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Garments of love


Dear readers

I hope you enjoy reading and benefit from reading this book of poetry. Poems are on emotions, current world affairs, funny poems and other topics, all aimed at emphasising the humanness which binds us and our desire for a better life and better world. In the midst of a tumultuous world it is vital to remember our essence and our oneness regardless of faith, nationality or culture and strengthen feelings of compassion and love to counter the already abundant hate and fear out there. Please inform others of this book so they may also benefit and please also check out my other work below.

With love and sincerest best wishes

Saqib Hussain 06.11.2016


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Anger is fire


Grief reaches the soul much deeper



So behind



Aylan Kurdi

Death, death and death

Don’t eat, don’t eat! With these hands!

It wasn’t me

Sales are up

Saudi brutality, world powers hypocrisy

Supporters of destruction

To: Daesh

Your choice


Constantly shining

Every day is Ashura, every land is Karbala

Husayn (AS)

Imam Musa al-Kadhim

Souls for sale!

Take care

The mercy on mankind

The shame of sin

The sinking boat

The soul

The Holy Prophet

Zainab – daughter of Ali




I ate an apple

I’m a baby

Lovely turtle

Micky Twice

Mouse wedding

My wage has doubled

Turtle wedding

Who, Stacey?



A child – delicate fabric

Don’t get caught up in the noise

Flying from the nest

Garments of love

Making rent

Remote control


Two birds


Anger is fire

Anger boils furiously at the throat

After surging upwards through the chest

Hard, upwards, fast, force

Hot, Fire.


For a brief moment there is a choice

To swallow the anger, or let it out

To keep patient, stay focused

Or lose it, fight, scream and shout


But anger is fire, it only burns

Yourself and anyone you touch

Like a flame compared to the resulting inferno

The reaction is often way too much


Burning relationships, burning friendships

Burning homes, burning hearts

Leaving embers, smoke and ashes

And people hurt, living alone, apart


Anger boils furiously at the throat

After surging upwards through the chest

Hard, upwards, fast, force

Hot, Fire…controlling it is best


Sudden fear, pulls you back, and in

And sits at the bottom of your core

Hard, heavy, downwards, fast force

Cold, you freeze.


You stay like that for a brief moment

Then decide to give up fear

And shake it off, or hold onto it

For days, weeks, months, years


Fear of the unknown, always anxious

Fear of failing, so never try

Fear of social situations

So always stay at home, inside


Living, but not living

Being, but not being

Having a limited life experience

From life itself, fleeing


Sudden fear, pulls you back, and in

And sits at the bottom of your core

Hard, heavy, downwards, fast force

Cold, you freeze…shake it off, live more

Grief reaches the soul much deeper


Grief reaches the soul much deeper

Much deeper, than any joy

And that’s why it has more power

To change someone


A chance to reflect deeper and grow

And take treasure – insight, wisdom

On the 10th of Muharram, against darkness

See how beacons of light shone


Water washes things outside of us

Tears clean us from the inside

Standing with the right is truth

And truth makes us strong


Weeping over the tragedy

Of our noble Imam Husayn

Cleanses, purifies souls

And reminds us – to God we belong.


It gives you headaches, sleepless nights

Makes you restless, so much pain

Why has he got so much wealth?

So much comfort, so much fame?


Hating to see him happy

Making yourself miserable, so sad

Wishing for yourself more good things

Wishing for him all that is bad


You feel this jealousy eating away

Day by day, at your heart

By being jealous you lose even more

Than you had at the start


At this start of when this feeling came

And you had a choice of what to do

Whether to be grateful for what you had

Or let someone else’s success bother you


But now your own life is on hold

As towards him you always look

If you don’t look where you’re going

You lose focus and trip up


Why him, why not me?

When will it be my turn?

