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Game of the Planners 5














Game of the Planners 5


Published by Luis Smietanka at Shakespir


Copyright 2017 Luis Smietanka

















The decision to dine in the same restaurant with someone with which James had such history with, talk less of two would have been a rather difficult one for most people, but not for him. He had taken enough time to think through his actions and his guards waited on him to make the decision to walk through the door. He had told them they were going to dine in the restaurant but he had one good look at Melissa before stepping through the front door.

The air within the threatened to feel awkward for him but he discarded it with a sniff. An attendant walked up to his to lead him to an empty table which was directly beside Melissa and Thomas’s. He helped himself into his seat while his body guard sat a few feet away. It was evident Jack was a wealthy man by his looks and dressing, which was the caliber they regularly entertained in the restaurant.

The attendant provided him with a bottle of wine to help entertain himself before the menu would be brought over to him to peruse. At that point in time, Jack had other things he decided to peruse in mind. It bothered around the beautiful lady sitting not far from him and the uncomprehending man with whom she sat. It felt like a twist in fate where one meets with his enemy and old time lover at the same time.

Even though he never summoned the stones or courage to speak with her about how he felt, he couldn’t deny it within. He took a few seconds to adjust to the environment, before looking in their direction. She looked not much different from the last time they had seen. He could recall her image in his memory as it used to be in comparison to now.

Melissa looked more grown up, but with the same sheepish smile she always had on. Her black gown melted into her skin, bringing out a beautiful contrast with the tone of her skin. The ruby necklace she donned told him she was doing well, and the expensive wristwatch wrapped around her wrist was well enough evidence of that as well.

Jack sighed gently. He couldn’t believe the lady before him after all the years would still leave such a mesmerizing effect on him. It felt long and like ages they had seen but the warmth of discomfort he usually felt running down his spine back then was still evident. It came running down his spine like a stream of boiling water as he loosened the tight grip of his shirt around his neck. He placed his hand on the table and tapped it gently with his fingers.

He hadn’t paid any attention to Thomas yet. He didn’t want to sour his thoughts just yet. Melissa was the price for the show and she made for a rather beautiful one he would pay money to look at anytime and anywhere. Her face beamed of loving and mesmerizing warmth and her beckoning lips full of smiles and life. She had begun to bring back memories he wasn’t even sure resided in his head anymore.

He recalled every single detail; from their timely strolls around the school environment and her ability to be there for him when everyone was being a jerk. He recalled her support and caring nature to be the backbone upon which he used to strive through every day until her love became too much for him to bear any longer. The woman had basically choked him with so much care his fragile heart chose to bolt ad make a run for it rather than seek her out and manly lay out his feelings.

His chest thumped in an uncharacteristic manner, while his hands balled into fists on the table where he placed them. He was staring and it might be considered as rude, but he just didn’t care. Her usual lavender perfume still littered the air as it brought its own share of euphoric memories. He basked in every possible remembrance he could conjure from times past as he lingered at heart, body, mind and soul at the possibility and wish of touching her fragile hands once more.

Jack sighed on and on and over and again. He felt uncomfortable as the memories and feeling continued to rush back in flux. He placed his head into his hands and closed his eyes to gain some needed composure before he looked up once more. He hadn’t noticed it but the sparkling gem on her finger attracted his eyes. He stared at her hands, and it was definitely as it looked. It couldn’t be mistakable especially because she donned a matching pair with that on Thomas’s index finger.

“She is married to that jerk”, he thought.

He fumed abnormally within, not at the fact they were married, but because the sight of the rings on their fingers brought him one painful fact; that the man he despised and saw as his arch enemy was married to the one lady he had something genuine for. The pain Thomas caused him through the years and still caused him when he thought about it was immeasurable.

The sight of them both had finally brought about a counterbalanced swirl of emotion, trapped between the scale of hate tipping that of love. The man’s transgressions against him came back in full fold and he just knew he would get the time to enact his plan soon enough. Jack wouldn’t let him go… He wouldn’t let him get away with all he had done.

There was a plus side to it all though, and it ran around the fact they hadn’t the slightest idea who he was. It felt good to sit there and watch the both of them while he sipped from his glass of wine with Thomas’s uncomprehending eyes unable to deduce who was seated close to him. He had taken a look in Jack’s direction intermittently without regarding any knowledge of the image by him. It felt like power and it felt like he was god remade, reborn and arisen from the ashes of doom those around him had subjected him to.

