Ghast the Supervillain, Book 1: Building a Nether Army


Ghast the Supervillain, Book 1: Building a Nether Army





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This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this “Minecraft Adventure Series” such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine…etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch







Table of Contents



Day One: The War so Far

Day Two: My Plans

Day Three: The War Council Meeting

Day Four: The Secret Courtroom

Day Five: Vengeance will be Mine!

Day Six: Out on the Street

Day Seven: Others Like Me

Day Eight: Coffee can make Anyone more Convincing

Day Nine: Good News from the Skeleton Twins

Day Ten: The Perfect Evil Lair

Day Eleven: Some Helping Hands

Day Twelve: The First Meeting

Day Thirteen: The Rules

Day Fourteen: Act Natural…

Day Fifteen: Not Exactly Normal

Day Sixteen: Putting my Plan into Action

Day Seventeen: Suspicions Erased

Day Eighteen: Testing the Troops

Day Nineteen: Training Day

Day Twenty: I Want More!

Day Twenty-One: Fiery Inspiration

Day Twenty-Two: How to get a Blaze

Day Twenty-Three: The Blaze Mission

Day Twenty-Four: A Force to be Reckoned With

Day Twenty-Five: A Surprising Turn of Events

Day Twenty-Six: Join Me?

Day Twenty-Seven: An Unexpected Visitor

Day Twenty-Eight: How Could You?

Day Twenty-Nine: Getting Ready to Leave

Day Thirty: Heading Out

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Day One: The War so Far

Dear Diary,

I am Sergeant Ghast, one of the army members fighting for the Nether side. Certain conflicts have arisen recently. The Nether government has gotten tired of being stuck in this place. They are running out of resources, and have since then decided to invade the Overworld realm to take what they have. The government figures that it’s about time that we do this. We have been trapped in the Nether for so long because the humans and Villagers find our kind to be threatening. They hardly stop to remember that they are the ones with the huge swords.

Some of the monsters in the Nether are against this war. They think that it will only cause more trouble than it’s worth. I think that this war is a great idea. Those Overworld people deserve what they have coming to them. This is what they get for not signing the trade agreement that was proposed years ago. With a few tiny signatures and an agreement to trade supplies with us, this war could be all over. The other side seems to be too proud to do anything like that, so I guess our side has to keep fighting until the other side surrenders or until we take over the Overworld once and for all.

There’s just one big problem facing the Nether army…and that is that we are losing, pretty badly, too. Even the best generals can’t seem to find a way to help us win the war now. No one knows what will happen if we lose. The war’s whole goal is to invade the Overworld. All of our fighters are working on the offensive. If the soldiers from the Overworld army got into the Nether, well, we’d be ruined. We have no one here to defend the Nether. That’s why we need to win the war quickly and ruin the Overworld army. There’s only one guy who has the perfect plan to win the war, and that’s me. I’m going to fine-tune my plans tomorrow and then tell the general what I’ve come up with. With my plans, we can win the war and take over the Overworld!

Day Two: My Plans

Dear Diary,

The Nether army has a lot of problems, one of which being that we never get to do the laundry so everyone is always smelly. The biggest problem is probably that the army is going too soft on the Overworld army. This is a war, after all. We need to put a little more force behind our army if we want to be able to win. All we have in our army are a few Ghasts like myself leading the army and a lot of Skeletons to be our soldiers. The Overworld army is much bigger than the Nether army. They have humans and Villagers fighting. Sometimes we’ll even see some Creepers and other mobs fighting for their side.

I don’t know why the other Ghasts can’t see it, but the solution for making a stronger army is clear to me. We need to add more monsters into the army. Skeletons may be the easiest monster to train, but they certainly aren’t the only monsters that can be trained. We need monsters who have the ability to scare the other army so much that they’ll go home, running and crying to their mommies. Adding monsters like Blazes, Endermen, and even the Enderdragon if we could get one would really bring an edge to this lame army.

Another thing that would make it easier for us to win is getting rid of some of the army rules. We should be able to attack first and ask questions later. That would certainly cut down the size of their army, even if it didn’t provide the army with any new information. It might be a little barbaric, but no army has ever won a war because they were being nice.

I really do think that my ideas are the key to winning this war and taking over the Overworld. I am going to present my ideas to the war council tomorrow. Maybe I’ll even get promoted once they see what I’ve come up with. I’ll write all about it tomorrow.

Day Three: The War Council Meeting

Dear Diary,

I made sure to put all of my ideas down in writing. I made up more note cards than I needed. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t forget a thing. This meeting could mark the day that I become a famous army leader. I wanted everything to go perfectly. The last thing that I wanted was for things not to go as planned.

I floated into the meeting, trying to look as confident as possible. It wasn’t all just an act, either. I was actually feeling very good about all of this. My plan was perfect. I just knew that it would lead to a breakthrough for the Nether army.

Inside of the council room, the general and a few lower-ranking soldiers were waiting for me. I felt a little nervous when I saw them all waiting there, but I knew that I had to be brave if I was to explain my plan properly. I floated behind the podium that had been set out for me. I read my plans out to my audience. I didn’t mess up a single word. I didn’t stutter at all and none of my note cards had gotten out of order. Everything went perfectly. Now I just had to wait for a response.

The response I got from the general was nothing like I expected. “Sergeant Ghast!” He yelled my name in shock. “You can’t be serious! These plans are barbaric, even for the Nether army! The army hasn’t done anything like this in hundreds of years, and we definitely aren’t going to do it again! Get out of my sight! I don’t want to talk about this anymore!”