Jealousy is a secret pit of fire

if you jump in, you burn




Jumping onto his back legs

Front two legs kicking in the air

A sound of ancient passion released

This horse is awake, and dares


Dares fear to come towards him

Dares laziness to make him slow

Dares weakness to overcome him

Just like this horse, hear and know


Know the pure passion that rises within you

And fills your body with sweet strength

Is to be cherished and used for all good

And gallop the same way the good went.

So behind!


Feeling behind! So behind!

What have I achieved?

It feels like nothing, nothingness

Some progress is what I need!


Weeks pass by, months, then years

So quick, so quickly, does time pass

This world may remain a while

But I am not going to last


And it is this death that hangs over the head

This itself motivates to action

Remembrance of which can help remove

To laziness and negligence our attraction


Aylan Kurdi

Another innocent body lies dead, on the shore

How much more tragedy? How many more?

Why does the world sleep amidst all this?

Turning the other way and just chasing bliss


Shame on those who caused so much distress

Destroying for their people any chance of rest

Forcing them to leave their roots, their land

And being blown around like grains of sand


And shame on those who shamelessly support

Such brutal regimes, with evil they consort

To evil they sell their souls for cash

Their character, so filthy like trash


When you sell weapons, what do you think happens?

They get used of course and homes are flattened

You put fear into hearts, limbs and lives lost

You can never, ever, count the cost


And you know ever action has a reaction

And people to peace have an attraction

And a small child can tell you in simple letters:

When a place is bad, people move to where it’s better!


So all those who fund fear and hate (weapons and war)

Remember the consequence always come to your door

Spend on peace and please don’t support oppression

And by that help heal the worlds soul, it’s tension.



Death, death and death




And death



In comfortable rooms, well fed and clothed

Decisions to destroy and kill are made

Innocent people lie hungry and blood soaked

And all the murderers get paid




And death.

Don’t eat! Don’t eat! With these hands!


If you build your home on shaky foundations

You always feel anxious, so concerned

Your buildings have been built on unsettlement

Yet you still haven’t learned


Building settlements through unsettling Palestinians

Stealing their land, demolishing their homes

So much injustice, no wonder you feel unsettled

If you don’t have peace, what do you own?


You wish to eat well, drink cool water

Whilst Palestinians, oppressed, hold back tears

You want to be in comfort and relaxation

Whilst inflicting on innocent people fears


Relentless attacks on innocent people

Attacks from air, land and sea

Systematic oppression and injustice

Accurately aimed, callous cruelty


Your hands are stained with blood! blood!

Don’t eat! Don’t eat! With these hands!

Unsettlement, blood, tears and pain

And you call this your holy land!!!


Save your souls, stop the oppression

How much more hate? How long will you carry on?

These actions only create an unsettled future

Not just for Palestinians, but you, and everyone

It wasn’t me

You know that bomb that went off
And people were killed?
You know that stabbing, that shooting
That news they showed on TV?
Well, I thought it was terrible
But I didn’t do it, it wasn’t me

Just because my skin tone may be similar
Or they may claim to be of the same religion
It doesn’t mean I had a part in it
Or my thinking is just the same
Two people are not alike
Just because they share a name

Look at Iraq, destroyed, in pieces
Countless innocents killed or displaced
Look at Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya

Was all this done by one “religious” group?
Evil is a disease across the world 
Ignorance worsens it, don’t be its dupe

If someone or some people do something wrong
And you had no part in it
Then you are not to be blamed
If someone or some people do something wrong
And I had no part in it
Then I am not to be blamed.

Sales are up

Some countries stand around opposing sides
Shouting “fight, fight, fight!”
But also throw in weapons, for money of course
Justifying, saying their side is right

Bombs, planes, guns, anything that can destroy
Countless innocent people killed and displaced
Homes and cities reduced to rubble
Lively communities gone, without a trace

In comfort, fuelling war:

Business is great
We’ll do very well out of this
Big business you know
To sell weapons of death
Think of the money, oh the bliss!

