Held Accountable


This body of work is in big part paying homage to the female that loves her man agape style and has his back with no limitation. Illustrating the major role women play in a man’s life showing us firsthand how distorted our thinking and doings can be at times and how instrumental a woman is in an attempt to keep that man from crashing and burning. Things we as men often view as bickering may very well be a blessing in disguise. Take heed gentlemen! Within this novel you’ll also get an eye opening experience of certain characteristics you should look for in a woman and inferiorities you should stay clear of at all cost.

People by no means was this a book just thrown together off the top of the dome. This book was beyond structured in every aspect for something to be gained on every level. Research and a vast amount of preparation were poured into this. I wholeheartedly give my word that every mind shall be enlightened educated as well as entertained. I truly believe you the reader will take a lot from this composition. I know you’ll enjoy the brain-teasing-fundamental-word-play that I equip within the story line. I stretched my brain many of days into a near hemorrhage to give you the readers something eventful that carries both uniqueness as well as enrichment.

After this one if you have never read an urban novel you’re sure to be a fan and if you have you’re sure to put this one at the very top of your list. We as people have to push to get more of this on the big screen. This is my true desire. Quiet as it is kept we are the people who dictate what’s being shown on the screen. Once you complete this novel you too will understand the importance of getting this piece out to the masses because unfortunately a lot of us refuse to read but will go sit down for a movie. It is a known folk tale that if you want to hide something from a black man put it in a book. This novel is not about black or white but opening one’s mind to what’s happening right before your very eyes. The theme of this piece is Consequence and Repercussions every action has its reaction…..Spread the word; friend or foe this is a must read for all. appreciate all the love in helping to get this piece to the next level and it started right here with you and me. Hope you enjoy this masterpiece as much as I enjoyed creating it.











The characters take you on a flight of their own liberations. This book is packaged with subliminal messages designed to broaden your horizons. The characters Tré and Shay set out to be the “hood version” of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” bringing a new twist Tré and Shay couldn’t be more opposite. As the adventure takes flight Shay is a college graduate and ex-Navy Seal from a prestigious background meshing in with Tré an ex-felon and manipulative playboy with street savviness and an unheard of solidity. He is loyal to the game and her to him. But in a world where every action has its reaction will his loyalism eventually lose him her love, and refuge his sanity or ultimately his life? As he continued to do things his way or would she finally persuade him to turn away from his entrapped mindset and be the man he can be. The plot thickens as you throw into the mix a law abiding citizen going against all his morals and integrity to the other side of the law for help in a desperate time bringing unity too sworn enemies. As greed and the spoil of easy money sets in they all end up with much more than they bargained for finding themselves in a position with no way out but disaster.

This masterpiece is an adrenaline rushing, fast paced, mind boggling creation added with a keen sense of humor. It’s assured to entertain as well as enlighten you. It includes scenarios like corruption, greed, drugs, revenge, sex and betrayal. It will also bring awareness to various diseases. It’s well rounded with a combination of power punches guaranteed to invigorate your soul. Fasten your seat belt and pay close attention. You’re in for one hell of a ride. The title is gonna be “HELD ACCOUNTABLE” or Repercussions

My name is Whitney Tyrone Smith my pen name is Ty Smith my contact info is [email protected] 404-798-9887















The beginning to the End

3:37 a.m. A Hispanic male staggered toward the two story brick home fondling with his keys in an apparent stupor from the alcohol he had consumed from partying with his crew. A dark SUV occupied by two assailants dressed in all black; ski masked down, and gloved up. Sifting his
every movement fidgety he unlocked the door. Re-latching and
securing the dead bolt he turned away from the door. Bam! He was
met with a forceful blunt object driving him to crash to his knees.
Looking upwards, his eyes locked on a crown 9mm. Fear as well as
common sense paralyzed the screech shrill that was now trapped in
his vocal box.

“One sound and you’re one dead Mexican” one of the two intruders spoke. The impact of the Mossberg pistol grip pumped along with combinations of pain, shock and induced by the alcohol was too much to bare and he passed out… The cold water startled him back to consciousness. Adjusting his eyes making sure he wasn’t seeing double. Now there were four bandits hovering over him. “You know what we came for where it at ?”

“Whar me gurl?!” he yelled out in broken English as if he just realized the masked men were in his home.

“Relax essé. Your girl is fine. Seems her sister has been involved in a little fender bender.”

Half an hour earlier the telephone rang.

Hello” a Spanish accent answered out of her sleep.

“Is this Maria Sanchez?” The caller asked.

Yes it is.” She replied.

Your sister Josefina has been in an accident” he informed “and she gave me this number to notify you.”

Oh my God! Is she hurt badly?” She said hysterically as she was getting up from the bed.

I don’t believe so ma’am. She seemed pretty coherent possibly a couple of broken bones.”

Where did they take her?” She exclaimed.

I’m not sure ma’am. I’m guessing here, but possibly Grady or Atlanta Medical.

I’ll find her.” “Thanks for calling” she rattled off. One minute later she erratically exited the home and jumped into a blue BMW and sped off.

“Now you really don’t want us to be here when she returns. Do you?”

“I sure wouldn’t mind.” one of the other masked men chimed in. “I would love to take a bite out that sexy mamacita’s ass.”

“I kill you mutha fucka” The Hispanic stuttered out while rising up only to be knocked back to the seat of his pants.

The guy giggled at his perilous attempt. “Listen Hector. The goods and we’ll disappear.”

“I no Hector.” the Hispanic spoke with a grim look.

A stern slap followed landing across his face. “Listen here Hosea Francisco Poncho. Who gives a shit spic ‘mutha fucka’? You all the same to me. Now no more stalling give up them goods.” Click. Was the cocking of the hammer on the glock nine. “Only other option is to be delivered back to the slum of Mexico in a crate. You got exactly five seconds to give up that dough or that pretty little señorita of yours gonna come home and see the walls redecorated with your brains.”

The Hispanic man sensed the derangement engulfed in the bandits voice and didn’t hesitate any longer quickly pointing towards the dining area. The assailants watched intently as he opened both the freezer and fridge and pressed the icemaker. Holding it five seconds triggered a latch. This opened a passage to removing the freezer box to the secret compartment filled with Ziploc bags of Benjamin’s and Grants. This marked the first time the men smiled but it would be short lived.

Better you than me.” were the only words this particular masked man had spoken upon entering the home.

Instantaneously in what seemed as warped speed the Hispanic flung around to meet the voice head on. Bang! Bang! Bang! Instead he caught three to the chest. Dead on impact.

Oh shit!” One man shouted as the others stood in a state of shock. “This was supposed to be a clean fucking job!” “I thought he was swinging around with a gun.” The shooter claimed in his defense. Hysteria became thick in the room as the lifeless body laid plastered on the tile floor leaking out.

The one that had been in obviously in charge vehemently
called out “Everybody get a fuckin’ grip! I want us out of this
residence in 3 minutes. You and you ransack the place. You kick in
the door to make it look like a forced entrance.” Everybody began
to scramble. “Wait.” he called out to the trigger man. “Let me hold
onto your heat.” All the men stopped in their tracks as complete
silence overtook the room. “Just would like to ensure that no one
else accidentally gets shot you understand?”

“Nah I think I’ll just hold on to this. You don’t have anything to worry about everybody here on the same team right?”

“Of course” he assured him. “But I’d just feel a whole lot safer. We all would! If you weren’t armed right now” he reiterated.

The shooter took a second. “Nah I’m good Boss.”

“But I insist. It’s not happing Chief.” He spoke with sincerity. “Not even on your life.” The shooter added. To put emphasis on his lack thereof trust. One of the other men pushed his way in between the two and intervened for the gun man “He’s good. Nothing else will happen” The leader still hadn’t budged.

“I’m vouching for him, “GOT DAMMIT” he shouted. “Now let’s get this shit done. We’re wasting valuable time.” The standoff slowly ended with the loom of unfinished business etched in each man’s eyes…


Consequences & Repercussions

11 Months Earlier

Seems as if the Attorney Williamsburg committed the carnal sin
of under estimation. He had her pegged as young sweet and shallow.
Sadly mistaken and in for a big treat, little did he know she was
captain of her debate team in both high school and college.
Incorporated with her natural sassiness and street smarts that she
had acquired from Tré, Shayla Anderson was something fierce.

“Now I handpicked you because of your reputation as a bulldog. Contrary to popular belief, and up until to this point I’ve only witnessed a pussycat .”

The attorney’s eyes widened exalting his obvious displeasure and flabbergasted at the sweet young lady’s tone and choice of words. All the same he kept his cool while squirming in his leather chair, yielding his professionalism and suppressing his fury simultaneously.

She went on. “If you are inadequate, incompetent or just lack the zeal for the task at hand please let me know now so we can cut our losses and move on to more suitable counsel.”

“I resent that statement Ms. Anderson and you are totally out of line here.” She threw him a rubber neck you haven’t seen nothing yet gawk. “I believe it would be best for all concerned if I consult with Mr. Mitchell before your willingness to cast the lots on his liberty. Understandably you are under extreme emotional distress and your capacity of making rational decisions is in disarray.” “Oh no the hell he didn’t! “Shay thought as her temperature started to rise while her eyes squinted to Chinese
size. “No offense.” he quickly spoke grasping her expression “But
you do understand that my best interest lies with my client?”

