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From Hell

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From Heaven Book Zero

Written By

C.O. Amal

Copyright © 2017 C.O. Amal

Published by C.O. Amal on February 2017

1st Edition

All rights reserved

Shakespir Edition

ISBN 9781370721153

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This book is a work of fiction. Names and characters are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


For my parents

Table of Contents

Part 1 – All Hell Break Loose

Prologue – 1

Chapter 1 – 2

Chapter 2 – 3

Chapter 3 – 4

Chapter 4 – 5

Chapter 5 – 6

Epilogue – 7

Part 2 – Run All You Want

Prologue – 8

Chapter 1 – 9

Chapter 2 – 10

Chapter 3 – 11

Chapter 4 – 12

Chapter 5 – 13

Epilogue – 14

Part 3 – The Apocalypse

Prologue – 15

Chapter 1 – 16

Chapter 2 – 17

Chapter 3 – 18

Chapter 4 – 19

Chapter 5 – 20

Epilogue – 21

Part 4 – A New World

Prologue – 22

Chapter 1 – 23

Chapter 2 – 24

Chapter 3 – 25

Chapter 4 – 26

Chapter 5 – 27

Epilogue – 28

Part 5 – From Heaven

Prologue – 29

Chapter 1 – 30

Chapter 2 – 31

Chapter 3 – 32

Chapter 4 – 33

Chapter 5 – 34

Epilogue – 35

Part 6 – Is this the End?

Prologue – 36

Chapter 1 – 37

Chapter 2 – 38

Chapter 3 – 39

Epilogue – 40

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A deserted place. A few trees are scattered on the land, and the sun’s rays barely came through the cloudy sky. A little far away, large mega story buildings can be seen. On the ground pebbles vibrated and the ground slowly shook, as a team of men operated the gigantic driller for creating the subway tunnel.

The tunnel is coming from the nearby city and the driller already passed a great deal of distance. As driller progressed through the underground, an automatic machine placed concrete rings along the muddy wall for reinforcing the tunnel wall. A few men are constantly feeding the automatic machine with parts of the concrete rings.

While the drilling and wall construction made progress a few groups of men are very busy placing metal rail tracks. A pulley system is continuously bringing metal tracks and concrete rings from the other side of the tunnel.

Sweat uncontrollably oozed down from the men’s brow. It is incredible that these men could work in this hot environment. In this tunnel, there are no one resting. There is job for everyone and everyone is doing everything they can to build the tunnel. They all are working in a fast pace, probably because they want to complete this construction as soon as possible. Suddenly it happened without any warning. The tunnel completely shook like the effect of an earthquake.

Everyone all at once stopped working and analysed the tunnel. Then the ground stopped vibrating. Workers took a deep sigh. Suddenly the quake started again, this time a little stronger.

With a crack sound, the newly placed upper part of the concrete rings fell off from the wall. Miraculously the workers under the fallen concrete piece escaped without any serious injury apart from the loss of skin on the side of a few men’s arms as the concrete pieces brushed past.

The quake continued. The driller began to vibrate and suddenly the wall of soil in front of the driller broke away, revealing a natural cave system. Cold wind blew towards the workers through the tiny gaps in the front part of the driller. Then suddenly the side part of the concrete rings fell down, and the tunnel wall slowly broke apart, revealing a massive cave system across the underground. Fortunately none of the top soil fall off.

Workers gazed at the newly discovered tunnel in horror, with curiosity. None of the men said any words. The light from the bright bulbs which are now on the tunnel floor, barely cut through the darkness beyond the part of the tunnel these men have made.

A few new men arrived at the spot from the other side of the manmade made tunnel with flashlights. They must have experienced the earthquake, but it seems that only a small part of the manmade tunnel have collapsed. The men with flashlight slowly walked through the newly discovered tunnel a little. A cold wind is coming towards them from somewhere, and it seems that there is a flow of cold air all over this tunnel system.

The part of the tunnel they are now in is like a big wide room and there are numerous tunnels coming to this wide room from different directions.

The men slowly approached one of the tunnel and they slowly examined the tunnel in the bright light of the flash light. Then it happened. When one worker shone the light at a nearby wall, the wall began to glitter, as if there are millions of tiny fireflies on the wall. The men slowly approached the wall with curiosity. And one worker touched the wall.

“Diamond!” The man said.

Yes. The whole wall have diamonds having the size of a man’s palm. They slowly shone the light at the nearby walls and excitement and curiosity struck all of them. The whole wall in all the nearby tunnels are filled with diamonds!


“Jerome, wake up, honey. It’s morning.” I heard Emily’s voice in my deep slumber.

“Huh …” I slowly opened my eyes and found Emily hurriedly dressing. “Honey, it’s Sunday, right?”

“Yeah. Why?” Emily asked.

“Well, why are you dressing? Are you going outside?”

“Huh, huh.”

“Well, you don’t have to go to office, right?”

“Isn’t that obvious. I am going to church for the morning mass. Jenny said she will be here to pick me up.”

“Okay. Is Aidan awake?”

“Yeah. He is dressing. He is coming with me.”

I slowly removed the covers and stood up. And I slowly walked towards the front door.

“Newspaper is in the kitchen, and coffee is on the dining room table.” Emily shouted from the bedroom.

“Okay …” I backed away from the front door and I walked towards the kitchen. In the kitchen I found the newspaper on top of the table.

Reading newspaper have become part of my life and I couldn’t start a day without newspaper. I took the newspaper and flipped through the pages. Then the story on the second page really attracted my eyes. It says a group of subway workers discovered a tunnel system during the drilling. The site is near here, about 50 miles away from home.

Suddenly the phone rang.

“This is Emily. Who is this?”

“Huh, huh … I will give him … Jerome, honey? A call for you.”

I slowly walked towards the dining room and found Emily near the phone.

“Who is it?” I asked.


I quickly approached Emily and grabbed the receiver from her hand.

“This is Jerome.” I said.

“Jerome, we hope that you have red the newspaper today. We need your geological skills in this tunnel in Wyoming.”

“I am listening.”

“We are not in a situation to drive you to this place. We hope you have a car. Be here as soon as possible.”

“I will be there.”

The call ended.

“What is it, honey” Emily asked.

“They want me to study a tunnel system that they have discovered during the construction of a subway tunnel.” I said.

Suddenly a car horn cut through the air.

“Jenny is here. I am going, okay?” Emily said.

“Okay.” I said.

“Aidan, we are going.” Emily yelled and Aidan came from his bedroom.

“See you, dad.” Aidan said.

“Okay. Look after your mom, okay.”

“Yeah.” Aidan walked outside.

Emily smiled at me and she too exited the house. I watched both of them walking through the footpath towards Jenny’s car which is parked on the side of the road. A moment later Aidan and Emily entered inside the car and the car drove away in the church’s direction.

I quickly brushed my teeth and drank a cup of coffee. Then I took a quick shower and I dressed for the job. Then I drank one more cup of coffee. I usually drink four cup of coffee in the morning, but today I don’t have time for that. I took my bag from the office room and I made sure I took everything. Finally I took my cell phone and car keys from the table top. After locking the house I placed the house key under the flower pot where we usually hid the key. Then I quickly ran towards my sedan.

It’s time to go. A new tunnel system. New discoveries are waiting for me and I don’t want to waste this opportunity to study well.


I pressed my foot on the accelerator and the small sedan rushed forward. Today traffic is less and I easily passed the city without being stopped by the signal lights. The footpaths are empty of people, mainly because it’s Sunday, but occasionally I saw people here and there.

At the time I reached the site, it was 9:45. I parked the car and I slowly exited. Then I slowly walked towards the subway. The streets are mostly empty and I slowly entered inside the newly built subway platform. Then I saw a huge amount of people on the platform. Most are from press. In a corner an interview with a construction worker went on. Most news feeds are live.

I slowly walked towards the construction office and in the doorway I was welcomed by Andrew who is a professor of palaeontology. I know him well. He was my collage mate.

“Good to see you, Jerome.”

“It’s good to see you too. It’s actually a surprise. I thought you were out of state.”

“I was. They insisted that I should be here by morning. They told me you were coming.”

“Did you check the tunnel?”

“No. I came here just a while ago. They gave me a light breakfast and I was waiting for you. If you’re hungry, there is sandwich.”

“I am really hungry …”

Andrew led me inside and show me coffee and sandwich. I quickly filled my belly. A few minutes later three workers with yellow helmets came and they gave us helmets they had brought with them. I wore the helmet and I made sure my bag is with me. All my tools are in this bag.

A few minutes later a few more workers and five men in white lab coats came. Men in lab coats must be some professionals. At 10:30 we started our walk from the platform. It’s very hot inside the tunnel but occasionally a cold wind came from the other end.

“How far is it?” I asked a nearby worker.

“Two miles.” He said.

Two miles. That’s a lot to walk. The whole tunnel is lighted by small incandescent bulbs placed on the tunnel wall. A few minutes later we began to see concrete pieces that had fallen off from the tunnel wall.

“What happened here?” Andrew asked a nearby worker.

“There was a big earthquake when the tunnel appeared.” The man said.

Then I noticed that a few people from press are following us with cameras and mic. A few men are noting down what the construction workers are saying in a note pad, they must be from newspapers. I think the media is live. A reporter is saying things about the tunnel, looking at the camera.

I usually hate staying around media. Who gave them permission to record this? This is supposed to be a secret study, right? I pushed back my thoughts and I focussed on the mission at hand. By 11 O’ clock, the cold wind increased. Then we saw the big wide cave or whatever it is. There are heaps of soil there and there where there used to be tunnel walls. And I saw the driller in one side.

This is a wide room like place and the driller machine is an isolated entity in here. Around the driller machine there is only this cave. The workers have already done a great job in electrifying this place. The whole place is clearly visible. Then we saw the tunnels. There are tunnels all over the place, coming from all directions to this wide room.

From the ceiling, narrow, pointy rocks protruded inward. The whole place is very cold and there is a constant flow of cold air in here. I actually shivered in this cold, and I almost bit the air several times.

“We will show you the north part. That’s the only part we have lighted, at least a little.” One worker said.

We nodded. The workers slowly led us to the north part and the people from the press followed us. We entered into one of the tunnel in the north part. The wall is very moist, and a green moss, or something like that is growing on the wall. Then we saw the series of glitter.

“Is that what I think it is?” Andrew asked.

“It could be.” I said. We slowly approached and we saw it clearly. Our jaw fell open at the scene. The tunnel wall is filled with sparkling diamonds. Pure diamonds having the size of my palm!


“Ultrasonic scanning indicated that this tunnel is about one mile long. We didn’t went that far, but we do think that this whole tunnel is filled with diamonds.” One worker said.

I slowly approached the tunnel wall and I touched a diamond. It’s really smooth. I switched on my flashlight and I showed the light on the diamond. Then I saw the glittering in the inner part of the diamond. It’s a pure diamond and all the diamonds in the wall looks similar.

I tried to take one diamond from the wall, but it’s pretty well attached to the tunnel wall. Then I tried another one and surprisingly, this diamond broke away from the wall. I carefully analysed the diamond. Andrew came near me and he too stared at the diamond. We are speechless. The beauty of this diamond is beyond words. And the diamond is shrouded with mysteries.

“Can I hold it for a moment?” Andrew asked.

I looked at the diamond. Why would I want to give this to him? This my diamond, right? What the hell am I thinking? I am here to study this cave, not to take anything with me. I pushed back my resistance to give the diamond to Andrew, and I gave it to him. Andrew grabbed the diamond and he just stared at it. Certainly he lost in thoughts. I smiled at him and I looked at the tunnel wall where hundreds of diamonds are present.

