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GOTCHA and other stories



By Melissa Flores


Copyright @ Melissa Flores, 2016

All Rights Reserved

Book Cover Original Images/Illustrations by Constance Smith


First Shakespir Edition


Shakespir Edition, License Notes

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.



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Table of Contents


Connie’s Story

When Dreams Come True

About the Author








“Seriously, the blonde bitch is mine. Don’t touch her or I’ll kill you too.” Mike tells Eric, his sidekick.


“Man, I get it, you want her. Besides, I like and want that redhead.”


Mike interrupts, “Eric, put this on. The masks will scare them.” Mike throws Eric a black ski mask. “These little npathissistic bitches are going to die. Who do they think they are?”


Saylor is keeping an eye on the car behind them. Every time she turns, the car behind them turns the same way. She hasn’t said anything to Autumn yet. Why would anyone want to follow us? Maybe they just like my car. It is cute with the new vanity plate, CHEER1.


“You nailed that back flip.” Autumn says to her best friend as she plays with the pompoms on her lap


Ugh, why does she think she is the only one that took gymnastics? “Well, I did have a lot of practice at camp this summer.” Saylor shrugs. “Autumn, listen, don’t look but I think that car is following us. Is anyone home at your house?”


Autumn spins around in her seat. She looks at the car following them. “No, my parents are out of town for the weekend and I’m sure Ricky is still celebrating with the team. Those freaks are wearing masks!”


“For God’s sake, turn around! I told you not to look. They are wearing masks! We don’t want them to think we are paying attention. No one is home at my house either. What do you think we should do?” Saylor asks.


“I’m sure it’s safe. Man, your Dad being Sheriff has made you paranoid. Besides, I am sure it’s probably some guys from school that know us, who else would want to follow us. Let’s go to my house, besides the dogs will protect us.”


Saylor turns Right onto Singer Road, then onto Hasket Road. She pulls onto the long gravel driveway, passing the fenced pool. Saylor notices how dark Autumn’s yard is. Is the street light out or what?

The dark gray car stops on the road, blocking the driveway.


“What the?” Both girls say at the same time.

“They’re just trying to scare us.” Saylor Shivers.


“It’s working! I don’t have the garage door opener with me. So I have to get out and punch in the code. The dogs will run out as soon as the garage door opens. Pull in as soon as you can. I’ll close the door behind you, OK? Just don’t run over Oscar and Daisy.”


Autumn runs toward the garage door panel and punches in the code.


They are just sitting in their car, watching us. The door opens and the dogs go running towards the strangers in the car. They should scare those jerks off. Saylor pulls into the garage.


Autumn lowers the garage door even before Saylor shuts off the engine. For some reason, Oscar runs back into the garage. The garage door starts back up. Damn safety feature!


At the same time, both Saylor and Autumn see two masked men walking up the driveway.


“Get in the house,” Saylor yells. The door starts going down again. Daisy growls at the strangers. Then she makes a horrible yelp. Oh, poor Daisy!


As they get in the house, Autumn yells, “Lock the backdoor. I’ll get the front. Then go to my room, Dad has a shotgun in my closet. It’s loaded.”

Autumn reaches the front door. A man with a black ski mask is already there. He opens the door and steps in. She notices how large he is.


Saylor reaches the back door just as the other man does. It’s already locked.

He is wearing a clown mask and he’s smiling. Creepy. He starts hitting the glass door with his keys. Saylor runs towards the staircase.


“Go to the room!” Saylor screams.


Both girls run towards the stairs. Autumn’s red hair is grabbed from behind. Autumn sticks her finger in his eye. He releases his grip and gives her time to escape up the stairs. She hears his laugh. Autumn slams her bedroom door and locks it. They look at each other. They listen for noises.


“Hey pretty blonde, Mike is coming for you. Where are you hiding? You can’t escape me. You’re going to die, hear me? You’re dying tonight, bitch.”


Saylor runs to the window and tries to open it. It’s stuck. She sees Daisy laying on the porch, not moving.


Autumn goes to her closet and grabs the shotgun. She points it at the door. The girls just look at each other.