Shay took a deep breath in an attempt to calm herself. “Well you can rest assured that I am acting on Mr. Mitchell’s full consent and in his best interest.”

“Even still.” He returned. “I wish to discuss an alternative approach with Mr. Mitchell before taking any drastic measures that will lead
to catastrophic events with no avenue for retreat. Now that I’ve
stated my position I do have other obligations so if you would
please excuse me?” the agitated lawyer said while ushering her
towards the door.

“I’m not finished” Shay said taken aback and highly offended by his bold rudeness and arrogance. ‘This moron just isn’t getting it. Time to take off the mitts Shay spoke to herself. “Listen here ‘YOU I am fully aware of how you guys operate. So if you dare to think we’re going for the “banana in the tail pipe” so to speak you are gravely misinformed.”

“What are you implying Ms. Anderson?” he stated in a stifled tone.

“Implying?” Shay spat back going into her sister girl act. One finger in the air in a sassy manner about to go in. “Let me bring some clarity to this situation.” She said pointing at herself. “So that you don’t have any misconceptions of the pertinent issue here, you are an employee.” She spoke factiously with a mock stare. “Not employer! You’ll either do what you are directed to do or I will not hesitate to fire your ass on the spot and retain a more aggressive and compliant attorney! And his first hand of
duty will be to hit you in your rectum so deep with ineffective
sense of counsel your great grandchild will feel the burn.”

“Ms. Anderson” he spoke through clenched teeth while slamming the pen he had been twirling to his desk. “I don’t take kindly to being threatened by anyone.” His blonde eyebrows had risen and he was one shade from turning fire engine red.

“And I don’t make idle threats.” Shay spoke with a taunting roll of the eyes and neck to add sauce.

“I will not continue to sit here and be ridiculed in my own place of business!” The attorney jawed one degree from a shout he went on. “Until you pass the bar and furnish a law degree don’t attempt to tell me how to do my profession.”

“First and foremost” Shay spoke forming her fingers to make rabbit ears implying quotation marks. “We wouldn’t be having this conversation if you were so adept in your profession now would we?” she said mockingly. “And as far as your pedigree goes honey you don’t get to stand behind that! This is a world of action and results and let’s not get away from the important factor. You don’t get to treat us like some pro bono case. We are cutting checks and we will tell you what we are willing to accept or not. And another thing…”

After about ten more minutes of intense tongue lashing and bashing. Attorney Williamsburg broke all the way down and conceded to her course of action. If it wasn’t for any other reason than to remove this C.B.W. (Crazed Black Woman) from his office.




Consequences & Repercussions

24 Hours Earlier

Family and friends were gathered in the spacious visitation area awaiting their visits with loved ones as Shayla scanned the room for her own. Everyone’s eyes seemed to be fixated on the attractive female that had just entered . She had impeccable pecan-tan skin, a
pair of complimentary dimples, and jet black hair flowing to her
shoulders. Her curvaceous 5 ft. 8 figure stood as 34b-26w-38h. As
she spotted her Tré her smile was like the morning sunrise peeking
through the blinds at 7 am. Effortlessly she sashayed towards him
dressed in an eloquent lavender Donna Karan skirt with a taupe
V-neck blouse that showed a hint of cleavage. The ensemble was
accessorized with a diamond trimmed choker, matching bracelet and
Movado watch. Eloquent to say the least. She was definitely the
epitome of classy.

The duo embraced and took their rule enforced one kiss. A
prison rule that Tré was hell bent on breaking but no avail. Shay
had a way of making him conform and his continuing tough guy act
had no bearing on her in the least. This was a new element for the
cocky, witty and somewhat arrogant. Trémorey Mitchell that

usually floor matted most women, stood over six feet tall with a
medium build, dark, smooth complexion and a sexy smile. He was
definitely what one would call a ladies man and a prime

catch. Everybody has their equal and hands down he had met his
match with her.

“Don’t do that shit no more” he scolded.

Shay turned her face dodging his third kiss. “I won’t if you don’t” she returned.

“You know the rules.”

“Damn these people and fuck their rules.”

“See.” She said while pointing to her freshly manicured nail a half inch from grazing his face. “That’s why I have to think for your…”(mouthing the word) ‘ass’ “now because you’re incapable of rational thought. You know good and well these people don’t care for you as is and they’ll be more than happy to suspend your visitation privileges and then how would you feel ‘Mr. Tough Guy’ if we couldn’t be able to see each other at all?”

He thought it over for a second. “Damn baby you right. I never thought of it that way.” “Uh huh whatever.”

“I said I was sorry.”

“Hmm, yes you are.”

He ignored her usual shot. “I was wrong baby” he coaxed. “Now let’s make up. Come here and gimme’ a kiss.” He said with his lips puckered out.

She looked over at him like he had lost his mind. And they both burst out into laughter. The two had an ideal relationship. Although they butted heads on the regular; they shared a love beyond the bastion garments of the sheets which cultivated a closeness and friendship that marveled others.

Before Shay could sit down good, Tré was blurting “Have you heard anything from the lawyer?”

“Darn boy! You’re not even going to let me get the seat warm.”

Smiling at the wise crack and knowing her meaning oh so well he changed tunes accordingly. “So baby doll tell me how your week was?”

“Save it honey.” she spoke with one paw extended and her head slightly bowed to insinuate her distaste for his usual “all about me” nature. “And no I haven’t heard from your lawyer.” dragging out each word in her sassy demeanor.

“Ok I’m going to be real.”

“Yeah try that.” Shay shot sarcastically.

“See the truth of the matter is I’m sick of this shithead public pretender throwing us for a loop. It’s past time to take matters into our own hands.”

“I agree baby.” She spoke earnestly nodding her head ready and willing to back her Tré’s play as always. “It’s been five months since the Appellate Court vacated your sentence and remanded it back to District Court for further proceedings.”

“Yeah.” He responded “I done peeped the game they trying to lay out. “And that damn defense for the prosecutor we paid all this money right in their pocket.” Tré really hated and distrusted lawyers and he had good reason to. The attorney he retained for trial sold him up the river. “They really don’t know who their dealing with. If they think they gonna freeze me out to take that blind ten then they got me bent with some clown real niggas. Don’t fold under no circumstances and the rules of the game never change. Even if I considered it I’d be a got damn fool to cop out and let them back door me. Then try to hit me with this relevant conduct bullshit they got. Enhancing me right back to the original thirty piece I started with. Get me once shame on you. Get me twice shame on me.

After Tré’s first dilemma with the sellout lawyers he took it upon himself to read up on a little law so he’d know personally what he was dealing with. “If I’m going down it’s going to be on my terms and I’m reloading and lock.”

“Just tell me what you want me to do you know your baby with you ride or die.” And she meant that earnestly and soon she would show that time and time again. Tré smiled at her suggestion knowing that undyingly she was the Bonnie to his Clyde.

“What you trying to tell me you riding with me ‘til the wheels fall off? He asked.

“No. What I’m telling you is I’m riding ‘til the axle fall off.”

“Don’t you love that?” He said speaking to himself in a second person. He went on to give her the low down on what he needed the attorney to do.

“So do you think it’ll be a problem getting an appointment on such short notice?

Shay responded. “Not at all no way this degenerate freak going to pass up an opportunity to gawk at my breast. Just tell me how you want me to play it baby?”

“Deep throttle.” he responded with no hesitation which translated to going hard and getting the task done by any means necessary.

“Are you certain we should go to that extent?” Shay asked somewhat reluctantly. “You know once we ignite this it’s on.”

“Well then it’s on.” Tré responded relentlessly. “And do not go in their half ass. This guy is a real typhoon. If he senses weakness he will devour you.”

She smacked her lips showing a hint of attitude. “What? Are you doubting your doll or something?

“No never that Ma. I just know how you sometimes be trying to be all politically correct and shit.”

“FYI it’s called mannerism.” Shay retorted with spunk “And that’s how civilized people carry themselves.”

“See that’s what I’ve been trying to get across to you Ma. These mutha fuckers aint civilized they just some slicksters in suits. And if you
go in there with all this cordial and polite get-up he’s gonna eat
you alive.”

“Yeah I wish he might try.” Shay spoke confidently. “Make your baby
turn into Bokeshia up in the spot.”

Tré giggled. “That’s what I’m talking about. You know I luv me some of ya Bokeshia.”

“I bet you do you’re the one who created her.”

stepped into the law office with her game face applied with Tré’s
last words ringing in her ears. “Under no circumstances do you leave that office without the deed being dealt. Hello Ms. Anderson. Please come in and have a seat.” Attorney Williamsburg spoke with all smiles while extending his arm towards the chair. “You look remarkable as always.”

“There’s no need for pleasantry.” Shayla responded. “I assure you this will not be a pleasant gathering….” and the rest is

Boom! Crack! Attorney Williamsburg slammed the door behind her. The vibration knocked the photo of his wife and kids to the floor shattering the glass on impact. He ran his hands through his curly hair in frustration .

Fifteen minutes later he was exiting the building in route to the
offices of the District Attorney. Mocking and cursing Shay the
entire way. “Who the hell she think she is making demands. Blah.
Blah. Blah. Bleep **** bleep ****** bleep ******

He exuded all that steam out onto the prosecutor and forcefully restacked his brief case with documents. “You have until noon Monday to contact my office with your course of action before I take matters into my own hands and file for an immediate dismissal of the indictment.”






















