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Ugly girl

Beneath the monsters of stone

Sat a girl of skin and bone

Heavy rain fell on her

Her skin began to fester

She scratched herself until she bled

For her own body she carried so much hatred

So many cuts made with broken glass

So ugly was this walking carcass

Lonely man

A lonely man he was

Always wandering somewhere

A man who never received love

A man who never gave love

His eyes always looked into emptiness

His lips never moved away from each other

His ears heard nothing but silence

His nose inhaled only the corrupted

The lonely man made a decision

He had nothing to live for

As he flew toward his end

For the first time he truly smiled

Night of the poets

It was the night of dreadful clouds

It was the night of forest’s wicked sounds

It was the night of revealing the secrets

It was the night of the poets

In the house in the woods they gathered

Sat at the tables and drank wine of the color red

Everyone sat and speak they did not

Who dared was cursed to have his tongue rot

This was the night just for poems

The night to share all the secrets and problems

To share the beauty and ugliness of the written word

To make it possible for everyone to be heard

And so the poems began to pour

Of death and tragedy and amour

Some made them cry and some made them shiver

It ate their sanity just like alcohol ate their liver

The night of the poets ended

To insanity many surrendered

As they walked across the sea of blood and tears

They walked out into the age of dark years

Castle of pleasures in the fog

The fog was thick as spider’s web

As one man struggled to find his way out

He walked through the forest of wicked sounds

In hopes of coming out alive

The forest was scary and full of dread

The kind that shouldn’t belong to this world of men

Like some twisted mind designed it

To swallow sanity and spread the insanity

The man walked and walked

And he found a way out

In the clear stood a castle of black

Surrounded by fog and forest of dread

The man went in front of the castle

He stood and admired this monster of nightmares

And the monsters of stone that towered upon him

Creatures that came from the twisted minds

Doors opened and the man shivered

A beauty came out from the dark castle’s mouth

Pale as dead with hair made of darkness

Naked and with eyes that could melt icebergs

The man froze in place

What of beauty what of fear

She whispered with a voice of silk

And disappeared inside the castle’s mouth

This voice and beauty this man could not resist

This mystic beauty of darkness

And so the man went inside

Into the monster made of black and dread

The doors closed with a loud bang

The lights of the candles danced on the breeze of death

The man stood inside and with fear and admiration he observed

The ensemble of beauties that darkness poured out

Such beauty this man never witnessed

As they encircled him he shivered

Their breath warmed his skin

Their touches boiled his blood

His clothes was torn away from him

The beauties dragged him into the room

On the bed he was thrown and tied

Where beauties drained him of creator’s fluid

The man enjoyed like never before

The pleasure they gave him was of world beyond

The man enjoyed and enjoyed

Until he became nothing but skin and bone

Music in the night

Through the streets of old

Echoed the music of the night

Through the night of cold

Every time a little after midnight

No one knew from where this music came

This breeze of delight to everyone’s ears

This beauty that set even the hearts of cold aflame

That made even the monsters of stone to release tears

The legend said it was the music of a man in love

For a woman long gone from this world of dread

The woman with the beauty of a dove

The woman for whom many fell dead

The man captured her heart with the beauty of his music

She danced to its rhythm on the pale moonlight

To her it seemed like it was created by some magic

She danced and he played even dead this music of the night

Sleeping with corpses

She inhaled the smell of death

Every day she went to sleep

The smell that filled her lungs with joy

And her dreaded soul with pleasure

She consumed men like a plague

The ones who fell for her mystic beauty

For her pale skin and hair of darkness

They gave their blood and soul

In her own chambers of pleasures and dread

She held these men who wanted to use her

No one knew she had a dark side

The demon that hid behind the mask of an angel

She drained them of creator’s fluid and life

She enjoyed in their moans and screams

She placed them after death in her secret place

She slept with corpses of men she used

Baltimore’s tragedy

He was a man of written word

A man of love and mystery

The one who wrote about a dark bird

And spent his time at the cemetery

He wrote about love and grotesque

He wrote poems and tales

His work was unique

The result of his inner battles

Alcohol was his best friend

And many bottles he dried

But alcohol was probably his end

By which many were horrified

On that day the world cried

A great poet they lost

In Baltimore he died

Where ravens speak with his ghost

The traveling poet

There was once this poet

Who walked all over the world

With him was always his trustful bag

That contained pen and paper

On that paper he wrote his thoughts

About love and tragedy and death

As he walked he shared them with common people

Who stood in amazement because of the poet’s songs

Some were twisted and dark

Others full of love and emotion

But all pierced the hearts and minds of common men

And left them in thinking as he vanished into the night

Murdoch the Mortician

There was once this man

Murdoch the Mortician was his name

A tall and crude man he was

A man of dread and silence

Sorrow constantly followed him

He held Death by hand as he walked

In peace only when surrounded by the dead

Cemetery was his only home

Many bodies he lay into the Earth’s womb

People that once had stories to tell

But after death they were only shells

Their souls went into a world of better or worse

