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Gamorphia (Harmony)

p(((())))={color:#000;}. Gamorphia

A Prelude to


A Serial Thriller

Written By

C.O. Amal


Copyright © 2016 C.O. Amal

Published By C.O. Amal on December 2016

1st Edition

All rights reserved


Shakespir Edition


ISBN 9781370716975

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This book is a work of fiction. Names and characters are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.




To my father and mother for all the support


Table of Contents

Author’s Note


Part 1: In a Place where the Beginning is Lost

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Part 2: A Place in Ruins

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Part 3: A Place where Humans aren’t Humans

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Part 4: A Place where Humans extinct

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

Part 5: A Place where Nightmares roam

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

Chapter 25

Part 6: A Place that is Lost

Chapter 26

Chapter 27

Chapter 28

Chapter 29

Chapter 30


About the Author

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Thank you for purchasing this book. This book is the second prequel to my serial thriller Harmony.


Let’s go straight to the introductions. There are two planets orbiting in our Earth’ orbit. One is our planet Earth and the other is planet Gamorphia. This story takes place in planet Gamorphia. Human race on planet Gamorphia is almost extinct by the hostile takeover of a vampire alien race who can’t survive without human blood. This story follows a man who struggles to survive among the increasing alien population. There is only one thing that naturally connects with Earth and Gamorphia, the legendary bridge, Bermuda Triangle. With its one end severed Bermuda Triangle is portal that now sucks anything that moves above its surface to planet Gamorphia.


Now aliens had found a way to travel to Earth and are pouring in to Earth for Earth’s human resource with nothing in their way.


Planet Gamorphia is almost dead. Now this planet is mostly roamed by creatures who weren’t supposed to exist. The hero in this story lives in a dystopian world and there aren’t much human survivors. With aliens now in human meat suits, human population is dwindling. This is a story about a lost hope, but soon the hope may be kindled by the humans of Earth.


A.D. 2004, Unknown Location


Under the bright pink sky children played, teachers taught children, farmers looked after their crops, Engineers engineered, fishermen hauled their nets and so much more things went on.


Then it came from the skies. Engineers on the top of a building spotted it first. It was a ship, a space ship. The gigantic ship came at full speed towards the land. First the engineers thought the ship will bombard with the building. Engineers were bracing for the impact. But the impact didn’t come. Suddenly the ship stopped descending.


The ship hovered above the land and it slowly slide through the atmosphere. Streets became filled with people who wish to see what it is. House wives came out of their houses when they heard the commotion taking place on the streets. In fact within minutes all of the streets became filled with people. Children looked at the ship with mesmerised eyes.


The ship slowly glide in the air towards a grass land. When it reached the grass land the ship just stopped sliding. All movement of the ship ceased. People curiously stared at the ship.


A moment later a thud came from the ship and suddenly the side ramp of the ship opened from above and it slowly landed on the ground showing the wide doorway of the ship. A kid slowly walked towards the metal ramp which now sits on the ground.


“Boy, you better not go there, monsters may be inside that thing.” Someone shouted from the crowd.


The boy didn’t mind. He stopped before the doorway and he stared at the darkness inside the ship.


Then they came. The aliens. Aliens with elongated legs and hands. They have unusually long ears. At first five of the aliens came in a line. They don’t have any cloths. They have some kind of thing wrapped around their wrist, perhaps a watch.


Aliens stood before the kid. The boy stared at the aliens. People curiously looked at the ship and at the aliens. Everyone is very silent. In fact if a needle is dropped one can hear its sound.


Then it happened. One of the alien lifted the boy from the ground and it bit the boy in his neck. The ear breaking scream of the boy filled the atmosphere. All people froze there without knowing what to do. Suddenly more aliens came out of the ship and they all ran to the nearest humans. All aliens have only one goal – find a human and bite in the neck.


The very atmosphere filled with scream of people. Some people managed to run, but most were caught by the aliens. One by one most of all humans fell under the aliens.


A moment later the alien which began the massacre dropped the limp body of the boy. The alien’s face is covered in blood. It made an ear breaking unholy screech.



A.D. 2004, Garmond, Gamorphia


“Ahh … Somebody help me …”


“Ahh …”


Luc wok up hearing the ear breaking scream of his wife.




Luc without thinking twice jumped to his feet and ran to the kitchen. The scream had stopped and sound of steel plates clashing on the floor came from the kitchen.


A worry grew inside Luc. He passed the living room and before long kitchen came into view. In the kitchen he didn’t find his wife, instead of that he found a small pond of blood on the kitchen floor and there is also a bloody knife on the floor. The back door had opened widely and whoever done this got away from his house.


“Susan … Susan?” Luc called out loud but he didn’t get a response.


He got outside the house through the back door and examined his surroundings. Suddenly a series of screams came from the neighbourhood.


“What the hell?”


In Garmond this kind of thing is unusual. And Luc hadn’t heard about this kind of thing from anywhere in this whole planet.


Luc froze for a moment without knowing what to do. Fear and worry churned Luc’s belly. Luc immediately went near his neighbour’s house to look why the scream came. Whatever the scream is, it will tell him where his wife is.


Luc went near Mr Thomas’ house and peeked inside through the window. Fortunate for him the curtain wasn’t spread throughout the window. He detected a movement near the living room of Thomas’ house. Suddenly the scream in the whole village ceased and silence hovered over the village.


Luc carefully peered at Thomas’ living room. Then he saw it. He saw a thing. He saw a creature. Luc is pretty sure that he hadn’t seen this kind of creature before. He had seen some pictures of aliens back when he was studying at school. And this creature reminded him of that aliens. But that pictures was made up by a person’s imagination. The creature in front of his eyes is very real.


Panic already started to creep through his legs. Luc finally mustered courage and carefully looked. Then he found another creature. These creatures have an elongated head and pointy ears. And in one of the creatures’ hands lays Mr Thomas. Thomas seemed to be unconscious but Luc could clearly see the rise and fall of Thomas’ belly indicating that he is alive.


Then it happened. The creature who is holding Thomas opened its mouth showing a set of sharp teeth. Then the creature sunk its teeth on Thomas’ neck.


Fear shook Luc in his core.


“Ahh …” Without knowing Luc screamed. The aliens suddenly looked at the window and one alien rushed at Luc.


Luc didn’t thought twice. He bolted into a run through the neighbourhood. Sound of pursuing footsteps came from his back but Luc didn’t looked at his rear. The only thing in his mind right now is to get out of this village.


In this morning hour usually there will be housewives on the streets, chatting one another. Now everything is desolated and then he found the reason for that. Near the end of the street there are numerous bodies of women neatly arranged in the yard of a house.


Luc didn’t waste time inspecting the bodies. They all probably are dead. A moment later the pursuing footsteps ceased and Luc stopped running. He panted. And he glanced at his rear and found silent houses before him. Suddenly a swoosh came from the sky. Luc peered at the sky and got shocked. There are two flying saucers flying through the sky over the small forest near him. He had heard stories about flying saucers and he thought they were just stories. Now something big is happening around him.


Suddenly a flying saucer came from the north side of the village and it landed in the centre of the village. Luc ran away from the scene. He don’t care about what they are doing in his village. Right now he want to stay away from the nasty creatures.


Before long he entered inside the forest and from the forest entrance he stared at his village.


“What the hell is happening, god?”


Garmond Forest, Gamorphia


The forest is very quiet. Luc moved deeper into the forest through the narrow path.


“Susan …”


Luc couldn’t believe that his wife is gone. Thank god he don’t have any children or he would have to witness their death also. No matter how hard he try he couldn’t shake away the image of Thomas. Why did that alien bit on his neck? Why these aliens are killing everyone? Why are they piled bodies outside the house? Why did the flying saucer landed in the village? Who are these aliens? Questions violently began to pop up in Luc’s head.


“Oh, god, am I the only one escaped?”


Why this forest is dead silent? Usually there will be many birds chirping on the trees. Now not a single bird to be seen. A moment later he heard the chirping of a bird. Luc took a deep sigh of relief.