Consequences & Repercussions


Tré stood beside the sign that read “Welcome to Butner Federal Correctional Complex”. He held his hands up high while breathing the oxygen of freedom.

“I’m sorry I’m acting like a big baby.” Shay sniveled out planting her face in Tré’s chest while fighting back tears of joy. The District Attorney opted to give Tré a reduced sentence and time served to secure the conviction instead of taking the gamble at another lengthy trial. “I’ve been hoping and praying for this day so-so long and I’m never letting you go again.” Shay tightened the grip around Tré’s waist. Pulling up curb side was a burgundy Escalade limousine.

“Now this how a real player supposed to be carted out.” He smiled. Then added “real bossaleny style” nodding his head approvingly.

Hanging over to the side were three new outfits and coordinating shoes for each one. Polo jeans with a blue polo shirt with orange stitching with some matching burnt orange Timberlands. A white on white Velour Nike get
up and pearl white Air Force Ones. And a lavender “ah de I outfit”
this brand new hot designer Jean line bottom off with the matching
air max.

“Damn baby doll you got good taste.”

“Yeah you’ve told me” she flirted. Battering her eye lashes seductively “and it’s even better since it’s been marinating.” She sauced it up.

Tré begin to smile mischievously. “Any more surprises?” Giving a sly grin to his inquiry Shay reached under the seat to remove an overnight goodie bag. As she began to remove treat after treat Tré looked on with high anticipation until she came to the black silk sheets. “I take it were not flying back.”

“I wanted some “we” time. You have any complaints?”

“Hell-to-the-no.” he hurriedly responded.

Opting for the five and a half hour road trip from NC to
GA, Shay canceled the flight. The
driver was given direct instructions to get on I85 South and not to
disturb for the next four plus hours. They spent every second
re-familiarizing one another with every aspect of the others’
anatomy. Child of a congressman and psychiatrist; Shay was the best
of both worlds. Following in her father’s footsteps she

served a four year term in the Marine Corps and held a dual degree
in Marketing and Finance

On the inverse, dealing with Tré in “his get it how you live” life style had transformed this good girl from the suburbs to the product of a “hood ride or die chick” that loved her man undyingly. Someone who was always ready and willing to go into the trenches with him. She was also deeply imbedded in the church. Despite her dealings with Tré she never turned away from her faith. Always conveying to him that there was a deeper purpose for his life.

“This isn’t the chapter the Lord intends on ending your story. You have too much good in you that just needs to surface. Yes, granted I know this thing is frustrating and you feel hopeless that we’ve been defeated today
but we have to give God a chance for tomorrow. Baby you must
understand no one could ever see the picture while they’re still in
the frame. I’m with you and He’s with us. Now let’s stand look this
thing in the eye and manifest resilience. Get over this pity party
shit! Tré smiled. He knew the warrior he was. Funny thing is it
took the heart of a woman to bring him back in tune with that. This
was the conversation they had after receiving denial of his direct
appeal. Now three years and two appeals later they were





















Consequences & Repercussions


Shay pressed the intercom button gave the driver some directions .

Ten minutes later the chauffer opened the door and ushered them
out…After about a dozen or so phone calls

Mo, Jay and Ace realized they had been duped and camped out at
Shay’s place. Ta-jà was antsy jumping up and down awaiting their
arrival she was so very fond of Tré he always treated her like she
was his own kid sister by being over
protective and spoiling her rotten in which Shay hated. As soon as
she saw the limo arrive she bolted out the door screaming gleefully
at the top of her lungs. Tré playfully jumped back into the
Escalade and locked the door before she could reached him.

“Boy! You better stop playing” she bellowed out with tears of joy coming down her face. Ta-jà punched him three or four times for teasing her and followed up with a big hug like she never wanted to let him go.

“Are you coming in?” she asked. “Nah, not right now. I gotta go get cleaned up. Your sister got me all sticky.” Shay shot him a quick elbow with a shut up look.

“Umph”. Ta-jà sounded off. “I knew she was a freak. And always trying to act like she is Mother Theresa”

“Shut up girl. I’m grown!” Shay said defensively.

“You coming to the party?” Tré asked.

“Ms. Meany over there said I couldn’t.”

“Grown people only.” Shay spoke up.

“Nah it aint going to be that type of party. Tré said. You can come.”

“I’ve already told her she couldn’t.” Shay stated firmly.

“And I just told her she could.” he said with an authoritative tone.

She gave Tré a vicious look and rode home with her lips poked outward and arms folded.

“Wait a minute” Shay spoke. Stopping him cold before he jumped out the limousine. “I have something to say.” She pouted.

Flopping back down with an “Oh shit” plastered across his face. “See
that’s your problem right there. You never want to listen to anyone
always thinking you can live by your own guidelines. That exact
same frame of mind has proven to be detrimental
you time and time again… Honey I’m just giving you fair warning
here because the days of you doing what when where or how Tré wants
to do are now obsolete.”

“Are you done? Yo Shay that was a real foul move.” Mo
spoke as she was stepping out the limo.

She responded by smacking her lips and rolling her eyes as the three guys looked at her distastefully. “Whateva” she commented waving her hand as to dismiss their attitudes. She had Tré’s boys ante up and pay for the rental of the limousine under the assumption they would be accompanying her to pick him up. It was funny how Shay had no recollection of that part of the conversation.

“Damn fool. What you had? A membership to Gold’s Gym or sumthin’? Yo ass look like you been on a steroid diet.” They all laughed. This was Jay the comedian of the crew.

“Yeah you do look good fool” Ace added as he threw up his hand to greet him with a slap and hood handshake.

“But you still can’t handle me on that court though. Ace said as he simulated a jump shot “Swish” he said with his arm still paused in the air.

“Since when?” Shay interceded not giving Tré time to.

“Aww baby don’t pay him no mind he just clowning. He know I own that ass on any court at any time from New Zealand to his own backyard.”

They all chuckled. “Damn fool”. Jay spoke all hyped up. I’m glad you made it home for this years’ Labor Day b-ball event. We gonna wreck sumthin this year.

“You know it!” Tré responded. “I heard how them fools from the west side been giving it to y’all. That shit over with though. It’s time to take control and get my house back in order. Mo stepped up and Tré threw up a hand bypassing it while lifting Tré off his feet and giving him a huge hug. “Damn I missed you bruh.” Mo spoke all misty eyed .


Jay looked back and forth at everybody “Oh hell no”. He blurted. “Now aint this some monkey shit. I know damn well this tough ass Negro here aint crying.” They all chuckled.

“You have some free time go ahead and kick it with your little boys” Shay spoke with a turned up
nose clearly detesting her own idea… “I have some last minute
details I have to attend to for your party. Don’t be stupid” she
warned while rotating one finger to emphasize her point. She handed
him and a black iPhone
5 out of her black
Gucci bag “I’ll be calling you in a couple of hours.”

“Doll gimme me some cash.”

“They got you.” She returned sharply as if she was offended. Shay’s spunk was second to none being trained and nourished by Tré’s very cocky persona. With the strong inclination they both shared there was sure to be some hard hitting clashes to come. “And I’m not playing” she shouted out as Jay were closing the door smiling. “You guys better not have any hoochies up
in there either.”

Tré practically raised Jay .

His mom was strung out on drugs. They lived in the neighborhood he
hustled. Tré took a liking to the lad and always made sure he had
food to eat and clothes on his back. He always stressed to him the
only way he was going to make it out of his “Hell Hole” was to stay
in school. Tré never had anyone to mentor him so he felt obligated
to lil’ Jay as he called him. The only real reason Tré was still in
school was because he was good in sports. Sports kept him from
getting so caught up on the hood wretchedness. The ladies were
definitely an added bonus. He had a set of girlfriends on every
hall. In a sense he was a born gigolo. Tré was a few grades ahead
of Jay. Once he hit the high school scene and saw how fresh and
geared up all the kids were it didn’t take long for him to step to
Tré and ask for a package.

“You sho’ you ready for this youngin’?” Tré asked after he ran his pitch.

“Man I’m tired of being all raggedy and sleeping in the cold, and shit. Shit nigga I wanna be fly and get the honeys to.”

Tré remembered giggling to himself. Jay was always a real live one. “I feel ya’ lil’ homey cuz’ I been there. But this shit here you talking ‘bout jumping into is some wicked shit. I’m talking real shark infested waters.”

“Yo Tré I’m ready man. I’m ready to get it how I live.”

After Tré gave him all the grimy and slimy details that came with the game. Jay was more amped than before so he knew then that if he didn’t put lil Jay on he would get put on one way another. He left him with two sound pieces of advice. The same as the elders gave him. “One word “loyaltyLive it! Die it! Cherish it and it will always cherish you. In this game you got to stay in expectancy 24/7. There is no break. Your life could be snatched away from you at any given moment. So always be prepared for the downfall because it’s lurking in the cut trying to catch you slipping. This is just the way this life goes. Deal with it or deal without it. It’s your choice.”

The two became thick as thieves. Jay was loyal to a fault always having Tré’s best interest at heart always ready and willing to go to war with Tré or for him. He was silly even a cold clown at times but possessed the heart of a gun slinger. He had earned the street name as “Trigger Two Tier” by his quick temper and never being reluctant to squeeze that gat.

