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Gael Pilgrimage


Gael Pilgrimage

Shay Muirza

Published at Shakespir by Shay Muirza

Copyright © 2016 Shay Muirza

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Gael Pilgrimage

As hoards of Wild Atlantic Gaels make their way towards to the coast of the Irish Sea for their preferential sport at the Tailti coliseum, their journey carries unsoiled hope with aspiration.

Each immersed within their own android application, the autos start, radio broadcasts … “now here is what it says in the Sunday newspapers” … “the nation-wide circles’ chatter, relays today’s fundamental tag: #WhoIsA.N.Other? … “Ever since “The Upset” that resulted in some senior players walking away, the team coach has always said that he would leave the door ajar” … and not mentioning anyone in particular, the world of Tailti had hoped this could mean, you know who!

Different signals arrive from independent gael’s phone apps. adding to an auto full of miscible opinions. A sport news flash from WARS frontline … “Wild Atlantic Radio Station have it” … “hear it first here” … “our station master has news regarding #WhoIsA.N.Other? affair”. The mystery aired complete. The station plays an insert of an interview with the team coach regarding his team selection for this afternoon at the Tailti coliseum; announcing the return of whom #WhoIs … “A.N.Other? is ….”

Reflecting Narcissus’ metamorphosis of A.N.Other already had many Wild Atlantic Gaels weeping on their pilgrimage! The game already began to play in mind, which inevitably swung toward the opposition. In a believe that this opposing reformation will be unprepared to violate Wild Atlantic team’s metamorphosis, what once was an uncompromising Pygmalion dictatorship, suddenly appeared as a deflated doll … “and that’s all from what it says on the papers”, breaks through into this miscellany of excitement. As the auto’s radio fades, WARS app. (android phone application) automatically becomes the loudest webcast inside the auto.

‘My own to goodness’ bellows out the WARS station master. Jesting, he asks, ‘what time is it?’

His audience applauds with a roar ‘ “THUG”, Day or Night; we count on “THUG” ’.

The station master smiles and says, ‘we are all in rousing form today’, the audience then proceeds with their local chant, ‘We’ll cheer to the Wild, good ‘ol Wild, Wild Atlantic waves, Wild Atlantic hooray, we’re of the Wild, good ‘ol Wild, the Wild Atlantic Way’.

‘Yes, Yes, and Yes … hooray’ says the WARS station master, ‘its time to reveal #WhoIsA.N.Other?’

‘The Wild Atlantic Gaels’ stamp, pound and bang their bodhrán! WAG galore feel their greatness.

‘But first, with me this morning’ he says, ‘is -- who knows a thing or two about All-Irelands -- the one and only most informed brazen mind and longest serving guide of all gaelgoers, welcome THUG; the all-time Tailti Humanoid Unabridged Guide.’

‘This is a first for you’ says the station master to THUG.

‘What do you mean’ replies THUG.

‘Well, since you were developed, incorporated with Machine & Deep Learning capability with intercommunication capacity, this is your first Live broadcast interview’

THUG laughs and responds with, ‘I wish to thank Tir na Tire gaels, Tailti board, their sponsor, and University libraries for having documented 4000 years of downloadable data onto memory.’

The station master asks, ‘How are you able to verify the veracity for all of this data?. No doubt you are scholarly informed of “Treason by Intellectuals”. Around these boglands, for example, it can be reasonably contested that Ptolemy had established the roots of our tradition and archaic emblems of its ancient Throne, sit underneath this very turf.’

