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Georgie the Warm Bear


Uncle Amon

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Shakespir Edition

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Table of Contents


Georgie Loses his Hat

Skating on Thin Ice

Georgie Builds a Snowman

Georgie Craves Honey

Georgie Had a Nightmare

Funny Jokes

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[] Georgie Loses his Hat

Georgie, the Warm Bear, was just getting ready for his long winter hibernation. He was settling down to sleep under his blankets when he felt the top of his head getting very cold.

“Oh dear,” said Georgie to himself. “I don’t have my hat. How will I ever be able to stay warm while I hibernate? I have worn my hat every single year while I sleep and that is why I have been able to stay so warm. I am going to have to look for it. I won’t be able to sleep without it.”

Georgie got up out of bed and looked all over his den for his hat. He searched everywhere for it but he could not find it.

“Oh dear,” sighed Georgie. “What am I going to do without my hat? Where did I put it?”

Georgie sat down on the side of his bed and he thought long and hard about the last time he saw his hat.

“I think the last time I had my hat on was when I woke up from my winter’s nap in the spring,” said Georgie.

Georgie was trying to remember the day he woke up from his winter’s nap. He remembered he was very warm and he remembered that the first thing he did was to take off his hat.

“Okay,” said Georgie. “So, I remember taking off my hat. Now where did I put it?”

Georgie remembered that he got up off the bed. He seemed to remember that when he did that he had his hat still in his hand.

“I remember walking around my den,” said Georgie. “I remember that I still had my hat in my hand but I don’t remember where I put it?”

Georgie walked over toward his kitchen and opened up his fridge. He was getting cold and he thought that he might eat something that would warm him up. He reached inside his fridge and pulled out a jar of honey that he had stashed away in the back corner.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Georgie, feeling something fuzzy on his paw when he pulled out the jar of honey. “That is where I put my hat! I remember now that I was so hungry when I woke up from my nap that the fridge was the first place I went and when I got out a jar of honey I must have put my hat in the fridge. I am sure I meant to go back and take it out of there, but obviously I didn’t.”

Georgie was so happy that he found his hat. He put the cold hat on his head. He put the honey back in the fridge because he was no longer hungry.

Georgie went over to his bed and he soon fell asleep immediately. He was so happy that he found his hat and he was nice and warm for his long winter nap.

[] Skating on Thin Ice

Georgie, the Warm Bear, stepped out of his cave one afternoon to get some fresh air. He was in the middle of his long winter’s nap. It was very warm and stuffy inside.

“Oh,” said Georgie, breathing the nice fresh air. “That feels so much better.”

“Georgie!” called his friend, Ralph Raccoon. “Come down to the lake with us. We are going to go skating.”

“That sounds like fun,” said Georgie. “But I don’t know how to skate.”

“We can show you,” said Ralph.

Georgie walked down to the lake. He saw several of the animals from the woods there.

“Come on!” exclaimed Ralph as Georgie carefully stepped onto the ice.

“Ralph!” screamed Sally Skunk. “Why are you telling Georgie to come onto the ice?”

“He won’t hurt you Sally,” said Ralph. “He is a very gentle bear.”

“I’m actually not worried about him hurting me,” said Sally, as she took a quick glance toward the back of her tail, knowing that she could defend herself just fine if Georgie tried anything. “I am worried that Georgie may fall through the ice.”

Just as Sally had uttered the words, Georgie heard a crack in the ice.

“Everyone off the ice!” exclaimed Ralph. “We are going to fall through.”

All the animals scurried off the ice as quickly as they could, all the animals, except for Georgie.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Sally, standing safely on the shore of the lake. “Where is Georgie!”

Ralph and the animals looked around the shore and they did not see Georgie. Ralph took a look out on the ice and he saw a big bear head floating.

“Georgie!” exclaimed Ralph. “Are you okay?”

“Actually,” said Georgie, quite enjoying the cool, refreshing water. “I am perfectly fine. The coldness of this water feels so good. It is so warm in my cave.”

“You shouldn’t stay in the water too long,” said Sally. “You might get too cold.”

“Look at the amount of fur he has,” said Ralph. “I don’t think he is going to get too cold.”

“I guess not,” said Sally.

