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He Wants a Solution

He Wants a Solution




By Hiranya Borah






Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah


Shakespir Edition


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This book is based on a particular dream of a middle aged person, which he has seen during a mid-day napping. In his dream he was told by a person about a dream experienced by the person for many years.

The dream has shattered the life of the person. How?

One has to read the story carefully, otherwise one may miss the plot.

Hope my readers will have some plausible solutions to his problem.

Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.

Thanks to Shakespir for publishing this story book along with my other books.



Chapter I: The Morning Guest


Mr. Alakesh Barua, a senior officer, after his retirement, became an inspirational lecturer and became successful within few years of his retirement. Initially, he used to give lectures free of cost; but as his popularity starts increasing, he starts demanding fee for his lecture. His life became more interesting day by day. However, as he became popular, he has to face some unexpected problems from some unexpected corner also.

A few days ago, a middle aged senior officer came to him with an unexpected problem which probably only a psychologist could have solved the problem. After hearing the problem, Mr. Barua advised him to go to a psychologist. But the officer, Manoj Sarkar was adamant, he would not go to a psychologist as he perceives the idea that only mad person is forcefully taken to a psychologist.

‘I see this particular dream on almost yearly basis for last twenty odd years. For the first time, I saw this particular dream when I was about twenty years ago. At that time, I was posted at Kohima, a hill station located in Nagaland, a remote area of the country as a Junior Direct Recruit Officer of Government of India. It was a very tough posting and my wife used to develop a lot of health problems. With one year old son, I had a real tough time during the tenure of two years at that hill station.’ He paused for a minute.

‘I discussed about this dream with my family members and with my close friends. Since they do not have a solution, one of my friends suggested to come to you, who according to him, has a solution of every problem under the sun.’ He did not say anything about the dream to Barua till then.

Barua was little bit irritated as he had a programme after two hours in an institution which is an hour drive away.

‘You tell me your dream. I have to go to address a gathering in an institute after two hours.’ Irritated Barua told Mr. Sarkar.

‘Sir, your programme for today will be cancelled.’ Sarkar declared.

‘Who told you?’ A visibly irritated Barua asked Sarkar.

‘Last night I saw in my dream, I came to your home to discuss my problem. You told me to come on a different day citing of a scheduled programme. But as I was to leave your place, your wife came and told that the programme has been cancelled.’ Sarkar explained.

Barua for the first time realized that, he was talking with a mentally ill person obsessed by some imaginary dreams.

But, on the next moment, his impression about his unwanted morning guest vanished into thin air. Mrs. Barua informed him that his meeting had been cancelled due to some unavoidable circumstances. ‘Mr. Kailash, (the Principal of the institution) tendered apology for the inconvenience.’ Mrs Barua told to her perplexed husband.

Barua looked at Sarkar and gestured him to sit down for the discussion relating to the dreams of Mr. Sarkar.

Mr. Sarkar started his agony over the dream which disturbs him for last twenty odd years.

Chapter II: Yearly Dream


“In the last twenty years, I have not seen her face. It is only a reference in my dream. I am told in my dream that she was my lady love. I could not marry her because of some compulsion. Sometimes, I am told, it is because of my village background, sometimes I am told because of my poor financial back ground.

Though I could not see her face in my dream, I am told by someone, she has big eyes, thin lips and long hair. Her nose is like a parrot’s beak. Her colour is like that of refined butter. She has a black spot on her left cheek which enhances her beauty.

Though, I never saw her face, I recognize her fragrance whenever she is nearby. My sorrow is that, she has never been visible to me in any of my dreams.’

Mr. Sarkar stopped for a moment.

Chapter III: Mother Loves Me as Her Would Be Son-in-Law


“I know her name; but I could never recall her name in any of my dreams. Is not that strange?

Her palatial building is located at the far end of a village. The road leading to her house is a gravel road. One can see the palatial building, very much similar looking building of the Forest Officers’ Training Institute located at Dehradun, after a turning point. I have never seen anything beyond her house nor before the house. I see in my dream, a palatial building is standing just after a turning on the road. That’s all about her address.

