay my hotel until a new card arrived under the condition that I would give him my address at the Masters Hotel in Macao, and when I did two men showed up staring me down, and he did not even answerer his skype or phone or email as he had promised. When I called him a week later he said to me, what can I do? He had previously told me to never tell a murderer when he’s wrong. I nearly had been killed several times. Leaving the Philippine I needed money to exit and my father threatened my mother to close her bank accounts if she sent me money for that. Also my mother had told me first account information that she could only have known if she was in contact with a surveillance team or the people trying to kill me. Once while men tried to break in my house, the week before my baby was killed, my father told me just after they left my house, that I had done a public service. The day my baby was murdered, and I hadn’t any money to eat for over a week, because they sent checks in the mail rather than a bank wire (for the very first time) I called my father and he said he had a terminal illness.

\Walking past the Gecko bar in Cebu the owner called me and that he knew who was trying to kill me. Several people including on in his bar at that moment said to shoot me. They must have been given bad information because I have no enemies. He told me it was not a white man.

The duty officer told me upon my begging him to save me once, that I was a good person, he told me that he did some checking and there was a warrant on my life, his name real or not he said is Noel.

Someone in my family must have paid people to kill me, Or it is a government officer named Benny who invited me to Taiwan when I asked if he was interested to help me open a school (we exchanged numbers at the Olympics and I have no knowledge what he does except protection he said, and his platonic girl friend founded descendants of African People). My parents bought me the ticket to Taiwan and It is either of these parties who is trying to have me killed. The third guess is that my family is the one who has hire people to kill me and they have made it so that the government also wants me dead, such as by telling them I’m nuts during a passport investigation.

I never did anything wrong, I loved my family, and this is the situation. I swear to G-d.

I want to exonerate my family and whoever the protection agent is, so why won’t they help exonerate themselves and why has not anyone helped this situation?

Recently there were three attempts on my life where I am now. I took a blood sample in Philippines which can prove I was poisoned with something that was not available in the Philippines. I can prove that I applied for the repatriation load yet non was given. I can prove that for no valid reason my exit visa from the Philippines took 2 months for what normally takes two weeks. I can prove that my baby was murdered (there is a signed confession in front of two lawyers and three witnesses in Bohol), the baby was declared killed by unknown causes. I suspect the assassination team wanted me killed in the hospital to change my death certificate there.

I have no intention of causing trouble and I won’t spent time editing or polishing my writing. I need this to be seen because law enforcement wont help, in fact they ignore me and tell me not to call back, so I don’t want to bother people, for it might bring trouble. It seems these people track my ip or bank cards. I beg someone out there to help and contact me through Ken Schulman the lawyer in Boston. How could anyone want to kill me, a good man who minds his own business, unless it was about money or misinformation?

I am seeking investigators to stop my assassination.

An old lady- the sight of her face remains with me- I immediately recognized hers as good, she came between one of the hired gunmen and I; “they killed her” I was told. My baby girl to be born one month later I held in a pure cotton white sheet and carried 5 miles to a proper burial also was a victim of this circumstance (Her head squeezed in half and likely poisoned as well). I survived by less than the hair on my chin; the assassination team came because I accepted an invitation to meet a federal agent or my own family was angry at me when during a serious misunderstanding. I aim to keep my future family and I safe from them. Please help me investigate, I am a good person.

I was living with my girlfriend at the time and investigators had previously began following me like in a game hunt threatening me while I called the FBI but they told me not to call back, and my family ridiculed me and told people I was being paranoid. The investigators said I was a criminal and that I would die, came to my house, called me over in secret ,or blatantly sat down with me for a scary face to face experience.

I am well; these people either received misinformation, or misjudged me. This started 2008 and continues, even a few days ago when a covert team used a weapon similar to a heart attack gun on me while I sat in an internet bar. The Boston passport agency had warned me of an investigation on my stolen passports. My father had and other family members had set me up.

Someone made a big mistake, and it is either the man in charge of Benny, a black State Department worker at the 2008 Olympics asks me about my lost passport or my family. This black man received a phone call in front of me telling him that I was “severely psychotic and a criminal” probably because my Dad said so; afterwards he called my parents house leaving a message on their machine inviting me to visit Taiwan and met his close female black friend who founded Descendants of African People; next I know by calling him he says “I don’t know you” and then some military types tried to kill me in Seattle just after leaving the Jackson Federal building with a bottle to the head. Why would he call my family home, leave messages on the machine and invite me to visit after he was told that I am a severely psychotic criminal anyways? I am normal by the way.