THUG smiles, ‘And yet this afternoon you still contest that another Wild Atlantic team will win back this Throne that subsequent Wild Atlantic teams have failed to attain for a long spell. The curse of disbelief, the failure to affirm, prey to inadequacy, founded on unworthiness, an education that is bounded in tradition instead of breaking from those chains and experiencing the present within a relearning by totally witnessing and ceasing the moment. For you--situated here near the coast on this planet’s island of The Solar System amidst billions of galaxies--the veracity is knowing life at ease. You are already established amongst greatness; be the personification and embodiment of your very best. This is what the Learned believed and achieved. I am their manifestation; this processing of data is only ever as good as the programmer. There are, however, glitches that get identified in the program too. Believe it or not, life is a Work-In-Progress, they’re some setbacks that overwhelm and are thus amplified to obscure the trust of our WIP -- my apologies for overusing acronyms -- trust we are a Work-In-Progress.’

‘If you have just joined WARS, THUG is affirming “Planet’s Republic”, but can you predict?’ asks the bemused station master.

‘No, but I can do probabilities’ says THUG, ‘and my guess is that you would like to know what is the probable outcome for today’s contest?’

‘Correct’, answers the station master.

‘On today’s encounter, my supercomputer indicates that the same ‘ol, same ‘ol, will reign. But I have been prepared to always issue a warning with this specific linear probability algorithm; its logical analyses do not exhibit, feature nor figure X-factor nor Spirit.’

The station master turns to the audience before again looking at THUG, ‘you know that I know Who A.N.Other is! THUG can you estimate who Who Is A.N.Other?’

THUG politely declines to answer the station master’s question, ‘This would directly infringe upon confidential data. This data shall remain confidential until the start of today’s game. This is the way of the program.’

A disgruntled WAG shouts … ‘other than the team coach confiding with the station master, sure isn’t that the way with all of us pawns; hacked, profiled, dated and match-fixed. Programmed like THUG. Nothing anymore is left to chance or Nature, its like Chess on amphetamines!’

The station master acting as M.C abruptly intervenes to centre his audience; ‘A.N.Other can be Tir na Tire too. Let me hear you gaelgoers.’

WAG chant again … ‘We’ll cheer to the Wild, good ‘ol Wild, Wild Atlantic waves, Wild Atlantic hooray, we’re off to the Wild, good ‘ol Wild; the Wild Atlantic way.’

The WARS app. begins to encounter breaks or gaps in WARS webcast. The end-user checks and finds that reception signal level bar is full and without buffering.

‘What’s happening with the WARS webcast?” … “It could be a delayed broadcast to stop foul language getting broadcast on-air’ … ‘perhaps the station master has a tickle in his throat or maybe THUG is playing with the microphone’s mute-switch.’ … ‘the station master is full of it -- he couldn’t tell a banjo from a bull’ … ‘or how to stick from how to hurl.’ … ‘and here's a tale: WARS wagging WAG !’

Feeling let down after no information regarding #WhoIsA.N.Other? Everyone inside the auto share nonsensical jokes at the station master’s expense. They commence an auto-conference on how technology has become such an integral part of Tailti sport. ‘Did you know that if a team member speaks out of concert; outside of the dressing room, they will get penalised.’ … ‘In what way?’ … ‘I don’t know, limits on tickets, perhaps, vouchers, travel-costs, no holiday at the end of the season’ … ‘Why not a fine’ … ‘No, the players contract is fixed and set for 3 months. It cannot be interfered with once it has been agreed between both parties’ … ‘How is that?’ … ‘Well probably because the term of contract is so limited, by the time a consultation and investigation would have concluded, and the negative impact such a recourse would have upon the camp would be self-defeating’ … ‘That of course would then also allow an opportunity for the opposition to cause a “rumble in-camp” … ‘like the failed mutiny upon the team-coach’ … ‘maybe, why don’t you send in a request to THUG to find out about that? It should know!’

‘Just in time’ -- WARS app. is working again -- everyone inside the auto fixates upon WARS webcast.

THUG is speaking on-air, ‘… in the player’s cap is an EEG which displays what is on their mind. This is not the ideal time for having other thoughts than a complete focus on the moment; aiding the task at hand.’

‘THUG can you describe for the listeners how an egg works inside a players cap’, says the station master.