Luc occasionally heard the swoosh of the flying saucers. There will be many aliens. They may be trying to exterminate humans. That thought send a chill through Luc’s legs.


A few moments later Luc exited the forest and a town came into view. An eerie silence loomed over the town, but Luc decides to test his fortune and he started towards the town.


Richmond, Gamorphia


Before long Luc entered inside the town Richmond. Richmond is one of the few advanced towns on planet Gamorphia. This city mostly comprises of mega story buildings. Single story buildings are very rare in here. Like usual Luc can see birds energetically flying over the silent Richmond city.


There may be aliens in this town. Usually at this morning hour one can see a rush of people through the streets but now streets are desolated. Luc cautiously moved through the dark road hoping no aliens would cross his path. He actually can’t believe that he could walk without much problem after being parted from his wife.


Susan was his life. She was his hope, his back bone. Now he is like a man without a spine. But a little hope is left in him. Sometimes people only need a little ounce of hope to keep moving. Something in his mind told Luc to keep moving that one day everything will be alright.


Luc passed few multi story buildings and he is already on the core part of the town now. This is a small town, but before today this town hosted hundreds of people. Where is everybody? Will there be many aliens? Fear and worry grew inside Luc as time passed.


A moment later Luc’s stomach began to growl.




Luc massaged his belly and peered at the buildings for anything he could consume to extinguish his hunger. Then he found a small two story shop. Luc rushed forward and before long he got inside the shop through the already unlocked rotating glass door. As soon as he is inside the shop Luc began to search through the shelves for anything he could eat. A few moments later he found packed bread and some bottles of orange juice.


Hunger quickly flew away from Luc. Then he decides to move forward through this town. There must be some people left somewhere here. He is about to exit the building when he heard a sharp shriek. Panic immediately began to crawl through his leg. Luc quickly crouched down behind a shelf and peeked outside.


A moment later the shrieks got louder and a few more moments later a whole pack of aliens came into view. These aliens are not very tall but they have elongated head which don’t have hair. In fact there are no hair growth in their entire body. Luc’s heart began to pound harder.


The aliens are standing just outside the shop and they looks like are waiting for something. Why are they waiting here in front of the shop? Why don’t they just move away from here? Suddenly scream of a man filled the very atmosphere. Luc waited and waited and then an alien came in front of the shop dragging a man. The alien presented the man to an alien who was standing there for some time. The alien must be presenting the human to their leader.


Luc peered at the scene. Then it happened. Presumably the leader of the aliens grabbed the man by his neck and the alien quickly sunk its teeth on the man’s neck. Luc wanted to scream out loud. Luc quickly closed his mouth using his hand and he fought himself to stop the urge to scream.


A few moments later the leader of the aliens dropped the man’s limp body and the aliens moved away from the scene. Luc took a deep sigh of relief and he looked around the shop for anything that can be used to protect himself from the aliens. Then he found just what he want.


On the far corner of a shelf lays a bow and lots and lots of arrows. Luc stood up and moved towards the bow and arrows. He grabbed the metal bow. Then he found a small back pack on the counter. Luc quickly took the back pack and he filled it with arrows. Now a little courage rose inside him.


At least now he has a weapon to defend himself even though he is not a sharp shooter. He do knows a lot about bow and he had practiced bow when he was studying in high school.


Luc quickly cautiously exited the shop and moved through the streets. The dead man’s body is still in front of the shop and the body is all pale. May be the aliens are biting in the neck of their victim to suck blood. This dead man surely lost a lot of blood. Before long sun moved to its highest position. Luc stared at the pink sky for some time. Then he started to move through the streets. He need to find a good place and he need to find survivors.


Richmond, Gamorphia


Luc slowly moved through the street. He occasionally peered at the sky for any flying saucers. He still don’t know whether aliens in the flying saucers could see him from the sky. Suddenly a screech came from a building not far away from his position. There are five buildings in between Luc and the building from where the screech came. Luc quickly hid behind a building in front of him.


Luc waited and waited but the screech did not come again but he is not ready to test his fortune by walking in front of that building. There are only two exits from this city – one is the exit he took it to reach this city and the other one is through the front of that building from where the screech came.


Suddenly a growl came from that building. Luc quickly armed his bow and waited. He slowly peeked at the street and a moment later two aliens came out of the building and one of the alien is dragging the body of a man. Luc can’t say that the man is dead or not. He probably will be alive since aliens don’t need a dead body.


The aliens are standing in front of the building and are waiting for something. A moment later a swoosh came from the sky. Luc peered at the sky and saw a flying saucer approaching from the distant sky. The silver coloured flying saucer quickly reached the city limits and it hovered over the aliens. A moment later the flying saucer landed in the wide yard of a building and a door opened from the lower part of the flying saucer. The aliens standing outside quickly dragged the man towards the flying saucer and before long the aliens entered inside the flying saucer, and a few moments later the door of the flying saucer closed. Then the small flying saucer flew up and took off into the horizon.


Luc took a deep sigh of relief and then he started his walk. Before long he exited the town and entered inside a wide grassland. There is a narrow road that is passing through the grassland to a forest far away. Luc quickly started towards the forest hoping that no aliens would cross his path.


Richmond Forest, Gamorphia


Before long Luc entered inside the forest. He slowly walked through the narrow road which is passing through the forest. This forest is pretty big and on the way Luc spotted an apple tree. Apple trees are abundant in all the Gamorphian forests and apple is the most common fruit here in this planet.


Luc plucked a few apples and he quickly filled his belly with that. He put some of the apples in his back pack. Then he continued his journey. Before long sun began to set in the horizon and darkness crept forward. He need to find a place to stay for the night or he will freeze to death in the night’s wind.


He exited the forest when sun almost went down in the horizon. A thin layer of darkness covered the whole landscape. Luc found the city of Raymond far away. Luc increased his pace. Suddenly a flying saucer flew over the city of Raymond at blazing speed. Before long the flying saucer disappeared from his view. Luc sighed and continued his journey. He entered inside the city when sun wholly set in the horizon. Luc quickly got inside the first building he saw. This city is also dead silent apart from the sound of the night. Usually at this time of hour streets will be full of people and the street lamps would have shone everywhere. Now this city is plunged in darkness.


The building he is in is pretty much dark and several times he stumbled in the dark. He made sure the exit door is closed and then he cuddled on the floor, in the pile of paper, in a sitting position. Before long sleep took over him.




Luc woke up early in the morning. Still the surrounding is dead silent. He slowly stood up from the floor and he walked outside the building. He clutched the bow in his hand and he took one arrow from the back pack. He armed the bow just to be courageous. He slowly started his walk through the city and he saw the first dead body near a house on the side of the road. A few moments later he saw a whole bunch of dead bodies there and there. Some of the dead bodies are in the middle of the street.


Luc wanted to scream out loud but what is the point in screaming? The whole city is surely dead but there must be some survivors somewhere here. Luc slowly walked towards a dead body and he examined the scene. There is a small wound in the dead body’s neck. It was a young women. Those aliens must be drinking blood from the victims since the whole body is pale. So the aliens must be a kind of vampires. And they might be quick too.


Then the brightest idea came to Luc’s mind.


“Why not go to Earth and ask for help?”


Earth is a planet that orbits the sun in this planet’s orbit. He had also heard that there are no other orbit in this planetary system having two planets. Gamorphian people’s knowledge about planet Earth is ancient. There is a portal in Gamorphia which could take him to Earth. And the people of Earth call this portal as Bermuda Triangle. Not all people on Earth knows much about the portal. Bermuda Triangle must be his only salvation.


People of Earth are very advanced and not many people travelled between these planets because of the presence of hellish creatures which roams the triangle boundary. Luc need to take this risk, anyway what is there to lose?


With the Bermuda Triangle in his mind Luc slowly walked through the streets. In the pink sky birds gathered there and there.



Raymond, Gamorphia


Luc broke inside a shop and began to search everywhere and before long he found what he was looking for – Magneto Compass. Magneto compass is a special type of compass which can show the position of a place in terms of three numbers. The Bermuda triangle is at position 100, 100, 100. A small meter on the lower part of the compass shows this location number.