Murdoch the Mortician was his name

The caretaker of the dead

A weird man of solitude and dread

The one who danced with Death

The artist

He was an artist with bad teeth and a wicked breath

An artist who desired nothing more but quick death

His soul carried so much pain and sorrow

Loneliness devoured him for to women his was a scarecrow

He wrote poems of love and death

Many would say they were written by a psychopath

He drew paintings of macabre and gore

That came from the visions he wore

All that sorrow and pain he could not bear

The love for this world anymore he didn’t share

It was time to go to a world of better or worse

It was time into darkness to immerse


Like garbage he was treated

Abused and molested and defeated

Just because he was different

Just because he was special

They did not like his appearance

Day after day they beaten him

They hated his intellect

Jealousy consumed their souls

An outcast he was

Banished from society of men

Just like all extraordinary men

For ordinary men hated those above them

The Hunter

Once more into the night

I bravely walk alone

Against nocturnal creatures I fight

While being observed by monsters of stone

Through narrow streets passes a breeze of dread

The flickering eyes move in the dark

Through these streets that count many dead

Above them stars never spark

From around the corner I hear a muffled scream

I run and a wicked thing I see

Many would think this is just a dream

Many but not me

The creature sees me and stands up

The nocturnal dread from the wicked tales

I am the only one who can the creature stop

I who fought with them many battles

The creature immediately attacks

Driven by the thirst for my warm blood

I take out my silver ax

And kill the creature in the name of God

The table

There was once this table

Full of cuts and burn marks

Table full of stories of dread

Covered in dust and wicked blood

It was the table of a writer

The one with a twisted mind

Whose soul never rested

Tormented with madness it constantly was

On that table he wrote his stories of madness

Wicked stories full of torment

Scary and full of pain

They even made the table shiver

The writer lived beside that table

The writer committed suicide beside that table

The table soaked in the writer’s blood

And trapped his soul within forever

The poet, the pen, and the poison

It was a dark and scary night

The kind from which all men ran in fright

Clouds of dread gathered on the sky

It was time for this poet to die

He wrote with his trustful pen

As he enjoyed the coldness of his den

About a love he always sought

She was his only thought

His last poem he finished

He didn’t want his life to end in bloodshed

So he took his trustful poison

And died in this small prison


The darkness hid many things

One of it was a man so grotesque

That light didn’t even dare to illuminate him

And it kept him hidden from the eyes of the innocents

A man full of sins and pains

The one who lurked on those in the light

He crept beneath the sleeping city

And searched for the warm and innocent blood

Razor wire

She covered herself in razor wire

It was time from this life to retire

Pool of blood began to grow

This girl lost her tomorrow

Red rose

It was white in the beginning

Innocent and free

Then the rain began

And the rose became red

Snake’s tongue

He licked her virgin’s blood

With his forked tongue

She became his food

He liked his meat very young

Sorrows of our fathers

Look at them my dead friends

They cry for us now when it’s late

But when we were alive

They stomped us because we were different

Look at them my dead friends

Soak up the tears that fall on our graves

For life that we took from ourselves

Wasn’t truly our life

Look at them my dead friends

Remember how they used to command us

But now they cannot

And for our deaths they are to be blamed


From the clouds so wicked and dreary

It falls upon humanity so weary

The kisses it gives are full of passion

Soaking in sky’s tears is their addiction

Many escape from it but a few stay

Under the water curtain they pray

For death to be quick and gentle

And make the soil soft where they will settle


This life is so unfair

To live more I do not dare

Oh demons with wicked breath

Grant me a pleasant death


I don’t like my cracked skin

I don’t want to belong to this kin

This wicked race called humanity

As with each day they slowly drown in insanity

I don’t like my rotten teeth

And I can feel the rising heat

Of rage within my mind

Because of this race so ignorant and blind

I don’t like my greasy hair

And I don’t like the way they stare

At me with their piercing eyes

One can only hope this plague eventually dies

What can I do to escape this life

Nothing but slash my throat with a knife

And so from the darkest depths of my tormented soul I roar

I’m just a human and nothing more

The suicidal man, the owl, and the wicked thing that runs in the dark

It was yet another night

Of full moon and dreadful clouds

The kind which would make any man run in fright

Except one man lost in his thoughts

Through this graveyard he wandered

Thinking about painless ways to die

This life he abandoned

It was darker than the night’s sky

The names on the graves he read

Of the ones long gone

He envied them for they were dead

Now nothing but ash and bone

From a tree nearby one owl observed this man

This fool that did nothing but ran

He was lost in this world and in his mind

And he was obviously blind

For he could not see the wicked thing

That made this night even more chilling

But the creature could see its next meal

And when the man saw it he could not believe it was real

He didn’t want to die anymore

He wanted to live and see his family more

He began to run but the creature was faster

And the creature met nothing but disaster

A hunter emerged from darkness

He faced this creature of pure madness

And he cut off its head

This wicked thing was finally dead

The suicidal man begged for forgiveness

But the hunter was merciless

The suicidal man was also wicked

So the hunter had him punished

