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Gunslingers Reborn


Untold story


[email protected] by Cliff Sibuyi

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New release of my romantic novel.

The Outcast

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The Red leaf and Chosen one

Gunslingers The Heart of Fury

Gunslingers Revive of Gerudo

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Part five


The lords were assembled on the chamber, they all standing as for Monster g was walking up and down while biting his finger and all the lords were waiting to hear Monster g giving them a permission to sit.

“please everyone sit down,” he said. the lords they all sit down. Monster also take a sit. “my fellow lords, we have problem here?” he said.

Luke garret sway his head and looked at Monster g with his arm fold across his chest. “what is it?” he asked.

Monster g clasp his hands tighter as he lean on the table with his elbow against the table. He was staring at Jane with serous eyes but Jane just flick a smile as she left leg on top of her right leg.

“the queen of iron shade is dead,” he said.

“what!” they shout at the same time, Luke garret and Dave flick as they lean forward with shock but Jane has no idea what the lords are talking about.

Jane stand up, “Monster and everyone here, who is this queen?” she asked.

Luke garret recline on his chair, he didn’t even look at Jane. “queen of iron shade was the one who sell us gold,” he said.

“so, what, what does it affect us?” he asked.

Monster g wiped his face as he looked down. “jane, our economy, our money is too small, we need minerals to keep our military strength,” he said.

Dave cline on his chair, “the queen of iron shade was not only selling us gold and the material to build weapons,” Dave sway his head and look at Jane, “now do you get what I mean?” he asked.

Jane recline on her chair as she takes a deep breath, “so who’ll kill the queen for god sake?” she asked.

Dave and Luke Garret shook his head, “I don’t know sister,” said Garret.

Monster g catch his fist as he punch the table, “is the clients of cause, damn it they always ahead of me,” he shout.

“what about we asked the king?” Jane asked.

“Jasper and phosphorus we are the sworn enemies?” said Monster G.

Jane started to bite her lower lips as she tries to think, how to get gold and she stand, “how about the three kings?” she asked.

Monster g tries to think about it and he too stand up, “yes that’s it, the three king island,” he said looking at Jane, “you know jane I…” Derek Tylor interrupted as he barge inside the chamber.

Monster g sit down, “what is the meaning of this,” he asked.

Derek Tylor didn’t respond as he took out three picture as he put them on the table. Jane took the picture and it was Brain Russel, Lyrics Brown and Berry Thompson being all shot on their four dead.

“this is unbelievable,” said Jane, she pass the photos to Dave and Dave too was shock as he pass on Monster G.

“Holy shit, Derek who did this?” Monster g asked as he pass the photos to Luke. “I heard no evidence but according to the people and the wetness is confirm that is Billy,” he said.

Luke garret sway his head and looked at Derek. “you mean the priest?” he asked.

Derek Tylor nod his head. “so why is he killing the Gunslingers?” Luke Garret asked.

“because of the letters,” Dave interrupted.

Monster g squint at Dave, “what letter?”

Dave recline as he fold his arm across his chest, “don’t tell me you guys forget,” he said.

“Dave is right, when I asked the wetness the priest was taking the letters as you look on the photos, each and every slinger was search and their money just toss to the ground.”

Luke Garret giggle, “we are not the only one who is hunting this client?” he said.

Derek Tylor nod his head, “when I remember few week ago, you pick up a letter with a mission to capture the women called Reno, lords you confirm that is the wife of Billy,” he said.

“Reno Momoshi, I thought I asked you to investigate about her” said Monster G.

Derek Tylor nod his head, “yes, I found something, Reno was living with her husband at the church, they had a house at Middle Coast because of her husband gone missing, she sold the house and settle at Borrow Town.” He said.

“did you find anything related to the clients?” Luke Garret asked.

Derek Tylor shook his head, “I don’t see anything wrong with that woman, when I check her history she’s clean,” he said.

Monster g shook his head, “so what does the client want with the innocent women, it doesn’t make sense.”

Jane smash the table, “hey we got problem here, about the gold, are we sending someone to negotiate with the three kings or not?” she yells.

“what happened to iron shade gold?” Derek Tylor asked.

“the queen is dead,” said Monster G.

“so, that’s because the queen is dead it doesn’t mean her business die as well, he’s son Damica took over the business,” said Derek.

