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Halloween Stories

By Arnie Lightning

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Table of Contents

The Old Bradbury House


The Transformation Tank

Trick or Treat

The Clay Jack O’Lantern

Halloween Jokes


About the Author

[] The Old Bradbury House

Mia pulled on her nightgown and smiled contentedly. It was a wonderful feeling to get ready for bed after a long day of school! She fluffed her pillows and made sure that her favorite teddy bear was sitting in the corner where her mattress met the wall.

Then she put the sweater she’d worn that day on a hanger and opened the closet door to put it away.

“ARGH!” Two hairy, gruesome monsters with horns and fangs jumped out of the closet, and lunged at Mia, their claws extended!

Mia dropped her sweater on the floor and screamed. “Help me!” She turned and made a mad dash for the door, tripping over her desk chair and falling on the floor.

But before she could leave the room, one of the monsters grabbed her by the ankles. And both of the monsters started laughing.

Mia was so surprised; she stopped panicking for a moment. It was then that she realized the monsters were her older brothers, Jordan and Nate!

“We wanted to test out our Halloween costumes!” Nate explained between hysterics. “According to you, they’re scary enough!”

“That’s not saying much,” Jordan put in. “Everything’s scary to Mia! She’s the world’s biggest scaredy-cat.”

Mia put her hands on her hips. She could feel the anger mounting within her. Her brothers had made a fool of her once again! And the worst part was, they were right. Mia was a scaredy-cat. And she was worried that Nate and Jordan wouldn’t respect her until she finally did something brave.

“What’s going on here?” Mom demanded, coming into the room. “Are you guys teasing your sister again?”

“She’s so much fun to scare!” said Jordan.

“If she wasn’t such a wimp, playing jokes on her wouldn’t be nearly as much fun,” Nate added.

Mom sighed. “Enough is enough. Go to bed, boys. Good night, Mia. Sweet dreams.” She gave Mia a comforting little hug and left.

But Mia didn’t feel any better. She was fuming inside! If she didn’t put her foot down and put an end to all of this, Jordan and Nate would keep on teasing her forever!

The next morning, as Mia and her brothers walked to school, Mia cleared her throat loudly. She had an important announcement to make. Although she was dreading this, she knew it was the only way to get the boys to leave her alone.

“Guess what?” she asked Nate and Jordan. “I’m going exploring in the old Bradbury house after school.”

Her brothers stopped in their tracks and stared at her.

“You can’t go there!” exploded Jordan. “It’s haunted!”

“And you’re the biggest scaredy-cat ever!” Nate reminded her.

“Not if I go in that house,” Mia replied. “No scaredy-cat would ever do that.”

Her brothers had to agree. They wouldn’t even set foot in the old, abandoned house themselves!

“I’ve gotta see this,” muttered Nate.

“Come watch me!” Mia told him. “Right after school.”

That afternoon, Mia met her brothers in front of the Bradbury house. It was a tall, skinny house with broken windows and sagging porches that hadn’t been lived in for at least a hundred years. The neighborhood people often heard strange noises and ghostly moans coming from inside.

Mia didn’t know anyone who’d ever gone into the house. And now she was going to do it. She couldn’t believe herself. Her heart was pounding, and her palms were sweating. Maybe she could live with Nate and Jordan teasing her for the rest of her life, after all.

But, when she saw how impressed her brothers were with her newfound bravery, Mia knew she didn’t have an option. She left them behind in the overgrown yard and walked bravely up the porch steps. She turned the rusty door handle and stepped into the dark, musty Bradbury house.

Right away, she felt ghostly cold air swirling around her. Orange and yellow eyes blinked at her out of the darkness. Strange lights flashed and flickered from the second floor. Eerie laughter rang out in one of the bedrooms.

Mia was so afraid, she was frozen to the spot. And then a white, wispy figure began streaming down the dark, dirty staircase. It reached its ghostly arms toward her and screamed, “Miaaaaa!”

“Ahhhhhh!” Mia screamed back. She turned and grabbed the door handle. But when she twisted it, the door didn’t budge. “Help!” howled Mia. “A ghost is trying to get me!”

The ghost laughed wickedly. “You’re mine now!” it shrieked.