Melissa kept on smiling though, indicating she was happy with Thomas. He could tell she was having a hell of a life with him and it didn’t faze him one bit. A waitress approached him with the menu in hand, granting Jack some relief to look away from them momentarily. He could still hear them discuss though and he still could hear her melodious voice.

He flipped through the pages of the menu just as they got up from their seats after sharing a prolonged intimate kiss. She walked past him first, while Thomas followed behind. He had just helped her wear her jacket ad taken her bag from the table like a gentleman. The striking contrast in the ma he was staring at and the one whom had hurt him without any show of emotion baffled him slightly.

They exited the restaurant before him.

Jack sat there reminiscing one last time about the both of them, before his rumbling stomach too his mind off of them and to the need for him to feed. He flipped through the pages but looked up as they walked by the window hand in hand and giggling uncontrollably. They finally disappeared from his sight, and he returned his gaze to the menu to select something expensive and satisfying.

He ordered their best wine for the night with some special delicacy they offered for top price alone. He felt he deserved it and there would be no argument to that.




Back in Manchester, Robin bit at his nails impatiently as he sat through the boring meeting he had with the top businessmen in Manchester. It had gone on for about half an hour, but it felt like a year simply because his mind wasn’t in the room with the men who were discussing politics. It wasn’t something he didn’t enjoy doing, but this time around, he had something else on his mind and he couldn’t wait for the man he sent to collect the information he asked for to arrive.

Jack’s absence as his running competition had been a good deal of event for him. it had provided Robin the time and possibility of poaching some important personalities to his side, ranging from Senators to chief judges and the likes. Some of those powerful men sat in his office room discussing. They all smiled and grinned, deciding to lend their support and deep pockets to his cause. It was progress without the doubt.

“Robin… Robin… “, Senator Maloy called out to him as the voice jolted Robin into consciousness.

He sat up and looked at the man.

“Are you okay son?” he asked.

The sixty years old man obviously could tell something was troubling their candidate, but Robin wasn’t going to discuss something of such nature with any of them. He would rather lie than admit he was disturbed by or about something which he truly was.

“No… no, no, no… I’m fine”, he adjusted his tie and lied through his teeth to their faces.

Their lingering gaze meant they didn’t really believe him but he didn’t care as he sat up and raised his right brow. He beckoned on the speaker to continue with his discussion on the strategic means through which they could win the election and bring people to his side.

“I need to visit the men’s room, excuse me”, he duly excused himself as he walked out of the room.

He could hear the men chuckle aloud behind him which was testament to them being good and not worried about him. He couldn’t risk it, knowing all he had gone through amassing the power he had right now. He had the best time in their political tussle to get the higher ground and he would use it to the best of his abilities.

He walked down the hallway, taking out his phone to dial Hunt’s cell. The man ought to have reported to him within the past hour but having heard nothing from him was disturbing and quite nerve wrecking. He wanted the information badly all to confirm his suspicions. He lifted his phone to his ear, just as Hunt stepped out of the elevator.

“What took you so long?” he asked the man who seemed perplexed by his query.

“I’m sorry boss, but it wasn’t easy copying all her documents from her computer and off her phone”, he apologized.

“Did you get it?” he asked in haste.

Hunt handed him a thick file and a USB drive. He took it from the man’s hand and tucked it into the notepad Hunt had with him. He scrolled through the files, in search for messages specifically to one name and number. It wasn’t hard to find as he finally came to a halt on the first one he saw titled “Jack”. It was all he wanted. He would have the information to conclude in definition about me and what he had always thought was going in between Jack and i.

Robin walked to a bench not far from where Hunt remained to read the messages in privacy. He read it all and saw the discussions I had with Jack on few occasions as well as the regular check-ins to know how he was doing. I never thought he would find out, but the man had gone the extra length to do so. The messages were a scathing attestation to my feelings for Jack and that I loved him than any man and even possibly Robin himself.

He read through and understood why I was with him, which was solely as a means to get him to reconcile with his father and in other words, assist Jack in completing his pledge with Mr. Kent, Robin’s father. It was painful and treacherous and it pained Robin down to his very bones. He shook his head in dismay as he smashed the notepad out of anger against the wall.

Hunt remained still, knowing his boss was going through a rough period. He walked towards the wall and rammed his fists into it over and over and again. He couldn’t forgive himself for getting played and used the way I did to him. He felt used and it was understanding.

“I cannot believe I love this woman”, he whispered in pain.

