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Game of the Planners 4

Game of the Planners

part 4

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Jack sat opposite his father with his eyes glued on the man. The room brought a euphoria of memories to him as he remained silent and deciding to listen to them speak rather than talk excessively. The man wasn’t much of a chatter box, but he chose to engage Jack nonetheless. Kim wasn’t bad either. She spoke fluently and looked to be doing well for a teen her age.

“How old are you?’ Jack asked, trying to get the conversation a little bit personal so he can find out all he could.

“I’m eighteen”, she simply replied.

Jack nodded, looking away from the girl and back to the man who was now staring at him. He wanted to ask what had happened to him and why he was in the wheel chair, but he decided against it. He wasn’t going to stir things up and make them begin to suspect him. It felt fascinating that he could sit before them and they couldn’t make any connection about who he truly is.

With a sigh, and his face lowered to the ground like he wasn’t really interested in speaking about the subject matter, Jack’s father finally asked the question Jack had been waiting to hear.

“Who are you to Jack?” he said.

It had only been a few minutes since he sat down and introduced himself as someone who knew his son Jack.

“I’m a friend of Jack’s, and he works for me over in Manchester”, he responded without sounding like he had something to hide.

“You mean you work with big brother Jack?” Kim sounded excited before her father’s stare at her quenched her over the top show of excitement.

His mother walked into the room as they began speaking. She looked rather weary from the dinner preparations she was making as she announced food was ready.

“Dinner is served”, she simply said, leading them to the dining table while Kim helped wheel her father over.

Jack occupied the familiar seat he often ate in as a child, which was now squeaking of old age. He felt the furniture with his hand and recalled the various times he would sit there to eat or get his homework done. It was old, but the frame still held enough memories to keep it standing and firm enough for Jack to seat in.

“That was Jack’s favorite chair as a child”, Kim giggled.

‘How did you know of this?’ he was forced to ask her.

“Father said it once I believe, and he had some scratches made underneath which I’ve been unable to get off”, she explained.

Jack nodded his head while his mother served the meal into their plates. It wasn’t the prettiest meal in the world, but he would eat it and not give any awkward impression of himself. He still needed to find out more about how they have been living and why they didn’t bother reaching out to their son all through the years. Kim on one hand couldn’t stop stealing glances at him and smiling wildly.

She was pretty excited and it wasn’t hard to see.

“Your son works for me in Manchester as I mentioned before”, Jack began, wrapping his napkin around his neck.

“What about him?” the man asked without any show of enthusiasm.

“He is a really good boy and a hardworking one”, Jack praised himself. “He sends his greetings to you all”.

Silence followed after his last sentence. He could tell it had some effect on them but he hadn’t any idea what it was.

“He isn’t coming back home is he?” the old man grumbled.

“No, not yet I believe, but can I ask why?” Jack inquired.

“Let him work there with you forever”, the old man replied with a spoon of his food dipped into his mouth. “Do not bring him back, or better still, he shouldn’t think of coming back here”.

His words were rather painful, and it struck Jack’s heart like a thrust spear. He couldn’t believe they weren’t anticipating seeing him after all the years and the hate the man bore for him still remained as strong as ever. He would have thought things would have mellowed with the old man, but apparently not.

He couldn’t take it…he needed to find out why exactly.

“If I may ask, why don’t you want him coming back home?” he let out his curiosity.

Jack gripped his fork tightly. He could feel himself get tensed as he awaited the man’s response. He hadn’t touched his food just yet and he didn’t plan to until he got an answer befitting of his question. His father let down his own cutlery to look at Jack. His wrinkled face bore the same strong resentment he had for his son through those years and it hadn’t died one bit.

“The reason is simple”, he sighed. “That boy is nothing but bad luck”, he said.

“I don’t understand. In what way is he bad luck when he is your son?” Jack pushed further.

His heart thumped and his entire body coursed with a great deal of discomfort.

“He isn’t actually my son”, the man broke the news to him.

Jack’s jaw dropped immediately. He could feel the hinges to his jaw fall lose and his eyes widen in response to the shocking revelation the man just made.