But, just in the nick of time, Nate and Jordan sprinted up the porch steps, broke a window with a rock, and hauled Mia outside to safety. The three kids didn’t stop running until they’d reached the warmth and safety of their own home.

And, needless to say, Nate and Jordan never again teased Mia for being a scaredy-cat.

Just for Fun Activity

The ghost Mia saw was scary, but you can make friendly Halloween ghost treats for special friends and neighbors who trick-or-treat at your house!

You will need:

• Popcorn (plain popcorn)

• Plastic sandwich bags

• Black and orange ribbon

• Googly eyes

• Glue

Have an adult help you buy or make popcorn. It should be white in color, so plain salted popcorn or white cheddar popcorn are the best kinds to use.

With clean hands, put a handful of popcorn in as many foldable plastic baggies as you want to fill.

Tie off the baggies with black and orange Halloween ribbon.

Glue googly eyes to the part of each baggie that holds the popcorn.

You’ve just made a cute, fun, and easy ghost goodie bag!

(You may also want to try this idea with other white foods, like mini marshmallows or white-chocolate-covered pretzels!)

[] Maryanne

Maryanne, the new girl at school was polite, kind, and pretty. She always did her homework, and she was respectful to the teacher and friendly to the students.

She did well in every subject, spelled like a dictionary, and could do math problems in her head just as quick as a wink! She knew all the games that the kids played at recess, and she often joined in.

Nobody really disliked Maryanne. But they couldn’t help feeling as if something were just a teeny bit off about her.

“Maybe she has super-strict parents,” Jennifer suggested to her friends during recess one day. “That could be why she’s so perfect and even a little bit strange.”

“I don’t know,” answered Eva, shaking her head. “From what I heard, Maryanne lives alone with her dad. He never comes to pick her up from school. If he was really strict, you’d think he would do that.”

“True,” agreed Brittany. “But there is something about her!”

Jennifer thought for a moment. Then her face lit up. “I have a great idea! I’ll have a sleepover at my house this Friday. I’ll invite you guys, and Maryanne can come, too. If we spend a lot of time with her, maybe we’ll figure out what’s going on.”

“Perfect!” cried Brittany.

“Let’s invite her now!” Eva added.

Jennifer laughed. “Just as soon as I ask my mom!”

The next day, when Jennifer and her friends invited Maryanne to the sleepover, Maryanne agreed right away.

“I would love to come,” she said, smiling her perfect smile. “You girls are too kind. I will look forward to it.”

“She even talks strangely,” Jennifer whispered as soon as she, Eva, and Brittany were far enough away from Maryanne.

“I know!” Brittany cried. “You girls are too kind. What kid says things like that?”

Eva jerked her thumb toward Maryanne. “That one.”

“Well, at least she’s nice,” Jennifer replied. “This will sure be one interesting sleepover!”

On Friday evening, Maryanne arrived at Jennifer’s house at seven o’clock on the dot. As always, her blonde hair was perfect, worn in two thick braids that never seemed to get messed-up. Her hair was so perfect, Jennifer thought it looked almost fake.

Maryanne wore her perfect smile, too, and a perfect set of unwrinkled clothes. “Good evening, Jennifer,” she said.

“Uh, hi,” Jennifer answered. She swung the door open wider. “Come on in.”

Brittany and Eva were already waiting in the kitchen. They called out their greetings to Maryanne. Jennifer’s mom came downstairs from her home office and greeted Maryanne, too.

“Who wants to make bagel pizzas?” she asked.

“Me!” cried Jennifer, Brittany, and Eva.

But Maryanne said, “Why should we make pizzas from bagels? I can make a Chicago-style pizza pie in no time. I am not hungry, but I would be happy to prepare one for you.”

Everyone watched in amazement as Maryanne flew around the kitchen, gathering ingredients and putting them together in record time. Before long, Jennifer’s house was filled with the delicious aroma of baking pizza.

Jennifer’s mom blinked. “Why, thank you, Maryanne.”

Jennifer glanced at her friends. No one said a thing. But Jennifer knew they were all wondering how any human being could work so fast.

After a tasty pizza dinner, Jennifer and her friends decided to do makeovers on each other.