He closed his eyes with his head rested against the wall. He took the time to think about me and how we met and things fell in line perfectly. He thought about the beautiful moment we shared, but the betrayal stung his heart like a bee and it made him bitter within. He couldn’t get angry with me. It felt impossible for him to do and it pained him even more.

“Why would you do this to me Julia?” he asked.

Robin finally gained himself some composure. He wiped his face clean and picked his phone to punch in some numbers. He needed to make the call before the next set of actions he would take would come to mind.

“Hello honey”, he said as I picked up the call.

“Hey, how are you doing? Shouldn’t you be having your meeting about the campaign?” I asked.

“Yes, I actually am but I decided to call you and tell you I love you”, he explained.

“Awww, that is so sweet of you”, I replied. “I have some groceries to shop”, I added, exchanging pleasantries before ending the call.

I was free of Hunt’s supervision since Robin knew Jack was out of town. It gave me the fresh air I needed and it was fun. Robin returned his phone into the breast pocket of his suit before motioning for Hunt to come closer.

“Get me everything you can possibly find on Jack, and get it fast”, he ordered his man.

“I’ll do that right away boss”, Hunt assured him.

Robin had made up his mind. Jack was an even greater enemy of his and he would do anything to bring him down. He couldn’t concede defeat to being used and toyed with for Jack’s own purpose. He couldn’t resign into the thought that I could one day become Jack’s if I left him. He would rather plot to destroy Jack and remain the boss than let the man play a fast one on him.

His hate for Jack intensified from that day… It would only continue to grow daily ever since then…




On a cold winter evening, I walked down the park not far away from my previous work place. It was the place Jack and I shared some quiet time together and often enjoyed one another’s company. I remember him sitting on the bench there and looking into my eyes as we made plans for our future together. He sounded sincere, honest and without much of the hate in his heart as he made me a promise.

“I’ll open up a cafeteria for you”, he said in warm words I could still hear ringing in my ears.

He alone made the cool money then and I was living off lesser.

“You will have the cafeteria to keep you busy at home”, he had said.

He always wanted me to be a family woman. The joy in his voice when he speaks about it then is something I can still recall, same as the blank expression, shy face on the first day I saw him walk into the company with Mr. Kent. He was shy and could barely look me in the face. His nervousness was the first thing I noticed as I helped him settle under my wings and into my team.

He would alter turn out to be the man I could do anything for. He knew it and it was apparent on the day I called Robin and asked to go out on a dinner with him. The memory of the time, and date still remains etched into my head as I sat down to think about Jack some more. The hope when I placed that call on that day was that Jack would learn to feel contented with his life and not pursue his plan to seek revenge.

It proved wrong and it pains me still. The man was just hell bent on seeking vengeance no matter the cost.




Upon finding out all he did, Robin decided he needed some time alone. His decision which would ultimately leave me worried sick through the night felt justifiable for the man as he stepped out of his Lamborghini and walked towards the night club where he hoped to have one or more drinks and drown away his sorrow.

Still feeling heavy headed from the revelations he made, he walked through the front door and settled before the bar where some heavy drinkers were drowning away whatever sorrows and disturbances they had in mind. He turned to the sexy bar tender who looked at him with appealing eyes.

“Give me the strongest of what you’ve got”, he ordered her.

She smiled and nodded, going to the bar rack to mix some strong cocktail for the man. Robin wondered how it all went wrong. He wondered why I could do what I did to him and why Jack was that special or had such strong hold and authority over me. The waitress arrived with a mixture he was certain he had never taken before, but it didn’t matter; chaos was the order of his life at the moment and anything good enough to distract him from his woes would do nicely.

Robin took down the shot, gulping it without a care for the spicy taste it had. He remembered everything from how it all began. He remembered the phone call that had come in his office when he was about heading out. He recalled hearing her voice and smiling to himself before agreeing to go out on that dinner with her. It had sounded real and he fell for it.

He should have known though, especially when I put the catch that the only way I would go on the dinner with him was if he forgave his father. In his defense, he couldn’t have suspected such and it only made him feel stupid at the moment. He looked at the empty bottom of his shot glass and returned it to the bartender, asking for a refill. He wasn’t quite as drunk as he hoped to be.

He remembered our first date and how wonderful it went. We shared jokes and memories on past events while he regaled me with his life choices and why he and his father weren’t in speaking terms. He smiled and laughed all through the dinner date and it was wonderful not for him alone but for the both of us, but I was on a mission and he knew not.

