Graduate Jobs: An Emergency Guide

Graduate jobs: An emergency guide

This guide is for those who leave university, blinking at the future and hoping for the best. You have lots of options, some traditionally rely on planning in advance. This emergency e-book assumes that you’ve thought no further than handing in your dissertation, and that’s not always a bad thing.

Those three years pass quickly and before you know it, you are done. Crisis can loom in the heart of the toughest nut when the next step is unclear. The identity of ‘student’ disappears and you can find yourself languishing (albeit temporarily) in the wintery wasteland of what next.

Being unsure is one thing but being unsure with an audience is completely another. Everyone becomes interested in your next step and, even if they’re not, they will still have a nugget of advice for you. Prepare, my friend, for scrutiny. Very few will stop to draw breath before suggesting that you become a teacher. Either that, or comparing you to anyone they know who has a button of success but a bucket of common sense (of which students lack, according to friendly nugget giver). The vulnerable post uni aftermath is enough to unsettle the steeliest of nerves.

This guide will help with your next step whether it is:

getting a job

going abroad

further study

something else completely

I went to university and I was unsure of what to do next. I am now old enough to be politely ignored by club promoters flyering but I do vividly remember the pressure to do something fantastic whilst at the same time fearing the cold chill of the Job Centre.

My after uni story is this: I had a spontaneous gap year and a half. I went off on travels for 18 months to avoid a potentially desolate return home to a seaside job in winter destiny. I came back to the UK and first worked in a factory polishing bits of plastic on a conveyor belt for a few weeks, then I got a call centre job for a few months and finally got my little mitts on a graduate level job as an editorial assistant. It was a wobbly time that all ended well, but I would have liked a bit of advice – hence this guide. Did I go to my careers service? Ops. On the last day.

I’m now old enough to be ignored by flyerers for clubs. I’ve had a decent stint working in a university careers service. I’ve seen undergraduates in all states: from the sorted prefect to the unsure humanities undergraduate. I have studied career development theory with Warwick University and I am now a qualified career adviser.

I am a learning technologist too. I wanted to combine my career theory with knowledge of technology to make your job search a digital work of art.

I have read a few careers books and found them to be written more for career planners rather than help, no planners. They can be boring, scary, serious, or all three. The last thing that would appeal to me if I was just graduating. Most find the future bleeping at them with alarming urgency and volume. So, hopefully you’ll agree that this is instead a practical, technical yet jolly guide that will give you ideas on what to do next.

I have helped people get jobs. Students, friends, colleagues….even people that don’t exist in a research study for the LSE. Not many career advisers could make claim to that.


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Graduate Jobs: An Emergency Guide

This book is the guide I wish I had when I graduated. This ebook will help you with the aftershock of graduating, giving you solid ground to work out your next step whether that is: - working - travelling - more study - something else entirely This book is for you, especially if you haven't given your 'what next' a second thought. You will find career advice coupled with all the best bits of learning technology so that you can look like the digital kid that everyone wants to have in their office: eportfolios, digital curation, social media, blogs, job feeds - you name it, we'll cover it.

  • Author: Sally Burr
  • Published: 2015-10-28 00:05:06
  • Words: 19113
Graduate Jobs: An Emergency Guide Graduate Jobs: An Emergency Guide