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Anyone can fall! Everyone can make a mistake.

If you think that you are too knowledgeable and filled with wisdom and cannot fall, leaning on your own human wisdom, then it’s a sign that you are already falling. It is only the grace and the mercies of God that helps us to remain at the top where He has placed us. But there are things we can do to cooperate with Him so that we don’t fall.

Many believers and Ministers today have derailed from the Word of God. They compromise the faith because of material benefit and the little pleasures of life. So many of them know some reasons why the mighty fall from the top yet, when they get there, they pretend as if they don’t know the truth.

There are so many night seasons or challenges in life and Ministry. And there is a pattern in Ministry that keeps recurring from the time of Jesus’ Ministry on earth to His apostles and even to date.

It is the desire of God that everyone would fulfil his or her life and Ministry. Jesus finished His Ministry successfully. So were Paul, Peter, and the rest of the apostles. You too can finish your course. But there are guidelines we must all follow.

What I have written down is not the final lessons I have to learn in Ministry. I learn daily, and desire to keep learning till the day I’ll finish my assignment on earth.

In this book, I tried by God’s grace, to write how we can handle success in life and ministry. If we put these words to practice, the Lord will keep us from falling. May God keep us from falling.

My prayer for you is that you will discover your specific call, walk in the centre of God’s will and finish your calling with fullness of joy.

“Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,” (Jude24).

1. Never become proud when you become successful. The season of success is the period you must deliberately fight and discipline yourself to remain humble.

2. As people come to know how you become successful, ensure you point them to God and not to your strength or wisdom as the source of your success.

3. When people don’t help you during your wilderness or suffering season, when you become successful, and they need your help, learn to help them unconditionally. Don’t entertain the feeling of revenge.

4. Don’t revenge on people who hurt you when you were down the ladder; learn to forgive your enemies.

5. As you become successful, learn to invest in others. True success is also weighed by how many became successful through you. Raise the weak and empower others with wisdom or money to become successful.

6. Surround yourself with godly friends who are not materialistic; those who can look you in the eyes and confront your wrong doings.

7. You should have listening ears when God lifts you. Listen more and speak less. Learn to listen to the cry of the people whom God is pushing your way.

8. Disconnect yourself from worldly friends or people who don’t have a prayer relationship with God.

9. Believers easily stop listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit when God blesses them. When you notice that you do things on your own- and outside of God- in the place of success, then you know that you are at the verge of falling.

10. God detests extravagant spending. He does not like waste. Deal with the attitude of careless spending and impulse purchase when you become successful.

11. As God announces and increase your fame, allow Him to continue to lift you and never announce yourself.

12. Do not be quick to blow your trumpet and achievements. Learn to allow your achievement to announce themselves.

13. People may want to copy your lifestyle as God lifts you up. That is why it is necessary you ensure that the character of Christ is manifesting in your life so that your life will not lead people astray.

14. If there is a time you need to be very close to God is when you are successful. Create time for prayers and retreat often.

15. A lot of distractions come with success. Find out the potential sources of distractions in your walk with God and deal with them. If it is your mobile phone, face book or television, you better find a way to stop them from distracting you.

16. Success level is a time you should be more committed to your local church. Continue to be faithful to church activities. Many people who became rich stopped going to church activities and some started going for other ungodly shows and games.

17. The words of your mouth can ensnare you. If you tell people what you have, they will one day steal it. Hezekiah showed his enemy all ‘‘his treasures,’‘ and the same enemy came and plundered them.

18. May God increase you in wisdom as you become rich and successful.

19. Never change your message when you are afraid. How you become successful could be a message for others to learn, but continue to preach or teach the original message the Lord gave you.

20. Never involve yourself in any project the Lord didn’t send you. So many temptations will come your way to do things just to please people.

21. Be strong and become very decisive to say no to situations or people who may want to distract you from walking with God.

22. Never forget to retain in your heart and confess with your mouth that it is the mercies and the Grace of God that raised you up from where you were.

23. God placed you at the top so that others will not suffer what you suffered to become successful. Don’t inflict people to suffer like you; don’t hoard resources, give them an enabling hand to go up to the top.

24. If God lifts you up when you are not a called Minister, never step into the Ministry office. Some successful people think that they are equal to the Minister of God. King Uzziah tried to do the work of a priest when he became successful but God struck him with leprosy on his forehead.

