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Game of the Planners 3

Game of the Planners

part 3


  • * *


Jack sat alone in the darkness of his room with his eyes fixated on the wall before him. He had a lot coursing through his mind and they sent pangs of headache through his brain every time he attempted to shelve them off. It was structured around the next move he hoped to make. He had so much going on for him ad more coming his way that he needed to make the right calls.

The darkness mirrored his hearty feeling and what exactly he felt within. He clenched his fists as he thought of everything and everyone in his life. He gave some good reasoning into his work and life as a whole, before helping himself to a good glass of wine from the bar rack just at the corner of the room, using the moonlight’s guidance to allocate it.

Being twenty eight years in age, and precisely four years after completing his deal with Mr. Kent, Jack felt restless than ever. A lot was happening, and he needed to get a firm grasp on things. He had things yet to be done, and commitments he just couldn’t see himself not getting through with. The list was complete and yet still unfulfilled. He wasn’t a man to get things done half way and he wasn’t about starting at this state of his life.

The silence was killing until his phone rang aloud from the table by the chair he was previously occupying. It was pretty late and he wasn’t expecting anyone to reach him, not at least on his personal line. He let it ring for a while before the call dropped and silence resumed. He had barely taken another sip from his glass when the phone rang out once more, prompting him to deem it someone of importance.

His didn’t really want to speak with anyone, but on seeing the caller id, he felt the temptation to. It was Julia calling and for no other reason obviously but to change his mind. He remained hesitant the moment he picked up the phone, before caressing the green button on the dial pad with his thumb briefly.

James looked around the room once more, towards the corner with his parked box and other luggage standing neatly atop one another. He hadn’t packed much, but needed the essentials with which he could make smooth transition once he got to where he was heading for. His heart was yearning far away from here already, and the woman on the phone obviously didn’t want that.

“Hello Julia…“, he spoke in a soft tone before returning to his chair.

My breath greeted Jack in response, before my melodious voice came through the speaker of the phone. I sounded like I was panting and he could hear the violent brushing of breeze against the leaves of a tree of some sorts in the background, coupled with the chirpings of crickets.

“Jack…I know you’re leaving”, I went straight to the point.

Jack had made it his intent to let me know of his plans to return to Cologne. After all he had everything he needed already in Manchester from a luxury house to the best cars money can buy as well as other businesses raking in millions on a regular basis. The yearn to return to cologne had been brought about by a whole lot of factors, which I just couldn’t in any way prevent even if I had called him in the middle of the night to do so.

“You cannot do this”, I pleaded in a strained tone.

“Do what Julia?” he asked, feigning ignorance.

“You know…Cologne…going back to Cologne in Germany”, I duly responded with my voice not sounding any better.

“Are you okay? You sound stressed?” he sounded emotional, even though it was nothing but an attempt to shy away from their topic of discussion.

He could hear me sigh against the howling wind in the background. I had snuck out to receive his call; under the watchful eyes of Robin and his pesky guards set about to curtail my movements.

“I’m calling from the garden”, I responded. “It is a bit chilly out here tonight, but that is not the topic of our discussion”.

I saw right through his actions, but it didn’t bother him. His mind was made up. The fact I was with Robin had been something he had been coping with for a while. From our time together while I worked as his assistant after his increase in rank, to the point in time when I decided I was no longer working for him and went on ahead to do so with Robin, who was now a big shot in Manchester and the man inheriting his father’s fortune.

“You’re still hiding your calls and interactions with me from that pompous child”, Jack sounded like a jealous man with his emotions almost not checked.

The fact was, he knew Robin understood there was chemistry or still remains chemistry between Jack and me. The man had done everything possible to make certain that chemistry remains unlived by the both of us, which included the preventing me from ever getting to see Jack at all cost. He had devised several means of keeping me entrapped underneath his wings and subsequently phased Jack out and away from me to the best of his ability.

Jack had equally grown to see him as an enemy, which made it rather difficult for me to make any attempt to go and see him talk less of spending time with him as much as I would have loved to. Robin had become nothing but a thorn in Jack’s side, but he kept that little fact to himself. The man was nothing like him and his self-righteous personality was sickening at times.

“What about Manchester?” I laid down a marker for her argument.

“What about it?” Jack asked in response.

He wasn’t going to roll over for my inquiries without giving me a tough time apparently. He could hear me sigh on my end of the line. He could feel the frustration from my breath alone, talk less of my words. I desperately wanted him to remain and not pursue his personal vendetta of which I had stood against several times.