THUG understands that the station master might have a neurological disorder, perhaps dyslexia and responds with … ‘if you are referring to EEG, this is an acronym for Electroencephalography, which is an noninvasive method using electromagnetic sensors for monitoring the brain’s electrical activity. Such biometrics allow the team management to make decisions …’

The station master interrupts, ‘THUG, just on that point, surely the opposing team could hack or corrupt this data.’ ‘Yes’, says THUG, ‘but there are many other methods that can realign and recalibrate the data measured from players; such as their visual responses, performance, along with their intellectual intelligence at any given moment. The dedication and commitment contributed by the whole squad is tremendous. Every bit of an individual’s SWAB; Super Wild Atlantic Brain data enhances the team’s performance potential for achieving success! Since the recent spat of attempted mutinies, in order to achieve greater accordance in-camp, there is now agreement with players to tap into their biometrics.’

‘Great minds think alike; question answered without asking!’ jests an auto-passenger…a young gaelgoer asks ‘are we nearly there yet?’ … ‘no, we’re still in Connaught!’, says the auto-driver. The young gaelgoer chants ‘ball-in-a-slow.’

Another auto-passenger decides to conduct the THUG Trivia App. She asks ‘who pioneered the logic which THUG functions on and what is the title given to this mode?’

Herself is first off the mark with ‘algebraic logic and George Boole’s “The Laws of Thought” .’

‘Name the title of what THUG considers the magnum opus of 2011?’ ‘ “All Sick, All Spent” ’, “and if I am able to recite “All Sick, All Spent”, I receive 5Mb bonus of THUG probabilities?’, she continues to recite line-by-line “All Sick, All Spent” into her phone’s microphone.

[‘And you’re branded abroad,
Identity crisis of nation,
Forgetting the dew, tradition, and blood.]
[They change this spirit, while drunk on merit.
Social they say, without consumption decay?
Long gone are the Druids and their hood.
Taken the harp from the hearth,
Took the name and put it to shame.
Put it all in a can.
What’s inside empty when drunk,
The pupils; us economic funk.
Inside disguise.
So here’s 2 cent more on depression,
Drink up the levy lavatory, is that the mission?]

[For the island is drowned, selling desperation,
Drives me potty to witness the same,
country heritage culture branded game.
We see the patriots on the dole line,
And with Millions paved on either stand,
again the spirit is due to tradition and blood.
Amateurs we are; not seeing to be understood.
Sidelined players for eyeing ‘cheers’ spectators.
Coughers confer then print papers.
And so goes the spirit of the occasion;
Divined, numbed, and confined.
And while you were away during the decay,
While you sat, stood, and got out if it when you could,
Now you wonder, look, and blame?]

[This bearing has borne all our shame,
Over the bar and in the can,
Pints score echoing barrels,
Empties are the new bell!
Emptied are the wishing well!
Round and around they went,]

[All Sick, All Spent.
All Sick, All Spent.
All Sick, All Spent.’]

‘And it was after “All Sick, All Spent” that alcohol & sport became immiscible”, says the auto-diver.

‘Does THUG have pores?’, ‘Anyone?’, ‘What’s the answer?’…

‘It says: 65536 ports per interface, with 65536 interfaces that appear like visible pores on its skin. This can easily process 65536 times 65536 in less than 10 milliseconds…’

There was an immediate auto-interjection of ‘WOW! in unison.’

‘THUG Reflection 00047.10: From the available 4000 years legacy, humans of late appear to put more merit on material substance over the source of life and being; Nature. Of late humans’ output over their existential input tend to put more value on having less ethics and essence. Following on from this human shortfall and overshoot, humans hold humanoids in greater esteem because they completely understand and can control their functioning whereas humans themselves cannot understand nor fathom the depths of mystery to their own creation of themselves and purpose of their lives!’

‘Oh! Here’s a task master quiz: From a coach’s objective please discuss all components that prerequisite success on the filed of play. Now consider each player’s position, ability, and each of their considered tasks within their team. What happens when your hypothetical set-targets are not fulfilled? Widget-on the answers that assimilates with your view or with that of your group discussion.’