“Come on, Maryanne!” said Jennifer. “We can play with my mom’s old makeup and do each other’s hair.” Jennifer was dying to style Maryanne’s perfect tresses.

“I do not care for makeup,” Maryanne said. Then she smiled pleasantly at Jennifer. “But you may style my hair.”

Maryanne had so much hair, it took all three of the other girls to work on it.

“You have perfect hair!” Brittany told Maryanne.

“It’s just like the hair on expensive dolls,” Eva put in. “I can’t imagine it ever getting dirty.”

Jennifer thought Maryanne’s hair felt like doll hair, too.

When the girls were done with their makeovers, they settled in to watch a couple of Halloween movies. Halloween was still a couple weeks away, but Jennifer and her friends enjoyed being creeped-out. As they watched, they ate ice cream sundaes, all except Maryanne, who said that she still wasn’t hungry.

Finally, it was time to settle down and go to sleep. Jennifer turned out the lights, and the girls whispered for a while. It had been a fun night, but Jennifer was dissatisfied, and she could tell Brittany and Eva were, too. They still had no idea what made Maryanne so strange!

In the middle of the night, Jennifer woke up to a loud scream. It was Brittany, who had nearly stumbled over Maryanne on her way to the bathroom.

“Look!” cried Brittany. “Look!”

Jennifer turned the lights back on. Then she and Eva stared in horror as Maryanne writhed on the floor, making strange glitching noises like a computer that wasn’t working properly!

“System overload. Restart immediately,” buzzed a flat, mechanical voice from somewhere inside Maryanne’s chest.

“She’s a robot!” screeched Jennifer.

“Oh, my gosh.” Eva melted to the floor in horror. “Oh, my gosh.”

Just then, the front doorbell rang. The girls looked at each other. Who could it be at this time of night?

Together, they went to answer it. A strange, hunchbacked man was standing there, holding a remote control in his claw-like hand. “I received the alert that my daughter must be restarted,” he said in a gravelly voice. “I have come to retrieve her.”

Jennifer stood back and watched, frozen with fear, as the weird man carried Maryanne away. It was now crystal-clear to her and her friends that Maryanne’s “father” was a mad scientist who had designed a very realistic robot daughter for himself.

The secret was finally out and somehow Jennifer thought it had been much, much better not to know.

Just for Fun Activity

You can have fun making these not-so-realistic looking robot treats! They make great (and yummy!) Halloween favors!

You will need:

• Box of your favorite candy

• Starbursts

• Other various candies

• Googly eyes

• Glue

Start with a miniature box of candy that you like, such as Junior Mints, Milk Duds, or Nerds.

Stand the box on one of its short ends so it is as tall as possible.

Use tacky glue to attach the bottom end of the box to two small, flat, wrapped candies, like Starbursts. These are the robot’s feet.

Use another candy (such as a Starburst, or, if you want a round head, a peanut butter cup or chocolate coin) to glue to the top of the box for a head.

Glue two googly eyes on the front of the head.

Glue an M&M or Skittle on each side of the box for arms, and one on top of the head for a little robot cap!

Make as many as you wish and have fun giving the robots to your friends! (Everything is edible but the M&M’s or Skittles, which shouldn’t be eaten because of the glue.)

[] The Transformation Tank

“Our science project is the coolest!” Brent boasted excitedly, half to himself and half to his small pet parrot, Squawk. He burst into his room, carrying a white Styrofoam carton. He had just returned from his friend Jeff’s house—and he had big news!

Squawk sat on the perch inside his cage and flapped his bright feathers.

Brent grinned. He loved the way Squawk seemed to listen to everything he said. “Do you want to see?” he asked the bird.

Squawk made a screeching noise that Brent took for a yes.

So Brent reached down and picked up the Styrofoam carton very carefully, so he wouldn’t slosh the liquid inside. Then he glanced up at Squawk.

“Check this out! Jeff and I call it our Transformation Tank. It all started this morning when we were hanging out in his basement. His mom has a whole lab down there because she’s a research scientist. We decided to pour some of her chemicals and stuff in this carton, just for fun. But then it made this strange blue liquid—look!”

Brent pulled the lid off the carton. He thought that Squawk looked very interested to see what was inside. Just as Brent had said, the carton was half-full of something that looked like bright-blue water. But, as Brent and Jeff had discovered, it wasn’t water at all!

