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Happiness Found:

Inquire Within

Anthony Caligiuri

Copyright © 2016 Anthony Caligiuri

Happiness Found: Inquire Within

Anthony Caligiuri

Published by Anthony Caligiuri

Lompoc, California

All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2016 Anthony Caligiuri

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To my loving and caring Mother Diana,

without her I would be unable to express myself creatively.

And Penny the Adorable Dachshund, our best friend.

Table of Contents:

1. You are exactly who you were meant to be

2. Facing adversity builds a strength in character

3. Always put others before yourself if you want to be successful

4. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

5. Life is full of excitement and happiness – open your eyes

6. How to stay happy and positive, all day long!

7. Keep on Marching!

8. Forgiveness is Vital to maintain our happiness and our society as a whole

9. Waking up on the Right Side of the Bed Everyday

10. It’s Easy to become Envious of Success – Just Don’t Do It and Become Successful Yourself!

11. Leave the past where it belongs, in the past!

12. We all work hard every day!

13. When life is hard

14. When you are about to fail, remember success is right around the corner

15. What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it’s all about?

16. I Found Happiness at the End of the Rabbit Hole

17. Lessons can be received from everywhere; you just have to look.

18. Is there a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

19. We should always build our foundations on solid ground

20. If the grass is greener on the other side, Water your grass!

21. Flowers, the beautiful beginning of new life

22. You are amazing just the way you are

23. If you are alive, you’ve already won the lottery!


Are you on a search for happiness? So am I. I’ve been on that quest for many years.

Do you want to have more meaningful relationships? How about living in a world free of worries? I try to find meaning in everyday life, these writings cover many aspects of life.

How about learning how to forgive each other? Regardless of your faith, forgiveness is the glue that binds our free society together.

Find a way to look at life through a different lens. We dive deep into a world where peace and love can be found, but only if we search within ourselves.

Is life tough sometimes? Of course it is! In this book, I will cover ways to make life easier and more comfortable.

Life can be a struggle, mine certainly has been, therefore I have covered topics which will allow you to find a way to simplify living.

You will learn various ways to be more successful in life such as:

- Staying happy and positive

- Putting others before yourself

- Facing adversity

- Knowing that you are exactly who you were meant to be

- Understanding beauty is in the eye of the beholder

- Being able to see the world from a positive light

- Leaving the past behind you

- How work can be defined in many different ways

There are many lessons in this book, ones that I am still learning. I hope that you do enjoy my writing, as it is my hope to help everybody who reads it learn to be a little bit happier.

You are exactly who you were meant to be


“Life’s greatest struggle is trying to figure out who we are.”

Many people look everywhere to find out the answer. It seems like it is one of life’s great mysteries, but I’ve figured it out. Sometimes we express ourselves differently than we think about ourselves. Perhaps it is time to listen to that inner voice and to embrace it passionately.


“It is easy to get lost in the search, just look within.”

Seemingly, life is an easy place to lose sight of our personality construct. Most people define themselves by what is “cool” and what is seen on TV. Many of these people deep down will be unhappy, because they are expressing what others want them to be, not who they truly are, deep down inside. Digging deeper into yourself will allow you to see exactly who you are.


“If you are a different person on the outside than on the inside, it’s time for a change.”

Once you find what you’ve been looking for within, and you look at yourself on the outside, it might be noticed that there is a discrepancy between both characters. Who you are from within is the real you. The “you” that will create happiness in your life.


“Accepting yourself and changing to your inner self may cause some hardships at first.”

Certain friends, especially shallow ones will not like the change. A true friend will accept you no matter what, and will understand the expression genuinely.


“Life will have meaning again.”

Happiness will be discovered when you become the person you were meant to be. It will be like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. People will see the change and will be ready to accept you for who you are. Because we are who we were meant to be, and that’s all we were meant to be. Live, love life, thrive!

Always put others before yourself if you want to be successful


“A major ingredient for success is other people.

If anyone tells you they were successful all on their own, you know that can’t be true. Every success requires many people, no one can do it by themselves. The more you help others, the more successful you will become. If a project you are working on needs assistance, there are a lot of people around just ready to join in. Just make sure that you compliment them, and compensate them if necessary. People need to feel good about themselves, and helping improve their self-esteem will gain you an ally for the long term.


“Lend a hand to those in need.”

Your project should be put aside if a friend or loved one requires help. Put down what you are doing, you can always come back to it. By doing so, the people you help will be quick to provide assistance to your projects when the time comes. Be happy to have friends who need help. Not everyone does.


