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GLOSSARY - The secrets of the mystic sea


The Secrets of the Mystic Sea

StarHope Saga


K.J. Michael

Dream Big Publishing

Orangeburg, SC

This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real locales are used factiously. Other names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination, and any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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K.J Michael

Shakespir edition

Copyright 2016 by K.J. Michael

All rights reserved.


~ Glossary ~

Ambrinithe ~ A clear, hard substance mined from the ocean of Eranus, used as a dome of protection for the last surviving city to ward off attacking demons.

Asking Chants ~ Magical chants to manifest what Witchas or Wizardians desire.

Auras ~ A protective energy shield of light that surrounds Witchas and Wizardians, usually projecting from them, depending on their stage of development. The color of auras varies depending on mood and state of health.

Barrier Shield ~ A wall of white diamond light created by the Wizardians to protect the Galaxies of Magick from demons.

Bedeviled Darkness ~ The shadow side of the Magick.

Beginnings ~ The place where the original light path of a Witcha or Wizardian began.

Bi-locate ~ Where a replica of the permanent soul splits off and travels to distant places.

Black Light ~ A foul beam of energy that emanates from demons. This can cause ruptures in Helios Barrier Shield.

Blue Forest of Old ~ The magical forest that covers most of the surface of the planet StarHope in the Galaxy Helios.

Chants of Change ~ Magical chants used by Witchas and Wizardians to change matter into any form they desire. Also known as Asking Chants.

Character Reading ~ The magical ability of Witchas and Wizardians to clearly read the characters of others, both good and bad.

Crescent Moon of the Witcha ~ A small crescent moon located in the third eye of the forehead of a Witcha who has mystical powers. (Also, see third eye.)

Crystal Piano ~ A Magical piano of the Witchas.

Cosmic Healers ~ Witchas that travel the universe, teaching and healing.

Dancing pink Light ~ A mysterious light that moves in the depths of Sea Nymphs’ eyes. It is a key factor that distinguishes them from other Witchas.

Demon Ships ~ Starships of the demons, sustained by black liquid light.

Desert Dragons ~ Ferocious creatures, indigenous to StarHope.

Diamond Light ~ A magical white light which emits brilliant sparks resembling diamonds. It is used to construct and repair the Barrier Shield.

Doom ~ The galaxy where the Queen of Demons lives.

Dragon’s Breath ~ A vast desert located on StarHope where the desert dragons live.

Dream Shadows ~ A time/space dimension of rest, close to the physical, where a Witcha or Wizardian sends others when they do not want them to hear what they are discussing.

Earth-Throbs ~ Soul-Throbs that have incarnated onto Earth or other planets.

Eranus ~ One of the planets located in Helios near the Barrier Shield.

Eranians ~ Inhabitants of the planet Eranus.

Eternal Flame of Knowing ~ A magical truth flame projected by the Witchas and Wizardians that compels the truth. It is a deep violet, sometimes violet/blue, and the flame comes in the shape of a heart.

Eternity Friends ~ Witchas and Wizardians who stay bonded in loyal friendship throughout eternity.

Eternity Mates ~ Witchas and Wizardians destined to mate.

Eternity Spell of Restriction and Silencing ~ A powerful spell used by the Wizardians and Witchas that restricts movement and/or sound.

Exkasions ~ A place of danger where the Knolips live.

Fire Dance ~ A magical time of celebration for Witchas.

Flame-Casting ~ The magical flame that the Witcha or Wizardian summons to cast out demons.

Floating ~ A state of Magick where a Witcha floats in the air.

Hall of Shadows ~ A magical, foreboding place in the Witcha Palace where the most gifted novices are tested.

Heat Stones ~ Small round and oval stones created by the Magick of the Ivory Moon. The stones are a source of heat and light on StarHope.

High Priestess ~ Next to the Witcha Queen herself, it is the highest level of honor for a Witcha to achieve.

Holy Ones ~ Highly evolved, mystical beings that are guardians of the Magick.

Host Body ~ The physical body where the permanent soul resides.