Brent took a pencil from the cup on his desk and dangled it above the Transformation Tank. “Watch!” he told Squawk, his voice barely above a whisper. The Transformation Tank’s amazing capabilities still sent shivers down Brent’s spine.

With that, Brent dropped the pencil into the tank. Immediately, the blue liquid lit up as though lightning had flashed across its surface! Then the liquid fizzed and bubbled around the pencil. Less than ten seconds later, the inside of the Transformation Tank went completely calm.

But the pencil had been turned from an ordinary, yellow number-two school pencil into a much larger pencil crafted from the finest wood. It was shiny with polish, and it had a big pink flower carved at its very center. It looked like a treasure someone might pick up at marketplace in a foreign city!

“Is this awesome?” Brent asked Squawk. “The tank transforms things into the very best version of themselves. Think what a tank like this could do for the world! Jeff and I weren’t even planning to enter the science fair—but how can we not, with something like this?”

Grinning with delight, Brent took his old, battered basketball shoes from his closet and submerged them in the tank. Moments later, they were nothing less than expensive, professional basketball shoes!

Brent had a feeling that his and Jeff’s discovery could change the world!

Over the next few days, the two boys practiced their demonstration of the Transformation Tank.

“This is going to be such a hit!” said Jeff. “But we can’t let my mom know. She’ll freak if we finds out we used her chemicals.”

“Don’t worry,” said Brent. “That’s why we’re keeping the tank at my house!”

It was Wednesday, two days before the school science fair, and the boys were in Brent’s room, standing next to a growing pile of things they had already transformed. Brent’s cheap toy cars had become fancy die-cast models. His stale candy stash had become gourmet chocolate. His ancient baseball-card collection had been renewed into brand-new, pristine baseball cards—worth a whole lot of money!

Jeff had brought over a bunch of his things to transform, too. Even the boys’ socks had designer labels now!

“Maybe we should put our Halloween costumes in the tank,” suggested Brent. Halloween was the next day, and the boys were planning to trick-or-treat as characters from their favorite science-fiction movie.

Now, their costumes were cheap and run-of-the-mill—but after a quick dunk in the Transformation Tank, they were top-of-the-line and very realistic-looking!

“This is the best!” said Brent.

That evening, Brent fed Squawk before covering his cage for the night. Squawk hopped over and sat on Brent’s finger.

Brent grinned at the bird. “This is a very good week!” he said. “Halloween, and then the science fair!”

While Brent was busy daydreaming, Squawk fluttered over to the open Transformation Tank to take a dip.

“Squawk, no!” yelled Brent.

But it was too late. Ten seconds later, Squawk emerged from the liquid as an enormous, beautiful, tropical parrot.

At first, Brent was sad. He missed his little Squawk. But then he reminded himself that the bird was still the same on the inside. And, after all, he was very beautiful as a large parrot!

“I’ll get you a bigger cage tomorrow,” Brent said. He put big Squawk back in his too-small cage and shut the door. Then he crawled into bed and fell asleep.

Brent woke up when the church bells chimed midnight. He could hear their eerie tones echo through the town square. “It’s Halloween now,” he whispered to himself.

He turned over and tried to go to sleep. But for some reason, creepy chills tickled his spine. What was going on here?

Brent sat up and then he gasped. His room was filled with dark, moving shadows. When he clicked on his lamp, he gasped again.

Everything that he and Jeff had transformed was crowding around his bed, staring at him with piercing red eyes! But not only were the things alive, they were also uglier than ever. The pencil was now made of rotting wood, the basketball shoes were ripped to shreds, the toy cars were rusted, the candy was mildewed, and Brent’s Halloween costume was in tatters!

Worst of all, Squawk was perched on the post of Brent’s bed, giant and ugly and evil. He had wings like a bat and a twisted, monster-like face.

The best Brent could figure it out, the eerie midnight magic of Halloween had turned the chemically-transformed objects—and Squawk—into the very worst versions of themselves! And now they were coming to get him!

Brent pulled the covers over his head and screamed bloody murder. But deep in his heart, he already knew that this was the end. There would be no trick-or-treating, and no science fair. Not for Brent, anyway.