I slowly walked a little deep. When I thought I made a good distance from Andrew, I took a quick glance at my rear and found Andrew still in his initial position. He is still looking at the diamond with his mouth open. Something is pretty wrong with that diamond.

I walked a little more. The other professionals in lab coats are in front of me, analysing the wall and the soil. They have a cell phone like device which is showing a lot of information when they placed the device on the soil. I carefully looked at the device and found a needle on its lower part. That device is analysing the soil. I have got to get one of those device.

I passed the professionals and I found the people from press moving a little deep into the tunnel. A moment later they stepped into the darker part of the tunnel. The whole tunnel is not electrified. I followed the media since they have a pretty good light emitting thing with them. The whole place around them is pretty much visible.

Then the tunnel twisted around a boulder. I am little behind the media people and I am walking with my flashlight. Then I noticed that, from beyond the twisted part of the tunnel, a purple light is coming. I curiously followed the light. I went around the boulder and then I saw it. The end of the tunnel. The media people are looking at the end with mesmerised eyes. I too am in shock. At the end of tunnel lays a purple light emitting wall. Purple light is continuously coming out of the wall. I approached the wall and I examined it thoroughly. It looks like made up of glass. I ran my hands over the purple wall and found it very smooth.

Then I felt it. I have an urge to break this wall. I don’t know from where that urgency arose, or for what. But, I do want to break this wall. It’s glass. One hit is all it need to break it. Something is drawing me close to this wall and whatever lies beyond this wall is the thing which is calling me.

“Ahh …” Pain coursed through my index finger. I looked at my finger and found it cut by the sharp glass shard which is protruding from the borders of the purple wall. Blood steadily oozed down through my finger. I quickly drew back my finger and I put it in my mouth. Copper taste of blood filled inside my mouth. It’s very painful. I winced. I slowly backed away from the wall and I stood behind the media people.

It seems that the camera is still rolling, but, the reporter and the camera man are staring at the purple wall. What is with these people? First Andrew, now these people too. Then it happened. The reporter approached the purple wall and she started pounding on the wall with her mic.

“No …” Something inside me is telling me that this is all wrong. She doesn’t supposed to do that, right?

Then with a crackling sound cracks appeared on the wall. The wall is truly glass.

“Lady, you shouldn’t do that.” I tried. But, the lady is beyond my reach and she is so focussed on breaking this wall, like a deranged person.

Then it happened. The glass broke and a black smoke rushed out through the now formed hole in the wall.

I ducked. And the black smoke rushed through the tunnel. The sound of air flow filled the very air. From this position on the floor I saw the legs of the camera man. He must be in the middle of the smoke. The reporter is nowhere to be seen.

One way or the other, all hell do break loose. The hell is breaking loose, no doubt.


The flow of black smoke or whatever that was lasted only a few minutes. I slowly stood up and examined my surroundings. I found the camera man on the tunnel floor. I think he is unconscious. The reporter is nowhere to be seen. Then I looked at the purple wall. There is a wide hole in the middle and I could only see darkness in that hole. The black smoke might be some kind of pressurised gas.

I slowly approached the camera man. I crouched down near him and I shook him.

“Hello, are you okay, man?”

He is not moving. Then it struck me. He is not breathing.

“What the?”

I took his left arm in mine and I checked for a pulse.


There is not even a slightest indication of a pulse. His body is freezing cold. Panic and worry grew inside me.

“Ahh …” Suddenly a scream shot up through the tunnel. The scream is coming from the other end. Then I heard a shriek and a moan.

With panic, I slowly moved forward. Will Andrew be okay? Will the workers be okay? Then I heard a shuffling noise from behind me.

I froze. Someone is standing behind me. I can feel it. I slowly turned back. There stood the camera man.

“What the hell?”

He was dead. I am sure. Or did that smoke caused him to mimic death? Then the camera man shifted his gaze from the ground to my face. In the purple glow of the wall and from the flash light of the camera, I could clearly see his face. Then it happened. Without warning, the camera man screeched sharply and he rushed at me with his open mouth. I didn’t get time to turn away, and in the next moment he was on top of me. He is trying to bite me. I kept his head at bay using my hands. But he is shrieking at me and he wriggled violently.

I struggled to keep hold of his head. His saliva sprayed on my face and a horrible stench came from his mouth. I am already in panic. Then I took all my might and I balanced my foot on his stomach and I threw him into a distance using my legs, like a spring. The trick worked and he fell down near the purple wall after a short flight in the air.

I didn’t wait for him to regain his footing. I stood up and sprinted away through the tunnel, towards the other end. A moment later I heard sound of pursuing footsteps, but I didn’t looked back. I kept running at my maximum speed. A few minutes later I saw the bright light of the electric bulbs. Then I saw Andrew’s body. His chest is wide open and his head is barely attached to the neck.

Suddenly I puked. Panic and worry coursed through my body. Then I saw the camera man gaining on me. I started running again. Then multiple pursuers came from the wide tunnel room where the driller machine lies. I looked back and found the camera man and few workers running at me. All the pursuers are running to bite me. How do I know? Well, all of their mouth are open and they made a horrible sound when they moved. I ran and ran. I need to get away from this tunnel.

It must be the smoke. It gotta be. People who were exposed turned into rabid animals. One of this rabid people must be the one who have done that to Andrew. Poor Andrew.

A moment later I entered into the region where the rail had partially built. Then I began to see dead bodies. I think they are dead bodies. Most bodies are drenched in blood. Men with white coats are here among the dead bodies. They may have been attacked by the mad people when they were escaping. That also means that there might be those creatures outside the tunnel. The black smoke may have went out of the tunnel. That means, I have more to worry.

A moment later sound of pursuing footsteps lost and a series of screams came from nearby. My pursuers might have found survivors who were hiding. Before long I saw the subway platform. Blood marks are everywhere on the platform. I slowly approached the office of the construction workers. The office is empty and the door have been broken away from its hinges. Then I saw a trail of blood on the floor.

I should call 911. I may don’t have to do that. People who were watching the news channels might have seen this horror. If my count is right, there was people from three news channels, apart from the people from the newspapers, and all of them were live. I hope that the cops and whoever who should control this situation might be here soon.

I sprinted out of the subway platform. I need to get out of here before more of those things find me. I rushed outside and I found my sedan on the side of the road. Then it struck me. The city is dead silent. I took a quick glance at the nearby buildings and I found their doors broken. I rushed inside my car. I took my cell phone from the car and I quickly dialled 911.

“Hello, 911. What is your emergency?”

“Hello, I am calling from the Wyoming tunnel. There are mad people everywhere. They are killing people and there are dead bodies everywhere.”

“Calm down, sir. Tell me what happened.”

“We were studying this new tunnel system and a black smoke rushed out from one of the cave. I think the people who were exposed to this smoke have become mad. These mad people are very hungry for flesh, I think. They are everywhere. They are killing everyone. Please send help. There are no one nearby. I think everyone is dead.”

“Okay, sir. Are you near any type of vehicles?”

“I am in my car.”

“Stay away from the infected people. Try to drive to a safer place. We will be sending help soon.”


I ended the call and I started the car. I floored the accelerator and the car rushed through the desolated town.


There aren’t any vehicles on the road and all the vehicles I saw were crashed onto the nearby buildings. The windows of the vehicles are all broken and there are trails of blood on the doors. I accelerated beyond the city limits. The black smoke must have spread to everywhere. I need to get back home and I need to save Emily and Aidan from this.

I quickly took the cell phone and dialled Emily.

“This is Emily, I can’t take this call right now. Please leave a message.”

“Shit. Emily, this is me, Jerome. Are you okay, honey? If you’re inside the house, please lock all doors and don’t go out. I am coming right now. I will explain everything.”

I put away the cell phone and concentrated on the road. A few minutes later the road got blocked by a series of vehicles. There is no way through this dead traffic. Then I chose the worst choice I could think of. I took my cell phone and I exited the car. I slowly started walking through the long line of vehicles. Most vehicles are crashed one another and smoke is rising from most vehicles.

I cautiously walked through the footpath and whenever a block ends, I examined the street thoroughly before continuing the journey.

Suddenly a screech came from behind me. I turned towards the street I passed and I saw a tall mad man rushing at me. I broke into a sprint. There are glass shards everywhere on the footpath and they shattered further when I moved over them. Sound of crackling of glass shards filled the very air. Then I saw the end of the traffic. And at the end I saw a land rover with its door already open.

I rushed inside the land rover and I closed the door just in time. The mad man skittered to a stop near the land rover. Then the mad man started pummelling at the side window. It is now that I am looking at one of them clearly. This man’s eyes are dark as darkness can do at its best, and he is like a deranged hungry, thirsty, rabid dog. Then the side windows began to crack. I quickly searched inside the land rover for a key and I found it just where I wanted – in the key hole.

I turned the key and fortunately the land rover’s engine came alive with a roar. I put the land rover in drive and I floored the accelerator. Within moments I made a considerable distance from the mad man. But, the mad man followed the car.

“Ahh … Ahh … Ahh …” Suddenly loud cry came from the back seat. It’s a kid. It has to be. I looked at the rear view mirror and found the mad man still chasing me. I again accelerated, and before long I exited the town. This time when I looked at the rear view mirror I didn’t saw the mad man. I took deep sigh and I parked the land rover on the side of the road.

The cry of the kid still came, but now it was a little low. I examined the backseat and found a baby, not older than two years. He is in his own custom seat attached to the land rover’s seat belt. Then I saw something else too. In the back seat, on the floor, there is a little girl. She is sitting on the floor cuddled into a ball and I saw tears steadily oozing down through her cheeks.


I felt my head getting heavier. These kids’ parents must have lost their lives or at worse, they may have turned. Land rover’s door was open when I saw this vehicle. That means, their parents must have got outside, probably for seeing what the black smoke is.

“Hey, there. What’s your name?”

The girl looked at me with cloudy eyes which are filled with tears.

“My mom. They took her.”

“Hey. It’s okay. Come on. Sit with me.” I lifted her from the floor and I slowly placed her on the front seat. “Here’s what we do. I need to get to my home. We could … We could go together. Don’t worry about anything. Okay?”

I slowly wiped her newly arrived tears using my index finger.

“Put on your seat belt.”

She obeyed. She has no other choice but to come with me. It’s a great weight for me, but I can’t leave two young kids on the road for those rabid animals.

The baby is still crying. I need to do something about him.

“Can you hold him?” I asked her.

She nodded. I slowly took the baby from his seat and I slowly placed him on her lap. Surprisingly the boy stopped crying. I smiled at them and I started the land rover.

A moment later the land rover started rushing through the road. Home. That’s where I am going, if it’s still there, of course.


I looked at my watch. It’s 2:35 PM. I slowed the land rover a little. Far away I saw my home street. All the buildings are in extreme quietness. Nobody is on the streets and there are couple of vehicles on the side of the road. Before long I saw my house. I parked the land rover on the side of the road and I examined the surroundings. It’s really quiet and then I saw the broken front door of my house. The infected are here too. I need to find Emily and Aidan and I need to get out of here fast.

“Mia, you and baby Brent stay inside, and don’t make a sound, okay?”

Mia nodded.

“I will come back quickly, don’t move.” I exited the land rover. I closed the door and I slowly approached my house.

Please god, Emily and Aidan be okay. I entered inside through the broken doorway. There are mud everywhere inside and thankfully no blood. It is then that I noticed that the windows are all broken. Something bad took place here, that’s certain.

I wanted to call Emily and Aidan out loud, but that would reduce the advantage I have, if those things are nearby.

I passed the living room which is a mess with broken furniture. There is mud everywhere here too. I checked the kitchen, but it was empty. I slowly walked towards the bedroom. Bedroom door is closed. I slowly approached the door and tried the knob, but it is locked from inside. That means someone is inside.