“A wealthy woman gave him to me when he was just six months old with a lot of money to accept him which I just couldn’t refuse”, he narrated on. “I think it was five hundred thousand Euros, and I needed the money back then which was fortuitous for me”.

Jack shifted in his seat. He was uncomfortable and restless. He let down the fork in his hand as an overwhelming anger began to build within his chest. Jack already knew he was not the old man’s son, but he never thought the reason for him to come to this family was not love but only money, a half million Euros. That was his price. He felt betrayed, but the story wasn’t complete, so he kept his anger in check, albeit in great difficulty.

“She asked for my help and at that time I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have one more person in our family, coupled with the fact my wife loves babies”, his father sighed.

He looked like he regretted taking that child without a doubt. His expression counted it as a mistake he made and it irked him within.

“He ended up bringing us nothing but his rotten luck and trouble after that”, he heaved an even louder sigh. “It is a regret I still think about till this very day.

Jack parted his lips to speak, but kept shut. Kim listened on with the same level of shock on her face as was Jack’s. She was just hearing the tale about her elder brother for the first time.

“Wasn’t he just a child trying to be like one?” Jack asked, hoping for some better review.

“No he wasn’t”, the man staunchly replied. “In fact, he turned out to be a bad kid in school, to the neighbors and always had the knack for problems with his peers as regards mean jokes.

There was not denying it, the man had his horrible memories about Jack.

“So you see why I don’t want him appearing in my house, or especially around my daughter?” he sighed one last time before resuming his meal.

The room was silent for the next few seconds before Kim let down her cutleries.

“But dad, he is my brother either ways!’ she protested.

Jack could feel his heart yearn to hug her as she stood up for him. He wasn’t used to anyone defending or standing by him and it felt good actually knowing it was possible.

“Yes he is, but he made you cry when you see him then, what do you think would happen now?’ her father shot back in defense of his words. “He caused you nothing but pain and I won’t let that happen again”.

“You said I was a child then and I’m pretty sure I didn’t know anything then”, she grumbled. “I was too little to realize he was my brother and I wouldn’t mind getting to see him”.

Jack nodded towards her.

“Is he doing okay in Manchester?’ she turned her attention to him to ask.

“Yes he is”, Jack simply replied.

“Well, I will like to see him possibly during my holidays. The break after this semester would be nice, and I can get the chance to travel to Manchester which is a place I’ve never been”, she chuckled.

“I forbid you to go there Kim!’ her father protested. “I will not permit you going and most importantly not fund such trip”.

Kim got up from her seat looking angry. “I have enough money saved up from my part-time job and I don’t need yours. Moreover he will always be my brother and you cannot stop me from seeing him”.

She stormed out of the room looking angry, leaving Jack the opportunity to ask the man some questions.

“What was the reason behind you deciding to sell him to the horse farm?’ he asked.

The man lowered his head in shame. He was obviously embarrassed that he sold his son. Jack could read it all in his eyes.

“What about the rich lady? Have you seen her ever since or know anything about her or where she lives?” he asked further.

He shook his head fervently. “She never came back for him. I’m guessing she was his mother and he was also her bad luck as well”.

Jack sighed, before taking his time to begin eating his meal. The revelations have been stunning and he felt hurt badly within. He couldn’t show it even if he wanted to. He felt lost, even in his own home. He felt like nothing as he gulped down the horribly tasting meal. Jack couldn’t wait to leave.

He felt like a stranger in his father’s house.

“Excuse me, I need to get some fresh air”, he excused himself politely before walking out the door.

He felt a swarm of pain fluttering around his heart. He had just realized a whole lot of thing. One was that he came from nowhere and he belonged to nobody. His existence was nothing meaningful to those whom he regarded as his family and he was nothing but a sham clinging to hopes of belonging. Everyone simply wanted to remain away from him like he was a plague.

The dilemma saddened his heart and he wished he could let out all the emotions, but the problem was the fact he couldn’t cry even if he wanted to.



Jack was on his way back to Cologne a few days later with the painful realization still biting at his heart without easing since the day he found out all he did. Kim remained a nice girl to him and his father was as accommodating as he could be to a stranger, but the fact the man’s real intent towards the real Jack was appalling disturbed him dearly. He could barely get any sleep through the night and when morning came, he did his best to head off for Cologne without delay.