Only the state department knew of my address in Cebu and I had not signed any privacy waiver. A covert team (including one member of the Americans who came to my girlfriend’s house during that repatriation loan while I stayed at 26C Imus Highway in Cebu) switched places with the hospital’s doctor and nurse, then tried to kill me in the hospital room. They induced a heart attack, while the imposter doctor grabbed a nun to say a prayer over me and got on his cell phone. It was a regular check-up appointment. Getting to that hospital take a left leaving the art café atop Assumption Road in Baguio City, then your first right, you will see across the left side a private road where I made it safely to.

I have many personal references and also medical testing over the past year including MRA/MRI and echocardiogram to prove it WAS an induced heart attack that the nun, nurses and receptionist witnessed as I stumbled out of that doctors office. The heart monitor went to 190 as the imposter doctor who I recognized from Cebu 1000 miles away told me not to interrupt him that he was “busy with procedure” while a strong chemical taste was introduced into my system which made me very liht headed.. The new nurse now wearing a mask (after switching places with the other one) instructed me: “Do not hit the red button” if I felt faint, contradictory to instructions from the first nurse.

The owner of Gecko bar in Cebu called me inside from the sidewalk after hours to tell me that someone wanted to shoot me and that “It isn’t a white man”. His partner in the shadows yelled to “Just shoot him!”. He asked me something about testifying, and I have not been involved in any court or testifying, I am not a rat either. I have no idea what this is about because they have not told me.

What is confusing is that when I called my father just after some of the attempts on my life he said “That’s what you get for writing the letter”, and “I guess you did a public service” or “you are very brave”.

My brother Martin said “never tell a murderer that he’s wrong”. My brother Mike calls my skype and tells me he wants me to authorize him to protect my trust account which I never knew about; I refused because I don’t trust him, and he said threatingly that some lawyer named Shulman would be the only way of family contact.

I have the right to live peacefully and these State department people, and my family both need to be told to stay away from me because I have not done anything to them. I want to live very much, to excel and raise a family.

A duty officer at the Manila Embassy told me there was a warrant on my life by “Whitey”; what is that and why me? I had called him several times stating I was a good man in need of his assistance.

A few times while in a line such as the NBI I was covertly injected through the air with some very strong hallucinogen, and one time it almost killed me with meningitis like affects; That particular time I went inside the embassy twice while I was progressively dying, and had asked to speak to a federal law enforcement officer twice , I had even been invited by one but they said “not available” and told me to leave. I called my mother on what I believed was my dying breath from inside a taxi to tell her that I made my will and testament out to Donald Trump and Steven Seagal in case someone could investigate what happened to me and she remained un inquisitive. Days after escaping several attempts on my life, my mother actually told me it was “awkward speaking to me” over the phone as if she expected me to be dead by then. On one escape I telephoned her and she called me a lier about an email I sent to her requesting a talk about the cover letter from 1979.

A Gary or Jerry helping me with my coffee shop to open was arrested in Davao and told me to be careful that ‘they have people in the FBI”. He, like the Gecko Bar owner does in fact know who is trying to kill me and why, would you please find out who and make some sense out of this.

I love America very much and have never done anything to risk harm to America, have never sold any passports.

Sincerely, Larry Margulies

Dear people who might be able to help investigate,

My name is Larry Margulies, changed from Yudowitz, I was born in Boston, Massachusetts on December 17, 1971, and raised in Brookline, Massachusetts, then I left Boston when I was 22 years of age.

I am writing to you all today because I need your help. I am a private person and have tried all other ways that I know of to solve this situation without divulging my private or family matters, but the situation now is life or death, and I intend to live a long life and raise a family. Please allow me to explain what little I know.

I am not making up some wild accusation. Here is what happened.

My father asked me to choose a house to settle in. At the time I wanted to begin a career in writing so I asked him to buy a very comfortable condo in West Vancouver Canada to live in. The housing market there was good, and it was a good investment to make in 2009. After I chose what I thought to be the perfect place for me as a writer and to settle down in for many years, my father told me just before the papers were signed that he did not want to buy that place, but instead for I to choose an income property in the city since that was “all he could afford” (He explained as the reason that my brother Michael had borrowed 100,000 at the same time to invest in housing redevelopment). Though my wish was to stay at the Olympic Peninsula within the West Vancouver culture, I also found myself hastily agreeing with him to live elsewhere because my foremost wish was to have a home which I never had.

I had never prepared for what was to come and there was one big initial problem which had three parts. First my parents told me that after this purchase of that house they “would not give me anymore money”. Secondly, I had no income upon taking ownership and no work visa either. Thirdly the house received mail upon moving in saying that I needed to pay property taxes amounting around 4,000 Canadian dollars. The house was also empty of furniture by the way, but more importantly the purchase agreement pro-rated the tenants rent, so that by the time taxes were due, I would have no way of paying them.