Now Luc is at location 23, 45, 70. That means he have lot to travel if he want to reach Bermuda triangle anytime soon. Luc put the compass in his pants pocket and he exited the shop. He quickly began his journey. He hasn’t reached farther from the shop he looted for compass when a screech came from his left.


Luc stopped moving and fearfully turned towards his left. There is a two story building in front of him and the screech came from somewhere around this building. Suddenly a sharp growl came and then an alien jumped on top of him from the top of the two story building. Alien pinned him to the ground. The bow and arrow fell down from his hands and Luc tried all he can to shake off the alien from his body. Alien opened its mouth and screeched at Luc. Water droplets from the alien’s mouth splashed on Luc’s face.


“Let me go you, bitch.”


Luc took all his might and pushed away the alien and he crawled his way to the bow and arrow. Alien quickly regained its footing and it rushed at Luc. Alien grabbed Luc’s leg and it dragged him under it. Luc didn’t get his bow but he was able to fish the metal arrow from the ground. Alien quickly grabbed Luc in his neck and it lifted him from the ground. Luc with a fluent movement drove the arrow deep inside the alien’s chest. The spot where arrow pierced supposedly have the alien’s heart. Alien’s grip on Luc loosened and Luc regained his footing.


Luc immediately took another arrow from his back pack and he drove it deep inside the alien’s neck. Alien gurgled and blood oozed down from its mouth, and it dropped dead.


Luc took a deep sigh and he fished his bow from the ground and he also retrieved his arrows from the alien’s dead body. Arrows are very precious and if he lost an arrow he won’t get another one soon. Luc didn’t waste time standing there. He immediately started his journey. He need to stay away from this open places. And most importantly he need to stay from cities.


Westoria, Gamorphia


Before long Luc exited the town and entered inside a barren wasteland. Here sun’s rays are very hot and there is not a single shade. A hot wind whipping up dust blew in Luc’s direction. Luc covered his eyes with his hands to protect them from dust. He slowly moved forward. There is a village somewhere around here and he could reach Bermuda triangle through that village.


Luc looked at the sky and found the sun in its highest position, no wonder why the sun’s heat is beyond tolerable. There is not a single bird in the sky and there are lot of white clouds, but none of the clouds are trying to block the sun. Luc took an apple from his back pack and he ate it. Then he took a bottle of orange juice and he drank some.


Then he saw the village far away. In the sun’s super-heated environment the reflection of the village can be clearly seen on the ground even though he is far away.


Ever since he exited the city of Raymond he didn’t saw any flying saucers. Something tells inside him that this village will be a safe place. Before long the Westoria village came into view. There is a big board on the village entrance indicating the name of the village ‘Westoria’. Hoping he would see a human in here Luc entered inside the village limits. Then he saw what he wanted to see. There are people walking through the streets there and there.


Luc took a deep sigh and went to the pub. Pubs in Gamorphia are the best place where one could get best quality wine. And pubs usually will be filled with people.


People inside the pub are enjoying their time drinking wine without knowing that there will not be any wine coming from other places, ever. Luc couldn’t blame them for not knowing.


Luc stood in the middle of the wide room and looked at everyone.


“People, may I have your attention please?” Luc asked out loud.


All people stopped talking each other and they all looked at Luc.


“What is it, young man?” The bartender, an old man, asked.


“Everyone in other places I have been through are dead.” Luc said.


Everyone’s jaw fell.


“Some kind of aliens killed everyone, and these aliens are killing everyone supposedly for our blood.” Luc continued. “They have many flying saucers and they are everywhere. I don’t know why they didn’t came here but they will soon come here too. You have to be ready for it.”


People immediately broke into a laugh.


Bartender laughed and looked at everyone. “People, is this the joking day? I can’t remember the days these days.”


“Looks like today is the joking day. These city folks know lot of good jokes.” One of the men said.


Luc looked at his feet. Anger rose inside him.


“People, do I look like I am joking? These days how many people do you see with Bow and arrows? My wife and neighbours got killed by those things. On the way, from Raymond, one of the thing almost killed me. I am planning to go to Bermuda triangle for asking help from Earth. It’s our only chance.” Luc said. He almost cried saying these things.


People’s smile vanished from their faces. Luc then forcefully grabbed the wine bottle from the bartender’s hands. “You’re not going to get one of these bottle again from other agricultural villages. Laugh all you want, or you could go and hide somewhere.”


Luc poured some wine into his mouth and he dropped the glass bottle. The bottle broke and glass shards sprinkled everywhere on the floor. And just like that Luc exited the pub. People followed Luc to the streets. Suddenly a swoosh came from the sky. Everyone peered at the sky for some time. Then everyone saw it. All the people nearby came near the pub and everyone stared at the incoming flying saucer.


With a swoosh the flying saucer disappeared into the horizon. Luc looked at everyone who are gathered behind him. Everyone’s eye met Luc’s eye. And Luc walked away from the scene.


People’s shouts exploded behind Luc. Luc looked at the horizon and moved forward. If he is fortunate he could reach Bermuda triangle in the morning.


Westorian Desert, Gamorphia


Luc walked deeper into the wasteland. A silence loomed everywhere around him and in the horizon sun began to set. Before long he reached a cliff and below he could see the Westorian desert. Bermuda triangle is somewhere in this desert.


There may be predators roaming the desert, so he decides to venture into the desert first thing in the morning. He cuddled on top of the cliff in a sitting position and he stared at the settling sun. In the horizon he could see birds flying in the sky and he could also see a snowy mountain range very far away.


Before long he fell asleep. The night was very cold and in the morning he woke up hearing the howling of a wind. Luc quickly stood up and ate one apple from his bag. Then he started walking along the cliff looking for a way into the desert. A few moments later he found a staircase to the desert.


From time immemorial Gamorphian lands had narrow muddy path throughout the world. Nobody know who created these paths but one thing they do know about these paths is they never disappear overtime even if nobody uses the path for a very long time.


Finally Luc’s boots touched the sand of the desert. Luc took the compass in his hand. He is now at location 89, 100, 100. If he is quick he could reach there in no time.


Luc quickly started his walk deeper into the desert.


Westorian Desert, Gamorphia


Under the scorching sun Luc slowly progressed towards his destination. Suddenly three flying saucers glided through the sky towards the Westoria village. None of the flying saucers gave attention to Luc. Flying saucers quickly disappeared from his vision, they probably had landed on the ground near the village of Westoria.


Luc hopes that the villagers should have done something to protect themselves from the aliens. Luc took a deep sigh and continued his journey. He hasn’t reached farther when he saw remains of a ship which once floated in the sea. This ship must be from Earth.


It’s usual that the Bermuda triangle dump the ships and aeroplanes of Earth here in this desert. Anything that moves over the Bermuda triangle will end up here and usually they all will return to Earth if they are landed anywhere near the portal. The portal allows passage to and fro but usually things arrived from Earth do not land near the portal. Nobody knows the secrets behind the portal and nobody dares venture into this place mainly because of the presence of predators.


Luc had heard numerous stories of predators which roam this place. And Luc had visited this desert when he was little and that was from Wolforia which is a small village near the snowy mountain range at the other end of this desert. But Luc hadn’t ventured into the desert much deeper before like he was doing right now. It is a desperate time and people would do desperate things at these times.


From where the aliens came is a mystery but they are going to conquer this world. People in this world are not advanced like people of Earth. Luc once had seen a man from Earth. That man was a military man and according to him he was in the middle of a war when he arrived here. He wasn’t able to go back to Earth because of the presence of hellish dogs who roam this place and Gamorphian people’s most knowledge about Earth are from that man. That man died a few years ago.


On the way Luc cautiously looked everywhere for any dangers. Suddenly a growl came from his left. Luc without a second thought armed the bow and looked at his left. Then he saw it. It’s a dog. A hellish dog. This is the number one predator in this desert and it already set its goal. The dog rushed at Luc. Luc aimed his arrow and waited for a close shot. He get only one shot at this. If he miss then he would be dead in no time.