All the lords they sigh loud as one problem was solve but the client to them their still mysteries, the clients they always two step head of them.

It been three days Rondo locked herself at his apartment, Rondo was sitting on his chair shivering, his head was shaking while scouting around but he later stand up head to the door, he check if the door is locked by opening it but the door was locked, is just fear clouded him. Rondo he was scared, he don’t know what he is scared for but his instinct tells him that he is in danger. However, Rondo head to the curtain as he slightly open the curtain and peer outside the street and it was only a woman and boy passing by the street.

“what are you scouting at?” he heard the voice as he quickly turn around to check where the voice come from but he doesn’t see anybody.

Rondo quickly run to the kitchen as he open the draw and the draw fall on the floor as the spoons and knife scattered on the floor. He was scared that he just pick the knife randomly.

“who are your show yourself,” he shouts pointing the knife while turning around. he heard the voice laugh but it didn’t say anything.

“leave me alone, what do you want from me?” Rondo shout.

The voice giggle, “it seems you’ve been expecting me,” The voice giggle again as 78’s head pop out from the floor. Rondo flick as he take a step back but he trip by one of the spoon as he fell on the floor.

“who are you?” Rondo crawl backwards while screaming for help.

78 he full pop out of the floor as he looked at Rondo with a devilish eye.

“leave me alone” Rondo shout as he crawling back however, 78 he flicked a smirk as he approaching him.

“how stupid you are, you just looked outside just now and there was no one on the streets… second, you scream for help when you know fully well that you locked the door,” said 78 while approaching Rondo but Rondo was crawling back while asking 78 who he is?

“Third, you just reach the dead end?” said 78. Rondo just stop by the kitchen cabinet, he scout around trying to find another way out but there is nowhere to go, he has been corner by 78.

Rondo looked at 78, his cloths white suite and he remembers him. He just widens his eyes, “I know you,” he shouts pointing 78 with a knife.

78 shrugged with his devilish smirk, “I know, that’s the reason I’m here,” he said.

“to kill me?” Rondo swing his knife, “leave me alone,” he shouts again swinging his knife.

“I have no time to detailed you,” 78 he stretch his hand wanting to held Rondo but Rondo was swinging his knife as he cut 78 hand.

“ouch! You cut me,” said 78 as he looked at his hand a small blood came out and within that moment, the sand just appear inside his wound as it heal the wound. This make Rondo despair as he dropped the knife. Rondo start praying, “heavenly father rescue me from the evil in front me,” he said.

78 giggle as he grabs Rondo by his hair. “God doesn’t care about you, I mean…” 78 just descend down the floor as he drags Rondo with him. “…your drunker after all,” he said.

he completely plunged inside the ground and Rondo was screaming for help as he too was drag into the ground with 78.

The dust swirl away as the breeze rustle to the east, it was in the middle of the desert (grey haven) 79 and zero were walking slowly waiting for 78. 79 look at his watch wrap around his wrist. It been two hours and 78 hasn’t return.

79 giggle, “two hours is gone… he’s late?” he said.

“why you always trying to get point from Zero?” said 78. he pop out from the ground, he was grabbing Rondo with his clothes and throw him in front of Zero.

“79 I always better than you, so don’t think by talk to Zero it will make you better,” said 78.

79 chuckles, “I didn’t say I’m better what I said is that your late,” he said.

“who said so?” 78 asked.

79 raise his watch and show 78, “the time,” he said.

78 sigh as he wipe his forehead with his hand, “I said I will return in two hours…”

“and you return in two hours and two minutes” 79 interrupted.

‘what, you called that…”

“both of you shut up and let get going,” Zero interrupted.

Rondo looked at Zero and he was shaking with fear, “please sir, don’t hurt me,” he berg. Rondo was screaming barging Zero for hep and it was annoying 79 as he knocked Rondo out.

“why you do that?” 78 yelled at 79.

“he’s annoying,” he said.

Zero sways his head and squint at 79, “you knock him down, you carry him,” he said.

79 nod his head as he carries Rondo on his shoulder, “shall we go?” he asked.

“let go,” said Zero. zero lean his hat forward as his body turn to sand and the sand rustle away by breeze.