Innocents of the Forest ~ All the magical creatures that live in the Blue Forest of Old on StarHope.

Intending ~ The secret to wielding the Magick. The Witchas and Wizardians hold the knowledge that everything that exists is alive with spirit and is affected by their intent. Since they absolutely know that their thoughts and intents create their reality, they are able to manifest what they want in the moment.

Isle of Truth ~ A sacred island in the Sapphire Sea, where Wizardians go to rest.

Karma ~ Positive or negative experience that manifests as destiny or fate.

Kastaous ~ A planet in Helios rich in rare minerals and herbs that hold great healing powers.

Knolips ~ Tiny, nasty creatures who live in the Exkasions. They are able to affect the outcome of the weather.

Knowing ~ Intuition

Kydra ~ A meditation gifted to the Witchas and Wizardians by the Holy Ones, which, when practiced, ensures their immortality.

Light Path ~ When a Witcha or Wizardian decides to change from one physical body into another and begin as a child again.

Liquid Light ~ An energy source of light that fuels the starships of Helios.

Magick ~ What Witchas and Wizards intend, desire, and manifest in their lives. The original energy source that creates all good in the universe.

Malice ~ The planet hidden in the evil galaxy, Doom, where the Queen of Demons lives.

Memory Visions ~ Psychic travel performed through the third eye of a Witcha or Wizardian for the purpose of revisiting past events.

Midnight Owl ~ A mystical bird blessed with the Magick who sends gift messages to Witchas and Wizardians.

Mist of the Witchas ~ A living mist that protects the Witcha Palace.

Mozz ~ A rare form of liquid light that emanates from a unique ecosystem of diamond-like coral which grows deep in the seas of Strata, a planet of StarHope. This light, indigenous to Strata, when mined by scientists, enables starships to travel at the speed of thought.

Mystic Sea ~ A magical sea where the Sea Nymphs dwell.

Novice ~ A child being trained as a Witcha.

Novice Dress of Humility ~ A simple gown worn by the children who are brought before the Witcha queen for the first time.

Ones of Sublime Cruelty ~ Kings and queens of the demons.

Palace of the East Wind ~ The magical palace of the Witchas.

Place of White Shadows ~ Where immortal souls go to rest.

Poison Light of Truth ~ Beams of light emanating from the Witcha-Queen’s eyes to probe the potential power of the Magick of a novice.

Probing ~ A magical technique used only by the most powerful Witchas and Wizardians to penetrate the thought shields of others.

Rain Magick ~ Spirit of the rain – Bringer of Visions.

Room of Ancient Secrets ~ The heart of the Witchas’ palace. The Witcha Queen’s hallowed place.

Room of Humility ~ A tower in the Witchas’ palace where a novice is taught the truth about herself.

Sacred Solitude ~ The final testing of a Witcha before her initiation as a high priestess. Next to the Witcha Queen, the high priestess is the most powerful position to be held by a sorceress of the Magick.

Sanctum ~ The Witcha’s place of repose.

Sapphire Sea ~ A dangerous sea where sea monsters are kept captive. The Isle of Truth is located there, where the Wizardians go to rest.

Scanning ~ Thought-reading done by Witchas and Wizardians.

Sea Nymphs ~ Witchas who live in the Mystic Sea on StarHope.

Sensitive ~ A Witcha who feels the feelings of another and knows who they are.

Shadow Ships ~ Starships that hide in other dimensions in space.

Shienna ~ A city on the planet Eranus, which is located near the Barrier Shield of Helios.

Sleadra ~ A magical meditation used by Witchas and Wizardians that replaces their need for sleep.

Sopra ~ A magical cleansing soap desired by the Witchas.

Sopra gown ~ A magical gown worn by the Witchas at night when they practice Sleadra.

Soul ~ The core essence of a creature of the Magick.

Soul Family ~ Kindred immortal souls bonded together throughout eternity.

Soul Print ~ The original and permanent energy signature of every soul.

Soul-Splitting ~ When Witchas or Wizardians leave their bodies and split into separate entities to travel the universe in different places simultaneously.

