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Freedom by October











Apalara Samuel



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Published in 2017

Freedom by October copyright 2017


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Samuel, Apalara


All rights reserved

Freedom by October


This book is a work of fiction and resemblance to person living or dead, or places events or locales is purely coincidental, the characters are products of the author’s imagination and nothing more.



Apalara Samuel.


Published in October, 2017 by PECKERSHILL BOOKS

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Freedom by October






Tuesday September 30 2036

11:45 pm


She tried to move her hand as she finally made her way to the cushion in the living room of her large apartment in Abuja. It was late in to the night and she could barely see a thing through the half lit room. Her head seem heavy on her neck and it was a struggle as she made to carry her hand and scribble down the things she was told to write.


The man in the room had brought her in about ten minutes ago and he had come along with a sheet of paper and a pen. He ordered the young lady to scribble things that he said down and the lady did it without resisting his command. She seem to be unwell probably under the influence of something that had prompted her to the hid the man’s bidding without a struggle.


After she had scribbled down everything he had said in the paper, she left it on the table and the man ordered her to stand on her feet as he raised her over his shoulder and went out with her.




Wednesday October 1st 2036

The girl on the train

The aroma of the forest was refreshening, as a voluminous chunk of it swayed through my nostrils and constricted my lungs. I exhaled hard almost at the same time. The sun rays splashed as it moved through the trees, the rays which were flickering like glitter on my face, made my eyelids unlatch gently in reminiscence of a hibiscus at sunup.


I could only make out blurry images of the trees and leaves as what might seem as motion lured me through the bent of the forest. At first it seem as if the trees only went off swiftly after the other or I’m running very fast ahead of them all. Swiftly my blepharon constricted and I sat up to dab my face with the back of my hands thoroughly like a child inflicted with a cheerful sprinkle of dry grinded pepper in the eyes.


I wanted to open them in another reality, it feels quite odd for me to wake up on a train, a moving one and that made it more frightening and surreal.


My previous reality had just become clearer when I’d climaxed dabbing my face. I heave a contented sigh as I gently opened my eyes. The blurry features steadily became vivid and I can see giant trees swerve gently at the whack of the breeze that swept through the forest.


“Whoa!” I exclaimed in a terrifying tone, which had probably piqued the other members on board, they’d turn almost simultaneously toward the direction the noise had come from and the expression on their faces was full of disgust for the act. The way I had shouted wreathed fear.


Although some did not bother themselves with what was going on. But I can only care less with their expressions or whatever was on their mind.

Suddenly I felt panic rise in my chest. My heart hung and thumped loudly at the grasp of what was up at the moment.

I’d just woken up into strange tide and found myself travelling in a course I’m yet to understand it’s direction.


It must have been three hours since I’ve woken up and the train was still on it’s rail, speeding through in high velocity.

I can’t remember anything. why am I here, I wondered. I imagined I must have been brought here by someone. But who could have done such a thing. I thought. I don’t remember telling anyone I was coming to Lagos. But it doesn’t make any sense I woke up in a train.


My father’s private jet has always been my means of transportation when it comes to this kind of distance. I’ve never travelled on a train before. What’s going on. I asked myself?


November 1st 2035


The air was tensed, placid and heavy as the rain drizzled on the casket that held his brother bound. All this while he had been fighting back the tears that had refused to go. Alas he let them flow. No one would know he was weak, that he was capable of shedding a tear. He let the tears flow endlessly and the rain that drizzled on his face hid his weakness as he swore underneath his breath that he was going to avenge the death of his only brother.


Mr William had ordered Richard on a journey he knew he was never going to come back from when he realised he was in love with his only daughter. But that wasn’t the reason.


Richard was afraid, he didn’t know what the man was going to do him. He knew he was not supposed to have been caught in such quandary. What had brought Lilian and Richard to love wasn’t a case random serendipity as he had assumed but a carefully programmed affair.


He never bargained for this in the first place, he was only a guard to her father and falling in love with his boss daughter felt like an insult.


He had pleaded for his life when he was confronted by his boss and to his surprise he was calm, he didn’t say a word to him, he was smiling at the young man as he watch him say things he wasn’t supposed to have said.

“I will do anything to atone for what I’ve done”

He had blurted out in his unwavering obligatory vigour and Mr William had settled with that innocent resolve of his.


“You’ll do anything?”

Mr William had whispered, with a smirk, choked on face.

“Yes” The desperate man had blurted out, not giving in to thought.


After many years he had been working for the man he had failed realize how Mr William takes promises made to him. But he was desperate, he wanted his life and he wanted the woman too, and when a woman was involved, resolve becomes stronger than a mould of steel.


What Richard didn’t realize was that all this while he was being played, there was nothing like love between him and Lilian and he was only being deceived by the daughter of eve.


Mr William was a politician and from one of the biggest political factions in the country.