It all happened so fast. I didn’t even have time to defend myself before two other Ghasts dragged me out of the council meeting room. I still don’t know where I went wrong. Maybe if I sleep on this I’ll be able to figure out where I went wrong. I’ll write more tomorrow.

Day Four: The Secret Courtroom

Dear Diary,

I woke up to a shock in the middle of the night—literally. I felt another Ghast zap me. The electricity from his zap paralyzed me so I couldn’t move. I felt a cloth bag was placed over my head, but I couldn’t see who was doing it. I was being kidnaped. I was sure of it. I tried to get out of the bag, but I couldn’t. Suddenly, I was pulled off of my bed. Someone was dragging me somewhere. I knew that it must have been another Ghast. They are the only ones who would be strong enough to move me. What did they want from me?

Eventually, the dragging stopped and I was propped up in a chair. Another zap shocked me, but now I could move again. I removed the cloth bag from over my face and looked up. I hadn’t been kidnapped and taken out of the base. I was in a secret room inside of the base. It looked like a courtroom.

“Sergeant Ghast,” a judge, who also happened to be the general, said my name to get my attention. “You are being put on trial for having crazy ideas about what the government should do with the army. You are aware that crazy Ghasts can’t work for the army, correct?”

“Correct Sir, but—” he cut me off before I could say anything else.

“Do you recognize these?” The judge/general held up the papers I have given him yesterday. I nodded. “Did you write these?”

“Yeah, I wrote them, but I don’t see what the big deal—” He cut me off again.

“So you admit that these are all your own ideas and that you think they would actually help the army?”

“Of course I do, but—” This guy just wasn’t going to let me speak, was he?

The judge turned to the rest of the people in the courtroom. “See, he admits it. I now proclaim that Sergeant Ghast is guilty of being insane! The trial is over.” He banged his gavel on his desk.

Before I could defend myself or do anything else, I was zapped again and the cloth bag was put back over my head. What’s going on here?

Day Five: Vengeance will be Mine!

Dear Diary,

The sun shone through the bars on my window this morning. Wait a minute; my room didn’t have bars on the window. When I got a better look around the room, I noticed that I was in a jail cell. Where was I?

“Look, he’s awake.” I looked outside of my cell and noticed that there were two Ghast guards on either side of the door.

“Let’s get him out of here,” the second guard said.

‘Finally,’ I thought. I was going to get out of here. The guards unlocked the doors and started leading me outside of the jail cell complex. I don’t know why I had been there last night, but it hardly mattered now. All that mattered now was that I was getting out of there. “There must have been a huge mistake,” I told the guards. “I have no idea why I was in that jail cell. I mean, I did have this crazy dream that I was on trial and…” The first guard starting chuckling. That’s when I realized that what I thought was a dream hadn’t been a dream at all. The trial was real. I had been in a jail cell for a real reason. I was filled with panic now. I had no idea what was going to happen to me.

Eventually, the guards brought me outside of the complex. “Have fun out there, Ex-Sergeant.” The guards kicked me. I was out of the building, and by the sound of it, I was out of the army.

I was filled with rage. I tried to zap the guards, but they were already back inside so I just ended up banging the door a little bit. “I’ll get my revenge!” I yelled at no one in particular. “YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE LAST OF ME!” I meant what I said.

I floated away from the base. I’ll get my revenge somehow. I just need to think of some ideas first. I’ll write more tomorrow.

Day Six: Out on the Street

Dear Diary,

The army was my home, and now I have no home. I’ve been wandering around the Nether looking for an empty cave to live in, but I can’t manage to find one. All of the magma around here is making me so hot, and I’m getting hungry since I don’t have those tasty military meals to rely on every day. I’m not proud to admit it, but my breakfast today was some bacon that I found in a dumpster behind a cafe. I’ve only been out of the army for one day, and already my life seems to be entirely ruined.

I’ve been trying to do whatever I can to keep my head up. I know that I shouldn’t waste all of my time being sad. Instead, I should use my time to build up my rage! I told those suckers that threw me out that I would have my revenge, and I was serious about that. First, I had to come up with an idea.

“Who needs to be in their silly army anyway?” I mumbled to myself. “There are better armies out there,” I lied to myself. There was only one Nether army, and I was never allowed back in. I loved the army life, and now I was banned from it. If only there was another army I could fight for.

That’s when my great plan came to me. I didn’t need to join another army…not when I could make my own! That’s what I’m going to do! I’m going to build up my own evil army to be better than the old Nether army. I can show them that I’m not crazy! I’ll get to work on that soon, but now I need to do some dumpster diving for my dinner. I’ll write more tomorrow.

Day Seven: Others Like Me

Dear Diary,

I continued my search for somewhere new to live today. Houses aren’t as easy to find as they used to be. All of the houses that I do find are either these beautiful mansions that I can’t afford or crummy dumpsters with “for rent” spray painted on the side of them. Either way, they aren’t places that I can reasonably live in.

While looking for a place to live, I saw some guy drop his wallet. I picked it up and gave it back to him. He was so pleased with what I have done that he has given me some money as a reward. With my newly found cash, I stepped into a cafe and ordered a sandwich and some coffee.

While I was waiting for my order I tried to think of ways to get people to join my army. I didn’t really have the money to hire my own soldiers, especially considering that I didn’t even have my own money to pay for lunch if not for the money that was given to me. I would have to rob a bank or something to get the kinds of funds that I would need to pay for something like that. At least, that’s what I thought until I overheard a very interesting conversation.