When the dog reached near Luc it leaped in the air at Luc. Luc released his arrow and the arrow found its mark in the chest of the dog. Dog landed on top of Luc pinning Luc to the sand. Luc kept the dog’s mouth at bay using his hand. The arrow didn’t damaged the dog much but lot of blood is oozing down from the wound to Luc’s shirt. The dog thing tried all it can to bite Luc. Luc quickly fished an arrow attached to his left sock and he drove the arrow deep inside the dog’s neck. The massive dog finally yelped and went down.


Luc pushed away the massive dog from his body and he somehow stood up. He took heavy breaths. He quickly took his bow from the ground and he slowly walked away from the scene. His chest hurts but nothing bad happened. He looked at his compass. Now the position is 90, 100, 100.


Luc pushed forward. Sweat uncontrollably came from his brow. He looked at the pink sky and found white clouds there and there. He crested and climbed down sand dunes after sand dunes. He often drank orange juice.


“A little more, god. A little more.”


Westorian Desert, Gamorphia


Luc slowly moved forward. Cresting and climbing down sand dunes after sand dunes. Before long his supply of orange juice fully expended. Also there are no apples too. He is fully tired and hungry, and if that dog thing come now he would have no choice but to give in.


“A little more, god. A little more.”


Time quickly passed and now he is at position 99, 100, 100. Fortunately he saw no flying saucers. A few more moments passed and he is relieved to find that he is at position 100, 100, 100. Luc stopped moving and examined his surroundings. This gotta be it. He is at the exact location but there is no portal here. He waited a few minutes standing there under the scorching sun. Sweat uncontrollably oozed down from his brow.


He wiped the freshly arrived sweat from his brow and looked at his surrounding again. Then he saw that the sands are disappearing from nearby. A dark coloured circle appeared and sands are disappearing into this black thing. The black thing looks like a hole or a well. Then the black well thing began to expand.


This must be the portal. Luc closed his eyes and braced for whatever thing going to happen. The black well expanded around him and suddenly he just sucked inside the black well thing. At one moment he was standing on the sand then he just sucked in. He vanished from Westorian desert!


The black well thing continues to expand. A few minutes later the black thing stopped expanding and slowly sands reappeared on the ground and the black thing vanished from the ground.



Unknown Location, Gamorphia


A pain coursed through Luc’s back. Luc slowly opened his eyes and he found himself in a grassland. He slowly sat up. Suddenly a series of swooshes came from the sky. Luc looked up and saw flying saucers rushing in different directions. Luc quickly examined his surroundings. He found grasslands as far as his eyes could see. Then he saw it.


There are a special type of metal rods erecting from the ground around him. There is a total of five metal rods in a circular fashion. That’s when he looked at the sky more carefully. The sky is still pink. And he is still on Gamorphia. Bermuda triangle must had malfunctioned. This metal rods must be the reason for that. Those aliens did something to Bermuda triangle.


Luc slowly stood up. This is it. His last hope crumbled. Now what would he do? Those aliens are everywhere and if those things found him death is certain. He slowly walked towards an elevated region in the grassland. Then he saw it. Below the elevated region there is a tower. And aliens are swarming in there. There are a number of flying saucers resting on the ground.


The tower is pretty tall and through the door less windows Luc could see aliens inside the tower. Luc had seen this kind of tower before. This kind of tower are present throughout Gamorphia and they are created for some astrological reasons. Before things were normal one can often see scholars studying the sky inside these towers. Now this tower is an alien camp.


The aliens haven’t detected Luc yet but soon they will. Luc quickly walked away from the tower. He need to find human survivors. Only together they would stand a chance against these aliens. Luc clutched his bow and moved forward.


Unknown Location, Gamorphia


Far away Luc saw a forest. Luc increased his pace and sun slowly moved down from its highest position. Before long Luc entered inside the forest and the sun began to set in the horizon. Darkness slowly crept forward. Then Luc saw a fire inside the forest. Luc slowly cautiously moved towards the fire.


Then he saw a man standing near the fire. The man is warming up in the fire. Luc took a deep sigh of relief.


Luc slowly walked towards the man.


“Hello.” Luc called.


The man looked at Luc.


“The aliens could easily find you here near this fire, you know.” Luc said.


“Oh, but the aliens won’t come out at night.” The man smiled. “Name is Joseph.” The man put forward his hand.


Luc accepted the hand and shook. “Luc.”


“So what are you doing here?” Joseph asked.


“I thought about going to Earth through the Bermuda triangle for asking help and it turns out to be a failure.”




“The portal supposed to take me to Earth but instead it dump me here. Those aliens did something to the portal.”


“Those nasty things. I lost all my friends and family.”


“How did you escaped them?” Luc asked.


“That’s a long story. We were surrounded by them, then I saw my way out and I took it. I didn’t even looked back at the people who were with me. I can still hear their scream. I was too afraid.” Joseph tilted down his head with guilt.


“You did what you thought was right. You can’t blame yourself. Anyway how can you fight against them? They are fast and strong.” Luc said. “So do you have anything to eat?”


“No. I saw a couple of apple trees deep inside the forest but it’s too late to collect apples. We can go in the morning.”


“You’re right. I am tired as hell, and hungry too.”


“Same here.”


Luc sat down near the fire. A cold wind blew towards them and the fire swayed violently in the wind.


“So do you have any plan to survive?” Joseph asked.


“No. I never thought I would see a man. And I saw you. We can search somewhere. There must be some survivors like us.” Luc said.


“Right. I saw a town nearby. We can search there in the morning.”


“Okay.” Luc slowly lie down.


Joseph also lie down near the fire.


“Are you sure the aliens won’t come out at night?” Luc asked.


“I am pretty sure.” Joseph said.


“Okay. I really need some sleep.” Luc said.


Joseph smiled.


Luc placed the bow and his back pack near him and he slowly closed his eyes. Before long the night became too deep. And the sound of the night sets in.


Unknown Location, Gamorphia


Luc felt a weight on top of him. He slowly opened his eyes and found Joseph on top of him. In the camp fire he can clearly see Joseph’s face.


“What are you doing man? Get off from me.” Luc said.


Suddenly Joseph opened his mouth showing a set of sharp teeth and he screeched at Luc.


“What the?” Luc said.


Joseph moved his mouth to Luc’s neck. Luc quickly grabbed Joseph’s head in his hand and he kept Joseph’s mouth at bay. Joseph quickly slammed on Luc’s stomach using his fist.


“Ahh …” Luc’s hands on Joseph’s head loosened.


Luc quickly pushed away Joseph and he stood up.


“What the hell are you?” Luc asked.


Joseph said nothing, instead he screeched sharply and rushed at Luc. Luc dodged the attack and took an arrow from his back pack. Joseph screeched again and this time he leaped on top of Luc. Luc fell down and the arrow slipped from his hand. Joseph tried all he can to sink his teeth on Luc’s neck but Luc kept Joseph’s mouth at bay. Luc quickly fished the arrow from the ground using his right hand he drove the arrow deep inside Joseph’s neck. Joseph gurgled and blood pour out from his mouth. Finally Joseph went down.


Luc stood up and took heavy breaths. Now the aliens are in human form. Can he survive? Sun slowly began to break in the horizon and Luc moved away from the bloody scene.


Unknown Location Gamorphia


Luc slowly moved through the forest. On the way he saw a couple of apple trees and he filled his belly with fresh apples. Before long his hunger and thirst flew away and after collecting some apples in his back pack he continued his journey. A few moments later he exited the forest and he saw a town in front of him. A silence hovered over the town like all the other towns he had previously came through.


Luc slowly progressed towards the town. After the encounter with the human alien thing Luc is extra cautious and he often peered at the sky and at the surroundings. A few minutes later he entered inside the town and suddenly he heard chatting of people from within the town.


Luc tuned his ear and he found out that the sound is coming from a nearby building. Luc slowly walked towards a building and peeked at the building from where the sound is coming. Then he saw it. There are men standing near a big building and they all are discussing something.


