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Girl-Friend For Hire



Copyright 2017 Andre’ Mwansa


This eBook is a work of fiction, any resemblance to actual people living, dead or in between is pure coincidence.


‘’The most important things, are the hardest things to say’’

I remember I was just eleven years old when dad told me to go out and look for a wife. Yes, a wife. And no, no, this is not a Lukas Graham song this is my story, like real story. Now he’s in town and will be passing by my house, him and my mom to be precise. I’m sure he doesn’t know anything about me being single and everything, and I don’t wish to make him regret ever giving birth to me. What do I do not to disappoint him? I set up a poster outside saying I’m in need of a girlfriend for just a week, and ready to pay whatever amount.

I’m sitting on the couch watching a cartoon, when I hear a knock on the door. I open and it’s an elderly woman, probably in her fifties standing on my door step. ‘’Hi’’ she says.

‘’Hi’’ I replied.

‘’Saw your poster’’ This short three words sentence help me notice something on her, she’s missing some of her front teeth and some are yellow, probably because of heavy smoking.

‘’Got a daughter for rent ma’am?’’ I asked.

‘’No,’’ she said smiling ‘’but you might rent me’’

‘’Excuse me?’’

‘’You know, an older woman craving the company of a young man?’’

‘’The poster says a girl-friend ma’am, not a cougar’’ I said and banged the door in her face with exasperation wondering what this world is turning into.

Before I even sit down, I hear another knock on the door. I head back and open it, and there is a teenager in a school uniform at the door. ‘’Hello,’’ she says brushing her finger through her hair.

‘’Hey’’ I said surprised.

‘’Saw your……’’

‘’Yeah, but you’re a teenager and still in school’’

‘’But your poster doesn’t specify,’’ she said ‘’it just says Girl-friend, am I not a girl’’ she un-buttoned the top of her shirt, giving it a V-shape, showing me part of her now fully grown breasts.

‘’Yeah…., you are……. I mean a teenager still in school that is what you are’’

‘’Look, I used my school fees to buy these new designer pairs of shoes and if my parents find out, they are really going to kill me, you might be my only hope’’

‘’No girl, I say you take those shoes back from where you bought them, and pay your school fees before your parents kill you’’ I said and banged the door in her face.

Knock! Knock!

‘’Didn’t you hear what I said?’’ I said as I opened the door again.

‘’Hear what?’’ a cute, swank, sexy shape chic was at my door, in high heels, bum-short and pink shirt with the words KISS ME on it.

‘’Hear… uh …um just some kids’’

‘’So how much are you to pay me for one week, pretending to be your girlfriend?’’ she asked.

‘’How about a $30 for each day’’

‘’Make it $50’’


‘’39 pounds or bupkis’’ she said.

‘’All right it’s a deal,’’ I said ‘’wait, how much is that?’’

‘’Fifty dollars?’’


‘’One more thing,’’ she said.

‘’What’s that?’’

‘’No sex’’


‘’No sex, how can you even think of asking what?’’

‘’Just kidding, no sex for sure’’ Am I really going to die a virgin?

‘’What did you say?’’

‘’No sex, I said no…’’

We walked in the house, ordered some dinner and sat on the couch watching NATGEO WILD as we waited for my parents to arrive.

Finally a knock on the door. I stood up, walked to the door and opened it.

‘’Mom, dad’’ I said hugging them ‘’come on in’’ I helped them with the luggage as we walked in.

‘’And who is this beautiful lady?’’ dad asked immediately we were inside.

‘’This is uh…uh….what’s your name?’’ I asked her, remembering I didn’t even know my hired girlfriend’s name.

She stood up and shook hands with my father. ‘’Nikita sir, I’m uh your sons girlfriend’’

My father smiled, giving me an eye of approval. ‘’Well nice to meet you Nikita’’

‘’Pleasure is all mine sir’’

We all sat on the couch and Five minutes later, we were at the dining table, I didn’t know my hired girlfriend could be this active, for she served everything.

We ate in silent until my father said. ‘’So, looking forward to that child huh, the two of you?’’

Nikita almost choked upon hearing this. She wiped her mouth with a napkin, saying to me in a whisper: ‘’we didn’t say anything about getting me pregnant, in fact we agreed that no sex will be involved’’

‘’Relax, I’m sure he’s just teasing’’ of course I knew he wasn’t.

We both went on eating.

‘’So, how many years, I mean for how long have you two been together?,’’ Mom asked ‘’Marcus, you never told us anything about you dating’’

‘’It was meant as a surprise mom, besides it only has been a year’’

‘’A year?,’’ dad said ‘’and still no child’’

‘’Dad we are not married yet and I’m only 20 for Childs sake’’

‘’That’s the problem with you children of nowadays,’’ he said ‘’you never understand life, how many times do I’ve to tell you that you only live once,’’ he almost touched my shoulder, only that I wasn’t near him ‘’SON, it doesn’t take long till death finds you and kicks your ass, look at the life expectance of this generation, I need a grandchild’’

‘’ You not that old dad, seventy six isn’t that bad’’

‘’Do you know how many nights it took me to get your mom pregnant?’’ he said ‘’one, only one honeymoon night, and you tell me you’ve been with this girl for a year and no grandchild? What? Using any protection?’’