I heard two Skeletons; they looked like twins, talking about how they had recently been kicked out of the army. They sounded ticked off like they could do anything they could to get revenge just like me. As I listened in more, I heard them mention that a lot of their friends were booted out too and some of them weren’t even allowed in the army in the first place! It sounded like I could get a lot of soldiers for free if I found some that were angry enough. I’m going to wait a little while for these guys to cool off. I don’t want to get in a fight with them. I want to be friends with them. I’ll talk to these Skeletons tomorrow and see if they are interested in joining me. It could be the start of a beautiful army.

Day Eight: Coffee can make Anyone more Convincing

Dear Diary,

I floated into the same cafe that I went into yesterday in hopes of seeing the two unhappy Skeletons that I had overheard yesterday. I ordered myself some coffee with some money that I had found on the street and waited for the Skeletons to arrive.

I was just about to give up hope when the Skeletons finally showed up. I waited for them to get settled before I talked to them. I didn’t want them to think that I had planned this whole thing out already, the talking to them part, anyway. I waited until they started to complain about the army again. This was my time to shine.

I casually floated over to their table and said, “I couldn’t help overhearing you two complaining about the Nether army,” I said.

“What, are you some sort of general or something?” One of them said. He sounded like a jerk, but I needed him if I was to start my army.

“No,” I said bluntly. “I was kicked out of the army, too. I just thought that we might have something in common.” The two Skeletons eased up after I said this and they even invited me to join them.

We started talking about simple stuff at first, like what our names are and where we were from. The Skeletons were two twins named Larry and Jerry. Their parents were not very creative. They joined the army a while ago and got kicked out for throwing their own personal fireworks display. They’ve disliked the army ever since. Eventually, I got around to telling them that I was thinking about starting my own army. They told me that if I ever did it, they would love to join.

I know it isn’t official or anything, but I think that I’ve just managed to get my first two recruits. Two down…a couple hundred to go!

Day Nine: Good News from the Skeleton Twins

Dear Diary,

Since I don’t have a job…or a house…I have a lot of free time on my hands. I could spend my whole day roaming around the whole Nether, going on wild adventures, or doing anything else, but for some reason, I just can’t seem to stay away from this little cafe that I’ve been going to for the past couple of days. It’s just a really cozy place and they have reasonable prices. The best part is that they don’t kick me out even when all I order is coffee. It’s pretty great.

Anyway, I was sitting in the cafe again today when Jerry and Larry walked in. I waved at them, and they walked right over to me. It seemed like they just came here to visit me. Maybe my soldiers would also be my friends. I thought they just wanted to chat, but they actually had some pretty great information for me.

“So, we talked to some of our friends,” Jerry started.

“And they say that they’re interested in joining your army!” Larry finished.

I thanked them for their information and asked them if they knew anything else about the situation. Apparently, they had about fifty friends between the two of them who either couldn’t join the normal army and wanted to or who got kicked out of the Nether army. I wish I had that many friends to join my cause, but I didn’t, so it was pretty good that they did.

They said that their friends would meet up with me to talk about everything whenever I wanted. I wanted to meet them right away, but I knew that I couldn’t have a meeting to start an army in this cafe. I would need to find a house sooner than later if I wanted to get my army started. I’m going to be serious about house-hunting tomorrow. I’ll make sure to write about my progress tomorrow.

Day Ten: The Perfect Evil Lair

Dear Diary,

Now that I know that there are a lot of people who are willing to join my army, I really need to get moving on finding a place where I can have my evil meetings so I can really make this secret army the best that it can be. Of course, I’ve been having trouble finding a house to buy, so I wasn’t really all that sure that I would be able to find a place that was big enough to fit myself and my army. I just hoped that I would be able to get some donations from my army to pay for whatever place I did find.

I looked in the hidden parts of the Nether. After all, I was trying to keep this a secret from the real army. The more hidden we were, the better. There wasn’t really a whole lot of houses out in the middle of nowhere, though. I probably should have thought of that before I went all of the way out there.

Eventually, I got tired and sat on top of a big hill. I guess I’ve put on some weight recently because as soon as I sat down the ceiling caved right in. I fell down a huge hole. When I landed, I looked around me. I was surrounded by nothing but three huge cave walls. The only wall that wasn’t a cave was blocked by a waterfall, but instead of water, it was magma. At first, I was a little worried about what would happen to me, but then I remembered that I could just float back up out of here. I also remembered that I was looking for a secret lair and that this place was perfect for it!

I’m going to tell the Skeleton twins all about this tomorrow. They can tell all of their friends and then we can start meeting here. Of course… I might need to make some changes, maybe add some stairs. I can’t remember if Skeletons can float or not, so I should probably ask. Anyway, I couldn’t be more excited to find this place. I’ll write some more tomorrow!

Day Eleven: Some Helping Hands

Dear Diary,

I managed to find the Skeletons twins again today. I brought them to the secret cave that I found yesterday. They were amazed by what they saw from the outside, but they weren’t sure how they were supposed to get inside. I told them that they could just float through the hole in the top, but they told me that Skeletons don’t float, they only fall. Other than the flaw of the door being on the ceiling, they seemed to love the place.

The twins decided to help me make another door so that the other Skeletons would be able to actually get inside of the lair. I zapped a hole in one of the walls and the Skeletons built a door for me. We went inside and noticed that the inside of the cave could also use some changes. We decided to make this place look like a proper evil lair. I was glad that we already had the magma-fall; it really did add a nice touch to the place.

We carved out some chairs and tables from the rock that made up the cave so that everyone would have a place to sit when we had our evil meetings. I made a podium for myself to float behind. I had about a million speeches written in my head, but up until now, I didn’t have a podium to stand behind. A speech is only as good as the podium it’s behind, after all.