In suffering, drenched in blood and tears:

Everything has fallen
Our homes, our cities
Bombed and our families killed
Weapons keep being supplied
More death and carnage every day
Our running children dead. Still.

And it goes on, and on, and on
Countries, governments, pick their teams
And sell weapons to the killing fields
In the Middle East, in Africa
And wherever else money can be made.

When will they learn, fuelling violence
Creates a more dangerous world
For everyone

Saudi brutality, world powers hypocrisy

In honour of Sheikh Nimr and all innocent people killed

Another innocent person killed

And yet more blood is on the hands

Of this brutal, bloodthirsty Saudi regime

Yet it’s difficult to understand


While so many world powers stay silent

When human rights are ignored

Any foreign policy that allows this

Is more than just deeply flawed


It is so dangerous to world security

No amount of money or oil is worth

The lives and security of innocent people

This Saudi regime has given birth


To al-Qaeda, Taliban, Daesh

And other horrific groups

Their twisted Wahabbi ideology

Brainwashing so many youths


Don’t let the desire for barrels of oil

Make you ignore rivers of blood

In the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe

Everywhere, remove the executioners hood


See the ugliness of the Saudi regime

And the ugly hypocrisy of governments that support it

Horrific hypocrisy, endangering their own citizens

So dangerous, irresponsible, cold and sick


Choose peace over war

Support and speak up for the oppressed

May God bless you Sheikh Nimr

Till we have a better future we won’t rest


To: Daesh



In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


Brothers, sisters, this religion is based on compassion, mercy

How have some so-called “Muslims” become so cruel?

Beheading, shooting, abusing other humans

Desperate to overpower, command and rule


Such a great mercy to mankind was Prophet Muhammad

So loving, so generous, fair to everyone

Muslim or non-Muslim, he showed care and respect

So which path are you walking on?


He was someone people would go to for protection

You make millions run away in fear!

He brought peace and joy to hearts

You unleash pain and rivers of tears


Spreading fear and hate, thirsty for blood

Forcing people to leave their land

Whoever is involved in killing innocents

Is disgraced with blood on their hands


The believers are supposed to be like one body

If any part aches, the whole body is in pain

You destroy parts of the Ummah yourself

In this is only loss, there can never be gain


Save your souls, remember your graves

Soften your hearts, use your mind

Allah hates and will punish all oppressors

Reform while there is still time.


Supporters of destruction

To all those who support killing of innocent people

Which poison did you drink?
What killed your soul?
What consumed your heart and mind?
What made you fall?

What made you hate?
What made you sick?
Between peace and war
Why did war you pick?

What made you shoot your conscience
So that it lies dead and still
What made you attack innocents
And kill, and kill

Mothers speak to their children
As they are dying
Whoever tells you this is good
Is Lying. Lying.

Your choice

What made you swop books for bombs?
What has gone so, so very wrong?
From learning about that which is constructive
You decided to learn how to be destructive
From feelings of joy rushing to your throat
Anger now surges through you, and hatreds cloak
Shrouds you like a dead corpse

The world was yours to explore
What poisoned you to the core
Being used as someone’s tool
Is this the child that was in school?
The child who used to love reading
Now leaving people dead, bleeding
What a disaster!

Who filled your head with such ideas
What made you shed blood and tears
The student and teacher both have a part to play
Some classes you go to, from others walk away
Learning, working, progressing towards good
Or killing innocents, drenched in their blood

Your choice.


Constantly shining

The pride of his grandfather, Muhammad (pbuh)

The pride of all the prophets since the beginning

A great light from the children of Adam (AS)


Look at the zeal, the strength, the patience

The beauty, the submission

Of Husayn (AS)


His whole life an example of pure piety

Then in death, sacrifice for his beloved

Allah (SWT)


When darkness surrounds, like it did back then

There are few, so very few, such men

Who give all they have to show the truth

In life and death they shine like gems.