There is a pound at the door. Another pound and then another pound. The door opens. Saylor screams. Autumn aims and drops the gun accidentally.


Clown man grabs Saylor. He pulls her out of the room, away from Autumn. I can’t escape his grip, too strong, I can’t break free. He is taking me downstairs!


Ski masked man is pulling Autumn’s red ponytail. He pulls her and throws her on the bottom of the stairs. Autumn never loses but Saylor sees she has a deep look of defeat. Saylor’s heart sinks.


Clown man brings a silver knife up above his head with his right arm. His left arm pins Saylor down. It’s coming towards me, it slices my face first, then my chest, over and over again. Over and over! He is killing me! Why is he doing this? Where is Autumn?


The men stand back and admire their handy work. The beautiful young girls lay lifeless in each other’s blood.


As the men leave the house, Mike tells Eric, “I have to get the license plate off the bitch’s car.”


When they reach Mike’s car, he removes the clown mask and tosses CHEER1 into the trunk. It falls onto the large collection of vanity plates, but this time there is also a set of pompoms too. I’ll never understand npathissistic bitches or their vanity plates.


They laugh as they drive away. A small glimmer from the license plate can be seen. It reads GOTCHA.





Connie’s Story


Connie tries to not run to the new white chairs overlooking the water. She fluffs the colorful pillow as she sits down. She places the laptop onto her thighs and the feeling of freedom surrounds her. Her dream is finally true. No alarm clock, no papers to grade, just her and Dave with no responsibility.


Dave placed the chairs so she can look at the beautiful views. The mountain’s reflection shines on the still lake. How can I write with such a breathtaking view? She thinks to herself.


Her fingers feel magical as they land on the new MAC that Dave gave her for a retirement gift. She hits the keyboard again and smiles.


The phone rings. Next time, phone stays in the house. She frowns, “Hello?”


Connie runs up the yard at lightening speed that Dave has only had a chance to mow a few times. She reaches the door and flings it open. The smell of fresh paint still lingers in the air.


How can this be happening? After all these years, how did they find us? “Dave, Dave. Where are you?” She yells at the top of her voice. “Dave?”


Dave walks into the kitchen. “I know. I know. They called me too.”


She collapses into his arms, crying. “How did they find us? I should of listened to you!”


“Darling, it will be ok. They’re sending a car right now. Where are the go-bags?”


“I put them in the hall closet, yeah, the hall closet.” Connie begins shaking. Dave grabs the bags. They meet at the door. They have had this plan since the very beginning, almost 25 years ago.


Connie and Dave look around at their dream home, on last time. Dave reaches around her waist, in an act to comfort her. “We have spent the last 25 years rebuilding our lives ,” Dave states very matter-of-fact. Connie cringes. Dave shuts the door behind them, knowing they will never be back.


The black sedan screeches to a halt in front of them. “Right on time,” Dave reassures Connie. His arm still surrounds her, comforting her. Tears run down her cheeks.


The back door opens and they get in. Dave scans the backseat as he sizes up the agent. The agent closes the door and they are carried away from their ideal life.


Dave reaches over and wipes the tears from his wifes eyes. “We will be just fine, I promise.” 25 years in the witness protection program and never a breach until now. How did they find us. How?” Dave shakes his head.


Connie closes her eyes. The last move happened when the girls were just babies. Maybe Lucy will remember that fretful night. Connie closes her eyes.


“Mommy, why is Debbie now Dianne? Why? Because you said so?” Connie remembers Lucy asking that horrible night in 1989.


“Yes Lucy, because I say so. Just as your new name is now Lucy. You can never tell anyone the old names. You have to promise Mommy, OK?” Connie shivers.


“Yes Mommy, I promise.” Lucy’s innocence scares Connie.


Damn the Witness Security Program! Damn the corrupt Chicago PD. Connie looks at Dave and sees a concern in his eyes that she hasn’t seen in many years. It breaks her heart.


“Connie, your new name is Kate James. Dave, your new name is now William James. Do you both understand? We are relocating you to Cody, Wyoming.” The Agent spoke so coldly.


“Wyoming?” They both asked, “What about our girls?”