“Be the first to volunteer when asked.”

Let the people around you know that you are ready at any given moment to be helpful. When you do this, others will be ready to give you a hand if the occasion arises. Many times in my life, I have needed help, and have always had at least one good friend or family member arise to my cause. Perhaps, this is because I’ve made myself available to them when they needed help


“Being successful may be important, but helping others becoming fruitful will guide you to your goalpost.”

Just remember, all great people have had many allies, and if you can remember that, and make sure to help as many people along the way, you too will become great. Try to be conscious of this the next time someone asks for help, in the long run, the favors will always be returned to you. Live, love life, thrive!



Facing adversity builds a strength in character


Adversity can define us, and make us into who we are going to be.”

Anytime we put ourselves on display to the world, adversity will show up. It is like when we lift weights. The more we lift, the more the strain. The more we progress to our goals, the more adversity will become commonplace. We can stay strong mentally and fight it with a sword of happiness and acceptance.


Adversity has the ability to sneak up on us when we least expect it.”

Life could be going great right now, for me it is, I am sitting in sunny Santa Barbara, in California, taking in the sweet scent of the ocean, the sky is clear and it is about 72 degrees right now. But I am not going to lie, every day I take a step forward, it can seem like afterwards, I take two steps back. But I fight adversity, and take it head on, as to not allow it to creep up on me.


Keeping your mind strong and free of concerns acts like a shield.”

One way I keep my mind strong is by reading a lot, and keeping my use of substances to a minimum. Always letting go of annoyances and forgiving transgressors, will allow you to stay positive, thus protecting you from adversity.


Accept adversity in your life, and look at it as a challenge to overcome.”

When adversity is accepted for what it is, only then can we truly overcome it. It doesn’t have to be fought against, it is a force of nature. We can conquer it every time it shows up in our lives. Once we stop resisting it, acceptance comes naturally. The number one thing that can be done is to change our attitudes regarding it. By changing our attitude, adversity will no longer seem to be the large beast that it isn’t. Live, love life, thrive!


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


“The tree, the flower, the ladybug; all are beautiful in my eyes.”

For others, beauty can be the concrete skate park, graffiti on the walls, a skyscraper. To all of us, each person is unique and brings a special personality to the world. Beauty comes in so many forms, and to each of us, beauty is painted as a different picture. What I see as beautiful, is different to another. It is great to live in a world with many other people who see the world in their own special way.


“Each of us sees a different reality.”

To each of us, our world is different. Our friend’s personal universe is similar to our own, while those who are not close to us, may see the world completely different from ours. Without these various characteristics, the planet would be a very boring place.


“Our differences are beautiful.”

If you dig deep into other people’s personalities, many unique differences will be found. Each one of these makes the world a diverse place to live in. Our variations are new places to explore each other, a world of possibilities are in front of us with each individual possible psyche.


“Out there is a person or people who shares a similar reality to your own.”

Just look and find those similar to you, they will become friends and perhaps loved ones. Cherish friendships and be happy with one another. Perhaps you might feel like there is no one similar to you, well there is, just look around, share yourself freely with others and new friends will start appearing in your life.


“With eyes wide open, a beautiful picture will be painted for you.”

Our higher power will continue to do its job, like our own personal artist, allowing us to explore and find beauty in everything and anything we want to. All we have to do is look, and beauty will present itself in the most magnificent way possible, in our personal lives, one we were meant to enjoy. Live, love life, thrive!


Life is full of excitement and happiness – open your eyes


“Excitement and happiness is all around those who ask for it.”

Just visualize what they mean to you, and go out there to experience it. Whether that means going to the park, petting a dog or cat, or jumping out of a plane, everything positive has a connection to you in some way or another. Do whatever enriches your life.


“There are many reasons to be happy, regardless of your circumstances.”

If you ate today, be thankful. If you can walk, be happy. So many time we take the given things for granted. Today, I was able to sit under an enormous oak tree, I pondered about it, thinking about how each tree has its own look and growth pattern. To me, this is exciting, this brings me happiness.


“Excitement can be as small as taking a walk in nature.”

Look at your surroundings, there are many exciting events taking place in every corner of the planet. Everything from a beautiful new flower blooming, to insects combating for dominance. Whenever I see a wild animal roaming through the countryside, I become filled with excitement. Each new plant I identify, I am filled with happiness.


“People’s lives are exciting, ask them about it.”

Sometimes, we cannot take a trip into nature, but we have a world full of people with stories waiting to be told and people who want an active listener. Just take a trip to the senior citizen center, and you will be shocked with the stories that are disclosed, everything from tales of the great depression, to the moon launch. Ask them their perspective of history, and you will have a surprise, it will be different from your own.