Ace was known as the muscle of the clique. He stood at 6’5 297 lbs. and somewhat
chubby compared to the solid muscular physique he once held. Early
on he wasn’t too fond of Tré because he had his kid sister wide
open doing all kinds of wild shit.

They beef from afar always exchanging mugs anytime they were in the
same vicinity. It
was public knowledge that it was brewing
and the hoods always braced for the one day showdown supposedly
their mutual respect kept them at bay Ace was known for his one
lick jaw breaker and Tré was known for his vicious hand play being
trained by one of the elders that was once a professional

Ace did a bid once his mother fell ill and couldn’t work. Tré picked up the plate when all Ace’s boys dodged his calls and sold his mother and sister pipe dreams. Tré made sure the entire house was taken care of and that his mother had all her medications and even sent him packages when his sister would go visit. Tré was just that type of rare and solid dude. After that Ace was forever indebted the two became cool and as close as brothers.

Mo was considered the pretty boy of the crew. A light skinned curly head women would
be all over him. That is until they became aware of that’s all he
had to offer. His looks alone couldn’t compensate for all his other
short comings. Mo and Tré were the closest in the gang. Their
mothers had been best friends since childhood. They were born three
days from one another forging the two with a bond like twin
brothers. The two shared everything from the same clothes to
pampers, and even drinking out the same damn bottles. They even
lost their virginity at the same time. Tré was a little more laid
back and reserved. Always a thinking man. Mo on the other hand was
wide open and confrontational. He always jumped before looking. 80%
of Tré’s beef and/or misfortunes came as a direct result of some of
Mo’s initiated drama. Regardless of Mo’s shenanigan’s Tré always
had his back to the fullest. Whether it was him being taken for
some product and messing up money or causing some unnecessary beef
here comes Tré to the rescue. He knew he was hindering Mo from
growing up but for some reason he could never bring himself to cut
the cord. He always telling himself I gotta be Mo careful.


“I’m trying to tell you boi your girl Aisha looking real proper. I’m talking chunky monkey.” Jay spoke.

“I bet you tapped that thang on sight.”

“Yeah I know right.” Tré responded. “I saw her a few months back. She called herself giving me an ultimatum and I obliged by giving her ass them discharge papers and sent that ass packing. She tried to reverse roles on a playa. Thinking I’m dependent and shit cause I was on lock silly little girl. Guess she forgot to realize she was dealing with a boss no matter the circumstances.

“Women always trying to shit on you when you’re down and out.” Ace commented.

“Yeah.” Tré agreed “I guess it be payback time for all the dirt we dished in the past. They tend to catch that selective amnesia shit real quick and remembering all the bad and none of the good but
yo what you expect though? Chicks live out their panties when you
aint there to put it down. That’s just how the cookie crumbles.
It’ll only be a select few that won’t flip flop on you. I’m a true
respecter of the game and they too better respect that shit. When
it’s 360.

“Yeah play with that.” Jay commented in agreement to Tré as always.

“My girl Shay though, she’s a rare commodity. She stood in the gap and held me down like a real trooper when all them side lines gave me their ass to kiss. I can’t be doing all that wild shit this go round. It’s a must I keep it real with my doll cause she kept it so real with me I love that girl shitty drawls. That’s straight talk.”

“That’s real shit.” Ace spoke

“No doubt.” Tré returned. Followed with their hood shake to put emphasis on the point. “So what’s up with Nick?” Tré asked. “I know yall fools been holding that down.”

“True dat’.” Ace said “That’s family gotta keep it one thousand with family. I went to check on that nut week before last. Fool in their wilding out. Holding up like a fortress still claiming that thug life shit. Reppin’ the hood to the fullest. Yeah you really corrupted that one. That fool got bigger balls then any nigga I ever did time with. But on another tip tho’ and you didn’t hear this from me but cousin Dre in their buggin’ out over trick ass Lexus.

“Nawl man say it aint so.” Tré spoke and hoped it wasn’t true.

“It’s so.” They all agreed.

“My man’s….Casanova himself in there stressing bout a female now aint that bout a bitch…

Consequences & Repercussions


“So FAM” Mo spoke through his lungs while inhaling and smoke flowing out his nostrils. “What’s the play? This money flowin’ real proper like and these hookers sack chasing like we the new American Dream. Meaning a dope boy with money.”

Tré took offense to the statement. “Fool its two things I aint never had to worry about and that’s finances and romance. But on some straight talk I’m gonna have to sit on that re-enlisting thing for a minute. You know weigh my options.”

Mo’s facial expression did a belly flop. “What you mean family.” He ask concerned.

Tré spoke a little louder “What I mean is I at least owe it to Shay to consider hangin’ up the jersey. This situation was murder on her and she still gutted it out and on some real shit I can’t see bringing her that pain ever again.”

“Get the fuck out of here!” Mo spoke then quoted the letters B.O.E. (Business Over Everything) “Please tell me you on some joke shit right now. That’ll be real fucked up family.” Mo got a little heated. “You good fam. Set for life what about us?” Jay nor Ace spoke a word. Knowing it was only a matter of time before Tré flipped. Fury begin to edge into Tré’s face as he responded.

“What nigga?” Tre barked. “Didn’t I leave you fools straight? I’ve spoon fed yo’ asses forever you ungrateful mutha fucka.” Mo now had eased himself back into his seat hating that he ever ignited Tré.

“Time done come that you fly own your own.” he went on “And what’s really fucked up is you fools been out here bleeding these blocks for all this time and don’t have no major stash or a fall back plan. Straight talk yall fools really need to be thinking of an exit route. That game we grew up knowing aint that game no more. It’s a new era. We’re dealing in the majors now. I’m talking some real cut throat slimy scandalous shit. My indictment read: Trémorey Mitchell vs. the United State of America. It don’t get no bigger than that. And these devious mutha fuckas motto is by “any means necessary”. I know you were getting my messages. Them people knew a lot about your ass and was coming at me real hard trying their damnedest to implicate you into the conspiracy.”

“I guess I dodged a bullet huh?”

“Bet yo’ ass you did.” Tré returned “You best take heed. You very well may not dodge the next one.”

“You always have some real shit to say to keep a brother focus. “Ace spoke up.

“Yeah yall best stay focused ‘cause them wicked mutha’s up in them court rooms giving out more time for selling a nickel rock than for a body.” Silence overtook the four as the spoken words lingered in the air. “So who running the show now?” Tré asked breaking into their silent thoughts.

Oh shit! Jay screeched out. “Man you aint gonna believe this monkey shit here.” Dropping his head like he was about to deliver a mighty blow. “That fool Chris up on the eastside.” The name didn’t ring any bells. “Come on man. You remember that fool his cousin was one of your throwbacks. Fine ass Kia.”

Tré thought for a second then dismissed the thought and spoke. “Yeah I remember shorty and the only cousin I remember her being around is some fruit cake.” Jay affirmed with a nod of his head. “Yep sissy Chris that’s D man’s right there.”

Tré looked at him as if awaiting the punch line he knew wasn’t coming. “Get the fuck outta here!” He finally spoke in shear and uttered disbelief.

“No bullshit.” Ace said agreeing.

“Sissy Chris?” Tré spoke to double affirm this new found knowledge. Yeah the fool likes to be called Crystal aka “Christy” now. Mo spoke while still dragging on his blunt.

“How in the hell yall let a fucking Gump take over the hood” Tré spoke astonished.

After a brief hesitation Ace responded. “Man shit went all left when you fell.” Tré glared over at Mo he held his head back to the cushion perpetrating he was high purposely avoiding Tré’s eyes knowing it was on called upon him to hold the fort down.

Ace continued. “I mean it was no type of unity.” Everybody went for self. The connect you hooked us up with stopped returning calls. That fool Chris popped up on the scene with that work. Shit. A mutha fucka had to eat. So that’s the excuse for getting in bed with a punk. No pun intended.”

“But damn it had to be another way. That shit just aint cool at all.” Tré spoke shaking his head looking downwardly.

“I know man.” Jay spoke. I be hating like hell to go cop from that fool he be looking atcha’ all googly-eyed and shit. They all burst into laughter. This just goes to show that everything laughable isn’t always funny.


Consequences & Repercussions

A middle aged man sat on the edge of the bed with his ailing wife’s head laid across his lap. He patted her face with a damp cloth soothing her temperature and calming her spirit.

“Everything is gonna be alright. I promise.” he spoke as a single tear slid down his face.

“Is mommy going to die?” The seven year old little girl asked as she stood in the crack of her parents’ bedroom door. They both look up trying to dress their expressions for the child’s sake.

“Everything is being taken care of. Mommy will be just fine darling.” The mother looked at him with an “I’m not so sure” stare.

“Go back to bed sweetheart. Daddy will be there to tuck you back in. Go ahead honey you have school in the morning.” She slowly drug herself off pouting and not wanting to leave her mother.

“Honey how on earth are we gonna pay for the second procedure? The first one nearly wiped us out. The insurance policy is in default. We’re being threatened with foreclosure. Bills are overdue. I feel so foolish for not preparing more for a rainy day.”