Soul Travel ~ When souls takes flight from the physical.

Soul-Throbs ~ Created when Witchas and Wizardians split their souls into parts to travel simultaneously. Soul-Throbs reflect a paler image of the original soul.

Soul Warrior ~ A Witcha or Wizardian dedicated to rescuing and healing lost souls from the Bedeviled Darkness.

Spell of Apathy ~ A spell that hinders Witchas and Wizardians from feeling or caring about the truth.

Spell of Blindness ~ A spell that hinders psychic sight.

Star-Casting ~ A great Magick performed by the Wizardians.

Starhopians ~ Inhabitants of StarHope.

Star Protectors ~ Wizardians, Witchas, and others who are appointed to protect the Barrier Shield.

Star Spirits Rising ~ That wondrous time when the Earth-Throbs ascend from Earth, back into the starships from Helios.

Star Stones ~ Magical stones produced in the time of star storms.

Star Storms ~ Explosive showers of small, brightly glowing stones periodically expelled by stars. This phenomenon is only found in the Galaxy Helios.

Starry Bear ~ Small white bears that are blessed with the Magick and live in the Blue Forest of Old.

StarWatch ~ The nearest neighboring planet to StarHope.

Star Wizardians ~ Wizardians who travel the universe in starships. They are the Soul Warriors of the universe.

Strata ~ The planet where the rare liquid light Mozz is collected.

Supreme Sight ~ A magical power to see all past, present, and future events. Only a few Wizardians and Witchas are permitted to perform this Magick.

Suska ~ A suspended state in which the host body of a Witcha or Wizardian stays on their starship while they become Soul-Throbs.

Third Eye ~ Is located around the pineal gland of the Witcha and Wizardian, right above the eyebrows in the middle of the forehead. This gland governs their advanced psychic sight.

Thought Shield ~ A protective shield of blue roses that surrounds the Witcha or Wizardian who desires to mask his or her thoughts from others’ psychic probing.

Time of Not Knowing ~ When Witchas and Wizardians undergo their lessons in faith to become Masters of the Magick.

Time-Shifting ~ Starships entering another dimension.

Time of the Unchanging Change ~ When Witchas or Wizardians choose to leave their bodies and begin again as children to experience old awareness in a new way.

Tower of Dark Dreams ~ Where demons send their prisoners to be tortured.

Tranquility Spell ~ A spell used only by Wizardians in the Isle of Truth.

Trickery ~ The shadow side of the Magick.

Truth Blinder ~ A spell used by the demons to conceal the truth from others.

Witchas ~ Benevolent Sorceresses of the Magick who live on

StarHope in the Galaxy Helios. They are the cosmic healers of the universe.

Wizardians ~ Soul Warriors who come from StarHope in the Galaxy Helios.

Wizardian Wolves ~ Wizardians who can turn into Wolves. They are the protectors of the innocent of the forest and all

Witchas of StarHope.

Witchas’ Watch ~ The highest tower in the palace of the Witchas. The place where the Witchas practice psychic sight.

Zantra ~ The act of passionate between a Witcha and Wizardian who are destined to be Eternity Mates.

Zidra ~ Advanced meditation practiced by the Holy Ones.


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GLOSSARY - The secrets of the mystic sea

Glossary for Secrets of the Mystic Sea by K.J. Michael The mystical journey begins with Ileena, a sea nymph child, raised by fairies, who leaves to be trained by magical Witchas in a world of dazzling beauty and frightening mystery. As Ileena hones her skills and answers her calling as a Cosmic Healer, she is accompanied by the wondrous creatures of the forest that she loves, and has sworn to protect. Finally, amidst an epic war between the forces of good and evil, Ileena must leave all that she cherishes to help heal and protect Earth from destruction by demons, so her galaxy, StarHope does not fall into peril.

  • Author: Dream Big Publishing
  • Published: 2016-07-31 21:50:13
  • Words: 2062
GLOSSARY - The secrets of the mystic sea GLOSSARY - The secrets of the mystic sea