Luc still don’t know whether they are real humans, so Luc didn’t dare go near them. Suddenly a scream came from the building near the men. Luc carefully peeked and he saw a man dragging a woman through the floor and when the man reached near the men he threw her into the road.


“Ahh … Please don’t kill me.” The woman begged.


“I will help you ease your pain.” A man stepped forward and he lifted her from the ground and within moments the man sunk his teeth on the woman’s neck.


A yelp came from the woman but it was short lived. A few moments later the man dropped the limp body of the woman.


Luc want to kill every one of those things but he wouldn’t stand a chance against them. Luc leaned on the wall and took a deep breath. Suddenly a sound of something dragging through the ground came. Luc slowly peeked at the scene and the sight horrified him. A group of men is moving a big glass container full of a red liquid to a flying saucer parked nearby. The red liquid must be blood. The thought sent a series of chill through Luc’s body. How many humans did they hunted down for getting that much of blood?


Every warning signal inside him told him to run away from the scene. A moment later the men stopped hauling the blood container and they all entered inside the flying saucer. The flying saucer quickly went up and it flew away from the scene. Luc took a deep sigh of relief and he continued his journey. He need to find survivors. These human things could be anywhere like that Joseph. He need to be careful if he do want to survive.


Unknown Location, Gamorphia


Before long sun moved to its highest position. Luc broke inside a shop and looted some bottles of mineral water. This town is huge and it will take some time to find a way out of the town. Luc also hopes that he will see survivors in this town. There is gotta be some survivors here.


Luc quickly exited the shop and started his walk. Suddenly sound of footsteps came from behind him. Luc hid behind a building and peeked at the road through which he came a little while ago. A moment later two men appeared on the road. They are walking in Luc’s direction. They looks like normal but by the way they walk suggest that they don’t fear anything, so they must be aliens. Soon they will reach near Luc and he don’t need anybody to tell him that what they will do to him if they found him. Luc looked around him for a way out.


Then he found a fire escape ladder on the back of the building. Without a second thought Luc climbed the ladder and before long he reached inside the top level of the building through the door less window. Luc quickly peered outside and saw the alien humans walking away from the scene. Luc took a deep sigh of relief.


A few moments later swoosh of a flying saucer came from outside. Luc didn’t bother checking outside. He waited in that building for some time. There is a havoc inside the building, possibly happened when the aliens stormed inside. Then when he is pretty sure that the human aliens moved away from the road Luc climbed down the fire escape ladder and he slowly started his journey. It’s not much of a journey since he don’t know where he is going and what he will find when he reach a destination. All he know is that this road leads to some place and there might be some human survivors.


With a little hope kept in his mind he slowly moved through the road under the scorching sun.



Unknown Location, Gamorphia


Before long sun began to set in the horizon. He still haven’t exited the town. Luc looked everywhere for a nice building to spend the night. Then he found just the building he want. It’s a big building near the main road and it is about twenty stories high.


Luc walked towards the back of the building and before long he started climbing the fire escape ladder to the top of the building, and within minutes he reached the top level. He entered inside the building through the door less window and he checked everywhere. Suddenly a pungent smell hit his nose. Then he found the source of the smell.


There are three decaying dead bodies inside this room. Luc immediately covered his nose with his hands and he exited the room. He slowly entered inside a corridor and he started to move towards the exit. He quickly found stairs to the lower levels. Luc slowly climbed down the stairs and immediately after reaching the level just under the top level he started searching for a good room, and before long he found a good room without much problem. He entered inside the room and examined everything. There is a window in this room and he could clearly see the road and nearby buildings through the window.


Before long night sets in. In the semi darkness Luc lie down on the bed and thought about Susan. Suddenly a scream came from the lower levels. Luc quickly grabbed his bow and an arrow. He aimed the arrow at the doorway and waited. A moment later a series of screams came from the lower levels. The screams definitely are coming possibly from the ground floor. Luc went near the window and peered outside.


He saw nothing peculiar. Then he saw it. There is an orange light, perhaps from a candle, near the ground floor. The light is coming from inside the building. Luc quickly threw his back pack on his shoulders and he walked towards the exit door. Before long he started climbing down the stairs. He is moving very slowly and he is extra alerted. The stairs are around a circular opened region and through the side of the stairs he could see the ground floor clearly. The building is in fact built in a circular fashion and the centre portion is opened to the sky.


He hadn’t reached farther from the top level when he saw a candle light in the bottom level in the centre portion. Luc looked carefully and saw a man with candle light standing there in the centre portion of the ground floor. Then he saw it. A few men with candles are leading about dozens of men and women to inside a room. The men with candles must be aliens and other men and women must be prisoners.


He couldn’t believe that he is right inside an alien prison. Luc peeked at the scene again. The men and women and the aliens disappeared from the scene. They must have entered inside a room. Then the brightest idea came to his mind. How about saving those prisoners?


He had killed an alien before and he could do it again and there are only a few of them here. And those things would sleep too, they have to sleep. And he can kill them if he is careful. Luc waited in the staircase a few hours, then in the semi darkness he climbed down with the mission in his mind.


Unknown Location, Gamorphia


Before long Luc reached near the ground floor. He carefully examined things, and once he made sure that no one is near, he slowly climbed down rest of the stairs. On the ground floor, in the nearby room, there are lighted candles still melting away. Luc armed his bow and peeked inside.


He saw prisoners, tied each other by a rope, and he also saw sleeping forms of alien humans on the chairs. He is pretty sure that the persons in the chairs are aliens because they are not tied to anything and they are freely and courageously sleeping. Shooting down the aliens one by one might cause unwanted sound and all aliens may woke up all at once, which is a bad thing for him. So he decided the most barbaric way.


Luc took an arrow in his hands and he slowly entered inside the room. Everyone, even the prisoners, are sleeping. He went near the closest alien human and he did the unthinkable. He held the alien’s head in his left hand and before the alien could guess what is happening he drove the arrow deep inside the alien’s neck. No sound is made except from the gurgling when blood oozed down from its mouth.


First alien went down. Luc quickly went near the second alien and he repeated the procedure. Before long he killed all the five aliens and after that he took a deep sigh of relief. He took a quick glance at his handy work. All the dead aliens are still on the chairs and blood is still oozing down through their neck and mouth.


Luc took one more sigh and he went near the prisoners. All the prisoners are sleeping by sitting on the floor. They still haven’t realized what the hell just happened. Luc crouched down near the prisoners and he slowly untied the rope from their hands. Suddenly one of the men opened his eyes and screamed.


“Please, don’t kill me.” The man pleaded.


Luc smiled.


“I am not going to kill you. Don’t make a sound.” Luc said.


The man looks like haven’t convinced at Luc’s words. Luc quickly finished untying the men and women. By this time everyone slowly began to wake up. Before long everyone woke up and they all stood up.


“Is this a dream?” One of the women asked.


“No. Freedom is yours, mates. Those alien scums are dead but we are not safe yet. They will come back in more number. Before that would happen, we have to escape from here.” Luc said.


Everyone nodded. They don’t need much information and also Luc don’t want to explain everything in detail.


Before long sun broke in the horizon and everyone exited the building. They slowly started their journey in search for a sanctuary.


“Where would we go?” A tall man asked Luc.


“I don’t know. We have to search everywhere. There must be more survivors.” Luc said.


“We all are naive. We need weapons.” The tall man said.


“We can loot a hardware shop on the way.” Luc said.


Everyone nodded.


They have to find weapons and be ready for anything. Aliens could be everywhere. If they come now, these survivors don’t stand a chance. Luc’s bow and arrows are the only hope of this twenty survivors.


They slowly moved through the dark road and before long they exited the town and saw a forest far away. They have no weapons and they can’t go back in search for weapons.


“People. Possibly survivors would gather in the forests. We have to push forward.” Luc said.


Everyone nodded and they increased their pace.


Suddenly swoosh of a flying saucer came from the distant sky. Everyone quickly crouched down and peered at the sky. Then they saw it. There are two flying saucers. They are coming directly at the survivors.