“At this time, your children are grown and independent from you. Their families are not in danger besides they are not eligible for the program. Big Jay and friends do not care about them, they are only interested in you two. You both must understand, you cannot have contact with your children ever again. Understand?”


Connie and Dave look at each other. The agent just said, “Big Jay.” Big Jay was sealed from their file. Agent Scott told them many times, no one from the agency would ever know why they were in the program and no agent would ever use Big Jay’s name. They have practiced this scenario, especially when the kids were little.


Connie starts crying, diverting the agent’s attention away from Dave. “How can I never talk to my girls again? Wyoming? What if I refuse? I mean it Dave. I am not moving to Wyoming. Oh my God, my girls.” She screams at the fake agent.


“You will be killed if you refuse, understand? Maybe you should of thought of this before writing your “fictional” story. Criminals read more than politicians. Besides, what else do they have to do behind bars.” The spathasm in the agents voice cut the air.


“It’s been 26 years, Asshole. 26 years! I changed everything about that night in the story. Everything. Why do they still care about us?” Connie’s voice quivers as she glances at Dave. She sees that Dave has the gun out of the bag, holding it by his leg. She loves his covertness ways.


Dave makes his move. He pushes the gun into the agent’s temple. “You’re going to die right now, unless you tell where Big Jay is.” Dave’s voice was barely recognizable to Connie. 25 years of anger in his voice. 25 years of running. I bet Dave didn’t recognize his own voice either. Connie thinks to herself.


“Tell us now,” Dave demands.


“He is where he always is. Hiding out from the police. Because of you two, he lost everything.” The fake agent calmly says.


“Who are you?”


“I am little Jay.”


Dave pulls the trigger as Connie yells. Little Jay’s brains cover the sunroof and fly on the windshield and dash. The driver screams in Spanish as Dave pistol-whips him in the head. Connie grabs the steering well from behind as Dave climbs into the front seat.


“Pull over now.” Dave yells.


The driver pulls over.


“Now get out.” He demands of the driver. As the driver opens the door, Dave kicks him from behind. The stout Mexican stumbles on the road, but manages to not fall.


Connie and Dave drive off as they exchange knowing glances; after all they have been through this before. Connie grabs the go-bag and climbs over Little Jay’s lifeless body, into the front seat. She dials 311 from the special phone they were given years ago. “Operation Big Jay is a fail. Children are compromised.” Connie hangs up. Dave keeps driving. They have to drive all night until they reach D.C..


“Do you think the back-up location is still the same?” Connie asks.


“Yes, I am sure it is.”


Little Jay’s cell phone rings. “Answer it, Connie, you have too.” Dave tells her.


“What’s your status, LJ?” The caller asks.


“Dead.” Connie smiles and throws the phone out the window. Man, I have missed this. Connie remembers the same events 25 years ago.


She moves to the middle seat and rubs Dave’s thigh. She shakes her head. Some things won’t ever change, my love for Dave, my love for the girls, my love of writing and having a fake name.


Dave yells, “Connie, are you almost done? I’m getting hungry.”


Connie closes her laptop, “Yes babe, I’m coming in.” She pauses and looks for just a moment. What a view we have!




When Dreams Come True


W.D. rolls his window down. The fresh, brisk morning air surrounds him. He looks at his watch and figures he is two hours from Anaheim. If he continues on schedule, he should be able to get most of his work done today. He sees a small boy holding his thumb high in the air. Is this child running away? I have to check on him, even if I am late. W.D. shakes his head in disbelief.

He pulls his black truck onto the lush, green grass on the roadside. This is going to delay me. “Young man, where are you heading?” W.D asks the boy.


“Anaheim, Sir”


“Anaheim, huh? I’m going that way. Do you need a ride?”


“I sure do.” Johnny reaches for the doorknob of the shiny truck and climbs right in.. “Wow, are you rich? I have never seen a truck like this.”

“Never thought much about being rich.” W.D.’s face softens at this young boy’s question.


“I’m Johnny. What’s your name?” Johnny asks.


W.D. laughs, “Nice to meet you, Johnny. My friends call me W.D.” He looks at the skinny boy and asks, “Are you hungry? Because I am.”