25. Don’t look down on people when you become ‘great’. Remember you were once nothing. Respect the weak; the poor, the young and the old.

26. Learn to acknowledge the people who helped you during your trying or suffering time before you became successful. Help them in any capacity that you can.

27. Many people whom God lifted became arrogant. They talk carelessly to people; commanding them to obey their orders or try to plan other people’s lives. Deal with such a spirit when God lifts you up.

28. Be careful of strange women or men when you become successful. When God lifts you, many people will flock to you. Many will come to seduce you. Never create a lonely environment to be alone with an opposite sex as this can create problems for you. Learn to walk with your spouse or your disciples of same sex.

29. People who are at the top are prone to satanic attacks. Your relationship with God must be stronger. Learn to know when the Holy Spirit wants you to go into spiritual warfare to deal with any impending disaster.

30. Never use your resources to spoil your children. Let them always know that God is the one who gives and He can decide to take it away. Train your children to live a disciplined life. Don’t give them excess money. Monitor how they spend the little money you give them. Don’t spare the rod and spoil your child.

31. Those that make haste to become rich will not be innocent. Success gotten by dishonest measure will diminish. Ensure that it is the Lord who gave you the riches or success. Where you need to make restitutions and confession, do so or soon you may fall.

32. Never give money at the public to show people you are great or rich. Learn to give in secret. Your heavenly father who sees your secret giving will reward you in the open.

33. Invest in things that have eternal values; not amassing wealth, houses, more foreign account, etc, at the expense of the Ministry. Your wealth is given to you for the work of God.

34. A good name is better than riches. People will want to rate you by your character and not your riches. You’ll be respected the more and will be a mentor to many if you combine riches, success and character. Be generous and nice to people.

35. Remember the poor. Develop a consistent and systematic strategy to help the poor.

36. Never engage in darkness if God lifts you up. It may be the key to your fall.

37. Learn to visit your old notes or journals. Keep in mind what the Lord told you at the onset of your life or Ministry and fulfil it. Find out God’s plan for your life and Ministry and walk in it.

38. Be loyal to your master: someone whom God has used to lift you up.

39. Maintain relationships because one day you will not be available, and your close friends may be the ones to help your family or help in establishing and advancing some of your vision.

40. Be a reader as you get to the top. Read more Christian books and find out the secrets of those who finished their race successfully.

41. Do not be manipulative, oppressive or dictatorship when you get to the top.

42. We are created for destiny and not success. Success is never final. Overcome the temptation that makes you not to press further to do more for God when you become successful. Continue with your purpose on earth with greater passion, zeal, commitment and energy until the day God calls you home.

43. You are at danger point when your heart begins to detest learning. Submit to learn even from the people you feel they are unqualified, and then what you have learned will jump and be established in your heart.

44. Recognize your family, even extended family when God lifts you up. Ensure that they are walking in the will of God, feeding and living well.

45. Learn to lead by example when you become successful.

46. Avoid telling lies and exaggerating stories when God lifts you up. Let your yes be yes and your no be no.

47. When you become successful and discover that you don’t have a compassionate heart that breaks you to cry at the pains of others, then you need to develop that quickly.

48. Careless eating or over eating when you have been lifted by God is not good. Learn to discipline your eating habit.

49. Don’t criticize other believers or Ministers especially those who are your seniors in the faith. Learn to intercede for them.

50. Develop the life of praise and worship to the Lord. Sing always; celebrate and honor the Lord from a clean heart consistently. Don’t do it for a show before people.

51. Develop a systematic strategy to find out what is going on in your Ministry. Find out what outsiders are saying and what the members of your Ministry are also saying about you or your Ministry. Welcome constructive criticism. And if people are always criticizing you, sincerely find out if you are in an error that blinds your eyes.

52. Continue to be consistent in what God used to lift you up. Success is not final. Keep imparting lives till the end.

53. Deal with any act of sin in your life.

54. Continue to learn.

55. Learn the art of resting, do not be a workaholic.

56. Remember your first love. Ensure that you don’t quench the fire, passion, or the zeal of your first love for the things of the Spirit.

57. People will misunderstand you. There will be season when people will misunderstand the dealings of God in your life and may criticize you. Even your family and close friends will misunderstand you.