“Do you think they saw us?” One of the women asked Luc.


“I don’t know.” Luc said.


Suddenly a hum came from behind them. Panic started to creep through their legs. They all slowly turned towards their rear and saw a flying saucer hovering in the air just behind them.


“Run.” Luc managed to say.


Everyone broke into a run. They ran in different directions. Suddenly the flying saucers who were in the sky approached the scene and all the flying saucers began to shoot a kind of blue light rays at the survivors.


Luc finally reached the forest. He took a quick glance at the other survivors and the scene horrified him. The flying saucers had landed on the ground and the aliens are hauling the limp bodies of survivors to the flying saucers. After all he had done to rescue them, it was all for nothing.


He have to escape before those things would see him. Luc quickly ran inside the forest and he moved deep inside the forest.


Unknown Location, Gamorphia


Hate and defeat took over Luc. He hates those aliens more than anything. They are destroying everything. Those men and women had many dreams. They hadn’t even got time to enjoy their freedom.


On the way Luc filled his belly from an apple tree and he collected some apples in his back pack. He slowly moved deep inside the forest and before long he exited the forest and saw a wide grassland. Then he saw a farm house nearby. If the aliens haven’t reached here, there could be survivors.


Luc pushed forward towards the house. There and there Luc saw a herd of cattle grazing on the grass. He quickly reached near the house and he slowly got inside through the unlocked door. Here in Gamorphia usually no one locks their doors and houses. Only some rare people do such things, mainly because there aren’t much thieves here and most people are noble.


He slowly walked towards the kitchen. Suddenly he froze. A man came from inside the kitchen aiming his bow at Luc.


“Don’t shoot. I am not an alien.” Luc said.


“I could see that.” The man said. He quickly lowered his weapon.


“How do you know I wasn’t one of them?” Luc asked.


“What do you mean by that?” The man asked.


“You don’t know?” Luc asked in confusion.




“There are aliens in human form all over the place.”


“What? How is that possible?”


“I don’t know. They just appeared out of nowhere.” Luc said. “Are you alone in here?”


“No.” The man said.


A moment later a woman and a young boy came from the kitchen.


Suddenly a swoosh came from the sky. Luc and the man went near the window and peered outside. Then they saw it. Two flying saucers had landed in front of the house and aliens are pouring out from the flying saucers.


“Oh, my god.” Luc muttered.


“Did you lead them here?” The man asked with worry.


“No, I didn’t know.” Luc said.


“Come on.” The man quickly led Luc and the woman and the boy to the kitchen.


From the kitchen the man opened a secret door under the carpet. Luc don’t need to ask what it is. It is a bunker. Quickly everyone got inside the small bunker and the man closed the bunker door and he dead bolted it.


“We may be safe in here for a while.” The man said.


Suddenly someone from outside began to thrash the bunker door.


“That’s just great. Now what would we do?” Luc mumbled.


“Come on. There is a tunnel to the north forest here.” The man quickly led them to a corner and the man opened a reinforced steel door.


Luc saw the tunnel and he smiled.


“Let’s get out of here before they broke in.” The man led them to deep inside the tunnel and before long they saw the forest.


Quickly everyone entered inside the forest and all took a deep breath.


“Those aliens might see the tunnel. We need to get out of here.” Luc said.


Everyone nodded.


They quickly ran through the forest searching for a sanctuary. Will there be any sanctuary? Before long sun moved down from its highest position.


Unknown Location, Gamorphia


Before long Luc and team exited the forest and they saw a desolated town just near the forest. The town is entirely devoid of sound and there aren’t even any birds in the sky. The sun slowly began to set in the horizon and darkness crept forward. They slowly entered inside the small town.


There aren’t any dead bodies on the roads.


“We can stay inside one of the building for the night.” Luc said.


They all nodded.


They entered inside the first good looking building they saw and before long they found a good room. Luc closed the door and he barricaded it with tables and chairs. They quickly lie down on the floor and slept. The night was very peaceful and no sound came from outside.


In the morning they continued their journey through the desolated town.


Unknown Location, Gamorphia


Luc and the farm family slowly continued their journey. Before long they exited the town and now the road is passing through a grassland. Both sides of the road is filled with tall grass and there are only a few trees in here. Far away they could see the silhouette of a forest.


Suddenly swoosh of a flying saucer came from the sky. Luc and team quickly crouched down and hid behind the tall grass. The flying saucer is flying in a very low altitude. Luc stared at the flying saucer. Then it happened. A door on the lower part of the flying saucer opened and a green gas rushed out of the opened doorway.


The green gas quickly spread throughout the place. Luc peered at the town sky and saw few other flying saucers releasing the same gas.


“Cover your nose and mouth. Don’t breathe it.” Luc commanded.


The family nodded.


Then the gas spread around Luc and team engulfing them. They covered their mouth and nose with the sleeve of their shirts, but how long can they hold their breath? Eventually they have to breathe. And they did breathe the contaminated air a few moments later.


Luc’s vision began to blur. He saw the green gas everywhere. Then the farm family disappeared from his view.


“Hello?” Luc called. “Damn it, I didn’t even ask their names.” Luc muttered.


His eyes began to water and a stinging sensation surged through his eyes.


“Ahh …” Luc’s eyes began to irritate.


A moment later his world became blank and his body hit the ground hard.




Luc opened his eyes and he found himself in a dark place. He could see his surrounding to a small extent but he cannot see what lies beyond the darkness. The darkness is very thick and he don’t know why he could see only a small portion of land around him. He looked at the sky and found it devoid of stars. Everything is engulfed by darkness.


“Hello?” Luc called.


“Is there anyone here?” Luc again called but he get no response.


Suddenly dark form of a thing with hands and legs appeared in front of him. Panic slowly crept through his legs.


“Hel … Hello?” Luc said in a low tone.


A moment later the dark thing slowly approached Luc and it put forward its hands to grab on Luc. Luc tried to move away but he couldn’t move his legs. His legs somehow stuck on the ground.


Suddenly the dark thing grabbed Luc’s hand and a cold sensation passed through his skin.


“Ahh …” Luc screamed.


The dark thing quickly moved away dragging Luc with it. The thing dragged Luc into a darker place and now everywhere is surrounded by darkness. Luc couldn’t see anything.


“Ahh …” Luc screamed again.


And his world went blank.


Luc woke up in the road between grasslands. He began to hyper ventilate. Luc looked around him and he is relieved to see sunlight. Sun slowly moved to its highest position and he saw birds flying in the sky. But there is no sign of the farm family. And there are no flying saucers too. Also that green gas had disappeared.


Luc slowly stood up and he found his bow on the road. He took the bow from the ground and took a deep sigh of relief. His back pack is still on his shoulders. Luc looked at the distant forest and he slowly walked towards the forest. He hopes that the farm family will be alright. Where will they go? That gas caused hallucination. What if they are driven to another place by a hallucination?


Luc pushed back the bad thoughts and he slowly continued his journey.



Unknown Location, Gamorphia


Luc finally reached the forest. Trees thickly grow here and the tree canopy blocked the sunlight entirely. A few light rays seeped in through the tiny holes in the canopy. He need to find survivors and together they need to find a way to fight against these things or the entire human species in this planet are gonna die.


The forest is huge and before long Luc saw a tiny stream flowing through the forest. Fishes energetically swam through the water. Luc took his empty water bottle and filled it with stream water and he drank some water too. The fresh water quickly cooled down his body.


Luc didn’t waste time there. He quickly started his journey. Before he could exit the forest, sun began to set in the horizon and the forest quickly got plunged in darkness. Luc couldn’t see anything in front of him. So he slowly sat down near a tree. He hopes that the aliens won’t come during the night.


Before long sleep took over him.




Luc opened his eyes and he found himself in a faintly lit room. The room is completely empty.


“Where am I? Is this a dream?”


Luc stood up and went near the door. He could hear something scratching on the door from the other side.


“Hello, is anyone out there?”