Once the preparations were complete I sent the twins away. I told them to tell all of their friends that the first evil meeting would be tomorrow. It was time to get serious about this army. Now that I had a place to have meetings and train my army, I am sure that I can make the perfect army to overcome the Nether army. Tomorrow I’ll find out if my soldiers are up to the challenge. I’ll make sure to write all about it.

Day Twelve: The First Meeting

Dear Diary,

I set up everything to make it look nice, but in an evil way. I set up all of the chairs so that the Skeletons would have a place to sit. I made sure that I had all of my notes arranged properly so that I could give a great speech, and I even made some snacks to serve when I was done.

All of the Skeletons started to show up at about midnight. That is the evilest time, after all. They were a bit tired, but the free coffee that I gave them seemed to wake them up a little bit. Once everyone had settled down, I started to tell them about my grand plan.

First, I told the story about how I had gotten kicked out of the army for having crazy ideas. I made sure, to be honest. These people had the right to know my tragic backstory. I told them that I wanted to make a new army, one that would be better than the Nether army. Anyone could join, no matter what kind of monster they were, even if they had already been kicked out of the Nether army. I wasn’t going to judge them.

I made sure to mention that my plan was to make my own army, take over the Nether army if necessary, but for sure take over the Overworld army and claim the resources that the Nether army was failing to get. When I was done giving my speech, everything was quiet for a little bit. Suddenly, the crowd burst into cheers. My speech had gotten to them!

I passed around a sign-up sheet. Anyone who put their name on this paper would automatically be in my army and was agreeing to show up to the meeting that I was going to have tomorrow. When I got the paper back, I noticed that almost everyone in the room had signed their name. I had a small army now, but it was an army nonetheless. I’ll write all about the meeting tomorrow.

Day Thirteen: The Rules

Dear Diary,

As much as I hate to admit it, every army needs at least some rules. I didn’t want my army to have a whole lot of rules, though. That’s why I was holding this meeting today. The army needed to agree on some things, and this was the perfect way for me to find out what everyone wanted.

“First things first, we need to have some goals and rules for this army,” I announced. “The first rule, which I think we can agree on, is that when you are in the secret evil army, you don’t talk about the evil army. Agreed?” The soldiers all seemed to agree. “The second rule should be that any adult can join, no matter what kind of monster they are.” Everyone else agreed with this as well. “Does anyone else have any rules they would like to suggest?” I asked.

One Skeleton raised his hand. “How are we getting paid for this?”

I was hoping that no one would ask this, but I had already thought of an answer just in case someone did. “I have no money to pay you, but I think it’s fair that any soldier can keep whatever he loots. No questions asked. However, stealing from each other will be against the rules. Does that work for you?” I asked the Skeleton who asked the question. He grunted in agreement.

The meeting went on like this for a little while. We got all of our rules set in place and everyone seemed ready to fight. I wasn’t sure if everyone was actually ready to fight, though. I would need to train up these soldiers, and quickly. I wanted to get this army out and fighting as soon as possible. I’ll try to think of some things I want to teach them tomorrow. I’ll make sure to write all about it.

Day Fourteen: Act Natural…

Dear Diary,

I was all ready to begin training my troops, but something got in the way of that plan. It seems as though the Nether Army has caught onto me. Well, not exactly, but kind of. Let me explain. I was out for coffee and lunch today when I noticed two Nether army guards poking their noses around the cafe. They told the waiter that they were looking for a Ghast with my description. I got out of that place before he could point a finger at me.

I retreated to my lair after I was sure that I wasn’t being followed. Now I know that the army knows that I’m up to something, even though I don’t actually know what they think that I’m up to. It’s an entirely complicated situation that even I don’t fully understand right now. All I do understand is that I need to lay low for a little while so that they don’t figure out what I’m up to. If they did know what I was up to… I don’t even want to think about the kind of jail time I would get.

So, I’m going to try to act naturally until the army loses interest in me. Sadly, that means that my plans for making an evil army will need to go on hold, but there’s not really anything that I can do about that right now. This stinks, but I know that I’ll be able to get through it. I’ll make sure to update my diary again tomorrow.

Day Fifteen: Not Exactly Normal

Dear Diary,

I had it all planned out. I was going to act natural. I was just going to be this average Joe who stayed under the army’s radar. I was going to do this until the Nether army lost all interest in me. It was a simple plan. It was basically foolproof. At least, it would have been foolproof if I hadn’t been such a fool. They say, “If you want something done right, you need to do it yourself,” but that’s not always true. Sometimes, if you want something done right you need to tell your partners about your plan so that they don’t screw up everything.

Now, I’m not blaming the Skeletons for blowing my cover because I forgot to tell them that I had a cover that could be blown in the first place. However, if I were them, I definitely would have asked the leader of the army if it was okay to bring in literally all of the weapons I had to the lair before I did it, which is exactly what my army did today.

There I was, just reading a book in my lair by candlelight, which is every super villain’s favorite thing to do, when all of a sudden, these Skeleton goons come into the liar with handfuls of arrows and a bow each! It wouldn’t have been bad if it was one guy storing his stuff here, but it was seriously every soldier in the army. I don’t remember planning something like this, so I have no idea what made them think that doing this was a good idea.

There’s no way that the army didn’t notice over fifty skeletons all bringing their weapons to the same place. They’re going to find me, I just know it. I need to hurry up and make a plan so that I will know what to do when they do come. I’m going to work on something now. I’ll make sure to write more tomorrow if I’m not in some crazy army prison by then.

Day Sixteen: Putting my Plan into Action

Dear Diary,

I knew that those army brats would find me sooner or later, I just knew it! I sat in my lair today, waiting for them. I didn’t know how many were coming or what their agenda was, but my plan could take care of whatever they threw at me. Here’s how it went down.