“Just look around, there are so many exciting and happy things that surround us.”

I look around at my surroundings right now, I have a beautiful dachshund pup, and a home, and my mother. I appreciate all things in my life. Before excitement to me meant traveling the world, jumping out of planes, camping, hiking, driving fast; but now I find excitement and happiness in the simple things in life. Keep your eyes open and see it for yourself. Live, love life, thrive!


How to stay happy and positive, all day long!


“I started waking up early with a smile on my face.”

Waking up on the right side of the bed will always make your day pass by a lot happier. As soon as you wake up, try to feel happy, it will lay out the rest of the day in a positive way. When you start your day in a good mood, it will be easier to feel more fulfilled at work, with family, with pets and friends. Sending out good vibes out into the world will always cause the universe to send good vibes back. Staying positive is the best way to guarantee that the day will go well.


I thanked my higher power throughout the day for all the good things in my life.”

Whenever I can, I remember to thank the universe for all the great things I have in my life. We all have people in our lives who we should be thankful for. Also, if you ate today, you are doing better than many people who were unable to get a meal. Some places in the world, it is hard to survive, be grateful that we have the ability not only to survive but to thrive.


“I opened up to my friends and asked them to do the same.”

My friends are very important to me, so whenever possible, I try to share my stories and feelings with them. I always ask them to do the same. In doing so, we form a deeper bond between each other and we are able to explore every interest each one of us has. Just ask a friend to tell you more about their life and you will be surprised with the stories you will be told, I promise you.


“I said hello to neighbors, and asked them about their lives.”

Today, make a neighbor who you don’t know very well, a new friend. Don’t tell them to much about yourself, as a matter of fact, let them do the talking. Ask them about their lives, jobs and family. Especially family. Everybody loves to talk about their loved ones. I bet you will learn a lot of new and intriguing facts about your neighbors when you do.

“Being happier than ever is worth it.”

I started following these rules several years ago, and I’ve been more fulfilled and happier than I’ve ever been. It doesn’t take much effort and the reward is worth it. Live, love life, thrive!


Keep on Marching!


“My time in the US Army taught me a lot.”

I learned many important things, mainly to keep moving forward no matter what. This translates to any task in life almost literally. If you create something, release it into the world, and nothing happens, move on to the next one. If it happens again, keep on going. Thomas Edison made 1000 unsuccessful attempts at creating the lightbulb. If he gave up after the first, fiftieth, nine hundred and ninety ninth attempts, he would have never succeeded. So you must keep trying.


“Great effort and persistence will pay off.”

If you, at all times, put your best effort in, you will be noticed. It has happened for me, and I know it will happen again. I just keep putting in hard work and dedication. Being a former Paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division taught me to overcome all odds and never give up. And I’m telling you, if you never give up, you too will achieve what you are after.


“Crawl over each hurdle and road block.”

Along the way, you may become discouraged, I certainly have. Just take a break from your computer and go for a walk, get a bite to eat, visit a friend. Afterwards, inspiration might hit. If a snag gets in your way, untangle it. Don’t let it defeat you, I know you can be successful. It will only be a matter of time until you are!


“If you get knocked down, stand back up.”

Sometimes we will put a lot of work into our creations and not get the results we were looking for. It doesn’t matter if you get noticed this time, eventually you will, and when you do, all the work that led up to your discovery will be appreciated. Everything you create on this world belongs to you. It is your intellectual property. You are the creator. Congratulations!


“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

Instant success may seem common, but trust me, I have looked through many people’s biographies. There is one major thing in common. A large part of them had to wait for their victory. Whether it takes one attempt or a hundred, keep on going. Remember Thomas Edison. If he persisted, so can you. I know you will be successful, I have faith in you. Live, love life, thrive!



Forgiveness is Vital to maintain our happiness and our society as a whole


“We are faced with transgressions every day, some big, some small.”

Different people have various reactions when they feel like a wrong has occurred. We all forgive to some degree. Most people are able to forgive for small transgressions, such as a lie, or gossip, while other’s hold a grudge on just about everything. Meanwhile, very few people have been able to forgive everybody for everything but, regardless of your faith, forgiveness is the most vital aspect which keeps our communities together.


“Look at your own behavior, and consider that you may have committed these transgressions against somebody else.”