No response came from the other side but the scratching got louder. Luc slowly turned the knob and the he slowly opened the door a little. A little fear is inside him but he is sure that this is a dream and nobody in the dream world could hurt him.


Suddenly a dark dog like thing thrash opened the door widely and jumped on top of Luc.


“Ahh …” The thing pinned Luc to the floor.


Luc tried all he can to push away the dog thing but the dog thing kept on trying to bite Luc. Luc kept the thing’s head at bay using his hand. Suddenly the dog shook its head violently and Luc’s grip on the thing’s head loosened. The thing didn’t waste time. It sunk its teeth on Luc’s shoulders.


“Ahh …” Pain coursed through his body.


Luc woke up under the tree and he panted heavily. Sun slowly began to rise from the horizon and sunlight seeped in through the canopy. Luc took a deep sigh of relief and stood up. His eyes are very tired and he haven’t fully recovered from the sleep yet. He looked up and saw the leaves as dark shapes which are alive. Dozens of dark eyes stared at him from the tree canopy. Panic slowly crept through his legs.


Luc took the water bottle from his back pack and he washed his face with a little water. His eyes slowly readjusted to the sunlight. He looked up at the tree canopy again and the dark forms disappeared from his view. Luc took a deep sigh of relief and he slowly continued his journey to find a sanctuary.


Copper Mine, Gamorphia


Before long Luc exited the forest and entered into a wide grass land. Suddenly an ear breaking scream of an animal came from the grassland on his left side. Luc peered at the grassland with a little fear. Then he saw the most unlikely thing. A man with bow and arrow is standing near a fallen deer. It was this deer which made the sound. Luc took a deep sigh and walked towards the man.


“Hello?” Luc called.


The man looked at Luc and smiled.


“Where are you coming from?” The man asked.


“I am from far away. Are you sure those aliens won’t hear the cry of this deer?” Luc asked.


The deer continued to yelp. The man quickly took a knife from his waist band and he drove the knife deeper inside the deer’s neck. The deer yelped for one last time and its head dropped to a side never to rise again.


“We haven’t seen the aliens this way?” The man said.


“So there are more of you here?” Luc asked.


“Yeah. Most of us are from the nearby town. We managed to escape quickly before those aliens could drink our blood.” The man said.


“Did you saw the flying saucers releasing a green gas here?” Luc asked.


“No. But we did saw a green gas and we all exposed to the gas.”


“Did you had any hallucinations?”


“Yes. After we got exposed to the gas.”


“What is your name?”




“So, Justin, where are you living? Is it a secure place?”


“It’s the most secure place here. It’s a copper mine.”


“Can I join you?”


“Of course, you can. We always welcome survivors.” Justin said. “Can you help me to haul this deer back to the camp?”


“Of course. Is the mine near?”


“Yeah. A few clicks from here.”


Justin and Luc grabbed the hind limbs of the deer and they both moved deep inside the grass land dragging the deer with them. Before long they exited the grassland and in front of them lay a barren wasteland. A hot wind whipping up dust blew in their direction.


“Mine is there.” Justin said pointing at a rocky area near them.


The place is surrounded by rocks and big boulders. They dragged the deer towards the rocky area and before long Luc saw the entrance of the mine. It looks like cave but he could see the wooden posts there and there which support the roof of the mine. They slowly entered inside the mine and then they saw people discussing things there and there on the floor.


People immediately saw Luc and Justin, and few of them came forward to help them move the deer. People nodded at Luc and Luc nodded back.


“So Justin did you saw any aliens in human form around here?” Luc asked.


“What? Aliens are in human form?” Justin asked.


“Yeah. They could infiltrate this camp easily if they want. We have to be careful especially since there are many people in here.”


“Okay. We will discuss this at night.”


Luc nodded.


Before long sun began to set in the horizon. And people gathered in the entrance of the mine. They discussed everything about the aliens. Nobody is ready to fight back. Everyone is afraid and Luc couldn’t blame them. They deserve to be afraid but they need to come up with a plan before the aliens could find this place.


The mine is very deep and there are many rooms in the lower part of the mine. There is a wooden ladder which leads to deep inside the mine. Luc didn’t bother checking the mine in detail. Before long sleep took over everyone.


Luc is extra happy knowing that he isn’t alone in this world. Luc lie down on the cold floor and sleep quickly took over him.


Copper Mine, Gamorphia


Luc spent two days in the mine. When they got hungry they ate deer meat and when they got thirsty they drank water from a stream which is flowing through the grassland. So far they saw no flying saucers but the gas the aliens had released still lingers in the air and people are having hallucination most of the time. The most peculiar thing is everybody saw the same hallucination.


Even the sleep is not peaceful. There isn’t a day in which they haven’t seen a nightmare. Whatever was that gas, it was very strong and it’s the reason people are having hallucination and nightmares. Justin showed Luc all the important parts of the mine. This mine have a special tunnel which leads to a nearby forest.


On his third day in the mine Luc woke up early and he paced through the escape tunnel. There is nothing to do here and it is making him mad. Before long he exited the tunnel and he entered into a forest. Luc clutched his bow tightly. Luc examined the forest and he went back inside the mine.


This mine had abandoned years ago due to some geological reasons or so Justin says. He haven’t exited the tunnel when a loud scream came from the mine entrance. The scream continued to play in the background. Then a series of screams came. Luc began to shiver. Then he heard sound of footsteps approaching the tunnel.


The aliens are here and he need to run. Without a second thought Luc ran away from the mine through the tunnel. Fortunately his arrows are still in his back pack and the back pack is still on his shoulders. Before long Luc entered inside the forest and Luc hid behind a tree.


The screams had stopped but sound of footsteps came from the tunnel. A moment later Justin appeared. Justin is panting heavily and it looks like he ran too much. Luc started to discard his cover. Suddenly two men came from the tunnel and they jumped on top of Justin.


“Ahh …” Justin screamed out loud.


One of the alien human had already sunk its teeth on Justin’s neck.


A moment later Justin stopped screaming. Luc quickly armed his bow and he released an arrow at an alien. The arrow pierced the man thing’s neck and it dropped dead. The remaining creature screeched and rushed at Luc. Luc released one more arrow and that alien also dropped dead.


Luc took a deep sigh and he rushed towards Justin. Justin is breathing rhythmically but his eyes are vacant and they stared at the sky.


“Justin? Are you okay?” Luc asked.


No response came from Justin and it looks like Justin’s whole body had paralysed. Amazingly no blood is oozing down from his neck. Suddenly sound of footsteps came from the tunnel.


“I am sorry, Justin. I have to go.”


Luc quickly ran away from the scene. The mine is now dead. All those people are dead or captured. It’s actually a fortune Luc managed to escape every time when bad things happen. May be somebody is watching him from the heavens.


Luc ran deeper into the forest and the sun slowly moved to its highest position.


Unknown Location, Gamorphia


Luc ran and ran. Finally he exited the small forest and a barren wasteland lays in front of him. Suddenly two flying saucers flew in the direction of the mine. Luc crouched down and waited for the flying saucers to disappear from his view. A moment later they did disappeared from his view.


Luc took a deep sigh of relief and he continued his walk. Now he have no hope left in him. Like in the mine no one would escape from the aliens. There might not be anyone left alive. Even if there are entire communities left alive, they also will die since now humans are not distinguishable from the aliens. They could be anywhere and they could be anyone. They may be right inside surviving communities.


People in the mine weren’t aware about the human aliens until Luc came. Like that there will be many people who still don’t know anything about the human aliens. There is no hope. There is no way people of Gamorphia would survive this.


Luc slowly progressed towards nowhere in particular. Sun slowly went down from its highest position.


Unknown Location, Gamorphia


Luc walked through the barren wasteland. Before long sun began to set in the horizon and he saw a house far away. He rushed forward. Anyway who would build a house in this scorching wasteland? Before long the house fully came into view and he saw outline of a man near the house.


Luc armed his bow and he took aim. He slowly moved forward.


Suddenly the man saw Luc. The man took his bow from the ground and he aimed at Luc. The man was doing something near a small shed.