“Emily, Emily?” I called in a lower voice. But, I heard no movement from inside.

“Aidan, this is me, dad.”

Then I heard sound of a furniture being moved. I patiently waited, and I didn’t forgot to examine my surroundings. A moment later the door slowly opened from inside and in the doorway stood Aidan.

“Dad …” He rushed at me and I crouched down and hugged him. “Dad, Mom …”

“What happened?”

“Mom killed a man. She … She bit him and she ate him … Then she tried to kill me too, dad.”

What the? So Emily is one of the deranged persons. A drop of tear oozed down from my eyes. Right now I can do nothing for Emily.

“What happened to mom, dad?”

“Where did you saw mom, when the last time you saw?”

“She was at back porch. She was yelling something at our neighbour. When I went to the porch, I saw her eating our neighbour.”

“Okay. Stay with me.” I slowly approached the back door. Aidan closely followed me. Before long, I opened the back door and stepped inside the porch. Then I saw movement near our neighbour’s house. I carefully examined and saw someone walking through the back side of the nearby house. Then all of a sudden he looked at my direction. Then I saw it. His face is filled with blood and he stared at us with dark eyes.

“Run.” I said and we ran inside the house. Then we quickly ran towards the Land Rover parked outside. Sound of pursuing footsteps closely followed us.



A large city. Mega story buildings are everywhere. The glass windows of the buildings reflected the noon sun light with an extraordinary glory. Suddenly all of a sudden the ground began to shake and the mega story buildings vibrated. Quickly scream of people filled the very air. The ground continued to shake and the vehicles parked on the parking lot swayed sideways. A moment later, large cracks appeared on the dark roads.

Vehicles on the road crashed one another and smoke rose from most crashed vehicles. The cracks on the road continued to get widen, and the earthquake is still not ready to stop its play. Not far from the centre of the town, in a town square, a TV reporter and her camera man are recording everything. The ground near the town square shook violently. Suddenly the camera man dropped his camera and looked at a place beyond the reporter.

“What the heck is wrong with you? Why did you dropped the camera?” The reporter asked.

“Charlotte, look.” The camera man said. Something is really spooking the camera man. Then Charlotte, the reporter looked at where the camera man is looking.

Then she too saw it. On the road near them, a wide crack have formed and this crack is gigantic. All the nearby vehicles fell into the wide crack. The sound of car alarm lingered in the air, but those alarm sound is nothing compared to the sound of destruction the earthquake is leaving in the city.

Glass windows broke and a rain of glass shards dropped from the nearby mega story buildings. Suddenly with a violent quake, the earthquake stopped. Quickly silence filled the very air. There is not even people’s sounds. Everything is extremely quiet. Then the quietness ended by a sound of sudden flow of air. Charlotte and the camera man looked around them in horror. There are of course a lot of people nearby Charlotte, but nobody is making any sound. Everyone is in fact listening to the sound of the flow of air or whatever it is.


Suddenly a loud noise came from the nearby crack on the road and that loud sound immediately got followed by a rain of soil. In fact the raining soil was thrown up from crack when that loud sound came. Suddenly through the crack a black smoke rushed outside like a jet of water. At the instant the black smoke reached near the people in the town square, it split into tiny jets and the smoke rushed inside the people’s body through their nose and mouth.

Charlotte and the camera man ducked and they witnessed the horror happening around them. Most people, on who the smoke is entering, wriggled violently as the smoke rushed inside their bodies.

Tears of fear uncontrollably oozed down from Charlotte’s eyes. She looked at the camera man who is lying on the ground with his eyes closed. The swoosh sound of smoke is everywhere. In fact no other sound can be heard.

The flow of smoke lasted barely five minutes, but to Charlotte, it was an eternity. At the moment the smoke died out, all the people, inside whom the smoke entered, all at once dropped to the ground. Charlotte and the camera man stood up and they examined the limp bodies of people all around them.

Charlotte is too shocked to do anything. She just stood there and stared at the bodies, like her mind is blank. In fact she don’t know what to do.

Suddenly a fallen women slowly stood up and she looked at Charlotte. Charlotte looked at the women and she saw the extra dark eyes of the women. The women’s eyes are in fact completely dark, as night. Then with a sharp moan the women rushed at Charlotte. Before Charlotte could make out what’s happening, the women jumped on top of Charlotte and she sunk her teeth on Charlotte’s neck.

“Ahh …” Charlotte’s scream ended quickly. The camera man stood there watching Charlotte and the woman with horror, without knowing what to do. Blood steadily oozed down from Charlotte’s neck. Then all of a sudden all the fallen people slowly stood up and they looked at the camera man and Charlotte with their extra dark eyes. Before the camera man could run, most of the people rushed at him. Some of the people rushed at Charlotte’s body.

“Ahh …” The camera man made a short yelp, and that’s it. Sound of a hurried eating lingered in the air, followed by a series of moans.


I was playing on my smart phone when all of a sudden ground began to shake. An earthquake. I rushed towards the front door. Sound of plates clashing with the floor came from the kitchen. Books from the shelf fell down and furniture began to shake uncontrollably. I looked outside and saw people outside. Everyone must be discussing about the quake. All people seemed to be in worry. The quake continued.

I rushed outside and saw Kevin and Tom near the street.

“Gavin.” Kevin called me when he saw me.

“Kevin, what’s happening, man?” I asked.

“Can’t you guess? It’s the fucking earthquake, man.”

I looked around me. Trees on my house yard swayed slowly and cars on the side of the street shook violently.

“Look, man.” Tom said.

I looked and saw wide cracks forming on the ground. Suddenly the telephone in my house began to ring.

“It must be my dad. I need to get it. See you, man.” I said.

“We will be right outside. Come when you’re done, okay? And remember that, staying inside house during earthquake is dangerous.” Kevin said.

“Okay, man. I will be careful.” I ran towards my house. Then the earthquake slowly faded away.

I rushed inside and closed the door. Then I quickly took the phone receiver.

“Hello.” I said.

“Gavin, this is dad.”

“Hai, dad. When are you coming back? Is the meeting over? There was a violent earthquake here, just a moment ago.”

“Gavin, listen to me, carefully. We are coming to get you. And meanwhile, you have to stay inside the house and don’t go out. Don’t you dare go out. Do you hear me?”

“Yeah, I hear you, what is it, dad?”

“I can’t tell you that right now. Just don’t go outside, no matter what happens. We will be there soon. Be safe, okay?”


The call ended. That was creepy. What’s wrong with going outside?

“Ahh …” Suddenly a scream cut through the air. I quickly went near the window and peered outside. Then I saw it. My stomach began to churn with the sight of it. People are running everywhere and some people are on top of others, and these people are … Eating others … I closed my eyes and I opened them again. Then I saw Kevin on top of Tom. What the? Kevin is biting Tom in his neck. What is happening god? Suddenly a man walked through our porch. He is just outside, and blood steadily oozed down from his head.

I quickly covered the window with curtain. I made sure the door is dead bolted. God, is this the zombie apocalypse I have been waiting for?


It’s true that I wanted a zombie apocalypse. I had spent hours of time researching about Zombies and reading zombie novels. But, now, I don’t want this. God, are you testing me? I am sorry that I wished for a zombie apocalypse. Please take it away from me.

It’s been hours since I sat on the floor with my back on the front door. Tom is dead and Kevin is a zombie. May be now Tom also had changed to a zombie. Anyway I don’t want to research on that. Even though I wished for an apocalypse, I actually don’t know what to do. I have to wait for dad and mom, of course. Will they reach safely here? They certainly know more about this, otherwise he would never have warned me.

Then I noticed that it’s been too long since I heard the moans from outside. Did they all left my house’s perimeter? I slowly stood up and went near the window. I slowly pushed away the curtain a little and I peered outside. Outside is really quiet and I saw nothing peculiar. Then my eyes caught something on the street. I carefully looked and found a large crack just outside my house, on the street. And some of the vehicles partly fell into the crack. I can see the hood of some vehicles.

This zombie disease has something to do with the earthquake. Something unusual happened at the moment I entered inside my house, when dad’s call came. If dad haven’t called, I would have most definitely ended up dead or at worse turned into a zombie.

Are they really zombie? No doubt, they eat flesh. I spent some more time standing in front of that window.

A few minutes passed. Suddenly sound of some metal clashing with another metal came from the back of the house. Are they still here? I rushed towards the back side of the house. From the kitchen I peered outside through the window. The sound is coming from our neighbour’s house. There is two windows, each on both sides of the back door. I shifted from left window to right window. Then I saw it. There is someone trapped inside a car in the neighbour’s porch. And one of the infected or zombie is … Appeared to be striking at the car door with a metal rod. What the? They know how to use tools? Whoever inside the car is screaming something, but his words barely reached here through the closed doors.

His fate is with him and with god. I covered the window with curtain and I slowly backed away from the kitchen. I don’t want to witness one more killing. Suddenly knocks came from the front door.


I rushed towards the front door.

“Ahh …” At the time I reached the front door what I heard was the scream of my dad and mom. I hesitated. Should I open the door?

“Ahh …” Mom screamed.

I slowly went near the window and peered outside, and I saw the horror. Two infected are dragging mom and dad through the yard to the street. I watched everything like a kid who don’t know what to do. Anyway, what can I do? At the moment I step outside, they will kill me. I covered the window with curtain and I sat down on the floor with my back on the wall. Then I did the most childish thing. I cried. I cried uncontrollably. Tears oozed down through my cheek to the sleeves of my shirt. I buried my head in my lap and I continue to cry. God, is this how you test me?

Mom and dad are dead, no doubt. Where is the government? Where is the clean-up crew? Where is the quarantine shelter?

This is the apocalypse, certainly. I hate to know that world is ending like someone’s imagination, like a zombie novel. I am alone in this fucking world. There is no one left in this world who I know. God, I am alone.


Sun began to set in the horizon and my stomach began to growl. I stood up and peered outside through the window. Fortunately no one is outside.

Shit. I could have called 911. Well if it’s some virus got outside from any research facilities, 911 will have the answer, provided they are still there. I quickly ran towards the telephone. I took the receiver and dialled 911. Unfortunately the call didn’t went through. Telephone lines may be down after that earthquake. I quickly ran towards my bedroom. I found my smart phone on the bed. I took the phone in my hand and I dialled 911 again. This time it went through. But, no one is picking up the phone from the other side.

I spent several minutes dialling again and again, but none got picked up. I dropped the phone on the bed and I lie down, and I cried. What should I do? My stomach began to growl loudly. I haven’t eaten anything since morning. I slowly stood up and strolled towards the kitchen. From the refrigerator I took a bottle of orange juice and I drank it completely.

“Mom … Mom …” Suddenly sound of someone calling someone else came from outside. I quickly walked towards the front window and I peered outside. Surprisingly, I saw a young girl holding a teddy bear walking through the side walk. She is calling her mom out loud. The infected probably have heard her. I can’t leave her like this. I took the risk and I slowly opened the door.

“Hey, kid. Over here.” I called.

She saw me and she stared at me.

“I am looking for my mom. Did you saw her?”

Oh shit. She don’t know anything about this. I have to help her.

“Come here, quickly. I will show you your mom.” I called.

The girl’s mouth widened. She wiped away her tears and she ran towards me. As soon as she is inside I closed the door. Then I hurriedly examined outside through the window. Then I saw two oddly looking zombies or whatever they are walking through the side walk. They must have come hearing this girl’s cry.

“Hey, where is my mom, and what are you looking at?”

I covered the window with the curtain and I looked at her. Now comes the hard job.

“Were you sleeping?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Her blue eyes are cloudy with tears. What should I tell her? I know nothing about children and she looks like a baby doll. Her mother probably had turned. “Where is my mom?”