You have most likely done some minor misdeeds along the way, such as; gossip, name-calling, lying etc. Now when you start to feel the anger, either you have to be mad at yourself as well, or you can forgive the other person. Once you let go of unneeded anger, the world around you will lighten up. People can tell when somebody is holding a grudge.


“Try to put on the shoes of somebody who has harmed you.

For major transgressions, this can be very hard. If someone mugged you, it would be very easy to want revenge. Let the law deal with it, try your best to forgive. If you look at it from the perpetrators point of view, you might be surprised to find out that they were molded into place by a society who has forgotten about them. Usually, they are in such a place of desperation, that it seems like committing such a crime is their only option. We have laws to deal with that kind of behavior, no need holding onto unnecessary anger, this will only serve to make your life miserable.


“All in all, when we let go of the bad feelings we get from the wrongdoings of others, we will be happier.”

When we don’t forgive somebody else, we are in a state of judging their behavior as bad. I still do not feel like it is our place to make that judgment. If the transgression was a crime, let our legal system deal with it. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Just let it be. Live, love life, thrive!


Waking up on the Right Side of the Bed Everyday


“Our days begin and are shaped by our mood when we first wake up.”

The best thing that can be done is to have happy thoughts as soon as you arise from slumber. If the first emotion you feel is not a positive one, go back to sleep for a bit. If you have to work, even sleeping for a few more minutes might help you change your attitude. If we wake up on the right side of the bed, the rest of the day will follow in its footsteps.


“Thank your higher power for the wonderful day that has been presented to you.”

Soon after awakening, this is the first thing that should be done. Appreciation for everything you have in life always sends out good vibes into the universe. The higher power, whatever that may be, will help throughout the day in many ways, especially sending more events your way to be grateful for.


“Smile at your friends, say hello to people everywhere you go.”

This will help you stay happy and also allow the other people around to have good feelings as well. Having a great day is the most important aspect that is required to go to bed happy. Usually when you go to bed happy, it will be easier to wake up on the right side of the bed.


“Relax and take deep breaths before going to sleep.”

If you like to meditate, do that as well. If not, some relaxing and deep breaths will allow for an easier passing into the dream realm. Like I said before, going to sleep happy and relaxed, will create an environment that will positively let you wake up on the right side of the bed.


“After accomplishing all of this, you will wake up on the right side of the bed.”

Just remember to stay positive throughout the day so that you can go to bed happy, therefore wake up happy. Things will go your way as long as you can stay in a positive mood. You will be surprised at the changes of behavior of all the people around when they see the glint of happiness in your eyes, it will be amazing. Live, love life, thrive!


It’s Easy to become Envious of Success – Just Don’t Do It and Become Successful Yourself!


“Successful people are all around us.”

They are not hard to find, but are much easier to envy. Most of them did not become wealthy overnight. It took years of hard work and dedication. I am not immune to this type of envy. Sometimes I will find myself wondering why they are successful and I am not. But I quickly remind myself that I am successful. Each day holds success when I improve myself, and learn new things.


“It takes a lot of work to become prosperous.”

Most people who have succeeded in life put in many hours of hard work and dedication. One thing they can do that many other people cannot, is to have a tiger sharp focus and a strong sense of dedication. We don’t need to fault ourselves if we currently don’t have these abilities, in fact we can improve ourselves daily by just trying to emulate them.


“Visualize yourself as being successful.”

When we begin our day, we need to try to imagine what it would be like to be a success. We can ask ourselves what defines success, is it a new car, house or is it learning something new. I feel that we need to live in the moment, and if the moment doesn’t mean getting rich right now, so be it. Our goals should be one of self-improvement.


“Realize that you are already successful.”

Look at your life, there have been many successes leading up to this current point. Even if at this moment, you feel that success is a mile away, know that as long as you keep on progressing towards your goals, you are already successful. Just smile and take a break for a moment, allowing yourself to realize that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Live, love life, thrive!


Leave the past where it belongs, in the past!


“Does the past ever creep up on you?”

It does to me, quite often. I have to catch myself from falling too far back after a success. The past always comes back to remind us of previous failures we have in life. It tries to bring us down to where we were before. The past wants us to remain in the past alongside it. But it must be resisted. Our minds are powerful, but when we have regrets, we can become consumed.

“The past shows up when we are doing our best work.”

Anytime we begin to be successful, thoughts of our prior mistakes begin to take over our minds. We must be vigilant, and at the first sign of a negative thought, we must cut it off. Negative thoughts are like seeds, if we don’t allow them to be planted, they cannot grow.


“Ignoring the past won’t help, we must revisit it.”