Every day is Ashura, every land is Karbala


All around us is suffering

Millions fleeing from their homeland

Desperate to escape the violence

And Hussain helps us to understand


That to stay quiet whilst other scream

To fold our hands when others are helpless

Is not an option we, as humans should take

We should be moved by the truth within us


Everywhere there is some form of oppression

Be aware of this, wherever you are

And this is why every day is Ashura

And every land is Karbala


Hussain stood up for truth, for freedom

Without bias, without fear, without greed

He gave himself for everyone

So generous, so brave, so free


Hussain stands against all oppression

And will always move hearts throughout the ages

Because in every age there is injustice

Just look through history’s blood soaked pages


With his blood Hussain watered the roots

Of human values that had been dying

He brought them back to life

And we should also be trying


To be the best people we can

Purify our souls, respect and love each other

For as Hussain’s father, Ali said

If not in faith, then in humanity we’re brothers

Husayn (AS)


Darkness, deepest darkness

In the middle of an ocean, full of perils

A thousand dangers, a thousand unknowns

A thousand evil devils


Husayn is the light that shines

Husayn is the perfume of roses

Husayn banishes fear, strengthens the heart

Evil and crookedness he exposes


Even hearing and saying his name

Shakes the soul, warms it, gives it life

He performed a revolution against falsehood

And in his love hearts do the same day and night


 “Inn al-Husain Misbah al-Huda wa Safinat an-Najah” –

Indeed Husain is the Beacon of Guidance and the Ark of Salvation.

(saying of Prophet Muhammad pbuh)

Imam Musa al-Kazim

Imam Musa al-Kazim

The one who swallowed his anger

The noble star

So giving, so full of wisdom


Some people hate light

Their hearts full of darkness

And so to hide the good

They put you in prison


But even one phrase of yours

Is guidance, travelling sharp

Through the centuries

See – colours of light from the prism


You were cruelly poisoned

Your body left on a bridge

But your light still shines

Your oppressors powerless, hidden.


Souls for sale!


Souls for sale! Souls for sale!

Selling so cheap, so cheap!!


Souls selling for so cheap these days

If you look around, you’ll be amazed

People give up peace and sell

Their souls in different ways


To get more money some commit crime

Face to face, over the phone or online

Stealing peoples hard earned money

Then telling themselves it’s fine


Some decide to serve their own lusts

These also you can’t trust

Slaves to the self, bound in chains

To their own souls they are unjust


Some are so desperate for fame

For everyone to know their name

To gain popularity they do anything

Go through humiliation and pain


Some always take more than they need

Food, possessions, another type of greed

Making mind and body slower and stressed

Souls chained to excess need to be freed!


After selling their soul some later see

They practically gave it away for free

Selling something priceless for a price

Giving the permanent for the temporary


Rather than work to get their soul back

Some decide to go even further off track

Their emptiness inside getting worse

Constantly feeling a sense of lack


Souls selling for so cheap these days

If you look around, you’ll be amazed


Take care


Remove all crookedness, all bentness

Be straight and strong

Remove all evil, all hatred

You may not have long


To clear the mind, body and soul

Of the dirt that has accumulated

So much that it has made the soul heavy

Yet wrong deeds haven’t abated


Unless stopped, things go from bad to worse

And from worse to disaster

Take care of your soul, it’s the only thing

You’ll take to the Hereafter

The mercy on mankind


In darkness was the world

All was in constant night

Then came Muhammad (pbuh)