“Well, technically, I saw your mom earlier today. And … And …”


“And, she said she will be back tomorrow. She told me to look after you.”

“She told you, to baby sit me? She could have told this to that old lady?”

“Well, people in this entire city went for something. Government guys called everyone. I was sick and they told me to stay here. They also told me … If you come looking for your mom, I have to look after you for some time.”

“That’s nice of you. Can I play here?”

“Well, the problem is, you can’t make noise. If you want to talk, just whisper.”

“Oh, that’s a little rude … Okay.” She smiled at me.

Thank god. The difficult part is over. But, she need to know the truth, one day, of course, not today.


Pop! Pop! Pop!

I woke up hearing the sound of a gun fire. I quickly stood up.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

The gunfire continued, and now I could hear moans and growls. I went to my parent’s bedroom where Lizzy is sleeping. When I reached there, what I saw was empty bed.

“Where did she went to?”

I quickly walked towards the front door, and fortunately she was in the living room. She is looking outside through the window.

“Who is outside?” I asked.


What? I quickly went near the window and I peered outside. Excitement jolted through me. Soldiers are fighting against the monster horde.

“Why are they killing people?” Lizzy asked.

“Because, those are not people.” I said.

“It’s morning. When will my mom come?”

“Soon.” I looked at the soldiers.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

“Ahh …” Suddenly a soldiers screamed. Then I saw it. From the top of a nearby building, infected are jumping from the top levels at the soldiers. There could be at least a hundred infected on the building alone. Then a military truck came out of nowhere and it punched through the soldiers.

“What the?” The truck driver is killing the soldiers. Soldiers are now concentrating on the truck. There was a long line of soldiers on the street, now nothing but a bunch of people who are running for their lives. Who is this truck driver? Why is he killing soldiers?

Then I got all the answers. The truck stopped and an infected man with bloody face got outside. What peculiar about this infected driver is that, he gave commands to the other infected by motioning his hands. He is an infected who has brain power, unlike others. This is getting better and better. What chance do we have against these things? Surviving soldiers are running in different directions. Then I saw two soldiers running towards my house. The infected haven’t set their eyes on them, yet. I quickly opened the door a little and waved at the approaching soldiers. Lizzy is watching everything without knowing what the hell is happening around. Her mind is supposedly a mature one. Normally kids will cry when they saw killing in front of them, right? She is totally different.

The two soldiers rushed inside my house and I closed the door and I dead bolted it. The soldiers are panting heavily and they are so focused on breathing air. Then one soldier stood up and he came near the window and he peeked outside.

“What happened? What is happening here? Is this a terrorist attack? Is this some virus got outside from a research facility?” I asked.

“No, kid, this is none of that. They are demons came from hell.” The soldier near the window said.

“What?” I broke into a laugh. “Are you being serious?”

“Do I look like I am joking?” The soldier looks very serious about this.

“How do you know?” I asked. Lizzy went to kitchen and she came with a bottle of juice and she gave it to the second soldier.

The soldier near me without answering my question went near the other soldier for drinking. Both the soldiers quickly emptied that bottle. Now I am feeling a little courageous. These soldiers have guns with them, even though those monsters have a leader who can think.

“What are your names?” The tallest soldier asked.

“I am Lizzy.”

“I am Gavin.” I said.

“I am Cooper and this is Martin.” The tallest soldier said.

“What are those things?” I asked.

“As I said before, they are demons, if you believe it or not. Anyway, I don’t care that you believe this or not.” Cooper said. “They came from a tunnel deep underground. They are infecting everyone. And like in the movies, their eyes are fully dark, and surprisingly, some of them can talk and think like us. So, in most of our opinion, they are demons. And I believe that, because, only demon could do things like this.”

I digested the information hardly.

“Mister, when will my mom come back? Gavin said government people called her for something.” Lizzy asked.

Cooper looked at me. I tilted down my head.

“She is probably on an important mission. You don’t have to worry about it.” Cooper said.

Lizzy nodded, but she looked at Cooper with questioning eye.

Cooper and Martin quickly began to examine outside through the windows.

Now, together, we may have a chance here even if it is the fucking demons.


Later that day we saw a few infected soldiers on the streets. They just sniffed the air and moved away from my house’s perimeter. In the night a whole pack of infected was on the street. I think they are active during the night. As we are already in panic, we didn’t tried to switch on the light. As morning broke in the horizon, all the infected disappeared to somewhere.

I slowly walked towards the kitchen. My stomach frequently growled. As I reached the kitchen I found the refrigerator empty. Cooper and Martin are very good at eating.

I held back my hunger and I walked towards the living room. I found Cooper and Martin by the window. Lizzy is playing with her teddy bear by the couch.

“Cooper, we need to go for a supply run.” I said.

He looked at me. “Is your refrigerator empty?” Cooper asked.

“You know that.”

“Okay. I see none of those things outside. That supermarket at the end of this street must be enough, right?”

“Yeah.” I said.

Martin then worriedly looked at Cooper. I think he is afraid about going out.

“It is okay, Martin. We have guns.” Cooper patted Martin’s shoulder.

I looked at our nervous soldiers. Anyway I can’t hold back my hunger for too long. We quickly took a bag and we exited the house. We told Lizzy to stay inside the house. We also instructed her to not to open the door until we come back. She courageously nodded at us.

In a moderate pace we walked through the street looking for the super market at the end of the block. We saw the gigantic crack on the road. I saw some vehicles in the newly formed deep trench. We passed many crashed vehicles and finally we set our eyes on the supermarket. The surrounding is extremely quiet. We quickly ran rest of the way and we rushed inside through the rotating glass door. Suddenly an alarm beeped for a short time indicating that we got inside through the doorway. Even though the alarm was short, relative to this quiet atmosphere, it was very loud. Any nearby infected must have heard it.

We quickly began our job of filling the back pack with food materials, such as canned goods and chips. Martin and Cooper found a carry bag and they filled it with bottles of water and other canned goods. When we finished everything, we slowly walked towards the front door. Suddenly we froze. An infected is just outside the glass door, and he already set his eyes on us. The he took a deep moan and he rushed at us thinking that nothing is stopping him. Fortunately this one is one of the dump infected. He collided with the side glass wall, and he started pounding on the glass wall with his head.

“Quick, the back door.” I said.

We quickly ran towards the back door and we found it just at the end of aisle. We quickly rushed outside. Suddenly two infected came from the back of the supermarket.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Without further thought Cooper opened fire and the infected went down. We ran through the road. And I saw the infected who smashed on the glass wall earlier. He ran towards the back of the supermarket where Cooper had fired a few shots. As we neared my house, we saw a group of infected running towards the supermarket, probably on hearing the gunshot. We quickly hid behind a building, and when all of the infected moved away, we ran towards my house. As soon as we were on the doorsteps, Lizzy opened the door for us. We rushed inside and then, all of us took a deep breath.

“Oh, man, that was close.” Cooper said.


A week is gone. We never left the house since our last super market visit. Cooper and Martin are of course courageous, but, when discussing about going out, their courage slowly drains away. I can’t blame them. There are lot of infected outside and their moan is very horror inducing. They are mostly active in the night time, and usually we see only a few infected in the day time.

These infected are definitely very advanced beings. They walk and hunt in groups, in a coordinated manner. And one thing I noticed about them is, when they get hungry, or so I think, they kill each other and eat the flesh of their comrades. Cooper still believes that they are demons. And I guess that too. I have watched the movie paranormal activity a dozen times and like in the movie, these things’ eyes are very dark. Of course you can’t judge things in terms of a movie, but, their coordinated behaviour is very horror inducing to us.

Then, it is today that I am noticing the dust accumulated in the living room. Once my whole family went to a trip to Hawaii, and when we came back to house, we hardly saw any accumulation of dust. But, now, even though we are inside the house, the dust accumulated uncontrollably. And one thing pretty horrific is that, the trees around my house are withering. The garden was the first to wither and dry, but we hardly gave attention to that. Now we can’t discard the fact that plants are dying around us. This has something to do with this plague, certainly.

The next thing is birds. We usually see a pack of birds in the mornings, but now, birds hardly visit here. And by our neighbour’s house we saw a whole bunch of dead birds. Yeah, we visit our neighbours’ houses when sun is highest in the sky, although, we don’t venture far away from my house. In one of the house we found a whole cartoon of soft drinks. But, our supply of food is running out, and soon we need to go for a supply run again. In the noon time, I was standing in the living room, watching the outside view, when all of a sudden a sand storm hit our house. It lasted about an hour, after which a few inches of sand got deposited on our doorsteps.

Something definitely is going on. And something inside me is telling me that this is the end of everything. And that something is also telling me that staying inside this house is not a good idea. Whatever this is, the real end is not here yet. This is only a harbinger of what is left to come. And whatever is coming at us, it can’t be anything good for mankind.

During the first days we saw a few military fighter jets, but that also disappeared as the days passed by. Everything is dead around us.

Certainly, I am not ready to give up. And neither does Martin and Cooper. Lizzy is still waiting for her mom. Can I tell her that everything have begun to end? Can I tell her the truth? She is giving hope for all of us, but, hope is dwindling in us as the days pass by.



A misty morning. A city shrouded in dust. Through the mist came silhouette of a few infected. The infected swayed when they walked. All the infected wore torn cloths, and whatever cloths they wore, that’s all are filled with dried blood and dust. Even though they swayed when they walked, they are actually moving in a moderate pace.

A few minutes later the infected reached inside the city, and they continued to move forward. If someone sees this infected right now, that person definitely think that these infected are going for a particular mission. These infected are that much concentrated on moving. Why they are moving is a mystery only god knows.

There aren’t any normal human beings inside the city, and even if there is someone inside this city, that person must be hiding in a deep underground bunker. Streets are filled with dust and dry leaves. In fact there aren’t any leaves on the nearby trees. Like a naked man, the trees stood here and there, probably waiting for the inevitable death. It hasn’t been too long since this land got in the hands of this plague. And the plant lives are already dying, even though they are not infected by this plague.

Suddenly the quietness got cut by a sharp howl of a dog or wolf. The infected on the road quickly became alerted. They stopped moving and they examined their surroundings, like a dog sniffing for any food. Then came a small dog from behind a nearby building. And the infected already set their eyes on this poor dog. But, the dog is already targeted by a group of infected dogs! Yeah, there are infected dogs too. With cold dark eyes, the infected dogs chased the poor dog. The infected dogs are growling on the way. Then all of a sudden the human infected also joined the chase. The infected humans are running with inhuman speed. But, the poor dog is also fast. The infected dogs are very fast.

A dust wind blew through the streets. And the sound of dogs filled the very atmosphere. Then the poor dog saw its way out. Not far from the current street in which the infected are now in, a small hole is in the wall of a building. The small poor dog perfectly fits in the small hole, and the poor dog rushed through the hole. Unfortunate for the infected, they can’t go inside the hole. The infected made sharp moans and growls. The poor dog took a few deep breaths and it examined it’s surrounding. Light is seeping inside this small room from the air holes on the top of the room wall. And then the dog saw a pile of soil in a corner. The dog slowly walked towards the pile of soil and it saw a hole on the floor. Someone dug this inside this building.

The dog took the risk and it jumped into the hole. It landed on the ground and it slowly moved forward through the small muddy tunnel. The small tunnel directly leads to a sewer and from the sewer, the dog saw a small young girl and a tall man. The tall man is busy boring a tunnel on the sewer wall. The girl is playing but, she saw the dog.

“Daddy, look. Can I keep him?” The little girl asked the father with joy. The dog whipped its tail with joy. Finally a home.


A wide room. In the centre of the room, around a table sits ten men in black suits.

“President, we can’t say how long we would be safe here. According to our Intel, this is global.” A middle aged man with spectacles said.