58. It takes a gradual, step by step walking in the will of God to be a voice on earth.

59. God must prove you faithful in the little things before greater Ministry responsibility will be given to you.

60. There are phases in Ministry. Many believers or Ministers don’t enter even the first phase of their Ministry because they copy other Ministries from the onset. Sometimes, it is disobedience to divine instructions.

61. You need to be more careful not to miss out of the will of God between the seasons of transition usually between one phase of Ministry assignment to another. In such a season, you need confirmations from mature believers. Therefore, endeavour to be patient.

62. Most believers and Ministers who are walking in a strange anointing today started well but along the way, they connected themselves with strange friends or influence. Discern quickly and cut off from believers who love the things of this world more than the things of God.

63. There are certain dimensions of the supernatural that will never become functional in your Ministry until you pay the price in the area of prolonged prayers to breakthrough into that dimension.

64. There are certain Ministry anointing that will never be given to you until it is time. This usually is when you become fully mature in the Word, in the Spirit and in your character. You can spend 30 years doing Ministry work that is not the perfect will of God for you.

65. The Holy Spirit is grieved when we spend more time seeking prophetic experiences than worshipping the Lord.

66. Someone said that to destroy a man’s dream is to give him another dream. Do not divert from your Ministry call to imitate other Ministries that you think are bigger than yours thinking your Ministry has nothing to offer compared to theirs. Stay in line with that assigned to you

to accomplish.

67. Never organize a gospel programme, crusade, etc, with the intension to raise money.

68. Never use any gimmick to raise money. Our motives must be right.

69. Mature Christians don’t easily disclose the miracles God is doing in their Ministry except by a strong leading of the Holy Spirit. Learn to allow the miracles to announce themselves to glorify God. Do not blow your trumpet.

70. Don’t use Ministry to promote yourself. Deal with the spirit of self promotion. Promote Jesus.

71. Differentiate between your ambition in Ministry and God’s ambition. God will only reward what He told you to do.

72. A preacher said that as every calling to the Ministry must be confirmed, so is every separation in the Ministry.

73. Don’t feel insecure in Ministry because others are excelling. Remain glued to what you are called to do whether or not the Ministry is growing.

Insecurity comes when we don’t really know what we are called to do or we don’t know who really we are.

74. Competition in Ministry is not from God. Only follow the Spirit of God. Never make a move except the Lord is leading you.

75. Find the area that the anointing of the Holy Spirit is strongest in your life and develop it.

76. Be consistent in the area of your call. There will be pains; trials, lack, but keep moving.

77. You are the only one that can kill your dream or vision. If the resources are not coming for the fulfilment of the vision, that doesn’t mean they will not come. God will provide for His vision at the right time.

78. Learn to know when a financial source of your blessing is changing. God may bring in other people to continue the support of your Ministry.

79. God will bring people your way for different purposes; some to finance you, some to encourage you and others to pray for you. Don’t be angry if some don’t give you money, they may be there to encourage you or intercede for you.

80. What you don’t have now you don’t need as long as you are walking in the centre of the will of God.

81. Don’t be in a rush to tell people your vision, not everyone will be happy with it.

82. You are to please God and not people. Though you have to respect people and give them their place. Never disobey the voice of God because of people or your family.

83. In Ministry, there will ALWAYS be needs that will require your faith and patience.

84. We usually stop our Ministry half way because of small ‘successes. Keep the zeal and fire of Ministry going. Keep affecting people till the last day of your life on the earth.

85. The greatest Minister is the humble at heart. Jesus left the glory and took the form of a servant. He was like a sheep to be slaughtered yet He did not open His mouth. Learn not to be too defensive.

86. What are your friends saying about you? Find out the weaknesses they notice and deal with them.

87. What is your family saying about you?

88. Maintaining good relationship is vital; the people you discard today may be the ones to lift you soon.

89. Offenses will surely come. You must have a large heart to work with people. You must learn to always forgive. People who easily get angry have a ‘’small’’ heart. A believer whose ego is big can be easily angered. Anger is a choice.

90. Build your life and Ministry on the Word of God and not on spiritual gifts, especially on prophecy and healing. These gifts are very important and we need them today. Build your life and Ministry on the Word. History shows that most Ministries that were built on spiritual gifts didn’t last.