“Shhh shhh shhh.” he quietly spoke while putting one finger over her mouth. “No worries I’m going to take care of everything.” He promised. All you have to do is focus on getting better so we can retire on that beach in The Keys we always dreamed about…








Consequences & Repercussions

“Yo family you hear about ya boy Ta-man?” Jay asked.

“Yeah I did say that cat was slowly taking his last breath huh?”

“Yeah man word is that fool got that full nelson. The kid look bad. I’m talking some shriveled up like a prune shit. First his peeps was talking some Lupus shit now they saying it’s that HIV or AIDS get up. Whatever that shit aint to be fucked with.”

“Yeah tell me about it.” Tré responded to Jay. “In them walls I’ve watched fools cold evaporate right before my eyes. That shit had been ticking in them like a time bomb for years and didn’t have a clue by time they came to prison and got checked it was a wrap. Shit had done its damage.”

“That fool got the whole hood on scare.” Ace admitted.

“Yeah.” Mo agreed “Fam done raided plenty brezzies from around the way. It’s like everybody sitting around on pens and needles wondering who gonna drop next. Scared to death to get tested.”

“Yeah that is some nerve wrecking shit waiting on them results.” Tré spoke. “But the burden that’s released from you afterwards is well worth it.”

“Yo fam you been tested?” Mo ask surprisingly.

“Yeah fool. Twice.” Tré responded proudly. “When I first went in and about five months ago.”

“Damn fool you got Kong balls?” Jay remarked. “I don’t think I would have had the guts to go through with it.”

“I’m witcha fam.” Mo spoke “If I’m gonna die just let me kill off I don’t wanna know.”

Tre giggled. “Yeah, I was in them same shoes once. But yall know Shay.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah” they all bore witness.

“Her ass was putting that full court press on my ass for that paper work when that girl sinks her grips in something forget about it. I can’t front. I was noid as hell knowing I had done slipped up a few too many times. Blame it on the alcohol. That first time I was sweating bullets which was wild as shit because shit don’t usually fade me but waiting on them results took me there never again my days of playing DRR / Dick Russian Roulette are don dada.”

“Preach.” Ace spoke shaking his head in agreement.



Consequences & Repercussions

Laying across the California King Bed nude as he came into the world Tré was exhausted from the long hot steamy bath. He needed something to quench his thirst. He rolled out of the bed tumbling over red and black Gucci boxers thinking he must have dosed off momentarily because he had no recollection of Shay laying them out. Walking
down the balcony towards the staircase. “Humph!” he heard a loud
exhilarating gasp. Kemia was the first to see him. He stood over
six feet with a smooth dark complexion. Waves so deep and thick
they could make your head swim. A bulging ripped chest sitting
between sculptured arms to consummate the total package. His
washboard abs were chiseled up and that eight pack revealed his
well-defined V-shape and sending their imaginations beyond the
limitation of his briefs was enough to take any woman’s breath away
Kemia stood with her jaws agape while goggling him with her eyes.

As Fusia and Star looked away making their best effort to shield
their eyes.

Tré leaned in looking over the banister into the foyer displaying his downright flawless smile. “Hello ladies…” he greeted Shays’ girls as if he was fully dressed. “Baby doll. Why you didn’t tell me we had company?” He spoke with a slick grin toying with Shay as he gave her friends a little show.

Shay gave him the “If looks could kill” face. Star tried to speak but choked on her words. Kemia gave up a seductive smile while sucking on her teeth and mumbled under her breath “Hmm forget milk. Prison does a body good.” Fusia waved hello while still trying not to make direct eye contact. Shay’s eyes had begun to squint urging him to make his direct exit.

“Damn!” Kemia spoke as Star was fanning herself and patting her chest to relieve her previous cough Shay looked at them both and turned her nose while rolling her eyes. They all looked at each other and laughed.










Consequences & Repercussions

Tré and the ladies exited the limo. It’s not a myth that beauty runs in pairs and the ladies were stunning to say the least. Each of them looked as if they had just stepped out of a magazine emphasizing the weekly hours spent in the fitness center. Shay and Fusia would undoubtedly be the cover separating themselves from the pack with unique beauty. Shay’s Gabrielle Union dimples and Ashanti’s features with a smile that would lighten up any dim room. Her entire physique would
be what you would call sophisticated. Fusia being a fraction
thicker possessing a set of natural puffy lips. Having the same
skin tone nearly the same measurements with long shining black
hair. Many people would call the two sisters children twins due to
their resemblance. But personality wise they
were further apart than earth and space. Shay was a loving,
out-spoken and rugged at times but had a genuine care for people.
Fusia on the other hand was selfish, bossy, and stuck-up
the two was inseparable.

They stepped into the ballroom what was supposed to be a party seemed more like a fashion show. Everyone was decked out in the latest fashion. Of course Tré would not be out done and Shay which he knew to be in representation of him forget about it. He
was draped in a custom made Ahdi designer suit, shirt, slacks and
jacket with a pair of twenty-five hundred dollar gators. The entire
get-up was accessorized with a platinum Rolex looped out with light
tinted Ahdi glasses

What little make-up Shay wore was flawless. She was dressed in a blue Louis Vuitton dress dipped in the back showcasing her toned legs standing in Louis Vuitton strap sandals. These four inch heels rocked a platinum anklet matching her necklace, bracelet and studded earrings. Her ensemble was finished off with a 4 karat diamond platinum engagement ring that Tré had given her four years ago.

Tré was well loved and respected in the city and the show of people for his homecoming put emphasis on that the young and old alike was represented. He was legendary in the city and his most recent tryst with the law just catapulted him to at least a three star general as far as the hood was concerned. He was respected too. Even by the law. Who would have ever thought? Tré didn’t know at the time but even someone from the D.E.A was in attendance and tonight he would unquestionably be getting an earful.

“Yo home team your girl clocking you on the radar.” Jay spoke in his ear.

“Yeah I figured as much. She’ll be alright.” he commented. Standing in a large semi-circle with each person awaiting their turn to personally greet him. This went on for half an hour until Shay had enough of female after female cheesing all in her man’s grill. Pulling Tré off abruptly by one arm into a corner beating her to the punch he knew was surely coming.

“Damn baby what took you so long to come rescue me?” He cunningly blurted out in an attempt to cool the waters he didn’t want her getting heated his first night home. She picked up on his game giving him a knowing glare even still allowed it to subside her anger. He gave her a big smack on the lips and his flirtatious acts was all but forgotten.

“My dog. Got damn Tré.” Tone spoke boastfully “I knew you’d rise again. Them haters can’t keep a real player down.” he pronounced with his hand held high for some dap.

Tré gave him a certain look but thought better about his intent and walked pass him like he wasn’t even there. Jay giggled in his face as he made his way behind Tré to the bar. Tone shrugged his shoulders from the dis and took a gulp from his brew.

Tré went over to the bar and grabbed a glass of Cognac and began to kick it with OG. Now OG was one of the elders from around the way. He practically raised Tré and instilled the game from the jitterbug age. OG and his main man Skool ran the entire Southside starting in the 70’s through the 90’s they had everything on lock from liquor, gambling, and prostitution house’s to the smack game.

The old coons caught a triple murder during Tré’s junior year. It was often said only three because a couple of the cock suckers pulled through. A
robbing crew hit their whore house and beat their madam with a pipe
because she refuse to give up the stash. Since there was no real
evidence and no one dare to testify they pleaded down to
involuntary manslaughter. They received a twenty year sentence and
nine years later they were out. During their entire incarceration
Tré had taken care of their in and outside responsibilities and
during Tré’s stint they returned the favor making sure he had no
worries. They never asked it of him. He just felt obligated for the
mentoring he had received over the years. After their chain gang
run they decided to tone it down. They owned a little juke joint
with an upstairs apartment.

Young Ty tapped him on the shoulder. Turning around Tré was blinded by fifty-two diamonds studded gold teeth smiling ear to ear.

“Damn fool! When you get all that? I bet you got more money in your mouth than you got to your name.”

He continued to smile as if he had just received a compliment but in essence Tré had just called him a damn fool to his face and he none of the wiser.

“Man I’ve been trying to get ‘atcha all night. You been like Obama up in this piece.”

“Yeah you know how it go peeps. I’m fresh meat right now. They got me on celebrity status. So what’s this I hear about you about to do the damn thing say it aint so?” Tré asked while eyeing the lad, Yung Ty dropped his head to the floor.

“Hold your head up fool I’m just jiving witcha’. Congrats” his eyes lit as he quickly raised his head. “Anything you need don’t trip I gotcha.”

“I sure do appreciate that man.” Young Ty spoke with gratitude.

“Jay and them been giving me the blues.” Tré waved his hand dismissively. “Forget them fools they on some hatin’ shit. Just do you kid.”

“Man that’s really big coming from you. Appreciate that.”

“Don’t trip it aint nothing. Yo Ta-jà ” Tré yelled catching her out the corner of his eye. “Your sis on hot pursuit around here checking for you.”

“I know. You didn’t see me.” she said “I had to leave at 12:00.”

Tré noticed something and took a closer look. “Yo Taa? Straight up have you been smoking weed?

“Nawl boi! You think I’m stupid or sumthin.”

“Yeah Taa whatever. I tell you this and play with it if you want but if Shay see your eyes blazed like that she gonna bust that ass to next century.”

It took her no time flat to access the situation rattling off “I’m gonna get the driver to take me home.”