I heard a knock on my newly placed door at the entrance to my lair. I went to open it. I made sure to act as casually as possible. I didn’t want to give the army men anything to worry about…yet. When I opened the door I saw that the army had only sent two officers to check up on me, amateurs. They asked to come into my lair, and I let them. I knew that I had everything to hide, but I was also confident that my plan was going to work. They wanted to look around the place, so I let them. I kept my eye on them the whole time, though.

Eventually, they found all of the weapons. They were pretty freaked out, even though they pretended not to be. “I don’t suppose that these are a personal collection for you, are they Mr. Ghast?” I didn’t really need to answer him. He already knew the answer to his own question.

The two officers turned back to me. Their own weapons were drawn, their arrows pointing right at me. “I was afraid that I would have to do this,” I muttered. I zapped the two officers on the spot before they could shoot. They weren’t hurt or anything, just stunned. Also, I made sure to zap them right on the top of their heads so that they would lose their memories. They would remember that they were here, but they wouldn’t remember what they had seen. It was the perfect plan.

When the officers woke up, I ushered them out of the house. I tricked them into thinking that the fumes from the magma made them sleepy, and that’s why they had just woken up. Luckily, they were silly enough to believe me. They left the lair, seeing everything, forgetting it all, and no longer suspecting a thing. If I’m right, the army should be back to ignoring me by the end of the week. I’m sure to make a lot of progress in my own army now, and I’ll make sure to write all about it.

Day Seventeen: Suspicions Erased

Dear Diary,

My plan seems to have worked flawlessly. I haven’t seen any officers around here at all. My zap trick must have worked just like I thought it would. Honestly, I was risking a lot by pulling that stunt, but I had a feeling that it might pay off. I’m just glad that I was right.

Now that the army is off of my back, I can move onto phase two of my grand plan. I have the soldiers, and now I just need to train them. Skeletons are usually naturally good with a bow and some arrows, but I feel like it is still important to check their skills, anyway. I’m planning on having at least a two-day training camp for all of my new recruits.

I’m sending out a letter today, that way everyone will know to show up. All of the weapons are already here, so it shouldn’t look too suspicious. I’ve also written down different times for the training sessions on some of the letters so not everyone comes at once.

I’ll test all of my troops tomorrow to see what they can do already. The day after that, I’ll train them in whatever they might need help with. After that…well, I guess I’ll just have to see how things are going. I’ll make sure to write about the training at least over these next two days.

Day Eighteen: Testing the Troops

Dear Diary,

Like planned, the troops all arrived at different times today so that we could all avoid suspicion from the Nether army. I waited until everyone was here to begin my testing, though. Right now, I only had Skeletons in the army. I’m hoping to enlist different types of monsters later, but the Nether army is made up of mostly Skeletons, so it’s a good start.

I already knew what I was capable of, so I only instructed the tests, but I didn’t take any. There were three tests that I made my troops take: an archery test, a stealth test, and a personality test that would figure out how loyal the soldiers were going to be for my army.

I made everyone take the personality tests first because I figured they would be the easiest. “There are no wrong answers to this test,” I told the soldiers as I handed out the papers. That was a lie, though. I knew what to do with the people who failed the test. Luckily, only a handful of the tests showed that some people weren’t loyal. I took them aside to ‘talk’ about their results, but instead I zapped them to erase their memories. I sent them out of the cave. The less they knew, the better.

Next, I need the stealth test. I had set up an obstacle course in the cave the night before. There were motion sensors in certain areas of the cave that would let out a loud buzzing noise if anyone was caught by the sensor. The cave was loud with the sound of buzzing for about the next hour. I’m really going to need to train these guys on this tomorrow…

Last was the archery test. I set up targets all over the cave. Some of the targets moved, while others just stayed in place. Each soldier had five chances to hit both targets. Most of the soldiers were able to do this, while a few were able to get it in just two tries. One soldier even managed to hit both targets with one arrow! I didn’t even know that something like that was possible!

So far, it seems as though I have a pretty good army. I don’t want a pretty good army, though. I want a great army! Now that the testing is over, the training will begin tomorrow. I’ll make sure to write all about it.

Day Nineteen: Training Day

Dear Diary,

The testing yesterday went pretty well, so today I’ve decided to move onto training my troops a little better. There’s no need for any loyalty training, and only a few of the soldiers are bad at archery, but they do seem to need a lot of help when it comes to being sneaky. Our army will probably need a lot of spy work, and that can’t be done until I have at least a handful of stealthy soldiers.

I’ve kept the obstacle course that I made the other day pretty much the same as it was during the testing session. I’ve added some harder things at the end, and I made it a little easier at the beginning. This way, my troops can gradually get better at getting sneaky.

I decided to float through the course first to show my troops how it was done. The first part of the course was a dimly lit path covered in crunchy leaves and squeaky wood. I managed to get through this area without anyone seeing me and without making more sound than a harmless rabbit would have made.

The second part of the course was a room in the cave with a bunch of fake walls around it. I stationed my soldiers around the room just like where real soldiers would be stationed at an army base. I snuck past most of them, but I have to admit that I did zap one guy who noticed me. Either way, I made it through phase two.

The last phase of the course was a laser room. If someone touched them the alarm would go off. In the center of all of the lasers were a bow and arrows. I got there, took the arrow, and shoot at the fake alarm system. That should show my troops how it’s done.

I watched as my soldiers went through the course, but in the end, only five managed to make it through the whole thing. Luckily, two of the five were my great friends the Skeleton twins. That’s enough for today. I’m tired out and my army needs to rest. I’ll write more tomorrow.