President looked at the images in his tablet computer. All the images are of the infected. The infected’s black eyes are zoomed in on a few images.

Suddenly a soldier in his camouflage uniform came to the room.

“President, we got one of them. Doctor is preparing for the dissection. You may want to see this.” The soldier informed.

President stood up. “Then, lead the way.”

All other men in black suit stood up. President followed the soldier and others accompanied the president. They all entered into a corridor and the soldier led them to the end of the corridor. Before long, they reached near a door, and the soldier opened the door for others. They quickly got inside and now a new corridor lays in front of them. Soldier led them a little deep into the corridor, and he stopped in front of a glass wall. President and others stared at the room beyond the glass wall.

In the room an infected is restrained to a table and a few men in lab coats are preparing for something. A tall man in lab coat saw the president.

“President, we are going to examine this infected.” The man in lab coat said.

“Proceed.” President said.

The man in lab coat quickly went near the infected. He took a surgical blade and then he wore the face mask. The infected is making short moans and he is wriggling violently. The man in lab coat held the infected’s head in his arms and he analysed the infected’s face.

“As seen before, this thing’s eyes are all dark. I am going to test his blood.” The man in lab coat looked at president.

“Proceed, doctor.” President said.

Doctor shook his head. He then drew a small line in the infected’s right arm with the surgical blade. Suddenly a black fluid poured outside.

“Looks like the blood is black in color.” Doctor said. Other men in lab coats stared at the infected with shock and horror.

Suddenly the infected began to utter a series of unknown language.

“Looks like it can speak, in another language.” Doctor said with shock.

“What the hell are you?” President muttered.


President and the officials sat around the table.

“So, anybody have any idea about what we are dealing with here?” President asked.

“It could be a terrorist attack.” One of the men said.

“But, we know, there are no terrorist with this kind of power.” President said. “Our Intel suggests that this originated from somewhere in Wyoming, through a naturally occurring tunnel. Did anybody have anything about that?”

“Mister President, we do think that this is done by a terrorist group right under our nose. They may have been hiding inside those tunnels.”

“Do anybody have any other suggestions, like a plague virus escaped from a research facility?” President asked.

Then a female official stood up and she went near president. She has a tablet computer with her and she showed an image on the tablet to president. “Sir, this came from Chicago. After whatever this is, escaped from Wyoming tunnel, there was a series of earthquakes. Look at this.” The image showed a big deep trench like crack on the road. “This happened after the earthquakes, and immediately after that, a black smoke escaped from that crack, infecting our people with this plague.” She showed a new image to president. Now this image shows a stream of black smoke like thing escaping from the crack.

“What are you suggesting?”

“No terrorist have world-wide power. So, I think, this is something else.” The female official said.

“What something?”

“It’s just figment of my imagination.”

“Shoot it.”

“I think, this is a demonic work.”

Suddenly president and others broke into a laugh. “Demons? For god’s sake, we studied politics to get here. We know religions are a crap. We don’t believe in these things.”

“But, you may want to change your beliefs, mister president. Do you remember that the infected in that room spoke?”

“We think it spoke. It may be producing a distinct sound that we haven’t heard before.”

“No, sir. That’s not any distinct sound. According to my religious knowledge, that’s an ancient language. I have heard it before. But, I am afraid, I can’t translate it.”

President and officials looked at the woman with shock and fear.

“We have to think about religious ways fast, before this thing get out of our control.” The woman said.

“This is out of our control.” A tall man stood up showing a live video in his tablet computer. The video shows an army of infected marching through a street with an infected shooting commands at the followers by motioning its hand. And suddenly the group split up and they moved in four different directions. There could be at least thousand in one group. “This a satellite video from Boston.”

“Okay, everyone, this might be demons. Now go back to work. We need to find a way to save our people.” President said.

Suddenly everyone stood up and they immediately left the room.

President stared at the image of the army of infected in Boston. “What the hell are you planning, bitches?”


Pop! Pop! Pop!

A sudden gunfire reverberated through the facility. President and his assistant quickly shifted their gaze at the exit door with panic. A moment later, a female soldier ran inside the room and she closed the door. She also dead bolted the door. The woman took deep breaths. Tears of fear are uncontrollably oozing down through her eyes.

“What is it?” President asked.

“The infected … The infected … It bit our doctor. It somehow gotten loose from the table … Then … Then many came.” The woman said between hiccups.

“Many came?” President asked with complete fear.

“The infected we captured … It screamed and many of those things got inside through the front door. They are everywhere. Sir, I don’t want to die.”

“Nobody is dying here. Is there any way out from here. If somehow we could get to the helipad, we could fly away.” President said mustering courage.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

More gunshots came from the nearby corridor.

“There is a way out from here through the rest room window.” The woman said as if it is revealed to her from the heavens.

“Okay. Then, let’s get out of here.” President rushed towards the door which lead to the rest room. The female soldier and the assistant followed him.


President, the soldier and president’s assistant broke the window of the rest room and somehow they hauled themselves outside. As soon as the three of them entered into a corridor nearby the restroom, the female soldier ran in the left direction. President and his assistant followed her.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Gun shots came from their rear. The three of them increased their speed. Suddenly the female soldier came to a halt near the end of the corridor. She quickly began to type in a password for the door on a nearby computer system. A moment later, with a loud thud, the door budged. The three of them entered inside and president closed the door behind him. Then they saw a staircase in front of them. The three of them quickly began to ascend the stairs.

After several minutes, the long staircase ended in front of a door. The female soldier opened the door and they saw the sky. They rushed outside and president closed the door behind him.

Now they are on top of the facility, and around them they could see buildings. Then they spotted a helicopter resting nearby.

Suddenly a screech came from below. The three of them went near the edges and saw a sea of infected rushing inside the facility. Then they saw several nearby buildings on fire. Far away, a wild fire is ravaging a dry forest. President turned towards the helicopter.

“Where would we go?” The female soldier asked.

“We could go to USS Mariner. She is near the coast. Entire navy will be there.” President said.

“But, we need a pilot.” The soldier said.

“Don’t worry. I can fly a helicopter.” President said.

The three of them quickly got inside the helicopter.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Gunshots came from nearby. President switched on the rotor, and a moment later the helicopter rose from the platform. Then the helicopter began to rush through the open sky.


The helicopter rushed through the sky. There aren’t much buildings on the ground, and before long they passed the blazing forest. The female soldier looked outside through the side door and saw the whole forest burning away.

“How long will it take to reach there?” The woman asked.

“May be a couple of minutes.” President yelled.

The three of them are wearing head sets, but, it’s very loud inside this small helicopter. Before long they entered inside a city. Below fire began to consume most buildings and a sea of infected or normal people are walking through the street. Those might be infected but, from this height they couldn’t be sure about that.

Far away President and team could see a wide open ocean. Suddenly the radar in front of the president began to beep.

“What is it?” The female soldier asked.

“Something is coming at us at an incredible speed.” President said.


The female soldier and president’s assistant peeked outside through the rear window. The radar continues to beep indicating that something is directly coming at this small helicopter.

Panic surged through the three of them. What will it be? Perhaps an unknown missile. Or perhaps a rogue fighter jet.

“Did you see anything?” President yelled.

“No, I don’t see anything. May be the radar is faulty.” The female soldier said.

“No, this is something else.” President muttered.

Then the female soldier and president’s assistant saw it.

“Is that a bird?” The female soldier asked.

“What? A bird?” President asked confused.

Then they saw it clearly. A man with large wide wings is coming at this small helicopter.

“What the?” Female soldier asked with shock.

Suddenly the man with wings took a metal rod attached to his back, and he began to beat at the back rotor using the metal rod.

“Ahh …” Female soldier screamed.

“What is happening?” President asked. He still haven’t seen the man with wings.

Suddenly the helicopter began to shake. The man with wings pounded on the back rotor with the metal rod for a final time and, the back rotor broke away from the tail. Suddenly the helicopter lost balance and it began to descend quickly. President worked on the gears in vain.

“Ahh … Ahh … Ahh …” The three of them screamed and the helicopter crash landed.


With a bang the helicopter exploded into pieces.



An intense winter. Snow fall hasn’t stopped for several days, and the roads and vehicles are mostly covered in snow. There are buildings all over the place, and a quietness filled the very atmosphere. From near a tall brick building came a woman in tight clothing. A hood is on her head and she have wrapped her arms across her chest.

The brick building is one of the few tallest building in this place. The colour of bricks of the building have become a little grey, most probably because of the intense snow fall.

There are vehicles on both sides of the road, and when she walked, her feet plunged in snow. The snow is in fact very loose and it’s a fortune that she could walk in this loose snow without much delay.

She walked in a moderate pace and she is looking everywhere. She is pretty much alerted, and she stopped in front of a big mall. The title board showed the name of the mall – ‘Hoffmann’s Advanced Mall’. She then looked around her and then she slowly walked towards the front door of the mall. She slowly opened the door and she quickly got inside. Due to the long snow fall, the visibility through the glass walls is very low. And there isn’t much light coming from the windows. In the semi darkness, she slowly navigated through the mall. Before long she found a stair case to the upper levels. She took the stair case. She quickly reached the second level and she walked towards a section where canned foods are placed. As soon as she reached there, she took a plastic carry bag from under a table and she quickly filled the bag with canned goods. She is barely checking what’s inside the cans. She is so focussed on getting food, whatever it is.

She was about to leave when a man hurriedly got inside the mall. She clearly saw the man from the second level. Then suddenly something began to thrash at the glass walls and cracks began to form on the wall.

“Oh, god, please.” The man began to cry. He is not in much clothing and he shivered. He actually don’t know what to do. The woman wanted to help him, but she is also in shock.

Suddenly the glass wall broke and through the now formed hole, an infected dog rushed inside. The man ran towards the nearest aisle, but the dog jumped on top of him. Then three more dogs came inside. Each dog bit the man in several places.

“Ahh …” The man screamed out loud. The woman closed her mouth with her hand and she stopped breathing. She is in complete shock and fear. A moment later the man screamed for a final time before one of the dog bit him in the head. She quickly got inside the nearest room and she dead bolted the door. Then she silently cried.

A moment later something, most probably an infected dog, sniffed the air from just outside the room in which the woman is in.


I moved the curtains and peered outside. The snow fall haven’t stopped, and roads and most vehicles are plunged in snow. Mia, Brent and Aidan are still asleep. It hasn’t been too long since the sun rose in the horizon. I slowly covered the window with curtain. I slowly moved towards the kitchen. As soon as I reached there, I ignited the stove. I quickly placed a pot full of water on top of the stove and I rubbed my hands together.

Even though I am wearing three tee shirts, it’s freezing cold here. It’s been two months since I have seen another living soul, apart from my kids, of course. Mia and Brent are happy to be with me and I am extra happy that I have company in this new world. Mia always talks about all the things she know.

“Is the coffee ready?” Mia appeared from the bedroom.

I only just thought about her, and there she is. My mother always says that if a person appear all of a sudden when we are thinking about that person, that person more likely live more than hundred years. I hope she would live like that. Although I doubt it. I would most definitely die here soon. Last day I barely escaped from a monster, or demon or whatever it is. I have red numerous zombie novels and one thing I found out about zombie novels is that, the characters will most likely call the zombies with some custom name. Even though it’s been too long since the world began to end, I actually didn’t get a good name for these things.

Are they actually zombies? I doubt they are zombies. They are more like demons from the movie paranormal activity. Their dark eyes are all you need to get a good nightmare. And these days I often see nightmares. They must be coming from another dimension. That’s certain because, when that smoke thing escaped from that purple coloured glass wall, there was a hole in that wall. An endless hole. If my assumptions are right, that portal must be the doorway to hell. It’s all just a theory, but this theory will be most likely true.

