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Freedom Bound, Prologue: Episode 1



[*by *]

Jayne Fury

A Solar Flame serial

Bodice Ripping Ninjas in Space! 

Firefly meets Buck Rogers and a bit of boudouire. Corrie Scott isn’t a fainting female in need of rescue. Follow the series on convoluted romps through space with smart, super sexy females and their companions. Happily for now, guaranteed.

Welcome to the Solar Flame universe where corporate suzerains control our heroine’s lives. How do they win sovereignty over their own lives and their loves? 

In Freedom Bound, Corrie Scott, late of Frobisher Corporation finds herself unleashed in enemy territory alone for the first time in her life. But she is plagued by the threat of corporate slavery and the devilishly handsome Mat Parker. Together they must battle through ridiculous red tape, space pirates, and backstabbing double crosses. Can they trust each other enough to win this dangerous game?  

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To everyone who ever encouraged me to write my stories down. 

Thank you.

The klaxons screamed as the lights flashed an urgent red tattoo in time with each new bleating beat. She kept her cool as each step propelled her through the corridor. Her mind fixed on her destination. The best place for her now was her fighter, not the mess hall, where she’d been eating a rice cake and a bowl of soup. The moment the alert sounded she was on her feet. If she could defend the ship and stay moving, she would survive to fight another day. 


Damnit! That was fast. They were boarding. [_New problem. Rethink. React. Stay alive. _]If she didn’t get to her unit she’d be worse than dead. She’d be hostage fodder. In that moment of realization, a quiet pall settled, pushing the chaos out of focus. 

Corrie kept her long legs moving through the corridors, smashing herself against the side bulkheads as the damage crews sped through the center. Her hipbone felt something beneath it, a handle attached to the round hatch cover. Maintenance tube. Her ear against the hatch, she listened intently. Nothing? Good. They, whoever they are, aren’t coming up through the tubes. Grabbing hold of the handle, she pulled the hatch open. The wave of nausea very nearly had her emptying her stomach on the gangway grating. The inside of the hatch was shining metal but the scent that carried up from it’s destination was decidedly gamey. 


The klaxons continued their urgent display of light and tremendously unnerving sound. Corrie closed her eyes for a moment to focus on the transport ship’s schematics. Starboard, three decks down, maintenance tubes ran the ribs of the frame, like an old wooden ship’s skeleton. Each of the tubes were 500 meters apart which meant if she was lucky she wouldn’t have to run far once she got to the flight deck. Escape pods, she knew, would begin to abort non-essential personnel within five minutes of the intruder alert, if they held to protocol. Deck crew would be leaving and if she wanted to get off the ship, she had less than those precious five minutes to get to her ship and launch into the maelstrom of battle. 

There was no time to look for another way down three decks, she had to take the chute and pray she didn’t end up breaking a leg if she slipped and fell to the bottom. Corrie held her breath, climbed in, threw herself against the opposite wall of the tube. The curve of the ship’s hull provided a slide. In front of her, on the opposite side of the tube, flashing past her were the the hand and foot holds stuck out at right angles to each other in a herringbone pattern, three feet apart. 

As she slid, the momentum increased. She felt another rush of calm enter her system. Adrenaline. She, like every good fighter pilot, used the rush of oxygen to her brain to clear her thoughts and initiate her instincts. She counted the levels and threw herself to towards the maintenance handle as she reached what she judged to be the right deck. The deck that held her shiny wings. As she projected herself forward, her foot scrambled for purchase while her cheekbone made contact with the side of the chute. Her head thumped and bounced back. Her hand found a hold and stretched the muscles in her arms as she fought the downward momentum. With body strained backwards away from the hatch, every muscle and sinew engaged to pull herself aright. Once again, she slammed into the side of the grimy chute, banging her nose and forehead. “Mother cracking son of a …” The blood from her nose spattered her smeared and greasy blue uniform pants. Her arms, unfettered by sleeves, squeaked across the metal as she righted herself and leaned into the hatch. Before she turned the handle she listened. Again. No weapon fire, no running feet on grates. Was she too late? She twisted the handle and pushed. As she did, the ship rocked and thundered with the blast of attack. Corrie fell into the corridor onto her knees. Righting herself onto one knee, she stood and pulled down the grimy gray t-back shirt over her slim hips.