His stubbornness on every occasion had been well tabled, while he continued to refuse to grant those who have wronged him any form of forgiveness. He had fashioned the existence of his being after them and barely had anything else to live for except making more money and ultimately ticking away every single box that needs to be filled for his plans to work out.

Jack’s hate was something I wished I could take away from his heart. As sweet as I found him to be on a personal level, I had come to understand the man is a beast on the inside borne out of hurt and pain he was subjected to from a rather tender age. He had his faults too though and his personality warranted a lot of things coming his way, but either ways, things could have been treated differently.

I helped myself unto a bench in the garden where I was, with the beautiful skies above and the full moon shining brightly. My skin felt cold, but not as much as my heart as I longed for Jack to regain some form of sanity and remain in Manchester. As much as I and Robin were involved, I still feel my heart beat for him and skip when U thinks about him.

It is the reason I painstakingly decided to place the call through, even though it could very well bring trouble from Robin who hopefully was sleeping like a child from the slight doze of valium I snuck into his drink earlier. I couldn’t risk our conversation getting interrupted, but Jack’s stubbornness was apparent even without being with him.

His determination wasn’t something I fancied at a time like this. He always had the knack for seeing things he intended to do through and I wished this one time would be an exception.

“Within the past years, you’ve achieved a lot in Manchester Jack, and I don’t think it wise for you to throw it all away”, I reminded him.

The Manchester point was a valid one, and one he had sent a whole lot of time thinking about. The truth was, he and Robin ruled the entirety of Manchester ever since Mr. Kent decided to hand over his entire properties and wealth to his son solely asides the share Jack rightfully owns. The decision which Mr. Kent had based solely around him being old and in need of enjoying the rest of his life with his wife in a secluded part of Manchester away from the worries work brings had been the uprising of his son.

Robin had become brutal in his dealings, and heralded a new legacy under his father’s name, which was the reason he became a competitor to Jack and his group of companies on the native soil. They currently had their heads and powers pit against each other for what would be a promising outcome for the young and innovative minds of Manchester as they vied for the position of becoming the elected Mayor of Manchester.

“Do you think going away at appoint like this is something you want? Do you see Robin laying low and allowing you succeed while you’re on foreign soil and he has every delegate he needs in his back pocket to help him win?” I made a compelling argument.

Jack rubbed his temple gently, feeling a slight headache begin to settle in. He had his mind troubled and for good reasons, but he wasn’t willing to budge.

“I have everything under control”, he boasted in a calm tone in response.

His voice obviously irked me as I screamed in frustration on my end of the line.

“I’m quite surprised you still will go out of your way against your boyfriend”, Jack reminded me where my loyalties should lie even though it sounded harsh.

“I don’t care what you hope to say to dissuade me from asking you to stay back, but you will lose your foothold on the Mayor chair if you leave at this point”, I warned fervently. “Robin has contacts and connections even you don’t have, and right now things look rosy and perfect for you but you want to mess it up”.

My sentiments were well read and understood, but he just didn’t see himself spending the following night in Manchester. His parked luggage before him was testament to that and he only wished I could understand thing from his perspective. He had a lot to cover and a whole lot of people from his past he needed to sort out.

Those who partook in various actions resulting to the horrendous past he had were still back home in Germany and doing well in their various fields with the exception of the one in prison. He wouldn’t miss the opportunity to make them pay and the time was ripe already even if she didn’t want him to. His decision will stand and her persuasion would fall on deaf ears.

My sadness from the tone of my voice and the sorrow I currently inhabited within my chest as regards him leaving was something he could hear too well. He could imagine my face and how I must be looking at the moment, but his own heart bore some amount of sorrow as well. His heart bore a lot of pain and anguish which cannot be extinguished by remaining in Manchester.

I wished I could reach him right there and them… I wished I could look into his eyes and ask him to remain here and not leave even though he would definitely turn me down. We remained silent for a minute while I could tell the man I cared deeply for was on the other end of the line. His tender breath sent ripples of concern down my spine as I hoped he would speak and agree with me.

“You’re making a mistake Jack”, I finally broke the silence. “You’re almost making the mistake of allowing the power you wield consume you, when you can make better use of it”.

The words obviously had hit a nerve with him, even though they were true.

“What about your boyfriend?” he simply asked.