Last month I saw a monster who can talk. It talked like any normal human would do and it gave commands to other dump creatures to attack a nearby town. I was in a nearby building that day and I almost heard what it said. According to that creature, there are many survivors. But, everyone is struggling to survive. These things are only the beginning. They are actually preparing this world for something else entirely. That something else must be the complete end of this world.

Actually this world is almost dead. Getting water here will be a tough call. Now I have plenty of water here, but soon that supply would end. Trees are dying and I haven’t seen a single bird after this thing began to happen.

“Coffee will be ready in a few minutes.” I said.

“Good. I am going to give Brent some milk from our supply, if you don’t mind.”

“Go ahead. He needs to be healthy. Although ration it well. We might need a good supply to ride out this winter.”


She walked away. What will Aidan be doing right now. He might be having a damn good nightmare. It’s a fortune that none of my kids and me won’t scream after seeing a nightmare. Those demon things are all around us, waiting for any sound. A small sound is all they need to become active. They will tear apart our flesh if they have to. I have seen their eating several times and it was totally horrific. Nobody wishes such a death.

I rarely think about my wife these days. Her soul might be in heaven, staring at us. But, her body is now belongs to these creatures. I haven’t seen her since that day when all this things began to happen. When I think about her, her image of going to that church in that Sunday would come to my mind.

The water began to boil. I sprinkled some coffee powder into the water. And then I put some sugar in it and I stirred the coffee using a spoon. We don’t use milk in coffee anymore, because baby Brent would need the milk. We found some milk powder. But we won’t take that until we have no other choice.

Our supply of canned goods are extremely good. But, we need to go for a supply run tomorrow, for some cloths. I hope that, that Hoffmann’s Mall would have everything we need.


I slowly opened my eyes. Aidan is still asleep. I stood up and walked towards the living room. In the living room I found Mia playing with baby Brent.

“You’re awake?” Mia asked.

“Isn’t that obvious? What time is it?”

“Seven AM.”

“Shit. I need to go for a supply run.”

“Can I come with you?”

“No. We have talked about this before.” I slowly walked towards the kitchen.

I found coffee on top of the table. So, Mia was very busy. I poured coffee into a glass and I quickly sipped. Then I took a knife and I safely placed it in my waist band.

“You know, I could help you.” Mia said.

“No, Mia. You stay here with Aidan and Brent. Remember, don’t make any sound.” I patted Mia on her cheek. “One day I will take you with me, but not today.”

I slowly walked towards the front window. I removed the curtains and analysed outside. The snow fall had stopped and the blue sky is clearly visible. That means, winter is almost over. Fortunately I saw no demon creatures. Then I looked at Mia.

“Mia, I will come back soon. In case I didn’t come back, you know what to do?”

“Yeah. I will pray for your safe return.”

I smiled. I stopped praying several days ago. Why pray when you know that god isn’t helping you? I slowly opened and I analysed the road and nearby building for a final time. Then I stepped outside. Mia quickly closed the door. She then stared at me through the window. I motioned at her to cover the window and she obeyed. I took a deep breath. Then I started my walk. It’s very cold. I wrapped my hands across my chest. The snow is considerably slowing me down, but I managed to keep up a moderate pace. There are no signs of any human life here. Most people must have turned. Remaining survivors must have retreated to some underground bunker. I hope I would find a normal human being. I need to find someone. How long can I stay alive alone?

Of course, my kids are keeping me company, but I need someone to talk about this real world things. I passed two blocks and still no sign of any life. Suddenly a cold wind whipping up snow, blew towards me. I shivered in the wind, but, I continued my walk. Then on the next block I saw the mall. Hoffmann’s Advanced Mall. I slowly approached the mall and saw the broken front door. This door wasn’t broken last week. So it happened this week. The glass shards are all over the fallen snow. There are cracks all over the glass wall. I slowly got inside the mall through the broken doorway. Suddenly a sharp howl came from outside.


I broke into a sprint through the mall. I quickly saw a staircase to the upper levels. I took the stairs and I looked for a place to hide. Suddenly the screech got louder and then I heard sound of breaking of glass. I stood near the hand rails of the staircase and peeked. Then I saw it. A huge infected dog is on the ground floor and it’s sniffing for me.

I slowly backed away from the staircase. I moved backward until my back hit the wall. Then my hands got a grip on some wooden thing. I looked back and saw a wooden door. I tried the knob and it budged. I quickly got inside. Suddenly a pungent smell of piss punched through my nose.


Then I heard the shuffling sound of a dog just outside this room. It’s probably sniffing and perhaps this smell of piss might have dragged it away from here. Then I heard retreating footsteps. I took a deep sigh. Then I puked. This damn smell!

“Hello.” A female voice came from a corner.

I shifted my gaze and saw the outline of a woman. This woman must have been holed up in here for several days. The smell of piss figures.

“Are they still out there?”

“Yeah.” I said.

“I have been in here for two days now. Those things never moved away from here. I guess those things might have known that I am in here. I am sorry for the smell. I didn’t saw much of a choice.”

“Don’t worry. Why didn’t you lock the door?”

“I thought someone might end up here, with a nice plan to escape from here.”

“Now, I ended up here.”

“I guess you must have a plan.”

I didn’t answer. Instead I looked around me for a way out. Then I saw a window on the far corner. It’s in about my height. I might need a table or something like that.

“There is a window.”

“Yeah. But how do we haul ourselves through that? I mean this height?” She said.

“We could haul a table from outside. If we are quick, we might be able to escape.”

I didn’t wait her for to decide. I slowly opened the door and I peered outside. No one is nearby. I quickly opened the door widely and at the same instant I ran for the nearest table. I quickly dragged the table towards the room. Suddenly sound of something falling came from upper levels. The dogs might be there looking for me. Before long I hauled the table inside and she closed the door. Then we heard the sound of dogs just outside. But, they didn’t approached the door, probably due to the smell of piss. I am happy that she pissed well.

I climbed on top of the table and checked the window. I slowly opened the window and saw the bright sky. Then I saw a fire escape ladder near the window, just outside this room.

“There is a ladder outside.” I said.

“Thank, god. Can we escape?”

“I guess so.” Thank you, god.


We somehow climbed down and we set our foot on the ground, on the back of the mall. The dogs are still inside, but they might come at any moment. We slowly walked towards the street.

“You didn’t tell me your name.”

“Oh, I am Veronica.”

“Veronica, we are not safe yet. We have a lot of ground to cover. I suggest you come with me to my hideout.”


“I am Jerome, by the way.”

She nodded. We entered into the street and then we bolted into a run. She closely followed me. The loose snow considerably reduced our pace as our feet got plunged in loose snow. Before long I saw my building. Suddenly a screech came from our back. We stopped for a moment and analysed our surrounding. Then we saw it. A huge infected dog is running at us.

“Run …” Veronica shouted.

And we ran again. I am at my doorstep when Veronica tripped. She fell down into the snow, and the dog already set its eyes on Veronica. I have to do something. Then the wildest imagination came into my mind. I drew out the knife from my waist band and I rushed towards Veronica. At the moment I reached there, the dog was also there. It jumped on top of me. I struggled to keep its mouth at bay. Me and the dog began to roll through the snow. The cold is already killing me, and now this extra weight.

“Run …” I said.

But Veronica didn’t run. She looked everywhere for something.

“Ahh …” Pain coursed through my knee. The dog cut open my pants using its sharp claw. Then the dog, for a moment lost control over me. At that instant I drove my knife into its chest, with my one hand. The dog yelped and blood steadily oozed down from its chest. This is my chance. The dog desperately tried to shook me away. Then I drew out the knife and stabbed it in its neck. I stabbed several times and at the fifth or sixth stab, the dog went limp.

I somehow stood up, but I lost my footing. Pain is coursing through my left leg.

“Here, let me help you.” Veronica came to the rescue. She helped me to get back to my feet. I limped and she led me to my hideout.

At the moment I reached beside the door, as usual I knocked on the door three times, and Mia opened the door for us. I winced and Mia led us inside. As soon as we are inside, Mia closed the door and she dead bolted it.

“Ahh …” I almost screamed. I slowly sat down on the couch.

“Dad, what happened?” Aidan came from the bedroom.

“It’s nothing, son. Mia, I need something to drink, and give this lady a nice bath.”

“Mia nodded.”

“I am good. I can help you, you know.” She crouched down near me and she analysed the wound. “If you have a first aid kit, I can help.”

“Here you go.” Mia came with a first aid kit.

Before long, Veronica began to wipe the blood from my knee using a cotton piece.

“Shit …” Veronica mumbled.

“Ahh … What is it?”

“Look.” Veronica pointed at my wound with fear and shock.

I winced and I slowly shifted my gaze at the wound. Then all of my future plans dismantled. The blood. Now the blood. It’s black. It’s dark as night. It’s dark as their eyes. Man, this is really my end.


I woke up with a sharp pain in my leg.

“Ahh …” Oh, god, I can’t hold back my pain anymore.

“Dad, are you okay, dad?” I heard Aidan’s voice.

I slowly opened my eyes. Everyone is near me.

“I don’t know what is happening to me.” I said.

Veronica crouched down near me, and she ran her hands through my hair.

“Don’t worry, everything’s going to be alright.”

“I … I can’t move my legs.”

I slowly peeked at my leg. What the? My foot have turned into a greyish colour. Oh, god, is this my end.

“Mia, take some water for Jerome.” Veronica commanded.

I heard Mia shuffling away.

“Here you go, Jerome.” Mia quickly came back with a glass full of water. I slowly dragged my legs and I somehow sat up in the far corner of the couch.

Veronica placed the mouth of the glass on my lips. I hungrily sipped the hot water.

“Do you know what is happening to me?” I asked Veronica.

She hesitated for a moment. “I think I know. But, you might not like this.”

“Is that what I am thinking?”


“Then, you have to take the kids and leave this place. Go anywhere I can’t find you.”

“Dad …”

“Aidan, you and Mia and Brent, now have to stick with Veronica. I am sure that I met her on purpose. It’s god’s will, Aidan. Go.”

“Jerome, maybe there is a cure.” Veronica said.

“You and I know better.” I said. “Please look after the kids. Now, go. Ahh …” I can’t hold back this pain. Then I saw it. My hands began to discolour. It turned into a grey colour. Then I saw some black material running through my hands under the skin. “I think it’s starting. Go, now.”

Veronica quickly gathered a bag full of supplies.

“Dad, I will stay.” Aidan said.

“No, Aidan. Go. Ahh … Veronica, go …” Veronica threw the bag on her shoulders and she grabbed Mia’s and Aidan’s hands. Baby Brent is on sleep in Mia’s left hand.

“Ahh …” Then they left. Aidan is crying, but he needs to know that, there is nothing he could do for me. There is no one who could help me. Even god abandoned me. “Ahh …” Pain is coursing through my body. The wound is leaking with a load of pus.

“Ahh …” And that was it. The pain is over. My mind slowly drifted away. I think I am falling asleep. God, save my soul at least…


The father stood up. All humanity disappeared from his face. His eyes are dark as dark can do at its best. There are black lines on his skin where there used to be green coloured veins. His face is greyish and drops of drool oozed down from his mouth, just like a rabid dog. He is not he anymore. He is an it, whatever it is.

Then it heard a noise from outside. It examined its surrounding. Then it ran for the wall thinking that that’s the way towards the thing which is making sound outside. It collided with the wall and fell down. The noise went on. It stood up and ran again. This time at full speed. It again collided with the wall. And it continued the procedure – running at the wall.

Sun is highest in the sky and under the blue sky, the sound of the creature colliding with the wall filled the very air.



Gavin, Martin and Cooper awoke by the sound of something falling outside.