I reluctantly shook my head.

‘’What then? Doctor say you ain’t got no bullets in your gun?’’

‘’Sabastian, that’s enough’’ mom finally said to him.

The rest of dinner was silent, after we were all done, I showed mom and dad to their room, me and Nikita headed to my bedroom.

Strange sounds from the guest room.

‘’Did you hear that?,’’ Nikita asked ‘’your parents, are they….’’


‘’Can’t believe they are still rocking it at their age, how nice’’ she said, walking to the bathroom.

Five minutes passed when she came out wrapped in my white towel. ‘’what are you doing?’’ she asked me.

‘’What do you mean? I’m only getting ready for sleep’’

‘’Why are you naked then?’’

‘’I sleep naked’’ I said ‘’is there anything wrong with that?’’

‘’Never….ever…do that….when you’re….. In the same room with…. A…… girl’’ she said hitting me with the towel.

I was in surprise for what I saw.

‘’What’s with the O shaped mouth’’ she asked looking at my face.

‘’You’re…..you’re…… naked’’

She quickly wrapped herself with the towel again, saying: ‘’tell me you did not see anything’’


‘’Say it before I hit you with the towel’’

‘’Well………,ain’t you going to hit me with it?’’

‘’ugh!, dress up before I scream’’ she said looking away, and jumped on the bed ‘’And you’re sleeping on the floor’’ she threw at me bedclothes and pillow.

I woke up to the sound of laughter down the stairs, I stood up and threw the bedclothes back on the bed, and headed down the stairs to find Mom and Nikita sitting on a couch laughing.

‘’What has you so happy this morning Mom?’’ I asked.

‘’Oh, just looking through your childhood photo album, want to see?’’

I sat down beside her, making her to be on the middle with Nikita on the other side.

‘’Now here is you when you were just a baby, oh you were so cute, just look at that neck…’’

‘’What neck mom, did I even have one?’’

‘’I can still remember the smell of you in those diapers, the feeling of you sucking at my tits’’

‘’Oh mom’’

‘’See this photo when you had only a few teeth’’ she said looking at the photo ‘’I remember your hands were way to much smaller to fit in mine’’ she took my hand in hers ‘’Now they are even larger than mine’’ I heard her start sobbing.

‘’Oh mom, what can I ever do than loving you back’’

Her phone rings and she picks it up, wiping some of the tears from her eyes. ‘’Hello, yes, yes I am. What?… will be there, great….thank you’’

‘’Who was that?’’ I asked.

‘’It’s your father,’’ she said ‘’Comfort Hospital Doctor just called saying, he fell off a skateboard’’

‘’A skateboard, what was he even doing on one?’’

‘’That’s what I’m about to find out’’

She grabbed her car keys from the table walking to the front door while me and Nikita followed her behind.

At the hospital we found dad lying on the bed, with his left leg bandaged.

‘’What happened?’’ mom asked him.

‘’It was these kids, can you believe they called me old and big tummy,’’ he said ‘’I just had to show them that I wasn’t that old but still in shape’’

‘’By getting on a skateboard?’’ mom asked.

‘’I guess so’’ dad replied.

‘’Now your leg is broken’’ she complained.

‘’It’s not broken, just needed a bit of twisting’’

‘’That’s it,’’ Nikita said surprising us ‘’I quit, this is crazy, just crazy’’

‘’Honey what are you saying?’’ I asked her.

‘’You do have a nice crazy family Marcus,’’ she said ‘’It just reminds me of one I never had you hear? I grew up with no dad to read me bedtime stories, or mom to tell me what to do when I had reached my pubescence…..but you…..’’

‘’Oh, it’s okay, you do have a family now, us’’ mom said.

‘’No I’m not,’’ she said ‘’Marcus lied alright? He lied to you all’’

‘’Don’t say it Nikita’’ I invoked, but it was already too let.

‘’What do you mean he lied to us?’’ Mom asked.

‘’He lied to you,’’ she said ‘’the truth is that he’s still a virgin and only hired me to pretend to be his girlfriend for a week’’

‘’Is that true Marcus?’’ Mom asked.

‘’Well,…. the truth is…..’’ I tried to explain, but on second thought I said ‘’well yeah, that’s the truth’’

‘’Virgin?’’ Mom said facing Nikita ‘’Can’t you help any more than that?’’

‘’What do you mean ma’am?’’

‘’You know, you and my son in…..’’

‘’By no stretch of imagination’’ she said and walked out of the room.

When she was gone, dad said; ‘’Looks like I’ve been pressuring you a little huh?’’

‘’A little?’’ mom said.

‘’A lot, I’ve been pressuring you a lot’’

I nodded.

‘’Come here’’ he said and I walked to him.

He grabbed me by the neck and said. ‘’Now go out, find a wife and bring me those grandchildren, before I die!’’


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Girl-Friend For Hire

  • ISBN: 9781370696321
  • Author: Andre' Mwansa
  • Published: 2017-05-29 01:50:08
  • Words: 1853
Girl-Friend For Hire Girl-Friend For Hire