Day Twenty: I Want More!

Dear Diary,

My army is really starting to come together. I have loyal troops who are trained pretty well. For some reason, I still feel like something is missing from my army. When I wrote out my plan for fixing the Nether army, I had planned on adding new monsters to the army. In my army, it was only me and a few dozen Skeleton soldiers. I know that there is more that I can do with this army. Adding more monsters would give me the advantage that I’m looking for, but I don’t really know what kinds of monsters I should add. There are just so many to choose from.

Even though I have lived in the Nether for all of my life, I don’t actually know much about the different types of monsters. All monsters have their strengths and weaknesses, but I need monsters who can follow orders and kick butt.

Since the Nether army is ignoring me once more, I think I’m going to go out to look at monsters to try to recruit tomorrow. I probably won’t actually ask anyone to join, but I do want to get some new ideas. I know that there’s someone perfect that I’m missing for this army, but I just don’t know what it is. Hopefully, I can find the missing piece for my army. No matter what I find, I will be sure to write all about it tomorrow.

Day Twenty-One: Fiery Inspiration

Dear Diary,

I decided that it would be best to disguise myself before I went out to the town today. All I had to use was a pair of glasses with lenses that popped out and a wig that made me look like I had an afro. It was a silly costume, I admit that, but it definitely made me look different enough that others, especially those punks from the Nether army, wouldn’t recognize me.

I figured that I could sneak around the Nether, looking for some kind of monster that fit exactly what I wanted. I wanted something explosive, like a Creeper, but that could be trained better. I didn’t need something going off like dynamite. I needed someone who had that kind of raw power, but someone who could control it.

As I walked around the Nether, I saw all sorts of monsters. There were other Ghasts like me, a few zombies and some zombie pigman, but it just wasn’t what I was looking for. I thought that all hope was wrong. Maybe I would be better off just training someone how to plant dynamite or someone who can shoot a cannon. It would take some training, but just about anyone could do that.

I was about to call it quits when I finally found someone who fit what I was looking for. It was perfect actually. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before! What I need in my army was a Blaze! They were basically human fireballs. They were like superheroes, but I figured that I could use one for evil instead of good if I tried my best.

I knew what I needed for my army now. I just needed to think of how to get one in my army. I’ll have a meeting with the troops tomorrow to see if they have any ideas. I’ll make sure to write about everything that happens.

Day Twenty-Two: How to get a Blaze

Dear Diary,

Sometimes I sure do feel like I am a no brainer even though I know that I’m an evil genius. I called this whole conference together to figure out how to get a Blaze to join our ranks and the simplest answer that I got turned out to be the best answer. I guess that just goes to show that sometimes you don’t need to think outside of the box to get something done.

I assembled all of the Skeletons together in my lair and told them that I wanted to get some Blazes in my army. I made the point that the Nether army didn’t have any Blazes and that it would definitely give us an advantage against them. After I gave my speech I waited for the rest of the troops to reply. Some of the soldiers didn’t want Blazes in the army, but most of them were in favor of it.

I then asked how we could get Blazes in the army. I knew that trapping them or forcing them to fight wouldn’t be a good idea, but I wasn’t sure what would be a good idea either. I asked my troops what they thought, and that’s when I got a simple, but great answer. “What if we just ask them to join?” Larry suggested. I had to admit, it was a pretty good idea.

I gave my soldiers a mission. They were to look for Blazes and ask them to join. Tomorrow, they will report back with their answers, and some Blazes if they are lucky. I hope this gets me the firepower that I’ve been looking for. I’ll make sure to write all about it no matter what happens tomorrow.

Day Twenty-Three: The Blaze Mission

Dear Diary,

As much as I wanted to get out and recruit Blazes myself, I knew that it would be better if I stayed behind in the lair. Besides, I would be here in case any skeletons came back with Blazes. I would be able to deal with it right away. Honestly, I was still all worried that the Nether army will get suspicious again if I started to hang around with a bunch of Blazes. It was just better this way.

Yesterday I told my troops to get out and recruit Blazes if they could. I have to admit that I don’t know everyone in the army by name yet, but I am confident that I can trust them to complete this mission. If even a few soldiers are able to bring in Blazes, that’ll be great.

I waited in the lair today until some of my soldiers brought me some great news. “Sir, I was able to get a group of Blazes interested, and I was talking to some of the troops, and they seemed to be able to do it easily as well.” I was honestly surprised at this new development. Blazes were big and tough. I thought it would take a lot more convincing to get them to join.

“How’d you do it?” I asked. I wanted to know all of his secrets.

“Well, Sir, I just asked them. They were happy to join our army. Blazes aren’t allowed in the Nether army, and there are a lot of Blazes who are pretty mad at the Nether army for it. A lot of them want to join to get revenge like you do, and some of them just want to defeat the Overworld army, and they don’t care if they need to join our army to do it.”

I was happy that it was so easy. “Tell them to show up to our next meeting, and then we can really get things started.”

“Yes, Sir!” He said and then left.

My army was really starting to come together. I had the numbers, the firepower, and everything else I needed to make this army successful. I’ll write more tomorrow! I’m sure that I’ll have a lot to write updates about.

Day Twenty-Four: A Force to be Reckoned With

Dear Diary,

“I’ve called all of you here today because I have an important message,” I floated behind my podium. I had the speech of a lifetime to give. I looked down at all of the soldiers sitting in front of me. I couldn’t help but feel proud of myself for everything that I had accomplished in the few short weeks that I had been out of the Nether army. “We have finally built an army that can pose a threat to the Nether army. We may not have as many soldiers as the Nether army, but we do have more firepower,” I looked over to the Blazes as I said this, “and more freedom. I am confident that we have what it takes to reclaim glory for the Nether!” I yelled and the army in front of me cheered.