I called a friend of the realtor agent who sold me the house, we had hit it off well, she considered me a late bloomer like herself, and she recommended that I take out a mortgage. The only mortgage that I could apply for with no lengthy credit history was a private equity mortgage which had fees of several thousand dollars per mortgage. (I thought it particularly unfair that my brothers could ask for business loans yet I had only one choice which was to ask a high fee mortgage loan. I did take a loan out for under 30,000 dollars in order to pay the taxes and buy basic furniture, from a company named One Stop Mortgage.

My parents asked me to promise them that I would stay in Canada for six months out of every year, as a sign to them that the purchase was a serious investment into my future; I always keep my promises. I managed the property and cared for tenancy very well. I travelled between Asia and Canada planning on opening two businesses, a small movie making studio for English students and a small hotel which was to be divided into three sections, one for family, one for business men, and the third for couples. From Asia I spoke regularly with my tenants and paid the bills. In the beginning of taking ownership I received some complaints from my tenants that there were “two strange women in my yard taking photos of the property”. I investigated and found out that my mother and Aunt were there in Vancouver that day, and it was them, not a big deal.

My parents and I had a terrible relationship growing up in Brookline, Massachusetts. My father suffered severe paranoid and psychotic episodes that he would not take medicine for except Lithium to help calm his rages.

After buying the house is when I discovered the 1979 report that Park School recommended that my family be tested for abuse and I called my mother’s psychiatrist on the phone, his name is Dr. Sylvio Onesti. My father may have made it so he was demoted, but I believe Onesti did a great job and tried to help my family, which my father did not allow ( In our first of only a few family therapy sessions I raised my hand to talk about my parents, but my father there scolded me not to talk about him nor mom). Dr. Onesti in that phone conversation told me to hold on while he looked at his notes, his notes he said that my mother told him “everything was fine at home”. Everyone who knows my family personally knows that is not true, and my mother sent me a handwritten letter in her words “Things were so bad at home” as “The reason we never went to family therapy”. The bad things at home were about my father. I love my father and mother, and have always obeyed them and it is not my intention here to ridicule him. My parents had told me that they never intended to have me as a fourth child which could explain why my mother begged my forgiveness for her locking me in the room for two years to the mediator D. Jocelyn Bonner, or why I was transferred from a private to a public school two years below my level. I have pondered the thought that my parents used me as a fourth child as a tax benefit; in these times, things like this are prevalent.

In Vancouver to settle down, preparing to make a business that I could run while writing in the beautiful city of Vancouver never became a reality. First of all I did not want to live in a city, and if I were to live inside an income property then it would not provide the quiet and privacy necessary to write. Then, another important thing to consider was that the Boston Passport agency had told me in person there would be a lost passport investigation. At a period of time in my life, there needed to be transparency and truth from those close to me, and it became apparent that those close to me were lying and another huge mess was about to happen because of that.

My mother, caught in the middle of my Dad and I, relayed to me voice mail messages from their answering machine in Weston, Massachusetts.

Some messages were from unknown callers messaging about my mortgages and tax payments and I had given no one in Canada my American contact information except for my sales agent at the time of sale; Other messages were from Benny, a security agent at the 2008 Olympics who said he was a part time businessman and he might help my hotel or English movie business; some other messages were only caller ID phone numbers left from Hong Kong area which I had no idea about.

Many times between 2009 until now 2017, people have been caught red handed surveillance me, some have threatened my life, and so have literally tried killing me (I have no enemies). I am not seeking attention for attention sake but really telling people that this is happening and needs to stop. Perhaps my father paid people to kill me or not( Paul McSweeny would have surveillances me for free. One of the surveillancers broke into my room and took a similar looking but not, a copy of my fathers financial record, and that set of investigators grilled me if I had ever been to the Cayman Islands as the record hidden away somewhere was about (in fact I never looked at the record more than a glance), and only my father could have sent those men (they had the persona and boating experience like retired detective Paul McSweeny, and there was also a man was working on Paul’s boat I remember as a teen whom he introduced to the women like he was some navy seal and he resembled somewhat one of the men in Cebu though I don’t accuse that man only because of a resemblance. I had taken that financial record, a fax, from the kitchen during a trip to Weston to talk about the bottle falling in Seattle. (During that trip, my father was upset that I asked my mom privately in her car if “Dad lied all the time or just sometimes” which he heard from her phone left on the dashboard.

My father has close contacts within the cia , fbi, and mafias by his work experiences (I have no more knowledge than that). He bypassed my ‘not having a privacy waiver’ when he talked with the Consulate during my repatriation loan. The BIG question is who sent the man with the two corrupt policemen to 26 c Imus highway, then we will know who the killers are , their associates might ‘roll over’ on them, and we will pin point who hired them, my father or the state department. Everyone knows that one should never point a finger at the federal government and I agree; I simply ask the state departments’ cooperation to figure out who sent those men to 26 c Imus highway during my repatriation loan a whole street witnessed them and I meeting at the vulcanizing shop there along the highway. Those men switched places with the hospital staff during my regular check-up in Baguio to kill me. I swear to god, they used some chemical on me. M dad had told me to go to the hospital before for no reason, such as just after some people tried to break in my house.

