Go. viral. (Part 1.)

When it happens, everyone will know.


Modern life will fall apart from the inside out, right from the electronic guts that hold everything together with what appears to be encrypted data speeding through wires and the very air we breathe, and flying between asteroids as they beam from the darkness of space from hovering, transcended satellites that circle planet Earth.

The enemy will seep in, not drop by drop, but instead, bit by bit of malicious data.

And who are the creators of this malicious, worldwide disaster? We may never know their exact names, but only the fact that they were rogue intelligence hackers hired by the U.S. government to develop the ultimate virus that could re-modify itself perpetually in order to penetrate enemy hackers’ codes, as well as infiltrate foreign communication networks and shut them down.

Gone are the days of tanks, airplanes and trench warfare. We have seen the rise of a new kind of warfare that is mostly invisible and we have no idea when it will hit except when it does, it’s always after the fact and then the damage has been done.

This new war comes and goes like thieves in the night, they lurk. They wait, and then they strike, and leave. And it never stops.

Every minute of every day, all the time.

When people used to talk of “The Big One” they’d most likely be referring to an earthquake, but little did anyone know that the same term could be used to describe an element of data warfare, and its similarity to earthquakes due to the seismic waves of invading data, but the only difference is that most (if not all) the time, the epicenter this new kind of quake can’t be determined.

It’s a constant strike and retreat.

They send out their waves of malicious data. Instead of people donning military clothing their army is dressed in unseen, undetected electronic armor. The new general sits in a dark room, by him/herself. Sipping some form of fluid energy drink while staring bug eyed, at lines and lines of what is considered encrypted data. They look for defects in these lines.

Like Generals studying adversaries moves, they determine and predict what the outcome will be once they find holes in their enemy’s frontline so that they can sneak into, and exploit the weakness.

Some people are born with a skill and ability that can’t be taught, or acquired through training or education. They have “a gift” or “are gifted” as the saying goes, so when we meet them they always seem aloof or odd in some way, but not completely out of the norm.

These are the rogue hackers.

Their war is on information and their ability to hack into it by exploiting the weakness of the code it’s written in gives them insight into the paradoxical reality that they are the new owners of a world that operates within a highly cryptic, electronic universe.

Sometimes they do it just for fun, but the ones who make it their lifestyle are the dangerous ones because they are addicted to the power they have over not just individuals, but over the vast networks that are used by, and are deeply interwoven into government networks which control Police, Military and Utility networks…worldwide.

Everything is connected, and they look for that common thread, that open line of code, that gap.

That one bit of data that allows for complete manipulation.

They have control over entire countries. They know they do. They just haven’t sneaked in through all the holes in the networks, but once it happens…

Everyone will know.


©2017 V.Kambro


The cyber threat is now part of our daily lives whether we understand the complexity of it or not, there are elements technology that go completely unseen by the ordinary user, but to those that spend their lives detecting the gaps in the encrypted data that we take for granted and assume that keep everything out of harms way will know that when rogue hackers take over networks and the code they had written to actually protect us begins to run rampant and is unstoppable, what will happen? The modern will world that's interconnected to electronic devices will collapse, unless the developers of the unstoppable virus that's taking over networks worldwide can be detected and stopped, it will continue to replicate itself and invade and take over all communications and shut everything down The only way to stop it will be to discover whatever made it begin to viral which was something that could be as simple as a mistyped line of code.

  • Author: Von Kambro
  • Published: 2017-05-17 19:50:09
  • Words: 611
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