Getting Out of the Dark: How to Have a Life Full of Success, Wealth and Happines

Getting Out of the Dark: How to Have a Life Full of Success, Wealth and Happiness


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Getting Out of the Dark: How to have a Life Full of Success, Wealth and Happiness

We all desire a life full of success. While our definitions of success may differ, we know that a life full of happiness is a part of being successful. At some point in our lives we ask ourselves, “How can I live a life of success?”

Many have written books about achieving success and living a prosperous life. Perhaps you’ve read these great books. After receiving advice from these books on success, wealth and prosperity, many are still living the life they were living before reading these books. How can this be?

We should ask ourselves, “Why am I not happy and how do I reach a life of happiness?” If you want to change your circumstances, you must first change your thinking. The Secret, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and The Richest Man in Babylon, give great advice on wealth, prosperity, and success, but there’s an important element which these books speak little about. This element is essential for achieving success, wealth and happiness.

In this short book I will reveal what is this important and over-looked element. I will explain how to acquire more of this resource and how to use this important jewel wisely. This precious element is the reason the Rich get Richer.

I ask you to open your mind and practice these principles to the best of your ability each day for at least a month. If you take this advice, you’ll discover a transformation within your life. Also, you will be more prepared to live a life full of happiness, success, and wealth.

The Key Element That’s Often Over-Looked.

After life, the most essential element we have is TIME. Despite our differences, time doesn’t discriminate against any of us. We all have the same 24 hours in a day; the key is how we choose to use our time. How a person invests or spends their time is the difference between being successful or unsuccessful.

Time is more important than money because once it’s gone there is no getting it back. We have all heard the saying, “Time is money,” this saying isn’t necessarily true but a strong correlation between time and money does exist. How one spends their time will tell you how they spend their money. Use time and money wisely, a person will be destined for success. Use time and money poorly, a person will be destined for a life full of unhappiness.

To invest your time wisely and live a life of prosperity, you must follow the principles in this book. These principles have made many wealthy in finances, health, business and happiness. However, ignoring these principles has made kings into peasants and the wealthy into beggars.

Pay Yourself First

When I was 5 or 6 years of age, my dad started giving me an allowance twice a month for doing chores around our house. Upon receiving my first allowance, I wanted to go to the nearest store and spend my newly acquired wealth of five dollars. My dad lectured me on the value of paying myself first out of the money given to me before I spend it on anything else. He suggested that I take ten percent or one-tenth out of every payment paid to me and put the money into savings. Saving fifty cents out of my five dollar allowance wasn’t pleasing to me. My dad must have sensed my frustration, so he began to explain how much fifty cents saved every two weeks would grow over a year. I became intrigued, but my intrigue wasn’t due to knowing how much I would have after a year’s worth of saving. I was intrigued because he explained how blowing hard earned money meant that all your hard work was for nothing and your time was wasted. This was my first lesson on time-management.

I began using the money advice my dad told me and what many have read in The Richest Man in Babylon and Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and I applied it to time. Take 10 percent of the time you receive each day (24 hours) and invest it in yourself. For those who aren’t math savvy, 10 percent of 24 hours is a little less than two and a half hours each day. Many will say they do not have time in their busy schedules to invest 2.4 hours on themselves. My answer to that statement is, you do have the time but you do not want to make the sacrifice of creating time for yourself so you can achieve having a successful life. Remember, we all have the same 24 hours in a day, what matters is how we choose to use our time. A normal weekday for most people consists of an eight-hour work day and eight hours of sleep. This leaves most of us eight hours of leisure time. If you have a family, this leisure time is divided with them; however you still have 2.4 hours to invest solely on yourself.

When and how do you spend your 2.4 hours? To help answer this question, we first must understand the difference between spending and investing. Spending is to give away a resource (money, time) to something or someone; Investing is to make a profit by committing a resource to something or someone. Personally, I invest my 2.4 hours throughout the day. When I wake in the morning, I invest an hour in silence to meditate, gather my thoughts, read and visualize my day. Doing this helps me to have a clear agenda for my day and cut down the distractions that may lie ahead. At different periods during the day I will invest another 5-15 minutes to myself for relaxation. Before bed, I invest another 45 minutes to an hour of my time in silence and reflect. I mention in Vid’s Viddles, how reflection on the day that has past is key to self-improvement, doing this prepares us for the next day’s battles as well.

Notice how I don’t use my time to get more sleep, to watch more TV or to socialize. Those activities, unless absolutely necessary, are time wasters. Ever notice how successful people are involved in many endeavors and they have enough time for all of them? They have time because they invest their time wisely, they aren’t easily distracted and they aren’t time wasters.

The more time invested, is less time wasted. Investing time for yourself first will allow you to create ideas for personal and financial growth. You will be able to resolve conflicts and plan better, become less stressful, see more opportunities for your growth, and you will be able to work smarter, not harder. Investing more time in yourself will bring more free time to invest, more wealth, success and happiness. By following this principle you are “fattening your purse”.