In the back seat of his Rolls Royce, Jack closed his eyes to recall any good memory he had of home or his time in Germany. Everything looked hazy with pain and suffering and he wondered how he had come to survive it at all. He almost submitted to having nothing but pains befall him all through his time in Germany until he recalled his experience with Mr. Klein.

He could remember their first encounter which had involved the man stretching out his hand for Jack to grab unto as he sat cowering deep inside the stinking stable he called room when he was sold by his father. He could still feel the sense of fear attached to the action before he looked into Mr. Klein’s eyes and decided not to worry about the man. He had a warming feel to his composure and personality that immediately intrigued him without doubt.

It was on a cold winter’s afternoon when they met. It was a cold one, but one of the warmest memories Jack harbored till date. He was barely ten years of age then, and he could remember the man not caring about the stinking state and mess he was in during their encounter. The man simply helped him up from the pile of stink and rubbish, with their hands locked into each other’s as they made the walk out of the stable.

The stink emanating from the room alone would have been enough to deter any man, but not Mr. Klein.

“When did you last shower boy?” the man had asked with pain in his voice.

“A week ago sir”, Jack had responded politely.

“We better get something done about that now, don’t we?’ he smiled at Jack.

Mr. Klein paid off the sum of fifty thousand Euros for Jack and was granted the permission to take him home after the monetary exchange was done for his life for the second time like he was a piece of mule. Without surprise, Jack was skeptical about the man at first. He wasn’t sure of what to make of him until he helped him into his car and they drove to his home.

While riding on in his Rolls Royce, Jack recalled the first day he arrived in Mr. Klein’s big house and the needed shower he took. He could remember walking down afterwards, feeling pounds lighter than usual, and neater than he had been in a while. He had been assigned a new room as well, which made everything perfect.

Mr. Klein was waiting for him in the living room.

“That is how a boy should look”, the man gushed happily upon seeing Jack looking neat and well-dressed from the clothes he provided him.

In the kitchen were Mrs. Klein and Melissa waiting for him to come dine with them after laboring away in preparation for his arrival. The aroma from the food alone still rung memories into his brain by thinking of it, and he remembered his taste buds salivating in response. He approached the kitchen with Mr. Klein, before seeing Melissa for the first time.

“Hello, my name is Melissa”, she introduced herself while she served their meals.

He was shy, and could barely even give a response. She took the biggest thigh of chicken and placed it in his plate which already had an assorted array of meal waiting for him to consume. The memory was a happy one and the day was the best he ever had in his life as a child.

The Klein family was wonderful…



The thought of it all brought a mix of pain and gladness to Jack’s heart. He wished he could relive his first day with them again, but the impossibility brought his emotions into a heightened tense. He wished he could let it all out. The most pain he felt was from the constant rush of emotions within him, bottled and unable to be set free. He wished he could permit himself the opportunity to let it out rather than continue to bottle it within.

Jack reached for the corner of his eyes with his hand in hopes a tear would form. It felt as dray as always, with the thought on whether his tear glands were still functioning racing through his mind. He didn’t feel like he was human and it pained him dearly. His face remained straight and as serious as ever without any form of expression forming around it.

The numbness around his face was disturbing as he felt for any throb of emotion on it but nothing could be felt. The surgeries he had had obviously taken their effect and it difficult to handle. The dozens of procedures haven’t gone kindly with his face and he was warned, but the implication was graver than he had expected it to be, coupled with his naturally stuck up personality.

“Sir, you have something in the corner of your eye”, the guard beside him spoke, handing him a handkerchief.

Jack collected it from him and wiped the corner of his eye with it before lowering the piece of cloth from his face to see what it was. The blood stain on the white cloth did well to tell him what had happened. It was exactly what happened whenever he tried to cry or shed a single tear. The experience was disturbing but he had been trying hard to get used to it.

He hadn’t realized it, but a few more drops had begun trickling their way down his cheek and unto his shirt. He desperately tried cleaning them all off before returning the piece of cloth to his guard who disposed it off into the glove compartment.