He closed his eyes and winced as the monstrous, hideous Squawk tore the covers away from him and began to chase him!

[] Trick or Treat

“I can’t wait for the trick-or-treaters to start coming!” Andie said to Mom. Andie and her friends were planning to go trick-or-treating later, once it really got dark. But right now the sun was still setting, and Andie knew that the littlest trick-or-treaters would be coming around first.

Andie liked little kids. She enjoyed babysitting them and volunteering with them at her church. Helping with little kids gave Andie a very important, grown-up feeling. She could hardly believe she was old enough to be so mature and responsible!

Smiling at herself in the mirror above the hallway table, Andie adjusted the high collar of her flowing black vampire cape. She thought it would be fun to hand out candy while wearing her costume.

Ding-dong! “Trick or treat!”

“Andie!” called Mom. “Your first group is here.”

Excitedly, Andie dashed for the door. She opened it and held out a bowlful of candy.

“Happy Halloween!” Andie cried.

“Happy Halloween!” answered the cute kids on the doorstep. They were dressed as a ninja, a princess, a dragon, and Little Orphan Annie. Andie couldn’t help but grin at the way their eyes lit up when they saw all the chocolate in the bowl.

After that, the doorbell kept on ringing. Andie had lots of fun giving candy to the sweet little trick-or-treaters. She wished them all a Happy Halloween, and some of the kids even chatted with her for a couple of minutes. Andie could tell they thought she was very grown-up! The best part of Andie’s night was when a little girl she babysat for came to the door.

Nicole was four years old. She was dressed as a Tootsie Roll. “Wow, Andie,” she breathed. “You’re a beautiful vampire!”

“And you’re a cute little Tootsie Roll!” Andie replied. She waved to Nicole and her mom as they left.

After a while, fewer and fewer little kids were coming to the house.

“Their parents probably want them in for the night,” Mom said. She grinned at Andie. “Now it’s your turn!”

Andie couldn’t wait to meet her friends. She was just about to pick up her own Halloween treat bag, when the doorbell rang again.

Outside on the step was the cutest little boy Andie had ever seen. He was about five years old, and he was dressed as a superhero in a blue mask and matching cape. He wore a red shirt, yellow boots, and yellow gloves.

“Trick or treat!” he cried in a sweet little voice.

“Awww,” Andie said to her Mom.

She grabbed the candy bowl and opened the door. “Hi, there. Happy Halloween!”

The tiny superhero smiled shyly. “Happy Halloween.” Then he put his hands on his hips and stared up at Andie, a big smile spreading across his small face.

Andie was confused. Why wasn’t he taking any candy?

“Want some chocolate?” she asked, shaking the candy bowl a bit.

“No,” grinned the little boy.

For some reason, Andie felt a prick of fear. Suddenly, the little boy didn’t seem quite so innocent. He continued to stare at her.

“Well,” Andie said after a moment, “what do you want?”

The little boy began tugging at the edges of his mask. “I want…” he began “I want to…” He stopped and yanked at the mask a little bit more.

Andie’s heart started to pound. “Um, Mom?” she called in a wavery voice.

With that, the little boy threw off his mask to reveal the face of a hideous, yellow-eyed, glowering monster! He grew three times his original size before Andie’s horrified eyes, outgrowing his costume till it burst at the seams!

“I want to eat you up!” he finished with a throaty snarl. “You’re just the kind of Halloween treat I like best!”

“Mommmmmm!” Andie screamed. “Mom, come quick!”

The monster scooped her up and was just about to take a great big bite of her, when Mom flung open the front door. In surprise, the monster dropped Andie on the steps with a thud!

“What’s going on out here?” Mom cried.

“M-m-monster,” Andie stammered.

“What?” asked Mom. “Where?”

Andie pointed—but then she realized that the monster was gone! Could it possibly be that she had imagined the whole thing?

“Very funny, Andie,” said Mom. “That’s enough Halloween pranking. Now you’d better hurry, or you’ll be late meeting your friends.”

Numbly, Andie stood up and turned to go into the house. It was then that she discovered a bright red-and-blue scrap of shredded costume caught in the bush by the door.

Maybe she didn’t have such a wild imagination, after all!

