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From Darkness to Light

From Darkness to Light

Published By Linda Sacco at Shakespir


Copyright 2016 Linda Sacco

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Underground Prince

Not So Secret Garden

Worlds Colliding

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Underground Prince

I am aware
Any snake seems charming
With the right music

It doesn’t matter where
This might lead

Underground prince will disappear
If I could find the switch

It doesn’t matter what
This might feed

My heart is an atom
It cannot be broken

Together we become
Underground royalty
Rulers of dark mistakes

Not So Secret Garden

Brown wings and delicate feet
take flight above the sheds,
cats and canines,
smoking old men,
and washing lines.

The worry is, she’ll drop an egg

Or two

Or three

Over the landscape.

Going from tree to tree,
avoiding those inhabited
by boisterous parrots,
or worse – carnivorous crows.

Then I see him
Poor chap imprisoned
In a white cage
filled with colour.

He hops from branch
To water
To ring a bell
All the while constant chatter
(another tongue I’m afraid)
fills the garden.

“That’s parrot talk!”
Wifey starts to turn back.
As I call to her,
“But he’s our size, with a longer, thinner tail,
Plus he’s jailed, he can’t get to us.”
She drinks water from the bird bath,
first one we’ve seen in weeks.

The white criminal
has ripped the blue from the sky
and put it on his stomach
His beady plum eyes
stare into mine.

In sparrow speak I tell my tale
as he listens silently
In the end, just as steadily
he stares straight up.

Before I can wonder
if he knows a secret
or is just not-so-secretly bored?
Wifey chirps that she caught a worm.

I tell her I know where we can nest
Worms, eggs, and all
“Why trust the stranger?” she chirps in my ear.
“He keeps his heart where I can see it.”

High, but not too high
A hole in the human-made shelter
Who needs a tree when we have this?

After a feetful’s worth of sunrises
the eggs drop into a safe place.

All the while
our new friend picks up some sparrow speak
Shoos his people away
Until the little ones
hunt for themselves.

Through green, gold and bare trees
stray seeds
fall for sparrows
A welcome gift from his people.

Brown wings and delicate feet
rest on the fence each morning.

Worlds Colliding

“Attention passengers:
Welcome to Melbourne Central Station”
Says the artificial voice
Not one of them hears it
On a night like this
Old friends speak intimately
Standing close
Another is in his own world
Transported to another era
Where trains and exhaust aren’t yet imagined

When he looks up
Dragons and medieval castles will disappear
He’ll see the man in the suit
Walking past briskly
With one hand in his pocket
And the other gripping a casual backpack

A girl on a mobile phone circles me
Chatting loudly with a foreign tongue
Comforted perhaps that I don’t understand
Her smile is conniving
What could she be talking about?

The artificial voice snaps back to life again
The train appears
The platform empties
All disappear into the same setting
Worlds apart between us
Now worlds collide
Barriers between are up
Aided by personal comforts
Enables a feeling of somewhat safety
When worlds overlap

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Cover: Original cross stitch design by Linda Sacco. Butterfly, the creature of light, is covered in a night sky.

“Underground Prince” appeared in Dual Coast Magazine (2016) Prolific Press

“Not So Secret Garden” appeared in Poetry Quarterly (2015) Prolific Press

“Worlds Colliding” appeared in Track + Signal (2009) Star Media Services

From Darkness to Light

Darkness meets light. Reality meets fantasy. Then, worlds collide and magic happens. In this poetry sampler, Australian poet Linda Sacco lets three free poems fly into your world.

  • ISBN: 9781310226076
  • Author: Linda Sacco
  • Published: 2016-05-25 01:50:09
  • Words: 614
From Darkness to Light From Darkness to Light