Although ignoring the past may work temporarily, eventually we will have to face it, and when we do, it can be very difficult. I feel that doing so, is best done with family, friends or a therapist. Unfortunately, I have had a hard time revisiting my past. I do my best to share it with others, but at times, it can be overwhelming. I know that I just have to keep trying, and one day, I will overcome.


“It starts with Acceptance.”

Accept the past for what it is, then move forward with your life. The past may be a huge monster, but if we can understand that the past is just the past, and we live in the moment, we can change the way we think. I also try to remember that it is exactly as it was meant to be, and I need to understand that there is nothing truly wrong with it, only I assign it that judgment. Eventually we will all have to face the past, and if we are ready, we can accept it and move on. Live, love life, thrive!



We all work hard every day!


Every day, we work harder than the day before.”

There are so many different kinds of work, from construction, to teaching, healing, helping the poor. Even writing. I spend each moment working towards a goal. For me, they are writing, reading, and even computer programming. One motto I live by is, I may work hard, but I play harder.


We all have a different definition of what work is.”

I feel the best option is to let a person work anyway possible. I may like to write, but for another, building a house or landscaping a garden is work. Whenever possible, we must not judge one another about the definition of work, but we should embrace each other’s differences.


Just living, can be considered work.”

Our lives can be hard at times. Finding a way to relax is imperative for each of us. Going on vacation, resting for a while will always be beneficial. If you can’t go on vacation, no problem. Take a trip to a nearby lake or stream. Maybe a voyage into a forest, or a park. Just taking a few hours away from our current situation will help us lead more happy and productive lives.


Some of us live to work, others work to live.”

Don’t fall into the first category. Working to live is what matters most. Finding ways to enjoy life and enjoy work helps us get through life without feeling like we are working hard. Just let each day be as important and fulling as the last. Live, love life, thrive!



When life is hard


Life can be difficult at times.”

Friends, co-workers, family or even acquaintances may interrupt your daily rhythm. Also, having to work a full time job also messes with our natural processes. It removes our ability to follow our own dreams, your job is the dream of the business owner. Working everyday just to get by can get us down. But I stand up, wipe the sweat from my brow, and have positive thoughts.


Be open but set your boundaries.”

Everybody has their limits, so you should be no different. If someone in your life is behaving in a way you don’t like, do not gossip about them, instead lift them up. Speak your mind to them, just use a little tact. Nobody wants to be bossed around or talked down to. Instead complement them, and tell them what your ideal world looks like. They will appreciate your openness and honesty.


Share your feelings with a loved one.”

Open up to the people who are closest to you. Tell them your worries, and share your dreams. When they know what your worries are, they will be the quickest ones to help you. When you share your dreams, they will be able to assist accomplish them.


Wake up, open a window and smell the fresh air.”

Today, open your eyes, and look at the life you are living. Be happy, breath deep. When the fragrances enter your nose, smile and relax. The world around you is waiting for your life to become simpler. Live, love life, thrive!



When you are about to fail, remember success is right around the corner


“Success may seem far off, but could be much closer than you realize.”

Many climbers on mountain peaks will have to turn around because of bad weather. Often, the peak is much closer than they realize. After the foul weather clears up, they will look upon the mountain top and see how close they were. We have the same thing happening to us. When we face adversity, often our first reaction is to give up.

“Don’t give up yet, you are almost there.”

Most people give up right before they were about to make it big. History has forgotten those people, but remember the inventors who didn’t stop going, even when failure had become commonplace. They realized that failures only made them stronger, and although they might have lost the battle, they still planned on winning the war.


“Never stop trying to succeed.”

The moment you stop trying, defeat is upon you. So often do we work so hard only to come upon a challenge which is seemingly impossible to overcome. Thomas Edison came upon 1000 such challenges while inventing the light bulb. He never quit, but we can be sure that he became discouraged from time to time. Its normal to be discouraged, but as long as we don’t give up, we will overcome.


“Always have hope in knowing that if you persist you will prevail.”

When we continue forward, even once defeat seems inevitable, if our desire is to complete the task at hand, no matter what the cost, we will prevail. As long as we have hope that we can succeed, the universe will grant us our wish. Just keep at it. Live, love life, thrive!


What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it’s all about?


“Realize your life is about enjoying the world around you.”

Fun and enjoyment can be found everywhere and every day. Look outside, take a deep breath. The world is filled with many exciting adventures just waiting for you to find them. Dance if you need to, the world needs more free spirits roaming around. Listen to music, even play the Hokey Pokey, it will bring you back to childhood.


“Be kind to all people from every walk of life.”