[] The Clay Jack O’Lantern

Rafael and his mom were at a garage sale one warm July day when Rafael discovered a large clay jack o’lantern on one of the sales tables. It was carefully sculpted, painted, and glazed. It was designed so you could put a candle inside it, just like a real jack o’lantern!

“Look, Mom!” cried Rafael, showing her.

“Oh, how cute!” said Mom. “Maybe I’ll buy it and use it as a table decoration this fall.”

But before Rafael could reply, the older woman who was running the garage sale hurried toward them with a panicked expression on her face. “How did this get out here?” she gasped, snatching the jack o’lantern from the table. “I was sure I told Ned to put it in the Dumpster!”

Rafael was confused. “Why would you want to throw that away?” he asked. “My mom was thinking of buying it.”

The woman held the jack o’lantern tightly against her and gazed at Rafael and Mom with a dark expression. “Trust me,” she said, “you don’t want this in your house. It was made years ago by a gypsy who put a curse on our family. Every generation to own this jack o’lantern has had nothing but trouble!”

Mom looked amused. “I don’t think—” she began, but the woman cut in.

“I didn’t believe it myself,” said the woman, “until last fall, when my cousin Lily put the pumpkin on her bookshelves.” She shook her head sadly.

“What happened to your cousin?” asked Rafael.

“Things so terrible I don’t even wish to speak them aloud.” A stiff summer breeze blew, making the woman look half-crazed, her hair flying around her in the wind.

Rafael tried not to laugh. He could tell Mom was holding back laughter of her own. How could that lady expect them to believe her insane story?

“We’ll chance it,” Mom said, reaching for the pumpkin. “It will look great with my Halloween decorations. How much?”

“If you insist on taking it, take it!” The woman’s voice shrilled. “I won’t charge you a penny. But you’ll be sorry!” She shoved the pumpkin toward Mom and ran away like a frightened animal.

When they got back into their car, Mom turned to Rafael and said, “Well, I’d say that was the most interesting garage sale yet.”

Rafael tipped back his head and let the laughter escape.

At home, Mom packed the jack o’lantern in a big box with other seasonal decorations, and it was completely forgotten about until a couple of weeks before Halloween. Then, she took it out of storage and put it in the center of the dining room table.

Rafael thought it looked great! When he remembered the crazy lady who had given them the pumpkin, he grinned to himself. What a loony!

That Saturday morning, Rafael was just coming out of a cozy and comfortable sleep, when he heard his little sister Luisa screaming from down the hall.

“Help me! Mom, Dad, Rafael! I can’t walk!”

Rafael tossed back his covers and jumped out of bed. He found Luisa in her room, crumpled into a ball beneath her pink pony bedspread. “You can’t walk?” he asked her, alarmed.

Mom and Dad spilled into the room right behind him.

“Look!” wailed Luisa. She threw back the covers and swung her legs down to the floor. But from there, she couldn’t even stand, let alone walk!

“We’ve got to get you to a doctor!” gasped Mom.

All morning, the hospital ran tests on Luisa, but the medical team could find absolutely nothing wrong with her. They didn’t understand why Luisa couldn’t walk. But she truly couldn’t, not even with the help of a walker!

The family went home that night, sad and discouraged.

“We’ll get some answers,” Dad promised Luisa, tucking her into bed.

Rafael hoped he was right.

Sunday morning, Rafael woke up and tossed back his covers. But when he tried to get out of bed, he gasped in horror. Now he couldn’t walk, either! What was going on?

All of a sudden, he heard Luisa crying hysterically in her own room. “Mom, Dad!” she screamed. “My legs fell off!”

With growing terror, Rafael realized that he was next. Tomorrow morning, he wouldn’t have any legs, either! And then he remembered the clay jack o’lantern on the dining room table.

He thought about the woman at the garage sale who had tried to talk him and Mom out of taking it. Her sinister words of warning flashed through his mind again, words about gypsies and curses and Cousin Lily and troubles too horrible to even mention.

“No, no, no!” Rafael moaned to himself, hiding his head in his hands. “She’s not the crazy one, after all! We are! We’re the ones who took that jack o’lantern!”

Just for Fun Activity

Make an adorable jack o’lantern that will not bring you bad luck!