The pure and guiding light


Rightly guided himself, he guided others

A helper, a warner and bringer of good news

The chosen lamp, commander, gatherer

Of hearts wandering and confused


A physician of the souls, he cured many

And through his efforts millions are cured today

On his pure heart was the Quran first revealed

And continues to guide those who have strayed


In a society where there was constant violence

Relentless blood feuds lasting for years and years

He preached forgiveness and himself forgave

And calmed people’s anxieties and fears


In a society where women were inherited

He abolished this and made them inheritors

And promoted women’s right to such degrees

Teaching us heaven lies at the feet of our mothers


A supporter of widows, orphans and the oppressed

Fairness and equality he would implement and preach

Through his determined noble efforts

He gave a voice to the voiceless, strength to the weak


Tolerant and understanding, he respected all religions

And taught the believers to do the same

He laid the foundations of a strong society

Progressive and free of constrictive and chains


Patient, so patient, amidst all the attacks

Many of his relatives and companions were killed

Yet he continued promoting for good till the end

Truth can only push forward, it is never made still


True beauty was found in him

He loved and preached love wherever he went

So many loved and continue to love him

His character and deeds left a heavenly scent


Hold onto it and be enraptured by this beauty

And strive to be like this perfect man

O God! Bless Muhammad and his beloved family

Help us be the best we can.

The shame of sin


Oh! The shame of sin!

The sinner stand in the open

And wishes their body would drill down into the earth


















And lie still at the

Bottom beneath

Layers, and layers

And layers and layers


Of earth, in the dark, closed, unseen

The darkness of sin still feels darker than here!

Oh! The ugliness and shame of sin!


The sinking boat


Making our eyes sin, raising the gaze

And feeling weakness at your throat

Looking away, then looking again

Yes, this is the sinking boat


Gaze wandering far and wide

Heaving heaps of desire on deck

Sinking the ship with heaviness

Making you a nervous wreck


What rope to hold on to now?

Something solid that can save

Follow this guidance from our Cherisher

Brothers and sisters: lower your gaze.

The soul


We chase everything night and day

But from the soul we turn away


Everything we hold high in rank

The soul we throw down and stamp


To serve selfish desires we are quick

The soul we hold back, put in a pit

Strangle, curse, constantly hit

Laugh at, sneer at, snarl and spit


Such oppression!

By ourselves, on ourselves!


Such a shame, disaster, so sad

Because the soul is all we have


It was given to us in a sacred trust

Everything else will turn to dust


The soul is the only thing we take

Grow, purify it, for your own sake


And by the soul and He who proportioned it, And inspired it with discernment of its wickedness and its righteousness, He has succeeded who purifies it, And he has failed who instills it with corruption.” Holy Quran, 91:7-10 http://quran.com/91





The Holy Prophet

O Holy Prophet, what words can describe you, how can we explain, to us you are like the sun, like the moon,  like the rain.

How you lived your life, is like the light of the sun, still guiding us today, whoever lives like you has won.

Your words, so full of wisdom, so refreshing like drops of rain, when they fall on our hearts, they give us life again.

You taught us to seek knowledge, to remove ignorance and be aware, by the grace of God when we look at schools and mosques, our Muslim children are there.

You taught us to be forgiving, to be loving and speak the truth, you are an example for everyone, boys and girls, old and youth.

Ignorance is darkness, but like the moon, your example is always there, we keep looking at the beauty of your morals, and your example guides us with loving care.

And every day our flowers, our children, grow, fed by the sun and rain, the light and wisdom from you and Ali, Fatimah, Hassan and Husayn. 

Zainab – daughter of Ali

Zainab’s father was Ali, her mother was Fatima – daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. She saw her family being massacred on the day of Ashura for refusing to give allegiance to the oppressive tyrant Yazid. She was one of the women of the Prophet’s household made to walk chained to the court of the tyrant.

When your family was attacked by darkness

You shined, like the moon in the night

Because your father is the Lion of God

And your mother is the Lady of Light


You saw your loved ones being butchered

On the hot sands of Karbala

Our shared grief brings us closer

Even when in time we are far


The lovers of the Prophet and his family

Remember with such depth of pain

The sacrifice of your sons and brothers

Including the true, the strong, Husayn


When we remember you being chained

Heads of your loved ones raised on spears

How can the heart stay indifferent, still?