91. Organize a large crusade is not a must-do. You may choose to appear on television, write many Christian books or travel to other nations to be a great man or woman of God. There are thousands of Generals in the Lord’s army who are seldom recognised. Some are in the remote villages while others are in the Islamic nations doing a secret and quiet work for the Lord.

92. Don’t get to a point in your life that you will neglect fasting, prayers, evangelizing and being in the assembly of the brethren.

93. Give time to your family. Be there for them as much as you can.

94. Always remain submissive to the authority you find yourself in. Have a church that will be your spiritual cover.

95. Never rebel against a Godly authority. If you’re leaving a church or Ministry, ensure that you don’t go away with their members.

96. Leave a place you are under in peace no matter what it will cost you.

97. Don’t assume what people are not doing and don’t easily jump into conclusion on matters until you hear from other sources.

98. There is a season of calling, training or preparation and the season of your release into Ministry.

99. Develop a consistent, effective and durable strategy to reproduce who you are. Impart what you have received from God to your generation.

100. There is a generation (nation) you are called to positively affect. Affect at least one nation or a group of people.

101. Fulfil purpose!

102. There is a period of suffering in Ministry. Most times, God will show you the glory but may not show you the pains you will pass through. No suffering, no glory.

103. God will test you in the area of the things you love the most.

104. Dress decently, clean and godly. Don’t dress to expose the private parts of your body. Discern demonically inspired dressings.

105. The house of a Minister should be very clean. People will not value you if your house is dirty.

106. Never exaggerate a testimony to make your message sound powerful. Preach and give just what you know no matter how inconsequential you may feel it is.

107. Be quick to listen and slow to speak. Think very well before talking. Careless words can destroy your reputation.

108. You need to realize that God is not far from us. On the contrary, we are the ones that are far away from Him. If you seek Him, you’ll find Him.

109. God is more interested in building our character than giving us spiritual power.

110. What you refuse to learn today, you will come face to face with tomorrow.

111. The more you walk in the fullness of the love of God the more God will put true burdens of Ministry on your spirit and He will use you the more.

112. The time of rest is as important as the time you are running up and down in Ministry. Learn rest and sometimes delegate responsibility if you may.

113. You will have needs that seem to have deadlines to meet up. God

will always see you through.

114. Certain people you place your trust on will disappoint you. Put your trust in God and not on man.

115. Hearing and obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit is the key to true success in Ministry. Do not use political strategies, scientific application or business methods to run a Ministry. Be led by God to do the work of the Ministry.

116. Do not judge people based on their strength or weakness but on where the Lord is taking them and on how the Lord sees them.

117. God’s plan doesn’t change, but He changes people. If God is giving you a Ministry assignment to do and you are procrastinating, He may raise someone else to do the work. The person He will raise may not even be as qualified as you are.

118. Great Ministries started small. God loves starting small in His programmes. Don’t despise the days of small beginnings.

119. Develop the art of hearing God clearly and do not assume that all the voices that your spirit is picking are from the Lord.

120. Waiting period is not a waste. God uses that period to make your roots go deep down. Learn and do all you can during such period.

121. Learn to recognize God at work everywhere in the process of life and Ministry.

122. Give God the glory for every SINGLE thing He does for you or in how He uses you to Minister. All that we received were GIVEN to us from God. We will account for all that we received from the Lord.

123. Recognize when the Holy Spirit is through with you while preaching on the pulpit. If you continue even after He wants you to stop, it will affect the people from getting a blessing.

124. When we Minister powerfully and the people are blessed and then their hearts are quickened by the Spirit, is not the time for them to give money but to pray the message into their lives. We like turning stones into bread.

125. Impatience in Ministry can lead you to so many errors. He that believes doesn’t make haste.

126. Sometimes, God will show you a vision but the fulfilment will come in years to come. Don’t try to force a vision to happen by your strength. In God’s time every vision will be fulfilled.

127. When you want to make a move to fulfil a purpose and the door seems shut, it is either God did not speak to you or it is not the right time. God always provide for the door He opened.

128. You will always need someone to take you to where God wants you to go.

129. Ask the Lord to give you someone to whom you will be accountable to. This could be a Ministry that will be a check on your Ministry.