I have several times been poisoned since between 2014 and 2017, one time a grey SUV full of people even pulled up to tell my girlfriend about “poison” inside her baby just after I left that hotel she told me to take her out of the city in order to feel safe enough to tell me about it, (They may have poisoned my baby girl at 7 ½ months prenatal and were concerned that the baby had not yet been delivered, it took two months to be delivered afterwards)(That report is also notarized with Attorney Vilas in Bohol.) I was poisoned with a chemical while walking in or standing in line at a government office for my exit visa, I swear to g-d, sometimes was a very powerful hallucinogen, and yet one time I went to the office without breakfast and so apparently it was injected into me through the air.

It may have been a ploy to set me up for jail or deportation which them would have led to incarceration in a jail or hospital, or even a fake suicide or fake lethal overdose. I will live .

Now I need more than ever help to stop these people and to learn also about their financial motives of the trust or Inheritances that if I die go to someone else. I have asked for a copy of the irrevocable trust according to Massachusetts law but it has always been denied to me (I was likely made in High school and was supposed to be available. A loan to care the baby in Mactan from a loan company, Loan First, was taken away from me because the owner said I had a trust account (By the way, two appointment said the baby was healthy until she was killed). There is also my parents motive of revenge for I already spent their hard earned 1 million dollars running city to city from the people either Investigators or hired ones both. My parents also accused me of manipulating them to buy the house which is baseless and while running to places the border security disallowed e from crossing into Canada. (My father had the opportunity to come clean when I sat in his office with the retired detective Paul McSweeny but he lied and Paul said he owed my father his life, and obviously I could not stay in one place long if people were following me and threatening my life, so why would the two of them in his office lie anyways?) My brother Martin with me on Skype, after my escape from Philippines asked my address as a condition to loan me hotel money for that week, after my atm card was eaten by an atm machine. I gave him my address and then he ignored all my calls and emails and two men showed up after he paid for one night using his credit card. His own motive for joining my family in assassinating me may have been something related to the 1979 report, and he did not want that information out either, like my father; it is better kept private.

My Mri Mra and echocardiogram clearly show good health. If one investigated the sacred heart hospital there atop Assumption hill in Bagiuo where the assassination attempt took place witness including a receptionist, nurses aid, intern etc. saw me stumble out of the room having a heart attack, what are the chances of having a heart attack on a regular check-up and with healthy echocardiogram and Mra

?- Impossible, so please see the evidence and save my life from these people, the trail is easy to follow.

Other witnesses include the Gecko bar owner, Jerry (arrested in Davao City), Jun a resident of Deca 3 Mactan, and a hundred others who are near the areas.

Right now, Benny’s girlfriend who founded ‘Descendant of African People’ she can identify him and that I was invited there in Taiwan by the invitation my mother relayed to me.

My father definitely has a big part in this assassination, he had told me to go to the hospital. He had the opportunities to help while I was in the time frame of the assassination because I called him yet he did not help, he in fact told my mother not to send money for me to exit the country or that he would close her bank account, and that same assassination team appeared at the 26 c Imus highway it was because of him that I was stuck there he stopped the necessary fees from the repatriation loan in order to exit Furthermore he sent a letter to Nathan Y Gross ( five years my senior from Camp Yavneh I met when he invited me to look at a playboy in a shack where he asked me to do ma sick favor, but I refused. I asked him to go ask because he had said my Dad helped him) who that I was a chemically induced psychotic and then Nathan after calling him to get a copy of my trust account denied receiving that specific letter, instead said that I had dishonored my father. During the repatriation loan I asked the lady from Arlington, Massachusetts if my dad had told her he thought me to be crazy and she laughed and said yes he had. Anyone can help please contact me through Ken Shulman in Boston.

I speak the truth. (Again, I did love my family very much, it is a tragedy that my family members are such a bad example of how people can be; I had to explain this situation as hard as it is for others to accept, and to stand up for my right to live.)


Larry Margulies

Larry Margulies’ Echocardiogram and a healthy heart’s diagnosis taken outside of Philippines after escaping there

Larry Margulies’ witness affidavit taken after escaping the covert team’s attack at the regular check-up

Help! There is a Warrant on My Life and I am Innocent. I Want My Life Back! (201

Not one person in law enforcement, nor my family has investigated and I am literally running for my life. Hopefully some good will come out of this publishing. I am currently enrolled in college as a criminal justice major, and I also try making a family while this is going on.

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Help! There is a Warrant on My Life and I am Innocent. I Want My Life Back! (201 Help! There is a Warrant on My Life and I am Innocent. I Want My Life Back! (201