Invest Your Time Wisely

I mentioned in [_ You Ain’t Hungry Until I’m Starving_], that time like money, can be our friend or our foe. Use these resources foolishly, misery will be sure to follow. Use these resources wisely and you will enjoy abundance. People who are the least productive seem to never have enough time. While those who are most productive seem to always have time to spare.

Spend your time doing nothing and you will gain nothing. Invest your time studying a craft and success will soon follow. With success comes people asking for advice, which leads to business. Owning a successful business leads to more financial wealth. Gaining more wealth brings more time to invest in yourself due to being able to pay for help to run your business. You will have more time to consult with wise people and to seek more opportunities. Also, more time to expand your knowledge in several areas. Thus bringing more business, wealth, success, happiness and free time.

I must caution you about the two seeds of selfishness. The first seed is procrastination. Procrastination is the killer of many opportunities, dreams and success. Procrastination often leads to regret and misery. When a person procrastinates, they aren’t only robbing themselves out of an opportunity for success; they are robbing the world of their talents and knowledge. Investigate all opportunities wisely but never hesitate in taking advantage of the right opportunity.

The second seed of selfishness is hoarding. A person who hoards will indeed lose all that they hoard in the most tragic way. Wisdom, love, money and time are of no use to us when we die, so it is better to give while we are living. The law of giving says that “the more one gives the more one receives”. Give love and you will receive love; give money (wisely) and you will receive more money; give time (wisely) and you will receive more free time, success and happiness. My advice is to give to charity. Do not give only money; give your time, efforts, knowledge and talents. Give to charity not expecting anything to in return. A person who gives will receive a heart full of love and happiness.

Controlling Your Desires

We all have desires but I advise you to never confuse what is necessary with what is desirable. Every being has more desires than time and money can satisfy. Many rich people have lost their earnings by spending to satisfy their desires. To not fall victim to or to get out of this cycle, I suggest you observe carefully your living habits.

Reduce or eliminate spending time on activities that do not benefit you. Use your time on activities and other resources that will profit you both in the present and the future. Remember, time cannot be gained back after it has been spent. The purpose of time-management is to help build long-term wealth, success and happiness so you can invest more time with your loved ones.

Guard Against Wasting Time

Time is always fleeting, we must guard against anything or anyone who tries to waste our time. We must be wise with our small amounts of time before we’re trusted with large amounts. Analyze carefully before parting with your most precious resource. If a person wastes five minutes of your time, four of those wasted minutes are your fault. You are at fault because you failed to analyze the situation quickly and politely walk away. Those minutes could’ve been invested in something or someone who you could’ve profited from.

Be sure to consult with wise and experienced people when starting new endeavors. You shouldn’t go to a farmer for advice on how to run a car company; this would be a waste of time. Instead, you would research and seek advice from an expert in a car company.

My dad preached, “You waste more time taking shortcuts because you didn’t do something right. And you’ll have to do it over again later.” If you do not want to waste time, do everything to the best of your ability and take your time. The term “work smarter and not harder” means to be efficient. Efficiency is important for saving time, using less energy and gaining success.

Laws of Time

1) After life, time is the most essential element that we have. Once time is gone, there’s no getting it back. Use your time wisely.

2) Time works diligently for the wise person who values their time. Bringing forth happiness, success and wealth.

3) Time brings misery and misfortune to those who take it for granted.

4) Time brings prosperity to those who invest in themselves and who are not selfish with their time.

5) Time waits for no one.

6) Time is a friend to those who do not hesitate or procrastinate when great opportunities arise.

7) Time is a foe to those who procrastinate. Always reminding them of the wasted opportunities that weren’t taken.


Vid Lamonte’ Buggs Jr. is a native of Hampton, Virginia whose main goal is to spread motivation, inspiration and love. His work serves to encourage others to look past their differences and focus on uniting to make the world a better place.

He currently resides in Tampa, Florida serving his community as a youth sports coach, mentor and motivational speaker, as well as community activist. While we all face challenges in life, his philosophy is that perseverance, positivity and a heart full of love will enable us to rise above our struggles and become the instruments to spark constructive societal change.

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Getting Out of the Dark: How to Have a Life Full of Success, Wealth and Happines

Getting Out of the Dark gives sound advice on how to achieve true success, wealth and happiness. This book reveals the one of the most essential elements that most books miss when speaking about obtaining success and wealth. This book's advice and principles are worthy of reflection

  • ISBN: 9781311480958
  • Author: Vid Lamonte' Buggs, Jr
  • Published: 2016-06-20 08:05:07
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Getting Out of the Dark: How to Have a Life Full of Success, Wealth and Happines Getting Out of the Dark: How to Have a Life Full of Success, Wealth and Happines