“I want you to stay. Even if he is my boyfriend, I care a great deal about you”, I assured him of my loyalty to him.

His next words would hit my heart like a sharp spear thrust into it.

“Juli…“, he called by the nickname he alone used for me.

I could feel my heart thump in anticipation of something positive. I wanted the right answer badly as I waited for the man to speak.

“Please stop caring about me Juli”, he voiced in words that sent the spear into my heart painfully. “I need you to forget any wonderful times and memories we’ve shared, and commit yourself towards enjoying the life you have right now”.

I could tell there was no going back with those words being said. I froze with the phone pressed to my ear, hoping I hadn’t heard the man correctly, but sadly I had. The night got colder for the both of us. He refused to end the call from his end as I refused to from mine as well. My words were missing from my lips and my mouth felt dry of any kind of response.

I remained awake through the night with thoughts of Jack abreast my mind. He didn’t either, with loads of memories about his time in Manchester as well as that of Cologne raging through his mind in conflictions. He thought of those who had hurt him deeply, and the select few he cared about.

He thought of Melissa into the early hours of the morning before his flight to Cologne… He was going without a doubt… I could do nothing about it. Nobody could…



I couldn’t wait for morning to grace its head through the night. The day coincided with a lunch I was to have with Robin and a group of sponsors for his campaign. I remained with my back glued to the bed and face stretched in view towards the ceiling as I allowed myself get lost. I could still hear his words ring aloud in my ears as I laid there until Robin walked in.

“Good morning darling”, he said, leaning over to kiss me on the forehead.

His lips lingered on her skin, while being fueled by genuine emotion from the man but her heat and thoughts were elsewhere.

“You’re still on for lunch with the Mr. McGregor I believe?” Robin asked.

How could I forget? It was all he spoke about for the week. His position and power had the habit of dragging me to such lunches and dinner parties which quite frankly were often nice, but time consuming for me. I used to have a hard time accepting them while I was still simply working for him, but now things were different and I owed him some sense of support whether it be against Jack or in his favor.

I nodded in acknowledgment while Robin headed out the door. I took the time to grasp the concept of the large life Jack had asked me to keep enjoying rather than brooding over him. The man was right; I had everything I could ever ask for, but I could still feel myself feeling empty from within.

The expensive gold encrusted bracelet Robin had gotten me on his trip to Spain was a perfect example, let aside the fact I dined in the best restaurants, drove the best cars as well as having a host of trained professionals in their various skills and works of life working for me and catering to my every need. I breathe and live in wealth, yet I felt incomplete for some odd reason.

Stepping out of bed reluctantly with a heavy heart and mixed feelings in her heart, I headed to the bathroom to run herself a warm tub. I would rather drown myself and let the pain go away before heading out for Robin’s function. I had to look her best as expected and I would do nothing less.

“Why couldn’t you just stay Jack?” I asked as she slid into the mass of warm, foamy water.

Two hours later, I was out donning an expensive Gucci gown Robin got me on the night he announced his running to become the Mayor of Manchester. The fitted black gown stuck to my skin and brought with it my curves perfectly. I admired myself through the reflection of the black Cadillac my driver made available for our trip as the body guards my paranoid boyfriend provided me circled like vultures.

Five of them as they always were in count split into a group of two, with two riding in the car with me while the rest followed in a SUV behind. I sat at the back of the car feeling trapped as my boyfriend’s loyal guard whose sole role and purpose was to snitch on my activities to the man. He duly reported his findings on my outings and movements, especially if any of it had anything to do with Jack.

Since Jack found a means of reconciling things between Robin and his father which was a rather uphill task, they’ve been on opposite ends and it wasn’t difficult to see. For one reason relating with Robin’s privileged childhood and past, he remained favorite with a host of friends in high enough places than Jack could amass through his sheer personality.

He attended his medical school in London and graduated with a host of other wealthy kids whose connections keep him afloat till this very day. He had the willing and ever present friends who would stick by him and his course should he ask them. It made him into an entirely different man from Jack both outside ad within Manchester.

Jack on the other hand had his power and grip within Manchester…

Robin’s list of associates outnumbers those of Jacks, but Jack still holds the higher numbers of enemies irrespective. It is the world I find myself trapped in as we journeyed to the restaurant where I’m to meet with Robin and his group of wealthy associates. I just couldn’t find myself taking my mind off of everything as the car sped on.