As and when I enter the compound of the building, I see her mother, whom I address as Aunty, always welcomes me with a warm voice. Her mother is a fair complexioned lady with moderately heavy body. I met her many times in her palatial building. She is always kind to me and she always loves me as her would be son-in-law. In my dream, I recollect that she offers me food etc.; but I never saw any food in any of my dreams. It appears to be bizarre for you.

She refers about her daughter in every sentence she utters; but she never calls her to meet me. I always feel, she is around due to her recognizable body fragrance, but she is always invisible.

Many a times Aunty says, she would be the happiest mother in law if I marry her only daughter.”

Sarkar again stopped. He asked for a glass of water. As Barua turned his face to call his wife to fetch a glass of water, he saw his wife was standing beside him hearing what Sarkar was saying.

Chapter IV: Her House is not a Palace


After taking a glass of water, Sarkar started his description of his dream again.

“Sometimes, I feel her house is not a palace but like a large school type building. The building was big enough to accommodate three families.

I am told by someone, again invisible, the building is occupied by three brothers, eldest one is the father of the girl.

I have never seen them nor interacted with them, but I knew all of them hate me and are always against any alliance with my loved one.

In due course of time I am told (by the invisible one) that all the male members of the family hate me because of my financial and family background.

One day I came to know, the girl got married to someone else.”

Chapter V: Father of the Dream Girl


“In the last dream, a few days ago, I became little bit scary. Her father is not friendly to me, as I am told earlier. Sometimes I meet him (faceless) and sometimes he is only referred about him by someone.

Finally, I came to know in the last dream that father of the girl was a district judge. His two brothers were also judges in different courts. Someone (faceless) threatened me, if I visit their family in future, I shall be put behind the bar.

As I was leaving her house in a haste, I was told by the girl, ‘If you love me, do not come. My family and my husband will torture me, if they see you next time in my house talking with my mother.” He paused.

‘That’s all about my dream. Can you explain, what is the meaning of that dream and how can I avoid that dream.

Chapter VI: Last Dream


Mr. Barua got up from his slumber and realized there was no Sarkar nor his dream was beside him; but rather he was in a dream where Sarkar was describing about a dream which disturbs him for so many years. Further, he is not a retired man who delivers lecture on inspiration; but is a senior officer still few years to retire from his service.

The dream what he saw in his mid-day napping was nothing but a very intriguing one because the description given by Mr. Sarkar about the girl was very much akin to a girl in his office who has been working in Barua’s office as an intern for last three months.

Does it mean, Mr. Barua is harbouring an intense feeling in his sub-conscious mind about the girl who is at least thirty years younger than him? ‘

He trashed the idea. ‘She is younger than my own daughter. How can I have a feeling (a feeling for a girlfriend) for a girl of my daughter’s age?’

The next day when Barua saw the girl in his office he asked again the same question to himself, does he fall in love with this girl. He again trashed the idea. But, what’s about her body fragrance? How can he ignore her beautiful face with the beautiful black spot on her left cheek? Can he ignore her presence?

He could not find answers of those questions, put to him by himself.

As time passes, Barua started asking the same questions again and again to himself; but without any plausible answers. His sleep became scanty at night. His hair became wavy. He lost appetite for his favoured food. He tries to avoid the girl. He is a totally disturbed man now.

Does anyone have a solution to the problem faced by Mr. Barua? Can anyone willing to help this old man?

The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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He Wants a Solution

This book is based on a particular dream of a middle aged person, which he has seen during a mid-day napping. In his dream he was told by a person about a dream experienced by the person for many years. The dream has shattered the life of the person. How? One has to read the story carefully, otherwise one may miss the plot.

  • ISBN: 9781370222353
  • Author: Hiranya Borah
  • Published: 2017-08-01 09:20:09
  • Words: 2280
He Wants a Solution He Wants a Solution