The owl observed everything from the rotten tree

It was happy this graveyard was finally free

That the wicked creature was finally gone

And that its reign of terror was done

Ravenous sky

I have seen the dark flock

Flying over our kingdoms

Announcing misery and death

Announcing He is coming

They flew over our kingdoms

Their shrieks chilled the bones of the dead

And they blocked the sun

And our kingdoms drowned in darkness


This victory is for you

For you my sweet Victoria

For you I shall conquer them all

For your beauty I will lay waste to all the kingdoms

So much blood I have spilled for you

And I will spill more if you desire it my dark queen

And not will you only drink it

You will cleanse your body in the fluid of our mortal enemies

Sea of tears and blood

I have seen the future

I have seen the fall of humanity

I have seen this world burn

I have seen the death of all life

They brought this apocalypse themselves

Lust and greed consumed their minds

The thirst for money shattered their souls

And the world drowned in the sea of tears and blood


What are these scars on me

Who covered me with them

Was it me or something within

I cannot remember a thing

Each day a new one appears

And with each day pain increases

What madness drives me to do this

Why am I ruining the armor of my soul

Mists of Transylvania

In the desolate forests

Under the gentle mists

Live the creatures of dread

And those who witnessed them are long dead

Through the mists they walk

With the dead they talk

With their souls they dance

These creatures without conscience

And there comes a wanderer so weary

Enters these forests so dreary

In the mists he disappears

Where his soul will wander for endless years

The lonely musician

This lonely musician drowned in sorrow

He lived from day to day thinking about tomorrow

He didn’t have any reason to live

But he had so much love to give

This love he collected inside himself for years

He didn’t even want to shed his tears

Afraid it would escape from his soul

And into this world so foul

He collected all this love to give it to the one and only

A woman from his dreams that would make him no more lonely

But as he collected his love he also collected his fury

All this loneliness and sorrow made him so weary

He couldn’t even create music anymore

He could only smash things and roar

And so his threw out his piano through the window

And freed one girl from her misery and sorrow

Dancing with shadows

I dance with the shadows

On the pale moonlight

On this cemetery that is my home

For all eternity and beyond

I dance with them

For that is all we can do

On this cemetery that is our home

For all eternity and beyond

Cries of Carpathia

In the desolate region of Carpathia

Lived a woman by the name Mystia

Renowned for her beauty and intelligence

But they didn’t know she was worse than pestilence

In her castle she performed rituals so wicked

By which many would be sickened

She took young women from their homes

And to their families she returned only their bones

During the misty nights echoed the cries

Of young women seduced by Mystia’s lies

She used those women as a sacrifice

That woman’s soul was made out of pure ice

Whispers in the dark

I sit in the dark

I can hear them whisper

Their words corrupt my mind

As they wish of me things so grotesque

I sit in the dark

I can hear them whisper

Their words corrupt my soul

As they wish of me things so dreadful

Whispers in the dark

Slowly consume my tiresome mind

Whispers in the dark

Slowly consume my tiresome soul

Beauty in darkness and morbidity

I have found the beauty in morbidity

In death I have found such tranquility

I have found the beauty in darkness

It hides me from the world’s madness

A shy girl

Such a shy girl walked down the street

She was all alone and always was

She never felt the touch of a man

Because she was always so shy

And down the street she walked

When all of a sudden she fell dead

A lonely musician’s piano fell on her

And she died without ever feeling the earthly pleasures

Falling feathers

On that day the world stood still

Entire humanity lost its will

Under the dark sky they stood

Mindless and stiff like they were some wood

Thunder shattered throughout the sky

As they stood not caring if they would die

Throughout the world echoed screeches

And the world became covered in ashes

Feathers began to fall like rain

Covering humanity in pain

The age of darkness came

Were the sins of humanity for it to blame

Living in the darkness

In the depths of darkness

One man lives

Alone and sad

Too close to become mad

Darkness is his life

It cuts his soul like a knife

This lonely man wants to die

Anymore he cannot cry

Love letter

I am on the brink

It’s not easy to think

As I write this letter to you

My love is nothing but true

The only one

My soul is in prison

For which you are the reason

Your love created these bars

I can’t love anyone else under these stars

I like to stare at your magical eyes

Without them my caged soul slowly dies

I like to touch your pale skin

Without it my day wouldn’t truly begin

And as I touch your dark hair

As we make love inside our lair

Know that you are the only one

Even after this short life is done

The woman on the painting

I remember that woman from the painting

And I remember her beauty so mesmerizing

But she was wicked and completely evil

So much that of her was afraid even the Devil

With her emerald eyes and beautiful voice

She conquered men and they had no choice

But to serve her and give her everything

And they complied and they would do for her anything

And once she dried them completely

She sent into death these men so weakly

And so they killed her to protect everything they hold dear

But this woman on the painting many still fear

Dance around my tombstone

She dances around my tombstone

The one who put me in here is a crone

This is the punishment for my past crimes

To live buried inside this coffin until the world dies

Howls in the night

I am sitting inside my wooden house

The only light in it comes from the full moon outside