You will need:

• Orange bath poof

• Black felt

• Glue

• Green pipe cleaner

Start with an orange bath poof. You can find these at most dollar stores.

Cut the loop off the poof.

Turn the poof over so the end that used to have the loop is now hidden. This is the way your pumpkin will sit.

Cut jack o’lantern eyes, nose, and mouth from black felt. These can be any shape you like, but should be small enough to fit on the front of the bath poof like a face.

Glue the felt pieces to the poof.

Have an adult help you hot-glue a piece of green pipe cleaner to the top of the poof for a pumpkin stem.

All done!

~ ~ ~

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[] Halloween Jokes

Q: Why does Dracula have no friends?
A: Because he’s a pain in the neck!

Q: What kind of car did the Frankenstein buy?
A: A monster truck!

Q: How do you stop a monster from smelling?
A: Cut off his nose!

Q: How does a vampire flirt?
A: She bats her eyes!

Q: What kind of monster is safe to put in the washing machine?
A: A wash-n-wear wolf!

Q: What is big and hairy and goes beep, beep, beep?
A: A monster in a traffic jam!

Q: What does a monster do when he loses his head?
A: He calls a head hunter!

Q: Why did Frankenstein squeeze his girlfriend to death?
A: He had a crush on her!

Q: How is a ghost like an empty house?
A: Because there’s no body there!

Q: When do vampires bite you?
A: On Wincedays!

Q: What is Dracula’s favorite pudding?
A: Leeches and scream!

Q: When do ghosts play tricks on each other?
A: April Ghoul’s Day!

Q: What is a monster’s favorite play?
A: Romeo and Ghouliet!

Q: What do monsters use to stay cool?
A: A scare conditioner!

Q: What did the police officers say about the mummy murder case?
A: It is time to wrap it up!

Q: What vampire loves sweets?
A: Snackula!

Q: Why did the ghosts go to the amusement park?
A: They wanted to ride the roller ghoster!

Q: How can you tell if a monster has a glass eye?
A: If it comes out in conversation!

Q: What is Dracula’s car called?
A: The mobile blood unit!

Q: What do sea monsters have for dinner?
A: Fish and ships!

Q: What do you get if you cross a vampire and a circus entertainer?
A: Something that goes straight for the juggler!

Q: What is the first thing that vampires learn at school?
A: The alphabat!

Q: Where do monsters like to swim?
A: The Dead Sea!

Q: What do you get if you cross a monster with a flea?
A: A lot of terrified dogs!

Q: Where do ghosts get their mail?
A: The ghost office!

Q: Where do you find monster boogers?
A: On the end of a monster’s fingers!

Q: What can a monster do that you can’t do?
A: Count up to 25 on his fingers!

Q: What should you do if a monster runs through your front door?
A: Run through the back door as fast as you can!

Q: Which ghost ate too much porridge?
A: Ghouldilocks!

Q: Which day of the week do ghosts like best?
A: Moandays!

Q: What is big, furry, dangerous, and has wheels?
A: A monster on roller-skates!

Q: What do you get if you cross Dracula with Sir Lancelot?
A: A bite in shining armor!

Q: What do you call the lead scorer vampire in soccer?
A: A ghoulscorer!

Q: How did the beautician style the ghost’s hair?
A: With a comb and a scare dryer!

Q: What does Dracula say to his victims?
A: It has been nice gnawing you!

Q: Did you hear about the vampire who died of a broken heart?
A: He had loved in vein!

Q: What happens if you see twin witches?
A: You cannot tell which witch is which!

Q: What is Dracula’s favorite flavor ice cream?
A: Vein-illa!

Q: What do you say when you meet a three-headed monster with sharp teeth?
A: See ya later!

Q: What do you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost?
A: Bamboo!

Q: Did you hear about the girl that wanted to marry a ghost?
A: I do not know what possessed her!

Q: What does a vampire take for a cold?
A: Coffin syrup!

Q: Where is Dracula’s American office?
A: The Vampire State Building!

Q: How come ghosts do not make good magicians?
A: You can see right through their tricks!

Q: Where do baby ghosts go during the day?
A: Day-scare centers!

Q: Why was the monster standing on his head?
A: He was turning things over in his mind!