If he was an alien, he would never had a bow. So Luc lowered his bow.


“Don’t shoot. I am not one of them.” Luc said.


The man also lowered his weapon.


“What are you doing in this middle of nowhere? Are you alone?” Luc asked.


The man first hesitated. “I have a pregnant wife with me. We are going to Tunoria.”


“Is it a sanctuary?” Luc asked.


“You could say that. It is a city built underground. We stopped here for riding out the night. We are from west.” The man said.


“I am Luc. I would like to come with you.”


“We are happy to have you with us. Come on, let’s get inside, it will be pretty dark soon.”


They slowly entered inside the house and in the living room Luc saw the pregnant lady.


“I am Robert, and this is Jessy.”


Jessy stood up from the couch and she came near Robert.


“Who is this, Robert?” Jessy asked.


“This is Luc and he will come with us to Tunoria.” Robert said.


“It’s nice to meet you, Jessy.” Luc smiled and put forward his hand. Jessy accepted Luc’s hand and she shook. “How far are you?”


“Five months. We thought we would be alone.” Jessy said.


“I thought that too. I saw a whole bunch of people on the way, in a copper mine, but sadly the aliens in human form infiltrated the mine and killed everyone. I somehow escaped.” Luc said.


Jessy covered her mouth with her hand in shock. “Oh, my!”


“So things are pretty bad, right?” Robert asked.


“Yeah. And the aliens had released a gas which causes hallucination.” Luc said.


“Oh, we saw that gas. But we somehow escaped that.” Robert said.


“If you don’t mind, I could use some rest. I am tired as hell.” Luc said.


“You can sleep on the couch.” Robert said.


Luc nodded.


A moment later darkness conquered everything. With the pleasant thought about Tunoria Luc lie down on the couch and he closed his eyes.



Wolforia, Gamorphia


“In any chance do you have a magneto compass?” Robert asked.


“Yeah. I have one.” Luc produced his magneto compass from his pants pocket.


“Tunoria is at location fifty, fifty, hundred.” Robert said.


“We are at forty nine, fifty, ninety.” Luc said.


“That means we are near.” Jessy said.


Luc and Robert nodded. They quickly exited the small house and started their journey. It hasn’t been too long since sun rose in the horizon. Far away they saw a snowy mountain range.


“Tunoria is somewhere in that mountains.” Robert said.


Luc nodded. They slowly continued their walk. Jessy is pretty slow but Luc can’t say anything to her since she is five months pregnant.


Before long they entered inside the mountains. It’s very cold here and wind often blew towards them. They climbed snowy hills and passed a tree land.


“Do you know this place?” Luc asked Robert.


“I had visited the village Wolforia a dozen times. It’s somewhere around here.” Robert said.


Luc nodded. They climbed one more hill and below they saw a village. A silence hovered over the village.


“That’s Wolforia.” Robert said. “That means we are near Tunoria.”


Luc looked at his compass. They are in fact near. They slowly climbed down the hill and before long they reached inside the village. The village is dead silent and there are nobody here. So aliens must have went through here.


In the horizon sun slowly began to set.


“Let’s ride out the night in that house.” Luc said pointing at a double story house.


Jessy and Robert nodded.


Before long they entered inside the small house. They found a room having two beds. They all lie down on the bed and sleep quickly took over them.


Wolforia, Gamorphia


Luc woke up hearing the swoosh of a flying saucer. He quickly stood up and went near the window and outside he saw a flying saucer hovering over a house. Panic and worry grew inside Luc. Robert and Jessy also woke up and they came near Luc, and they too saw the flying saucer.


“Do they know we are here?” Jessy asked.


“I don’t know.” Luc said.


A moment later the flying saucer flew away into the distant sky. Luc and team took a deep sigh of relief.


“Come on, let’s get out of here.” Luc said.


Robert and Jessy nodded.


Luc quickly took his belongings and they all marched outside. On the way they drank some cold water from a well. Then they continued their journey. Luc often checked his compass for directions.


A few moments later they exited a tree land and climbed down a hill. Below the hill they are mesmerised by the view in front of them. Before them lay dozens of tents.


“What’s the story of these tents?” Luc asked.


“I don’t know. I had never heard about them.” Robert said.


Sadly all the tents were abandoned long ago. They passed the tents and they climbed a hill and they entered into a small tree land. All trees are filled with snow and tree branches occasionally heaved and snapped due to the weight of the snow. Before long they exited the tree land and they saw a big tower in front of them.


Suddenly a sharp howl came from their back. Luc quickly took a glance at his rear and he got shocked. A bunch of whitish wolves are gaining on them.


“Wolves. Run.” Luc said.


Robert grabbed Jessy’s hand and they both ran. Luc closely followed them. Before long they entered inside the tower’s perimeter and the wolves got near. They rushed inside the tower through the door less doorway. Wolves stopped chasing them and they stood outside the tower and sharply howled.


Luc and team panted heavily and they stared at the impatient wolves. A moment later the wolves made an ear breaking howl and retreated to whence they came. Luc took a deep sigh and looked at the inside of the tower closely. Suddenly a screech came from the top level of the tower. Luc and Robert exchanged a serious worry look. They both armed their bows and braced for whatever that is hiding inside the tower.


The Unknown Tower, Gamorphia


Suddenly two aliens rushed at Luc and team from the staircase in the corner. Luc and Robert didn’t thought twice. They released the already hauled arrows. Arrows made their mark and both the aliens dropped dead. Suddenly screeches came from outside the tower.


Luc and team quickly ran through the tower and before long they started climbing the stairs. In each level there are door less rooms and they are running through the corridor in front of the rooms. Each corridor is connected by a long staircase. Finally they reached the top level of the tower which have only one room. Luc peered outside through the wide door less window and got shocked. Aliens had surrounded the tower and they are approaching the tower.


All the aliens are in human form and Luc and team are pretty sure what they will do to them if they found them.


“What should we do?” Jessy asked.


Luc is speechless. For the first time in a long time he don’t know what to do. There is no escape from here. Luc looked at his compass and he is surprised to find that the current location is 50, 50, 99. They got here passing all those danger. All for nothing. Is this how he would die? Luc stared at the approaching aliens with disbelief.


“This is it. I am jumping from here.” Jessy said.


Jessy’s word brought back Luc from his thoughts.


This is it! This is how it ends!


The Unknown Tower, Gamorphia


“I don’t want to die in their hands. Robert, I don’t want to die.” Jessy began to cry.


Robert wrapped his hands around Jessy and tears welled up in his eyes. There is no way they are escaping this time. This is it.


“Let’s die.” Robert finally said.


Luc don’t know what to say. This must be the end.


The Unknown Tower, Gamorphia


Jessy first climbed the small window and from the window she looked down. Aliens are pouring from all direction.


“Will you stay with me?” Jessy asked Robert.


“Always.” Robert said.


Robert also climbed the wide window and they both sit on the window with their legs outside. They both held their hands each other. Robert tightened his grip on Jessy’s hands.


Tears uncontrollably fell from both of their eyes. Luc couldn’t cry. His eyes are all dry. He made them dry crying after he lost his wife. Now there is not a single drop of tear left in him.


Then it happened. Robert and Jessy jumped from the window. A moment later Luc heard a loud thud. Robert and Jessy are dead. Now it’s his turn.


Aliens screeched sharply from below.


The Unknown Tower, Gamorphia


Luc climbed the window and he looked down. Suddenly sound of footsteps came from outside the room. They are near. If he want to die he need to take the leap now or they will dry him. Luc thought about Susan.


Suddenly aliens got inside the room and Luc didn’t thought twice. He made the leap. He jumped from the window. Today snow is falling heavily and Luc met falling snow in mid-air. He widened his arms and closed his eyes. Air uncontrollably hit his eyes.


A moment later a little pain coursed through all over his body and that was it. His world went blank.


Aliens screeched at the fallen dead bodies. Blood sprayed everywhere on the white snow. Saliva uncontrollably arrived at the aliens’ mouth. Today, just moments ago, their precious blood bags had lost.


Blood, how precious it is.




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