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Gary's Mystery (Bug Adventures Book 2)

Bug Adventures: Book 2

Gary’s Mystery

Written by Jake Swartwout

Illustrated by Natalie Swartwout

Copyright 2015 Jake Swartwout

It was the night of August 4th. Wendy Worm moved into the dark office and started to cry. Gary Grasshopper asked her to sit down, then began asking her questions.

Wendy told him about an attack. A mysterious figure came out of a dark alley and stabbed her! She barely managed to escape. Wendy was afraid they would strike again.

Gary calmed Wendy, and walked with her to the scene of the attack. He searched around the dark streets, only managing to find some white string and a few footprints in the mud.

Wendy tried to help Gary, but was too nervous. He sent her to stay with Flynn Fly to recover until the issue was resolved. He hopped back to his office and began analyzing the data.

The string he had found was white and slightly sticky. Gary only knew of two bugs that could make strings like this, but it was too late to question them. So, he headed home to ponder the case.

The next morning, Gary went to question Belle Butterfly. “Is this part of your cocoon”, he asked? She said it wasn’t, and even showed him part, which didn’t match the string.

Next, Gary went to Sam Spider’s web. “Is this part of your web?” Gary asked. “Yes, but I didn’t attack Wendy.” said Sam. Gary was confused by this, but Sam crawled away before he could ask any more questions.

The next clue Gary looked at was the footprints. He walked around the town, trying to find whose feet would match the prints. But, everyone he passed had the wrong type of foot.

Gary talked to many types of bugs, and managed to find a few that were similar to what he was looking for. Just to be sure though, Gary went to meet with Sam again.

They met along the road to the web. “I hope you find who stabbed Wendy.” Sam told him. Gary nodded his head and watched Sam walk away. His feet resembled the footprints better than everything Gary had seen all day.

Gary thought about the case. All of the clues pointed to Sam being the attacker! He called Officer Pat Pillbug for backup, then began following Sam.

Sam quickly walked along the road, and Gary made sure to stay nearby. He followed Sam for a long time, until the spider went into Flynn’s house. Inside, Wendy screamed! Gary rushed through the door. Sam had Wendy in his mouth, and he was trying to eat her!

Gary grabbed an umbrella and hit Sam on the head. Wendy jumped out of his mouth as Sam fell onto the floor. Pat rushed in through the door and tied Sam up.

Wendy thanked Gary for saving her life, glad that she was safe and her attacker would be punished. Gary left Pat to deal with Sam, and hopped home, ready for another case.



About the Author

Jake Swartwout is a high school sophomore and the author of Bug Adventures. Jake created this series for younger readers seeking a thrilling mystery. You can discover more about the series and characters at www.bugadventures.us

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Gary's Mystery (Bug Adventures Book 2) Gary's Mystery (Bug Adventures Book 2)