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Heartfelt and Versified









Heartfelt and Versified

Edgar G. Villan

Copyright Edgar G. Villan 2015

Published by Edgar G. Villan Publishing at Shakespir






























young love

so strong, yet weak

enough to commit

passions are waves

kissing the shores

yet in time ebbs

not the promises

but the memories

footprints are dreams

marking the sand of time

soon washed away, so they say

“They’ve been never mine.”



Delayed Gratification


raindrops caught by leaves

shielding the ground just for now

thirst . . . a thousand years






heart twice broken

rent far apart

scattered pieces

such stormy night

cruel raindrops

begging to understand

all this blinding wrong

that all seems to be fine

tears that drenched

those clear sunny days

not hers or theirs

it is all mine.





the long road of

darkness, gloom and cold

a star so bright, the story was told

the gifts were laid

before the Babe

the wise of yore

travelled from afar

where mules, donkeys feed


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Heartfelt and Versified

These are poems that I wrote and collected --many of them made several years ago. This was the time when I still had the touch (and maybe the nerve) to versify my feelings in the English language. Lately I stopped making poems in English. I concentrated on Filipino (Tagalog) poetry. So un-sure when I will be visited by the muses of literary art yet happy to remain immersed in my native literary domain. People may say that we Filipinos are mostly bi-lingual or even tri-lingual but the way we think, speak or compose poetry in English are so unique from the American and the British. What these uniqueness maybe I still have to re-visit my Filipino Psychology. Nonetheless these verses are all amateur attempts but so much permeated by sincerity, spirituality and a vision that only a Filipino person can share.

  • ISBN: 9781311044211
  • Author: Edgar G. Villan
  • Published: 2015-10-16 08:20:06
  • Words: 1266
Heartfelt and Versified Heartfelt and Versified