Sally and Ralph watched as Georgie splashed around for a few more minutes in the icy cold water.

“Oh,” said Georgie, finally stepping out of the water onto the shore. “That felt so good but now I am cold.”

“You shouldn’t have stayed in the water so long,” said Ralph.

Ralph and Sally built a fire so that Georgie could get warmed up.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Georgie, quite enjoying the warmth of the fire. “I don’t know what is better, being cold or being warm!”

[] Georgie Builds a Snowman

Georgie, the Warm Bear, was inside his den sleeping for the winter. He was in the middle of his hibernation but he got very warm in his den and decided to wake up and get some fresh air. He stepped outside and was enjoying the nice cool air when he saw his friend, Ralph Raccoon, coming up the road toward his cave.

“Georgie!” exclaimed Ralph. “It is a beautiful day and I am bored. It is such a nice day out here today. I was bored and wanted to know if you would come and play.”

“Why can’t you play with Sally?” asked Georgie. “I am in the middle of my hibernation.”

“Sally Skunk has the flu,” said Ralph. “I was already at her house.”

“Well,” said Georgie. “I guess I could play with you. I am awake now.”

“Okay good,” said Ralph. “What do you want to play?”

“Let’s play hide and seek,” said Georgie. “You can hide and I will find you.”

“Sure,” said Ralph. “Oh no! Hide and seek wouldn’t be a very good idea when there is snow on the ground.”

“Why not?” asked Georgie.

“Because you will be able to find me too quickly by seeing my tracks in the snow,” said Ralph. “Let’s make a snowman instead.”

“Okay,” said Georgie.

Ralph and Georgie started building a snowman and because Georgie was so much taller than Ralph and a lot stronger, he came in very handy when they were putting the snowballs on top of one another.

“Thank you Georgie,” said Ralph.

“Our snowman looks pretty good,” said Georgie, standing back to take a good look at it.

“It sure does!” said Ralph.

The next day, Sally Skunk was feeling better and she went outside to play with Ralph.

“What did you do yesterday?” asked Sally.

“Georgie and I built a snowman,” said Ralph.

Ralph took Sally to see the snowman. She absolutely loved it.

“How did you make it so tall?” asked Sally.

“Well,” explained Ralph. “Once it got too tall for me, Georgie put the rest together.”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Sally. “I want Georgie to help me build one.”

“But he is in hibernation,” said Ralph.

“He won’t be for long,” said Sally, looking at her tail and knowing that she could wake any animal up from hibernation.

“True,” said Ralph, knowing that Sally meant business.

Sally got both Ralph and Georgie to build her a snowman and when the other animals heard that Georgie could help build a taller snowman, they all wanted Georgie to help them.

Georgie didn’t mind helping out his friends but he didn’t get much sleep that winter. He decided that next winter when he would go outside and get some fresh air he would have to do it quickly so his friends wouldn’t see him. He needed his sleep.

[] Georgie Craves Honey

It was late in the winter and Georgie, the Warm Bear, was quite warm and content while he was hibernating in his den. He was dreaming about eating his favorite food, honey.

“Oh how much I love eating honey!” exclaimed Georgie, snoring happily, while dreaming that he had found a huge beehive full of the rich, golden liquid.

Georgie was dreaming about honey so much that his poor tummy was starting to rumble. It was rumbling so much that it actually woke him up.

“Oh dear,” said Georgie, hearing the rumbling of his tummy. “I was dreaming of eating honey and now I have made myself hungry. I need some honey to eat.”

Georgie looked all through his den and there was not a drop of honey in sight.

“What am I going to do?” asked Georgie. “I need honey!”

Normally Georgie would be nice and warm and asleep but his craving for honey was driving him insane. It was driving him so insane that he was started to get cold and very, very hungry.

“I need honey,” said Georgie.

Georgie stepped outside of his den and he was very disappointed to find that the ground was covered in about six feet of snow. It was also pretty cold outside.

Georgie stepped back into his cave and he was shivering. He tried to lie down in his bed and go back to sleep. He sang himself a lullaby, told himself a story and started counting sheep. The sheep were turning into jars of honey and he just couldn’t fall back to sleep.