78 was giggling looking at 79. “don’t slow us down,” he said as he plunge to the ground.

“shut up,” 79 yelled as he too plunges to the ground.

Three hours later, the street was empty only few people walking the street as the horse approach fast, it was Billy who was riding it as he just glides to the side. he step down from the horse. He scout around sways his head up looking at the board and it was written Stone Bite Pub.

He flicked a smile while shaking his head, “home,” he said as he take open step and he entered inside the bar.

Grey Haven, the ground was dry with a dry shrub to there was small one room house, abandon with no roof, broken windows, inside it Rondo was laying as 79 and 78 pop out from the ground, they were standing waiting for Zero. the breeze rustle as it carries the sand. The sand start to swirl gather itself together and Zero appear wearing his gray cloak with his face covered.

“what took you so long?” 78 asked.

“My clothes were dirty, I had to change it,” said Zero.

“Dirty?” 79 asked.

Zero sway his head and looked at 79, “cleanness is next to god and I’m a god,” he said

“yah, yah, we know that, what should we do?” 78 asked.

“wake him up? He said. 79 just kick Rondo on the shoulder and Rondo wake up.

“where I’m I?” he asked as he sit down scouting around.

“you’re in heaven,” said 78.

“Indeed,” said 79

Rondo looked at Zero, as he didn’t realize him because he was no longer wearing his white suit and his face was covered also.

“who are you?” Rondo asked.

Zero chuckles, “who I’m I, it doesn’t matter… tell me Rondo are you willing to give your life to me and take me as your god,” Zero asked.

“what do you mean?” he asked.

“just follow me and I will give you anything you desire?” he said.

Rondo looked at Zero, “anything?” he asked.

Zero nod his head. Rondo looked down as he think about it while in his mind always think about the woman he love but he never had the courage to confront her.

“I have a woman, I love but I never had the courage to tell her how I feel because looked at me I have nothing to give her, all I do is to talk in exchange for beer,” he said.

“we will help you get your woman but in exchange, you must follow me,” said Zero.

Rondo gaze up at Zero, “how? I have nothing,” he said.

Zero giggle, “don’t worry, we will give you power and wealth just accept me as your saver,” he said.

Rondo nod his head, “I will gladly accept, what do you want me to do… I’m all yours,” he said.

“78 and 79 let’s fortify him, hold him tight” said Zero as he takes out the injection out of his pocket.

78 and 79 hold Rondo hands and legs. “oh, you didn’t return to bless heaven just to change cloth, your retrieve that,” said 78.

Zero just giggle, “just relax, it will be over soon,” he said while injecting Rondo with the injection. Rondo start shaking as his eyes turn white. The saliva coming out from his mouth.

“Zero, his dying, we must do something,” said 78.

Zero just turn around as he just held Rondo chest. “now it beyond our help, it up to him whether he want the woman or not, if he do he will survive and if he not he will die,” he said.

Rondo found himself on the dark place kneeling down with his knee.

“where I’m I?” he asked himself but no one respond to him all he hears is voice of people laughing at him, calling him a drunker some voice were telling him that he will not get his woman.

“shut up,” the voices never stop talking, it was making her angry. The image of people who were making fun of him just appear in front of him.

“hey Rondo how many finger do you see?” the voice asked. Rondo looked at the voice, he see three fingers but it just make her more angry.

“don’t make fool of me,” he run toward the image of people who are laughing at him.

“it’s three,” he shout while punching the image and the people just broke and tremble like the glass. And the dark started to fade away as he found himself wake up.

Zero is still placing his hand on Rondo’s chest and 78 and 79 we still holding his hands and leg. “your alive,” said 79.

Rondo open his eyes and looked at 79, his eyes were red, “that’s the power of hatred,” said 79.

78 and 79 they let Rondo go as Zero to let him go. “how are you feeling Rondo?” Zero asked.

Rondo stand up as he looked at his palm clutching his hands, “I feel the power surging through me, I feel like can destroy everything,” he said as he run toward the wall and he punch the wall. The wall just tremble it to pieces.

“I will destroy everyone who will get in my way,” he said.

“hold on a minute, you’re not destroying anyone here, that power is for self-defense only,” he said.