130. It is not healthy for a Minister to live a life of borrowing and begging. Learn to discipline yourself to wait until God provides for your needs. Or, let your hand find something to do that will bring income except of course the Lord CLEARLY told you not to go into business.

131. Don’t preach to impress people or to make people feel you are anointed. Preach or teach ONLY what the Holy Spirit gives you no matter how common it may seem to you even though you’ll preach for just two minutes.

132. Soul winning, disciplining believers to become like Christ and having the right motive is the basic call of ALL believers and Ministers.

133. Be organized. Have a WRITTEN plan or to-do list for the day, week, month, or year. Receive a long term goal from the Lord and be consistent to fulfil the purpose. Where there is no vision the people perish.

134. Most times, falling into sexual immorality is a process. Quickly deal with any situation that will open the door for sexual immorality. Detach yourself from any opposite sex you are “soulishly” attached to that offers sexual lust to you.

135. Anything the Lord gives you is the best for you. Cherish it. Love it. Don’t ever think that what others have is better than yours. You may think what they have is better but yours may stand out above theirs.

136. Ministry is meeting needs. Is your life or Ministry meeting the needs that are in the heart of God?

137. God will only reward you for what He TOLD you to do. No matter

how large you build a Ministry with a thousand people, if it is not the will of God, you will NEVER get a reward for it.

138. We can spend our time, energy and resources on the wrong purpose.

139. Attend spiritual seminars to rebuild your life for more understanding of what the Lord is doing.

140. Some people will want to plan or control your life based on their pattern. Watch out!

141. Don’t get angry with people who misunderstood you or God’s dealing in your life. Love them and still get along with them.

142. That you’re in the centre of God’s will doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be challenges. Sometimes, painful challenges happen in the will of God because Satan wouldn’t want you to remain in the will of God. Was it God’s will for Jesus to carry the cross? Jesus carried the heavy cross in pain. God will always give us grace to pass through challenging seasons.

143. You can overcome all challenges of Ministry. Most of the challenges are a test of your faith.

144. Not everyone will agree with what the Lord called you to do. If you have clearly heard from God, then ignore them and keep pushing forward.

145. There is a kind of lifestyle you may sometimes want to live to maintain some type of anointing to continue to stay on you.

146. Ministry is not in titles. Most people who like titles feel that it is more respected and open doors of Ministry to them. Most people who have a weakness in terms of insecurity go for titles.

147. Be sensitive to know when you are backsliding spiritually; when you are not doing what you were assigned to do or when you are leaving a sinful life. Find out quickly how to free yourself or open up to people who can help you. We should learn to be sincere to ourselves.

148. Be focused to the end.

149. So many things will come to distract you from fulfilling your purpose. At every stage of your Ministry, make an evaluation on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Find out any kind of distraction that came into your life and deal with it. The distraction could be the presence of money, business, family, or self distraction.

150. The time and season that you must be very close to the Lord and get lost in prayers is when you are becoming financially rich and more doors of Ministry are opening for you. Success kills if you don’t know how to handle it.

151. There will be seasons of adversity in Ministry but God will always meet your needs and give you sufficient grace to walk through that season.

152. Satan’s attacks are most times systematic. When you begin to feel discouraged, depressed, defeated; and when you begin to withdraw from people or purpose, then know that the devil is at work and not God. Discouragement is not from God.

153. Never give a great spiritual responsibility to a novice or people with controlling and manipulative spirit. Hear God clearly before you appoint any believer to lead a group. Never take this lightly.

154. Do not step into any Ministry office that God did not call you into. If you do that you may die before your time.

155. The prophetic anointing is real. If it comes on you, you will know. Don’t fake it.

156. The writing anointing is real. When God is stirring your heart and putting words for you to write, you will know.

157. The anointing of the Holy Spirit can be increased in our lives.

158. Make your vision clear. If you don’t communicate your vision clearly to your friend, family, church, they will misunderstand you. Sometimes, we are the reason why people misunderstand us.

159. Don’t create a scene that people will always suspect you negatively.

160. If you don’t take a step, you can’t make a move.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.” Eccl. 12:13 (KJV)

Your greatest wisdom is to follow the laws of God. Success is guaranteed for you through this path.

History has shown that people can disappoint you. Our God is the only sure foundation who does not fail.

You will succeed through Him.

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Handling Success in Life and Ministry

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