And his dream had always been to become governor of his state by all cost.


Meanwhile, everything had seem to be going on as planned for him, as he was the only candidate available for the post of the governor in his state.

He and his faction had successfully paid off other prospective candidates which in turn have restrained themselves from pursuing the same goal as Mr William’s.


It had come as a surprise and shock few months to the election, another candidate sprung up from nowhere. So the media had described him.

He posed a threat to Mr William’s ambition and if care wasn’t taken he was going to taunt it.


The new candidate had earned the people’s love and respect with his heart warming stories and soon the mass was beginning to forget who Mr William was.


Mr William was unsettled, he raged whenever he saw him on television, whenever his name was mentioned. He had even proposed to offer him lots of money so he could step down but he had refused his offer.


Lilian was Mr William’s only daughter. She was the only one her father trusted and she has been carrying out her will as long as she could remember. In the course of her investigation on the new aspirant that have suddenly sprung up from no where she had made some salient discoveries.


The New Aspirant and Richard used to be old friends.

Lilian wanted to assume Richard was working for him as an undercover but she discarded that thought when she had no evidence to back her claim up. Although they were still seeing each other but her new discovery made the relationship felt more uncomfortable and she was going to let her father know about her discovery and in the meantime continue to see Richard.


Soon Richard would be summoned and would be confronted with a treat to punish his act of infidelity to the oath he made to always serve Mr William without compromise, but he would deny any engagement with the other faction, he was threatened and was almost killed when he finally blurted out that he was going to do anything to prove his innocence, if he was given a chance.


Mr William saw this as an opportunity to deal with him and his opposition, afterwards he asked Richard to set up a meeting with his friend.

The mission seem easy to Richard but he wasn’t comfortable with the idea of just setting up a meeting, he knew there was something to it, than just setting up a meeting. He should warn Dr kassim, he thought.


Richard was going to drive down to the restaurant opposite his street, where he had asked Dr Kassim to wait for him and pick him up, so they can find another place to talk, far away from prying eyes. That was Richard’s plan and it was already playing out fine before the unexpected happened.

He had picked up Dr kassim at their scheduled location and they were on their way to a safe location where he was going to hint him about the development in his camp.

Few minutes after he had picked him and they were on the road. Richard suspected something. At first it was not glaring to Richard what exactly was going on with the vehicle he was driving. He had lost control few moments after he picked Dr kassim from the rendezvous. The scent of burnt copper wire gradually filled the car from the back seat and before Richard could turn to see what was happening the vehicle had sprung up in flames and landed shattered with no hope of survival for it’s inhabitants.


In the evening the news will fill the air, about the gubernatorial candidate that lost his life along with his friends in a devastating car crash.




Tuesday 30 September 2036


Before Noon


It was drizzling, the street was covered with water, the drainages were buzzing the hum of the running water that sped through in high pitch. It was cold and wet. The clouds covered it’s eyes on wuje, Abuja at about One in the afternoon. Still in the cloudiness cold wind howled ardently as the dark clouds hovered high in the sky. It has been raining everyday since the beginning of the month. There were only few cars on the road as everyone took public transport to work. They were rather scared of what the rain could do their vehicles.


A young lady who was probably in her early thirties or perhaps late twenties, hurdled out of a cab painted yellow and lined with black stripes.


The weather had gotten a bit hold of her as she was basked in big large black coats, that covered almost her entire body and her head nested under the large fluffy hood that is attached to the coat. She wore a pair of big black boots which splashed water around the circumference her boots landed, as she made her stride toward the cafe which she had just dropped by.


The shop was large and people hopped in and out in temporal ordered, with their grip held tightly on their cups filled with hot drinks. People strode out singly and in groups chatting loudly and rendering deep throaty laughter as they walked past her.


She made her way into the confine. The room was almost filled. One could see several others dressed like she did, they clutched firmly to their cups filled with hot drinks and the steam hovered on their cups and some didn’t spare their drink a rough swig.


In this condition it’s quite difficult to settle a Roland for an Oliver with just a cup of tea.


A cup wasn’t enough to desert the cold that was out there at that moment. The customers ordered for more coffee intermittently.


“More” was frequently persecuted in the open air as the customers chanted “More..” from different corners of the room.


“Waiter more coffee..” they echoed.


The young lady was still by the entrance. she was scanning through the room until her gaze fell on an empty spot. She’d walked briskly to the post before someone else took the spot, she sat down and ordered for her own cup of hot drink.


Soon it was on her table, she grasped the mug and held it up to her lips as she gently steered it into her throat. The steam from the mug settled on the pinnacle of her nose and the hot liquid travelled down her throat, she heaved a deep sigh of relief with her eyes closed when she had overwhelmed the drink. A ounce of dizziness whacked her when she had swallowed her hot drink, her head seem heavy on her neck, it swayed left to right and her eyes began to unlatch steadily.