“Wait a minute!” exclaimed Georgie. “They just built a grocery store out on the highway. It must have some honey!”

Georgie took out his piggy bank and he put all of the money he owned into his pocket. He ventured out and walked over toward the highway. He was very careful not to get in the way of any cars.

Georgie walked into the grocery store and even though he didn’t know what aisle the honey was in and even though the honey was in jars, he was able to sniff it out. He bought as many jars of honey as he could and he didn’t even wait to go back to his den to eat it. He sat in the middle of the grocery store and ate every jar of honey that he bought.

Once Georgie had his fill of honey, he went back to his den. He was surprised at how warm and cozy he was again and how fast he fell back to sleep. The next winter, Georgie promised himself that he would store a few jars of honey in his den so that if he did have a craving for it he could just get up and eat some and then go back to sleep.

[] Georgie Had a Nightmare

Georgie, the Warm Bear, was inside his den. He was nice and cozy and warm. He was sound asleep. He was in the middle of his winter hibernation. He started to have a dream and it started off as a really good dream too.

In Georgie’s dream he was sitting in the middle of a field. It was in the middle of summer and he was very, very warm. He had just finished eating a big pot of honey that he had found behind a big oak tree. He was very full and he was very comfortable.

Georgie was resting his tummy for a minute before he walked back to his den. He rested up against a tree and while he was resting, he heard a loud buzzing sound.

Georgie had heard that loud buzzing sound before and at first he thought it might have been a logger with a chainsaw. The buzzing kept getting louder and louder and he knew that buzzing was not coming from a chainsaw. He knew that buzzing he heard was coming from a swarm of bees.

“Bees!” exclaimed Georgie in his dream, which was now beginning to turn into a nightmare.

Instinctively, the first thing Georgie did was swat at himself but then he realized there were no bees around him yet. He quickly got up from where he was sitting and he ran with all his might until he was at the edge of the clearing.

He was out of breath and he wanted to rest but he saw a swarm of bees coming straight for him.

“I don’t know why you are chasing me!” exclaimed Georgie. “I didn’t do anything to deserve this!”

“You stole our pot of honey,” said one of the bees angrily. “You ate the whole thing too.”

“Now look,” said Georgie. “I swear to you that I did not steal that pot of honey. I found it sitting behind the big oak tree.”

“Yes,” said the bee. “We know you found it. We know you ate every drop of it. We know you stole it.”

“Look,” said Georgie, trying to make the bees understand that he didn’t steal it. “I am a bear and what do you think a bear is going to do when he finds a pot of honey sitting behind a big oak tree. Now, sure, I know I shouldn’t have eaten it but I was starving and that honey did taste so good.”

The bees stopped and thought about what Georgie had just said. They did feel that perhaps Georgie was right. Perhaps he didn’t steal the pot of honey after all. However, they did know that he should have asked for their permission before he ate it.

“Okay,” said the bees. “We understand you are a bear and perhaps you didn’t steal the pot of honey but we do think you should have asked us for our permission before you ate it.”

“Yes,” said Georgie, very relieved that his “nightmare” was over. “You are correct. I promise I will ask for your permission before I eat any more of your honey.”

Georgie learned his lesson: Do not take from others without their permission!

~ ~ ~

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[] Funny Jokes

Q: How did Georgie catch a fish without a fishing pole?
A: With his bear hands!

Q: What do you call a bear with no ears?
A: B!

Q: Why does Georgie have a fur coat?
A: Because he would look silly in a rain jacket!

Q: What color socks does Georgie wear?
A: None! He has bear feet.

Q: How does Georgie stay cool in the summer?
A: He has bear conditioning!

Q: How does Georgie stop a movie?
A: He hits the paws button!

Q: What do you call a big, scary bear with earplugs in each ear?
A: Anything you want to because he can’t hear you!

Q: What do you call a bear that has no teeth?
A: Gummy bear!

Q: What does Georgie call his lady friends?
A: Honey!

Q: What did Georgie buy at the supermarket?
A: Just the bear necessities!


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Copyright © 2015

All rights reserved. This book is a work of fiction. No part of this book or this book as a whole may be used, reproduced, or transmitted in any form or means without written permission from the publisher.

Georgie the Warm Bear

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