Say hello to your neighbor this morning, ask them how their life is going. Share yourself with a new person. Open up your eyes and see all the beautiful and happy people. If you turn off the news, it will be quickly observed that the world is filled with wonderful, kind and open human beings just waiting for your friendship.


“Staying grateful is one step closer to achieving happiness.”

Tell the Universe that you are grateful for your existence. Wake up every morning with gratitude and cheer. The source will acknowledge your expression of appreciation by continuing to give more things to appreciate. Thank a friend for their companionship, and always help those in need.


“Learn new things about the people in your life.”

Each of us has friends, and surprisingly enough, we may not know as much about them as we think we do. Dive in head first into their lives. Ask them about their interests. When you find out what truly intrigues them, dig deeper for more information. Your friends will realize what a good friend you truly are when you acknowledge the many thrilling facets of their lives.


“The Hokey Pokey IS what it’s all about.”

Having fun, living life to its fullest, is our deepest expression of what it means to be human. Dance the Hokey Pokey and turn yourself about, because that’s what it’s all about. Doing so will bring so much cheer back into your life, our childhood memories are filled with innocence and happiness. Live, love life, thrive!



I Found Happiness at the End of the Rabbit Hole


“We are all on a quest to find happiness.”

Throughout our quest we find many clues which leads us further down a hole that seems to have no end. I know, the universe, the source, god, consciousness is the answer. Maybe I should follow those paths. Each lead takes us onto a new quest.


“Our questions are still not answered.”

Therefore, we continue beyond the theater on a quest for knowledge. We will pick up a book, from various guru’s, swamis, masters, the supposed enlightened, each claiming to have the all the answers, but they only take us deeper down the rabbit hole. There are many tunnels leading to the left and the right, but we continue forward.


“Perhaps it is time to stop for a moment and take a deep breath.”

Once we realize that the searching will go on forever and stop the pursuit, we will reach our goal. Emptying the mind has been a tool by many spiritual teaching for thousands of years, and perhaps it wasn’t too far off. Stop searching, and the answer will come to you.


“You must let go of judgements and hold on to dreams.”

Refuse to judge anything and anyone as right or wrong. Drop the judgement that someone who judges is wrong. Perhaps it is not our place to judge, leave that up to the creator. We are all who and what we are meant to be. No longer must you feel the need to be critical of your own actions, just let them flow, the source will come to you.


“Be happy and live for the present moment.”

Each moment is a blessing; each thought should be cherished as if it were your last. The only thing you truly have control over is your reaction to whatever the universe throws at you. If the situation would usually be considered bad, don’t judge it, don’t fight it. Let it happen, enjoy the experience, it is exactly what was meant to happen. Live, love life, thrive!

Lessons can be received from everywhere; you just have to look


“Life, Death and Renewal are the processes of Earth.”

Look at a simple bush. It has various shades of colors from a bright and vibrant green, to a natural and calming tone, all the way to a brown and withered twig. This represents life through four phases, birth, wisdom, death and rebirth.


“We are born full of life and excitement.”

The young leaves on the bush are sharp and eager to enter the world. The grow above their elders, straining to receive more sunlight, which I liken to wisdom. As time goes forward, we begin to attain some of this knowledge.


“As we age, we become mellow and filled with wisdom.”

The leaves which have been alive longer, loose their sharpness, their excitement. But they fill out, gaining the maximum potential of the sunlight. This is like life, as we grow older, we learn more and more about what it means to be alive. Eventually we pass on to the next realm, whatever that may be. Some call it consciousness, others call it heaven. Whatever it is, we leave our bodies behind and this allows the planet to be reborn, yet again.


“Upon death, we are returned to the earth and the renewal process begins.”

Like the dying and dead leaves of any typical bush, their remains go back into the ground at the base of the plant. They will fertilize the dirt and the plant will grow stronger because of it. New leaves will be born out of the ashes of the old ones. This reminds me of what could potentially be our spirits returning to this earth to be reborn anew.

“It’s surprising that a simple bush can teach us these lessons.”

Keep your eyes open, and explore the world. Around every turn are people, creatures and plants all living on the same planet as we do. All phases of life are expressed, death is not the end, it is merely a conduit to the renewal of life. Live, love life, thrive!

Is there a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?


“The rainbow, is like our adventure through life.”

Each day we progress towards our goals, is an accomplishment. As long as we continue to make an effort to advance, they will be achieved. If a misstep happens, we must keep on trying. Missteps will happen, and can occur quite often. Many people will give up as soon as a misstep occurs, if you persevere, you will find that pot of gold.