“Oh yeah.”


W.D. drives up to the nearest 1950’s style drive-in Diner. “Let’s stop here, my treat. So tell me why you are running away?”


“Gee Sir, I’m not running away. I just need a job at Disneyland.”

“A job at Disneyland, huh?” W.D. shakes his head in disbelief. This kid is full of surprises. “How old are you?”


“I am seven and a half, almost eight years old.”


The young carhop skates to the window. “Are you ready to order?”

“I’ll take a coffee and the breakfast special, please” W.D. politely orders.


“I’ll have chocolate milk and the special also.”


“Johnny, why do you need a job at Disneyland?”

“Well, Mr. D. It’s for my Mom. Dad died a few years ago and Mom works all the time, and at night I can hear her cry. I heard Disneyland is a place where dreams come true. My dream is to give her money, so she can just stay home. Where are you from?”


“I lived in Missouri in my youth.”


“Wow, Missouri! Tennessee Williams is from there too. I bet he was teased at school, with Tennessee for a name, but lived in Missouri?”


“Tell me about your Mom and Dad.”


“Mom is the best ever. She works at Food World, five days a week. That’s where she is today.” Johnny looks down. “Dad died last summer and since then Mom has to work to keep our farm.”


“Does your Mom know you are going to Disneyland?”


“I left her a note on our dining table.”




W.D. pays for lunch and then goes inside to make a phone call.


Johnny’s mom hangs up the phone and rushes out of the store.

The carhop refills their drinks. “I have never had two chocolate milks before!” Johnny gushes.


“Well, that needs to change.” I wonder how long it will take his Mom to get here.


“So, what kind of job do you want?”


“Well, I would like to work at the ice cream parlor. I bet Disneyland has lots of ice cream.”


W.D. laughs, “If they don’t, I bet they will now.”


“I’ll take any job though, as long as it gives me money to send home.”


“I bet you would.”


Just then, Johnny’s mom walks towards them, “Johnny, what are you doing here?”

W.D. looks at Johnny, “I called and asked her to meet us. Stay here, I want to talk to her.”

“Mrs. McDonald, I am Walt Disney. Johnny was hitchhiking this morning to Disneyland of all places, when I picked him up. I figure its divine intervention that we meet today. I want to help you and Johnny out. Please take this.” He slips a check into her trembling hands, as she starts to cry.


Why is Mom crying? I just want to help. I hope I’m not into too much trouble.


Johnny’s mom walks toward him. He has never seen her look like this. “Johnny, please tell Mr. Disney thank you. He has made all our dreams come true.”


Johnny jumps out of the truck and runs towards W.D. “Mr…. D-D- Disney?” Johnny stutters, eyes bulging. “I knew it! I knew Disneyland makes dreams come true! I knew it!”

Johnny reaches his arms up in the air and hugs W.D., in disbelief, “Thanks, W.D.!”




About the Author





Melissa Flores is a creative fiction writer of drama, comedy, horror and children’s literature. She spent 20 years in the Air Force and is now pursuing a B.F.A. in Creative Writing for Entertainment at Full Sail University. She likes to travel to exotic campgrounds, where she sits around the campfire with her family, making up stories and screaming about bugs. You can connect with Melissa at LinkedIn [+ https://www.linkedin.com/in/melissa-flores-b1b52811b?trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile_pic+] or email [email protected] .








GOTCHA is a horror story about two teenage girls who are being followed by a set of serial killers to rid the world of narcissist women, one murder at a time. Saylor and Autumn must make decisions that will hopefully save them from being the next set of victims. CONNIE'S STORY is an action thriller where aspiring author Connie and husband Dave raised their family while in hiding. For the past 25 years, they hid their true identities, until now. Can the Witness Protection Program save them from their nightmare or will they have to save themselves? In WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE, young Johnny is searching for his dream job so he can help his struggling Mom. He has a strange turn of events and meets a stranger named W.D. that will help them more than he ever imagined.

  • Author: Melissa Flores
  • Published: 2016-10-24 01:50:09
  • Words: 3219