“I gave that woman everything”, he blabbed to himself like he could see my face. “I gave her my heart, my home and even my family loves her”, he whispered in regret.

He was right as rain. He had taken me home and the acceptance from his mother while I already knew his father was awesome. The woman shared personal experiences on dinner occasions with me and even had me go to lunch with her on a couple of occasions. We spent time at the spa, salons, shopping malls and it made me feel like I was part of the family.

He had thought so too until he made the discovery and decided to punish me by allowing me sleep alone for the night as worried and scared as hell. I waited for him to come back home or hear the sound of his car driving through the gate but nothing of that happened. It was a cold and lonely night for me and I was worried sick.

He saw his phone ring times without count with my caller id on display but he wouldn’t pick up. He still couldn’t fathom why he was in the position he was in. He downed two more shots of whatever the female bartender was giving him before concluding he couldn’t blame me or hate me for it. He would rather direct his hate towards Jack and blame him for everything.

“To hating Jack and destroying him”, Robin murmured with his glass held in the air in toast to his new found hate.

Jack had just gotten himself a vicious enemy in Robin, and it wasn’t because of politics alone. The memories he had were too much not to brew hate, and that was exactly what Robin would set his mind to do as he drank himself through the night and left me all alone, cold, scared and worried as hell.





Jack’s law firm had grown into one of the biggest and best within a very short time span. It wasn’t a problem for the man with deep pockets and connections growing with his commanding personality and style. It had been just a year since his arrival but his growth would suggest he had been around for years longer than that.

His companies spanned across Cologne, and his workers had grown into thousands without a limit on them as he remained ambitious to grow even more. He had an even greater ambition though and he already began setting it in motion. He walked into his office on the topmost floor of the thirty storey building which was now owned by him after paying the previous owners off.

He slid his hand into his pocket and speed dialed Robert’s cell phone to speak with the man.

“It is good to hear from you sir”, Robert sounded immediately upon receiving the call.

“I need you to send me the best lawyer we have there right away on the next possible flight to Cologne”, he asked the man without giving any reasons.

Roberts muted for a brief period before replying; “That would be Julian sir”.

Jack knew it would be Julian. He had trust in Julian than any other and that was why he asked for the best they had there in Manchester. He had figured out that while trying to run everything solely at the same time, he could simply make others do it for him. His stance would be to elevate others through his own strength, and make them become the emblem through which he would be measured. He needed someone who would fit into the bill and help run the plan to ruin Thomas once he begins it. Julian fits the bill and he would have nobody else.

“I will see to that right away sir”, Robert assured him before Jack put an end to the call.

He placed his briefcase on the table and sat behind his desk. The beautiful view outside of the window provided him good opportunities to think often times and amass himself in his plans without distractions. He had slated it all out, but there was one vital aspect missing and he needed it to click fast.

His research and gathered information about Thomas and his way of life had led him to know the man well. While living in plain sight of his enemy, he gathered enough to know the man had a high ego. His ego had always been as such since they were little and it had grown over time. He was a man who wouldn’t relent or desist from spending any amount just to make his problems go away, which was the perfect fix for Jack to prey on and work with.

He needed Thomas to approach him. He wants Thomas to approach him first, and raise the interest enough to desire him. While Julian will run things on the forefront, he would seek the means to lure the man. The best way would be to raise a good enough influence to get Thomas interested in the first place. His desire to never have problems and solve them as soon as possible as evident by the massive sum news reports had said he paid an agent trying to sue him for some illegal business some years back.

He was said to be innocent but without desire to drag himself and his name through the mud, so he paid it all off.

‘When Julian gets here, we shall begin”, he told himself with his eyes closed, and his mind drifting far away.

Julian arrived the following day as asked and his first meet with Jack was in his office. He knew the man was demanding and he had set his heart on doing whatever it would take to get the job done. Jack coughed slightly and cleared his throat of any intrusion there in. He tossed a thick file at the man and allowed him the chance to peruse it lightly.

“I have a task for you”, Jack said to Julian who raised his head to look at his boss. “I want you to sue the owner of Grand Hotel”.

Julian looked at the file again to know the level of what he was going to deal with.

“What will I be suing them for sir?” he inquired.

“You’d be suing him for attacking you right in his hotel”, Jack responded without a hint of if he was joking.

His words obviously didn’t make any sense to Julian. The idea of suing a man or company for such actions which had not been taken sounded preposterous and even so when it sounded untrue. He stood perplexed and tried to read the man’s facial demeanor, which was no help since he barely laughs. He needed much more than what he had just given him and he waited.