The scene outside of this hatch was very different than the one above. It was very nearly empty. One flight deck tech rounded a corner and came running past her. “Stop soldier!”

The young female in a dingy grey flight suit halted and turned. 


The blonde pushed a lock of hair from her eyes. She gulped and panted before she took a deep breathe. Her eyes surveyed Corrie who, though she did not wear her rank, was sporting the swaggering costume of an off duty fighter jock. “Permission to continue to the escape pod.” 

“Shut it, soldier. No whining. Are all fighters scrambled? Marlin Squadron?”

“No sir, most of Marlin Squadron is gone. All auto sequencing is online.”

“Very good, dismissed.”

The girl turned and ran for her life.

Corrie used every last bit of her calm to get to her bird on the flight deck. When she got there,  her normally smoothed auburn hair was a frazzled mess. Her blue flight suit pant leg was torn at the knee. There was blood from where she’d scraped it as she landed on the ridged plating. She looked at her reflection in the body of her shining metal ship and was greeted by her wavy reflection which barely showed more than her outline and the color of her wide blue-green eyes. There was a smudge of something, she had no idea and didn’t want to know, across her brow. Leaning in closer, she wrinkled her nose and grabbed the handle to hoist herself into her cockpit. 

She got one foot into the fighter when suddenly, there was someone tugging at her still dangling leg. “Where the hell have you been? We have to get out of here, fast!” A familiar voice yelled up.

“What the crack do you think I’m trying to do?” Corrie turned with deadly calm. She recognized the voice. It was Jody Benson, her navigator, the best navigator in the system by Corrie’s estimation. They had been together since their drafts and through flight school together. She leaned down and grabbed the petite blonde by the upper arm. Jody clasped Corrie’s forearm and held onto the vertical handle that Corrie had just used herself. “Get in.” She helped Jody towards the back of the cockpit into her navigation seat. 

The lighting continued to flicker red. The klaxons continued their incessant blaring. The rest of Corrie’s squad was nowhere to be found. “I wish they’d shut the crack up. Where is everyone?” She asked Jody as they both buckled themselves in.

“Gone.” Jody replied as she put her helmet on. “You think they were waiting for you?”

“So we’re the last to go?”

“No, I think some others got caught off deck, like you. Damn, was this an ambush or what?” 

Strapping in as the cockpit hood closed and sealed their environment, Corrie grabbed her headgear off the dash. She went through a quick flight check while Jody did the same. Chatter ceased as they rushed through the safeties before launch. The rote familiarity continued to focus Corrie’s calm and proved the right remedy for Jody’s anxiety.

“It’s business time.” She flicked one last switch to unlock the wheel mounts and called to the control booth. Meanwhile, as they rolled forward towards the launch shoot and out of the hangar, the doors banged closed to seal them off from the main bay. 

“Call flight control, get us cleared.” Jody’s voice was near hysterics. 

“They’re not there. I’ve already sent the request for take-off.

“Where the hell are they?” 

“We’re just going to go. I don’t have time for this. Kid in the hall said they’d left the auto-sequencing online. Captain said to scramble and we’re going to scramble. Launching…” Corrie looked straight ahead at the screen inside her helmet as it scanned her iris for recognition.

“Authorization complete, Senior CAG, Lieutenant Corrie Scott, Marlin Squadron leader, Frobisher Corps,” the computer crackled.

“I can’t find the squad.” Corrie could hear Jody’s voice through her helmet.