At first what she saw was blurry image of someone sitting right in front of her. The figure did seem familiar and surreal at he same time. The fog which hovered round her head soon was dispersed and her eyes that was squeezed shut was immediately opened.


She could see clearly now, in flesh the figure was brought to life, it wasn’t a familiar figure of a familiar person either. He was also wearing a black hooded jacket and a polo underneath it. A deep black scar ripped over his left cheeks and a broad smile plastered over his face.

The man waved his hand gently at the surprised and shocked lady,

“Hello” he muttered with a broad smile.


Wednesday October 1st 2036


The girl on the train


Something is wrong, I’m not suppose to be here, I’m not supposed to be on this train. I muttered to myself hoping I’ll remember something. Perhaps what led me here or who had brought me here. But nothing came forth. It was blank in my head and I stared blankly at everyone without reason. It felt as if I had no purpose and I was empty inside.


The train was soon approaching Lagos and I’m yet to decipher a reason for being on the voyage. It’s hard to imagine but in reality I know something is off and I felt disaster looming.


Soon I was in Lagos. It’s October 1st and I only have to be in one place. The National Stadium.

The Independence Day celebration would hold there and I have to be there as one of the Governor’s advisers.

It was then my phone buzzed to life.


All this while it never occurred to me that my phone was still with me. In my pocket.

When I held the phone to my ear my father’s voice was what I heard over the phone.

“Where have you been?” he shouted over the phone. I was stunned. I didn’t know what to say or where to start from.

I stuttered before answering, “I’m on my way” I finally said.

“You better be” he said as he hung up.


Afterwards I checked my phone, I wanted to see if I could get any clue. But there wasn’t anything to point out what was going on.


I was behind my dad as we walked through a crowd of government executives to the seat that have been prepared for the governor and his entourage. I was still unsettled, something is off. I thought.

Soon we are on our seat and the ceremony began proper. I sat down staring blankly at everyone, trying to see if something unexpected was going to happen.


I checked my phone again, I browse through my call log and there wasn’t anything suspicious.

It’s 11:40 and I can’t remember anything from yesterday, my head feels empty and my mind can’t seem to process a thought.

Soon I began to passive a scent like that of burnt copper, at first it was faint, but suspicion rise in me, gradually it became intense and I was uneasy with myself.

When I tried to follow the scent, I discovered it was coming from my me.

Flakes of flame ooze ardently from my right arm and it was then I experienced a jog in my memory. Pictures came to life in my head, a dark room, a scared face man, a note I had titled ‘freedom by October.’

“What’s going on?” I muttered out loud to myself.



Everyone was staring at me, wondering what was up, it was then reality dawn on me.

I was carrying an explosive, and everyone was going to die.

Everything ended immediately I’d conceived that thought.




Tuesday 30 September 2036



The room is dark. The air is still and serene. The only source of light is a small window at the far end of the room.


All seem to be under control, when suddenly a sharp light penetrates her face from the door that just swung open. It luminates her face and everywhere seem to bright for a while.


It was like the gate of heaven just opened. The light shew deep.


The metal door clangs shut behind the figure that was just by the door and echoed into the room. A figure, the colour of the night strode in closing the door behind and the room returned to its previous state, a silhouette of darkness.


“Wake up” the person called out.


Lilian was filled with disgust as she couldn’t tell whom it was.


She jerked furiously at him but it was impossible for her to leave her chair as she has been neatly strapped to it.


“You’ll hurt yourself…” Chris mumbled not looking at her face.

“If you don’t stop struggling with the chair” he added.


“What am I doing here” she said with laboured breath.


“Calm down” Chris tipped.


“What am I doing here?”


Lilian shouted at the end of her voice which reverberated through the room.

“Shut your mouth”


Chris yelled, smashing his hand across her face.


“I want to go home”


Lilian shouted amid tears,


“Please Let me go”


She shouted several times which must have piqued Chris.

“I’ll give you anything you want, my father has money he can pay you any amount you want”


“Shut your mouth”

Chris shouted, this time he was louder than the former. The room was quiet for a while. A hard thrust of a needle on the ceramic floor would have been louder than a two beat speakers.

“You know you can always get someone else to get your dirty job done”

“Of course”


Chris replied,


“But there is no one quite as suitable as you, for this special one”


He said smirkingly.

There is a deafening sound of silence yet again,until Lilian disrupted it.


“What do you want with me?”

“Nothing much” Chris replied as he made a pace toward the exit of the room.

Lilian was wondering what he was up to, her eyes trailed him until he was out of the room.


Not quite long did he returned. This time not empty handed.

He is carrying a tray as he strode into the room.

Chris set the tray in front of Lilian who was still strapped to the chair.


“For the love of God! what are you going to do with all of this?”


Perhaps it was the content of the tray that had made her screamed.