I wondered where Jack was and how he was doing in Cologne.



Jack arrived in Cologne by nightfall with his two most trusting assistants by his side; Masha and Alex. He had made the decision to give Robert temporary control over his companies and law firms in his absence on the agreement he would get reported t =o everyday on occurrences and issues regarding each and every one of them. If he could trust anyone to get the job done without doubt, it would be the intelligent and apt Robert.

Robert remains his smartest man and the most trusted, but Jack knew he left himself a sore spot to be poked at by leaving Manchester. For one reason, Robin would see it as a time to exploit and get ahead of him, but he had other heart desiring decisions he hoped to make. He would rather carry them out than continue to languish in heart ripping nights, yearning to come back to Germany.

I worried for him during this period. It stung my mind like a bee every single day but there was nothing I could do. Jack is a big man with ambitions and without them; no man can truly call himself a man. More so, he isn’t just any ordinary man but one with age long ambitions and decision he had promised himself to make.

On his first night, he rented out the Quinne’s hotel which was a luxurious hotel visited by Senators and people of wealthy importance. The entire fourth floor with the suites in it was paid for by jack for himself and his crew. He took his time to settle in before laying down the plans for the next couple of months. It wouldn’t take long and he moved swiftly to assure it.

Alex walked into his room first on his request for the both of them. Jack waited for Masha to arrive before speaking.

“I need you both to begin getting the required buildings and structures we need to set up here”, he simply said to them before waving them off.

Within the month, they acquired two might big law firms, and a host of other legitimate buildings through which he would run his businesses while Robert took care of things in Germany. He saw it as an opportunity to stretch his tentacles and he made it happen. He acquired a fleet of expensive special edition cars as well, with which he stood out everywhere he went in Cologne.

Jack introduced himself in style and would settle for nothing less.

On one cool afternoon, sitting behind the marble desk of his new office, Alex walked into his office with an invitation with the images of disabled kids plastered across the surface. It was the third one he had gotten within a few weeks but it brought his heart joy as he stared immensely at the leaflet in his hand.

“They just invited you to their charity event Sir”, Alex bowed.

Jack had guessed as much. He took out his pen to write a check of two hundred thousand Euros to the charity organization, which he handed out to Alex to deliver on his behalf. It was a means of giving back to those who through one means or another weren’t recognizable or deemed unfit by the world as he was.

It was his show of support for every scar, every hurt, every rejection and belittling he received from judging eyes and scornful tongues that wagged against him when he was down. Such charity events reminded him of the kicks he received when he was down, and the various ones who spat at him thinking he could never come to rise.

Jack would give back as best as he can… He would always remember his past, which was partly why he came back to Cologne. The childhood memories he had were just too strong to ignore… He couldn’t take the sight of another disabled child in pain as he used to be.




Jack still couldn’t feel fulfilled until he got one thing done… He wanted to go back home.

For a man accomplished in almost every corner of his life, he had a void in his heart he just couldn’t feel. The urge to go back to Cleve, the small town just 200 kilometers from Cologne where he resided was even more bothering than the need to keep amassing wealth. The void grew with each passing day and work began to suffer greatly because of it.

He spent nights staring out the window in pain and sweet memories circling his mind and bed of thoughts. He was trapped in the confusion of visiting home and not going anywhere near the place he received nothing but constant torture and betrayal in plenty. It kept him up for nights until he made the decision he would visit his home.

He thought of his father, his mother and his little sister who should still be living together. He hadn’t the slightest idea how they were since everyone chose to keep away from his and not keep in touch like he was a plague. It was damning but it got better in time and he learnt to deal with it until he returned to Cologne.

The decision was a heavy one to make, but Jack set on out that early morning donning his perfectly tailored Gucci suit. In his luxurious ten million Euros special Edition Black Rolls Royce, Jack stepped out from his mansion in style seated at the back of the car while his personal chauffeur commandeered the car. He watched his two body guards get into the car with him.

The car had just about moved when the dawning realization began to slowly rush through his head; he was going to see his parents. The words continued to ring aloud in his head as he desperately tried to put up a bold face than the already cold one he naturally wore. He clenched his fists on his thighs as the car sped forward without a care in the world for the personal battles the man who was once casted away and treated like a stigma was now feeling as he hoped to confront his past demons.