“Gavin …” Lizzy yelled from her room.

Gavin, Martin and Cooper rushed towards Lizzy. Then they stopped in front of Lizzy’s room. There is a wide hole on the roof of Lizzy’s room. Something fell by braking the roof. Lizzy is in complete shock and she is staring at something. Gavin, Cooper and Martin slowly approached Lizzy. Then they saw it. Under the hole on the roof, on the floor, there is a small crater and in the crater lies a glowing egg.

Gavin and team stared at the egg. Then Lizzy climbed down from the bed and she approached the egg. As soon as Lizzy approached the egg, the egg began to glow in bright blue colour.

“Lizzy, don’t.” Cooper said.

But Lizzy already crouched down near the egg, and she lifted the egg from the small crater.

“This is mine.” Lizzy said.

Suddenly something again fell outside the house. That’s when Gavin and team thought about the falling sounds they had heard earlier. Gavin, Cooper and Martin rushed towards the front door. They peeked outside through the window, and the sight in front of them was unexplainable. There and there on small craters lies glowing eggs. Suddenly a sharp screech came from near the houses on the other side of the street.


I stood behind Gavin, and I peeked outside through the window. I couldn’t believe what is happening outside. Those things are collecting the eggs, and they are going to somewhere with those eggs. This egg must be something important to them. Maybe a chicken would come outside if I keep the egg carefully. Why would they need chickens? Oh, perhaps they want to eat. Those hungry things. I wish my mom is here.

Gavin, Cooper and Martin are liars. They are lying about mom. Yesterday I heard them talking about these things outside. According to Cooper, these things were once normal people. Now they are possessed by demons. My mom must be one of those things. When thinking about my mom, my eyes are leaking with water.

“Gavin, what are they doing with those eggs?” I asked.

“Shh … Keep quiet. They might hear.” Gavin whispered.

I shut my mouth and I watched the demons outside. There were lot of eggs outside. Now there is nothing left. They took all.

We waited a few more minutes and when all of the infected moved away from the street, Gavin, Martin and Cooper stared at the egg in my hands. Are they going to destroy this egg?

“This egg must be something important to them.” Martin said.

“It might be demon eggs.” Cooper said.

“But these came from the sky. Demons are in hell, right, under the ground?” Gavin said.

“Anyway, we have to be careful around this egg.” Cooper said.

“Lizzy, give it to me. I will place it in a safe place.” Gavin said.

“No. I won’t give this. This is mine and I want to see the chicken which will come outside from this egg.” I said.

“Haven’t you seen chicken eggs before? This is not a chicken egg, Lizzy. This is lot bigger.” Gavin said.

Cooper and Martin nodded at Gavin.

“No. I don’t care what you say. I took this egg, and this is mine. You can get your own egg from outside.” I walked towards my bedroom. I heard Gavin and others saying something about me. But, I won’t give this egg to them, in any chance. This is mine. Mine alone.


“Mama, mama …”

I woke up hearing a baby voice. I shifted my gaze at the hole on the roof. I could see stars in the sky, through that hole.

“Mama, mama …” I again heard the baby voice. It’s coming from nearby. In fact it is coming from in front of me. I slowly gazed at the edge of the bed. In the darkness, nothing is clearly visible. But in the moon light, I saw the outline of a baby on my bed!

“What the?” I am confused. I slowly widened my right hand to touch what it is.

“Mama …” Then I felt a wet sensation on my hand. The baby is licking my fingers.

“Gavin …” I screamed. This is all enough for me. How come a baby ended up in my bed?

“Gavin …” I screamed again.

“Mama … Mama …” The kid is still calling me mama. I felt my world turning around me. God, what is happening?

“Lizzy, what is it?” Gavin came with a candle light.

“There is a baby in my bed.” I said.

“Baby? Are you sure you’re okay?” Gavin asked.

“I am okay, you dump ass. There is a real baby in my bed.”

“Mamma …” This time Gavin also heard the baby voice.

Gavin brought the candle light near the bed. Then we both saw it. It is a baby. A baby with a pair of white wings. Then we saw the fragments of egg shell on the bed.

“The egg hatched!” Gavin said.

“Cooper, Martin …” This time we both yelled.

“What is it? What is it?” Cooper and Martin came running. Then they too saw it.

“Is this some sort of demon kid?” Gavin asked.

“No, it can’t be a demon.” Cooper said.

“Mama …” The baby crawled towards me.

“It is thinking that I am its mamma.” I said.

Cooper came near me and he lifted the baby from the bed.

“Mamma, mamma … Heh … Heh … Heh …” The baby began to cry.

“It’s a she.” Cooper said.

“I don’t care it is a female or not. What is it?” Gavin asked.

“My guess is … She is an angel …” Cooper said.

“Angel, demon, this is really getting out of control. I think I am going nuts.” Gavin said.

I quickly grabbed the baby from Cooper’s hands.

“She is mine.” I said. “She is my little angel.” I said proudly. “Now we call her Anna.”

Martin, Cooper and Gavin are in complete shock, but they nodded.


I took a bottled milk and I poured the milk into a pot. Then I heated the pot. Within minutes, the milk began to boil. I quickly cooled down the milk and I poured the milk into a bottle specifically designed to feed kids. I gave the milk to Anna and she hungrily sucked all the milk. I watched the hungry little Anna and for a moment I lost in thoughts. Gavin, Martin and Cooper are watching me feeding Anna. We were about to lose faith in god when Anna arrived.

Anna is giving us hope that god is there, watching us. Anna is also the proof that the monsters outside our home are demons. Now god have sent his angels to Earth to save us. But one question is stirring inside me for hours.

“So, why did they collected the angel eggs?” I asked Cooper.

Cooper shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“May be to kill the little angels.” Gavin said.

“Or maybe, at worse, to convert the angels into one of them.” Martin said.

“But, can angels be possessed by demons?” Gavin asked.

“We can wait and see.” Cooper said.

Anna quickly finished the bottle of milk. I set her down on the floor and she began to crawl through the floor. I watched Anna with a little pride. I am a mamma. I played being mamma of dolls, but now, this is for real.

Time quickly flowed. We saw no infected outside. They may be looking after the eggs. Before long sun began to set in the horizon.

I took Anna in my hand and I slowly walked towards the bedroom. As soon as I reached the bedroom, I set Anna on the bed. She quickly fell asleep. I sat near Anna and I ran my hand through her white wings. A few minutes later, everywhere plunged into darkness. But, the moon light showed everything faintly. The hole on the roof is still there. I hope that no monsters would come through that hole. I am really fortunate that the hole formed just after the snow fall ended. If the snow fall haven’t stopped, I would have died of cold. I slowly lie down on the bed and I spread the blanket on top of me. And I wrapped my hands around Anna and I closed my eyes.

On the next morning, when I woke up, I didn’t saw Anna on the bed.

“Where did she gone to?”

I slowly stood up and I looked around the room, but she is nowhere in this room. A worry grew inside me. I quickly walked towards the living room and I found Gavin on the couch.

“Gavin, did you saw Anna?” I asked.

“I am here, mamma.” Anna said from the kitchen.

She learn to speak? I walked towards the kitchen and found Anna standing near Cooper. She is wearing a tee shirt and a small trouser.

“She learn to walk and talk?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Cooper said.

Cooper is preparing breakfast.

“Where did she get the cloths?” I asked.

“That’s my baby cloths.” Gavin said. I nodded.

Anna is now a little taller. She is growing quickly too. I am too shocked and surprised.

“We are preparing scrambled egg.” Anna said.

I smiled at her. “Do you want milk?”

“No, I drank a bottle of orange juice.” She said.

That’s good to hear. Suddenly a screech came from outside. We slowly and cautiously walked towards the front window. Then we saw it. Hundreds of infected are walking through the street. They are going to somewhere.

“Who are they mamma?” Anna asked.

“They are bad people, Anna.” I said. “Be quiet.”

A few minutes later the demons all walked away from our street. Surely, something big is happening. Something in my mind is telling me to run away from this place. One day, I really need to run from here.


On the next day, when I saw Anna, she had grown a lot. In fact, now, she is taller than me. But still, she call me mamma. This is absurd, but I didn’t told her the truth about she coming out of an egg. She asks a lot, and when I don’t have the answers, Gavin, Cooper and Martin comes to the rescue.

She really want to go out and explore, and more importantly the need to fly arose in her mind. Days quickly passed and she grew all day. After two weeks since she had born, she now looks like my mamma. In fact she reminds me of my mother. We scavenged cloths for her from nearby houses, but still we didn’t wandered away too far from Gavin’s house. But, soon we need to move away from here. The trees are dead and dust is everywhere. Sand storm is getting more common and most sand storms leave a few inches of sand on our doorsteps.

Our water supply is running low. Then we all began to feel that staying here is same as dying by demons attacking us. On most nights we could hear them devouring the streets. But still we saw no angels in the sky. Hundreds of eggs must have fell that day, but where did all that eggs is still a mystery, which would soon be revealed by the demons.

I was sitting near the window, watching outside, when Martin and Cooper arrived after a salvage run.

“Any luck on water?” I asked.

“No.” Cooper said. “The north is full of them. They are planning something big.” Gavin and Anna came to the scene.

“Can I go outside?” Anna asked.

“We will talk about that.” Martin said.

Martin and Cooper sat around the table in the dining room. Me, Gavin and Anna sat around the table, nearby Martin and Cooper.

Cooper looked at our faces. “We may need to abandon this place.”

“But …” Gavin said.

“We understand your connection with this house, Gavin, but, especially since they are more active in the night, we need to move away from here, while we still have a chance. North and west are filled with them.” Cooper said.

“And we want water to survive.” Martin said. “Trees are dead and all the nearby wells are dry. Our bottled water will last about one week. Then we need to come up with a new solution for water, or we can all die down here.”

“Okay we will go.” I said.

Gavin and Anna nodded.

“Then it’s decided. We will go south, first thing in the morning.” Cooper said. We all nodded. “Then prepare our back packs. This is now or never.”


We started our journey early in the morning. There are no infected on the streets and there are dust everywhere. All the trees we saw are the dead ones, and there is no sign of life anywhere. Even the sky is devoid of life. Where did all the birds have gone to is still a mystery. Also, during the normal days, one can see dozens of dogs in each street. Now streets are empty and vehicles are abandoned. There are wide cracks on the road here and there, most cracks run deep into the ground.

Anna for the first time used her wings, and impressively, she got it right. She flew up and examined the surroundings. Fortunately she detected no trouble.

“So, Cooper, where would we rest for the night?” Gavin asked.

“We will decide when it’s evening. There would be plenty of buildings for us.” Cooper said.

We nodded.

There are many vehicles on the road, but sadly all are unusable. Most buildings we saw are a wreck and there isn’t a building with intact front door. When the sun moved to its highest position, we covered a lot of distance. We are now on road whose both sides are filled with dead trees. Then we saw a house and a well, a little deep inside the tree land. We ran towards the well. And fortunately the well is full of water. We found a rope and a bucket nearby, we used them to haul water. Before long the five of us filled our belly with water. Then we sat around the well, on the ground, and we took some protein bars from our back backs.

Before long we finished our lunch. Then we heard sound of footsteps from inside the house.

“There is someone inside.” Anna said.

“It could be a survivor.” Gavin said.

“Let’s be on our way.” Cooper said.

“No, they may have information.” Gavin said.

“Alright, let’s look.” Cooper said.

We stood up and marched towards the front door. This house is mostly intact. Then Gavin knocked on the front door. We waited for some time, but we heard no movement. Then Gavin tried the knob and surprisingly the door opened. We slowly got inside, with cooper and Martin pointing their guns.