Even now the eyes flow with tears


But you roared like a lion, like your father

In the face of the oppressors

Your bravery and steadfastness

Even now, and forever, help us


Because you are an example to us all

For all that is best

Truly you are high in rank in God’s Kingdom

Truly, you passed the test



They say you lived many years ago

And that your name was dinosaur


They say you were big and strong

And that your tail was very long


They say you were big and scary

By the way my name is Mary


They say your name was dinosaur

I ate an apple

I ate an apple

And it said “crunch!”

Is said it every time

I had a munch


I went to the park

The duck said “quack”

It made me so happy

I jumped and clapped


I heard the thunder

And it said “rumble”

Like a hungry lion

In the jungle


So I quickly ran home

And told mummy

She laughed and said

“You’re so funny!!”

I’m a baby

I’m a baby, look at me, so cute

So cute, yes, it’s clear to see


Be nice to me, please be nice to me

Cuddle me and say I’m so lovely


See how I move my little arms

And sit with such peace and calm


See how I move my little feet

Such a joy I am to meet!


When I try to talk, it just comes out in sounds

But smile, be nice, please, please don’t frown!


I am the pride of my daddy and mummy

Let me talk more, don’t put in a dummy!


Pick me up onto your shoulder

Help me grow stronger and bolder


I’m a baby, look at me, so cute

So cute, yes, it’s clear to see


Lovely turtle

Such a lovely little turtle

With a lovely little head

Turtles are so beautiful

It has to be said


So gentle and so calm

So peacefully they walk

Always so relaxed

If in turtle I could talk


I would tell them gently

As I stroke their shell

That how lovely they are

To others I will tell


Swimming gently in the sea

Taking their time, no stress

Just paddle a little bit

And let the sea do the rest


Oh so lovely little turtle

With a lovely little head

Turtles are so beautiful

It has to be said

Micky Twice


Here, I’ll tell you about Micky

He’s an ok guy, in fact quite nice

Just one thing about him though

He says everything twice!

Sometimes you won’t even notice

And it will seem just fine

But sometimes you realise

It takes up a lot of time


Sometimes he says the same thing

In exactly the same way

Sometimes he says the same thing

In exactly the same way


Sometimes he says the same thing

But worded slightly differently

He’ll say the same thing differently

But it’s the same, it’s clear to see


Last week we met and he told me

Something I already knew

His favourite word is “repeat”

And his favourite number is 2 !!


Hey look! It’s Micky!

Let’s see what he says, I’ll put down my pen

“Hi, I just heard your poem about me

The poem I just heard, can you read it again?” !!


Mouse wedding

So much noise, so much joy

Today was a special day

All the adult mice smiled

As the little mice played


The sun was out, shining

And everyone was dressed smart

Today was a mouse wedding

And two special mice stood apart


They were the special couple

Who everyone had come to see

There was so much food to eat

And even biscuits and tea


Everyone was so polite

Saying thank you and please

And eating lots of their favourite

The delicious, so tasty cheese


Yes a very special day

For all the little mice

Such a lovely day

So fun, and so nice

My wage has doubled!!


My wage has doubled, doubled I tell ya!

So I should be eating twice as much, right?

Before I’d just eat during the day

Now I’ll also eat at night!


When all is quiet, oh so quiet

When everyone is fast asleep

I’ll sneak downstairs so carefully

And grab myself a tasty treat!


(a few months later)


I’ve really put on some serious weight

Sleep is more disturbed, wake up feeling rough

My stomach stretches out and groans

But I tell it this is how it is now so tough


There are still so many people bigger than me

I’ve got lots of catching up to do

Tell me if you were in my position

What would you do?


I really need to speed up

To grow myself a bigger belly

I’ll have to stop all exercise

Just eat and eat and watch telly!


My wage has doubled, doubled I tell ya!

So I should be eating twice as much, right?

Before I’d just eat during the day

Now I’ll also eat at night!

