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Gray Clouds

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Gray Clouds:

Do you ever wonder why when rain clouds come in then they turn gray and then it rains when it wants to? Well here is a story that tells a myth that nobody could solve. This was the year of Achilles’ death. I know what the regular myth says. But, what really happened is in this story.


Achilles and Perseus were practice fighting in a little Olympic arena. Achilles with his spear and Perseus with his sword. They were there for three whole hours for practice. After four hours Achilles sat down rubbing his heel (When his mother made him immortal she dipped him in the Styx River. His mother held him by the heel, making it his weak spot) He looked up at Perseus who was stretching from the long practice fight. Perseus looked at Achilles heel then at him.


“Are you all right?” Perseus asked him. Achilles looked up at him.

“Yah, why you know this is normal!” Achilles let go of his own foot. He put his sandals on then walked out of the arena with his spear by his side. Perseus looked around the arena then looked up to Heaven.


Perseus was afraid of Achilles’ heel. If he was in a fight and somebody found out about his weakness, he could die easily and painfully. Perseus picked his equipment up and walked out of the arena as well.


While Achilles was walking home his heel was still throbbing. The messenger of the gods (Hermes) was flying in front of him with his winged sandals. He held up a scroll, looked around to see if any body was listening and read to Achilles.

Dear Achilles,

There has been a terrible monster in our midst. Medusa has set an army before us and destroyed half of Heaven. Bring Perseus with you to a meeting in Heaven. Come quickly. ZEUS

Once Achilles heard this, he ran to get Perseus. His heel was still hurting but he had no choice.


When he found Perseus he was in front of a big barn door. Perseus had his hand stretched out to open it.


“WAIT!” Achilles yelled. Perseus turned around to face the person who was talking to him. It was Achilles running after him with his hand stretched out.


“What is it, Achilles?” Perseus asked. Achilles stopped and bent down to catch his breath.

After a few minutes, Achilles stood up straight then said, “Zeus sent a message. Medusa’s army just attacked Heaven and destroyed half of it. Zeus wants us to have a meeting with the gods immediately.”


They ran to where the messenger told Achilles about Medusa. The messenger was waiting with a horse and golden chariot. Apollo was sitting in the chariot. We got in the chariot and the horse sped off into the wind heading for Heaven.

They reached the gate of Heaven in less than three minutes. Zeus was waiting for them on his throne. Next to Zeus was Athena, Ares, Poseidon, and Zeus’s wife Hestia (Hestia is also his sister). Achilles and Perseus looked around at Heaven, or what use to be Heaven. Statues were broken, goblets filled with wine were scattered on the floor. When they looked back at Zeus he was mad. Really, really mad. You could read his face from a mile away that he was mad.


When Achilles and Perseus were done looking around the messenger and Apollo walked over to his side.


“Were gathering here today for a tragedy that just happened an hour or so ago” Zeus said with a booming voice. “Medusa has come and destroyed this lovely site.” Zeus looked around the destroyed place. “She will pay for what she has done.” When he said this, thunder and lightning sounded after his voice. He took a thunder bolt from a pack he had from the side of the chair then pointed it at us. “We need you two go to Medusa and…” He pointed the bolt at both of them again. “Bring back Medusa’s head!” He finished.

Apollo gave Achilles and Perseus a lift again back to earth. They went back to the arena to get their things where they left them. They went in the arena something didn’t look right to Perseus. He looked around at the little beat up arena. Then, in the corner of his eye, he found a statue he never saw before. It was a statue of a black and white badger on its hind legs showing off its vicious teeth.

Achilles came up behind him. He looked at it from the side then walked toward it.

“This was never here before,” Achilles said. “Unless…” Achilles turned around. Achilles shut his eyes quickly. Perseus looked at him strangely.


“What?” Perseus laughed. He looked at the statue again then at Achilles’ eyes. Medusa, Perseus thought. Perseus griped his sword and shield. Perseus closed his eyes, turned around really fast then threw his sword in the air. All he heard was the clanking of his sword hitting a stone wall. Achilles opened his eyes, picked his spear up then shut his eyes again.


“On the count of three, we run to the entrance,” Perseus whispered. “1…2…” Wait we can’t lead her to the city Achilles thought


“Wait” Achilles said finally


“What” Perseus asked.


“We can’t lead her to the city” Achilles answered.


“Then what do we do” Perseus said angrily. Achilles looked around the arena there was a statue on top of the arena. He could push the statue on Medusa while Perseus distracts her. Achilles turned to Perseus and told him the plan.

“Good plan. Now don’t get turned into stone now” Then Perseus sped off to the nearest stone wall in front of him.


Perseus looked at his shield for a reflection, then turned toward something dark in the corner of the stage that looked like Medusa Perseus ran with his eyes closed as fast as he could at the creature It gave out a weird screech. Achilles ran toward his spot on top of the stadium where the statue was. Perseus sliced his sword wherever he could and tried to keep his eyes closed. He was heading for the big statue.

Perseus got one slice out of a hundred blows until he was knocked in the gut by Medusa’s fist.


“Aaaah!” Perseus yelled. They were both under the statue. Perseus tried to catch his breath. “Come on!” Perseus yelled in his mind “Just a little closer”. Perseus got back up with his eyes still closed ran what he thought was the monster and kicked as hard at Medusa in the gut. She fell back just then the statue came right down on her. Achilles came down from the top of the arena.


“We did it!” Perseus shouted. Achilles maid a smile then suddenly something out of nowhere and grabbed Achilles heel. Achilles yelled in pain. It was…Medusa. Medusa held his heel until… Achilles opened his eyes from the pain. Achilles was turned into stone Achilles was dead. Perseus looked at the frozen gray body then Medusa. He ran at the nasty, bloody creature Medusa was about to turn until, she fell to the ground with a hiss. Medusa’s head fell of her shoulders and onto the ground. Perseus lifted her head toward heaven so the gods could see his victory.

After Apollo picked Perseus up with the head of Medusa he interred Heaven, gave Athena the head to put on her shield. Then they all formed a circle and they showed their anger. When they looked down at earth gray clouds were forming (The gray clouds represent the color of Medusa’s statues) then droplets of water fell from the sky. Rain is the meaning of sadness of the gods for remembering our beloved hero Achilles who died in battle and that’s why we still remember Achilles to this day. That is why the clouds are gray.


Gray Clouds

Two demigods want to make there mark in history, but they didn't want it to be this way...

  • ISBN: 9781311994363
  • Author: Layne Franks
  • Published: 2016-10-15 23:20:07
  • Words: 1390
Gray Clouds Gray Clouds