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Frosty Reception

Frosty Reception

Copyright © 2016 by Penny Tawret

Hyenadae Nation

All Rights Reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any

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Vitani “Frost” Supinger

I slept peacefully for a good majority of the night, curled up in my usual

spot on the living room floor right up until the thunderous growl of my

now empty stomach stirred me rather atrociously from my stupor. I

starred drowsily up at the green digits on the nearby TV converter box;

in which they brilliantly read, 3:27 AM. Being, a usual early bear from

the start of cubhood all the way up to my last and voluntary official day

of high school two to three years ago here in this very neighborhood, I

barely even let out so much as an instinctive crack from my joints as I

slowly rose to my feet with a slight stretch and yawn before making my

way briskly into the kitchen where rather unsurprisingly, my reptilian

ball python friend, Wendy Lucier had already beaten me way far ahead

to the punch. She smiled and raised a hand at me in greeting. “Hey, ice

bear of the hour.” She cooed lucidly in her usual forever and always

docile way. “I shoulda known I’d eventually find you snooping around

in here.” “Heh. More likely, it looks like I found you.” I chuckled,

popping some seal cakes in the venerable twenty ten style microwave

and punching in the timer for one minute. “How’s my good cheetah

home girl doing?” “Not good.” Wendy sighed, taking a gulp of one of

the mice on her plate. “She’s more than hella torn up about her brother

more than anything now, and the absolute worst part is, I know good and

damn well whom his killer just so happened to be.” I was taken aback.

“What?” I inquired, confused as I steadily took my seal cakes out of the

heater and took a gentle seat next to my snake friend to eat. “And just

who would that might be?” “Ennard Wilson.” Wendy slowly forced out

in reply. “Her… her own father.”

Frosty Reception

  • ISBN: 9781370987412
  • Author: Penny Tawret
  • Published: 2016-07-25 14:35:16
  • Words: 391
Frosty Reception Frosty Reception