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Gevo's Dolor

Gevo’s Dolor

Copyright © 2016 by Penny Kenga

All Rights Reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means – except in the case of brief quotations embodied in articles or reviews – without written permission from its publisher.

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  • Chapter One*

Lena Jill “Penny” Lorenzen

My heart sank even more like a frightened tortoise into my chest as even Jenni struggled all of the hardest she possibly could to keep it all together before she finally wiped the last of her waterworks clean from the beautiful sandy tan fur and dark black spots of her equally gloomy and sullen hyena face before mustering up the courage fully to button up the first top two studs on her forest green military style tailored suit and dress boots on her most often always bare or sandaled feet. “Mom,” I inquired with sheer and utter concern at the look and still fully present tears, both fresh and previously present still clear as daylight on her face. “Are you really and sincerely sure that you’ll be okay and all down at Jera’s sunset ceremony this evening?” “I’ll be just fine, honey.” She answered, sweetly with a soft and warm smile. “Don’t you worry your sweet Joey soul a bit. You just be sure to keep an eye or two with Jessica on your uncle Gevo over in that room of his downstairs. He’s been acting pretty similar to your great grandad when he first got back from the slums of North Korea after his second or third deployment in the Marine Raiders.” “No doubt, I will, mama.” I responded, wrapping her equally brick form in the strong and warm embrace of an affectionate hug. “You and Wendy and the guys take care.” “We’ll try our best we can, sweetheart.” Wendy answered in an equally low and somewhat melancholy tone, before wrapping both her arms and part of her tail around me in pure and sweet snake endearment. “See ya around nightfall in time for dinner.” “Sounds good.” I acknowledged gracefully as she slowly strolled out. I was then left only in the full on presence of my tired and somewhat loopy medication induced form of my mountain lion sister as she snored rather soundly on her back with her right arm tightly wrapped lovingly in the sling draped firmly against her stomach as I silently gave her the usual warm peck on her forehead before creaking shut her open bedroom door.

  • Chapter Two*


“Uncle G?” I called out kindly inquiry outside the burly white wolf’s downstairs bedroom door. I was beginning to steadily grow even more anxious and ever so concerned. There wasn’t even a single pin drop that originated anytime soon from any part of quarters; not even a single chip bag rustling. An utterly sick and sinking feeling began to settle itself uneasily in the pit of my stomach chambers as I gradually mustered up full courage to turn the knob of the door before throwing it open suddenly and finding Gevo dressed only simply in his old gym class style sleeping shorts on the middle of his bed with his feet and knees curled tightly up to his gut and chest in an almost fetal like position as he stared blankly with slightly bloodshot eyes at a random spot on the wall. I looked him over, worriedly up and down until that’s when I suddenly saw it and my heart nearly shattered into ten billion pieces and stopped right dead in its tracks. Partly covered in between the spread, and by the oddly speckled red toe claws of his feet, was the handle of what I automatically assumed and pretty much knew was a knife with the blade ever so slightly coated in crimson blood… Gevo’s blood. I dug deeper, and sure enough, there were indeed more than a few cuts here and there along the fur of his right arm and wrist to which I immediately rushed over to the nearby dresser drawer and snatched out the first aid kit. The whole time while I was busy patching him up, he kept repeating meekly and sadly over and over again to me, “I want to go with her. I need to go with her.” “Gevo, stop it!” I answered in a rather unexpectedly harsh tone, putting his head gently in my hands and forcing his golden brown eyes to look quickly into my own. “She’s not gone yet, uncle. Believe it or not, Jera is indeed still here. I can damn well feel it and I can prove it to you right here and now. All you have to do, is take one little itty glance in the mirror.” I offered my hand jovially and guided him kindly to his feet and steadily over to the large picturesque rectangular framed mirror hanging solidly by a single nail in the wall over by his far set of dressers and end table, giving a slow point with the claw at the end of my index finger. Sure enough, almost at the drop of a dime or hat, there was the feeling of somewhat peace and stability in the room and a familiar figure of a jet black and gray wolf with that more than identifiable pair of candy apple green eyes, began to appear steadily behind both of us and a Swedish accent laden voice said, “It’s alright, my harlig. I am here forever and always by your side.” At that moment, Gevo spun around as nimbly as he could on his heels and rushed forward into Jera’s open and awaiting arms before this muzzles pressed firmly in a warm and sweet tender kiss before she then put up her hand slowly and sadly in one last silent gesture of goodbye before steadily vanishingly like a comet into the utter stillness of the rest of the room. “You see, Gevo?” I began as a steady stream of tears began to flood slowly down the sandy brown patches of fur on the bridge of his muzzle and face. “She lives on deeply in you, in me, an all the rest of those around her whom she’s considered more than family for nearly thirty years of her entire existence in her former body. She’s drawn to you like a moth to a flame and no deterret on earth can or ever will be able to extinguish that. Trust and believe me, my sweet wolf uncle.” “I…I realize that fully now, my awesome little joey.” He said, giving me a playful noogie on the head like he always used to do back in the days when I was only just a pouchling on up sadly after my mother passed on to her next life from kidney failure as an unfortunate result of thalium poisoning by one her unsuspecting coworkers from hell over at her former Pharmacy job at the local Dobbin Center CVS. “Thank you, Penny Kanga.” He wrapped his arms tightly around me in a vice grip like hug before a sudden and loud growl split the air around us and I blushed slightly before looking down, placing a hand quickly over my stomach in almost full flushed embarrassment. “I’ll go whip us up an omelet or two for dinner before Jenni and them get back. Two eggs or three?” “Three. Just the same as usual.” He answered simply. “I’ll go help you chop up the onions and all with you.”

Gevo's Dolor

  • ISBN: 9781370203055
  • Author: Penelope Kanga
  • Published: 2016-08-21 01:50:07
  • Words: 1252
Gevo's Dolor Gevo's Dolor