“Yeah I thought you might.”


Consequences & Repercussions

Cheryl ran up to Tré tip-toeing in her stilettoes and squeezing him from behind. He turned around and returned the hug with an added squeeze of her backside. She playfully slapped his arm.

“Boy you better stop that before that crazy woman of yours sees that.”

Shay had quite a reputation for being overprotective when it came to Tré . “And
I’d hate to turn this piece out up in here because you know I aint
the one.” She looked him up and down approvingly. “Damn boi if you
could get any finer.”

He smiled at her compliment and slapped her butt one last time. “So tell me Cheryl what’s this I hear about you giving it up to some white boy?

“Umph” she remarked with a disapproving snort and replied. “I got tired of waiting on you to get some act right.” She spoke flirtatiously trying to ease the blow.

He played into her hand. “Stop playing girl you know you’ve always been a member of my black card list.”

Turning up her nose at his suggestion. “Where they do that at? Certainly not here. I’m a five-star exclusive chick. It’s all or nothing with me and you knew that “Play boy” so you never wasted my time.”

“Oh now I’m a play boy?”

She gave him a peculiar glance. “What? Now you aint?” Cheryl was a goddess-looking redbone brick house. Double D’s, small waist and a nice round bottom. She
had one of those bodies that looked as if it was made purely for a
man’s pleasure.

“Can I have your attention please?” Shay spoke into the microphone. The club was packed wall to wall standing room only. “May I please have everybody’s attention?” she said this time in a higher pitch with a touch of sassiness. The throng of people began to settle down. Shay continued “Your guest of honor would like to deliver his ----“she looked over at Tré with a funky look and then finished her valediction. He stepped up to the mic swigging on a bottle of Dom Perignon. Tré started to rev his self-up because he was surely about to go on one and that would be a grossly understatement.

First and foremost I would like to propose a toast to my Ebony Queen. My virtuous lady. My true commodity. I never truly understood a woman’s worth until my eyes were made open. I tell you this woman here has been more to me than I ever could be to myself. If it wasn’t for this woman my life would have been in shambles long ago.” He raised the bottle towards Shay. “Thanks baby doll for continuing to be my everything. Even in them days I was too foolish to realize it.” All the women that looked on were overtaken by the passion in his speech some were completely floored by his words that they could feel the unadulterated love and adoration. While some were overtaken with envy and jealousy and displayed it fully in their distasteful frowns. Shay was eating it up. Blushing from dimple to dimple. Tré poured some of the Dom on the floor in a splatter. “That’s for all the fallen warriors whether dead or doing hard time…that’s for the real niggas. Ok let’s get to the Nitty gritty. Tré’s facial expression and disposition changed on a dime as a grimace overtook.….

First I wanna send a shout out to the Department of Justice. You scandalous crooked bastards.” The crowd went wild with cheers. Shay begin to shake her head knowing surely he was about to go on one These Mutha Fuckas still on some Jim Crow type shit. Yeah I beat you mutha fucka and proved to you that you can’t turn a real man into a bitch. I mean snitch. Hell they both the same.” his audience chuckled as far as he was concern there was only one option man up and do your time. Loyalty to the game to your last breath was his motto not necessarily for the game in itself but more on the integrity and morals of the code of man. Tré felt firm in his resolve that death would be kinder than to live as a ratting coward. “They expect you to sell your soul to them. The only man I will ever bow down to is God All Mighty.

“Them Damn Antichrist” someone shouted from the crowd.

Yo D.O.J. (Department of Justice) Tré spoke out of his cockiness. “Can yall see me from here? Am I clear to you? Picture me rolling.” As if orchestrated right on cue the DJ played that very verse from Tupac’s classic “All Eyez On Me”. The exhibit hyped up the crowd even more as the entire building erupted into a thunderous roar.

His aptitude had taken complete control of the atmosphere. It was thick with emotions. Victorious and even humorous at times. And don’t think I forgot about you I’ll be sure to sprinkle out a little liquor for you as soon as it strains through my kidneys. The party goers exploded into a ringing laughter at Tré’s obscure gesture. “You self-righteous S.O.B. playing devil’s advocate with people lives” he screeched. “Yall too will have your judgment day. And to all you bitch made ass cowards that got up on that stand and pointed me out and told everything you knew and then some certainly I wouldn’t forget about you. Holding a Budweiser high in the air as to purpose a toss. “This buds for you!” he spoke as the beer splattered to the floor.

Watered down so called men.” he scoffed while taking another swig from his bottle of his Dom P. “The integration of modern day slavery into the prison system has been going on a long while. They don’t have us picking cotton no more. They picking niggas. They done upped their game taking it to some corporate shit now. Wall-streeting the prison system. Robbing the clueless naïve tax payers. Paying for this and that. What don’t even exist keeps you under an illusion to justify their malicious acts. It’s all there in black and white if you don’t believe me check it out for yourself. They think they got all the sense. They’ve even manipulated our own people to act as slave catchers. Better known as snitches. Willie Lynch Uncle Rucker Mo/fo.” The entire club was roaring in agreement and cheers. “I even heard some say they don’t call it snitching no more they call it ‘getting down’. That’s some straight buffoonery bullshit. I’m willing to bet my life some snitch made that up in an attempt to justify their bitch-ass-ness. Come on people what they take us for? It would take an ignorant mutha fucka to feed into that type of fatuity. Yo snitch! Public service announcement: A rat is a rat no matter how you try to dress you up.” The crowd chuckled. These sons-of-bitches got me thirty. Fed buried me alive not knowing The Creator had a different plan. Yeah I’m back and you hot mutha fuckas gotta deal with me.” The crowd cheered.

For those of you who don’t know its Fed lingo nationwide. Snitches are known as hot boys. Criminal informants (CI aka snitch/rat) one that supplies evidence or testimony against another.” Tré caught himself slurring during his ongoing lush and straightened up accordingly. “These so-called men aren’t nothing but booty boys. Yeah I said that you niggas some straight punk bitches. You let the po-po’s rape you for your manhood. Yall tried to portray G’s but they exposed yall for the ho’s you were. You can never ever be respected again. Universally rats are detested. You’re known as the scum of the earth. When you’re put in the ground your tombstone will read: “Here lays a snitch” everybody will walk by and spit on your grave. If either of you bitch made ass chumps don’t like that I’m putting your rattin’ ass on blast come see me anytime anyplace. This is your personal invitation and I aint hard to find. Just don’t bring your boys in blue.” he added. The crowd chuckled lightly.

I’m the only muthafucking gangsta here” Tré spoke boldly becoming louder and more boastful. “I stand here today with all my morals and integrity intact. I took every blow them devils threw and I still stand to fight another battle. I’m the real muthafucking American Gangsta.” The crowd cheered loudly in agreement. “Somebody needs to tell B.E.T. to get at me. No fuck that. I need some “60 Minutes” Barbara Walters shit.” Laughter filled the building. He went on. “Because with the exception of a few them fools was hot too. I actually did some time with one of them up in FCI Texarkana. The real Ricky Ross gangsta not even close. Anyone can proclaim to be thorough or a said G when you’re surrounded with money, the guns and your crew. But what defines a true OG is when you’re isolated with your back against the wall and it’s nothing but you and your balls. Now that’s the definition of a gangsta. Somebody needs to get Google on the phone. I’m giving off some real shit here. Then just maybe we’ll stop running into all these fucking imposters.

Tré took another gulp of the bottle. “I got a question anyway. Who in the hell proclaimed these rats as American Gangsta’s anyway? I’m renaming you and all related from now on. You’ll be known as the American Bitches.” The crowd continued to cheer him on in agreement. “I gotta show some love and send a big-up to the authentic one of the crew: Guy Fisher out of Queens. Cornell Jones out of D.C. Supreme out of New York. OG Melvin Williams out of Baltimore Maryland. This OG spoke something that will forever be embedded in my soul on the lines of when they put me in the ground. People gonna be able to say: There lies a man to rest. Now that’s some real shit.” Contrary to popular belief only a select few are going to be embodied with that engraving. And to all the potential snitches out there; yeah you know who you are. Step away from the furnace while you still can. That shit gets inevitably hot and it’s only a matter of time before your number is called. And you pranksters pretending to be gangsta’s be exposed and sell your soul for them three sixes.”

Shay walked on the stage cueing him to wrap it up. “I appreciate you all for coming out to celebrate with me. Whether it was out of love or the free drinks.” They giggled. “Forgive me if at times I sounded like Poindexter up in this muthafucka. Blame it on my Shay ‘Ms. Articulate and grammatically correct’. “He paused and glared at her. “She be critiquing the shit out of me at times.” Everybody laughed knowing just how proper Shay could be. “On some straight talk though. Family we gotta get back to the whole reward and punishment system. Shit done got outta hand. Embrace the real and cast out the fake. The ones of you that accept these dudes back into the fold knowing they cracked some heads as it’s said in the Fed and at the same token forget about the real solid stand up cats that’s down and doing theirs yall some straight shit for that. As my lil’ partner Jay would say that’s some real monkey shit.” The audience chuckled. “For real tho’ that makes you no better than the rats themselves. The way I see it you are the company you keep. Pretty soon your ass gonna end up infected with that bubonic plague. And I’m out.” Tré dropped the mic to the floor…












Consequences & Repercussions



“Damn! What a difference a day makes.” Tré mumbled to himself as he stepped through the metal detector about to visit Nick . Less than 24 hours ago he was tagged with the same demoralizing status. Nick leaped into his arms embracing him overjoyed and kissed him repeatedly all over his face.