“Are you suggesting I make him attack me sir?” Julian asked the bright question.

Jack said nothing. He expected the smart man to figure it out for himself.

“How do I make him attack me?” Julian rephrased his question, knowing he asked the wrong one earlier.

Jack got up from his seat and walked towards the glass wall behind him to look outside of it. He folded his arms behind his back and spoke; “Do you like football Mr. Julian?”

“I watch it occasionally sir, but I’m not a fanatic”, Julian replied.

“Well, the owner of that hotel is a fanatic, and he takes the sport very seriously”, Jack explained while the man listened. “His love for Bayern Munich is well known and his disdain for their arch rivals, Dortmund is equally well said”.

Julian nodded as Jack spoke, even though he couldn’t see the man’s face.

“His favorite team if you were conversant with the matches played during the weekend, just lost to Dortmund in the German Championship two days ago”, Jack coughed. “I need you and a select few of my men to lodge into his hotel pretending to be Dortmund fans with the show and tell to make it believing and the desire to cause a hell of a ruckus”.

Julian understood what it meant. It would mean donning the German club’s regalia in full, making silly and taunting chants about Bayern Munich which would definitely irk anyone who supported the team. Jack had laid out some necessary fundamentals which included singing the Dortmund team song and partying none stop through their time in the hotel in bid to create awareness of their lack of respect to the opposite team.

“You will make a nuisance of yourself and drink, party till the noise would bring complaints and would force those living around you to feel uncomfortable and they will seek his resolution of the issues”, Jack continued. “When you meet with him, you will mock Bayern Munich as bad as you possibly can about their loss and pretend you haven’t the slightest clue he is a big Bayern fan”.

Evidently that would irk the man. They were to get it done in such a way he wouldn’t be able to take it any longer by the time they continue.

“You will provoke the man and make certain he attacks you in a violent manner”, Jack finally turned back around. ”I know too well how violent a man he is and it shouldn’t be a difficult task for you to accomplish”.

“I understand everything sir, but what next after he assaults me?” Julian wanted to know.

“You will leave and sue him of course. His reputation is way more important than who is right or wrong and you will have enough evidence to prove your case using his disdain for your proposed club”, Jack spoke.

Julian nodded his head gently. Jack knew it wouldn’t be too hard to prove the man’s frustration by visiting the social media online and getting hard evidence of the loss his team was subjected to some time back. It is the most important game of the year, coupled with some past occurrences and convictions for being a violent person in the past. It would make a compelling and true story without doubt.

“With his past convictions, it would be easy to stake a case and claim against him in front of any judge”, Jack sat down back into his chair. “He will find out about you, and his sources will get to know you’re a lawyer which would make him come to you discreetly to make things go away and get sorted behind closed doors”.

“Am I to accept and make peace?’ Julian inquired.

Jack shook his head. “You will blatantly decline”, he said. “He will have to come to me since I am your boss to seek my help and I will agree, after which you will be before us in this room right here and now where I will ask you to quit”.

Julian wasn’t shocked. The law was a dirty game he had been playing for a long time.

“You will agree to toss out the case and he will leave without giving us a dime because we want him to come back”, Jack concluded.

“What makes you think he will come back sir?’ Julian asked, feeling the plan might not work in their favor.

“If there is one thing I know, it is that the man doesn’t owe anyone. He doesn’t like it and when he comes, we will discuss the next line of action”, Jack sighed heavily.

Julian understood all he had been told.

“I understand you loud and clear sir… I will work on it immediately”, he responded before leaving the room.

Jack trusted he definitely would.

…to be continued…


Game of the Planners 5

He spent almost 10 years planning a revenge list on the seven people who had destroyed his face for a same reason in the past, everything was perfect, the revenge plans of the young and intelligent lawyer were extremely sophisticated, however when everything was ready, he suddenly realized that the plan he was working on was actually the final step of another person's plan. Will Jack be smart enough to rule the game against those who are standing in the dark and silently affecting his thoughts and actions? What would he do when his enemies who were set to be taken revenge on was planned by another person, and Jack would have to change his moves to take control back those who were in shadow and influencing his thoughts. The game of intelligent planners in manipulating people, who is more adventurous and smarter to beat the others?

  • ISBN: 9781370032075
  • Author: Luis Smietanka
  • Published: 2017-09-16 19:20:08
  • Words: 5130
Game of the Planners 5 Game of the Planners 5