Turtle wedding

Two turtles walked together

So slowly and gently on the sand

Today was the wedding day

Of the turtle lady and man


The rubbish had been swept up

Everything was nice and clean

And all the turtle guests were dressed

In different shades of green


The two turtles were feeling shy

Everybody around could tell

But they soon became relaxed

And came out of their shell


They made a promise that day

To always be nice to each other

And be good parents if they became

A turtle father and mother


Then they went into the sea

And slowly swam away

What a lovely wedding

What a lovely day.

Who, Stacey?


Who, Stacey? No, I’m not saying anything

You see, I’m just not like that

I can’t just sit here and gossip

I can’t talk behind her back


There’s just one little thing though

When she thinks nobody knows

She has this funny habit

Where she sometimes picks her nose


And when we go out to eat

It’s me that usually pays

And sometimes she gossips

So don’t believe what she says


I’ve heard that she’s also

Vey scared of heights

And because of all the gossip

She sometimes cries at night


So you see, I can’t just sit here

And talk behind her back

You see, it’s just not right

And anyway, I’ m not like that. !!








A child – delicate fabric


A child – delicate fabric
Easily affected by our actions
As early as possible, some people switch on the machine


Instructions they follow:

1. Put in conditioner – condition the child’s mind towards prejudice, stereotype, ideas of racial supremacy and disrespect towards other beliefs
2. Dirty water – ensure only dirty water enters the machine – hate, anger, the environment must be toxic
3. Spin – as often as possible send the child into a frenzied spin through hate filled, emotionally charged dialogue 
4. Do the above for the formative years of the child’s life


Main settings used: Dial is switched to various settings, delicate fabric will comply, main settings:

a) Hate
b) Prejudice
c) Arrogance
d) Violence
e) And others


Once in contact with anything, the fabric will cause negativity and suffering to any person and situation with which it comes in contact and regularly put themselves through the process outlined above.


In the interests of everyone, please, don’t do the above.


Don’t get caught up in the noise

So much noise!
So much noise!
TV – an endless number of channels, generating constant noise
Gadgets – phones, computers, also taking up attention
The internet – an endless run of websites
Department stores – music filled
So much noise!
Oh! For silence! For peace and quiet!
When you find a few moments of this, hold onto this rare commodity!
More importantly, find the peace inside you and develop it
Clarity, and peace, comes from inner stillness
Not inner agitation, noise
Yes, be in society, be involved,
But don’t lose yourself dear brothers and sisters
Don’t get caught up in the noise


Flying from the nest

Looking for a suitable home

And good food for our little ones

Want them to grow up safe

And be healthy and strong


Collecting twigs and building together

A beautiful little nest

Finding the best worms and berries

Coming up is a big test


Teaching them what is right and wrong

What will benefit, what will harm

Treating them with love and patience

In peace, in steadiness and calm


Showing them the creatures

From which they need to stay away

Raising them with loving attention

And letting them have fun and play


Allowing them to move on when it’s time

Hoping our teaching will protect them

Throughout life’s test, it’s battles

Because mightier than the sword is the pen


Will our children fall or fly?

Will they pass the test?

Now is the time for our children

To fly from the nest


Garments of love


“..They (your wives) are your garment and you are a garment for them..” (Noble Quran 2:187)


Contemplating on the nature of love
How couples join together in such joy
Staying faithful to each other like doves
Such bliss does true companionship enjoy!


Giving protection, warmth, with devotion
Each one is a garment for the other
Sewn with threads of the purest emotions
The best clothing, no need for another


But does not all clothing grow old with time?
And as it does, does it not lose appeal?
Or does true love always have that shine
And power to strengthen, support and heal?


True love is sprinkled with eternity
And so, my heart says it will always – Be.