“Oh my God! Look at you Boy! She stepped back and gave him a once over. You always have been fine but now you are finneee! Just look at these muscles” Nick said gripping Tré’s 19-inch biceps.


“Honey don’t tell him that” Shay said. “He already thinks he’s the diamond dun and what not.” Tré cheesed at the comment showcasing his pearly white smile. Nick released him and gave Shay a hug. “Hey girl” they greeted one another with fake signature kisses to each side.


“Girl” Shay said “what on earth have you done to your hair?” Shay displayed a disapproving frown. Nick was cute. She was tall for a girl standing around 5’10 and big-boned but with zero fat.


“Honey it was too much to deal with in here so I cut it off. Everybody says it look cute on me.”


“Emmph” was all Shay said in reply.


“Changing subjects. I hear somebody can’t handle their liquor?” Nick spoke with a bit of apprehension


“What you talkin’ ‘bout?” Tré responded although he already knew.


“Well a little bird told me you went on one at your homecoming party last night” Nick replied with a devilish look.


“Is that right?” Tré replied. Not pleased at all that his Shay had dropped the dime on him so to say.


“Well that lil’ bird treading dangerously close to landing in the skillet because it couldn’t keep that beak shut.” He glared at Shay.

She responded with a bob of the neck and folding of her arms as if daring him to start an argument he knew he couldn’t win. Tré’s father dated Nick’s mother while they were in grade school. Although their parents had parted ways the two remained very close consequently adopting one another as siblings. Nick took the role of big sis even though she was two years his junior. Tré respected her mind and cherished her dearly. Shay often pulled Nick in to tag team him when he clicked to his loose cannon modes which was quite often back when he was younger.


“So let’s talk about it” Nick said.


“What is it to talk about?” Tré said irritably. He was not fond of the direction the conversation was taking. “I had shit on my chest and I got it off.”


“What? The liquor?” Shay said in a scathing tone.


“Now Tré” Nick continued “You know better than anyone that’s it’s a way to do all things and wisdom should always prevail beyond emotions. Going on a rampage and talking out the side of your neck out there in a public setting displayed nothing short of ignorance and you’re way too smart to be stupid. Don’t you think?”


“No he didn’t” Shay chimed in.


Tré grimaced. He was becoming weary of her sarcasm. “Some things have to be spoken. Maybe the alcohol took me a little further than intended but hey I don’t regret nothing I said. Everybody knows a drunk tongue speaks nothing but the truth. So fuck ‘em.”


Shay just shook her head as Nick went on.


“Well for future reference if you can’t handle your liquor you need to stay clear of it because if memory serves me correctly one of your most favorable slogans is: “Loose lips sink ships.”


Tré smirked knowing he couldn’t argue against his own words so he did what any smart man would. He conceded “I get it. Now let it go.” He looked at Shay sternly. She sat with her legs crossed and lightly bounced her knee. The no nonsense expression on her face said it all.


“So Nicolette what about you?” Shay asked.


“What about me?”

“Well you speaking with all this wisdom and all. Are you done with your thug Miss’ acts?” She asked.


“Honey please. I am so reformed” she said with a dismissive wave.

Shay squinted skeptically knowing Nick was a force to be reckoned with at times herself.







Consequences & Repercussions



“Yo! yall peep this out” Nick said nodding toward the restrooms.


Once the correctional officer stepped away from his desk for a smoke break several of the female inmates trampled to the restroom with their visitors in tow to handle their business.


“So what he get out the deal?” Tré inquired.


“Sometimes cash but mostly he comes back to collect after lights go out if you know what I mean.”


Tré watched as the ploy unfolded. One by one inmates scurried from their sexcapades as the turnkey returned to his post like he was none the wiser.


“Nice lil’ system” Tré said interrupting Shay and Nick’s gossiping.


“So what happens if one of them gets pregnant?” Shay asked.


“Girl you wouldn’t believe all the suicidal-prison-made-abortion-kits these heifers got going up in here. They just had to rush this one girl to the hospital last week to get her stomach pumped after she basically poisoned herself. And one girl almost died when I first got here. She punctured something up in the dugout. Lucky for her they had her blood type. They had to give her an emergency blood transfusion.”


“I mean dag” Shay said shaking her head sympathetically. “It’s not brain surgery. Use a freaking condom already.”


“I know right?” Nick responded “All that drama in the name of some damn dick.”


“I’ll be right back”’ Tré said as he stepped away from their section.


Tré sat back down after conversing with the C.O. only to see Shay giving him a “what’s that all about” stare.


“Yeah you better watch this one. He’s a real sly one. He’ll slide one right by you.”


“Honey please. I been immune to his slickness long ago.” “Damn Sis you just gonna playa hate me like that and right all in my face huh?”


“What-t-t?“Nick asked innocently. “We girls got to stick together.”


“Honey don’t pay him no attention” Shay said dismissing his remark.


“Tré!” she said accusingly.


“Aint nothing. Just little housekeeping” he said to her probing.


She gave off a penetrating glare. She knew he was up to no good but let it slide for the moment. Tré, Shay and Nick laughed, kicked it and reminisced for hours. Shay turned her nose up at every woman who had walked by or glanced into their vicinity.


“You awful” Tré said shaking his head at her antics.


“Hmmm” she responded. “I bet you think you a real ghetto superstar right now with all these stank skank hood rats drooling all over you.”


Tré giggled. “Oh yeah. You sure it’s me they on?” he replied with a slick grin. “Remember we are in an all-female prison.” He added and then slithered his tongue like a lizard between two fingers.


“Ugh no you didn’t” she responded appalled at his statement.


“Don’t knock it ‘til you try it” Nick chipped in followed by a wink. This marked the first time Shay was ever at lost for words. Her mouth flew open and her eyes bucked at Nick’s suggestion.


“I’ll be in the car” Shay finally stuttered before bee-lining for the exit. Tré and Nick were falling over laughing. Shay never even looked back.


“Damn! I wish I had a camera” Tré managed to get out with sobs of laughter.


“Yeah that was a true Kodak moment” Nick agreed holding her chest and chuckling just as hard.


“Out of all the time I’ve known this girl I aint never seen her rattled” Tré admitted as they held on to their sides laughing.

“Listen Tré” Nick said trying to calm their laughter. “I got something serious to ask you.” She pinched his arm getting him to gain his composure. She hesitated a bit before speaking again. “Well I really don’t know how to say this so I’m just gonna jump it. How would you feel about me being in a Sappho relationship?” She paused to read his expression then went on “I mean really together with another women?” She awaited his answer.


Tré pondered a moment. “Well it’s cool as long as you invite me to watch” he said jokingly.


She slapped his knee and whined “Tré I need you to take this seriously.”


“But you’re not serious Ma. You just going through a phase dealing with shit here. A lot of men can’t and no lady ever should.”


“Tré I’m on some real shit here” she raised her voice an octave. “So stop telling me how I’m supposed to be feeling. I’ve found a passion that I never knew and this gonna be my lifestyle from here out. So I really need to know how it would affect you.”


He took a deep breath before inhaling. “Mama you tripping. All your senses aren’t intact right now. So if you expecting me to go all in on this right now it aint happening. But just so you know you’re the love of my heart so whatever floats your boat I’m for. You feeling me Sis?”


She nodded.


“So tell me something Sis?


She nodded.


“What are you? Feminine or butch?”


Nick curled her lip and said in a curt tone “Well if you must characterize it that way I guess I’d have to say butch.”


“Yes!” Tré said teasingly pumping his fist, a stud “That’s what I’m talking about Sis. Don’t never be nobody’s bitch.” She gave him a quick overhand jab in his shoulder at his remark. They laughed and then changed the subject to a more serious matter. Nick knew this was surely coming. “So tell me sis what’s really going on with this Tone clown. I hear conflicting stories and I need to know how it really went down. It took everything in me not to crush his fake ass last night. Stepping to me like we on some cool shit.”

“Tré I told you everything in the letter.”


“Well now I need you to tell me again. And this time to my face.”


She hissed “Well like I said when they busted in he was telling me to claim the stuff. They handcuffed us and had us sitting on the couch while they searched the house.”


“Was he hustling out the crib?” Tré interrupted.


“From time to time.” she answered.


Tré shook his head and muttered “Damn fool! Cardinal rule of every hustler under no circumstances are you supposed to conduct business where your family lays.”


“Well to make a long story short they booked both of us for the drugs. When we were out on bond I knew it would be his third strike and he’d be gone a long time. He made all these false promises and just like every other women in here I was gullible and blinded by love. Damn! That just sounds retarded as hell hearing myself saying that. And of course I ended up claiming the drugs but regardless of what you heard I did it free will. Yeah he sold me a dream but I bought it. I knew in my mind he wasn’t shit but I went with my heart. Got burnt. But hey it is what it is so I’m dealing now.”


Tré looked disconnected.


“Tré-Tré” she said jarring him from his thoughts. “With saying all this you know this is the father of my child correct?”


“I got it the first time around. You don’t have to keep reminding me.” She shot him a knowing look. “I gave my word didn’t I?” Tré responded to her side eyed gawk….