“Each person is on a quest to find treasure in their lives.”

Whether that means literally or figuratively, we each are on an adventure. My adventure is to find happiness and peace in my life. Other people may be on a quest for riches, and even others are trying to find enlightenment. Whatever your quest is, make it the most important thing in your life.


“Allow everybody to search for their treasure, without judgment.”

It is easy to sit back and stop striving towards our goals. Often, when we do this, we stop making progress, and actually start taking many steps back. Even further, we may begin to judge other people on their quest as either bad or wrong or we may even envy their successes. Wake up, snap out of it. Find your mark, and take the shot. As long as you continue to focus on your goals, you will make it.


“There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!”

Keep on searching and you will find it. The rainbow may appear to be getting further away as you approach it, but keep on moving forward and you will get your pot of gold. The universe has a way of making our dreams come true, and as long as we keep striving towards them, success will be at hand. Live, love life, thrive.

We should always build our foundations on solid ground

“The foundation we build in our lives is of utmost importance.”

In our lives daily, we are constantly building our home. Is that home on rock or on quicksand? Not staying positive, belittling people, not sharing, not caring is an easy way to build it on quicksand. We effect the people in our lives whether we realize it or not. If everyone in our world has a bad taste in their mouth when they look at us, it’s going to be a rough road to travel on.


“If we build our foundation on sand, our lives may sink.”

When we build our lives up, the people are what matters most. What will happen if trouble is to befall you? Will there be people to lift you up, or will you be left stranded, unsure of what to do next? Even if you have had a hard time supporting other people, it is never too late to start now. Make friends, reach out to someone who needs a helping hand. When the time arises and you need help, people will be ready to provide assistance.


“Helping people will allow us to build a strong support system.”

If you make someone’s life better, even in a small way, they will appreciate it. You will also be remembered in a time when you are in need. This is how you build a strong foundation, one which will withstand the tough times in life. Volunteering is a good place to start, if you don’t know very many people. With the way the economy is now, many organizations are assisting those in need, and are looking for a person just like you.


“A foundation built in stone will last for the rest of your life.”

Each person who you’ve helped improve their lives will not forget what you have done for them. Disappointment and wrongs are usually forgotten once you’ve changed your ways and have helped better their lives. If everybody took a break from their busy lives and began lending a hand to their neighbor’s perhaps the world too would be a much better place to live in. Live, love life, thrive.

Flowers, the beautiful beginning of new life


“The flower is a beautiful representation of the beginning of life.”

When a flower blossoms, we can see its beauty and splendor. Their fragrance is fresh and new. When life begins, it is very beautiful. The flower is like the mother, and it is attracting a mate to help in creating new life. The insects spread the pollen from one flower to another, bringing the good news that life will refresh and renew.


“Flowers eventually wither and disappear, but we are left with fruit.”

Within the fruit, there are seeds, all waiting to bud and become members of our planet. Each one of these little bundles has a mysterious surprise inside. If you find a seed on the ground, it is hard to tell what miracle awaits. Life is that miracle, and out from the seed, a new plant will sprout young and full of life.


“New sprouts arise from the ground, eager to see what the world has waiting for them.”

The world is a huge place, and each new lifeform is trying to find its place within it. They are like wanderers, never knowing where they will end up growing, they just sprout as soon as the conditions are right. Are we unlike these plants? No. We have no control over where we are born. And like the plant, we must adapt to the world we are brought into.


“As the new plant matures, flowers grow and the process of life continues onwards.”

Everything grows older, time continues forward. As each lifeform on this planet matures, we come to a place where it is time to do what our biology tells us to, which is procreate. This seems to be our major purpose on this world, at least according to science. But I know that we have a greater purpose, which is to bring forth happiness and joy into this planet. We can make a difference, just try. Live, love life, thrive.

If the grass is greener on the other side, Water your grass!


“Tend to your grass before looking at other people’s lawns.”

When we look into other people’s lives, usually we are making a judgment, about whether they are better or worse off than ourselves. It’s easy to do, I catch myself quite often looking into someone else’s lawn and wondering how did they get so successful? Our best bet is to starting nurturing and caring for ourselves first.


“It might seem nicer over there, but once you cross over, you might be surprised.”

Sometimes it is hard to see the good things currently in our lives. Therefore, we uproot, and try to move to where the grass appears to be greener. Unfortunately, many times once we arrive, we will have the same issues all over again. So what do we do? We start looking at the grass on the other side yet again.


“Your problems will follow you to the other side.”