The winter wind blows creating dreadful sounds

And among those sounds I hear them howl

Such fear grips my already weak heart

Made weak by living in fear for years

Because of those creatures craving for human flesh

The ones that killed my family so long ago

And now they have come for me

They want to tear me apart

Creatures that were once my family

Now nothing but beasts under the full moon

Those eyes

Those eyes I saw made me shiver

Those eyes I saw gave me fever

In the darkness they glimmered

In the darkness they disappeared

Praying and dying

I’ve been praying all day

My sweet love for your sake

Why did you have to pay

When it was clearly my mistake

But God punished you instead

To drown in this disease

And forced me to go mad

Oh God spare her please

For you I’ve been praying

Pleading God to give you a quick death

For days you’ve been slowly dying

I was beside you until your last breath

You and me

You are mine

I am yours

Under this dreary sky

Our love with each day grows

You and me

Please each other

As this wicked planet

Slowly falls into abyss

Our love will give us wings

Of a demon and an angel

And through the universe unknown

We shall fly until we die

November rains

On this beautiful month of November

I always dearly remember

Of you and me under the falling leaves

Of days so wonderful for which this lonely man grieves

Since you died on the last day of November

The first day I met you I still clearly remember

I constantly cry on these November rains

In hopes it will wash away all of my pains

Never cry when I die

Never cry

When I die

We shall meet again

And you will see then

Never cry

When I die

Better world awaits us

After this one so blasphemous

Crying widows

On the serpentine meadows

Gathered a choir of widows

Their cries awoke the ghosts of the dead

On these serpentine meadows from which many fled

Their cries were a song for their weary ears

The water for the grass were their hollow tears

They cried until the world went dark

On these serpentine meadows they left their mark

That woman

I loved that woman with all my heart

I loved her yet she never loved me back

That woman wasn’t meant for me

That woman that I loved with all my soul

She was that woman that all talked about

The one everyone adored and worshiped

The one I loved and worshiped

I stared at her but she never stared back at me

How I wish I met that woman while she was still alive

She was probably a thousand times more beautiful than on her obituary

That woman that left this dreary world a century ago

That woman that captured the hearts of all

Souls of ice

They are the men from a world I’m afraid to speak

They are the men that prey upon the weak

Their faces are always covered in darkness

Their corrupted bodies are heartless

I’ve seen the things they did to the human race

How most of them vanished without a trace

They took them away to their world of dread

Where all… no I do not dare speak about the world that turned me mad

They are the men with souls of ice

Let me give you one good advice

If you see those men with eyes full of hatred

You better run from those men most feared

Sheer terror

Sheer terror runs through my veins

It increases when it rains

The music of the rain reminds me

Of a world where red is the sea

Sheer terror runs through my veins

It increases all of my pains

When I die I will go to that world

Where there are no brave and the bold

Pale of the night

It was yet another dreary and wicked night

And I found myself walking under the moon’s pale light

I was walking through the abandoned cemetery

The one many considered to be too scary

There was a legend passed around

That many men disappeared here and were never found

And those who escaped these wicked grounds

Talked about a pale woman whose beauty bounds

And so I ventured into the night that gave me shivers

In the shoes that gave me blisters

To find this beautiful pale woman shrouded in mystery

To find her in the night most dreary

I walked and walked what seemed like centuries

To see if she was real or those stories were all lies

And I wanted for those stories to be real

Because I wanted this woman to reveal

And suddenly I saw her standing on the moon’s pale light

And I stopped and froze in place because of this sudden sight

She just stood there and didn’t move at all

And I just stared at this woman that looked so small

Suddenly she appeared right in front me

And on the pale moonlight I saw her beauty

I saw her pale skin and dark hair

And felt sickened by the smell in the air

I began to feel the stench of death

I could feel it in her breath

She placed her hand on me and whispered

Nah I don’t want to write the words so twisted

I don’t know how I survived her wrath

I don’t know how I escaped from certain death

But I warn you not to go looking for this monster

Or you too will feel the wrath of this soul eater

My princess

Oh my sweet princess

You who dance beneath the moonlight

Can’t you see how much I love you

Can’t you see it like I can see your soul

I always look at you from this cold castle

I and these heartless monster of stone

We watch you as you dance to the music of the moon

And it makes me sad because I can’t touch you

Oh how much I want to escape this dungeon of mine

But I can’t because I’m cursed

I’m cursed to live within these cold walls

For eternity with monsters of stone

The Dark horseman

They spoke of him in terror

And I write this in terror

They spoke about the Dark horseman

The deliverer of death

The villagers said he would knock three times on your door

And the next morning one of your family would be dead

With a look on their face that expressed sheer terror

And the cause of death always remained unknown

They saw him many times riding through the night

This horseman always shrouded in darkness

And no matter how much they locked their doors and windows

Death always found a way into their houses

I saw him too

He knocked on the door of the house

The house in which I slept

And the next day the owner was found dead