Jack thought of it all…he thought of the inhuman treatments leveled against him as a child, and the other nefarious activities he was subjected to. The injustice was plain to see and it wrecked havoc to his heart as he thought of it. He began to hyperventilate, and his chest began to feel heavier than it naturally should.

The air in the car felt too thin to breathe peacefully in as he wound down the side windows but to no avail. He couldn’t take it…He couldn’t take the dangerous feeling rushing through him from within as he relived every moment from starvation to torture through his childhood in his head once again. He tried thinking about Melissa to help quench the bitter memories, but they fought hard and back and refused to go away.

“Stop the car!’ Jack yelled louder than his voice ever does.

He rushed out of the car to the road side filled with nothing but thorns and sand. He puked the meal he had that morning, crouching in the process as he let out everything within his stomach. He wished he could let out the emotional pains too but those clung to his heart like they owned it. He would take his time to get some air.

“Are you okay boss?” one of his guards asked, but Jack gave no response.

He took timely breathes before going back into the car. He had never felt so much rush of anxiety in his life. It felt like he would pass out but he didn’t. He kept his eyes focused and his mind at ease albeit with great difficulty. To some extent he could negate the sadness that loomed his heart with a little bit of happiness now circling around it.

They arrived in close proximity to the house, only for things to get worse than they already were. His heart had begun racing loudly underneath his chest, and his anxiety levels had heightened once again. A mix of pain and happy feelings coursed through his entire body as he looked around the neighborhood he had different perceptions and feeling about.

The ramming of the organ underneath his chest wasn’t the only thing he began to worry about. His eyes felt hazy and a headache threatened to set in fully. The sight of the streets they travelled through reminded him of a lot. They reminded him of memories he thought he had forgotten but which apparently still remain etched into his brain.

He recalled every corner, every road and every single house he had had something to do in or with during his childhood. The euphoria of memories just wouldn’t stop and something within him threatened to tear apart the veil of invincibility he donned, to let out the inner child crying loudly to be granted freedom. He felt the urge to show his emotions, but it just wasn’t easy to come through.

They finally arrived a kilometer away from the house. It was where the real dilemma had begun from. He could feel his legs stiffen and refuse to make it out of the car as he ordered the chauffeur to bring the car to a stop. His hands wouldn’t move as well and his entire body disobeyed his command. He wanted to leave the car but something within him restrained him motive and cast him into a state of torn intentions between what he wanted to do and what his ramming heart was too scared to allow.

Jack felt scared for the first time in a long while. He took his time to gain some composure as he glanced at his watch intermittently. He could feel the berating eyes of his guards look at him in query of if he had the intent to step out or not. He didn’t care though…he had other problems at heart.

He finally summoned the courage to exit the car. He had ordered his guards to remain in the car while he journeyed ahead alone. He wasn’t going to show up in his parents’ house with two scary looking men. He realized getting out of the car was easier than taking the next step towards the house. The sweet smell of the air, laden with memories made him freeze temporarily as he desperately tried to gather some courage. He took one good look at the old house he used to call home just before his parents sold him off and never permitted him the opportunity to get back.

He clutched his chest as he walked ahead, feeling his knees threaten to buckle. He felt like a child returning to his beloved family after the holidays, but with a slight addition of pain and hurt. He tried quickening his steps but it was an impossible task for him to do. For a man so tough and filled with will, he felt nothing like that at the moment…he felt like jelly threatening to melt underneath the pressure of seeing his family again.

He ached to see his sister, to look into his father’s eyes and watch he first expression to flicker through it. He wondered how his mother was doing and if she missed him. Jack felt like a child within even with age and experience rendering him into a matured man. He felt nothing like he used to be in Manchester where he had a host of people worshipping and respecting him.

Right there and then, he was nothing but a scared man with the worry he might not be accepted in the same house he was sold from.

He approached the dark, old wooden gate of his childhood home. He brushed his hand on the paint which had worn off majorly from lack of maintenance with his heart skipping in beats. His knees felt like they would give way, as they shook desperately, asking him to run back to the car and not take another step forward. The gate still bore an old artwork he had painted on it as a child and it brought with it some sigh of relief.

He wished he could cry…he wished he could let down that warm tear in appreciation of the fact his father might have left the artwork there and refused to replace it.

“Maybe dad kept it as a souvenir for my drawings on it”, he tried to smile, but his face wouldn’t permit it.