Rondo felt the power as he didn’t listen to Zero, “what make you think, I can obey you with this power,” he shout as he run toward Zero and he tries to punch him but Zero’s body just change in to sand as he Punch Rondo on the stomach and the blood just come out from his mouth when her cough as it split on Zero face.

“just because I give you the power does mean that you can go against me,” he said.

“he’s a fool,” said 79 while drawing his gun and pointing at Rondo forehead, “shall I kill him?” 79 asked.

Zero looked at Rondo face and Rondo was clouded by the fear again as he quickly kneel down and bow down to Zero.

“I’m sorry boss, I promise from now I will be your loyal to you, I owe you my life,” he said.

Zero shake his head, “no, you don’t owe me, your life belongs to me,” Zero take out a gold out of his pocket as he throw them to Rondo, “try to get yourself some new cloths and improve your life and remember never reveal your power and tell anybody about us until I tell you so, if you want to kill a person, you hire by sending letter on the bars,” he said.

“don’t do something stupid Ringo, I hate killing you?” said 78.

Zero sways his head and looked at 78, “78 return him to his place and I will see him soon if I need him,”

“ah boss, why it always be me?” 78 asked.

Zero looked at 78, “because your fast.”

“so, what are about my woman shall I fall in love with her,” he asked.

“I don’t care what you’re doing with your life but when I need you, you must stop what you’re doing and attend me, you can marry her I don’t care as long you don’t reveal our secret,” he said.

Rondo stand up as he nod his head, he didn’t wait for 78 to held him but he hold 78 hands, “shall we go then” he said.

“very well,” said 78 as he plunged to the ground with Rondo.

Billy enters the bar as he head to the bar counter, Stone Bite was busy parking the glass, Billy scout around and they was no one inside the bar only Stone Bite busy parking the glass.

“glass of beer please?” he asked.

Stone Bite turn around and he was shock to find out that is Billy.

“oh Billy, my boy, I thought your dead,” said Stone Bite.

Billy look at Stone Bite with a smile, “you have aged old men,” he said.

Stone Bite nod his head while taking one bottle of beer and the glass, “yes, it been a long time… I was with Wright Buddy few weeks back and he said life is been hard for him when your gone,” said Stone Bite.

“is he still drink a lot?” Billy asked.

“you know it, he never change, he a gunslinger now the fourth rank with a bounty of 120 thousand, he even have a nickname King Fighter,” said Stone Bite.

Billy giggle as he scout around but he sees a chair as he point it with his finger, “do you still have that chair?” he asked.

Stone Bite laugh as he nod his head, “yah, it remind you, your girl huh? she love to sit there?” he said.

“she’s my wife now but I don’t know how to confront her, I been gone for 18 years leaving her alone,” he said.

Stone Bite held Billy shoulder, “she loves you Billy trust me, just go, I’m sure you had your reasons why your gone for so long,” he said.

“do you think she’ll forgive me?” he asked.

Stone Bite open the bottle of beer as he pours a beer in to glass. “she your wife, she will even if she not at least you’ll have tell her your reason,” Stone Bite give the glass of beer, “my boy, I learn one things in this life, family always stick together,” he said.

Billy smile as he raises his glass, “cheers to that?” Stone Bite raise his bottle of beer as they both drink at the same time. Billy sway head

and looked at the chair and he remembers the memories he first met Reno.

The end

To be continue read part six, “Billy memories”

New release of my romantic novel.

The Outcast

Books by Author

The Red leaf and Chosen one

Gunslingers The Heart of Fury

Gunslingers Revive of Gerudo

My first time series

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Gunslingers The dawn of apocalypse

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Gunslingers Reborn

Preface The event of this stories occur three years before the event of Gunslingers the Heart of Fury and revive of Gerudo. This events covered the history of Billy and three legendary scientists. This short stories series will covered and details all the mysteries have been happening in gunslingers novel series. They are multi part of this short story series. It will be explaining the start and the end of this gunslingers series. It will just open the path of comprehending the next coming Novel of Gunslingers dawn of apocalypse. Each of the part of this short stories will be publish after three days. So, don’t go far, I have an interesting story for you.

  • ISBN: 9781370691821
  • Author: Cliff Sibuyi
  • Published: 2017-01-25 16:50:10
  • Words: 3618
Gunslingers Reborn Gunslingers Reborn