An auto-passenger immediately pops out with … ‘in order for a team to complete an objective, first it would require that the total subjective pre-emphasis would be of service to realise this objective to completion, any subjects not committed to this set objective are referred to as passengers, therefore those who are not of the coach’s vision could be classed as passengers!’

‘Unless a coach’s objective is to defensively park-the-bus’ says the auto-driver. ‘This would be a sponge for absorbing pressure, but many of our greatest offensively minded attackers are not skilled with defensive attributes, while if the philosophy is to attack than the opposition would then have to sponge. To storm or to sponge; that is the question.’

Junior contributes with … ‘it does not matter, it is most important to enjoy yourself, otherwise the internal drama self-defeats oneself along with the objective of the team, thereby depleting the Spirit or X-factor. If X does not enjoy its subjective process then the player is neither a stormer, sponger, passenger, but is a X-defect. Since 33% of all humans can expect to become an X-defect at some period in their lives, and if this X-defect is strong it might happen to add synergy for a brief time-period. Sometimes this time-period is sufficient for the length of a coach or player’s career, other times this X-defect is not without destructive consequences for the team!’

The auto-driver intervenes ‘do you know this for sure?’

‘Haven’t you heard of PHDs’ …

‘Do you mean a Ph.D doctorate?’ …

‘No, Performance Heterogeneous Drugs that are embedded into many types of over-the-counter tranquillisers, and when prescribed into the correct sequence become a catalyst for an abnormal biochemical reinforcing feedback, and after a few years this causes a degeneration of normal molecular biochemical regeneration that destabilises homeostasis.’

After a brief pause the app.-announcer advises the auto-passengers of a time-out on this particular task master; with just 3 minutes flat to decide upon a widget-on, and instead reads aloud THUG’s determinants, and to the answer with “yeah or nay”, but even after having met the time-out deadline, all the auto-passengers were still unable to find any agreement.

After the time-out, THUG MOTD states, “It is tough at the top!”

Although they’re four THUG mainframes in existence, only one THUG can access the B/WB supercomputer at any given time. The specifications required by THUG to function requires all of Black/White Brain’s oops-aFLOPS; floating-point operations per second. Unlike its creators whom have been pitted amongst escaped contaminants from a jar, and mindful of Pandora’s flaws, THUG’s designers have given THUG the experience of reflexivity in order for THUG to have ability to know “a leaf, from a blossom, from a bole”. It can decipher the “dancer from the dance”.

[Sitting here staring into space, thoughts about nothing else, for the want of a better title, ‘A calm state of grace’. A Neuro Linguistic Programmer once said “why are song writers so happy to be sad”, well, it was not really a question, more of a statement, and in this moment I now understand! There’s a shared empathy that can help through a crisis, like a magic potion, love songs, and of devotion. Anyway its easy to pick a subject, rhyme a word or two, colour it in with some passing point of view. There is a fact that I’ve noticed when encountering joy. Deep within I was happy, but only later realised those songs were written for the heart breakers or for the heart broken!
The conclusion I draw is this, when in the pink another will see it blue, like my aura photo tells me I need orange while self-diagnostics has appended yellow, yet all the while interpreting this process, now conscious of all the beautiful colours that are surrounding you and I.]

While they were plagiarised accusations directed at THUG, THUG declaimed the same as self-plagiarism, while having made some references to both Shay Muirza and W.B. Yeats copyrighted poetry for educational purposes only!

‘I suppose the big question is, does THUG ever respond with “I don’t know” to anything?’