I saw the expression on his face

I don’t know what he saw

But whatever it was it had to be terrifying

And it made me escape from that village

And just an hour ago I heard three knocks on my door

I saw him through the window as he rode out into the night

I’m afraid to go to sleep

Death is coming for me and I can’t stop it at all

Candles in the night

I light them in this beautiful night

I light them to guide you out of it

I stare at your picture on your tombstone

And gently touch the dirt under which you lie

I hope your soul finds a way to me

You only need to follow the candles in the night

And I will light them every night

In hopes we finally meet again

An angel in Hell

She was a girl beautiful and young

Of sadness and death she always sang

While she was cleaning the house

Afraid of the returning spouse

She was trapped within those wicked walls

Finding peace in listening to the rain as it falls

Praying he wouldn’t hurt her so bad

Trying not to go completely mad

Sheer terror passed through her every time

He returned home to do his crime

To hurt this girl for his own pleasure

To show her she was just a failure

She was an angel and in Hell she was trapped

Every day she was humiliated and raped

By this demon who had no soul

With heart that was most foul

The lighthouse

It was his curse

It was his damnation

For a century now

He spent in the lighthouse

The guardian of the flame he was

The guider for the ships carrying the lost

The souls of men seeking the afterlife

In the vast world beyond

In the solitude lighthouse on the solitude rock

Surrounded by a pool without bottom

He kept the flame alive

It was his one and only mission

The cries he heard from the wooden ships

Never allowed him to sleep

The screams he heard from the pool without bottom

Always made him shiver

In this lighthouse he was trapped

In the vast world beyond

To keep the flame alive

And guide those who were lost


I heard them echoing in the distance

Alarming us of the incoming apocalypse

Of the arrival of the impending doom

For our sins there is no more room

I heard them yet no one else did

They lived their lives unlike me who always hid

Inside a white room rid of all noise

But I still heard the sirens announcing His rise

Wake me up

Wake me up because I can’t take this anymore

I can’t live inside this nightmare that haunts me

Why can’t you live me alone

You are dead yet you still haunt my tired mind

I’m not the one you should blame

I tried everything to save you

But there was nothing I could do

He killed you and I saw it all

Wake me up because I can’t relive that scene anymore

I can’t watch it every night in which he always kills you

Even in my nightmares I can’t find a way to save you

I try everything but he always wins

The church

In this abandoned church every night I pray

To stay alive and make it to see another day

In hopes of not being devoured by those devilish creatures

That roam around the church in the woods like vultures

It is me who they are trying to bring down to Hell

For my soul I had to Satan Himself to sell

So I could get you out of there my sweet princess

To get you out of that world of wickedness

And now they hunt me because of my soul

I can sense their breath so foul

I hope this church will protect me for a little more

But I’m tired and without you my heart is sore

Thread carefully

Carefully thread around these wicked parts

For from here is where all the madness starts

You do not understand of what I speak

So come closer to my story-sharing beak

It is here that once the carnage happened

Because of a man who in the darkness drowned

All he wanted was nothing but death

And you could also smell it in his breath

Toward that hill up there he rushed them

They were the key to release mayhem

To release the one whose name I dare not say

For with my soul I would have to pay

And on that day the rivers of blood slid down that hill

And the screams echoed that would make your soul chill

But the wicked man did not manage to succeed

They were able to stop this wicked breed

But before he exhaled his last breath

As he lay upon that tremendous bloodbath

He threw a curse upon these dreary parts

Whoever walks them with madness will corrupt even the stars

So thread carefully around these parts my dear guest

But if you feel like you are up to the test

Just look at that man with a sword in his hands

And then beneath the hill upon which he stands

Hear him cry

In the night so eerie

In a world so dreary

Walked a man so weary

Carrying a bottle full of misery

In this town so silent

In this world so malevolent

Walked a man so irrelevant

Carrying a bottle full of resentment

In this night I heard him cry

This man who wanted to die

His bottle was full of the pain from his eye

To live anymore he didn’t want to try


Can’t you see them hanging

On the doors of your mind they are banging

On those golden chandeliers

The ghosts are carrying many fears

These chandeliers hang above your head

And from them hang those long dead

Can’t you see them with your wicked eyes

Find them before anyone else dies

The torch that brought darkness

I saw Him on a day so bright

Walking beneath my castle without light

Him whom were afraid of even the monsters of stone

Him who sent shivers through every dead man’s bone

In His hand was a torch that brought darkness

The torch that was the bringer of madness

It covered the sun with its malevolent power

And because of it withered every tree and flower

He was gone and the light returned

Him and His torch most damned

This world was condemned a long time ago

And so into the vast world beyond I must go

Sweet poison

Through my veins it runs

This poison that stuns

And sends me far away

As for my body they pray

I float in the abyss

On my skin I feel a kiss

I feel so good

As this poison runs through my blood

The shivering writer

Why did he shiver as he wrote

Many have asked that

But those who read his stories knew why

It was not easy to transfer to paper the dreads of his mind

He wrote them down to get them out

Out of his condemned mind