“Are you okay sir?” the guard asked, while Jack simply nodded in response to his question.

Jack returned to his brooding state before looking at his palm. The piece of paper he had gotten on his way out of the house and to his car was held in tight grip all along. He didn’t want to lose it basically because of whom he had gotten it from. His lovely little sister Kim had run after him to hand him the piece of paper before he left, without the knowledge of their father of course.

“Sir, sorry, please wait”, she had called out to him. “This is my number. I want you to call me and tell me about my brother. It is really of importance to me”, she pleaded.

Jack received the paper and was about speaking when she cut him short.

“I tried searching for him in the horse farm a few years ago when I heard he might be there even though father didn’t really explain what transpired, but some people said he was taken away already”, she explained. “They said the person looked like a nice person but I couldn’t find the person nor his family”.

Jack’s heart skipped in beats.

“I blame myself right now. I’m guessing if I hadn’t cried that much when he was with us, father wouldn’t have sold him to the farm and he would still be with us”, she breathed her guilt. “I feel really bad about it and I need you to help me know more about my brother. I want to know everything if you’re willing to assist”.

Jack nodded gently without responding. He could read the sincerity in her voice.

“I want to meet with my brother”, she sounded demanding, but in a good way.

Jack needed to allay her guilt. He didn’t want her carrying such guilt around.

“It wasn’t your fault dear”, he said to her. “Your father needed the money and would have sold him either ways because he isn’t his legitimate son. There is also no land for him to work with”.

Kim had tears in her eyes. She wiped them off gently.

“Please help me deliver the paper to him”, she begged. “My phone number is on it and he can reach me whenever”.

“Okay, you can wait for my call”, Jack promised her before turning around to begin walking away.

Kim still had a lot to say, but Jack had intentionally headed off so he wouldn’t have to continue the painful conversation they were having. His heart was still well wrapped around the bitter news he got from his father about him not being their son. He felt like a man with no identity after hearing his birth mother left him just after six months.

He could feel her gaze on his back. She had a lot on her mind, and it bordered around what kind of man he was. She had taken note of the fact he doesn’t smile. She had smiled at him the entire time but he gave nothing in response and it baffled her disturbingly.

“What kind of man is he?” she asked herself. “Maybe I shouldn’t smile with him next time’.



The memories keep in flooding in for Jack, and this time as they neared the highway towards Cologne, he took himself back in thought s t when he was nine years old. He remembered playing with Kim in the park just behind the house. The day was bright and sunny, and it felt perfect to play around for the both of them. Kim was just a year old then if he could recall correctly and her habit of crying a lot was well noted, but she had the occasional moments when she laughed to her hearty fill.

His father would be away at a bar drinking his way to stupor and his mother would indulge herself with so much house work it would become impossible for anyone to interrupt their time together. He felt like a man during those periods when his sister was solely in his care and he remembers how much he enjoyed every bit of it.

She had just began walking then, but still with some difficulty and he helped her through it with simple tricks and their time together. Kim was full of joy and she still looked like it when he met her. She would spend the entire day playing with him even if or when he didn’t want to until he would get forced to acknowledge her desire for companionship.

In his cold world then, she alone provided him some form of companionship after a tiring day in school with the other kids keeping away and being wary of him like he was some kind of disease. Remembering it now felt different for Jack as he temporarily halted the car to get some fresh air.

He remembers playing with her regularly in such manner after school every day. He would bring home candy and drawings he made by himself for her to play with. They had so much fun back then and it helped make up for the boring classes he often had in school. She was his darling little sister and he tried acting the big brother as best as he could even if he was generally perceived as cynical by those around him.

He made the habit of painting on weekends with her in his room. She used to love his drawings and laugh loudly at them when he made them. It made her lively around him and it brought him some good measure of focus and emotion. He could remember clearly how she loved drawing and painting on his hand with colorful water pencils. Her laughter while doing the task was immeasurable and unforgettable.

It was the reason he wasn’t surprised when they had dinner and she told him she was studying Arts. He felt glad to have motivated her from a tender age even if he couldn’t reveal himself to her at the point in time.