The tray which was filled with several kinds of cutting and piercing tools, and a small bottle of which she has no idea of what the purple content might be. There was small chip-like device on tray too and had a timer attached to it. When Chris had settled the tray in front of her, he grabbed a chair and sat facing her.


Chris rummaged through his tools till he grabbed a syringe.


He held it up to Lilian’s face. Then he held the container with the purple content and emptied it into the syringe.


Lilian’s heart was thudding violently as Chris played doctor in front of her.


“I assure you it won’t hurt”


Lilian’s heart was pounding loudly.


“Do not worry about the pain, it won’t last”

he said as if he knew what she was thinking.

“It will only take a while”


Lilian tried to protest, but she can’t say or do anything, she just sit back and shot blank stares at Chris who bore through her vien with the tip of the needle and the content of the syringe streamed into her veins.


Lilian was thrown into a helpless state as tears begin to prickle down her dented face.


She wanted to say something but the words became heavy in her mouth.


This is the end Lilian thought.


“Who paid you to do this?”

“Who wants my father to suffer for all he has done by killing me?”

She finally voiced.


“It isn’t about you. Not just you I mean”


He said after a short pause.


“It’s quite bigger than you.”


“What I’d just spilled into your body. won’t harm you”


He continued after a short pause.

For a nanosecond Lilian felt relief well down her spine.


“At least for now I can assure”

He added, briskly.

“It will only make you unconscious for a couple of hours while I do the main thing I’ve come here to do?”

“And what is that?”

“I’m going to kill you and your people the way you killed my brother”

“Your brother? What do you mean?”

“Oh! You’ve forgotten him? more reason why I shouldn’t spare you.” Chris was bitter when he had said this.

Lilian was still trying to place what she had just heard, she didn’t have any idea who the brother he was talking about was.


“When you are unconscious, I’m going to plant a bomb in your body. An explosive capable of taking out thousands of people at once.”

Lilian froze in shock when he had said this.

“Are you Richard’s brother?”

“Now you remember” Chris replied. “That’s a good development”

“Please, I beg you to spare me, I was never in support of what they did to him. I swear I loved him, I loved him with all my heart” Lilian was pleading as tears streamed endlessly from her face”


“When I’m done I will take you back to where I’d picked you”

“Chris stated as Lilian stared blankly at him. He let out a wide grin. Lilian was dumb struck as her mouth hung opened in shock, at what she had just heard.


“I’ll make you into a weapon. Like your father did my brother and had him killed, he said. Chris sounded pained as he continued to talk. And you are going to help me kill your father and many others”.


She heaved a depressed sigh at the intake of what she’d just heard. Lilian tried to to protest but she didn’t have the exact words to say neither the strength.


“But how do you expect me to kill my father. For you?”

She finally mumbled.


“You don’t have to worry about that”

Chris replied with a devilish smile plastered across his face.

“You don’t have a say in this” Chris whispered.


“What do you mean?


Chris didn’t reply her as he was busy refilling his syringe with another dose from his tray of destruction.


“I meant you won’t even remember we had this conversation”

Afterwards Chris grabbed Lilian’s neck and emptied the content of the syringe through her collarbone and she fell into a deep sleep.


Wednesday October 1st 2036


Breaking News


There have been an unexpected incident in the course of the independence ceremony held at the National Stadium in Surulere today at about 11:45 in the morning just before the governor was about to begin his speech. It was reported that the entire Stadium experienced an unprecedented explosion which had taken the lives of the lot that have come to celebrate the day with the governor of the state.

“Is this another act of terrorism?” the news caster asked a rhetorical question when he had finished talking


“On the other hand, during an investigation to the cause of this devastating incident, it was discovered in the home of the late special adviser to the late governor, Miss Lilian William, a note which she had probably scribbled hurriedly before the incident, was found on her table.


The writing which she had been titled ‘freedom by October’ of which most of the content of the piece of writing had seem controversial, the newscaster stated.

In the text she had claimed that the incident that happened around 11:45 was totally her doing, and that she was going to give her life to atone for all her father’s political misconduct which she had also aided and had deprived the mass of their entitlements and rights.


She also said she wouldn’t regret her decision and this incident is only the beginning of a new era for the people in the state, the true meaning of independence was going to be revealed when she had many others are gone, please consider and accept this token from my heart as I give to you freedom by October.”


On this note the news ended.







Freedom by October

The story trails a deed by powerful men, which they'd presumed to be forgotten but little did the perpetrators knew and it was only too late before they realized it's adherence still breathes. The course of the future will change by the sole act of a vengeful brother in October. Was it for the sake of freedom as he claims, or a just revenge?

  • ISBN: 9781370802951
  • Author: Apalara Samuel
  • Published: 2017-10-02 02:35:10
  • Words: 4377
Freedom by October Freedom by October