But in doing so he revealed them to the world

And those who read them their minds became plagued

They were plagued by the otherworldly things

The ones that made them shiver

The ones that made the writer shiver

As he transferred them from mind to paper

Moonlit ocean

I stand at the edge of the ocean

Under the full moon which showers it with light

It reveals its deep dark secrets

And fills my eyes with tears

I stand and think about you

About your soft and sweet pale skin

About the long dark curtain that falls down your back

And the eyes that illuminate the darkest corners of my mind

I stand here and tremble at the thought of you

At the edge of the moonlit ocean

My thoughts I’m sending to you

Through the light of the full moon that shines upon you

Winter airs and tower stairs

Maristella my lonely beauty

To reach you it is my duty

To climb the stairs of this damn tower

To free you my crimson flower

On this wonderful winter night

Illuminated by your inner light

I inhale this fresh air

Preparing to do what most wouldn’t dare

I step on the first stair

I’m doing it out of despair

To finally feel your warm body

To save you from this tower so bloody

I climb these wicked stairs

I reach you standing beneath the stars

You run to me and kiss me truly

To you I give myself fully

Scary crows

I dreamed of running through the golden field

Running not knowing from what

Just running too afraid to look behind

As sun above laughed at me

And all of a sudden the laughing sun disappeared

The golden field withered away

I turned around and saw them coming

A swarm of scary crows

They surrounded me and I stood powerless

Their screeches sent me into madness

One by one they began to eat my flesh

Until I became a scarecrow made of bones

Save me

Save me from this world of pain

In which I have nothing to gain

Save me from this ruined body

In which I am a nobody

Save me from this world of madness

That gives me nothing but sadness

Save me from my corrupted mind

Which makes me to beauty blind

Three past midnight

In this night so cold

I write stories that need be told

Stories of my visions and dreams

On a paper that from their wickedness screams

I check my old wooden clock

With that owl in it I used to talk

It has struck three past midnight

Yet sleep doesn’t come to me in this cold night

Sleep rarely comes to me during nights this dreary

Maybe it is because of the dreams so eerie

Or maybe because of the voices in my head

Whispers of the poets long dead

They were damned like I am

In macabre visions and dreams they swam

And so they also wrote them down

In hopes of not receiving out of madness forged crown


Through my mind I swim

Thinking if this is a dream

But I know it’s not

I can see my mind rot

I can see all my darkest desires

In this mind filled with dark fires

I don’t want to swim through this madness

And now I’m sinking into its darkness

Celestial nights

I loved you my sweet Celestine

And you had to be mean

You left me because of that man

Into his corrupted arms you ran

I spent with you celestial nights

Hidden by the condemned sights

Every minute spent with you was magical

And you had to ruin it all with your betrayal

But I won’t condemn you

I still love your eyes so blue

Your picture during the nights I kiss

Celestine you are a bliss


I will never change

To them I am strange

A loner in pursuit of bliss

Is there anyone to whom I’ll miss

Silent echoes

So much silence echoes within my mind

Lost and broken in this world of the blind

Where the evil ones live in bliss

In this age of utter crisis

I cannot listen to their cries anymore

I don’t want to open that door

That lead to the world of black adder

With each day I grow sadder

The world descends into darkness

Led by men that drown in madness

How can one plan for tomorrow

When it leads you only to more sorrow

So I decide to live in silence

Far away from this pestilence

Known as humanity

Confined by their own depravity

Shattering skies

Beneath these God given skies we walk

In these worlds that belong only to us

Holding each other’s hands

Blessed by eternity that was granted to us

Suddenly light appears on these beautiful skies

And I can hear God’s voice and see his face

And the skies begin to shatter

As you are taken away from me

I float toward the skies trying to get a hold of you

I see shards of skies falling down on you

I scream and feel nothing but pain

And open my eyes again in this one world of the living

My madness

Madness has many ways of bringing me down

I am locked behind its bars of torment

It doesn’t let me go and it never will

It is my punishment for inhaling the air of this condemned world

It torments me in ways unimaginable by simple minds

Shattering my soul and crushing it to dust

My mind hurts and keeps me awake during the lonesome nights

My body scarred and dishonored

Is there a way to cure my madness

I guess there isn’t

You can’t cure something born with you

You can’t run away from the thing in the mirror

Bless me

Bless me Father for I have sinned

On this chilling night I have killed

A man that tore my life apart

And I stabbed him in the heart

I forgive you my child

That man was wild

A man who deserved death

For I could smell evil in his breath

But severe will be my punishment

I’m afraid of His judgment

I took His child’s life

With this very own knife

You don’t need to worry

Nor you need to feel sorry

God knows you took a man most vicious

Trust me that demons will find him delicious

Will for me be open those majestic gates of Heaven

Or will He send me to Hell on that horrific raven

Do I deserve an afterlife in bliss

Or have demons for eternity at me to hiss

You are awaited in Heaven by the angels

They will mention you in the gospels

You will become a heavenly knight

And on this world you will shatter the true night

Faces of people long gone

I see them in the mirror each night

Every night’s a different face

Of people I once knew

Of people long gone from this world

They haunt me for I am the last of them

And they won’t rest until I join them