Q: How do ghosts fly from one place to another?
A: On a scareplane!

Q: Why was the vampire easy to fool?
A: Because he was a complete sucker!

Q: What do you call two witches who share a room?
A: Broom-mates!

Q: On which day do monsters eat people?
A: Chewsday!

Q: What did the little ghost eat for lunch?
A: A booloney sandwich!

Q: How does Dracula like to have his food served?
A: In bite-sized pieces!

Q: Did you hear about the ghost comedian?
A: He was booed off stage!

Q: What monster plays the most April Fools jokes on others?
A: Prankenstein!

Q: Where did the monster keep his extra pair of hands?
A: In a handbag!

Q: What would you get if you crossed a witch with a famous movie director?
A: Steven Spellberg!

Q: What directions did the ghost give the goblin?
A: Make a fright turn at the corner!

Q: How do witches lose weight?
A: They join weight witches!

Q: What is the hardest thing about making monster soup?
A: Stirring it!

Q: What does an Australian witch ride on?
A: A broomerang!

Q: What kind of witch goes to the beach?
A: Sandwitch!

Q: What happened to the man who put his false teeth in backwards?
A: He ate himself!

Q: What kind of book did Frankenstein like to read?
A: One with a cemetery plot!

Q: What is a vampire’s favorite drink?
A: A Bloody Mary!

Q: What did the teenage witch say to her mother?
A: May I have the keys to the broom tonight?

Q: What does a vampire stand on after taking a shower?
A: A bat mat!

Q: How do warty witches keep their hair fixed?
A: With scare spray!

Q: Why did the vampire take up acting?
A: It was in his blood!

Q: What is a vampire’s favorite fruit?
A: Blood oranges!

Q: What city do ghosts like the most?
A: Mali-Boo!

Q: How does a monster begin a fairy tale?
A: Once upon a slime…

Q: What do ghosts drink in the morning?
A: Coffee with scream and sugar!

Q: What is every young monster’s favorite amusement park ride?
A: The scary-go-round!

Q: What do you call a mouse that can pick up a monster?
A: Sir!

Q: Why are haunted houses so noisy in April?
A: That is when the ghosts do their spring screaming!

Q: What do vampires sail the sea with?
A: Blood vessels!

Q: What kind of street does a ghost like best?
A: A dead end!

Q: How does a vampire enter his house?
A: Through the bat flap!

Q: What do you do with a green monster?
A: Put it in the sun until it ripens up!

Q: What noise do you hear if two monsters jump off a cliff?
A: Boom! Boom!

Q: What does a monster say when he meets you for the first time?
A: Pleased to eat you!

Q: Why is Hollywood full of vampires?
A: They need someone to play the bit parts!

Q: What do you get if you cross a vampire and a mummy?
A: Something scary you would not want to unwrap!

Q: What is the best way to talk to a vampire?
A: From long distance!

Q: How do you stop a monster from digging up your garden?
A: Hide his shovel!

Q: How do you address a monster?
A: Very politely and from far away!

Q: What does a mother monster say to her kids at dinnertime?
A: Do not talk with someone in your mouth!

Q: What is a witch’s favorite TV show?
A: Lifestyles of the Witch and Famous!

Q: What did the mother ghost say to the naughty baby ghost?
A: Only spook when your spooken to!

Q: Why are vampire families so close?
A: Because blood is thicker than water!

Q: What is Dracula’s favorite fruit?
A: Neck-tarines!

Q: What did the werewolf write at the bottom of his letters?
A: Best vicious!

Q: Did you hear about the vampire who got married?
A: He proposed to his goulfriend!

Q: Why was the student witch so bad at essays?
A: Because she could not spell properly!

Q: What did one of Frankenstein’s ears say to the other?
A: I had no clue we lived on the same block!

Q: What do they have for lunch at Monster School?
A: Human beans, boiled legs, and eyes-cream!

Q: Where does the bride of Frankenstein have her hair done?
A: At an ugly parlor!

Q: What do you call a smart monster?
A: Frank Einstein!

Q: What Central American country has the most spooks?
A: Ghosta Rica!

Q: What did the vampire do to stop his son from biting his nails?
A: He cut all his fingers off!

Q: What do vampires have every morning?
A: A coffin break!


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