“Don’t worry. This is our playground. We’re gonna hit those monkey bars. No negative speak. “ Negative talk. Bad mojo for fighters, especially bad in Marlin squadron where Corrie and Jody had watched comrades-in-arms get picked off one by one in the two years they’d been in combat. But the team had made it this far, she was going to make it further. Odds be damned. 

Without hesitation, she initiated launch with a flick of her wrist.

The slingshot catapulted them out into zero gravity to join the crazed confusion of the battle.

“This is Marlin Leader 1 to Marlin Squadron, locate and advise.” 

“This is Koi leader 2,  Lieutenant! Glad you could join the party!” Lieutenant Andrew Arundel, the flight leader of Koi group, broke in. 

Jody’s voice broke in, “Bogeys, mark 4, 2.5 and 8.” 

“The hell?” 

“They’ve been prepared. The drones are ignoring us and going straight for the ship. Incisor attacks. Join in my squadron till you can find yours.”

“No dice, Arundel.” Corrie steered her craft out of the way of the incoming attacking fighters as Koi group proceeded to engage. She flipped her ship on its dorsal before steering it down from her previous position. “Did you locate them yet, Jody?”

“Nope, can’t find them anywhere… I hope they’re OK…What the…” Corrie saw it over her right shoulder just as Jody whispered. First there was the flash of light. The incoming shockwave was visible in the havoc it wreaked in its path. Ships, debris, drones, everything moved in an undulating path of destruction.  

This is gonna leave a mark.

In space, there is no sound. There is only silence as death greets you.


Is that the end?  What’s going to happen next? That’s not fair! Oh, wah! Don’t worry, this story is not over. More episodes are published! Like it so far? Please post a review. It means so much to indie authors to see reviews.

[_What are readers saying about Freedom Bound? _]

“… be prepared for some campy pulp fiction, check your serious hat at the door”

“… a light, fast-paced read.”

“This first episode is clearly just the beginning of what looks like a fun-filled romp through space with über-capable protagonist”

“It reads so well that before I knew it was over and I wanted more.”

“Fast paced, gripping, had me holding my kindle so tightly!”

“I cannot wait until the next episode.”

“Jayne Fury knows her stuff, the scenes were beautifully described in fantastic detail. I felt as if I was right there with the characters.”

“The humour and dialogue was fabulous and meshed well with the story.

Definitely coming back for more!”

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Jayne was educated by Polish nuns in New York and a very protective Italian father, a Boy Scout leader (see above preparedness motto). She moved to the West Coast as soon as she could because she’s left handed and claustrophobic. Seriously, it makes sense. Ever sit next to a lefty in a restaurant? Jayne went to university in Rome where she developed her lifelong love of shoes. She has walked across Spain. Twice. Shoes. Preparedness. It’s all related. Trust me.

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• Star Trek garden gnomes sit on Jayne’s desk as a reminder to write or die. The gnome Gorn is especially convincing.  

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Freedom Bound, Prologue: Episode 1

Bodice Ripping Ninjas in Space! Firefly meets Buck Rogers and a bit of boudoir. Corrie Scott isn't a fainting female in need of rescue. Follow the series on convoluted romps through space with smart, super sexy females and their companions. Happily for now, guaranteed. Freedom Bound: Prologue, Episode 1 introduces the Solar Flame universe where corporate suzerains control our heroine's lives. How do they win sovereignty over their own lives and their loves? In Freedom Bound, Corrie Scott, late of Frobisher Corporation finds herself unleashed in enemy territory alone for the first time in her life. But she is plagued by the threat of corporate slavery and the devilishly handsome Mat Parker. Together they must battle through ridiculous red tape, space pirates, and backstabbing double crosses. Can they trust each other enough to win this dangerous game?

  • Author: Jayne Fury
  • Published: 2016-09-27 15:41:01
  • Words: 2544
Freedom Bound, Prologue: Episode 1 Freedom Bound, Prologue: Episode 1