And so I take my shotgun and look outside

It is a beautiful night to die


I know that man locked in the white room rid of noise

He was once a man of prosperity and bright future

He was an explorer and a man of word on a quest

To find a book written by a terrifying divinity

And he found it he told me

When he called me on that chilling winter night

He told me about things described in the book

Of fears and phobias invented by a divinity to conquer our weary minds

It was a fearsome divinity known as Namaghsull

Once worshiped in the lands beyond the horizon

Where tribes of madmen killed out of fear

All around themselves and in the end themselves

Those fears and phobias He installed in us at the birth of mankind

In hopes of destroying God’s wicked creatures

But He did not count on the power of will and the strenght of God

In each mind of a species known as humanity

And so He wrote a book in order to spread His word

To install even more fears and phobias in mankind

To inflict upon us the will of destroying each others

With the power of hatred that rises along with our fears

He told me about that divinity called Namaghsull

And just by hearing the words from the book I shivered

And I could hear the sirens in the distance

And I could see the stars shaping his dreadful form

The architect of sorrow

He who sits on a throne of tears

He who sits above the stars

It is He who gives us all this sorrow

It is He who takes away from us our tomorrow

He is the reason we feel sad

He is the reason for the tears we shed

This great architect of sorrow sits on its throne

And will sit long after we are gone


The legend I heard about that divine being

Took my breath away

And the things I heard about Her beauty

Gave me back the reason to live

She was a goddess of true beauty

The comforter of the lonely men

Of those that never felt the soft touch

Of a gentle gender on their cracked skin

It said She would visit those on the brink

The ones loneliness almost drove to death

And grant them pleasures unimaginable

For that one glorious night

And She visited me last night

Her beauty paralyzed me whole

She gently placed me on the bed

And took me into Her embrace

Creatures of the night

Thou who dare not sleep

Join us in the night

For it is your destiny

To walk among us

Thou whose dreams scare even the demons

Join us in the night

For we are its sons and daughters

For we are creatures of the night

The witness

She shall see death by the sea

And she won’t cry nor will she die

Nor will his madness bring upon her darkness

For she will be the witness in this world of blackness

Where are you

Where are you

In this vast world beyond

Where does your soul wander

I cannot find you

You told me you will await me

By that lighthouse on the solitude rock

Its light shall be our beacon

But you aren’t here

Come toward the light

I’m awaiting you

Me and this old man

In the lighthouse on the solitude rock

This is my legacy

On your world of misery

I leave you things so eerie

These things you deserve

My own madness to preserve

This is my legacy of blood and sin

And inherit it shall the next of my kin

For my wicked spawn

Shall hunt you from dusk till dawn

Your dress

I still have your dress

The same you wore that night

When you disappeared in the ocean

When the lurking creatures dragged you down

It still has your scent

I inhale it every single night

And it’s like you are right there

I can feel your soothing presence

Beneath my skin

I can feel them crawling beneath my skin

Thousands of them wander through my body

Torment me slowly from day to day

Keeping me awake for centuries

In this coffin I am trapped with them

There is no escape for me

This is my curse for my sins

Please forgive me


This is my punishment

An everlasting torment

These scars that constantly bleed

Because I am a wicked breed

For what I did I had to pay

And for my victims I had to pray

He punished me for my wicked deeds

And sent me on a mission to kill all the evil seeds

The burden

Ease my burden

It weighs down my mind

Drags it to the bottom

Of an ocean of insanity

Once I used to be free

My mind floated in the skies

And as I grew up

Them swarmed my once innocent mind

Such horror

I have witnessed such horror

It gave me endless terror

That creature I saw in the dark

Left on me its wicked mark

I heard the screams of its prey

As I hid in the dark and pray

The creature disappeared in the night

And I ran and ran and ran in fright

The soil on my soul

Death came for me

It was swift and just

It took me away from the world

Of a species that wrote its own doom

They placed me into the womb of the dying world

A world soaked in the blood of mankind

And inside its womb

I heard the world crying

Such horror it witnessed

The madness of mankind

Their foul deeds that made the universe shiver

And the stars to disappear from its canvas

And I lay inside its womb

The soil of the world protected my soul

From the atrocities of the world above

And we cried together until the end of mankind

Dancing with the Devil

Every day I visit your grave

People tell me how I am so brave

How I am good at suppressing all this pain

But they don’t know my soul now is just a stain

It slowly fades away

Because on this world you couldn’t stay

You left this world of evil

And left me dancing with the Devil

And I dance with Him on this graveyard

Trying to keep you safe from this bastard

That wants to take your soul

But I’ll protect you my sweet doll

Ominous chant

I heard it in the dead of the night

This thing many would consider a blight

This chant so ominous

Forged by the tongues so poisonous

The chant foretold about the coming of doom

I could hear it as I hid inside my room

It foretold about the coming of madness

And a thousand years of darkness

Oh such doom shall upon humanity

But they deserved it because of their insanity

Because of their destructive nature

They won’t have any future

Room of mirrors

Imagine yourself standing in a room

This room full of mirrors

That reveal every face hidden behind the mask