“We do have one problem,” I admitted to my adoring followers. “We need to find a way to infiltrate or otherwise break up the Nether army so that we can get to the Overworld and take the resources that they have failed to take.” I didn’t know how we were going to do this, but I’m pretty sure that all of that was implied by my speech. This time, the army didn’t cheer, but I didn’t really expect them to.

“Does anyone have any ideas?” I asked the crowd. I was hoping that many soldiers would raise their hands and provide me with suggestions like they had when I wanted Blazes for my army, but this didn’t happen this time. It was like radio silence in the lair.

“Come to me if you think of anything,” I said sadly as I floated away from the podium. We may have an army, but what good is it if we don’t know what to do with it? I’m going to sleep now. Maybe I can dream up a solution…someone has to.

Day Twenty-Five: A Surprising Turn of Events

Dear Diary,

I called off all meetings for the army today. I needed some time to think, and I needed the lair to be quiet to be able to do that. I sent the soldiers away, hoping that they would be able to think of something in their own homes as well. I didn’t expect anyone to bother me today, which is why I was surprised to hear a knock on my door in the middle of the afternoon.

I floated over to the door and answered it. I expected to see a soldier who had forgotten that he had the day off, instead I was face to face with an officer from the Nether army. I was worried that the army had caught on to me, after all, that I had done to make sure that they didn’t. I was ready to zap the guy, but then he said something that I would never have expected him to say. “I’m here on behalf of the Nether army to apologize for kicking you out.”

I decided not to zap him. I wanted to hear more. “What?” was all that I could think to ask.

“The army kicked you out unjustly. You were one of the best sergeants that the Nether army had. It’s not the same with you gone. The Nether army would like you to come back.”

For a second I wanted to laugh. I hated the Nether army. It took them way too long to realize how important I was. They should be begging for me back, not just sending one guy with a crummy apology. I didn’t laugh, though because I realized that I could play this thing out to my advantage. “Let me think about it,” I told the officer before sending him away.

If I got back into the army it would be a perfect way to sneak in my troops. I would have the power to ruin the Nether army literally from the inside out. This would be a big change of plans, though. I will talk to the troops about it tomorrow. This could be our golden ticket into the Overworld…

Day Twenty-Six: Join Me?

Dear Diary,

The Nether army had personally invited me to rejoin. It was the perfect way to ambush the army from the inside. I was ready to do it. I just needed to see if my troops were ready for it too. I called another meeting for all of the troops and told them about what had happened the other day. The crowd was filled with mixed reactions until I told them about my great plan.

When I was done telling them about everything that had happened and that I had planned yesterday, I asked the group, “So, will you join me?” There was a lot of mumbling throughout the audience, and it was hard to know what they were thinking. “Well?” I asked again. This time, there was a cheer from most of the Skeletons, but the Blazes seemed unhappy.

“What about us?” One of the Blazes asked, “or the Skeletons who got kicked out of the army? You might have been invited back, but we weren’t.”

Luckily, I had already put some thought into this. I knew just what to say. “I have a plan for that too,” I said. “You might not be able to take down the Nether army from the inside, but you can still help to ruin it from the outside. The plans that we have already made will remain the same for anyone who does not want to join the Nether army.” This answer seemed to work for the crowd.

There were no further questions, other than a few Skeletons wondering how they could sign up for the Nether army. I couldn’t believe all of this. I could have hardly been luckier than I was now. The Nether army was inviting their downfall to them and they didn’t even know it. They were going down, and it was all because of me and what I had created. I told them that they hadn’t seen the last of me, and now I was going to show them what I was really made of.

Day Twenty-Seven: An Unexpected Visitor

Dear Diary,

I called my army together. We knew that we would be joining up with the Nether army in a few short days, so we really needed to get serious about training. I had many stations set up so that the soldiers would be able to learn how to do the things that would be able to help them the most in the war.

The Skeletons who were allowed to join the Nether army were training on how to be sneaky. No doubt, they would need to do some dangerous spy work while we were with the Nether army. A lot of the Skeletons did poorly in this section when I was testing them. They needed to learn these skills quickly or else it could mean that we would be discovered.

The Skeletons and Blazes who weren’t allowed in the Nether army were being trained to watch the Nether army from the outsides. They would be there to hurt the Nether army and weaken their forces if they didn’t do what we wanted them too. They would also be able to fight the soldiers in the Overworld once we go that far.

During the middle of my training session, I heard a knock on my door. I went to answer it, assuming that it was just a soldier who was late for training. I needed to be more careful this time, though. Last time an officer came to my door it didn’t really cause me any problems, but it would be pretty bad if one saw what we were doing now.

I opened the door slowly. On the other side, I saw a Ghast. Usually, I would have slammed the door in his face, but this was a Ghast that I recognized…one that was stronger than me. It was my brother! He floated into my lair before I could stop him. He looked around in horror at everything that was going on.

He looked at me with a straight face and said bluntly, “We need to talk about this.” I led him into my office. Now all I can do is hope that he’s here to help instead of to hurt this army. I’ll write more tomorrow once I’m done talking to him.

Day Twenty-Eight: How Could You?

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I brought my brother into my office so that we wouldn’t be surrounded by my troops. I didn’t know what was going to happen. On one hand, this was my brother that I was talking to, but on the other hand…he was in the Nether army.