“Ahh … John, they could help. For god’s sake, ask them help. Ahh … God … I can’t hold back this pain.” We heard someone’s scream, probably a woman. We followed the sound. The sound led us to a bedroom. Cooper opened the door and then we saw two people. One man and a woman. The woman have an oversized belly and the man looked at us with panic.

The man, John, slowly backed away from us.

“Please, stay away from us. We don’t have anything.” John said.

“Oh, god, please, can you help?” The woman asked.

“Relax, buddy, we mean no harm.” Cooper said.

John relaxed and he took a deep breath. But, John is looking at Anna with fear.

Cooper crouched down near the woman. “Is it near?”

“Yeah. I am having pain since yesterday. I think the water is broke.” The woman said.

Cooper ran his hand through the woman’s forehead. “Don’t worry. I have done this several times.” Cooper stood up. “Guys, please give us a little privacy. John, you stay here.”

Anna, Gavin, Martin and me exited the bedroom and we waited in the living room. We heard the scream of the woman several times. Then a few minutes later we heard sound of a baby.

“Mamma, what is happening to that woman?” Anna asked.

“I … I don’t know.” I frankly said.

“That woman is having a baby.” Gavin said.

Martin looked at us and smiled. Now Anna might have dozens of questions, but surely I may not have answers to them. A few minutes later, John and Cooper came outside. John is carrying the baby. Anna looked at the baby with curious eyes.

“It’s a boy.” Cooper said.

We smiled at John. “Is she alright?” I asked.

“Yeah. She is fine.” Cooper said. “She is now sleeping. She need rest.”

And that’s how we met John, Rose and baby Joe.


Sound of wings lingered in the very atmosphere. Survivors peeked at the distant sky through the windows. Then they saw it. Hundreds of angels are flying towards the city.

“Mamma, can I go with them?” Anna asked.

“No. Stay with us.” Lizzy said.

“They are not like you.” John said.

“What do you mean by that?” Anna asked.

“I saw a few of them yesterday. They were eating a poor man.” John said.

“What?” Anna is confused. “But …”

“They are possessed by demons, Anna.” John said.



A deserted town. Occasionally a wind blew from the north, carrying dust. There are buildings everywhere and a quietness filled the very air. From near a mall, Veronica increased her pace. The two plastic carry bags full of stuff are considerably slowing her down.

A worry is in her face. She turned around a big mighty building and she walked in the south direction. As she reached near a public library, she took a deep sigh. She is near her destination. Suddenly with a screech an infected arose from behind the library.

“Ahh … God …” Veronica screamed and she bolted into a run. The infected continued to growl and shriek. It’s running at inhuman speed.

When Veronica thought, it’s over, she dropped the supply and she increased her pace. Suddenly something fell down behind her with a short yelp. She could no longer hear the footsteps of the infected. She stopped running and looked back. Then the sight horrified her further. A man with a pair of mighty wings is standing on top of the infected. The man have a bloody sword in his right hand and the dark blood of the creature steadily dripped from the sword.

Veronica froze for a few moments without knowing what to do. Then she slowly walked backward.

“Lady, it’s okay.” The man with wings said.

Veronica stopped walking and she just stared at the man with wings. “Who are you?” Veronica finally asked.

“Name is Juniper. I am an angel.” The man with the wings said.


“Yeah. And these are people possessed by demons. They are beyond help. That’s why I had to kill him. Where are you living?”

“Oh … That building.” Veronica pointed at a brick building near by a river.

“Are you living alone?”

“No, I have three kids.” Veronica said. “They are technically not mine, but, now they are mine.”

Juniper nodded. He walked towards the dropped supplies and he took the carry bags from the ground. Fortunately nothing was spilled from the bag. Then he walked towards Veronica. “What’s your name?”

“Veronica. You are actually angel?” Veronica couldn’t believe that he is an angel even though his wings verified that.

Juniper nodded. “I know a good place. There are survivors. You might want to come with me.”

“Where is your hideout?”

“It’s near here. A few minutes’ walk. Come on, let’s get your kids and we can go together. You shouldn’t live alone.”

Veronica nodded.

Juniper led her to her hideout. They didn’t spoke on the way, but by the look of it, Veronica have hundreds of questions. Before long they reached her hideout. Veronica knocked on the door and Mia opened the door for them. In the doorway Mia froze by looking at Juniper.

“Mia, this is Juniper. He is here to help us. Fetch Aidan and Brent.”

Mia quickly ran deeper into the building. Juniper and Veronica got inside. Juniper walked around the living room and he looked around the room.

“This is a nice hideout, but as I said before, you shouldn’t live alone.” Juniper said.

Veronica nodded.

A few moments later, Aidan and Mia came. Mia carried Brent in her arms.

“You have nice kids, Veronica.”


“Come on, let’s get going.”

Everyone nodded. Mia is now excited beyond words. Aidan too is excited, although he is morning for his father.

Before long they exited the hideout and started walking. Veronica grabbed Brent from Mia’s hands, and Juniper frequently flew up to check whether the coast is clear. A few minutes later, they crossed the river through a narrow bridge and they saw an abandoned building. That building is huge, but it’s single story. And it’s an old brick building.

“That’s our hideout.” Juniper said.

Veronica nodded. Even though the doubt about the security of that old building came to her mind, she didn’t asked about it.

Before long they entered inside the building through a metal door.

“There is a bunker in this building. So nothing to worry.” Juniper said as if he red Veronica’s mind.

Veronica nodded.

A moment later, Juniper led them towards the bunker. The bunker is inside a room. That room minimised veronica’s doubt about security. Juniper slowly crouched down and he opened a door on the floor. Then they slowly started descending though the wooden ladder. Inside, they are met with dozens of people. A joy filled the very air. Veronica took a deep sigh. Finally a home!


Two days passed since Juniper brought us to this place. Life inside this bunker is pretty awesome. All we need is here, and according to Dominic, they go out for supply run once in each week. There are fifteen people in this place and all are friendly. Juniper is the only angel here. He is the one who brought all of us together. According to Juniper, the world is dying and soon the world will end. But, the world is already ended, right?

Everyone inside this bunker have a survival story to tell, and everyone through a lot to get to this place. There is not a single person who have a whole surviving family. The demons are everywhere. Most surviving animals also got exposed to this plague and they all turned into monsters.

Juniper also told us about some angels who are possessed by demons. First I thought that’s absurd. How could the angels be possessed by demons? But when Juniper told us about the stories, it all made sense. Angels are god’s soldiers and they are here to save mankind along with this planet. They cannot come to Earth in their original form like demons could. So, angels got here in the form of eggs.

Unfortunately, the demons knew about angels’ arrival, so at the moment the eggs arrived here, they collected the eggs. When the eggs finally hatched, the demon scum bags converted those angels into demons. Now there are infected angels in the sky. And that’s not all. Some infected angels are barbaric in nature. They would rip apart the survivors if they have to. And there are demon angels who could talk like normal human. Even some of the human demons could speak.

Juniper through a lot to study the demons. He was raised by a man, but that man gotten killed by a demon angel. Fortunate for Juniper, he somehow escaped. According to Dominic, Juniper is out for vengeance.

There are then rumours about the worlds end. They say that the real world’s end happen when our Earth becomes hell. Yeah, our little planet can become hell. That’s what the demons are doing. These demons were looking for this opportunity for ages and when that tunnelling team discovered the underground tunnel system, we were actually opening the Pandora’s Box.

That cave system was the portal to Hell. And now demons are here. The world we know is dying. And in fact it’s terraforming into hell. I don’t want to be here when that happens.

But, Juniper says that, there is a slight chance that we could stop this demons. For that we need to kill the demon lord Lucifer. Yeah, I get it, you’re must be getting mad about this demon angel crap, and now this Lucifer crap. The truth is, Lucifer is very real. If we kill him, it will be all over. We could get our lives back. But, the question is, how can we do this, and most importantly where is this Lucifer?


I was in the middle of the sleep when all of a sudden a series of noises came from outside. I slowly opened my eyes and I stood up. I looked around and found Juniper in a corner near a candle light. I stood up and approached him.

“What’s that sound?” I asked.

“It could be the infected.”

“What are you doing?”

“I am listening.” Suddenly a sharp screech came. Then sound of something thrashing on the doors came.

“It looks bad. Do they know we are here?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Come on, let’s check it out.”

Juniper stood up and he approached the bunker door. Everybody is sleeping. I hope that the infected won’t come inside. Juniper opened the door and we both marched towards the staircase to the roof. Before long we opened the outer door and stepped into the roof. It’s still night and I could see moon. We slowly approached the edge and then we saw it. A sea of infected are on the ground and they are so focussed on breaking the front door.

Sound of the infected thrashing on the wooden door echoed through the air.

“They know we are in this building.” Juniper said.

“What would we do?” I asked.

“They will break inside at any moment. Go and inform everyone. And go and hide inside the room near this roof. We might be able to escape through the roof in the morning. They won’t go away if they don’t find us. And if we are still on the bunker, we will eventually die.”

“Okay. What about you?”

“I will watch over you guys. Now, go.”

I quickly ran towards the bunker.


Before long I reached the bunker.

“Everyone, wake up.” I called.

I even shook some people, and finally everyone woke up. I looked at the kids. Mia and Aidan are up, and fortunately Brent is still sleeping.

“They found out that we are in here. We have to hide inside the room near the roof. Are you guys ready?” I asked.

“Why do we want to go outside? We could still stay here.” One of the men asked. Everyone nodded at him.

“Because, Juniper said, if they don’t find us, they won’t go away. If we hide inside that room, we have a slight chance of escaping in the morning. Now go, we don’t have time.”

Quickly everyone rushed towards the door. Before long we all started silently marching towards the staircase. A few minutes later we all got inside the room Juniper had said about. The sound of infected still lingered in the air. It looks like the infected are very angry.

I quickly ran towards the roof. I need to see Juniper.

“Where are you going?” Dominic asked.

“I need to see Juniper.”


Before long I reached the door. Then I heard sound of a fight happening on the roof. Juniper might be in trouble. I slowly peeked outside through the peek hole. Then I saw it. In the moon light I clearly saw it. Juniper is fighting with another angel. It looks bad. Then the female angel kicked at Juniper’s midsection and he fell down a few feet away from the lady angel, after a short flight in the air. Then it happened. The lady angel drew out a one end sharpened metal rod in her hand. Then she walked towards Juniper.

“No.” This can’t be happening. Juniper is still on the floor. Then the female angel raised the metal rod and she brought it down quickly. It pierced Juniper’s chest. Tears uncontrollably oozed down from my eye. “No.” Now, what chance do we have for surviving? Then the lady angel looked in my direction. I quickly ran towards the hideout. I am not ready to give up, no matter what happens. I am sorry Juniper, I am sorry that I can’t help you.


The infected didn’t break inside. In the morning, they left the place just like that. When we got to the roof, we didn’t saw Juniper’s body. Juniper must be dead and they must have picked up his dead body. Now, we are alone. What chance do we have against these demons?

Since god is the one who sent his angels here, he must have anticipated things like this. I really hope that he will have a plan to save us.

We saw no other angels in the sky. There must be some surviving angels, somewhere around here. God, help us. I don’t want to die. In fact, no one want to die.

We are here god, in this hell hole, trying to survive the demon horde. Will you save us?


C.O. Amal lives in a small house in Wayanad district of Kerala state of the country India with his father and mother. He loves to read science fiction apocalyptic books. He writes a lot. His imaginations are all about extra-terrestrial life and colonizing across the galaxy. He believes human kind will soon reach its glory in space travel and soon everyone can travel to the deep space.

He love scientists like Stephen Hawking a lot. He can be often found watching Discovery channel. He is living in harmony with nature. His best friends are the cows in his home.

Contact Author at [email protected]

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