Consequences & Repercussions



“I need you to talk to Ta-jà before she leaves” Shay said.


“Baby doll I thought we discussed this last night.” Tré complained. “The girl is away in college now and you gotta trust her judgment. The girl is grown damn!” This had always been a constant battle between Shay, ‘Tré and Ta-jà.


Shay was very overprotective and bossy when it came to anybody she truly loved and it often served to push people in the opposite direction. That was the very reason she was calling on Tré to give her little sister a heart to heart


“She is not grown!” Shay retorted. “Show me responsibility and maturity in which she lacks both. Then and only then will I concede to her being an adult. You just don’t get it. The child is naïve. How does that little saying go? Green as a pool table and twice as square? That’s her to be precise Tré. The child has been sheltered her entire life and she doesn’t have a clue of all the B.S. she could get caught up in.”


“Ta is a lot smarter than you give her credit for. Besides yall had the same upbringing and you aint nothing remotely close to being slow.”


“That’s only because I was afforded the diametric from my association with you.”


“Damn Shay she’s your sister. What you want me to do?”


“Talk to her. The girl idolizes you.”


“Well she definitely needs to find a better role model.”


“Just do it.” Shay spoke firmly.


“Ta bring your ass up here!” Tré shouted and was not pleased at the task that had been bestowed upon him.


Shay gave him a “tone it down” stare as she was walked out the bedroom. Ta-jà shot Shay a funky look as they passed one another. She flopped down in the chair crossing her legs Indian-style.


“Yes pop’s?” she said smartly.

“Shut your smart ass mouth and listen to this law I’m about to lay down.”


“Umph” Excuse me?


Tré was a lot more lenient with Ta-jà than Shay but she knew he was nothing to be toyed with. Tré jumped right to the point.


“Number one don’t be hanging out at them wild ass frat parties. Contrary to popular belief college isn’t your opportunity to party like a rock star. Stay focused on the betterment of your future. You’re there for one reason and one reason only and that’s for an education. So don’t get caught up in following the crowd. Believe me you don’t wanna end up where the crowd end up. Do you know where that is?”


“Nowhere” she said. Ta-jà had heard the line a thousand times over.


“What have I always taught you?”


“I know. I know. If I play now I’m gonna suffer later.”


“Well I’m glad you remember.”


“How could I ever forget?” she muttered under her breath.


“You say something? Tré asked. Giving her a serious eye


“I didn’t say nothing.”


“Yeah I thought not.”


Ta-jà replied in a most sincere voice “Tré you don’t have anything to worry about. You’ve taught me a lot about life. Nothing can deter me from my education. I know when you think of college kids you think of wild parties and drinking. I know Queen Drama put you up to this but really Tré is this what you think of me?”


“No I don’t Ta-jà. I believe in you and I trust your judgment…” This may prove to be Tré’s worst read of all time.






Consequences & Repercussions



The neighborhood was pack from one end of the block to the other. D-boys hood rats and dope feigns occupied the block chattering about the latest. Being in the hood you can always count on something jumping off on a daily. One minute everything is cool then boom! Everything goes to complete bedlam. That’s just the happenings from around the way. Either deal with it or stay the hell out of the inner city.

A few hours earlier “The Terrorizer” had pulled the two rug rats over. “Brrrrr! Brrrr!”

Sirens sounded as blue lights flashed. They were riding dirty. Drinking smoking and no license with that sack of rocks. The young’un mashed the gas and the cruiser gave chase. After they had high-tailed it a few blocks the two bailed out. They were so eager to get away that neither bothered to take responsibility to grab the work. So even though they got away they still got caught.


Lil’ Tay 17, and Man-Man 18, had spent the last hour arguing back and forth that the other should take the charge. Tré sat nearby over-hearing the dispute but he played it to the backside wanting to see how Mo handled his solders.


“It’s your girl car right?” Mo asked one of the young’uns. “Why don’t you let her take the lick? She aint got no record. She’ll end up with a couple years’ probation and a lil’ fine.” He clapped his hands together. “There you go. Problem solved.’


They both seemed to agree wholeheartedly with the course of action. Tré sat back shaking his head in pity before he stepped out of the car saying


“So that’s the business? Y’all just gonna let baby take the hit like that for yall F up huh?”


They both looked stunned as well as a little nervous of Tré’s sudden appearance. Neither had any idea he was observing the entire scene behind Moe’s dark tint in his BMW.


“So which one of you fools gonna man up and take this ride?” Tré asked.


After a brief moment lil’ Tay sheepishly whined “Man I’m on probation”


Man-man echoed “I aint been out but a few months.”


“Yeah” Tré responded unscathed “and you both knew this day could come and you still chose to stick that sack in your pocket anyway huh?”


They had no clue how to respond knowing it was damned if they did damned if they didn’t.


“Fuck it! Let both of them do the bid” Mo spoke up.


“Na we aint doing that neither. Wouldn’t make sense to sacrifice two when one can carry the torch.”


Jay and Ace walked over to see what the commotion was about. People were beginning to crowd around.


“You fools gonna fight for it” Tré announced.


They both looked at each other. Knowing Tré was dead serious and not daring to even question much less than challenge his authority. Tré was everybody’s big homey. He started out on that very block when he was 13. Trapping that crack rock everybody after was a direct product of his toiling. Tré grinded his way to the top. One rock at a time and he never shied away when it was time to put in pistol play. So to say he was well respected was an understatement.


“That’s right” Ace agreed. “That’s how it should be. No fist no glory. You show me a man that rather use a gun over his hands and I’ll show you a coward.” Everyone agreed with a nod. They two eyed each other and braced for the brawl knowing the situation was out of there their hands.


“Now box!” Tré barked.


Man-Man frantically threw a left jab into Lil’ Tay’s jaw drawing first blood as they began to rumble. The entire hood had now gathered and circled the two as they battled for their freedom. They began to furiously throw punches and before too long both of their faces boldly battered with black eyes and busted lips. Eventually they grew tired and began to tussle.


“Break that shit up!” Jay scolded . “This aint no freaking WWF! Shit! This a street brawl! Now get it how you live!”


Once again wild blows began to fly. Neither of them doing much dogging as they stood firm and took the best the other had to offer until they could barely stand. They found themselves holding each other up exhausted, huffing and puffing. Everybody looked to Tré for the verdict. He looked on with amusement leaving the ballot to momentarily hang in the air for effect .


“Okay. First both you fools got crazy heart. Yall put it all the way out there and you get major points for that in my book. Lil’ Tay you held your own a little better so the bid is yours to do.” The crowd awed thinking the loser would be the one who had to turn himself in. “Man-Man you best step up your hustle game because you are officially designated to hold down all Lil Tay’s responsibilities. His Ma Dukes, his babies and babies’ Momma’s. Also making sure his commissary stay’s fat. All his debts are now yours.”


No words were exchanged. They accepted their fates and hobbled off together pondering and planning on what was to come.



Consequences & Repercussions



“Sorry to keep you waiting. Glad you could make it” Dr. Lumbago said in his foreign accent as he extended his arm to shake Mr. and Mrs. Daniels’ hands. “Please sit down” the doctor said motioning toward the blue vinyl couch. “So tell me how have you been since we last spoke Mrs. Daniels.”


“The same” she responded. “You know some good days some bad.”


He nodded and began to flip through the charts on his desk studying each page intently. He looked at the couple over his bifocals every now and again.


“So what’s the prognosis Doc?” Mr. Daniels said breaking the silence.


Mrs. Daniels gently slapped him across the thigh for his rudeness. Dr. Lumbago looked up and gave her a warm smile to let her know he was not offended.



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Held Accountable

Synopsis The characters take you on a flight of their own liberations. This book is packaged with subliminal messages designed to broaden your horizons. The characters Tré and Shay set out to be the “hood version” of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” bringing a new twist Tré and Shay couldn’t be more opposite. As the adventure takes flight Shay is a college graduate and ex-Navy Seal from a prestigious background meshing in with Tré an ex-felon and manipulative playboy with street savviness and an unheard of solidity. He is loyal to the game and her to him. But in a world where every action has its reaction will his loyalism eventually lose him her love, and refuge his sanity or ultimately his life? As he continued to do things his way or would she finally persuade him to turn away from his entrapped mindset and be the man he can be. The plot thickens as you throw into the mix a law abiding citizen going against all his morals and integrity to the other side of the law for help in a desperate time bringing unity too sworn enemies. As greed and the spoil of easy money sets in they all end up with much more than they bargained for finding themselves in a position with no way out but disaster. This masterpiece is an adrenaline rushing, fast paced, mind boggling creation added with a keen sense of humor. It’s assured to entertain as well as enlighten you. It includes scenarios like corruption, greed, drugs, revenge, sex and betrayal. It will also bring awareness to various diseases. It’s well rounded with a combination of power punches guaranteed to invigorate your soul. Fasten your seat belt and pay close attention. You’re in for one hell of a ride. The title is gonna be “HELD ACCOUNTABLE” or Repercussions My name is Whitney Tyrone Smith my pen name is Ty Smith my contact info is [email protected] 404-798-9887

  • Author: Ty Smith
  • Published: 2016-02-17 01:05:09
  • Words: 74425
Held Accountable Held Accountable