He opened up the conversation with questions. “What is all this? What are you doing here?” I had some questions of my own, like how he found out that I was kicked out of the army or how he knew where I lived. I didn’t have time to ask him anything, though. I answered his questions honestly. I knew that he wouldn’t be proud of me, but I had no idea how to make up a lie good enough that would convince him that I was up to no good.

When I was done telling him everything, he asked me. “How could you?” I started to mumble a response before he added, “Without me?!” I was shocked to hear him say this. I mean, he was a huge Nether army supporter the last time that I saw him.

My brother went on to tell me a thrilling story of how he had tried to defend my case once he heard that I was kicked out of the army. From the sound of it, his defense was what got him kicked out of the army, but it was also what got me invited to come back to the army. They weren’t about to invite him to come back, though.

He has an interesting proposition for me. “What if I join your army? I can watch over the forces that aren’t allowed in the Nether army.” I had thought about putting the Skeleton twins in charge of that force, but my brother would make a better leader. I told him that he could do it. I knew I could trust him to get the job done.

We had one new and highly powerful recruit. We leave for the Nether army in two days. I think we stand a chance of making a real difference. All we need to do now is wait.

Day Twenty-Nine: Getting Ready to Leave

Dear Diary,

My army may not be perfect, but it’s good enough for what I have planned. Just only a few weeks ago I was serving in the Nether army, just following orders. Now I’m the leader of my own army. It’s the first Nether-based army in a long time to include more than just Skeletons. I’m pretty proud of myself for making that happen.

The Skeletons and I who are allowed in the Nether army will be heading out tomorrow to join their forces. The Nether army seemed a little shocked that so many soldiers were joining at the same time that I was. I got a nasty phone call questioning me about it. I lied and told them that I made new friends and told them all about how great the Nether army was. Apparently, the person on the other end of the phone was silly enough to buy my story.

My brother has been spending time with the Skeletons who aren’t allowed in the army and the Blazes. They have been making plans on what to do when I leave. I’m glad that my brother will be here to watch over the soldiers that I won’t be able to watch.

Tomorrow we will be leaving to join the Nether army. I’ve come so far in so little time. Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed that I could do something like this. Who knows what I’ll be able to do when I take over the Nether army too… I’ll write more tomorrow on the train ride to the Nether army base.

Day Thirty: Heading Out

Dear Diary,

I packed up all of my things last night. I put on my old Nether army. I never thought that I would end up wearing this thing again. I asked all of my troops who would be joining the Nether army to meet me at the train station so that we could all leave together. However, before I left the lair I made sure to check in on my brother and the troops who weren’t allowed to join the Nether army. I made sure to finalize every plan. Of course, I know that the plans will probably change once we get to the Nether base, but it is always good to recap on things anyway.

When I was done talking to my brother I headed towards the train station. All of my troops were waiting for me. They were also dressed in Nether army uniforms. They looked so much like real soldiers that I might have a hard time telling them apart later.

We all boarded the train together, but some of the Nether army officers that had come to meet us at the station invited me to join them in one of the fancier train cars. We ate a large dinner and had a sweet dessert later. Little did they know, they were dining with the enemy.

Tomorrow we should arrive at the Nether army base. Phase two of my plans will begin then. My army will take over the Nether army if it’s the last thing we do!










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Mark Mulle is a passionate Minecraft gamer who writes game guides, short stories, and novels about the Minecraft universe. He has been exploring, building, and fighting in the game ever since its launch, and he often uses in-game experiences for inspiration on creating the best fiction for fellow fans of the game. He works as a professional writer and splits his time between gaming, reading, and storytelling, three hobbies and lifelong passions that he attributes to a love of roleplaying, a pursuit of challenging new perspectives, and a visceral enjoyment the vast worlds that imagination has to offer. His favorite thing to do, after a long day of creating worlds both on and off the online gaming community, is to relax with his dog, Herobrine, and to unwind with a good book. His favorite authors include Stephen King, Richard A. Knaak, George R. R. Martin, and R. A. Salvatore, whose fantasy works he grew up reading or is currently reading. Just like in Minecraft, Mark always strives to level up, so to speak, so that he can improve his skills and continue to surprise his audience. He prefers to play massive multiplayer online games but often spends time in those games fighting monsters one on one and going solo against the toughest mobs and bosses he can manage to topple. In every game, his signature character build is a male who focuses mostly on crafting weapons and enchanting, and in every battle, he always brings a one hander sword and a shield with as much magical attributes as he can pour into them. Because he always plays alone, he likes to use his game guides to share all the secrets and knowledge he gains, and who know—he may have snuck some information into his fiction as well. Keep an eye out for his next book!



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GENRE: Children’s Adventure (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen) They haven’t seen the last of me yet! Those fools think that they can just kick me out of their army! I was the best soldier that they’ve ever had. They’ll lose the war without my great ideas. They must just be afraid of how great I am. I would be scared too if a great big Ghast had all of the answers. The army made a big mistake when they kicked me out. Now I’m going to get my revenge. I’ll build up my own army and take over theirs and then take over the whole Nether and maybe even the Overworld too! No one will be able to stop me! There’s just one problem... I need to build my army first. This unofficial Minecraft book is not authorized, endorsed or sponsored by Microsoft Corp., Mojang AB, Notch Development AB or any other person or entity owning or controlling the rights of the Minecraft name, trademark or copyrights. All characters, names, places and other aspects of the game described herein are trademarked and owned by their respective owners. Minecraft®/ /TM & ©2009-2016 Mojang/Notch.

  • ISBN: 9781370169122
  • Author: Mark Mulle
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  • Words: 11242
Ghast the Supervillain, Book 1: Building a Nether Army Ghast the Supervillain, Book 1: Building a Nether Army