The most important task is to correct our problems, water our own grass. Building relationships with the people in your life first. Try to avoid envying other people for their successes, their green grass. They made sure to water their garden every day. If you start tending to your life, reaching out to friends and loved ones, making new connections, your grass will grow beautiful and vibrant green as well.


“When our lives become enriched, we need to continue growing.”

Once our lawns are vibrant and green, it’s time to grow new plants, exploring the world around us. There will still be other people who seem more successful than ourselves, but as long as we focus on our grass, we can appreciate what we have in life. Be thankful that others are successful, so that we can be supported for our successes. As long as we keep working on our garden, it will grow and become as beautiful as we desire. Live, love life, thrive.

You are amazing just the way you are

“At each moment, we represent exactly what we are supposed to be.”

Therefore, we must accept each person’s demonstration of who they are. If we do not like the picture they present, we should remove ourselves from their lives, or if that is not possible, try to understand their behavior.


“Look into your past, you have done amazing things.”

Recognize each person and their accomplishments. Different people have accomplished different things. Just because you don’t see something they have done as an accomplishment, doesn’t meant that it isn’t worth anything. Try to look at it from that person’s perspective. To them, their accomplishment may be huge, to you, it may be small. If you show them that you take pride in their efforts, their next act may be surprising.


“Don’t bother trying to change other people. It is a waste of time and energy.”

Plus, they won’t appreciate your efforts. Change must come naturally and gradually. Be patient and kind, help them get through life by showing them a positive attitude. Don’t put them down, lift them up.


“If you want to change somebody else, change the way you see them.”

You can change your own perspectives, and you can be the change you want to see. Look at their positive qualities and focus on them. Perhaps, you could just be looking at their negative elements, and have completely missed all the wonderful characteristics that they have.


“We are exactly what our higher power intended us to be.”

Truth be told, none of us are truly bad. We may do acts which are unlawful and harm other people, but when we were little children, we all were on a level playing field. Our world molds and shapes us, our parents and family guides us. All we can do is continue being ourselves and know that we are great just the way we are.

If you are alive, you’ve already won the lottery!


“Every day we wake up and smell the fresh air, we are victorious.”

If you were able to get out of bed today, be thankful. Not everybody will be able to get out of bed, even some will never leave it again. Those who can’t get out of bed, be thankful that you can still read and think. Others are passing on into the next reality, going on another adventure.


“Life is full of winners, just making through each day is success.”

In my eyes, everybody is a winner. And I mean everybody. We are all doing what we were meant to do. For those who break the law, we should not judge, instead let our legal system do the judging. That’s why it’s there, to take the burden of judgment away from us. Judgment is a burden, that’s for sure, and the more we judge others, the more we will be judged.


“Being thankful for what we have will help us continue forward.”

I try to be thankful for every moment in my life. I struggle a lot, but staying positive and in a state of gratitude will make the world a better place. When you are happy and thankful, the people around you will have a different attitude, as it is hard to be mean to somebody whose spirit is emanating positive energy.


“Friends and family are our jackpot.”

Our loved ones are our most valuable prizes. Even if you no longer have any family left in the world, a friend will help you through the toughest times. They are like brilliant sapphires, cherish each one as you would treasure. Some of us are unfortunate and do not have anyone close to us. If we don’t, we can look to our higher power as a close friend or even family. We can talk to it simply by closing our eyes and opening ourselves up.


“Make a new friend today.”

Remember, when you are lonely, there is always another person who is looking to connect with you. The hard part is finding them. Some ways to meet new friends are going for walks at the park and starting conversations, or volunteering your time to help people who are in need. If you open yourself up to a new person, who knows, they may end up being your closest friend. And always, don’t forget, dogs are man’s best friend! Live, love life, thrive.


About the Author:


Hi, I am Anthony and I am glad you enjoyed my writings. I grew up in California where I spent my time playing with friends, and going on adventures with the Boy scouts. I learned many positive virtues while being a scout, and continue to apply them to my life on a daily basis.


When I was old enough I joined the Army and became a Paratrooper. It was quite an adventure jumping out of planes for a living. While in the service I did a tour in Kosovo, where I was faced with the reality of the world we live in.


After leaving the service, I have spent a lot of time pondering reality and trying to figure out this game we call life. Every day I try to live by my writings, and although I come short most of the time, as long as I keep trying, eventually I know I will succeed.


Currently, I spend most of my day writing, and am working on other works, including a science fiction and an adventure / fantasy novel. With time, I plan on releasing more positive works such as this one, as it was quite enjoyable to write. I hope you have a great day!

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