‘I don’t suppose he has an ego or gets embarrassment either’ … ‘but THUG does show discreteness, it has to be said, I recall hearing Shay Muirza say that THUG utilises a metric of neurological fuzzy logic; while there being Black and White extremes, extremes are accepted as clear right or wrong answers, but in between right & wrong, most of this area is statistically covered under the bell-curve. For sociocultural factors, THUG approximates upon layers of metrics from historic outcomes, mixed with current trends and future aspirations. As for everything else these processes are somewhat more straight forward in calculating probabilities that would arrive at the most likely outcome and positively bring into effect, which of course is in contrast to the way media networks can provoke hysteria and fear, or even worse is to suppress science and factual information.’

‘Are you saying that THUG makes bad calculations; such as it can get the answer wrong, or that it can negate as well as agree 100% ?” “The latter; 100% !’

‘Hold your horses now for a minute’, says another auto-passenger. ‘Who and what media networks are suppressing science. Sure aren’t we discussing all about THUG, haven’t we landed a robot on Mars, winning the battles against all kinds of cancers and viruses. It might not be a perfect world, but a crises, no, nor is it neither a perfect storm!’

Junior says ‘over to you Mother. You have 3 minutes of air, to air your point.’

Feeling feisty, she shakes her head as if knowing the course and outcome of her point’s trajectory. ‘Have you heard of the Rosicrucian order, and why many great thinkers & artists from the early 20the century met in private to share knowledge which was not apt for the general public’s ordinations by the religious institutions’ overtures of that time-period. Well nothing has changed other than the type of institutions. Back then it was control, power, and amass wealth, today it is still the same. But this is not a battle that the market dictates, this is not about a price-war, monopolies, or cartels. This goes to the very heart of funding and research. Climate deniers are well funded and resourced. Educational institutions get funded by those lobbyists. You say to a graduate, a petroleum company has an offer of employment that will offer them top-rates, naturally those students, along with the wealth of their education will then consider to support the very industry that Climate Science says we immediately need to deviate away from, which is our use of fossil fuels, and to reduce our harmful dependency and consumption whose emissions are poisonous toxic heavy carbon pollutants!’

‘But I fail to understand—from what you say—how this suppresses science, other than a divestment into paí science. Building castles in the sky will not get you a palace. What is the viable alternatives, or when will these alternatives become viable? I’ve no foundation to move onto for me to commence with thinking outside of our commodities. (Ed: boxes, jars & Pints). Do you not think that if there was something better than what we have, we would be exploiting that to no end? Those corporations are no fools, you know.’

‘п! What? Okay, no doubt you are authentically part of the established mindset and embrace. And yes, you do embrace its limitations because it beholds for you a concrete foundation. But the cornerstone of its pillar is waiting to be removed; but only when you are willing to revisit a universe outside of your impressed conservative doctrine. The person who layed this cornerstone once said, “a thousand people will never prove me right, all it needs is for one person to prove me wrong”. All science computer simulations advocate the former, but not the latter! Why? Because, like you, they are of your indoctrination too. You are not looking to remove the cornerstone because you, and the likes of you, are unable to imagine a world outside of your temple!’

‘Do you think is ALEC similar to the Rosicrucians?’

‘ALEC who?’

‘ALEC is an acronym for American Legislative Exchange Council, a corporate lobbyist group who have a huge influence upon USA policy. I wonder where do they stand in regard to Nodding Donkeys versus Climate Science?’

‘Oh, its best that you just keep driving hon., while we nod off for a wee while.’

‘Hah! Hah!’



Gael Pilgrimage

Tailti refer to Traditional Native Games from thousands years past, where the essence of these games are re-founded when a Humanoid acquires all scribed literature pertaining to Tailti, competition, contest, and what drives players and moves fans. The fans are travelling en route to the final where their local team is visiting the supposed capital for the major event. All are excited about the game, team news, what the media are reporting, with this Humanoid now centre stage for the very first time, and then we learn of these fans thirst for science and knowledge, and the ever old dichotomy between weariness and unknown.

  • ISBN: 9781370345731
  • Author: Shay Muirza
  • Published: 2016-12-30 23:50:09
  • Words: 3590
Gael Pilgrimage Gael Pilgrimage