That reveal every character trying to claw its way out

I stood in that damn room

And saw them all

All the faces only a madman could carry

All the maniacs I tried to keep within

They crept within my mind

They tried to swallow my soul

And they succeeded

To fight them all I couldn’t anymore

One by one the mirrors began to shatter

And they swarmed me

And they tore my soul apart

And I became a man with a thousand faces


They overwhelm me

They keep me bound

I cannot hold them anymore

These feelings drive me mad

I just want to empty my mind

To forget everything and start anew

I just want to live my life

Without these feelings that keep me down

Someone to talk to

Have you ever talked to yourself in the dead of the night

Just talked and didn’t care if anyone would hear you

Talked to yourself about all your problems

Talked to the one inside of you in hopes he would make it all better

I did it many times under the moonlit sky

As I sat alone on a bench made of stone

I talked to my inner self and he always listened

He was the only one that ever listened

I didn’t care if they would proclaim me crazy

This society that rejected me and threw me into darkness

That forced me to hid behind the stars

This society could never understand my feelings

The one inside me was the only one who ever could

And so I talked and talked to him

And he patiently listened and listened

As the world around us began to slowly wither away

Blanket made of mist

It gently falls upon the city

This blanket made of mist

And I watch it in awe

As it surrounds me and makes me invisible

I glide through this beautiful mist

Not knowing where I’m going

I just glide and enjoy in this peace

As the mist makes me blind to the evil of this world

I cannot see the wicked deeds of men

I can only see the purity of the mist

And evil cannot see me

As I finally find serenity in this world of depravity

The long road ahead

I walk this dark road without end

Wondering myself how did I end up here

I remember myself being in a car

And a very bright light ahead of me

But now there is no light

Not even the stars on the sky

But somehow I can see this road

On which I walk upon with my bare feet

And as I walk people from my life appear

They glow with some divine light

One by one they come and talk to me

About the decisions I made in my life

They tell me where I went wrong

They tell me it’s not too late

They speak and speak for what feels a century

And I walk this road without stopping for a moment

And then it appears in front of me

A tunnel from which comes light so pure

I step into the tunnel and the light embraces me

And I open my eyes as a different man

The pictures on the wall

These pictures on the wall bleed

In this house that is my creed

The pictures of my family

And of my wife Emily

I had to kill all of them

I created all this mayhem

In this wicked house

Where I was treated like a mouse

And now I drown in their blood

Please forgive me God

But I just couldn’t take it anymore

Please stop all this gore

The tormented orchestra

Under the stick made of bone

A choir of screams performed

A music so beautiful to the wicked ones

A music so carefully composed by the most wicked one

They screamed and screamed in unison

As they were being cut by razors and saws

These people without hands and legs

This orchestra that drowned in torment

The most wicked one composed music so dreary

With this orchestra he carefully built for years

It was his dream since he first heard the most chilling scream

His dream from the day he slaughtered his entire family

And as their screams echoed throughout the hall

The wicked ones celebrated the most wicked one

The most wicked one released a tear

While the orchestra drowned in them

Dames of the night

You can see them during the night

Standing in the streets

Patiently awaiting and flirting

With men seeking the warmth of flesh

And you can see them driving off with those men

To grant them unimaginable pleasures

And you can see them coming back

But those men you will never see anymore

This dread within you

I have seen such dread at the bottom of your soul

I have it seen through your eyes filled with despair

What terror has consumed your life

For you to carry such evil deep within

Horrors in the mist

What horrors dwell in the mist

Is it my imagination or is it real

This madness consumes my mind

And these visions shatter my sanity

This mist slowly consumes this wicked world

Bringing nothing but dread into our minds

And there is no way to escape from it

We can only drown together in an ocean of insanity

The princess and vengeance

Body full of scars

Lies under the stars

On the cold gray stone

It is her eternal throne

Beneath her he bows

To find her killer he wows

His eyes full of rage

His soul trapped in a vengeful cage

His love she was once

They both loved to dance

They enjoyed in summer evenings

They loved all the living things

And then the dark figure came

And it had no shame

In taking an innocent life

With its silver knife

His lost his princess

To a thing from utter darkness

So he decided to have her avenged

And this vengeance made him deranged

Withering rose

And as this rose withers away

Your death made my mind go astray

Death has taken you into its embrace

And then laughed directly into my face

There is no life for me when you aren’t in it

This candle on your grave for you I lit

In hopes of seeing your ghost

Without you I’m lost


There is this library somewhere beneath the ocean

That speaks of all the dreaded things in this world

And about all of the worlds beyond

In which dwell things from our worst nightmares

And this library runs a librarian so old

Older than this galaxy in which he now dwells

These books he keeps in order

And tries to restore sanity to those who read them

And whoever wants to read them

Has to ask a simple question

And then enter this vast library

Where reason does not exist


  • Author: Daniel Markov
  • Published: 2015-12-07 18:05:09
  • Words: 9369
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