He remained at the spot for five minutes, torn between if he should walk ahead or not. He had never felt so confused in his entire life and he wished he wasn’t. He finally took the bold steps forward, standing before the front door with the large brass knocker he toyed with as a child. Everything from the chirping sound of birds and the sweet smell in the air flooded back memories into his mind.

He was frightened and excited at the same time as he stared blankly at the knocker before him. He wanted to hold it and slam it hard until someone came to his call, but the nerve just wasn’t there for the man. He was a shadow of himself; a child trapped in a man’s body and still reliving the pain that haunt him every day and night.

He reached for the doorbell just by the knocker, but felt his hand stiffen. He couldn’t do it. he couldn’t stand there and pretend he was still in control of everything within him. His heart threatened to give way with the excessive pounding it continued with. His legs weren’t his as they shook in cowardice and his eyes blinked intermittently, trying to form a tear at least.

He wanted to cry for the first time in his life, but couldn’t. He wanted the warm liquid to roll down his cheek and feel it as life should be, but the man incapable of emotions just could not. He felt dead within. He felt like a walking shell with nothing but pent up memories of pain. He felt like nothing and he slowly crouched to the ground with his head against the door.

Jack couldn’t believe he could be beaten mentally and emotionally in such manner. He rammed his fist against the wall by the door, hurting himself as he battled the unfair course of things and the pain he felt in his heart. The pent up emotions within him were rearing their heads but he couldn’t find the right means to express them. He couldn’t smile, cry, or even laugh.

He helped himself up, adjusting his suit and hoping to return to the car.

“This was a bad idea”, he told himself with his head aching and his heart in pain. “Maybe not seeing them is better”, he tried to convince himself.

He turned around with his head lowered to the ground before hearing the sound of someone’s footsteps approaching. Slowly, he raised his head, to look at the beautiful, blonde girl with a bright smile on her ruby lips standing before him. He recognized her immediately. He knew who she was and his heart almost gave way as he clenched his chest once more.

“Sorry, are you waiting for my parents?” she asked in the same tone he had heard her speak when she was a child, but in a more mature manner.

Jack was too petrified to speak. He took his time to admire her before realizing he was staring rudely.

“Yes…Yes, I am”, he finally managed to reply.

He wished he could smile. He wished he could show how happy he was. It was painful though, having a reason to smile and be happy and being unable to do so. His blank face betrayed his true hearty desires. He cursed the state of things as he walked closer to her. He longed to reach out for her and wrap her in his embrace, telling her he is her brother, but he couldn’t do that. He had neither the face nor the emotions to prove it.

He felt like a fraud of a being… a man shaped through too much pain he barely recognizes who he truly was within.

“My name is Kim, and my parents are behind the garden which is probably why they will not hear the doorbell”, she introduced herself with a bright smile. “I have the key though and I could help you call them once we’re inside”.

She was sweet and kind and reminded him of how he had left her.

“Can you handle this bag of veggies for me please while I open the door?’ she asked politely.

Jack needed no invitation; he collected it from her briskly.

“I just got back from the market to get mom’s vegetables. She’s a vegetarian”, she explained while unlocking the door.

She led Jack into the house which had not changed a single bit. He could still see the various memorabilia that made the place his home as well as some paraphernalia he would have thought they threw away. He engrossed his mind with looking around the room before Kim went to call her father.

“Papa, you have a guest!’ she called out.

In a few minutes after her call, a man in a wheelchair came rolling into the room from the garden behind the house. He hadn’t seen Jack before he turned to look at Kim.

“Who is he? Is he a friend from the university?” he asked after seeing the strange, young man.

Jack’s heart gave way within him and his stomach sunk immediately.


…to be continued…

Game of the Planners 3

He spent almost 10 years planning a revenge list on the seven people who had destroyed his face for a same reason in the past, everything was perfect, the revenge plans of the young and intelligent lawyer were extremely sophisticated, however when everything was ready, he suddenly realized that the plan he was working on was actually the final step of another person's plan. Will Jack be smart enough to rule the game against those who are standing in the dark and silently affecting his thoughts and actions? What would he do when his enemies who were set to be taken revenge on was planned by another person, and Jack would have to change his moves to take control back those who were in shadow and influencing his thoughts. The game of intelligent planners in manipulating people, who is more adventurous and smarter to beat the others?

  • ISBN: 9781370374045
  • Author: Luis Smietanka
  • Published: 2017-09-15 05:00:09
  • Words: 6068
Game of the Planners 3 Game of the Planners 3