“I want to become a professional artist”, she had said with a wild smile across his face.

He relived the innocent and pure smile in his head over and over and again.

He wished he could mirror her smile and reproduce it on his own face. He ached badly to have a slight feel of what it was like to wear such facial expression and emotion, but it was impossible for him to it and it brought more heart ache. It was the one luxury even he with his riches and wealth couldn’t afford for years.

He clenched his fists and grinded his teeth underneath his mouth. He made the conscious effort not to shed tears as he usually does, but the disturbing feeling within his heart was just too much to bear for the man. He had everything and anything he wanted, yet he felt empty. He wished there was a way to overcome it all, or a means of paying to get it fixed, but the impossibility in such act had been made known to him times without count.

He would do anything for the lady when they were kids, and something told him he still would without doubt. Her thoughts occupied his mind until they arrived in Cologne. He kept her in memory all through.



The drive to Cologne took longer than expected. They arrived late and the city felt different for Jack after spending some time in his childhood environment. The dejavu of having to relive his past memories and see some of them had taken its toll on him than he had expected, but it was something he needed to strike off his list without doubt. It felt good for him too, even though the experience was laced with a ting of pain and good euphoria.

The revelations did more damage than the memories flooding back into place after seeing the old house did. Either ways, Jack tried keeping his mind focused about everything. He hadn’t spoken with me since our last conversation and quite frankly, I doubt he intended to after the way he brought our conversation to a close. He had a whole lot to deal with and I could tell.

Jack commanded his driver to find them a suitable restaurant to have his dinner in. His stomach needed some proper food, and his mind needed the distraction of a nice meal, rather than what he ate in the old man’s house.

“It might be difficult getting a proper restaurant here sir”, the driver informed him.

“Just get somewhere lovely”, he ordered, unwilling to entertain is negativity.

Jack watched as he commandeered the car around and circled towards a popular restaurant in Cologne where they served late meals but at an expensive rate. He wasn’t perturbed by it frankly and couldn’t care less for the price they would offer for a simple steak if he wanted to order it. All he wanted was a decent meal and hopefully a good bottle of wine to wash down the pain in his chest.

The drive took no less than half an hour as they pulled up in front of a luxury hotel in the centrum of Cologne, beside which was the restaurant where he had dined in twice. The hotel was well known for their exotic meals but at a higher price than others. His driver pulled in right across the road, before the glass window of the eatery. He motioned to step out when his eyes caught sight of someone he never thought or assumed he would see anytime soon.

Sitting inside the restaurant was Melissa, with her attention solely focused on her husband who was before her. He felt his breath remain the same, while his eyes simply stared at them both without any additional emotion attached with it. A different expression would have been expected of any other person, but not Jack, who simply stepped out of the car like he had seen nothing new.

Having suffered immeasurable pain for years, it was only evident by his ability to cope with such heart ache that he shouldn’t show any signs of hurt. It didn’t bother him a bit. The restaurant was next to Thomas’s hotel, which was the luxury hotel around with none other to compete with it or match its sophistication.

They hadn’t seen him and he knew it. He turned to his men as they stepped out.

“Okay guys, we can have our dinner here”, he said. “It is a good restaurant”.

The plan for the guy who destroyed his face had just begun.


…to be continued…



Game of the Planners 4

He spent almost 10 years planning a revenge list on the seven people who had destroyed his face for a same reason in the past, everything was perfect, the revenge plans of the young and intelligent lawyer were extremely sophisticated, however when everything was ready, he suddenly realized that the plan he was working on was actually the final step of another person's plan. Will Jack be smart enough to rule the game against those who are standing in the dark and silently affecting his thoughts and actions? What would he do when his enemies who were set to be taken revenge on was planned by another person, and Jack would have to change his moves to take control back those who were in shadow and influencing his thoughts. The game of intelligent planners in manipulating people, who is more adventurous and smarter to beat the others?

  • ISBN: 9781370997473
  • Author: Luis Smietanka
  • Published: 2017-09-15 05:20:08
  • Words: 4623
Game of the Planners 4 Game of the Planners 4