Making rent


I don’t know if we can make rent my love

This month’s going to be pretty tough

The stress has impacted my sleep a bit

Waking up these days feeling rough


Still have all these debts to pay

The challenge to pay them like a wall

So hard to climb, we need to cut back

My belt pulls tighter another hole


Let’s not tell the kids though my love

Don’t want to worry the little ones

Let’s be practical and optimistic

Hopefully things improve before long


And there’s lessons we can learn from this

There were many things we bought on credit

Next time we see something we can’t afford

Let’s not buy it, just walk past, forget it


Let’s not give up, we may still make rent

With positive changes things will get brighter

And I won’t give up, no, not me

You see, my love, I’m a fighter


Remote control – who is controlling who?


Sitting here on the sofa

With the remote control

Not knowing which channel to watch

So just flicking through them all


Sometimes settling on one

Quickly absorbing the information

Using TV sometimes to relax

And sometimes to hide frustration


Frustration that, looking at myself

I’m not doing much in life at all

So I find those who are

Through the remote control


But who is controlling who, I wonder?

All this information coming through the TV

From a remote distance these movies, dramas

Could be influencing, even shaping me


Could it be that even though I’m changing channels

Using this device, the remote control

I myself could be remotely controlled

Shaped and influenced by them all


The more movies and programmes I watch

As well as less time, another impacts I find

Is that my thoughts increase in volume

And there’s more confusion in my mind


I’m not saying I shouldn’t watch anything

But life’s too short to just watch it all

Just watch a few things now and again

And take back some control


Constant power struggle between me and the TV

See the last words of the 2nd and 4th lines

Of verses 1, 3, 5 and 7

Power switching between us all the time


Sometimes sitting passively, watching channels

Reach me, some making me remotely controlled

Some movies, programmes dulling the mind and spirit

Next time we see these sorts, let’s switch off them all




Sirens wailing, we both hear sirens wailing

And stop briefly, that internal shiver

Raindrops on our window lit up in blue

Huddle together as they quiver


You, my loved one, light up my heart

Yet I sometimes have this background anxiety

Will you always be safe, my beloved?

Do you know how dear you are to me?


So many police call outs for so many crimes

So many ambulance calls for so much pain

So many fire engines called for all these fires

And I’m sensitive to even hearing your name


My dear beloved, I want to keep you protected

My sweet potato, honey pot, beautiful flower

My rose, my peace, delight of my eye

But I, my loved one, don’t have much power


I can’t always be with you everywhere

Sometime we have to be apart

I can only do my best and pray

From the deepest realm of my heart


That all good comes to you my beloved

And I do my duties too in good faith

Till we die, then reunite

In that longed for, better place


Two birds


Two birds flew up together

One called space, the other time

All was calm, relaxed

Yes, all, for now, was fine


Then came a sudden gust of wind

Taking the birds by surprise

Splitting them both apart

So much pain in their eyes


Space looked at the distance between them

And realised it was so great

Time looked back but was powerless

And knew it was now too late


A short while later the winds were calmer

Much more calmer, like before

And brought the two birds together

Like soft waves with sand on the shore


However even when they had been apart

They had still been intertwined

Because time is space, space is distance

Let me explain now without rhyme


The longer it takes to travel between two points

The greater the distance must be between them

Long time, long distance

Short time, short distance



Or the longer the distance between two points

The longer the time it takes to travel between them

Long distance, long time

Short distance, short time


But like the birds, time and space are both temporary

Useful concepts only in this mortal realm

When we behold the eternal, the infinite

These concepts, like feathers, will be blown away.



Garments of love

Dear readers, I hope you enjoy reading and benefit from reading this book of poetry. Poems are on emotions, current world affairs, funny poems and other topics, all aimed at emphasising the humanness which binds us and our desire for a better life and better world. In the midst of a tumultuous world it is vital to remember our essence and our oneness regardless of faith, nationality or culture and strengthen feelings of compassion and love to counter the already abundant hate and fear out there. Please inform others of this book so they may also benefit. Saqib Hussain

  • ISBN: 9781370214181
  • Author: Saqib Hussain
  • Published: 2016-11-06 18:20:10
  • Words: 6240
Garments of love Garments of love